ascension, Sanat Kumara

Lord Sanatka, Holy Kumara of Venus Representing the 1st Ray of Will of God

In the program series of Venus Meets Gaia for Terra Christa we are introduced to each of the Holy Kumaras that overlight the Venetian Rays of God.   Our first introduction was with Lord Sanatka who represents the Ray of Will of God in the color of Deep Blue.

Decree:  Accessing the Will  of God through Lord Sanatka, the Holy Kumara

I Am receiving the frequency of a Seventh Dimensional Ray Master,

I am sitting in the Hall of Will ;

I allow Sanatka. the Holy Kumara,

Overlighting Will and Power to be fully within my Being,

He expresses to me Will and Power through the God Essence,

It permeates from his Being to my being;

I feel it in my Third Eye,

I feel it in my Physical Body,

I feel it in my Heart,

As it flows from the deepest part of me,

Into the highest part of me,

As all cellular memories are being activated to fully receive this frequency of light,

I have my Will in God’s Essence;

I take this Will of what I receive in this moment,

And fully activate it,

And act upon all that I desire for the highest good of humanity;

I am a supreme being of Light,

I infuse Will  from the Venetian Rays of Light,

Into my Physical Essence,

Into my Mental Essence,

Into my Emotional Essence,

Into my Spiritual Essence

Into the Being that I AM that I AM that I AM that I AM

We are working with the Venetian Rays of God are on the seventh dimensional frequency and are accessed within the totality of our Light Body not within a specific chakra as the teachings of the Planetary and Universal Rays of God.  The frequencies are quite different because they represent the highest aspect and no lower qualities are ever included in the teachings as in the Rays of God taught through Dr. Joshua David Stone, specific qualities and aspects are directly related to the chakras and the Four-Body system.  We are asked to look at the four-body system as the Body of Light and there is no differential qualities that relate to one or the other.  This allows each individual to fully access the energies from the Soul Star into each of the chakras and grounding the frequencies within the Earth Star.

Lord Sanatka brings forth a composition of energy that represents God’s Will but also very compassionate and loving which I feel is representative of the Holy Kumaras and the Venetian qualities that each of us loves so very much.  The visualization that each individual experiences is basically the same but a very personal experience as both Sanat and Sanatka share aspects within each individual in how to focus on their particular situation.

In Lord Sanatka’s Words:

We prefer to express to each individual the ability to move mountains through the experience of the Will of God.  In Earth’s history much has been forgotten about the totality of one’s ability to remember all aspects within their Being.  The Will of God is the beginning stage of allowing the remembrance of the Divine Will of God being in each individual’s composition to fully create their experiences as guided by the I AM Presence.  In your history this is something that needed to be re-created so that the experiences of life can be refreshed but yet accessed through memory cycles within the brain’s function.  Since Earth has lived in a third dimensional reality for eons of time and now housed within the fourth dimension it was thought that the remembrance would be a hindrance.  That is no longer the case as these energies are available to all of those that seek their own highest vibrational levels within a body.   We, on Venus, are excited to share our knowledges through this channel and teacher as it will be a rebirth of energies for each individual.  Should you desire to work with us, please know that it is time for each of us to blend our focus of light Together.

My background is very extensive.  I have worked with the Holy Kumaras of what you would call many centuries and my chosen pathway has been here on Venus.  I also walked the lands of Lemuria and I fully help others to access the beautiful moments on those lands.  I chose to come directly to Venus to regenerate my soul’s essence after much pain and sadness of loosing my comrades in arms.  I was a warrior at that time and during my time of healing here on Venus, I learned that I needed to fully acquire a new pathway that did not include that pathway of Light although I thought it was the correct one.  Looking back, I laugh to myself, and see what my transition truly brought forth to me.  I needed to be a warrior and when it was time to fully allow the Light to flow within me, that healed me greatly in all ways, spiritually, physcially, mentally, and emotionally.  It took me quite a few lifetimes to get that context within my mental attitude.  I have worked with Sanat Kumara since my arrival here on Venus and he has shown me many elements of change that allowed me to understand truly what the Will of God represented for me personally.  It created such a transformative process within my Being that when I was asked to go into training as one of the Holy Kumaras I was both excited and fearful that I could handle the job.

The Ray of Will is strong and the downfall is not allow your mental mind to take control.  I know this from personal experience and fully allowed my essence to flow from the mental into the emotional to fully accept my spiritual destiny.  This Ray of Deep Blue will allow your Mental Mind to fully surrender into the union of your Divine but only if you allow it to happen and THAT IS YOUR WILL.

I am here to assist through this process and I am so excited about this program that Meleriessee and Mike are sharing with others.  I look forward to communicating with you personally and professionally.

All My Will is At Your Command,

I AM Lord Sanatka

If you are interested in participating in this program, please see our website page, Sanat Kumara & The Holy Kumaras.  We also hold two weekly high vibrational meditation tele-calls and monthly Mastery classes.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden

Vibrational Masters of Ascension


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