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Learning to Integrate the Three Minds of the Conscious, Subconscious, and Super Conscious Which Allows Us to Own Our Personal Power

Many of us have been on this path of awakening for several years or possibly a couple of decades.  We have heard the discussions on how we need to recreate our thoughts so that our reality changes in what we truly desire.  We have done the route of affirmations, visualizations, and fully seeing ourselves in a completely new way of Being.  And it has worked after intense work.

Once we understand that we must b lend the conscious, subconscious and superconscious minds to allow the I Am Presence to fully have control of our lives, then we can see how our actions form our past have molded our future.  We are in an age now where the energetics of the Earth are so very strong that the tedious moments of writing affirmations for 21 days to break a habit are not always the easiest route to take.  Please notice that it still helps to do these affirmations but with the higher energies surfacing upon the Earth, there are faster ways to combat the old thought processes.

In order for us to Own our Personal Power it helps to understand how the three minds work separately and then in unsion.

Personal Power is the guiding force of the healthy personality which is first an attitude.  We can choose to hold either weakness or strength in each moment.  Our power is the energy that we use to enforce our decisions.  What if we are in a state of reflection in which those thoughts are not removed through the essence of feeling pure Love?  Sometimes we need to understand how the whole process works before it works for us.

We have Three Minds in which we correlate information:

The Non-Reasoning Mind also known as the Subconscious or Lower Self.

  • Works on impressions, stimulus/response
  • Keeps memories and files thoughts, feelings, imagination, habit patterns, impulses, desires, instincts
  • Operates the physical body
  • Creates most dreams and vital force
  • Works 24 hours a day
  • Functions to the law of attraction
  • Examines, classifies, stores information
  • Is like a computer, garden, or engine room
  • Plays a key role in the prayer process
  • Controls the inner senses (visualization)
  • Radiates senses
  • Creates threads of energy that contact both objects and other people which can leave the body and follow those threads, i.e., pendulums, psychometry, psychokinesis).  It can also sent vital force and thought forms along these threads as in telepathy and prayer.

The subconscious mind can also be called the habit mind.  It stores all our habits, both positive and negative.  This is the level of consciousness we use when working with affirmations and why they are very important in our Personal Power awareness.  It is also where the Law of Magnetism and Attraction operates as well as it continually attracts and repels things according to what has been programmed into it.   It is very important to clear the subconscious of limiting beliefs as without doing so the Law of Attraction cannot work favorably towards us.

It also has the ability to sense radiations of energy and is the seat of our psychic abilities.  The subconscious has five inner senses that are subtler counterparts of the five external senses:

  • Inner Sight – Clairvoyance
  • Inner Hearing – Clairaudience
  • Inner Smell
  • Inner Taste
  • Inner Touch.

The Reasoning Mind also known as the Conscious Mind or Middle Self

It is known as the:

  • Executive Director
  • President of the personality
  • Captain of the ship
  • Computer programmer
  • Gardener
  • Decision Maker in respect to Willpower, discipline, discernment, discrimination, concentration, reasoning.

The Conscious Mind is the programmer, protector, and master of the Subconscious.  The Subconscious is meant to be the servant of the conscious mind.  Many people, not understanding the concept of the conscious and subconscious laws, let their subconscious mind run them, and thus, can become victims.

Psychological health is the process of letting positive, spiritually balanced thoughts into our minds and is like physical health.  If we want to be psychologically healthy, we put good, healthful thoughts into our minds.

The Spiritual Mind

Also known as the Super Conscious Mind or Higher Self which can only help us if we ask for assistance and does not interfere with our free will on a conscious choice.

It can be accessed through

  • Meditation
  • Dreams
  • Journaling
  • Intuition
  • Utilizing Decrees
  • Attunement Type Meditations

Creating a Shield of Protection

In order to protect our subconscious minds, we need to protect ourselves on a daily basis.  It is essential to have this protection when people criticize you, judging, and harsh statements.  This can be like a bubble effect around our subconscious.

Visualize a Bubble of Protection around the Subconscious Mind.  This is separate from creating psychic protection.  This is a shield from the thoughts that can bombard us.  It is also a way to foster a positive attitude, and maintaining our personal power, unconditional self-love and self-worth, faith, and trust in God.

Development of Personal Power

Personal power or will is the guiding force of the healthy personality.  It is first an attitude.  Our power is the energy that we use to enforce our decision.  It is also tied in with decisiveness. If one is not decisive, then the subconscious mind or other people will make your decision for you.  The subconscious mind has not teachings or reasoning power so in retrospect others can overpower you if you do not take precautions to be empowered.

Part of owning your personal power is being a spiritual warrior in your life.  Never giving up and having the will to live is really possession the will to fight.  When you use your power over an extended period of time, you develop discipline.  When you don’t own your power, one can become depressed.  Your power is your weapon with which to fight the negative and align yourself with the positive.

The conscious reasoning mind, with the will or power, directs all the incoming forces.  If you do not exercise this right, you can be overwhelmed.  People in the extreme state of giving up their power, control, and mastery have become psychotic.

Claiming Your Power

Each morning, when you get up, claim your power by choosing to affirm the attitude in your mind that you possess it.  Learn how to channel your lower emotions constructively, like anger.  Saying and writing affirmations is essential, preferably 10 or more times daily for a total of 21 days.  Claim your power and be the master in your life.  Ask for the assistance of your Higher Self and I Am Presence.

You can use this technique “I call upon my I Am Presence to illuminate my Path”  See your pathway strewn with illumination of golden and silver hues.  Then state explicitly of what you want your day to be like and affirm to yourself these thoughts.

Utilizing all of these tools to blend the three minds will fully assist in the process.  We are now in an age of full accessibility through the internet, videos, DVDs, CDs and performing ceremonies for ourselves or in a group setting.  Energetics is truly our friend at this stage of our lives and will truly assist us in bringing forth the integration of our three minds.  In fact, it is an essential component to assist in the process of accelerating our bodies to move to the 5th dimensional frequency.  We need to incorporate the 22 Rays of God and the chakras and energetics is one very powerful source to actualize in this process.

The following decree may be helpful to fully access the integration of the Three Minds.

My subconscious mind is now clear of all negative stimulus,

I Am fully balanced within my Subconscious Mind

My conscious mind is my protector and master of my Subconscious,

I Am fully empowered and discipline myself through the Subconscious Mind.

My higher self is now activated within me as I blend the Subconscious and Conscious Minds,

My intuition is increased through my journaling and meditating daily.

My dream state is activated by the Three Minds of my Subconscious, Conscious, and Super-Conscious fully integrated as One.

I am now Fully Empowered Within.

This is a meditation from my weekly Mastery Class.  The first part of it is from Dr. Joshua David Stone, “50 Point Cleansing Meditation” with channeling energies interspersed within it.


Information Excerpted from Dr. Joshua David Stone’s Ascension Series

Love and Blessings

In Expression of Oneness,

Rev Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Ascension Coach & Teacher ~ Cosmic Messenger of Light

ascension, Earth Healing, Energetics, Healing, higher consciousness, joy, light worker, Mountain Retreat, New Earth, spirituality

Journey of Wisdom and Illumination ~ The Final Chapter ~ September 26, 2010

Sunset over the Tetons

Now being in my current residence looking back on this trip is quite amazing to the inner discoveries.  We can slowly look back through all of the photos and the blogs in where we traveled with each other, but separately our journeys are completely different.  This also goes along with each of you.

When I went to Mount Shasta, I had no idea the magnitude of love that I would receive.  That trip was about my courage as a Warrior of Light and being able to walk along the trails of the forests, pathways of the waterfalls, and within the land of Mu to finally accept my destiny.  I previously had encountered many dark elements in Mount Shasta for the past ten years which helped to mold my shamanic pathway.  This trip alone was for me to accept myself as a Master walking along the path.

When Judy and I were told to travel towards the Tetons in January of this year, I did not have any idea of the whys and wherefores of the journey.  I think that if we did, we would not forge ahead a new destiny within our lives.  I feel this is true of each of us.  If we truly knew the challenges we would have to face, we would not walk through those doorways.  It is almost as if we are guided by our inner faith and know that the outcome is going to be a beautiful experience.  What lies in between is truly the gift of initiation.

Judy and I left the Teton Village about 8 a.m. on Friday morning.  I don’t think we had packed so quickly from any other location.  I felt it was time to leave the Tetons and take what we had learned.  We were looking forward to our destination in Salt Lake City with the Jacuzzi and pool before our return flights across the country.  Of course, we took a different direction towards Salt Lake City as that is what my GPS was telling us.  Along this route we found out from a local mini-mart that it was the longer of the two.  So we traveled amongst the plains, the mountains and the plains again across Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah several times.  Evidently it is a route where you pass through the three states quite often.  So here we were – sending out the light into all those lands, the animals, and all of creation.

Red Rocks of Utah

Once we started to get on a major highway towards Salt Lake City, we were introduced to the Red Rocks of Utah which I had no idea that they existed.  It reminded us of the Sedona mountains.  Getting into Salt Lake City and at our destination was quite confusing.  I have never been in a city where the streets are all named with south, north, west and east.  We finally did find our Holiday Inn Express which was very near the airport and in a business park.

We settled in with our belongings and printed out our boarding passes.  Much to our delight Judy was bumped up from Coach to First Class and then made a phone call for my seats.  Luckily, there was a seat for me on both flights.  The reward was sweet.  We found a really nice sports bar and restaurant within two blocks.  We enjoyed ourselves with a couple of margaritas and a very special dinner of Prime Rib.  Now I normally do not eat beef but it tasted wonderful.  My stomach handled it well, so I guess it was needed for grounding purposes.

We went back to the hotel for our Jacuzzi experience which was such a delight after having no bathtub for a week.  I love my baths with my essential oils and I was in my glory.  I also swam in the pool for awhile then went upstairs to enjoy the tub and oils for all of my sore muscles.  Judy was able to wash her clothes as she has a busy week ahead of her.

We were out of the hotel on Saturday morning at 5 a.m.  After I switched around my clothes in my luggage as I was able to check two bags under the first –class arrangement, and we found a gas station, we were on our way.  Our first flight was to Phoenix with a two-hour layover.  I sat next to a wonderful gentleman from New Zealand who was traveling to see his cousin in California.  We had a great conversation on healing modalities, and higher consciousness thoughts.  He showed me pictures of his home which were amazingly beautiful.

Our next flight from Phoenix to Philadelphia turned out to be a very bumpy ride.  I was assigned a seat in the first row next to the window next to another wonderful guy.  He was a consultant that travels helping businesses with training solutions.  It definitely was a soul connection for both of us as we shared many thoughts.  He was very open to what I do and shared about his family and life.  We laughed a lot and it gave me a sense that more people are coming into my life.  We never exchanged any emails or phone numbers and truly did not know each other’s names until we departed from the plane.  “Ships passing into the night.”

Judy and I met up with one another from the airplane into the airport waiting for our luggage and then gave our goodbyes to each other.  We are both changed and it will not be shown in our lives for a few weeks.  Her life is quite different than mine but we both have great responsibilities within us and helping others.

On my way back to my house on the airport van, I traveled with about eight soldiers who were going to Fort Dix, NJ.  I thought it was interesting that I was on the same van as they were so took advantage of the situation by sending them the cosmic energies of protection.  They were very involved with one another so conversation was minimal with them.  As I departed out of the van, I said “Blessings to each of you.  Thank you for doing what you do” and turned to look at each of them.  They said thank you but I really felt the difference of energies from them to me.

Today I am readjusting within me.  I needed to buy some food so decided to travel down the road into the country a bit to a small farm market instead of going to the usually market.  I cannot handle the tremendous energy yet.  It was very grounding.

My closing words are comprised of many thoughts.  I am honored that I have been chosen in this way from the Masters to assist them on the Upper Earth.  My journey has been very challenging as most of us, and many times I did not think I would survive the moments of darkness that were around me.  I have been infused with so much love, light, joy, acceptance, trust, expectancy, miracles, and more love that it is hard to define it all.  I know that I am here to reach out my hand to anyone who wants to follow this path.  I will share my knowledge, my joys, my downfalls, and the expression of Oneness in whatever way it needs to be shown.  My life is changed on the inside and I know it is now going to be shown in my outside world.  I no longer have any doubts about anything in my life and am living in the moment even though outwardly I am not sure of anything.

Thank you  for being part of my world, my journeys, and allowing me to share my Light with all of you.

In Expression of Oneness,

Rev Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

ascension, Earth Healing, Energetics, Golden Era, Healing, higher consciousness, joy, light worker, Mountain Retreat, New Earth, Self Love

Journey of Wisdom and Illumination – Day #5 ~ September 23, 2010

Judy left for Yellowstone Park at 6 a.m. and I promptly fell back asleep.  I wanted to be outside watching the sunrise but I guess I needed to be in the retreat for a while longer.  Sleep is so challenging here in the Grand Tetons especially with our accommodations.

I finally was out and about at 10 a.m., picked up some coffee, and sat outside in the Teton Village facing the mountain where the ski lifts and Tram take visitors and skiers to the top.  The village is a very nice place.  Most of the lodging except for the Hostel are very expensive but there are lots of neat restaurants with dining on the decks overlooking the mountain.  It is a beautiful view.

I went up on the Tram as I wanted to connect with the energies privately.  It had turned very windy so it was extremely cold.  I walked down the path where we had hiked two days before.  I felt that I needed to be on the right side of the mountain overlooking the other peaks and not facing the town of Jackson Hole.  I found an area with rocks and grass so I sat for awhile connecting with the energies of the Mountain Retreat, Masters Confucius and Lanto, Ascended Master Saint Germain and the Native energies.  I called upon the Spirit Keeper and as I did so, I started to see across the peaks astrally many masters standing around me.  It was a magnificent feeling to be honored by so many.

It was so very cold that I decided I needed to find another space to settle into for awhile.  I picked up my backpack and moved back down to our original spot of two days ago with the medicine wheel still intact.  I opened up the energies once again and asked the ascension columns to be energized in each of the directions of the East, South, West, and North.  I called upon the Spirit of the Wind to please assist with less wind around me and Grandfather Sun to beam his light upon me.  As I sat down in the middle of the wheel, everything became so very still.  The wind died down, the sun was beaming brightly warming me up, and there was nothing but complete silence as I sat with the energies of the God Force in Spirit and in the Land.

I connected with Saint Germain and he told me that they were honored that I had traveled this far to assist in bringing forth the Cosmic Energies.  Master Confucius explained to me that the energies of Mt. Shasta represent Lemurian energies and the Grand Tetons represent all levels of Universal consciousness as in Planetary, Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal, and Cosmic.  They told me that I assisted in bringing forth the Cosmic energies upon the land by bringing forth the 22 Rays of God in each of the ceremonies.  The lands are walked by many individuals and most do not honor in the way we had done this week.  They were in awe of our moments in the forests and connecting to the lands as we had done.  They honored me in a way that I cannot explain what it felt like.  I have been working on this path for over two decades and have gone through so many challenges that I never in my wildest dreams would be honored by so many in this way.

I sat in my circle crying in joy and excitement for my soul and spirit.  I have traveled far to come to this place of existence, and I could not deny the intensity of the Light I was receiving.  At the same time, I was shaking from the wind and the cold but knew I had to endure the weather conditions.  I was with them and I was within my body at the same time.  I felt Master Babaji very intensely as he has been a very private teacher of mine especially on the subject of silence.  He has taught me how to just be within myself for hours at a time.  I felt his acceptance greatly in this moment of gratitude.

Saint Germain also explained to me that the retreat was open for me to join them when they meet periodically.  I know this is very private amongst the ascended masters so I was so very honored.  They also asked me to do a tele-call on the full moon each month connecting individuals to the energies of the retreat.  They are opening up the doorway for others to transform themselves and acquire the wisdom that is within their souls.  I will be sending out information on these calls.

As I sat there, I just connected with each of them.  There were so many on each of the cliffs waving at me and I felt I had come “home.”  To so many I know the death experience of leaving the body is going home but this was my home.  I had found my place of acceptance, love, truth, wisdom, and illumination.  Many may not understand this, but my world has always been so much a part of the Spirit World, and now I am bringing that fully within my physical existence.  I am honored that I can bring this forth within me fully to share with so many.

Saint Germain then told me it was time for me to leave the mountain.  I cleaned up my things and closed off the energies.  I gave my farewell to the mountain and all its inhabitants.  As I walked back up the path which is very steep, I felt lighter and much different.  Great changes have been integrated within me.

Just as I was coming up the mountain, Judy sent me a text telling me she would be arriving very shortly.  We decided to meet at the Moose Restaurant in the village.  Both of us shared our experiences.  She was excited that she took the trip as this journey was about her sending healing into the land at Yellowstone Park, and her connection there.

I was extremely out of sync and needed to readjust my energies before we did the closing ceremony.  Judy decided she wanted to go up to the top of the mountain one more time to give her respects.  I went back to our room, showered as the intensity was flowing through my body and was trying to become grounded with it all.  To be aligned with the Ascended Masters is not something that I ever thought would happen to me in a physical body.  It was overwhelming just feeling the love pouring into me.  I spent some time communicating with Saint Germain, and he gave me more personal instruction of my newly opened pathway.  I started feeling like I was coming back to Earth.

Judy came back and we decided to drive to Jenny Lake one more time to do the closing ceremony.  We went to the original spot from Monday, earlier in the week when we met up with the energies of the deer.  We drove through the National Forest and were putting our intentions out to see some wild animals as it was about 5 p.m.  They come out of the forest for feeding time.

Well, it is amazing when you put your wishes out there and you receive more than you could ever hope to create.  As we were driving, some people were on the side of the road which is a very good sign.  We stopped and saw that there was an Elk walking through the field about 200 yards away.  We were able to take some pictures and the energies were amazing.  It was also fun to meet new people along the way.  Many individuals have amazing cameras with ipods and the works.  They are there just for the photos.

We then traveled through the rest of the park to get to Jenny Lake.  We were just in time for the sunset behind the Teton Cathedral Mountains.  We stood watching the sun coming down, asked for the closing energies of our journey this week including each of you that joined us for this magnificent pathway.  It was very cold so we did not stay very long.

As we were driving back towards the forest, we met an Antelope on the side of the road and then going into the forest, the excitement all came flowing towards us.  Cars parked in all different ways on a road that is not very wide to begin with.  A ranger was standing assisting the people.  We were passing some cars and then right near me about 25 yards was this bear in a tree gathering berries.  These animals are only concerned about getting their food even though people are everywhere with cameras.  I did catch a shot but you will notice it is blurry.  We think it was our energies as several shots were taken.

I then noticed a moose on the other side grazing in the field drinking from a pool of water.  Judy jumps out of the car, and is looking into the field when she turns and sees some bushes moving.  She runs back to the car screaming “that’s a bear”.  It was only about 20 feet away.  Of course, she went back and I was sending the protective energies because I think she is getting too close but she was insistent.  She got her shots and then walked a few yards into the open field with some other people to get a shot of the moose.  She came back to the car so very excited as she had asked to see a moose, an elk, and a bear.  She received more than she could ever imagine.  There was another bear to our right as we drove out, but they are very hard to see.  They have a way of hiding and meshing right in with the bushes and trees.

Black Bear
Antelope Grazing

We had our last meal at an amazing Italian restaurant called, “Calico”.  Our waiter was even from the Pennsylvania area near us.  He traveled there for the skiing and never left.  Now that is being in the moment, and doing what your heart desires.

It has been the most amazing journey for both of us and I feel the same for others that connected with us.  This was not just about me and Judy but all of us opening our pathways.  It is time for us to aspire to what our souls came here to do and I am honored that I can be a “way-shower” for others to do so.

Tomorrow we travel back to Salt Lake City and fly back to the East on Saturday.  There will be one more blog before our journey comes to a close.  This is truly an opening of many doorways for each of us.  Thank you for being with me during this amazing time of awakening.

In Expression of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

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Journey of Wisdom and Illumination – Day #4 ~ September 22, 2010

Today started pretty scattered.  I had a personal detail to take care of and could not get on the website, then my cell phone was dead and could not make the phone call needed.  So I decided, ‘what the heck’.  Enjoy the sunrise and get some coffee.  Unfortunately, there is nothing open here until 7:30 a.m.  I find that very interesting since this seems to be an action-type of environment and people are up and about early.  I walked around the village, took pictures of the sunrise, and breathed very deeply giving gratitude of my moments here in the Tetons.

All that being said, we drove to a great breakfast café called the “Bunnery” in which we were able to get wholesome foods and internet connection.  I was able to make some progress of my personal issue and will resolve the rest when I return.  Then we were off to Jenny Lake again ~ this time to hike to Hidden Falls.

We arrived at the Jenny Falls Visitor Center and walked towards the boat dock.  The boat takes you from the south end of the lake to the north end where the falls are located.  On the way off the boat, our mastery of ceremonies on the boat offered to me walking sticks to borrow.  I promptly put in my wooden walking stick and started upwards.  As Judy and I were going up the pathway, we were laughing as there were remembrances of another path we took in Mt. Shasta about three years ago which was full of rocks and very narrow.  The path was so very steep and I was so happy I had the walking sticks to pull myself up the rocks that looked like steps.  Thank heavens for all those core workouts and being at the gym the last year.

The views were spectacular.  Many people were on the path so the interactions were quite interesting.  Of course, we are always looking to see which ones could be Masters in disguise coming by to say hello.  One gentlemen was very tall, with long while hair and he was so happy coming up the path looking at Judy and I saying, “Isn’t this great?  Smiling all the way.”  What beautiful energy and I immediately thought of Archangel Michael as he had a T-shirt with New York written across it.  It felt right since AA Michael is the leader of the Temple of 911.

We stopped and took many pictures as we could see the falls to our left as we were hiking upwards.  It is .6 tenths of a mile so it seemed like it was taking awhile.  We had to walk across a bridge and then it started to rain very lightly.  I felt it was cleansing our spirits.  I knew it would not last long.  So onward and upward we trekked.  We finally arrived at the spot.

You walk to a dead end which is roped off with benches to sit and look directly at the falls coming down the mountain.  It was very worth the climb and the energies.  Judy and I could not decide where to do the ceremony so I received a message from the Native energies to just bring it in very quietly right there.  We asked for the 22 Rays of God and we both stated “I AM”.  We then made a decision to go back down and see if there was another spot we could do the work.

We had intended to continue to Inspiration Point which was up farther but we found out that it was much steeper and very rocky along with the view not being that spectacular.  Since we were there to do a ceremony we decided that we would hike back down.  We did find a wonderful spot to our left that had an alcove and a log for us to sit upon.

We made a make-shift Medicine Wheel around the log bringing for the native energies along with the ascension energies.  It was very powerful.  We even had a gentleman walk around the wheel and not through it which was a wonderful improvement.  We were honored by many messages in this moment that this trip was so powerful because the Grand Tetons represented all levels of creation from Planetary, Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal, and Cosmic.  Chief Seattle came through for us to thank us and said that no one has done this kind of work on the land to create the Earth energies along with the Cosmic energies incorporated by the 22 Rays of God.  He said it is bringing forth the energies from the Mountain Retreat to the land masses and will assist greatly.  I also asked for the healing energies to go out to a 500-mile radius.

We did not have much time so we continued down the path back to the lake.  We were very connected to many of the people and realized that many masters were watching us whether in body or in Spirit.  One such gentleman caught our eye.  He kept taking pictures of the trees by hanging out on cliffs.  His energy was very Merlin-like so we called him Merlin.  The last boat leaves at 4 p.m. and it was about 3:15 p.m.  It started thundering so both Judy and I myself asked for assistance from the Thunderbeings for protection as the boat would not be able to take us back into the lightning and thunder.  We arrived at the dock about five minutes before it was ready to leave.  Always in the 11th hour; that is our style.  I put back the walking sticks and someone had used my wooden walking stick.  It turns out I did not need it today so I was happy someone else could use it.

Back across the beautiful lake we traveled to where our car was parked.  On the way there we encountered several Ravens which represent Magic so Judy and I were trying to get some pictures.  She took an amazing one which I will share later.

Back through the National Forest and into the woods we went.  We were hoping to see a bear sighting since it was getting dark due to the weather conditions.  We saw many cars parked on the side of the road with individuals being their crazy selves but not sighting for us.  We found a nice Bistro to have dinner with a light meal of salad.

Judy had decided to go to Yellowstone Park and I did not have an interest to be in that area.  I felt my work was here in the Tetons with the retreat energies.  So I offered her my prayers, and the information on the 22 Rays of God along with the information on bringing in the Native Energies for a medicine wheel along with the Ascension Energies.  It was a poignant moment for me as Judy first came to me as a student for the Ascension work and here she was going to a strange place to create her own healing circle.  It was so representative of what this journey has been about ~ others learning their wisdom and bringing illumination to the Earth.

Tomorrow I am going up to the mountain alone as I need to integrate energies from this week and connect with the Ascended Masters alone.  This trip has been so representative of each of us moving into our new pathway.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

ascension, Earth Healing, Energetics, Golden Era, Healing, higher consciousness, joy, light worker, New Earth, Self Love, spirituality, St Germain

Journey of Wisdom & Illumination – Day #3, Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We were up early and about so we could pick up the ride for the TRAM to go up the mountain directly from where we are staying at Teton Village.  The ride takes 12 minutes very slowly and is a magnificent view.  Once we arrived at the top which is 10,000 feet we did the usually with the pictures and then found our way down the mountain pathway to find a location for our ceremony.

We walked about ½ mile and the trek down was steep so all I could think of was the walk back up.  Really being in the moment, huh????  We found a clearing behind some trees facing the southwest direction.  We then set up a medicine wheel with the rocks representing the four major directions of the East, South, West, and North with a large rock in the middle representing the Great Spirit.  We used smaller rocks to represent the Southeast, Southwest, Northwest and Northeaster directions along with filling up to create a complete circle.  We walked three passes outside of the circle to create, energize and make the circle sacred along with calling upon each of the aspects of all live in the Oneness of Creation.  For each of the directions I added an extra energy by asking the Spiritual Hierarchy to create ascension columns in the four major directions and a Golden White Ascension energy for the center stone.

We were ready but I was not prepared for people coming into our area and walking through the medicine wheel.  I was trying to be patient but it is a sacred circle.  I realized that it was representative of how we are living presently.  As our vibrations raise upwards, we still have to interact with the lower forms of energy of the third and fourth dimensional realities.

We called upon the 22 Rays of God to assist us in bringing forth healing to the land and within ourselves.  Judy and I each stated our intention for this ceremony and moment.  I also included everyone that was interested in being part of this ceremony.  At this time, I could hear there was an Eagle to my left, in the Eastern direction.  He was talking to us several times. I felt it was a great blessing. As we were sitting there, we saw in Etheric form, many masters rallying around the circle on the outside.  I then envisioned St. Germain, Master Confucius on his right, and then Master Lanto on his left.  They blessed us with their presence and then I channeled a meditation for us to visit the Mountain Retreat.

We were gathered together in a beautiful Merkabah vehicle which encased all the beautiful colors of the rays, blues, violets, greens, reds, pink, lavender, yellow, gold, platinum, etc.  We then were guided to the top of the Teton Peak and the vehicle went in front of the entrance.  There were large heavy doorways that were opened.  We were then guided to go down a crystalline tubular structure in which we went deep into the core of the earth.  We were guided into a room where many masters were honoring our presence.  Judy and I were then each guided to a different part of the temple where we conversed with specific masters for our personal mission.  This is where anyone who joined us would receive the lessons that would be pertinent to their own pathway.  After several moments, we were guided to step into the Merkabah once again to return to our original place of physicality.

We then closed up the energies and I asked the ascension columns to be sent down to the core of the earth.  I asked that the healing of the earth would compensate a 500-mile radius.  It was then time for us to trek back up the mountain and take the TRAM back down.  As we were walking up, we saw the Eagle flying around us.  We tried to take a picture but he was so quick.  He was pure black with white wings ~another gift being given to us.

We took time to eat and relax for awhile.  My energies were completely out of whack and I was not grounded at all.  St. Germain gave me the message that we should travel to Leigh Lake as there were two people there waiting for us.  Of course, we did as we were asked and I even took a quick 10 rejuvenation nap.  Leigh Lake is an extension of the south part of Jenny Lake so we had to walk about a mile through the woods.  The lakes are amazingly beautiful and Leigh Lake is a left-over glacier.  As I am walking, I am very uneasy.  There is that fear of the Bear energy.  I know that I am always protected but there are signs everywhere that they are very active in that area.  We met some interesting people along the way and took amazing pictures.  It was late in the day so the sun’s rays coming through the woods were amazing.  The pathway was wide and pretty flat so it was not a hard hike.

We finally reached our destination.  We could see the lake in the distance and then you walk down a flight of steps to get to the base.  It was so beautiful.  Judy decided she needed to cleanse herself so she disrobed.  We both had two pair of light pants on with layers of T-shirts.  She went to her base and fully emerged herself in the waters.  Now it was freezing, believe me but so refreshing.  I decided I wanted to do the same but would wait until we got back to Jenny Lake as it was right near the parking lot and I would not have to walk in wet clothes.

Our energies changed greatly.  We did meet two people several times so I think they were all important connections.  I was asking St. Germain about the reason we needed to take this hike and his first answer was, walking through my fear and finding our strength.  I know what my lesson was and I am sure Judy knows hers.  Possibly some of you may be going through the same things.  He also told me there was a surprise for us.

As we were about ½ mile back, we passed two individuals on horses.  We were right next to them and the first one was golden.  I mentioned to the rider, “how beautiful they are, and what a gift to receive.”  I was in tears as the horse looked me deeply in the eyes and I was moved beyond what I could ever receive.  Thank you for the “Power and Strength”.

We were then at the end of the pathway and this gentleman came out of nowhere behind us.  He had white curly hair, about 5’8” wearing a lavender vest and light green shirt.  He wore a floppy hat.  He stood there and talked to us about 10 minutes asking us where we had hiked and was complimenting us on what we had accomplished during the day.  I introduced ourselves but he did not give his name.  He said he was from Wisconsin and said he likes to travel.  One of the places he visits is Manhattan, NY and we laughed because of the energies there.  He said he was a “song and dance man”.  So we are standing there trying to figure this out because we know he is giving us a message but not sure who he is.  He also told us if we go to Yellowstone to the Geyser it should be very early morning.  We parted ways and Judy and I kind of looked at each other in “who was he?”

It was then my turn to dive into the freezing waters.  So I did the same as Judy stripping down to my exercise pants and T shirt.  The water was refreshing but freezing.  It was actually very exhilarating…I laid on my back and dunked my head three times for cleansing and purity.  I jumped out very quickly and it was interesting – not a soul around so I was able to change my clothes.  It’s so nice to be in the woods….Remembrance of my childhood.

We got back to the car and started our drive back into town.  We were discussing the gentleman we met and I then realized it was my father.  There were several clues.  He had the same built, my father tapped dance and was a “song and dance man” in his time, he was born in Wisconsin and had the same built.  He also wore funky floppy hats.  I realized he was there as a thank you for the Masters.  My father has ascended greatly in five years and he was a 32nd degree Mason.  I then asked him and he said it was him.  He was asked to meet with us as a act of gratitude of the journey we have been on.  I was in awe that we were acknowledged in this way.

We found a place to eat very late and I am writing this on Wednesday morning as I was so tired last evening.  Internet is not very good here so not sure when the blog will get posted.

Today we are off to take a boat ride at Jenny Lake to go hiking to a waterfall and Inspiration Point.  We both believe this is the entry point to the retreat.  So much to take in and experience on all levels.  Thank you for being here with me.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

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Journey of Wisdom & Illumination – Day #2 ~ Monday, September 20, 2010

How do I start?  Today was a mixture of shifting gears and being totally in each moment.  Last night was difficult sleeping.  I felt so many energies around me that it was challenging to relax the body.  At the same time, Judy was having tremendous stomach issues which is not unusual when we travel on these trips.  We both awoke at 7 am feeling as if we had not rested.  The quad room beds were not meant for middle aged women with any kind of back issues.

But we got ourselves together very slowly which was also not our usual style.  As we were leaving the room to go out, we realized that there was a King Sized Room next door and it look like a regular hotel room.  That is what we reserved originally but the desk clerk talked us out of renting it.  The price was not any different.  So we asked as the desk if we could change our room and after some disconcertation on the part of the present desk person, we were given Room #218.  Hmmm, adds up to 11 and we realized our lesson:  “Listen to your intuition on the first call.”

We then promptly went back upstairs and moved our belongings from one room to the other.  Luckily, it was on the same floor. We did our usual clearing but this room was so much better.  Wow…what a difference.  It has a small table with a lamp and some atmosphere that is not cold.  It was a challenge but we got through it.

We then decided we would take the TRAM as planned but wanted to get some breakfast first.  Now at this time, it is 11 a.m. and the morning seemed to be flying by.  Right next door is an amazing hotel with a nice café on the side.  We took our time and had a healthy breakfast. At this point, I am feeling really off center. The coffee was not agreeing with me and then my energies were down spiraling.  I knew I could not get on that Tram and hike on the mountain today.  Way too much.

So Judy and I sat down and both intuitively made a decision.  We would not do the Tram on this day but would drive towards Jenny Lake through the State Park.  It was the best decision we could have made.

The drive was spectacular and about eight miles was through deep forest.  We could not believe the amount of people that were on the road and this is after the summer season.  Wow…!  We came to a point where several cars were stopped on the side of the road and you could not pass.  One car was even blocking the opposite lane.  We both figured it was a bear and every piece of literature tells you “Do not get out of the car if you see a bear or even pull over to the side of the road.” They are very aggressive and looking for food.  I felt like I was in a movie as people truly wanted to just see the bear like he was in a zoo.  I was disheartened.  Judy decided to get out as she wanted to make sure what the craziness was about.  She came back and said there was a black bear in the middle of the road on all fours, not knowing which way to go.  He seemed confused with everyone around him.  I immediately put out my energies to give him some compassion through his own process.    We traveled on our way.

The directions were not clear how to get to Jenny Lake so here we are driving to the end of the forest and the main highway appeared. We did not think it was right so we turned around and ended up taking a wrong turn onto a very rocky road.  We realized after almost a mile that it was not going anywhere.  We then are confused about which way to turn.  I guess it was the same for the bear.  Interesting how we were mirroring each other.  We finally saw two hikers and asked for their help and they guided us back to the original position in which we turned around ~  again, the intuition.

We then saw there was another check point for the State Park.  It does cost to drive through these areas but it is so very well worth it.  I happened to find a site on the map called, “Chapel of Transfiguration” and we found the area.  We stopped to enjoy the chapel which was absolutely amazing.  We happened to meet a family that had been traveling from Pennsylvania which was ironic.

In the chapel the energy of Sananda/Jeshua was so very strong.  As I sat in the first row, tears rolled down my eyes, as I felt our own transfiguration occurring for each individual that is part of this journey.  The energy was so very powerful and moving within the heart center.  There was also a walking path through a village that once was thriving during the 1950’s and we strolled through the General Store and saw some amazing artifacts.

Then we were on our way to Jennie Lake. We first stopped by a Visitor Center but it was packed with people.  Hundreds of cars and campers everywhere so we decided to drive the scenic route along the lake.  We finally found an overlook which was also very crowded but it was so amazing.  There was a spot to walk down to the water but the incline was deep and it was crowded so we decided to look for another spot.  Before we did so, a beautiful Raven came flying in front of us and perched himself on a branch of a tree overlooking the lake.  He stayed there for quite some time which is so unusually for ravens.  The message definitely was that the magic was about to enfold.  We truly were looking to connect once again with the energies of the land.  After some deliberation, we found a spot down the pathway a few hundred yards so we would not be bothered by anyone else.  We walked into the brush facing the lake.

We connected in the usual way with the Native American energies but first calling upon the Spirit Keeper of the Land and also of the lake.  The energy shifted immediately.  Each of us brought forth our gratitude and prayers for our experiences of the day.  I recited this passage from “The Ascended Master and their Retreats” by W. Schroeder:

In order to travel in project consciousness to an Ascended Master Retreat, the following procedure is recommended:  Nourish your mind through reading and contemplating the details of the retreat.  Close your eyes and visualize your objective.  Your I AM Presence and the Ascended Host are your compass.  Your mind is like the sail of a boat.  The Magic key that will open a retreat to you is to decree as follows:

“In the name of my mighty victorious I AM Presence I call on the beloved Cosmic Being Victory, beloved Ascended Lady Master Leto, and the beloved Sponsor of the Ascended Master Retreat, Master Confucius, of the Mountain Retreat.

“Guide me safely to the Ascended Master Retreat that is currently most active, so I can visit it in projected consciousness.”

“See that I receive the instruction need that will help me to gain mastery over the challenges, the problems and needs I may encounter in the near future and how I may redeem my karma.”

Make me understand and inspire me, in learning how I can be of greatest service to the Great White Brotherhood. See that I receive the radiation and blessings of the retreat and then guide me safely back to my physical body.”

I then channeled information from both Masters Confucius and Lanto with an added special treat from Lord Sananda.  They honored us with their presence, explained about our own pathways, and how we would be helping others.  This also included each one of you who are part of this journey with us.  Just as I was finishing the energies, Judy heard someone on the path behind us motion to her to come up as there was something on the pathway.

As Judy went up to the path, I looked over to my right in the woods and there was a beautiful deer munching on some greens.  She seemed very content to feel our energies.  I walked on the path and this couple was with Judy with everyone taking pictures.  There were two babies on my left in the brush and then two others that were a bit larger besides the one that I had originally seen.  It was an amazing site.  Each of us taking pictures and they were looking straight in our eyes.  They were very happy to be with us.  I was standing there in tears as the love in the woods and around us was so amazing. I have spent a lot of time in the woods growing up and never have I seen deer stay that close to human contact.  We were definitely in Oneness together.

The couple moved ahead but the deer were still there and then one-by-one they came out onto the path and pranced up around the bend.  The original one to our right, now, was trying to get onto the path but kept looking at us.  We realized that we needed to step back as our energies were stopping her from moving ahead with the others.  It definitely was a moment in time and truly a gift from Spirit.

We drove back to town, had some dinner and returned to our new lodgings. On the way into the parking lot, a fox crossed our pathway.  Hmmm, camouflage…another interesting message.  It truly was a day filled with wonderful realizations, magic, and love enfolding all around us.  Tomorrow is another day and we were given the message that “be prepared, now it is coming.”  I now have to rest and allow this weary body to fully relax.  Until tomorrow..may you have many blessings of magic in each moment.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

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The Journey of Wisdom and Illumination – Day #1 ~ Sunday, September 19, 2010

Well, it has been an amazing two days of traveling.  We arrived in Salt Lake City about 2 pm Mountain Time.  We decided to rent a Toyota Prius as we are getting about 50 miles per gallon which has been advantageous for the gas.  We have driven almost 400 miles and only at half a tank.  It is like a “Merkabah” spaceship.  Very cool….

We stayed in a town called Pocatello in Idaho last evening which was very relaxing as we were able to get into the Jacuzzi and pool after dinner.  Sleep was not a problem after traveling about 12 hours between the air and the car.  This morning was wonderful.  We took our time which is unusual and got on our way about 11 am.  The drive was amazing and we still had about 140 miles to travel.  The Snake River follows the road coming towards Jackson and then Jackson Hole.  We stopped and took some pictures of the view but hope to do more when we travel back to Salt Lake City on Friday.

Well, it is very interesting as we are staying in a Hostel.  Definitely was a culture shock and I laughed as I could hear my father saying, “Well, Chris, looks like you are roughing it.”  We talked the girl at the desk in allowing us to be on the 2nd floor instead of the 4th as our bags are so heavy with the extra layers of clothing.  Of course, my luggage lost one of its wheels so it has been fun lugging it around.

We are in what is called a private Quad Room and the price was affordable as everything is very expensive here.  After we settled in this evening, it seems exactly what we are supposed to be experiencing.  This trip is not about being in wonderful accommodations but being out hiking and communing with the energies.  “We definitely won’t be spending much time in the room,” is our standing joke presently.

After we moved all our belongings into our new space for the week, we traveled back down Route 390 to find a spot to open up the energies.  The front desk clerk shared with us a perfect spot and said, “I am getting chilly bumps”.  She seems very enlightened and works in a local organic restaurant which we definitely will be trying.

We traveled about six miles down the road and found the gravel entrance to where people transport their boats to go into Snake River.  We happened to find a great spot with a bench overlooking the river.  This bench was donated in memory of “Joseph Joe Allen” and we thought it was great we found such a wonderful spot.  I am sure his soul was with us on such a wonderful moment.

We opened up the ceremony by connecting with the Native American energies and the Spiritual Hierarchy including Lord Melchizedek, Lord Metatron, and the Mahatma overlighted by Divine Mother and Father God and the Creative Source of All That Is.  Masters Conficius and Lanto are our leaders during this expedition along with all of the Ray Chohans, Elohim Councils of God, and Archangels of the Rays of God.  We stated everyone’s names and asked anyone to be included that read the blogs, or put out their intention to be here with us.  I definitely felt the energies change greatly and hope each of you intend to travel to the Mountain Retreat this week.

As we were watching the river, it was so beautiful as the moon was shining above.  It was pre-sunset and the view is spectacular.  We were talking that possibly we needed to get into the water this week and noticed a young man starting to go in the river for a swim.  Now we are up on a hill looking down about 200 yards.  The current was very strong, and we were wondering how cold the water must feel.  We waited for him as he swam several feet towards a winding point and got out of the water.  It also looked very deep.  He did this a couple of times.  When he and his lady friend, came up to the parking lot we asked him how cold it was.  His friend said, “It is freezing.”  We mentioned we were thinking of getting into the water this week and she replied, “High noon would be the best time.”  That is exactly what we had discussed.  We shall see how brave we really get.  We were thinking that possibly wearing a thin pair of pants for comfort.  You never know what happens to us on these trips and Spirit loves to get us to challenge ourselves.  I will keep you posted.

We left the area and really felt the adventure had started.  Sometimes it just feels like you are in a dream just as I did in Mount Shasta.  Now the reality has set in.  We came back to our cabin-type room and totally cleansed the energies with the Golden Light, Sacred Space Spray that I make, and some clearing salt.  Wow, our hands were so black and I was hearing some lost energies asking where the Light was.  It feels so much better now.  We have set up the ascension columns in the space and are ready to sleep wonderfully as we travel to the retreat this evening.  Please join us for to experience the amazing energies.

We are off tomorrow to check out the TRAM up the mountain (it saves us a 7.1 mile hike).  We lucked out – it is still open for another week and I think it is going to be amazing.  Not sure where we are hiking or where we will be guided to do the ceremony for tomorrow but I will share as much of it as I can.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

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In Preparation for the Adventure of the Grand Tetons ~ Journey of Wisdom & Illumination

Tomorrow I am setting off again on yet another excursion presented to me and my spiritual traveling buddy, Judy to the Grant Tetons.  We were in Sedona in January of this year and Adama told us that we probably would need to go to another location besides Mount Shasta.  At that time, I thought that I would not be traveling to Mount Shasta this year, and never in my wildest dreams, did I expect to be taking two trips within three weeks together.

This is a direct result of living in the moment, having trust and faith in those moments, and being guided by the Spiritual Hierarchy in the logistics, financial arrangements, along with experiencing the magic of planning and seeing it all come to fruition.  I have been in a zone this week as I am concentrating on my classes, doing Telosian sessions for individuals, and taking time for my own healing.  This time tomorrow I will be on my way across the country once again.

I am very unsure what is going to transpire in the Tetons except that I know that it is a continuation of the energies from Mt. Shasta.  In Saint Germain’s words, “This trip is going to assist individuals for come more into their mastership pathway.  The Spiritual Hierarchy is giving a special dispensation to all individuals who would like to be included to come to the Temple in the Tetons to fully accelerate their journey.  This has never been done before.  We always meet their on the full moon of each month and the doorway is only opened in June and December for initiates to join the Ascended Master within the Temple.  This is a moment in time and we hope individuals will intend to be there with you and all of us.  It will assist in the creation of their I AM Presence more fully within the physical vehicle.  You, Meleriessee, are being honored for the work that you have done and being the ‘wayshower’ that you are.  Judy, will be experiencing great changes within her pathway also as she becomes more attuned to the higher frequencies than she ever imagined.  So you see, this is a moment in time for each individual.  Please put the request to other to either to call out their name, read your blogs, or intend to be there with you.”

I am honored that I have been chosen to walk this pathway and to assist others.  I am excited about going to a new location that I have not experienced and for the magic that is going to enfold within each of us.  It will be very cold but so invigorating to my spirit.  I also wanted to share some energies about the Teton Retreat and have asked Confucius to step forward.  I thought Master Lanto was the overseeing Ascended Master of the Retreat but have just realized that Ascended Master Confucius became the successor of the Rocky Mountain Retreat on July 4th, 1958.  I believe they both will be with us as many of the Masters and the Telosians to help bring forth the energies of the Golden Era.

Dearest Ones:

This is Ascended Master Confucius at your service.  It is a pleasure to bring forth some energies this morning at the onset of your visitation into the Rocky Mountain Retreat.  What an amazing journey this is going to be not only for Meleriessee and her friend but for each of you.  The energies that are going to result within you will last for an eternity.

Those of you that are intending to be on this trip with Meleriessee will feel a different energy emanating within you.  It will be the focalization of your God Essence as never before and it will assist you in the divination of your highest purpose within the body.  Be prepared that if you still are dealing with those lower vibrations physically, emotionally, or mentally, that they will arise.  This is going to be a very powerful excursion for each of you into the world of great wonderment and expression.

On Thursday, September 23rd there will be a ceremony in which each of you will be present together with each of the Ascended Masters, Light Beings, and all Christed Energies in the Rocky Mountain Retreat.  Up to that point there will be great challenges that may result within you depending upon where you are presently.  These also can be manifested within the physical more precisely than ever before.  We will also be assisting you in formulating the changes within you to accept your mastership roles and what that may mean for each of you in your physical existence.  It will be our pleasure to show you the wonders and magic of the Tetons as it is going to be a magnificent experience for each of you.  Put your intentions out there and what your heart desires to create within the balance of your Divine Complement.

It is my pleasure to be with you at this time.

Ascended Master Confucius



This is Master Lanto and I will be your co-host for this expedition.  As Judy and Meleriessee are traveling the lands of the area, there will be many wonders of expression that occur.  I want everyone to know that the healing that will occur will help to balance your lower energies in order for the expression of your God Essence within.  The Spiritual Hierarchy is ready to serve you during this event.  The ceremonies will take place from Sunday, September 18th through Thursday, September 23rd as your guides, Meleriessee and Judy will be traveling on the days before and after.

The main focal point of this adventure will be your Wisdom and Illumination bringing forth a remembrance of your Lemurian heritage.  It is now time to fully honor yourself and allow this honorability the direct connection within your heart.  The trip to Mt. Shasta and Telos was but only a small excursion.  This pathway will bring you to your destiny of Light if you allow it to Be.

So put your seat belt on and enjoy the ride.  It is very exciting to assist you in this journey.

In Love and Light of the Christ Within,

I Am Master Lanto at your service.

I hope you will join me and Judy on this amazing journey.  It was not until this point in time that I was truly understanding what the focus of the trip was going to be about.  I am very excited to be going and to share with each of you.

In Expression of Oneness,

Rev Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Teacher & Coach of Ascension

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Creating and Maintaining Unconditional Self Love – Utilizing Energetics to Assist in the Process

Self Love

I will be bringing forth a series of informational blogs that may assist some individuals in their healing process and moving more fully into the fifth dimensional physical frequencies. Most of this information is excerpted from my “Spectrum Light Ray Mastery Teachings” which is held each Wednesday evening at 8 PM, EST. Downloads are available for the discussion, meditation and channeling of the class.

Many of these teachings come forth from Dr. Joshua David Stone’s material which I am ordained as an Ascension Teacher and Minister. I will also be giving suggestions on tools that can be done in the present state of frequencies. Some of the tools are elements that many already have in place and please take what you need and leave the rest. My main forcus is to give the basics of Soul Psychology but then integrate the energetics as that is where my teaching energies are going presently.

Loving yourself Unconditionally or Conditionally

Conditional Self Love is about meeting certain conditions within yourself, i.e., having a certain kind of physical body, living as Society teaches us as in working in the Corporate world, feeling better by owning several cars, a house, mortgages, and dealing with the high bills each month.

Unconditional Self Love is based on the understanding that we have worth and are loved because God created us. Our worth and lovableness are aspects of our spiritual inheritance from God.

Self love and self worth come from whom we are, not what we do. We need to get to the core of our being and remove the clouds around us that can overshadow our livelihood and are inherent nature of being a “Child of God.” We also need to learn the balance between selfishness and selflessness. Many of us who have been caretakers for our entire lives have a challenging time of letting go of taking care of others to taking care of ourselves.

Soul Psychology and the Basics

So where are you in the balance within? Do you need assistance with these elements or do you feel your balance continues depending upon your pathway presently? I think each of us needs reminders from time to time and this is why I am bringing forth this information. Many will feel that they have already done the work and may not need specific lessons that I will share. Please take what you need and leave the rest. I am not here to judge; only help individuals who may feel they need assistance.

The basis of our self love comes from a relationship with our inner child. Each of us needs to have a healthy inner child that is the same age as we are. As one that has been through the Inner Child Therapy work, it is a most powerful way to gain acceptance within. If there have been any situations in which your child experienced, loss, pain, trauma, isolation, or just being spoken to in an unhealthy manner, then it is very powerful to connect with him or her. Learning to parent our inner child will create a very emotionally, healthy connection to the inner self.

When we are too critical of ourselves, we are actually giving ourselves “child abuse”. It is important to care for your inner child as you want to be cared for. This in turn, will assist an individual to learn how to care for others without taking on their emotions. As empaths, we have a tendency of not only assisting individuals but taking on their energies. That is very damaging for our emotional bodies and it is important to be aware of these times when you do so. We can care for others, but it is important to have a healthy balance within.

Traditionally, we can utilize various tools to assist our inner children to dialogue with us. One way is to use your non-dominant hand and ask your inner child to speak with you. Ask him or her what he/she needs in this moment. You may find he/she replies with “Love, a hug, sharing, etc.” Visualization is an important key in doing this work. One such example would be to go to a special place in nature, see your inner child walking towards you (I like to use a deserted beach). When you meet sit with each other and share. You are the adult and express that you are here to help him/her feel better about themselves. Take the time to be with each other as it is an important aspect of self love.

Spiritual discernment is very important by making observations about yourself or others. When you feel you have made a mistake, look at the entire situation and oversee it by asking yourself what the lesson has been in this experience. Trust yourself that you are worthy and lovable even though you made a mistake or error in judgment. A critical part of self-love is forgiveness. Forgive yourself and the other party involve. Ask Archangel Michael for assistance. This is a process that I use for myself and clients:

As for the higher self of the people involved in the situation. Go to a special place, like the beach, in the woods, on a mountain or by a stream. Talk to the individual’s higher self from your higher self about good, bad, and minor thoughts. Share from your heart about what happened. AA Michael will then come with his sword onto each of the souls and touch their crown, left shoulder, right shoulder, and heart and say these words “I transmute all of these feelings onto the Spirit of the Christ Consciousness, never to be returned. The Akashic Records will not reflect this event and all karma has been righted.” See the souls leaving your space and then AA Michael comes to you with the same process of the sword and the words. He then adds, “Now please bring into you what you would like in place of removing these energies” Feel it coming into your heart and expanding within your being. You should feel a definite change within your thoughts and reactions to the situation.

If an individual does not have self-love they tend to seek outside of themselves. Love is a survival need and if we do not incorporate it within the self, then dis-ease results. You will end up in compromising positions. Other people become your programmers and the creators of your reality. Your worth is then in their hands. The physical body will also take on the ill feelings and illness will eventually occur. As an example, my sister passed away with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in her lungs. She fought it for five years but she had a very challenging time showing the deepness of her soul to others. I believe this disease was a direct result of her inability to care for herself emotionally.

Once you fully give yourself love and allow yourself to feel so much of God’s love, that you will go into each day feeling totally powerful and loved before you encounter another human being. You will feel full, complete and at one with God.

Examples of Self Love Affirmations

  1. I love and forgive myself totally for all my mistakes, for I now recognize that mistakes are positive, not negative.
  2. My worth is unchangingly positive because it is a spiritual inheritance. It is not increased by my success nor decreased by my mistakes.
  3. I choose to live in the now and not hold the past against myself.
  4. I hereby choose to approve of myself, so I do not have to go around seeking approval from others.
  5. I deserve love because God created me, and my mistakes are not held against me.
  6. I now realize that I am the “I” person, chooser, consciousness, and spiritual being, and that this part of me deserves unconditional love at all times.
  7. I choose to love me as God loves me unconditionally.
  8. I now choose to undo all the faulty thinking society has programmed into me and replace it with self-love.
  9. I choose to recognize that I deserve love and so do other people.
  10. I now realize that God does not hold my misuse of free choice against me, so why should I?
  11. I commit myself from this moment onward to treating myself in a spiritual manner rather than in an egotistical manner. I now choose to and will live within myself a created heavenly state of consciousness.
  12. I now, once and for all, release the ego’s game of “having to do” in order to deserve love and worth. I now fully recognize I have always been lovable and worthy and will always be so.

How to Use Energetics to Get through the Issues

We are in an energetic state presently when these issues can be erased and reset by incorporating higher frequencies. We can do all the tools listed above and many assist in a matter of moments. But, is it necessary to continue doing the affirmations, the visualizations, and journaling on a daily basis to clear the trauma or issue?

No, it is not. And I will be showing you through each of these topics how to feel better about yourself just be accessing your higher presence. I believe the standard psychological tools listed above will help afterward but not to be used continually as we have done in the past. Previously, we were told that it took 21 days to make a habit. What if that habit could be changed just by accessing the higher frequencies, along with the Spiritual Hierarchy to fully assist in the process.

The following is a Decree that will help one to vibrate their energies:

I bring forth the Light Within me

I ask my Higher Self to assist me

I talk to my Inner Child so we can be One

I feel the Light coming within me

As my Inner Child walks with me, together hand in hand

Laughing and playing with one another,

Sharing our memories, all good and bad

The bad ones are removed with the swift movement of Archangel Michael’s sword,

Swish in one moment it was here and not it is gone

I Am One with my Child

I am One with my Higher Self

We all sit together in the Light of Oneness

As Mother, The Heart of God embraces us

And Father, The Will of God brings us strength

We are One in this moment, All together in unison

I Am blessed in this moment

I am Love, I am Joy, I am Bliss

Sharing with the world, I Am that I Am, that I Am

The following is the meditation that was given during the Spectrum Light Ray Mastery Class which will help one to acknowledge their inner child and bring forth self love within the physical vehicle.

For a download:

In addition the attunement for this week pertains to the same Decree and subject matter. You may listen and download on my website under Attunements:

Blessings in light and love,

Rev Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

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Feeling the Push to Teach, Share, and Express Divinity in a Physical Vehicle

September 11, 2010

Many of you know that I have been traveling to find my inner pathway which really was not just about me.  I went to Mt. Shasta on the calling of Saint Germain.

It was about early July and Saint Germain came to me (as he does daily) and spoke about the need for me to travel to Mount Shasta once again.  My friend, Judy, and I had already decided to go to the Grand Tetons in September which was another trip that the Ascended Masters asked us to take when we were in Sedona in January.  I was very perplexed and wondering how I was going to be able to handle both trips financially.  Saint Germain said “all is in Divine Order.  Are you ready?”  I never refuse a request from an ascended master as I know it is going to change my life for the better.  So, of course, I accepted and put myself in a state of financial prosperity.  I had previously ordered some activation templates from Bryan DeFlores on changing your financial programming, and I believe these templates assisted me with this transition.  I performed a manifestation ceremony in which I laid the templates around a round coffee table and marked index cards with different projects in which I wanted to become profitable.

Within two weeks a client friend of mine offered to assist me in my journey.  She was unable to make the journey with me but felt that she wanted to help.  You just never know what can happen.  At the same time, I was offering some private sessions and a course to certain individuals whom I thought would be able to utilize the teachings and unable to afford.  I called it “My Pay It Forward”.  As I volunteered my services, I found the returns were unbelievable.  I am not in a position yet to fully support myself with my coaching and teaching services but I am in a completely different place than I was one year ago this time.

The trip to Mount Shasta turned out to be a connection for the many souls that I included in the opening ceremony.  I was told that anyone that read the blogs or connected with me in anyway was doing their own journey.  Below Mount Shasta there is a beautiful city called, “Telos” in which habitants of Lemuria traveled there eons ago before the fall of the Lemuria.  They are fifth dimensional beings and live in pure love consciousness.  I have been traveling to Mount Shasta for many years and feel a direct connection with these beings.  Many of them I have met on the Upper Earth and on the pathways while hiking.

The individuals whom I previously mentioned were then allowed to travel into Telos in their 5th dimensional body and receive the fifth dimensional healing energies necessary to transcend the lower physical bodies.  I am conducting 30 minute sessions for people who would like to speak directly with Saint Germain and Adama on their travels into Telos.  I am finding that these sessions are assisting individuals to understand their pathway and they probably have been visiting Telos for a very long time.  All of this is a remembrance of those beautiful times we all experienced.

Now to get to the reason I am writing in this moment.  I have become an experienced teacher and facilitator of light frequencies and utilized my knowledge of the 22 Rays of God to conduct the ceremonies on the lands.  While I was in Mt. Shasta, I realized the intensity of utilizing these energies from a Cosmic level truly assisted the planet.  Previously, I thought these energies were for individuals but upon my travels, I realized how much they assisted the Earth.

I was made an Ambassador of the New Earth many years ago and was unsure how this position would come into my present life.  On this trip I had many realizations, and this was one of them.  I am here to assist people to raise their vibrations into the fifth dimensional level.  So what does that mean exactly?

First of all, each of you are doing it if you are not already aware of it.  People are talking about the ascension symptoms and this is exactly what is occurring.  We are bringing forth higher consciousness within the body.  Previously we just connected with our consciousness through alpha states or journeys but did not incorporate it into the physical vehicle.  That is no longer true and it is an essential state to move to the New Earth.  As the light energy increases in one’s body, the physical may receive or reject the energies.  It all depends on one’s awareness of God within.

So how do you incorporate it?  First of all, tools and practice are essential on a daily basis.  The energy coming into the Earth are so very strong presently that we need to ground ourselves and put these energies into our lower chakras.  In order to receive the fifth dimensional energies, we need to incorporate the 22 chakras which correlate with the 22 Rays of God.  Many are not grounding the cosmic energies downward but are allowing them to be in the higher chakras.  Of course, why not?  It feels much better.

As we are going through this process, the physical, emotional, and mental bodies need to merge as one in order to receive the I AM Presence.  That cannot be done without the 22 chakras.  It is an essential component.  The old way of healing is not going to work as well anymore.  We need to bring forth energetics to assist in the process and it will go much quicker than we ever realized.  So what is energetics and what is the old way.

The old ways represent the trudging of journaling, affirmations, utilizing the yang type of focus.  It does not mean to get rid of it, but to utilize the higher vibrations to assist in the process.  It is important that we read spiritual scripture, statements, and decrees to bring forth the higher frequencies.  Very important is chanting and singing.  It raises the vibration immediately.  This energy represents the Yin and brings forth the Divine Mother aspect within us.  We need to come into balance between our male and female energies.

As we go through these processes, we may find activations occurring for us.  One day we are fine and happy and in the next moment, the sadness comes within us.  This is a time to embrace the energies very deeply.  Utilizing the Violet Fire or Ray is a very powerful tool, and I work with it constantly for myself and others.  The Violet Ray will totally transmute any issue, thought, situation, or person that has affected you adversely.  You must always remember to bring in a positive aspect afterwards to fully accept the new energies that will result.

Another method is to call upon Archangel Michael to release the issues onto the Christ Consciousness with his Blue Sword but remember, again, to bring forth positive aspects in the form of love, joy, bliss, etc.  It is important not to incorporate a specific person or event as that is manipulating the energies.

I also provide attunements on my website which are going to be upgraded within the next week.  There will be a page for ascension and I will be providing some very powerful ascension meditations which will change one’s composition completely.

Why do I feel this push from the God Force?  We are at a critical time as the changes are going to be happening for each of us.  I have been involved with Bryan DeFlores’ calls on the Earth Activations and align with his thought processes.  The belief system is that this earth will split into two:  an upper Earth and lower Earth.  The upper Earth will be a star called “Terra Christa” and the lower earth will be in the 4th dimensional reality.  In order to move to the Upper Earth, one needs to incorporate the fifth dimensional body which means blending all three bodies of the physical, emotional and spiritual to align with the I AM Presence.  It also means to let go of the lower ego and engage with the higher ego.  The fourth dimensional Earth will become very primitive as the earth changes are going to cause major upheaval.

I share this not as a scare tactic but as a precaution.  Do you know which Earth you want to be on and are you ready to do the work necessary?  WE NEED YOU!!!  It is essential that individuals are integrated within these higher frequencies so they can teach others.  Bryan’s predictions show at this point that out of 100 light workers 13 of them are ready to be on the 5th dimension and need to raise their physical consciousness.  That to me is a very scary thought.

I have been on this path for almost 30 years and what I feel has assisted me is the deep ascension meditations that create clearing of all karma and denounce the Wheel of Rebirth.  Without out this work, I would not be speaking to you today, literally.  It has saved my life.  I came to a point when I finally accepted of being on Earth but it took me a long time and several close calls of death before I fully acknowledged my purpose here on this planet.

I will be bringing forth more teachings of the ascension path as I feel some may truly want to experience this work and possibly, be teaching it themselves along the way.  I am dedicating my life to helping those who truly want to move into this dimensional phase.  The energetics presently are supporting us to move through the debris quickly and easily.

In the upcoming blogs I will be bringing forth information about the initiation process of the mastership path, the 22 Chakras, the 22 Rays of God including the planetary level through the Cosmic, tools to assist in the process of one’s Divinity, and any other information I feel is pertinent.  I am also working on an E-book about the Rays of God which will incorporate the Planetary through the Cosmic with instruction and information from each of the Ray Chohans (Ascended Master Leaders).

The Golden Cites are being built in the fifth dimensional frequency and will need many individuals to assist in this process.  I also will be bringing forth channeling information in the coming months on how this is being created.  I saw the plans when I was in Telos, and I will be part of this creation.

It is an exciting time for each of us, and I want to help as many individuals as possible.  I hope you will join me in my excitement and enthusiasm to create a World of Oneness.  We deserve it; we have suffered long enough.

Many blessings in love and light,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

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A Special Tribute to the Souls of 911 – Sept 11, 2010

Honoring All Beings Assisting in the Healing of 911

September 11, 2010

8:46 AM EST

In this moment nine years ago we experienced the most horrible tragedy in the United States of America.  Many, many lives were lost on this day and continued to be lost through the help of many individuals, fire fighters, medical personnel, police, and just individuals that chose to help others.

What is it that happened on this day?  I am not in a place of trying to figure out whys and wherefores but assist in healing the psychological and spiritual reasons of this event.  We came together in Oneness.  Individuals around the world prayed and connected like they never did before.  I live only 2 hours from New York and the energies were unbelievably still.  Of course, the airspace activity ceased for several days and the sky was just still as each of us grieved for the loss of over 3,000 souls that had perished.

As the Earth is in a third to fourth dimensional frequency, it did not matter who we were in our religious backgrounds, our race or creed, we came together as One Being sharing our loss but also sharing our Light and Love.  We fully need to get back to this moment in time.  The Earth is in a place of continuance but in order for us to do so, we must acknowledge each other, our love of one another, and sharing it completely within our heart.

Today on this anniversary I want to dedicate this transmission to the people that are on the earth and have been hurt in so many ways.  Many families are still grieving losses and physical conditions have resulted out of this event.

As many of you know, I started a meditation group eight years ago by the advice of Archangel Michael and Spirit in which we all meet the Souls of 911 in a Temple called “911” which is located in the heavens called the “Innerplane”.  Many souls have joined this temple since I started it in March of 2002 due to the war efforts, the changes on the earth, and now any soul who has left their earthly existence is allowed to join us in the Temple of 911.  One prerequisite is to leave your lower issues from Earth at the door and they must be transmuted.  This temple is a place where anyone can visit day or night and be with your comrades of Light.

As I sit here in this moment, the Temple of 911 would like to pay tribute to each of you; the souls that are struggling, existing, and trying to be in balance upon the Earth Plane.  Let us all come together in Oneness even for a short few moments and experience the beautiful place of our hearts as we join together in the Creation of All That Is.

We travel to the Temple which is located in the Multi-Universal Level via our Light Vehicle called a Merkabah.  As we move off the Planetary level of Earth, we see the stars in the sky and float into the Solar Level, feeling a lightness within our hearts.  We then move higher into the Galactic Level where our brothers and sisters are interacting with one another as we rise above into the Universal Level.  This is the home of our Universe and Lord Buddha is our leader of the planet.  It is at this time we see the Multi-Universal Level of energies where many universes come together in unison.  In the distance we see the Temple of 911.  It is a shining bright blue temple emanating beautiful light energies.  Our Merkabah lands into a beautiful space filled with orbs dancing around us.  We are now walking through a beautiful field and see a Rainbow Bridge.  This Rainbow Bridge is the connection to all the souls of 911 and beyond.  We follow a windy path through an amazing garden and see the Temple in front of us.  Many are here today as it is a special occasion of the anniversary of this moment.

We walk up into the steps, see many different types of beings, and some you may recognize as a loved one or a special teacher you work with.  The Temple is an amphitheater and we walk down to find our seats in the front row.  There is a well lit stage with many teachers, masters, and light beings awaiting our arrival.

Let’s take a deep breath and feel all of our brothers and sisters joining us in this moment.  This is an example of Oneness within this Temple.  Feel the exhilaration of this moment.

Oneness for All on Earth

Fred, who was a Fire Chief Battalion, is the spokesperson for the group of 911 & Beyond.

Good Morning,

Welcome to this special anniversary and I don’t want to call it a celebration but in essence it truly is.  We come here every week to share our hopes, desires, and Light with each other as we are given a teaching from a highly attuned Ascended Master, Light Being, or the Essence of God.  Thank you for coming and being with us.  Again, Meleriessee, thank you for sharing this energy with others.

Today we need to help our families, our loved, ones, the individuals who have suffered greatly since this tragedy.  We are not suffering here.  In fact it is just the opposite.  The Spiritual Hierarchy opened up this temple for us to come and heal; Meleriessee was the messenger for it to occur and I want to thank her.  She takes the time out every week to bring people to the temple and shares it with others.  Since she has been doing the live transmission on Monday evenings, it has opened up the doorways in various ways.  {Note: it is now 9:11 AM EST}

We ask each of you not to grieve for us as we are all with you in one way or another. We ask that you take this moment during this day to connect with the ones that need it the most.  Maybe it is you…let us experience the love of this God Force in each of your hearts…Let us take all thoughts of lower energies of yourself or anyone and put them aside.  Then we will be experiencing Oneness…

Thank you for listening.  I would like to introduce the energies of the God Force in this moment.  Blessings to you and thank you for being here with us.

Dearest Ones,

We come to you from the Consciousness of the Oneness.  We are Mother and Father God in the state of the Cosmic Great Central Sun.  It is our divine hope and pleasure that this moment in time is not about the tragedy or the hurt that is involved, but the pleasure of Oneness.  Sometimes events have to occur in order for one to fully accept their own Divinity of Light.  This is one such occurrence.

Gaia is going through many changes and within these changes each of you are hurting very deeply.  Each of you are having your own 911 moments at this time.  Some of you are still very asleep and do not want to wake up.  That is your choice.  Some are waking up and enjoying the new energies while showing their gifts upon the Earth.  Some are Leaders and putting forth the movements of Love within everyone’s hearts.  Some are wayshowers and are in the silent mode.  And then some refuse to believe that they are part of a Greater Whole.

All of these are choices in each moment.  In this moment we ask of you to fully be in your present state of consciousness and then slowly move it up a few notches.  We bring to you the Platinum Ray of the Cosmic energies to assist you in this process.  Feel beyond your present thoughts and move into your higher essence which for some of you may be easy and others a bit challenging.  See beyond your physicality and know that you are here to make a difference.  To share with others, your heart, your life, and your knowledge.  Each of you has something to give to one another and now is the time.  The Time of Awakening.

Stay within that for a moment and experience this bliss of contentment you are feeling.  Let us share this with the world of Planet Earth.  Take a deep breath and send it to all of the people from the tragedy of 911 who are still hurting deeply.  Let us center into New York City and beyond.  Let us go to the government, the leaders of this world.  Let us send it into each corner of the globe and let them feel Oneness even if for a small microsecond.  A flash of light will occur within their mind and they may just feel this bliss even if only a moment and thinking it is in their mind.

Let us know bring the energies back into the present state of awareness.  As we sit in this temple together we are One.  There is no division between us.  There is only this moment in time for us to change what has been happening.  You cannot change it by arguing with one another about what happened; we can only infuse the Light Within and then everything is different.

Breathe deeply and allow these elements to be within you on this day.

We are happy to be here in this moment.

We are the Cosmic Great Central Sun at your service,

Divine Mother and Divine Father in Oneness

I AM that I AM

You ARE that You ARE

We are ONE

In the Name of the Holy God of Hosts

In the Name of YHWH

Blessed Be to All.

Note:  Stay in the temple as long as you would like but when it is time to return:

Intend to return out of the Temple through the Garden, across the Rainbow Bridge and back to your Merkabah Vehicle.  See yourself back in your present awareness and ground your energies.

It has been a pleasure to connect in this way on this day to each of you and all of the Souls of 911 & Beyond.  Creating this meditation weekly has changed my life in so many ways.  It is a pleasure to connect with the individuals that come onto the call, to hear the comments from people around the world that are affected by the energies, but most of all, to have a personal relationship with these souls.

Thank you for being here with me.

Blessings in Oneness,

Rev Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

If you are interested in reading or listening to the weekly calls:

Join us Monday evenings at 8 PM EST, 218.862.7200, #572094

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Stop Pinching Me ~ I Woke Up…Mt. Shasta Journey – An Ending Starts the Beginning August 31, 2010

Mountain of Shasta from Alpenrose Cottage

Acceleration of Being an Integrated Being on Earth

Mt. Shasta Journey – An Ending Starts the Beginning

August 31, 2010

When I awoke on this morning, I knew I had a very long day ahead of me but did not realize how quickly the new lessons would start.  I stopped at my ‘new’ favorite coffee house on my way out of Mt. Shasta and then got on my way to Sacramento Airport.

It is about 3 ½ hours to get to the airport down Route 5 with beautiful landscape and then the flatlands are everywhere.  What a diversity California can be.

All was well – I arrived at the airport in plenty of time to grab something to eat and get on my first flight to Salt Lake City.  Very strange that was my connection flight as I will be flying into Salt Lake City in a little over two weeks when Judy and I travel to the Grand Tetons.  I was looking forward to being on the plane and possibly catching some shut-eye on my way to Philly.

The plane was extremely full and I found myself surrounded by several young men that had traveled to San Diego for a Philly’s game. Now they say that Philadelphia fans are die-hards and these guys really proved themselves to live by that motto.  I am not a fan of professional sports so for me it is not something I would do, but heck, they are young and should live a great life.

I found my energies slowly decreasing from being in Mt. Shasta for an entire week.  These guys were very third dimensional and not aligned with what I had been experiencing.  I am sitting there saying to St. Germain, “OK guys, what did you do to me?”  Their reply was, “This is the world you need to assist; keep raising your vibrations.”  I put on my music and tried to fully leave my body but it was not working.  There were also kids behind me causing a ruckus and kicking the seats.  I did speak up to them in a very loving and calm voice, “Please stop kicking; thank you.”

After about an hour of travel, the flight attendances were asked to stop serving, sit in their seats and with a stern voice, the captain announced there was some great turbulence, “Please sit down, do not move around the aircraft, and make sure your seat belt is tight.”  Okay, so I felt a red flag come up.  We were going through a thunderstorm so I asked for assistance.  With that St. Germain said, “This is your task to put the plane out of harms way.  You know what to do.”  No wonder I was feeling anxious.  I then visualized the entire plane with golden light around it and created a golden pathway in front of the plane.  This continued for over a half hour and was quite exhausting.  I felt the turbulence subsiding and then would stop the intensity.  It would come back again so I continued the work.  We finally were out of the turbulence in another half hour, and all was okay.

I felt Saint Germain and many masters congratulating me on my first job of this type.  I felt very anxious during the ordeal but knew that it was necessary for me to do so.  I don’t know if anything disastrous would have happened but it could have been a very uneasy flight for many passengers.

I had been reading the Saint Germain book series on the first one in which Godfrey Ray King meets Saint Germain in Mt. Shasta.  I started thinking about my own journey in Shasta and feeling like I made some mistakes the day before.  My thoughts were, “I could have gone further down the path; maybe if I had gone a little bit longer Adama and Saint Germain would have appeared to me. Why didn’t they show themselves to me?

Both Adama and St. Germain came to me to tell me that I need to realize that everything was in Divine Order and that if I had traveled farther down the path, then the same thing would have happened with them.  They then both reiterated that it was not necessary for them to manifest themselves in body for me since I already was able to see and speak with them. Adama said, “We don’t need to take up the additional energies to create our bodies in the 4th dimensional level because you already are with us.  That was never the plan.”  I was then able to let go of my guilt.  I always wondered about why so many other people I would read about were able to speak with Saint Germain on the mountain.  I consider myself very luck that High Priest Adama came to me in the Wesak Ceremony in 2001 and then realized that was a necessary encounter.  I feel blessed that I was able to receive his energies at that time.

The plane ride seemed to go on forever.  I was feeling the lowering of my energies intensely and then my MP3 player ran out of juice so I had to be in silence.  I did not feel a connection with the individuals on the plane and was completely in a different state of consciousness than the rest of the passengers.

We arrived in Philadelphia right on time with a terrible landing but safely.  I was able to get out of the airport in a timely manner which was different.  I take an airport shuttle and it usually is a long wait at that hour of the night.

I am finishing this writing on Thursday afternoon and I am still very ungrounded.  My house is filled with the fifth dimensional frequencies so my energies are completely not within my physical body.  I held my Mastery Teachings class last night and we all traveled to Telos.  Tonight I am teaching the third class of my Divine Principle and am feeling the energies are quite different than before.  I tried to remember certain days and what I did, and my memory is fading.  I realized I was in the 5th dimensional frequency more fully than I realized.   It does feel like a dream…now the reality of it all is to integrate everything I learned, experienced, and put it all into practice.

I will be bringing forth some new classes and the format will be in a different manner.  I am striving to fully accelerate people with the higher frequencies so I hope you decide to join me.

I am now preparing for the next spiritual journey to the Grand Tetons with my traveling buddy, Judy, which will be an extension of this Telosian trip.  I hope to share with each of you those adventures and continue to help with integrating the higher frequencies onto this earthplane and within individuals.

Thank you for joining me and allowing me to share my Light with each of you.

In Expressions of Light,

I AM Meleriessee

For those that I mentioned in the ceremony and I connected with during this trip, I am being told by many that you were also affected.  If anyone is interested in speaking to Adama and St. Germain personally, I am offering a special 1/2 hour session.  Contact me for details at

Blessings in Light and Love