Festival of Lights, Full Moon

Master Djwhal Khul ~ Festival of Lights Full Moon Lunar Eclipse ~ July 2020

“Remembrance of your Soul’s Essence” the Ascension Mastery Message* Spiritual Meaning of the July 2020 accelerations of the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse with Master Djwhal Khul as brought forth by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden.

We are experiencing the effects of the Full Moon of Capricorn in the Sun of Cancer with a Lunar Eclipse on July 4th 2020 at 9:44 PM Pacific, July 5th 12:44 AM Eastern, and 4:44 AM UTC.

This is a time to fully embrace the Heart energies that are being exhibited through the Sun of Cancer and the alignment of the planetary systems as the Moon (representing the Feminine Divine) becomes more introspective allowing for the Emotional Body to be open and vulnerable.

Cancer represents Heart Energy – an emotional connection – the Sun is the Masculine Divine – allowing for the heart connection to be centered within the Mental Body. This elicits a feeling of fluidness and balance within the thought process allowing the Higher Mind also knows as the Abstract Mind to blend with the Concrete Mind within the physical self.

Capricorn represents Stability, what we project outside of our personal lives which can cause rigidness to occur. It is the sign of climbing the mountain higher and higher not worrying what is within our pathway. But this month with the Moon representing the Feminine Divine blending with the Sun of Cancer brings forth a feeling of caring more deeply about what is occurring. This is allowing the Emotional Body to become more vulnerable in a positive and focused manner creating a sense of balance.

There can be a heightened sense of awareness by looking into the aspects of the Emotional connection to blend with the way we thought we should be living.

This is a shift in consciousness of allowing Cancer to blend with Capricorn to create a sense of balance between the Heart and the Mind – creating the Higher Mind to be more in alignment within the four-body system.

The Feminine is receiving more stability and the Masculine is holding the Heart Energy to be expressed. Lots of changes can occur – breaking away of old patterns of the Mental Realm to become aligned with the Emotional or Astral Realm- an inclusion of light to be felt through the process.

The Lunar Eclipse is the icing on the cake, so to speak, bringing forth a sense of Emotional Abundance to occur. It brings forth a sense that we need to look more closely in the way we handle our lives, through our emotional and mental selves. It can bring about the desire to receive and give more nurturance. Decisions at this time can be driven more emotionally.

The Eclipses last for a period of six months; since this is the second Lunar eclipse in a month with a Solar eclipse, the resulting energies can only be aligned with the allowing each of these eclipses to help guide us into a more spiritual alignment within our physical self.

In summation this means that we are being more aligned with the Divine Energies of the Feminine to be the guidepost for the Earth and all of humanity. It is now time to become more vulnerable, heal more deeply, and remove the many timelines of debris that can hold us back from our true pathway as a soul.

Master Djwhal Khul’s Keynote for July 2020:

I call upon the Lunar Eclipse of July 5th 2020 to give me the balance of Emotional Abundance through the Sun of Cancer of the Heart to blend into the Moon of Capricorn to allow for Stability to be exhibited upon my walk on the Earth. This alignment allows me to be strong in my convictions as my vulnerability is shown as that strength with Love.

Greetings My Dearest Friends,

I come to you as Master Djwhal Khul to give a blessing of how the present energies can guide you into the presence of your Divine Heart.

It is very appropriate that at this time, stepping into the 2nd phase of 2020, that the alignment of the Heart energy is the focus. It brings forth the ability to actually allow the Divine Mother God representing the Feminine Divine to guide all planetary existence into a deep healing state of transformation.

It helps to make the Mental Realm more aligned within the Emotional Realm so there can be a shift in consciousness to realize that what does not serve this transformation must be released into the expression of Light.

This is exactly what is occurring presently upon the Earth.

Even though there is great confliction everywhere you turn, there is also healing in the process of that darkness. It is bringing forth an awareness in many souls that things need to be changed at the pace that it needs to occur, slowly and methodically, so it can be changed forever. This is a process for every soul upon the earth.

The more connection that you, as a soul, give to your physical self, the easier this movement of change will be. Getting out of your head with the many conflicting thoughts is not being an Initiate or a Lightworker. It is allowing the third dimensional construct to control the consciousness of humanity.

In this time frame there is an opening of a doorway to allow each of you to go deeper into your own heart essence. This is exactly what the cycle is bringing to you as a human being. But yet, you are more than that human being, you are a soul that has traveled many Universes and spaces to arrive at this time.

Remembrance is the key to your evolving self as your Soul is the Heart Essence of Divine Mother God representing the Feminine Divine.

As this cycle occurs, it is important for you to acknowledge what needs to be changed within you. But you must go deeper into your subconscious mind, and each of your chakras, as you are readying yourself for more evolving light to be part of you.

I like to call this Moon and Lunar Eclipse Cycle the Remembrance of your Soul’s Essence. This is because there is a flowing light energy brought forth by the Eclipse with the Moon and Sun Energies that are allowing for the issuance of the Feminine Divine to become more grounded within your consciousness.

Allow this exchange of light to assist you, breathe it in, become part of the energies. Let your physicality float into this existence at the time of the Moon and Sun Cycle; be present within your breath, as you allow the pure existence of the Divine Heart energies to assist you.

The Earth is at a very crucial stage. It is now time for each of you to strive deeper into your full consciousness and allow your physical self to hold the pure existence of Love within you.

I Am Master Djwhal Khul at your service.


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*Ascension Mastery is the realized form of manifesting Ascension Frequencies where your vibratory rate actually increases over time due to the in-depth training (not the intellectual pursuit or study) and the acquiring of a higher Spiritual Essence. Everyone on Earth is already part of God’s Light and Love but that does not mean they as individuals (or collectively) are Ascending, or that Ascension is happening to them. Earth is at a cross roads of Spiritual Awakening to step into Ascension, but without each person taking on an individual personal life responsibility to change their lives into practicing actual Ascension energies there can be no real shift in frequency. Ascension as a concept, belief or a mystery to be revealed is akin to a mere informational level desired by the mental intellect and does not create the authentic higher Ascension Octave of Light and Love required for a New Earth to be created. Our mission as an Academy is to bring forth that actual level of higher love and light for you to learn to feel and acquire them. It is a process that will take any initiate/lightworker many years (even decades) to achieve just as it did for the Ascended Masters themselves. A great way to start is by using targeted meditations that go beyond what is typically used. Our SPIRITUAL HEALING meditation or the SEVEN FREE CLASSES to help during these challenging times will assist. (visit https://Alunnah.Teachable.com to access or order).

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