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From the perspective of the Western worldview of science and medical practice, the Chakra system is often viewed as similar to the concept of the Meridian system, both cannot be seen or measured by modern scientific devices so as to be proven to exist.

In energy medicine and ancient esoteric Indian and Asian belief systems they are both as real, and important, as the air we breath. Consider that western scientific endeavors only formally discovered “oxygen” as being what that “air” consisted of until around 1774. This was some 1000 years or more after India (Hindu/Buddhist) came to rely on the understanding of the Chakras and perhaps as much as 5000 years after Asian cultures used their understanding of the Meridians for healthy and fulfilled living. Esoteric meanings have broadened the understandings many New Age belief systems now use to be Seven Chakras.

The Chakra’s are the etheric energy centers of the human energy field. The basic more common knowledge is of Seven Chakras. Some individuals gifted with having medical intuitive abilities or visual perception of subtle energies may be able to see the Chakras.

The Seven Chakras align one above the other in succession within the central canal of the human energy body starting at the base of the spine, moving to the navel area, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the brow, and the crown. The basic color of the seven Chakra’s starting at the base are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet (though it may also be multi-rainbow colored, and even seen as white or golden colored).

They are considered the vital force (prana, nadi, ether, qi, ki) for the balance and harmony of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the human structure. In other words, they support the physical and psychological well being of the individual.

In Ascension Mastery practice, the degree to which one accomplishes achieving balance and harmony as a result of the care and concern for the Chakra system directly relates to the vibrational level their energy field (etheric/auric structure) is able to hold. That “stabilized frequency” or energy level then directly relates to the level of the Initiation status within Ascension Mastery that an individual reaches.

In Ascension Mastery the Chakra and their care are therefore one of the most essential areas or functional activities of life to be developed, activated and cleared of energetic and etheric debris.

In fact, in our understandings as Ascension Mastery teachers with a direct linage to the teachings of Dr. Joshua David Stone, there are actually EIGHT CHAKRAS. Located between the Hearth and the Throat there is another essential Chakra called the THYMUS CHAKRA in the color of Sea-Foam Green. It is most important in Ascension work as it is the vortex location (all the Chakras are vortexes of energy) where the Higher Self Soul intersects within the Chakra structure and thus it is called the “seat of the Soul”.

They absolutely are intended to be part of the Chakra system as humanity evolves to elevate it’s collective consciousness. However, currently in our present level of consciousness as a species, the Rays are not naturally incorporated. Walking Terra Christa is the originating expert source on the 22 Rays of God and has extensive knowledge of the dynamics of the 22 Rays of God. From our understandings, most of what has become accepted and popular in the New Age movement about working with the Chakra’s is now out of date due to the vibration frequency of the Cosmic level energies that human consciousness is now able to accept into it’s physical-etheric structure.

The 22 Rays of God need to be directly intertwined within the Chakra system as it is through the vehicle of the Chakra’s that one can access the higher vibrational frequencies of the 22 Rays of God, which is the only process by which one can raise their vibration in terms of dimensional consciousness. However, just as with ancient practices of meditation and breath techniques to clear and strengthen the Chakra’s and the energy systems to create resilience and stability in the physical body and psyche, without incorporating the 22 Rays of God through active and conscious attention, an individual will not benefit from the existence of those higher Cosmic frequencies. Which means, in terms of Ascension Mastery, a person can only increase the vibration of their energy structure by gaining proper training and accurate guidance in those Higher Frequencies of Light (of the 22 Rays).

For progress to be achieved, one must begin to restructure their energy field so that it can start to accept the Higher Rays beyond those that are naturally inherent by birth in the human biology of the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet frequencies. The 22 Rays of God are the vibrational frequencies beyond an individuals base consciousness. When one expands their consciousness to incorporate the 22 Rays, they shift their frequency on the 3rd, 4th and eventually the 5th dimensional levels. This is in fact exactly what happens to anyone who is using or participating in the teachings we create.

What makes what we do even more unique is that we have learned that when a person attempts to use intellectual learning of the human mental mind to create a vibrational shift, it is an almost 100% futile endeavor. Instead one must be exposed to the right frequency first and foremost, yet in order to do that, one must actively set aside the mental mind’s typical perspective, as the mental construct only understands what it already understands. Meaning, it blocks out learning anything new until it can convince itself otherwise.

It is our term to illustrate the importance of proper technique to create a real energetic shift in one’s energetic makeup. The importance of the Breath in this Seminar Series is paramount. We structure the classes using Pranic Breathing techniques to bypass the mental mind as it is the only effective method of allowing the physical-mental-emotional-etheric energy bodies to intersect and blend together more effectively. We have found this is a key to successfully receiving the higher energies (after making sure the energies one is opening themselves unto are within a sacred and protected structure of Light through the Unified Whole of Oneness and the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Brotherhood / Sisterhood of White Light).

Pranic Breathing is bringing conscious awareness to your breath so that you become more aware of how deeply your are breathing. Most people breathe in short shallow breaths that only fill the upper portion of the lungs. In Pranic Breath it is longer and slower so that it seems to fill up the lower abdomen also. (Actually the lower lungs behind the abdomen area). If one rests their hand over the navel, it should move out slightly and then back in through a repetitive rhythmic cycle while not being forced.

Lord Saint Germain who is the MahaChohan of the Rays of God shared these words with us for you:

“As we learn to open up our Chakras, we find that the elements that we have been holding within ourselves can represent the many lifetimes of timelines that we, as a soul, are still holding onto. Learning to work with the 22 Rays of God through the art of Pranic Breathing will assist to transcend old elements to leave room for the higher vibrational energies that we as a soul, have experienced without our physical vehicles.
“It is imperative for every lightworker that wants to move through the
Initiations to truly have the opportunity to open their essence up into the higher vibrational self. It cannot be done mentally as that process stays within the Mental Realm and does not allow for the continuation of what each of the rays represent to be held within an individual’s four-body system.
“Trying to achieve it through mental orientation does not open up the
energies to be dispersed from your subconsciousness but yet is held within that area which can create doubt and uncertainty. Utilizing the Rays of God through your breath will help an individual to start to feel the energies that each Ray represents and not just acknowledging the Ray Chohan of that flame.”


In this Ascension Mastery Series, we meet online (live video) for 3+ hours on 1 Saturday a month for 10 class sessions. NEW FOR THIS YEAR: Seminar Recordings are available to those who are not able to attend in person.

With the guidance and grounding provided by Reverend Michael Ara along with the wisdom and higher creative frequencies of Light provided by Reverend Christine Mahlariessee, including the Divine Language Networksm transmissions that only she is able to bring forth (which are a catalyst to provide the required Higher Energetic Frequency of the 22 Rays of God), each month the Ascended Master energies come in direct contact with each participant to experience the encoding of the Higher Rays into the Chakra system.

The Rays of God represent the 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensional energies. As each of those 22 Rays become intertwined within the specific Chakra they work with, then it raises the vibration of that Chakra. This must be done in stages so as not to overload the system, but to allow the Ray energies (overall) to then assist each of the 8 Chakras (Thymus included) individually to raise to a higher consciousness and existence. In esoteric terms of dimensional frequency, the first 8 Rays represent the 3rd dimensional Chakra grid, the 9th through the 16th Ray are associated with the Chakras from the Root area going upwards into the Crown for the 4th dimensional Chakra grid, and then the 17th through the 22nd repeat the same movement from the Root to the Crown igniting the 5th dimensional Chakra grid.

In order to achieve a 5th dimensional body the 22 Rays of God must be integrated within each of the Chakras arising those Chakras to become the 22 Chakras. (This is not achieved in a few steps or classes but is something one works upon for years to Master. We are providing this seminar series to give the necessary guidance and vibrational encodements to establish a firm foundation in pursing such a practice).

Each Class includes:

◊ A Full Online Video Seminar* (3 to 3.5 hours)
◊ Visualization Meditation for the Chakra
◊ Background by MahaChohan Lord Saint Germain
◊ Lecture from the Ascended Being(s) for the Chakra
◊ Experiential High Vibrational Encodments for the Chakra
◊ Instructional Learning in using Chakra BreathSM
◊ Cosmic Meditation for the Ashram of the Ray (49th Dimension of the Cosmic Level)  

Walking Terra Christa is providing a special format for this Mastery Class to work through each of the Chakras with the specific Rays that are associated with that Chakra. Included will be hands-on tools to spin the Chakra using a clear quartz crystal or a “fire and ice” quartz crystal. (If you have one please have it ready for use). Rev. Mahlariessee will guide each person to go deeper into the energies of the Chakra using her ability to see into the Etheric energy structures of the individual live video* participants.

*NEW for 2021: An enrollment option for offline use of the Downloadable Video Recording is available for those who cannot attend live.


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Ascension Mastery Message, Festival of Lights, Master Djwhal Khul

Heart Illumination ~ Festival of Lights Full Moon ~ January 28, 2021 ~ Master Djwhal Khul

Spiritual Meaning of the January 28th, 2021 Ascension Mastery* Message of the Full Moon with Master Djwhal Khul as brought forth by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden.

We are now experiencing the divine energies of the Full Moon of Leo within the Sun of Aquarius which occurs on January 28th, 2021 at 11:16 AM Pacific, 2:16 PM Eastern within Universal Time of 7:16 PM.

This moon will open up the Emotional Self to heal from the many remembrances lodged within our Etheric Self. It is considered to bring Illumination of what has been hidden from our Physical Consciousness. This means that our Etheric Self, our traveling soul body that holds the key to all we have experienced in the many lifetimes, is opening up to reveal aspects of ourselves that need to come into the state of Harmonization.

The Leo moon represents the ability to open up the Heart Essence and allows the entryway of the Divine Self to be realized within the physical consciousness. This can cause many feelings to be felt that previously were put aside from the many timelines we have experienced as a soul. The Feminine Divine is being revealed for each of us to become more aware of our Heart Essence along with what needs to be rectified and embraced by the physical self.

The Sun of Aquarius represents always acting for the good of others which may be conflict with the Leo Moon. Aquarius is about extending views and opinions when others may not be ready to receive them. It brings for the state of expression through communication for the Good of Others.

The emotional feelings are opening up during this full moon –. This can create a sense of rawness and wanting to express these emotions. The key for this full moon is to allow your Higher Self to be the guiding light to help change the rawness into acceptance, through finding a balance between the two.

Sharing is the expression of Love. This full moon will test us as the inner elements that have been waiting to be expressed will be opening up into our subconscious. It is important not to let the Personality Self to control how our emotions will be shown, but to utilize our Higher Self to transcend any elements that need to be faced.

This moon has the ability to go deep into the Etheric Self -opening up energies that have been stored within the history of our Soul’s essence that need to be healed.

This can be a very emotional cycle for humanity, and we have to guard against speaking in highly emotional states. It is a time of testing to allow the Act of Balance to alleviate the emotional charges that may be occurring so that communication is from the Spiritual Self and not the Lower Ego or Personality Self.

Expression of our Emotions is the key by learning to Illuminate the Desire to share our inner feelings, with the action of how it should be expressed. Balance is the key as the Emotional Self is opening up with depth in our Heart Centers – feelings can be revealed, but how to express those feelings needs to be put into Balance.

What is Good for our Internal Selves may not be the best solution to another person. The emotions can run extremely high through this cycle so it is important to take time with our words or expression as it may not be accepted as well as we would have hoped.

This brings forth a State of Balance to occur internally and externally within our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

If we think about the Feminine Divine and what her essence means to us, we must acknowledge Grandmother Moon as her flowing energies assist us not just when she is full but for the entire month. In order to allow the Divine Energy that the Feminine represents for us, we have to accept that it must be in a state of equilibrium. Allowing the flow of energies to assist us in any given moment and not be too fast to extend what we are feeling until all is in Perfect Alignment.

This cycle is teaching us to know that our emotions are very important to allow the Feminine Divine to be more present within the Hearts and Minds of Humanity, but we must move with the opening of the doorway of our Internal Heart to be slow and with Divine Purpose.

Try not to be rash with your decisions by allowing any lower energies to be the focus of your communication. It is also important not to be Isolating because you may not be ready to share what is happening in your world, but to create a balance between what is within and what is outside of your Internal Self.



Greetings My Friends,

It is my pleasure to connect with each of you once again during the first Festival of Lights of 2021. This year is going to prove to be particularly challenging, but rewarding if you allow your Higher Self Consciousness to help you through the process of learning to De-scend our Highest Energies into your Physical Walk upon this Earth.

The first of many full moons, this cycle is about opening up your Emotional Body, hence, your Heart Center, to reveal within you what is true and untrue in your consciousness. It is a time of renewal in which many hearts can be opened and will reveal a depth of love within themselves, not only for their own creation, but others around them.

This, in turn, can cause a deepness of growth to occur, like a feeling of being very raw, experiencing element(s) within you that you have not thought about before or you have put them aside. The chamber of the heart is expanding in a new and completely different way as the Feminine Divine is being ignited through Grandmother Moon to bless and change humanity of Planet Earth.

So, in retrospect, as the Illumination of your Divine Heart is revealed, so is the reflection of what has been lost within your memory center of the Etheric Self. It is a time in which the Etheric Body is starting to work with the physical consciousness, an opening of a portal of light to allow the depth of healing you have been searching for to become a true reality within you.

You must not become overwhelmed with any emotions that arise but to go slow with the process. Create moments of deep pranic breathing, bringing forth your I Am Presence consciousness to help you accept what is happening, transcend the parts you no longer need, so you can fully accept the Divine Blessings that will be acknowledged within you.

In order to step into the role of receiving the blessing, you must walk through the doorway of uncertainty. This means whatever you are experiencing, it must come from all levels of experience through the Etheric, Emotional, and Mental Bodies so that it becomes a strengthening force within your Physical Self.

In order to hold this energy you must be aware of what you are going through and take a proactive part of the change that is occurring. Let it open up the many doorways that are waiting for your arrival. Once you accept the change and the pain that may come with it, you are able to arrive at a new part of yourself. This is the act of Becoming through the movement of Physical Consciousness opening up to the Spiritual Reality within you.

Allow the focus of this cycle to help you achieve a new part of your reality. Don’t just go through the motions, but experience the walk into accepting your Divine Self.

The Leo Moon is shining down upon you with great love, strength, and the ability to change the old into the new reformed self.

Surrender is your key with the strength to continue the journey into a deeper reflection of Self Awareness.

Blessings and Love, I Am Master Djwhal Khul

Walking Terra Christa facilitated a Ceremony for the Ascend Earth Star Nation Festival of Lights with Master Djwhal Khul   on January 23rd, 2021.
The recording can be listened to via this link.

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*Ascension Mastery is the realized form of manifesting Ascension Frequencies where your vibratory rate actually increases over time due to the in-depth training (not the intellectual pursuit or study) and the acquiring of a higher Spiritual Essence. Everyone on Earth is already part of God’s Light and Love but that does not mean they as individuals (or collectively) are Ascending, or that Ascension is happening to them. Earth is at a cross roads of Spiritual Awakening to step into Ascension, but without each person taking on an individual personal life responsibility to change their lives into practicing actual Ascension energies there can be no real shift in frequency. Ascension as a concept, belief or a mystery to be revealed is akin to a mere informational level desired by the mental intellect and does not create the authentic higher Ascension Octave of Light and Love required for a New Earth to be created. Our mission as an Academy is to bring forth that actual level of higher love and light for you to learn to feel and acquire them. It is a process that will take any initiate/lightworker many years (even decades) to achieve just as it did for the Ascended Masters themselves. You may order our very powerful SPIRITUAL HEALING meditation as a great way to start using targeted meditations that go beyond what is typically used.  We also have the previously released SEVEN FREE CLASSES to help during these challenging times (visit to access).

Gathering together monthly at the turn of the new millennium, the early “Pioneers of Terra Christa” (as those individuals were termed by Spirit) did more in Service than has been accomplished for many eons of time. (And still importantly continues with those involved in the active gatherings of the Ascend.Earth project for the monthly Festival of Lights Walking Terra Christa events. The reason being that while these higher frequencies are not yet able to be understood from the human mental mind, continually attending these specific events throughout the year targets the crystalline frequencies to become acquired into the current human carbon based structure so they can be grounded. Individual humans are the one’s who ground the frequencies for Humanity as a whole, as this is how dimensional mass consciousness works, and why so many more individuals are needed for this higher level of service right now including non-English speakers, as it is more about the energies received than about the words being spoken.)

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