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Allowing This New Moon in Cancer to Fully Access Your Highest Essence Within!

Today on July 19th, at 9:34 a.m. Pacific, we are now experiencing the effects of the New Moon energies as Grandmother Moon fully moves into the sign of Cancer.  This is going to effect ripples of change to occur for us emotionally as we are experiencing the Sun being at Cancer at the same time.

How is this being done?  It is important for us to realize how Cancer represents our emotional balance and as the moon is now within this cycle for the next three days, our emotions will become very raw and uncertain.  With this energy change it is of great assistance as it is going to move emotions within us that have needed to arise as we move further within the Golden Age with each passing moment.  It is important to be in a state of reflection and when something arises that bothers you, fully take the mirror that you are seeing and going deeper within you.  Our higher self is asking us to do so by allowing these issues to arise within our Being.  It may be something that you have been working through for quite some time or so deep seated in our past timelines that it is now time for it to arise into the sunshine.

Personally I experienced something surfacing that I have been dealing with for many years of my life.  It has molded my existence in a not so healthy way of being.  I have been unable to fully get to the core of this issue to finally remove it although I knew it was a big challenge for me.  Again, it comes back to my physical image to the world.  As you have read before, I have worked diligently in trying to remove the weight from my body.  In recent months I have allowed the love that is enfolding within my life to be the deciding factor but both my partner and I myself have had to deal with quite a bit of lower energies that were trying to stop me.  The vein issue I had resurfaced and I have still been dealing with it physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  It has caused extra fluid retention to be within my body although not much change was in my diet.  I knew that I again was feeling the bloated-ness within me and not liking it at all.  This also has had me down-spiraling with certain foods I should not be eating, like a piece of cheese once in awhile that also causes the fluid retention.

You see, Lord Adama and Spirit have shared with me many times that I chose this body composition so that I could hold the light within me even though I have worked at this issue for many years.  That’s all well and good but I also had parents that were not ahppy with me because I was not the skinny-minnie daughter they wanted.  They, of course, did not understand the full dynamics.  It is even difficult for me as being in Mt. Shasta Lord Adama has asked me to slow down on the exercise routines due to the energy exchanges that are happening for us here.  Some days it is not possible, but I just intend to change everything.

We have been challenged in the last couple of months with a house change, Mike’s children visiting, and trying to adjust our life to be in a fifth dimensional frequency but still having to create the funds to make this all possible.  My energies at times are not grounded, and having to concentrate on the earth grounding has made it a challenge.  So it is with all these elements that have been starring me in the face all the while I knew changes had to be made once again.  Sometimes just taking my vitamins are a chore for me which is essential for the legs to be healthy.

So during the Cancer Moon I have received an epiphany.  Mike and I have been asked by Lord Adama and the Masters to start sharing videos of our work with channeled messages.  Our first try was outside standing up but the camera decided to run out of juice.  Hmmm, a gift from the Universe for me to acknowledge myself deeply.  So we decided to do the videos in our healing space but it was at night.  We would have to sit and the camera was very close to my face.  That was scary for me but I knew I had to walk through this doorway.

Well, then I saw the effects of my bloated-ness and how my face was heavier than I was perceiving it to be it was a devastating moment in time.  My dream has always been to rid myself of this extra weight but yet, in fact, in the most critical spiritual time of my pathway, it just stayed within me no matter what I did.  I had lost quite a bit this winter and was so proud.  Then the other energies resulted and I was fighting to heal my body deeply.  It was a moment in time that I do not like to admit as I saw the video.

As I looked at myself, all I saw was the ugliness of my weight and not the beauty that I has fully embraced.  I was upset and went to bed in tears.  No one could console me, only my inner self.  What resulted within that awareness was that I had a battle to deal with on the Innerplane.  I was struggling with the darkness of my self and created more darkness to occur within me.  When Mike joined me a couple of hours later, I was despondent, angry, and not me at all.  He assisted me with some shamanic clearing which resulted in some heavy screams of despair coming out of me.  Even my cat, Isis, sat on top of me close to my heart and I realized how much she loved me.  Here is Mike, my beautiful partner and my long time friend, Isis, assisting me.

I was able to return somewhat tearful, but knew I had a major shift occur within me.  This issue is something that I have always desired to rid within me.  It always came back flooding no matter how beautiful others always saw me.  I remembered when I looked at the video I had both positive and negative thoughts about myself.  I felt a doorway open that would help me to accept my beauty no matter how much or little weight I was holding, and learning that the weight was not the focus of my life.

Also on this day Mike and I conducted our first session with Sanat Kumara and the Holy Kumaras.  This week we were guided by Sanatka who represents the 1st Ray of the Will & Power of God.  The energy was so very powerful that as I was channeling I felt the new structure I had been trying to achieve fully come within me through Meleriessee and my I AM Presence.  Usually I do not experience this type of change as I am channeling, but Sanatka fully assisted me in this process.

I now feel the ability to fully focus on my beauty that I share with others and that shines outward no matter my appearance.  It has helped me to realize that changes need to be made once again no matter what the underlying circumstances which occur.  As we access the energies of our higher essence, these changes can be made no matter how deeply you have tried to remove them with your lower Mind and Heart.

So what this means for each of us is that this Cancer Moon will take us deeper into the depths of our soul and pull out what needs to be removed and access the higher portions of our essence.  Please do take the time and reflect within yourself what needs to be changed.  Our interactions with others are a direct result of our inner reflection of the Self.  They must go hand-in-hand through the process.

If you would like to learn more about the Kumara Series, please see our website, http://walkingterrachrista.com/series-sanat-kumara/.   Click on the blue letter to see the video on the Sanat Kumara Series;  Sanat also shares a special channeling message through me.

So now I move through the next phase of my inner journey.  This was a challenge in sharing so deeply but I think I needed to do so especially for my inner self and Meleriessee.

In expressions of Oneness,


Christine Meleriessee

Ascension Master and Mentor of the New Earth


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Appreciation of Times Gone By – July 16th, 2016

Lucinda Thum Olin Mount, April 2004

Today is the 12th anniversary of my sister, Cindy’s, passing – July 16th, 2004. I found this old post as it is a reminder of who she truly was and I want to honor her on this day.

I have been thinking of her quite a bit and I feel her speaking to me many times over. I know she is kicking butt in the Inner Plane – healing and changing while helping others.

She always accepted my gifts especially in the very beginning when others thought I was a “bit off” in the 80’s. I even worked with her bodily changes to help her adjust to the transition she was going through. We did many healing sessions together, along with the beginning channeling, talking to our spirit guides as she always wanted to know more. When a tree fell in the middle of their house, we realized there were lost spirits in the tree and they became active. It was an intense time healing and growing together. I so appreciate how she accepted me for who I was. It helped me to be who I am today.

Love you Cin –

Today is the anniversary of my sister’s passing, July 16th, 2004 in which there was a huge hole left within the family unit.  Cindy was the eldest of five of us and was considered the “matriarch of the family”.  At least that is what I used to tease her about.  My parents were still alive at 90 years of age when she left the Earth.  She suffered for five long years with Non-Hodgkins Lumphoma, and this is a tribute to her life and what it means to me in this Golden Year of 2012.

 Ode’ to Cindy

My sister, Cindy, was my sister but also a surrogate mother,

Sometimes the mothering role was not accepted by me very well,

She was several years older than I,

At times she still felt I could not stand on my own two feet no matter how old I had become,

She watched over me and nurtured me the best that she could,

She came into this world in the year of 1938, July 26th;

So it is at this time I celebrate her life upon this Earth.

Cindy and I were not close sisters but she was one of my best supporters,

She loved me as she could,

Sometimes she misunderstood who I was and to become in this world,

She feared the way my life was going many times,

But she always opened up her doorway when I was at my lowest ebb,

I lived with her when the world was not supporting me,

As I was sharing my work as a spiritual teacher she listened,

But had great fear of my future.

We shared times of talking about reincarnation,

When an oak tree fell on their house during a very bad storm,

We cleansed the house of many spirits,

We walked through Philadelphia with other family members remember our roots of times gone by,

She was my closest ally when talking about the spirit world,

But yet wanted it for herself but had so much fear,

So she said to me one day,

“I would love to do what you do, but I don’t want to go through what you have endured,”

I helped to heal her body of the dis-ease and pain she endured,

She thanked me every day for helping her do so.

We also did not like each other many times,

I lived in her house right before she left this planet,

I saw the Angel of Death when I arrived,

He said she would stay for awhile,

Then when it was time for me to leave, he returned.

During this time she traveled to visit  Florida twice,

What a beautiful gift to see the ocean once again,

She became weak but was so very strong;

She shared her heart when she could, but not with words,

She was an action type of being,

She helped many and nurtured her family,

She assisted her mother and father continually,

She left four children and several grandchildren that remember her dearly.

Her parents bid her farewell on the 16th of July,

Mollie and Art were very saddened to watch their first born leave their arms,

But knew that they would see her very soon again.

Cindy’s soul will always be within each of us,

She was strong-willed, loving, and very adamant about her beliefs.

I helped her go to the Light as she was very scared,

But her last words to me were “Chris, I am going HOME.”

We miss you Cindy, I admire you for all your worth,

Even though at times you truly did not understand,

We walk together today hand-in-hand,

Being the souls we were always meant to be,

The dysfunction and pain is now all gone,

Only our love shining above and below.

We remember you Cindy, not only on this day but every birthday of July 26th!

You are in Heaven,

But walk with me on the Earth,

Shining Your Star So Very Brightly,

For an Eternity of Light.

I miss you Cindy, and so appreciate all you ever did for me.

Blessings and Love to you Always for Eternity.  Say hi to Mom and Dad for me

Your SiSTAR, Christine

Christine Meleriessee

Ascension Master & Mentor


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Accelerations Continue Through and Through ~ July 3rd, 2012

We are now coming upon the Full Moon energies better known as a Thunder Moon on July 3rd, 2012 at 2:52 PM EDT, 11:52 AM PDT.  This moon is going to represent being put through a thunderstorm of turbulent energies fully being removed from our Being to allow us to continue to be in a Divine Space of Love Within.

This year of 2012 is extreme for many as we experienced the most powerful Wesak on this planet, with the Eclipses occurring, then the Venus Transit, and the most powerful week of the OM WAVE frequencies here in Mt. Shasta.  Every time we turn around something else is coming towards us to move our energies into the space that our Higher Selves has deemed appropriate for the coming Golden Age.

I pose a question to each of you and that is, “How are you feeling through these Earth and Sky transitions”?  What does not kill us will always make us stronger as my mother told me time again.  Our pathways are continually going to change rapidly and through many storms of creation to help us realize fully who we truly are.  And just when we think we have reached our destination, it changes again very quickly.  When we allow ourselves to be in the moment, then the transition does get easier but sometimes going through the process can be extremely powerful to our Mind, Body, and Spirit.

As many of you know that follow my work, in the past year I traveled to Mt. Shasta alone in my car with my cat driving some 3,000 miles to my destination.  My life has changed rapidly through that time period.  A male friend arrived in September to what he thought would be a vacation.  What a shock when both of us realized we needed to work together.  I remember the talks that I had with Lord Adama and St. Germain before I even considered embarking on such a long journey and for the rest of my life, and how they told me my life would be quite different.  Those moments I spent in New Jersey I was completely in another world, trying to stay grounded, and just the thought that I traveled just one year ago is mind boggling to me.

Mike and I have fully partnered, as each of you know, and my work has expanded deeply because of it.  I would never have been able to go this far without his support.  I found myself willing to let go of many elements in my pathway but others have been very challenging.  I always knew within myself that it was the right decision but without the help of the glorious Lady Masters this is a mountain that I would still be climbing.  And I am, but in a different way.

I am more grounded now than I thought possible.  It does not mean that I am not affected by the energies because being in Mt. Shasta literally changes you every day.  I am no exception even though I have traveled this pathway of light for almost three decades.  That seems so incomprehensible to me at this point.

So what I want to fully share is that going through each of these activations has deepened me even further.  You think that you are fully in a different space, you ground those energies, accept them within your Being, and then you are pushed off the cliff once again only to start all over.  This is what Wesak, the Solstice, OM Wave, Eclipses, and the Venus Transit has done for me.  My work is getting deeper and so much more than I ever realized I would able to attain.

The Rays of God are my cornerstone of my work and I knew that I never brought the Scientific Knowledge within me this lifetime so studying and researching was always a big task for me.  I am so intuitive that most of my work on that level came so easily until I had to study and teach the Rays of God.  It took me several years of teaching it to really grasp the concepts within me.  Now all of that has changed.

My wisdom from my I AM Presence is more prevalent than I ever imagined could occur.  The information coming from the Masters is going into a deeper level in order to assist individuals further in their pathway.  This Wesak was very powerful for me and the planetary activations that have followed have allowed me to grow deeper and deeper within the work.  That is the beauty of walking the Mastership Pathway ~ it continues and you grow.  It never stops and that is what I am learning presently within my personal and professional life.

Part of this shocks me as I never considered myself an expert on the subject of ascension or mastery as I was always learning the process as I went along.  I have been working on the levels of initiations for over a decade and have seen dramatic improvements within my life, my work, and the decisions I have made.  I have come to a new sense of myself with the help of Mike of accepting myself as a Lady Master which has empowered me beyond my wildest dreams.  I am finally able to say that I feel my inner power and not letting it rule my life in a negative way.  I have fully accessed my higher essence in my life on a 24 hour basis.  I have done so previously but I did not allow myself to stay in that state as I was worried of being in an “ego-centered” mode.

I realize now that it was all because of my past timelines that allowed this battle to continue within my Being.  I feel fully empowered, I a vulnerable, I love deeply, and share with others this love of my work and Spirit.  I have traveled far and wide to arrive in this space of beauty.  It was the journey to Mt. Shasta that changed me as I had to walk into an unknown territory not knowing if I could financially survive but yet totally trusted in the whole pathway that I chose.  I could not have done it without the many masters that have walked with me continually and I thank God that I have had the gift to speak to them on a daily basis about my life.

I previously thought I would ascend after arriving here and have had a close encounter with a choking incident this past winter.  My energies had increased so much that the light was taking over.  I kept hearing my mentor’s voice, Dr. Joshua David Stone, now known as Master Joshua, “Don’t do what I did. Your work is way too important.”  I went past the death wish and wanting to ascend, attracted a life partner to work and live with, am now living a life I never thought I would with a beautiful man, I look at the mountain every day from the house we now life in, and am in trust each moment.  I am living in a 5th dimensional world of Light and Love.  The challenges are still intense but we get through them in each moment.

I am happy to be considered a Leader for the New Earth sharing knowledge’s and gifts as we help others to open up into this amazing frequency of Light.  Until you fully accept your Divinity, set up your living space to reflect that level of frequency, can you really understand what it is to be in the Higher Essence within the physical body.

It is my divine pleasure to accept my destiny as I walk hand-in-hand with my partner of the Light, with all of the masters and all of my soul brothers and sisters joining us.

In summation it is our time to fully reflect on how far we have come, the challenges we have faced, and to feel the essence of our Divine Heritage to be fully embellished within our Beings.  We are the awakeners to awaken others unto their Divinity.  Walking as a leader unto the New Earth we must go through all the trials and tests of our spirituality by accessing our wisdom and knowledge, and then sharing it with others with love, joy, and in the presence of the God-Force that we are all part of – Uniting Each Other Unto One Another.

So whatever you are going through, now that others have walked before you, you are not alone, and the wisdom that you have within you will get you through the storm into the bright sunshine that is awaiting your arrival.  Be at peace in the moments that are most dear to your heart and always remember that life is a continual journey of Love.  Reflecting all those elements within will be shown to others as you create a pathway of learning, love, and acceptance.  All of this is not for naught as we are all healing together and fully coming into Oneness within and with each other.

Thank you for joining me on this miraculous journey; I am greatly honored.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee

Vibrational Master & Mentor of Ascension


Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden provide the highest quality of ascension material available presently which is an extension of the ascension work provided by Dr. Joshua David Stone with the latest up-to-date information from the Spiritual Hierarchy.  They provide weekly high vibrational calls and monthly Mastery Classes.

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