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One Day You Become Awake, So What Do You Do Now?

Many individuals have been asleep for quite awhile.  We are finding in this day of heightened awareness, that people are asleep consciously, and then they view the world in a complete different manner.  Then there are those that have been on the path for some time, but still are feeling quite unsure about how they are feeling.  And we must also count the ones that have been the forerunners of this pathway, who are still probably feeling the changes within.

We call this Ascension.  Ascension is the process of waking up.  In other words we are remembering that we are more than the physical body, are learning how to access and integrate our higher selves, and allowing the full integration of our I AM Presence.  What does this all mean?  We are fully activating our Light Bodies within the physical realm.  Some may consider this process of fulling ascending and leaving the physical realm. I, for one, do not believe in that pathway unless it is a personal choice instead of the death process.  In that case, yes, it is being done.  For the rest of us, what does this all entail for us physically?

In other words we are fully accessing the Christ Consciousness within us.  Not all will go onto this path as it will be each individual’s choosing to do so.  I have been asked by some of my clients and students to possibly explain how to get through this process.

My circumstance is one that started a very long time ago.  When I started, there were no schools of healing to attend and if there were, they were very far in between.  We did not have the internet and had to rely on books, magazines, and connecting with people in our general location.  In my case I went to the School of Spiritual Awakening, not embodied on the planet but within the Innerplane levels of the Spiritual Hierarchy.  When I started the ascension process, there were very few books to read about it except texts like, “Keys of Enoch,” “Urantia,” “Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East”, the works of Alice Bailey, and Madame Blavatsky, along with the I AM Discourses of Saint Germain, just to name a few.  I was very lucky to have found Dr. Joshua David Stone’s books on the Ascension process.  So many more have come forward since.

Since the New Millennium the information is falling off the shelf and there are many modalities that are being acknowledged through different mediums.  More individuals are coming aware into their Mastership pathway to teach others, as those students will teach others, and the chain will continue.  It is part of the quest of this planet to help as many individuals as possible to get through the challenges.  We are being overloaded with planetary activations that are assisting each of us to rise to the heights of our Divinity, but again how do we handle the challenges that are happening to each of us individually.

2010 has been the year of complete transformation.  I have seen many people becoming more aware than ever before and it is a wondrous event.  What happens to each of us as we are going through these processes?  Number one, our physical bodies have been used to living in density.  So when the light increases within the body, the body is going to react adversely.  Earth is presently living in a fourth dimensional level which means our bodies are either in the third dimension or the fourth dimensional frequency.  When the body moves from the third to the fourth, we integrate Chakras 8 through 15.  This creates great change within our emotional and mental levels along with the etheric and physical bodies.  This means that the frequency within us will shift from about 10% light quotient and go upwards into beyond the 50% ratio.  As this happens, one can find emotions and thoughts being unstable, physical reactions to food, the environment, and the way we previously lived will change drastically.  Our sleep patterns will change as will our relationships.  Depending upon what is occurring planetary this will shift us also.

This is the process of ascension within the physical body.  Previously the human body could not take more than the seventh initiation but that has changed with the energy activations and the grids being placed within the Earth by higher frequencies, Christed Extra-Terrestials, and Light Workers assisting in the process.  It is now time for each of us to fully activate these energies within us.

We have all heard about the symptoms:  aching in the body, tired, awake, eating a lot, not eating, feeling not present within the body, crying, angry, and the list goes on and on.  The main element I want to stress is that we need to embrace each moment; even when the moments do not feel so pleasant.  We we try to fight the symptoms, then it will take longer to get through them.  Each of us is clearing in our sleep states and it is helpful to ask for Ascended Masters or Angels to assist us in this process.  They are here for the asking and have walked this path but not to the extent that we are doing presently.  If we are to help others to awaken, we must take these moments and fully accept our Divinity.  We cannot skip any steps just because it feels uncomfortable.  Event the ones that are not awakened are being affected greatly by the work that we are doing and I see that as a very positive process.

I suggest the following:

  • Make a list of elements that help you to embrace each moment.  How do you nurture yourself and you alone?  A major part of this process is to embrace the Oneness within You and find your special essence.
  • If you can take the time to be alone when any of these elements occur, take advantage of the moment.  If you have to wait until later, use some deep color breathing, or carry a small crystal or gemstone with you.
  • Journal every day and it does not have to make sense but it will assist you in getting off the ‘mental merry-go-round’.  The mental body can continually go non-stop if you let it.
  • Utilize deep breathing with specific colors, opening up your chakras every day.
  • Learn about the Rays of God and utilize these rays into each of your chakras.  Some only use the Cosmic Rays at this time, but I believe if there is debris in the lower chakras, the planetary rays need to be utilized first.  Overload can happen very easily.
  • Make sure you get some kind of exercise daily.  It is essential to ground yourself especially if you are feeling tingling inside (light quotient rising), or very spacey.
  • Do what feels natural.  If sleep is needed and time allows for it to happen, DO IT.
  • Balancing out your Male and Female Energies so your I AM Presence can be fully activated.  This will also help in the process of manifestation.  Without the balance within, we cannot manifest what we desire.
  • Having energy work done, chakra clearing, massage, and just being nurtured by a professional can be a great assistance.
  • Talk to others about what you are experiencing.  Put your intentions out there to find like-minded people.  You may go through periods in which you seem to be more alone than other times and this is also part of the process.  Flowing through each movement is a natural order of ascension.

Each of us are being activated to integrate the 22 chakras within our physical being.  When this occurs fully, we will have actualized our Light Body and the full integration of our I AM Presence will occur.  It is also very important to be honorable to yourself through this process.  The lower four bodies of the Physical, Etheric, Emotional, and Mental need to be fully cleared so that the Light Body Activation can take place.  This means that one needs to right 51% of their karma.  The clearing we are going through is letting go of the Karmic Wheel of Rebirth.  So it makes sense when we are feeling like we are on a roller coaster.  It is part of the process and our lives will never be the same.

If you would like to call on specific Ascended Masters, they can assist you.  Many of them have ashrams on the Innerplane and just calling upon them, will get you there.  Do this before you go to sleep, and when you awake in the morning, you may just feel quite differently.  Sometimes you will need to process what is happening and your mornings may not always be happy, but doing some releasing exercises will definitely assist in the process.

Some of my favorites:

  • Djwhal Khul – Master Psychologist – he is an amazing being and is ready, willing and able to assist.  His work comes from the Ray of Love and Wisdom.
  • Lady Quan Yin – Bodhisattva of Compassion – one of my favorites for centering your heart center with complete love.
  • Lady Lakshmi – She will help to create fluidness and movement.  She has a beautiful energy that is so flowing with her amazing arms.
  • Lord Sananda – He is the higher self of Jesus and will guide you to the Sacred Heart Within.
  • Blessed Mother – She gives each of us compassion and love; she works very closely with many women and mothers.
  • Master Kuthumi – Represents World Teachers and is here to assist in the leadership of the Golden Cities in the fifth dimension.  Very powerful and loving being to connect with.
  • Saint Germain – Represents the Violet Flame and the I AM Discourses.  Many are channeling Saint Germain’s energies and utilize the violet flame for transmutation but always remember to accept new energies after the releasements of the issues.

There are many more that I could provide but in another blog I will be writing about the Spiritual Hierarchy which will entail many ascended beings and the energies they represent.

I would like to share a decree I wrote for one of my Mastery Classes on the Christ Consciousness.  I will also be uploading an attunement concerning this decree in a few days on my website under Attunements.

Integrating Christ Consciousness

I Am a Fully Christed Being within my physical vehicle,

Happiness is the key to my life circumstance,

I AM the Mastery of My Destiny

My inner attitude reflects my outer reflection

I AM Healthy and Well in all areas of My Being

I See Good in Others

I AM that I AM

I look at my mistakes in life to be lessons on the greater path of Awareness,

I unconditionally love myself and those I encounter each moment,

I embrace Love within me and see love around me,

I AM in Love Consciousness

All of my teachings and lessons are perfect examples of where my consciousness lives,

I change all aspects of myself that seem to be in lower forms and,

Accept the higher forms of great Mastery,

I AM empowered in each moment and

My personal Power is reflected within my pathway

I only experience Love

I live in the Moment

I transcend all duality

I create the consciousness of Oneness with Me NOW

I AM that I AM

I AM a Christed Being of Light

Lastly, but not least, HAVE FUN….this is an amazing time of transformation and continually raising your vibration through the breath within the heart will align you with your soul’s essence and purpose.  Acknowledge the joyful times and they will become longer and longer.  This time we are living in is so powerful that these activations can be very quick.  The energy is becoming much less dense than ever before and pretty soon, we are all going to be embracing ourselves in the full lightness that we have been striving for, eons and eons of time.  And when you are feeling down, remember the happy times and ask, ask, ask for the Spiritual Hierarchy for assistance.  They cannot join in unless they are invited to the party.

If anyone ever has any questions or needs any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at  I do teach Mastery classes each Wednesday evening via teleconference in which we highlight an ascended being along with the teachings they represent.  Please check out my website page, under Tele-Conferences and Calls .

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Ascension Coach & Teacher ~ Cosmic Messenger of Light

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A Special Blessing of Thanks-Giving 2010

Sunset at Skyline Drive, Virginia

I would like to take this opportunity to send blessings and light to each individual that has read my blogs, been on my calls, shares with me on Face Book and Spiritual Networks, and have become my closest friends.  We are in an amazing time of transformation upon this planet and as we do so, sometimes we get lost within ourselves as we are fully healing within our core beings.

I Am no different than each of you but I am honored of whom I have become and still becoming.  There are so many I want to bless with words but there are no words with what I feel.  The meditation calls of the Cosmic Oneness and the Clarion Light Beings have truly assisted me greatly in bringing forth the energetics to others but more to myself.  Without each of you, I would not be here sharing in this moment.  We are all a blessing to each other in each moment and it is true that “What we do for ourselves, We do for Others.”.

I felt the need to share as Spirit was guiding me very deeply in the last few days.  My situation for the holidays is probably very different than yours, but possibly not. My parents and eldest sister passed in 2005-06 and it created great changes within the family unit.  It was also at that time that my pathway accelerated in unbelievable ways.  I am sure that this had much to do with both my parents, Mollie and Art moving into the Innerplane frequencies. They have transpired to go to heights that I never thought possible.  Ours was a challenging family as most are and I spent some 20 years releasing the emotional pain but in turn, both my parents, did the same before they left the planet.  I must include my sister, Cindy, who left seven months before my mother as she went into her own recovery and helped to heal the family unit.

What ensued for me was now to move forward.  I am more at home being in the Heavens or “Innerplane” with the Ascended Masters and Light Beings.  I just found out recently the reason for those feelings which helped me tremendously.  I am now learning to ground those energies within me and within the Earth.   I was given the distinct pleasure of working with Divine Mother and Father God in a way that I never thought possible.  The integration of their energies within me catapulted me in enormous ways on the Earth plane.  I endured a car accident, was rattled emotionally, and have traveled extensively even when funds were not as available as I would wish them to be. I have lived on the edge of my spirituality, had faith in each moment that I would be taken care of and was given so much more than I could ever have thought possible.  I am about to take the Cosmic Oneness out on the road into areas that are ready to receive this magnificent energy.  I have been pushed and prodded by Spirit in many ways.  I nearly left the planet but am still here.

I am now fully empowered within my Goddess energies.  I love it.  I love myself deeply and everyone else even deeper.  This integration has helped me with this.  I want to share with so many as this is the most beautiful experience that anyone can receive, to love so deeply and feel it in return.  The essence of our Cosmic heritage is now within our grasp.

Again, this Thanksgiving Holiday I will be greeting troops from Ft. Dix as they arrive at a local restaurant for a surprise dinner in which they are told they are going to a training exercise.  I intend to send as much love to each individual soldier and person I encounter.  I am excited because this is what Thanksgiving is about for me ~ sharing with others my Light as it has been integrated within me.  The Thanksgiving dinner is wonderful and I will be sharing with one of my sisters.

Life is different for me now.  I have become more grounded than I was and am sharing with many individuals in different venues.  I feel my soul family coming together which excites me greatly.  The pain served its purpose so it could be removed and now the love and joy is embraced within me.

With that, I would like to share a blessing that I wrote expressing my thoughts for this land we call, Earth.  It is also in video form and I will share the link with you.

Thanks-Giving Blessings – Video

If anyone is interested in reading the latest Clarion Light Beings in which Lord Sananda gave us a blessings, it is available on my website.

Written Transcription

Audio Listening

A Special Blessing for Thanks – Giving

I envision myself in a special place

The Beach

The Mountains

And somewhere in between

The Water on the Beach makes me feel so serene

The Goddess of the Sea always talks to me

She flows inward towards the land

And then outward to the depth of the Ocean

The waves ripple ever so slightly in high and low peeks

The Sea Gulls swoop in and out catching their meal for the day.

The inhabitants of the Goddess of the Sea all intertwine with one another

What beauty and balance they exhibit

The Mountains give me strength, purity, and protection

The highest peaks are a direct result of what I can achieve

The land itself is rich within its environment

The plants and the flowers exhibit the beauty the mountain expresses

The animals that walk the floor of the mountain in its high and low areas

All represent a part of nature and exhibit God in their pathway

I give thanks to what the Ocean shows me and how I can change in each moment

I give thanks to the Mountains as they teach me how to be strong with great adversity

As I stand between the Ocean and the Mountain

I see myself as Human but yet I am all of these elements

I am embodied with the Light just as the Ocean, the mountain, the animals, the birds, and the fish all represent

We are One Together

Sharing our individuality and expressions of our existence

Each of these elements of the Earth mean so much to my presence upon this Land we call Home

They help me in times of my deepest sorrow and lift me up to my highest expression of Love

Mother Earth, Thank You for being here with me

Father Sky, Thank You for your illumination of Light

Grandmother Moon, Thank You for your inner wisdom

Grandfather Sun, Thank You for lighting up my days.

I Am One with Each of You

In this Moment and In All Ways

I thank you for sharing with me your individuality and expression of love

I give to you my blessing on this day

I am a Light Worker, a Way-Shower, A Healer, An Expression of God

I am a conduit for this Light to be upon your Home

I give to you this day, this Light, that I intuit

As we become One Together Once Again

I Am Honored to call you Family

I AM One With All That Is

We Are That We Are

May we always walk this pathway together

To shine the Light of God Within Us and Through Us

Take My Hand ~ As I take Yours



Happy Thanksgiving to Each of You and may you be blessed in enormous ways.


In Love and Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Ascension Coach & Teacher ~ Cosmic Messenger of Light

Divine Language Network

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Arriving Into Oneness ~ A Personal Journey Within


This was written on Monday evening, November 8th, 2010, after facilitating the Clarion Light Beings 911 & Beyond. It is my personal journey of how I feel I have fully peeled the onion and found my Divine Essence within my Heart.  I want to share this so others can do the same.  It has been a very long journey for me and I share it with my I AM Presence fully and without reservation.  Thank you for your loving support in so many ways.

Until one arrives into Oneness they cannot fully understand what this means.  We talk about it constantly, Creation of Oneness, and the love, joy, acceptance, and purity of life.  I have spoken about it for eons of time and felt it most of the moments I have been living.  It was not until tonight that I can say I express it fully within myself on a physical existence.

As many of you know and understand, I am a Cosmic Messenger of Light.  I have walking this path for almost 30 years preparing myself for what I was not even sure of until this moment in time.  I have prepared myself on a journey of complete trust and acceptance in the Universe while being guided every step of the way.  I was put in situations and places that I would not normally choose to experience but yet always found myself working through the life circumstances.

My channeling is what has given me hope, friendship and acceptance in my life.  Many may not understand the gift of connecting to the other realms of thoughts and energies to be a gift of friendship.  In my case it truly has been and continues to be.  I traveled the path of discovering the New Age books many years ago and was taught by Light Teachers by each book that I picked up and read.  The teacher would come through me and guide me through the process.  I was gifted with a Being called a Gate Keeper and he protected me from other lower energies from entering my space when I would communicate with Spirit.  It was a family affair for awhile but that wore off.

I jumped into a marriage with a man that was my spiritual partner and Twin Flame.  We were so much alike that it broke up the marriage.  I delved into self help with Inner Child Recovery work in the 80’s and each step was deeper upon this journey I call, Oneness.  I started channeling the angels and facilitating groups for others, private sessions, and all the while in a learning curve.  I moved into Native American traditions and attended many sweat lodges to help heal my innermost pain and debris.  I traveled to Sedona for ten days alone which was a big turning point in my life.

I then delved into ascension books by Dr. Joshua David Stone which I was completely enthralled with the material although at first I did not understand much of it.  I kept at it and started a weekly ascension group in which I channeled a Master from the book for people in the group.  I eventually met Dr. Stone in Mount Shasta during his Wesak Festival and was invited to his private seminar for global leaders that he felt would be very important for leadership on this planet.  The intensity of Light coming into me continued and the struggles continued as each year I released more karma, met more people, lost more friends, moved into places that I would not have chosen if I had the choice, and transcended so many issues within myself.  This was all in a span of 20 years.

I started channeling Mother and Father God six years ago and was fully integrated two years later.  The energies were intense and my body had to change.  My food changed, sleep patterns, awake patterns, and just my general composition.  Since that time I spend many hours on the computer working and sharing the messages which can make me feel very ungrounded at various times during the day.  Last year I was gifted to leave my corporate job and have been teaching and sharing with others via the internet and telephone.  I still have been very unsure what my pathway is about.  I had a car accident over two years ago in which in reality I should not have lived.  I was hit four times and the Angel of Death came to visit me two weeks before the event.  I walked away with 2 cracked ribs, bruises, and very sore.  Authorities were quite shocked in my ability to walk away almost unscathed.  I attribute this all to my friends in the Spiritual Hierarchy.  They made sure I was safe as I had done the work the Angel of Death requested of me to do.

I have had a death wish on myself for many years.  This work has not been easy.  Friends come and go and honestly, being in a Cosmic level of consciousness is not easy.  I am in a space presently wherein other energies can affect me greatly.  I am noticing this more often than not.

I conduct weekly calls to assist individuals with the energies and bring forth information.  I have a weekly Master Class in which we honor a Light Being with his/her teachings which allows individuals to feel the energies for themselves.  I also have taught the Rays of God, a Mediumship and Channeling Course, along with a course on accessing the Gods and Goddesses Within.  Sometimes the attendance is low, and I am unsure as to what my next pathway is going to be.  Unemployment will be leaving me very soon, and I need to be the true alchemist to fully create the life I desire for this work.

On Sunday, November 7th, 2010 I facilitated one of my Cosmic Oneness calls in which I channel the Cosmic I AM Presence known as Mother and Father God.  On this day the energy was quite different.  It was almost like the beginning when I started to communicate with them but much stronger.  My hands did not stop moving as my palms were rubbing back and forth.  The vibration running through me was unbelievably beyond my comprehension.  The individuals on the call also noticed that the attunement was very intense.

Today, being November 8th, I awoke to great emotional pain.  I was going through some other emotional issues so I did not attribute what I was feeling to the attunement from the evening before.  I did a meditation in which I traveled to my Soul Temple, and Lady Isis took me to a beautiful waterfall in which I was cleansed and purified very deeply.  I was very moved by this experience and felt much better after it was over.  I was very busy during the day sending out my posts of my classes and editing some of my work.  I was in the zone.

When it was time for me to finish late in the afternoon, I wanted to work out but felt I was unable to do so.  I decided to take a hot bath and it was in the bath I realized something else was occurring.  I could not stop crying and had those death wishes enfold around me.  I wanted to be off the planet, take me away, etc.  So I started asking for help from Master Babaji and Saint Germain.  I felt like I was a child kicking my legs in the water but I could not stop.  The pain was so deep in my heart.  Now I have gone through several hundreds of death and rebirth experiences but this felt different.  It felt like my heart was raw and so very sore like an open wound.  Master Babaji explained to me that I was feeling the Oneness within my physical being.  The onion had finally been peeled down to the core and I could feel my Heart Essence like never before.  This is a status of existence I have been trying to achieve for almost 30 years.

When I thought about this, it made sense as I felt nothing but sore.  I had no thoughts of anything that I knew before.  My emotions were not of something that I was grieving but I was sore like I had just been put out in the sun and was burning.  My old thoughts of myself that were not of the highest aspect were also gone.  I have always thought badly about my body and they were not there.  I was refreshed but not quite reborn.  Like I had walked out into an area that I did not know a soul or where I was.  I was not lost but no one knew me either.

As I got out of the tub, I realized exactly what was happening but could not stop sobbing.  It was so intense.  I felt my mentor, Dr. Joshua David Stone (who is in an ascended master now) come to me and put his hands on my Solar Plexus in the front and back.  He said to me “it is done.”  I was unsure what this meant but knew that I had been reborn in this state of a vehicle called Christine.

I was facilitating my call with the Clarion Light Beings of 911 & Beyond and had to pull myself together.  I was worn out from all of the emotional charge running through me.  This group has to do with the souls of 911 that perished and a temple was created in the Multi-Universal level overlighted by Archangel Michael.  The energies that came through on this night were the start of an amazing journey for me.  It was the Creative Source of Oneness which is a group consciousness and does not represent any specific entity.  It is everything we are all a part of and continue to be.  In order to understand, one must listen to the recording as there was great explanation of the Oneness that we are all a part of.  In order to feel this Oneness in the physical we must be vulnerable, sensitive, and have purity within our Hearts.  I totally understood everything because this is what I experienced on this day.  I have always been a Sensitive in everything I do and others in my family would give me a hard time about it.  I also have the ability to communicate with many levels of dimensions and beings including some humans.  I saw the Oneness that we were all a part of and it was shown to each of us how important it is to embrace the Oneness within and then we will be able to experience it fully with others.

There is nothing like it at all.  We can talk about it, feel love, but IT IS JUST WHAT IT IS.  It is unexplainable and our minds will try to tear it apart.  This is what we are all striving for and must strive for in the fifth dimensional frequency.  Until we fully clear the lower bodies, it cannot be attained.  I know on this day that I have attained this state of Oneness.

I am feeling thoughts of people that sometimes do not give me what I feel I deserve, there is no hurt anymore or judgment.  I feel whole and within that wholeness I love everything.  I expand this love and want to communicate it to others.  This is what we are all striving for and I have had the utmost gift to receive it totally.  I am in awe of this moment and know why I was crying and sobbing.  There is nothing else like it in the entire Universe.  I feel I am fully empowered and can speak my truth like I never have before in compassion and love.  It is an amazing feeling.

When I awoke this morning, my mother came to me (she is in Spirit) and said something very important is going to happen to you today.  Little did I know that I would receive the greatest gift in all of Creation.  I want to share it with others because now I can love without worrying that another person is not loving me back.  I can be to all whom I always wanted to be but was unable to share it.  I look forward to the people of my soul group coming into my life.  I am now ready to receive them in all different forms.  I am safe and secure within my world and allow myself to be totally vulnerable in each moment.


Cosmic Oneness November 7th, 2010 – Listening and Download

Clarion Light Beings 911 & Beyond – November 8th, 2010 – The Voice of the Creative Source – Listening and Download

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Ascension Coach & Teacher ~ Cosmic Messenger of Light

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The Science of Soul Relationships

Twin Ray Energies

There have been many discussions about the Twin Souls and Twin Flame relationship everywhere I turn lately.  Some of it is very disconcerting to me so I decided to add my opinion in on the mix along with getting some advice from Spirit on the Science of Soul Relationships.  We definitely are in an age in which many of us are meeting highly developed humans that will match our consciousness and we feel directly connected to them in many ways.  Sometimes these relationships become imbalanced due to our lower four-body system and the result can be separation.  I believe each of us comes into each other’s lives for a deep purpose of healing, clearing of karma, and possibly pushing us to the edge so we fully accept our Divinity.  Within this process there can be great love, acceptance, joy, and the ability to merge with another soul that gives us the hope of beautiful love in the eyes of God and our Creator.

I have researched material that Lisa J. Smith wrote in 1999 and will embellish upon it with some channeled information that may help us understand these relationships within our physical vehicle.  Part of the problem can be that if our Higher Minds are not fully in cooperation within the physical vehicle, the Lower Mind will distort the information so it becomes very confusing.

I asked Lord Sananda to assist me and he told me there was a group consciousness that would be working with me for this information.  They are:  Ascended Master Djwhal Kuhl, The Great Divine Director, Quan Yin, The Blessed Mother, Lord Melchizedek, and Lord Metatron, just to name a few.

I will be pulling upon the text of ascension background information of how we were created from Mother and Father God into Monads, or group consciousness, also known as our I AM Presence.  I need to thank my mentor, Dr. Joshua David Stone, for his material of ascension which has put me into this space of being able to understand this information.

In the beginning the Cosmic I AM Presence was created from the Creative Source of Oneness.  This energy became Divine Mother and Divine Father God, Twin Rays of the Creative Source.  They then created 12,000 groups of souls into 144 souls each.  Each of these groupings contained 12 monads, with 12 soul extensions within each monad.   Thus creating the 144,000 Souls of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light.  Ascended Masters were assigned to each grouping depending upon their ascension level.  The higher overlighting masters were in charge of each 144 souls, then an ascended master and, possibly, their twin ray was overlighted for each of the 12 monads that represented the 12 Rays of God.  Originally all of these rays were one complement but were separated into the 12 for specific categorization of energies.

We all started within a group consciousness.  If you think of the group consciousness as one Egg, then this one egg become 11 other eggs and then 12 soul extensions were born from each of the 12 eggs.  This makes 144 souls.  Each of these souls are all interconnected and in the beginning were Divine Complements. Then as each of the soul extensions go through their ascension process whether in body or in spirit, they move up the ladder.  Then they become Soul Mates to the ones that are moving upwards.  Some souls may stay as Divine Complements as they are not ready.  Then the progression continues up through Divine Expression, into Twin Mates, Twin Souls, Twin Flames, and Twin Rays.  Each soul has the ability to move up the ladder until each monad blends together into the energy of the ascended Master and their twin ray.  This means that within each monad these souls are extensions of one another and within the overlighting ascended masters.  .  Each of the ascended masters overlight each monad; they then work with a higher consciousness for their evolution.  Eventually we could all merge together into one consciousness which means that we could have originated from an ascended master consciousness.  There is a twin ray for each ascended master.  Each of us is a divine aspect of these beings

If you can understand this process, then maybe you can start to see how we are all interconnected.  Usually the souls within a Monad that are working on their ascension process, help the others to ascend.  This would also be true of the teachings that the ascended masters speak that “what we do for ourselves, we do for others”.

This would also bring sense to one’s consciousness of how we may be interconnected with people but they are not moving up the ascension process with you.  We may love them dearly from the deepest part of our hearts, but then there is not the understanding between each other.  How can we understand one another when one is on a different level of consciousness or frame of reference?

To explain a little further, I am referring to Lisa Smith’s text from 1999 on the different levels of soul relationships:

Divine Complement, Soul Mate, Divine Expression relationships do not necessary mean that these souls extensions are from your 144-soul group.  These can be interactions with other souls from other groups but you have met each other to work and assist one another.

Divine Complement

Is an exact mirror of where you are living.  It can reflect negative or positive vibrations and they can come in and out of your life.  You are with this person for as long as the healing or life situation needs to take place.  Sometimes it can be very challenging to continue a relationship with this person through time as both of your energies will shift and one individual will be pushed to look at things quite different.  This is the role of the Divine Complement within our lives and they can mirror our Higher Selves.

Soul Mate

Is set up before incarnation and can teach you many lessons.  Gender is not specific and the lifetimes can happen several times.  We are Soul Mates to many people that are in our lives and they can change quickly.  Soul Mates usually incarnate several times together so there is a distinct connection of wanting to be in each other’s lives.  They are a ‘friend’ from the past and into the future.

Divine Expression

Someone who makes a lasting impression upon one’s life; possibly causing deep emotions to result and then leave one pondering what happened.  They help a soul to move forward and are considered to be a gift.  Divine Expression can truly make one angry at the changes that have resulted but that is their job in our lives.  They have a tendency to push us to the brink of ‘no return’.

Twin Mate

Part of a group of beings connected to for Earth, Solar and Galactic work. These beings are definitely part of one’s 144 soul extensions.  All Twin Mates were set up together and will continue to work together in Unison.  Twin Mates are soul extensions that are represented in each of the 12 Monads with the 144-soul group extension.  They work together for the greater whole and assist in the ascension process of the entire group.

Twin Soul

Each person has 12 twin souls which come from the 12 Monads within the 144-soul group consciousness.  Each of these souls work within each other for the betterment of their soul group.  Twin souls walk with each other hand-in-hand and if there is a romantic connection, it may not always be permanent.  They will always be friends no matter what the circumstances.

Twin Flame

Is a being that one has worked extremely close with from the Galaxy on down into the 3rd dimensional form.  There are seven Twin Flames that each person is connected with and will be a very close bond but not quite as much as the Twin Ray.  Twin Flames are connected at the heart and moves beyond human sexuality into the purity of devotion for working together through these cycles.  Twin flames can be either gender.  Each of the souls must be fully balanced within their lower body system in order to have the relationship work.  Twin flames are mirror images of each other and if not balanced, it can cause many problems such as enmeshment and not being able to take care of oneself as they can be in the mode of caretaking each other very easily.

Many individuals are meeting their Twin Flames to fully work in partnership of love, companionship, spiritual goals, and acceptance of one another.  Even if they do part, they will always remember and love each other very deeply.  Twin flames can be either gender and are not necessarily in the physical realm.  There is a deep connection with one’s Twin Flame whether it is romantic or not.  It is important not to get hooked into the lower Sacral chakra with a Twin Flame.  It will definitely tear the relationship apart.  There must be honor within each other and acceptance of their own pathway.  They are considered heart-centered partners.  If a set of Twin Flames are the same gender, they will care about each other intensely and could be in a business partnership with one another.  Many individuals that are in love relationships of the same gender would be considered Twin Flames.  The bond is very strong.  Even if the relationship does not work out, at some point in time, there will be reconciliation on a friendship basis which will heal the connection very deeply.  (I was married to a Twin Flame and this happened to me in the last year even though we divorced 18 years ago.)

Twin Ray

This is the ultimate connection.  Each are the same God spark that came from the loving embrace of Mother and Father God.  The connection can be electromagnetic and not be realized within the physical dimension until we all reach the 5th dimensional frequency of the New Earth. This is a very challenging type of relationship.  Usually one soul is older than the other and can be at a higher frequency in their consciousness.  Ultimately the goal is to come together in Unison, work with each other, complement one another, and be completely honorable with each other.  If one has not fully taken care of their issues in the four body system from the physical, etheric, emotional and mental, there can be great challenges that result.  That is why many of these relationships are on the 5th dimensional level through psychic communication.  They can meet physical in the 3rd or 4th dimension, but until they fully understand each other through a healthy soul and psychological basis, the union will be challenging to stay grounded, and may never happen.

Each of the lower soul relationships have the ability to become Twin Flames but that is the ultimate destination.  Each soul has a Twin Ray complement and can sometimes be a triple or quadruple ray.  This is due to the fact that they soul extensions had split apart from the beginning of creation of the 144-soul group.  When this happens, it can be very confusing for the souls.  This is especially true for someone who is very sensitive and open to psychic communication.  It is very true that the Twin Flames and Twin Rays can communicate with one another and will be the norm of our consciousness in the 5th dimensional frequency.  It depends upon the awareness of both individuals involved.  It is also true that the higher level personality can definitely assist the lower level to raise their consciousness by working with them in the 5th dimensional frequency.

When Twin Rays meet, their energies blend together like no other soul relationship. Twin Rays represent intertwining of energies whereas Twin Flames are mirror images.  Twin Rays can communicate very easily on a higher level even if they have been unable to do so with other individuals.  There is a sense of completeness within the soul’s essence upon connection with a Twin Ray.  It is very imperative to understand that one aspect of the Twin Ray may not be ready for this union.  This sometimes happens with the Twin Ray that is within a lower consciousness and is not ready for the other person to see them totally.  There is no hiding of energies within a Twin Ray relationship and it can be very overpowering within one’s consciousness and life.

The beauty of this is that many of us are meeting our Twin Rays as we move into the 5th Dimensional frequency as it is a major component of doing the work together.  This does not mean that Twin Flames cannot perform the same type of duties together but Twin Rays are in complete unison with one another.

All of the Elohim Masters and their female counterparts are Twin Rays along with many of the ascended Masters, Lord Sananda & Lady Nada; Saint Germain and Lady Portia; Helios and Vesta to name a few along with each of the Archangels has a Twin Ray, female counterpart.

This union is being gifted to us at this time due to the mass consciousness that is occurring upon the Earth Plane. It is time for us to come together with our Twin Rays to assist the planetary changes.  If you find that your Twin Ray is a triple or quadruple energy, it could be those souls will meld into either yourself or one of the other counterparts eventually.  This is also a time when many will be uniting with their Twin Flame to fully do the work in a conscious state and it may not be time for the Twin Ray union until a later time in history.  It all depends upon the work that you are doing, what you intend to create, and how you would like to live in the New Earth.  Each of your Higher Selves have decided to meet at the time that you do so.  Everything is in Divine Order even if it does not feel like it physically.

It is our Divine Right to accept these relationships within our life.  If you feel you have meet your Twin Flame, honor them, cherish them, and try to understand them.  It is a major component of coming together.  You also may find that each of you have the same interests with a different variety or flair.  It is important for us to cherish one another, respect one another, and when times become challenging, to always put yourself in the other person’s place.  Without that aspect we cannot grow with one another in the Divinity of Light upon this Earth.  If they are not ready to be in your life fully, cherish the moments you spend together.  Move forward within your own pathway and when the time is right you will meet up again.

For me personally, I have been introduced to my Twin Ray of which I am a triple.  I am not in physical contact with either of them but periodically, it happens.  I honor them for where they are and I ask the same of each of them.  I do not know what the future holds with either of them in my life but they are very similar in personalities and I do believe come from a Divine Complement within each other.  I choose to attract my “True Love”; the one who will walk with me into the Golden Age.  It may be one of these men or it may be someone else.  Time will tell as I move forward in my pathway.

Love and Blessings

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Ascension Coach & Teacher ~ Cosmic Messenger of Light

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New Moon – November 6th, 2010 ~ Balance

New Moon

Today is a New Moon and it is time for us to CREATE…Prepare ourselves for the new month coming up. As this moon is in Scorpio, it could be a little bit of a STING with relationships so watch what you are feeling and saying, making sure it is all in the Light of our Hearts.

The following is a meditation that has come to me today.  Enjoy ~!!!

Included is a video link of the meditation in case you would be interested in listening:

Take a deep breath into your Heart.  As you allow the breath to guide you, go deeper into the newness of your essence and your soul.  Feel the vibrations that are sitting within your Heart and allow your Lotus Flower to fully open into a blossom that represents whom you are.  Allow yourself to sit very deeply as the flower presents itself with your emotions and thoughts.  Deeply you are fully expressing yourself into the Divinity that You Are.  Slowly inhale and exhale as the old is released onto the New…

Take a moment and ask for the Violet Flame of Transmutation to flow through you starting at your Crown, spinning and vibrating within the deepness of the flame.  Allow it to enfold within you as it goes deeper into each chakra, spinning and clearing.  The Fire of the Violet Essence is your friend in this moment allowing you to fully express yourself as you truly are.

Breathe deeper as it moves into your Third Eye opening up the unseen world into your physical being.  All fears and frustrations are being removed so very deeply within.

As it moves now into your Throat and neck area allow all the pain and frustrations to be removed across your shoulders.  There is nothing to worry about in this moment as the Violet Fire now transmutes it all into pure Light.

Feel it slowly moving into your Heart and across your shoulder blades as now it is time for your Angel Wings to be fully spread beyond your auric field.  Allow them to flap in the wind as the expression of your Light now feels free to express within you and around you.  Your Heart is now feeling so deeply transformed.  Breathe into this…

Breathe deeper now into your Solar Plexus as the Violet Flame now transforms all those emotional thoughts that can stop your Inner Power from showing its beautiful face to the world.  All aspects in this area are now recreated into the Beingness of Whom You Are…

The Violet energies now move fully into your Sacral or Polarity Chakra to allow the Creative Source within you to expand outward so you can fully embrace the newness that is part of your awakening.  You feel the creative and sensitive areas now expanding as your sexuality energies are balanced and fully enhanced by your Heart centeredness.

Now the Violet energies move into your Root area, the base of your chakra column to totally purify and express all aspects that may be holding back the Divinity that you are.  All blocks are now removed and you are a pure being of Light.

The Violet Fire now moves deep into your Earth Star aligning all of these energies from the base of your Beingness upon this Earth as it expands out into your Etheric body, then into the Emotional Body, and finally into the Mental Body.  The Violet Flame now not only incases within you but moves through you as you become one Being of Violet Energy.  It now ignites your Soul Star, 6 inches above your Crown, as the Being that you are is now illumined onto others.

Take a deep breath now and we call upon the energies of Creation by speaking aloud your intentions for this New Moon.  Let us connect with the energies of Grandmother Moon as she assists us with bringing forth our new acceptance within.  Breathe deeply as you feel the activation of your thoughts and emotions being totally accepted within.

Say the words, I AM, (insert your name), command that I receive the following:

[state the intentions you would like to embrace for this month].


Finish with these words:

I AM that I AM

I align with all I desire to be

I AM a pure Being of Light

I AM actualized in a physical vehicle

I embrace every moment of my joy, my acceptance, and Divine Beingness

I AM that I AM


Blessings, in joy and light,

Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah