Master Djwhal Khul – Lord Metatron: The Full Moon Equinox Energies ~ RENEWAL WITHIN THE SELF ~ Festival of Lights September 2021


Spiritual Meaning of the Ascension Mastery* Message of the September 20th Full Moon with Master Djwhal Khul  with Lord Metatron with the September 22nd Equinox Energies with Lord Metatron and as brought forth by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden.

The Full Moon of Pisces in opposition to the Sun of Virgo is now in full activation on September 20th, 2021. This occurs at 4:55 PM Pacific, 7:55 Eastern within Universal time of 10:55 PM.

The polarity represents Service to the Self within the outside world. It brings forth the balance of day-to-day functions through Virgo with the Visionary aspect of Pisces for flowing through the challenges and not becoming obsessed on the whys and wherefores.

The major component of this full moon brings forth elements of optimism, good fortune, and manifestation of both the physical and spiritual realms. It is a time to allow the Feminine Divine (of Grandmother Moon of Pisces) to assist in accessing your Higher Mind for intuition and guidance. This will bring clarity and inner truth to guide you through the month.

The Masculine Divine (Grandfather Sun) brings forth the grounding energies of Virgo to fully assist in the process. It is time to allow the higher essence of your soul to command to the physical self what you may need to hold within you.

This brings forth the ability to allow the Feminine and Masculine energies to work together instead of separately which sometimes causes confliction and the lower energies to arise.

It is important to work with these elements so that the lower-self personality does not come into play. All of this must be achieved from your Higher Self through your Pranic Breath which represents the source of your Spiritual Self.

The alignment of this Full Moon combines the energies of the New Moon which occurred on September 6th which represented positive change and self-awareness. It is still in effect to assist in stepping into a new doorway of allowing your Higher Essence to be part of the equation of living upon this earth.

It is important to take time for self-reflection during this cycle as it will continue for two weeks into the New Moon energies of Libra occurring on October 6th, 2021.

Utilize your ability to access what your Higher Self deems necessary for your physical self-personality. Sometimes these changes can be very challenging but very beneficial. It is time to step away from the old programming and become more of your Divine Self.


I call upon my Spiritual Self to assist my Personality Self to accept the Vision of my Highest Potential to be acknowledged within my Walk upon the Earth bringing forth my Feminine Intuition to become One within my Masculine Grounding of the present energies for September 2021.

Greetings Fellow Initiates,

I am Master Djwhal Khul offering some wisdom for the current full moon energies of September 2021.

The effects of the previous three months have taken a profound effect on humanity with challenging weather conditions and situations arising within and around the Earth. This full moon cycle allows for a cleansing process to occur – clearing of the old elements that no longer serve your purpose.

In any time of regeneration there is always the process of the dying away of elements that no longer serve a soul’s purpose. It is at this time the cycle of Spiritual Death and Rebirth is occurring.

We step into many possibilities of great changes to occur for every individual to embrace this effect of walking through a storm and stepping out into the other side. It is always a powerful time for any soul to experience this effect.

The changes that any individual is experiencing is the process of  “Spiritual Death and Rebirth.” Let the old issues die away from your consciousness as the renewal of your Spiritual Self becomes the focus. No one can know what they will face, but when a soul steps into the process of Faith, seeing that what needs to be changed, and allowing their Higher Self to help them receive the new reality.

The energy of Pisces is so free-flowing allowing for movement to occur; allow yourself to be lifted from your darkness and go with the tide like you are drifting on a raft in a river. The movement of feeling the freedom from the bondage of your old self will allow you to become that blessing of flowing light within you.

Utilize this time for your intentions to be created through the higher intuition of your Emotional Self; then accept that you can create a new reality to be realized within you.

Take time in meditation, in silence, with breathwork, to become part of your Divine Self; then allow it to be filtered into your physical vehicle, BECOMING THE FREE FLOWING LIGHT WITHIN YOU.

I Am Master Djwhal Khul, Ray Chohan of Love and Wisdom

The Equinox of September occurs on the 22nd of the month at 12:21 PM Pacific, 3:21 PM Eastern, with Universal time of 7:00 PM.


This equinox of September 2021 represents the ability to take the energies from the Solstice of June representing the Alpha and Omega of the Masculine/Feminine Divine to become the guided doorway into learning how to become more integrated with the elements of Balance and Harmony.

Lord Helios with Lady Vesta are the Great Central Sun Energies of the Solar Level, known as the Solar Logos within the 10th dimensional frequency of light.

Within this vibration there is an occurrence of each of the Seven Rays of God that were transplanted unto the Earth in 2019 during the Wesak Festival. It continues to this day with a surge of this Rainbow Light to be experienced during the Equinox of September.

This Equinox brings forth the ability to take what an individual has learned in the past three months from the Solstice to bring about the transition that has been occurring into a state of Transformation.

It is time to walk with the blessing of what each soul has learned and allow it to be their divine guidance upon the earth through the December Solstice.

This comes about with the occurrence of the Solar Angels. I do not think that most lightworkers realize that without the power of their Solar Angel life occurrences can causes them to walk within their personality-based egos, which in turn causes the effects of fears, anguish, and despair to be the concerning factors. This is especially true for the many souls upon earth who attempt to distract themselves from these feelings and act as if they are doing fine when deep down they are very worried.

With this Equinox it is time to fully allow the Solar Angel to bring forth each of these rays to assist in the movement of the Seven Rays of God to work for Gaia and all of humanity. Within such activity, there will be an upsurge of this light to assist individuals to become more focused spiritually instead of mentally.

During this time it is important to realize that what has not been healed will come to the surface so that the consciousness of the personality can realize they no longer need these issues to occur within them. Three days before, three days during and three days afterwards the rays will be vibrating within the Earth so that individuals can start to walk with these energies of each of the flames. They represent the core energy of God’s Light to be within the consciousness of both Gaia and Humanity.

Vibratory Light will be a result of these energies. It is suggested that an individual take time to absorb the higher frequencies through the Solar Great Central Sun with the assistance of their Solar Angel. The angelic presence of their Spiritual Self that guides each soul into planetary awareness through the ascension process. This angel is fully connected to all aspects of the soul while assisting the physical consciousness to accept their Higher Self.

We want to help as many individuals as possible to fully embrace these energies through the walk of the movements in the next three months, helping one to align with Helios and Vesta while learning the balance.

The predominant quality of Helios is Illumination while the essence of Vesta is Truth. Working with these masters will assist an individual to fully acknowledge the depth of illusion that they may hold while helping them to embrace their Divine Truth, not from the lower self.

They emanate these qualities along with the focus of the flames to be sent through this Equinox from the 10th Dimension of the Solar Great Central Sun.

This is a time of great acceleration but also one that can be riddled with moments of uncertainty. The physical body may be affected depending on how much untruths a person holds within themselves. It is a time of true growth and renewal. Be aware of the changes within you. Write about them, make them a priority for change in your life. This is how you will see the true benefit of walking with these energies.

The Seven Rays of God are represented by the Blue Flame of the Will of God, the Golden Yellow of Illumination, the Pink Flame of Creative & Active Intelligence, the Crystalline Flame of Harmony & Balance through Conflict, the Green-Golden-White of the Science of God, the Ruby Red-Gold Flame of Inner Devotion, and the Violet-Purple Flame of Ceremony Order and Discipline-Sacred Living.

Why are these rays the predominant ones when there are more Cosmic Rays being transferred from the God Force presently?

The concentration of the Seven Rays of God is to help every soul to actualize those qualities that each of the rays represent. It is not just about the frequency of the light essence, but actually integrating the specific aspects of each ray to help change a person’s personality to become more aligned with the aspect of Divine Mother Father God.

This is a key element to help Mother Earth align her energies with each of these rays. As every soul does the work within themselves, they are changing their DNA, their ability to hold more light, release karmic issues, while becoming more aligned with their true purpose as a soul. Gaia receives the same energy every time a personal works with the rays which then becomes more grounded into the earth. Changing humanity to be more aligned with ALL THAT IS.

This Equinox is another doorway to get us closer to realizing the state of Oneness, but every soul must do their part. It will also assist in transforming the four-body system (physical-etheric (past lives)-emotional-mental) into aligning more with the Spiritual Self/I Am Presence.

In blessings and love for a better tomorrow,

I Am Lord Metatron

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