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New Earth Frequency Update ~ Resurrection To Receive More ~ April 25th, 2013

New Earth Frequency Update


We have undergone a tremendous upheaval in the last week.  We also have been preparing for it since 12-21-12.  That does not make it any easier to experience or go through the energies in any shape or form.  We did not post a Frequency Update last week for this exact same reason.  Each time I felt the need to sit and call upon the energies to write even the Planetary Level, I became overloaded with a heaviness within me.  I always know that in those circumstances it is not the right moment.  The part that I share comes directly through my Higher Self and I knew that I needed to step back from projecting any messages either from my Highest Presence or the Unified Whole Command.

This week presents to us great opportunities to be more deeply connected to our Highest Presence but yet, will cause great upheavals in our emotional and mental levels.  As of April 25th, 2013 we will be presented with a very powerful Full Moon, 3:58 PM, Eastern US, which resides in Scorpio in the Sun Sign of Taurus.  This is going to open up doorways for more understanding of our inner selves as it represents our outer existence.  With the Lunar Eclipse occurring at 1:58 pm, Eastern, this takes us into a deeper level of ourselves.  The eclipse represents our relationships and especially to our-self so it is another grand opportunity to look at the dark places in our soul that need the light to shine upon them.  It will also represent our role in mastery and we are given a perfect opportunity to connect with our ability to walk in Mastery in all levels of our life.  The ascended masters are awaiting our arrival to do so while they train us to be the Masters for the New Earth.

We also will be experiencing the first of the three festivals of Wesak, The Festival of the Christ.  This energy represents the Resurrection of the Self to prepare to go into a deeper level to prepare our physical bodies to incorporate more Light and Love Quotient during the Wesak moon.  We conducted a ceremony on April 24th to experience all of these events in the City of Telos with many masters which is available for download, http://walkingterrachrista.com/tele-calls/mp3_listings/.  If you would like to read more information about the festivals, please see our blog, The Wesak Festivals Have Arrived ~ 2013, .

Expect the unexpected through these changes.  They are taking us into deeper levels so that we can now experience the magnificence of being on this pathway.  But know, the work must be done.  It is not going to happen automatically just by wishing it to occur.

The best advice I can give is to take these energies and ground them into the lower extremities of the body.  As we do so, the energies will go within Gaia and she will take what you cannot handle physically.  When we receive a higher light quotient, sometimes the body cannot hold onto it.  This is why we are experiencing the highs and lows within our physical structure.  So take time to send it to the Earth by walking on the ground, connecting with water, and eating properly so that the light-headedness does not become overwhelming.  If it does, then take short naps or meditate and you will find you will go into another reality for a short time.  These are the most powerful times of sleep when you acknowledge that you cannot stay awake, and then just sleep for short periods.  I have done this for several years and when it’s time to wake up, surprisingly, you feel refreshed.  It’s important to try and have a dialogue with your Higher Self as he/she is opening up the doorway for you to fully incorporate their energies.

We are coming into some very powerful months so it is important to sit and write down your thoughts, emotions, and experiences through the process.  Wesak represents moving up the initiation ladder another level so record your desires of what you would like to achieve.  After the three-month period you will definitely feel and see a change within your consciousness and possibly, your life.

COSMIC LEVEL ~ Unified Whole Command of Many Masters of Light

Greetings Fellow Comrades of the Light,

Happy Full Moon ~ what a beautiful moon it is at this time.  Have you looked at it?  If you have not, we know you are feeling the intensity of the energies.  It is jam-packed with lots of goodies to help you experience your life in full acceleration of your desires.

But first, before you get to the point of accepting all that you have intended to happen, you must go through the Ring of Fire once again.  We know ~ you are tired of hearing about the challenges and the transition and want it to occur NOW.  Yes, we understand and we are not within your bodies so the compassion we have is not the same as someone speaking with you about how to experience these changes in a softer manner.  Unfortunately, these energies in the next few days are not going to be anything but soft.  They can be demanding and cause you to feel uncomfortable about being in your body.

This is because as your are becoming more multi-dimensional as there are other elements that need to be purged.  Each month of this year will take you deeper into these changes but what we want to concentrate on right now is the PRESENT.  Before we continue with this discussion, let’s chat about being in the Moment.  It is an essential component that is necessary in your existence as the energies are shifting into the higher frequencies.  Projecting through the year is only going to bring in anxiety of ‘what could be’ so we ask of you to concentrate on what is happening right now.

Experiencing a full moon with a Lunar Eclipse within Scorpio and Taurus ~ that is quite a bit to handle but then we add the Festival of the Christ.  First of all this full moon is going to make you look deeper within yourself of the ways that you think and act.  Then it will be time to take those energies and expand them outside of yourself.  At first, it may seem uncomfortable to do so as they will have a different reaction that the innerself energies.  But eventually it is going to change so that your inner being is the one that is guiding the outer form of living.  This is an imperative stage to concentrate on as it is going to assist you with the Festival of the Christ energies.

The Festival of the Christ is when each of us as masters within and without a body, full reflect on what needs to be purged in order to receive the next phase of our initiations.  It is a death experience that will occur through your four body system.  Each year at this time it is important to have the realizations of who you are, what you were before, and how to accomplish what you desire.  It is that simple in words but not in action.  As you fully allow your inner securities to arise and take the next steps into your new reality, you must walk off into the unknown energies of experience.  You may have an idea of what you are going through but do not know how to put it into practice.  This is a perfect example of the way that it occurs.  Mastery represents being in the NOW and if you project, then you are creating something to happen that is not focused upon your Higher Self and I AM Presence.  It comes for the lower mind and can get you into a frustrated sense within your consciousness and life.

This is why it is so very important to take inventory at this time.  Reflect who you are, what you want, and then the ideas will come to create the new reality.  Without this, you will falter and feel as if you are pushing through doorways that are not opening.  You will not be able to acquire the movement of synchronization within your life.  The flow of your existence will become fully of unopened pathways.  It is when you push in this manner that the movement ceases to be in alignment of the Universal Consciousness of Oneness.  You are working within the confines of your third dimensional body and reality of the Lower Mind.

We share this just to explain what can happen in the process if you don’t allow the flow of ideas from your Higher Self and I AM Presence.  In retrospect, what can happen on the opposite side of the energy is life is going to get better for you. You will find fluidness and the power of love and light to be your guide.  You will have to release or purge old thoughts that you experienced within your mental consciousness as they will not work any longer.  Ideas that you though you had will not work in this frame of reference but new ideas will appear like magic.

These energies are going to catapult you into new ways of existence that you would never have thought about previously.  The movement of your life will change within a moment’s notice so you must be prepared for the change.  Nothing stays the same in the higher realms of thought so you will start to experience this.  If you find that you had a project that you were working on and it did not flow, then you need to change something.  The project may be very good, but it is the timing and the precision in the way that it needs to be manifested.

You will be tested during this time to make sure you are very aware of your God consciousness within your life.  Each of these energies during the next few days will enable you to look deeper within yourself but you must not deny them as you may miss a great opportunity that is about to occur.  Know your inner self by meditating, breathing, connecting to your higher presence, and allowing the flow of energies of your masculine and feminine divine to become manifest in your world.

The resurrection process you are going through is going to prepare you for more elements to occur within your life.  Going through these doorways is never easy but so rewarding.  So if you feel ill, tired, and not yourself, take time away from your work, your computer, and your friends to just connect to yourself.  The flow that will come to you within this process will be the doorway that you have been waiting to open.

Take the new energies that you are incorporating and give them to GAIA.  Go to her waters, her lands, the mountains or outside your home.  Breathe deeply as you move the higher frequencies through your body into your Earth Star as you and GAIA meet up with one another.  This will help both of you; she will receive and you will be giving what you have received.

We walk with you during this special time.  The Wesak energies this year are going to be most powerful elements upon the planet and it will be up to each of you individually in how you experience them and put them to good use in your pathway.  This, in turn, is going to assist every one on the planet to receive the light you are allowing to incorporate within you.

Blessings and love in Oneness and the Creative Source that We Are Together.

The Unified Whole of Many Masters Walking with Each of You.

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The Wesak Festivals Are Now Arriving ~ 2013

Himalaya valley3jpgThis year the festivals of Wesak are not in alignment with the Easter holiday so it seems like we are a bit behind with the energies.  That is just the opposite effect that it is having upon us.

This Wesak in 2013 promises to be the most powerful Wesak that has ever been felt upon this earth.  I realized that last year it was stated that 2012 would be felt the most but I think those energies were quite different.  In 2012 we were being prepared for the Golden Era and now we are actually experiencing it first hand.

The Wesak Festivals are always very important for each initiate and ascended master whether in the planetary level or the higher dimensions in which the Spiritual Hiearchy represents.  Since the onset of the energies of 12-21-12 the Unified Whole represents all masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy that went into full oneness.  This means there are no pantheons or past life timelines that we are dealing with when communicating with them.  Master Thoth with the Great Divine Director and Albert Einsten merged into one pure essence of Oneness.  This is quite a powerful merger and represents the ability of each of us doing the same.

So the festivals this year will represent Oneness within GAIA’s essence to be fully felt so that every lightworker that chooses to walk into mastery will have the potential to access their I AM Presence and other soul personalities making up the multi-dimensional self.  That is why this year is so very crucial for our growth and why each of us has been challenged in the previous months of January-February-March.  It is all about the preparation for the New Earth and each of us must walk into these doorways of transmutation which is very exciting for each of us at this time on the Earth.

The Festival of the Christ ~ April 25th, 2013

Is the first festival of the three and usually falls around Easter.  This year it did not as the Easter holiday was earlier which also signifies the time of changes of removing the old pantheons.  On April 25th, we experience an amazing Festival of the Christ.  On its own this energy is life changing but with the Lunar Eclipse of this date, we are going to be changed very deeply.  It is necessary to understand what both of these events will mean to us.

The Festival of the Christ occurs during the full moon in Aires .  It represents the living and incorporating the Christ Consciousness Within.  It is the first of the three festivals connected to planetary and cosmic ascension. The second being Wesak, and the third, Humanity.  Each of these festivals are stepping stones for each initiate to move further up the ladder of their initiation phase as they walk on the Mastery Pathway.

 The keynote of the festival is love in the highest form with resurrection being the 2nd element and contact, being the third keynote.  This represents a closer relationship to your I AM Presence, and Lord Maitreya, as he is considered to be the Planetary Christ, Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and teacher to all the ascended masters along with being a Galactic Avatar.

The focus of the festival this year in 2013 is to fully understand the transitions we have gone under as an initiate since 12-21-12 and go deeper into ourselves.  It will assist us in becoming closer to the core essence of our I AM Presence on a daily basis.  We no longer have the option of waiting and hoping it is going to happen; we must act now to make the necessary changes.

Lord Sanada shares a special message on the Festival of the Christ: 

“It is my Divine pleasure to see the effects of what has occurred in 12-21-12 be fully manifested within each individual during this festival of light.  This year of 2013 will take each individual deeper into themselves than they ever thought they could imagine.  If you think about where I was as Jeshua at the time of my passing and look at yourselves, well, my comrades of the Light you have the ability to go much further into your essence while being embodied at this time. This is what the Wesak will represent to each of us this year.  The planet is coming into Cosmic Oneness which means it has the ability to embody this essence on the planetary level but it must be done by each of you.  The Planetary Oneness or the ground essence within each of you will allow GAIA to feel her Oneness.  This must come in increments of moments as this essence is much too strong to allow it to happen all at once.  Otherwise, disaster can struck those that are not prepared.  This festival will assist you to look deeply within, see the dark places of the old timelines that are bothering you, and feel the rejuvenation that occurs when full Resurrection is accepted within the Self.  It is an amazing time but also one that takes great diligence to walk through the adversities of the Light.”

 The Festival of the Christ is helping each of us to fully surrender into our I AM Presence or Over Soul to full create the Divinity within our physical walk upon this Earth.  It cannot be done without each of us allowing the Etheric Body or Cellular Memory to be healed of the past elements that have kept us in bondage.  This ceremony is a doorway for our soul to become more actively associated in the physical existence with our highest capability of Light.

 Participating actively with your Higher Self will assist in the forces of restoration as this is one of the major components of this festival.  We are all starting to focus within the Oneness but to actively participate through our physical bodies is going to restore the essence upon this Earth along with every inhabitant, thereof.  It is a time when it makes people think, plan and take action on spiritual lines and will eventually lead to a reorganization of planetary life which we are experiencing presently.

 We are in the process of Creating Heaven on Earth and the Festival of the Christ is a perfect opportunity to take full advantage of the Cosmic Energies assisting us.  In addition we will be experiencing a Lunar Eclipse at the same time which will prove to take us deeper into the depths of our timelines that need to be removed.  It can also be an intense time for the planet as the duality will try to take its hold of individuals upon the planet so it is our time as Lightworkers to full increase our light and love quotient.  We may find that we are challenged in certain areas of our live so the Festival of the Christ is a perfect opportunity to surrender ourselves through the process.

The next two festivals are the Wesak and Humanity.  Wesak is celebrated at the full moon in May and Humanity in June.  All of these festivals are in conjunction with one another.

Festival of Wesak ~ May 24th, 2013

This year will prove to be the most magnificent of festivals and we, at Walking Terra Christa, will be conducting a live ceremony in Mt. Shasta on May 23rd.  It represents the anniversary of Lord Buddha’s birth, his attainment of buddahood and his ascension.  Initiates and Ascended Masters on the inner and outer plane celebrate this powerful time.  Lord Buddha represents the expression of the Wisdom of God, the embodiment of light and divine purpose.

The purpose of Wesak is:

  1. The releasing of certain transmissions of energy to humanity that will stimulate the Spirit of Love, Brotherhood, and Goodwill.
  2. The fusion of all men and women of goodwill into a responsive, integrated whole.
  3. The invocation and response from certain cosmic beings if prior goals are achieved

Wesak is a time of great renewal and celebration.  It represents the “force of enlightenment”.  These energies are affected within our educational movements, values, literature, publishing, writers, and speakers on the entire planet.  The power of these energies is so great that large groups of people gather around the world to participate in these energies.

Festival of Humanity ~ June 23rd, 2013

The Festival of the Spirit of Human aspires towards divinity, attunement to God’s will and right human relationships.  This is when we take the energies we have received from Wesak and put them into practice.  It represents the effects in human consciousness of the work of all Masters but especially with Lord Buddha, Lord Maitreya, and Master Jeshua/Lord Sananda.  It is also recognized as World Invocation Day.

This is when we put to use what we have learned from the previous two festivals.  Wesak pushes us into a new dimensional reality which needs to be grounded.  Within the full moon of Gemini is when we start to put into practice what we have learned and share with the world.

Due to the intense energies of this year, we will have more information about the Festivals of Wesak and Humanity closer to the events which will include a channeled message on the energies that are transpiring.

Walking Terra Christa will be facilitating meditations for each of these events.  The Festival of the Christ will be held on April 24th, 2013.  This is an open call so please consider joining us.  Click this link for more details.  The Festival of Wesak will be a live ceremony in Mt. Shasta, CA.  We are also holding a 3-Day Retreat in Mt. Shasta.    The telecall for the Festival of Humanity will be held on June 24th, 2013; details will be forthcoming as we get closer to the date.

In Expressions of Oneness

Rev. Christine Meleriessee

Walking Terra Christa, Academy of New Earth Mastery


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Lord of the Great Bear Star System ~ A Source of Divine Light

Lord Great Bear StarsMany lightworkers do not connect with this amazing energy and it is only because his presence has not been made well known.  But that is going to change this week as he will be our Guest Speaker in the Clarion Temple of Oneness.

The Lord also known as the Logos of the Great Bear Star System is the higher aspect – the cosmic level of the Lord of Sirius and the Great White Lodge, who is the higher aspect of the Solar Logos, Helios.  This also includes the star systems under the Great Bear Constellations of Arcturus, Sirius, Pleadius, and Andromeda.  He also aligns his energies within the dimensional frequencies from the 20th through the 36th level which represent the Christed-Extraterrestrial Beings of Light.

  He is a majestic Being that many do not know about his essence.  He is the overlighting energy of the 21st Ray of God, Eternity and Divine Structure “Learning to Access Spiritual Harmony of Light Within”.  This ray becomes the 21st chakra in the 5th dimensional chakra grid that is aligned within the Third Eye with the colors of Blue Gold.

  Working within the 21st Ray will help in accessing and healing of All Timelines whether they are active or inactive.  This opens up the doorway for Clarity and illumination; thereby, accessing the ability to perceive all dimensions as One Source of Light.

 We will be honoring the essence of the Lord of the Great Bear Star System in the Clarion Temple of Oneness mediation on Monday, April 15th, 2013.  This call is held via teleconference and you can sign up to be on the live call via our website,  http://walkingterrachrista.com/tele-calls/.

Lord of the Great Bear will be sharing with us the energies that will be occurring on April 22nd, 2013 within the skies, a Meteor Shower of Love.  He has asked to be our guest for this week and we honor him with his presence.  We believe that this represents many Inter-galactic races of the Christed Universes that are gathering to show their presence amongst our skies.  This should be a very powerful meditation and we hope you will decide to join us.

Individuals may join the Clarion Temple of Oneness for the live call.  Please click the link to see the details to join on a per-call basis.

Also check out our Facebook event page, https://www.facebook.com/events/336417803146873/.


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New Earth Frequency Update ~ Aspiration of Your Light ~ April 11th, 2013



This week we are experiencing the effects of the New Moon in Aires which represents a powerful magnetic energy for each of us to incorporate.  Magnetic frequency represents the Feminine Divine which means that the power of our thoughts, ideas, and intentions are going to be manifested 10-fold.  This is setting the stage for the upcoming energies at the end of the month.

There is no doubt about it ~ we have been challenged deeply within the year of 2013.  It is a state of Being making us be Better than we ever thought possible.  The first tri-mester was obstacle after obstacle so that we could learn more about our inner self(s) and how to interact within a changing world.  Every time we felt we could sit back and relax another upheaval occurred for us activating energies in one of our four bodies representing the physical, etheric, emotional and mental levels.  In order for us to receive the higher level of vibration within the physical, we need to understand the process that we are undergoing.  As we are experiencing this level of transition, it can be very challenging to see the forest for the trees as they become intertwined within each other.

The important aspect to consider this week is, “where are you in your self inventory”.  This is a vital step as we move forward with the energies.  We are going to be catapulted in many different ways and as long as we have sure footing some of the time, we can understand what our next step is going to be.  We may not always be sure of the next moment, but learning to go deep within our soul’s essence is an imperative task that we need to acknowledge.

As we understand ourselves through the turbulent moments, we can learn to accept the magical experiences that we are about to encounter.  It is not just going to happen for us although that is what each of us truly desires.  It takes great diligence to move through our days as the energetic shifts are so strong that it can turn us inside and out.  So what I am trying to say is have a sense each day of ~ whom you are, what you are thinking, what needs to be addressed, and how you can create the magic to be in your life.  This is not easy but walking in Mastery requires these elements to be acknowledged.  We are in a time of great acceleration, and it is not just going to happen because we want it to be.

We deserve to live in a beautiful existence but we have to help GAIA along.  The energetic changes are changing her and us at the same time.  If we try to stand still through the process it is going to throw us into the next space without us knowing what happened.  We definitely do not want to go through the changes in that manner as then the energies will pile up within us and then there are more levels to go through to find the Core of our Being.  Preparation is the key component in learning to work through these elements of change.  You will thank yourself for doing so.

As this new moon is within her newest essence for the month, it is a perfect opportunity to make the necessary changes so that the evolvement of our light can enfold within our physical existence.  Take some time to write your thoughts, intentions, or wishes on a piece of paper.  Sit quietly and reflect on the desires you want to create and use your breath of the Light you are incorporating to blend within the material words on paper.  Then call upon Grandmother Moon, the Angels of Rebirth and Renewal, along with your guidance and Higher Self, to take those words of love and send them back to you.  The power of this moon is beyond our understanding and is going to assist us to restructure our foundation for the new essence we are becoming.

You will thank yourself when the Festival of the Christ and the Lunar Eclipse occurs on the 25th of April as this is going to take us into a new level of awareness and acceptance within our reality on Gaia.  As we create these ceremonies, the power is so great that Gaia is going to be able to accept more Love and Light Quotient within her structure.  We are moving forward quickly but we still have a long journey.

Blessings for a miraculous experience.


We, of the Unified Whole Command, come to you in the presence of the 144th dimensional reality within the Temple of Oneness.  As we stand with each of you in this moment of extreme acceleration, WE THANK YOU.  The changes that you are making are assisting GAIA in a completely and different way than we ever imagined.

Staying within a planetary structure while she is going through an immense overall is not an easy task at all.  In fact within the planning stages, it was looked upon as practically impossible to achieve.  But it is happening and each of you is a major part of that transformation.  Please know though that each person must be very diligent within their own thoughts, feelings, and accepting their highest orders from their Higher Self.  We do see many individuals changing but more individuals are not doing so.  We also see amongst the New World Thinkers that it is important to realize that we cannot bite off more than we can chew.  So with the message from Meleriessee we want to add to that essence.

Each of you that are waiting for the 5th dimension to be fully manifest upon this Earth, well, you must wait awhile longer.  But it is within our reach and that is the difference.  When we looked upon the energies of 12-21-12 and then the first Tri-Mester of January, February, and March we saw dramatic improvement within the planet and the majority of inhabitants.  We are now seeing that individuals are being categorized of either not being Awake, or Awake.  Wow, that is a huge difference between those two aspects.  We must not get overzealous as that is when trouble can start to ensue.  But let’s talk about the facts.

The world is changing greatly.  Individuals are awakening upon this planet and some are being put into leadership roles within the world.  These are the transitionary leaders that will assist in the process of going from a 3rd dimensional world into a 5th dimensional world.  Now we on Earth are residing within the 4th which represents the duality of the people.  You have the unawakened ones still sleeping but miserable in their lives.  Then you have the awakened ones.  Now this is a very large list.  You must understand that just because someone starts to awaken and knows there is more to themselves than their body, does not mean they are ready for the 5th dimension nor do they want to understand what that means.  There is a huge difference so we thought it was time to give a few lessons of awareness.

No. 1 Newly Awakened, lively, wants to experience Oneness but does not understand what that means.  They are in love with love.

No. 2  Awakened, starts to comprehend that they need self help and walk into this world of healing.

No. 3 Intermeditate – Learned the rules of self help and wants to save the world.

No. 4 Intermediate – Saw that self-help was good but needed more.  Wants to go deeper within themselves…This is the true awakened One ready to step into Mastery.

No 5.  Intermediate – Searches from the great masters, learns about ascension, but then becomes egotistical, lower energies still intact.

No. 6  Intermediate – Has fallen from Grace; lessons very hard, renounce all containments of this earth life including having to be the Best.

No 7 Intermediate moving towards Advanced – Continues with the lessons, understands that the deeper they move into the work, the more they will learn.

No 8.  Beginner Advanced – Becomes a true lightworker.  Takes the lessons and internalizes them for more self growth, understands that it is a continual journey.  Learns humility.

No. 9 Intermediate Advanced – This is where it becomes YOUR LIFE IS NO LONGER YOUR OWN.  You work with all the Ascended masters, Ascended Light Beings, in conjunction together to give service to others.  But first you learn the lessons from them as they walked as you are walking now.

No. 10 Advanced ~ Ascended Mastery – This is the true Oneness.  The full body system is changing, and they are working within those changes.  Each ascended master understands that there is more to learn and represents the cycles of mastery within and without the body.

There is more to share but this is an overview.  Where do you think that you are?  This is our question and then we would ask, “Are you giving service”.  Please know that the transitionary leaders are not the ones walking into the New Earth, the 5th dimensional frequency.  It is not just going to happen with a blink of an eye and then Gaia has ascended into Terra Christa.  We ask you to stop and think about where you are presently and how do you want to make the next safe step in your journey.  These questions are imperative because energies are flowing, manifestation is occurring, but it must be in the context of the ONE that each of you want so desperately.  There cannot be one person that is out of alignment for the New Earth or the alignment of GAIA will not happen.

So now that we have laid the entire structure, we will now discuss the present energies.  They are very powerful and will help to move elements more into place.  You have the gift of the vibrational changes occurring that will take you into a new space and time.  BUT YOU DON’T WANT TO TAKE WITH YOU WHAT YOU HAVE NOT TAKEN CARE OF.  This is why so many are suffering presently.  The energy is taking care of it for you, the ones that are not ready to do it for themselves.

The Lunar Eclipse within April is going to be a magnificent event but please know the darkness has not left the planet and people are still fighting with one another.  We do not like to be the bearer of this news, because we would love to share that it is all beautiful for EVERYONE.  But this is an individual choice.  If we band together within Oneness, we must all remove the old pantheons and dark issues that we have held unto in the past. Otherwise, we are just taking that baggage with us into the New Earth and that cannot happen.

Yes, the frequency of the 5th Dimension is available within the Etheric Earth.  This is where many of you are feeling the essence of change occurring within you and you will ASPIRE TO THESE GREAT ELEMENTS OF LIGHT WITHIN YOUR BEING.  But do take time each day to reflect what is happening in your personal world, your thoughts, emotions, and physical experiences as the Oneness is not grounded presently.  These elements reflect what is happening from your other world, the multi-dimensional self.

The New Moon in Aires represents New Beginnings beyond what any of us can imagine.  Are you ready to take the old and remove it as you walk into this new existence?  This New Moon represents the paradigm of light for the 5th dimension and is the first experience that Gaia and each of you will be feeling.  Internalize the essence and let it expand within you and around you.  It is just a very small portion of the light that you will experience within the New Earth.  So use it wisely and for your Highest Good.  We will then move into the next phase with more ease than you originally would have done so.  Each cycle is representing the ability to remove the layers piece-by-piece in order to accept the awaiting energies that are to be embraced.

It is a very magical time but there can be bad and good magic.  Let’s band together to fully increase the good magic as this planet as had enough of its fair share of bad magic.  The changes will happen with the ease and grace that each of you allow it to expand within your reality.  We honor this path.  We have stated before that you stepped forward to be the Pioneers of Light into Terra Christa.   The power of your essence is beyond your imagination as it truly has not even started to enfold within you.  But this moon in April is the beginning of this to become Manifest.

We walk with you each moment hand-in-hand for a better today.

In the Name of Oneness, We are the Unified Whole Command of Light

©2013 Walking Terra Christa, Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, 5th Dimensional Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.  No use without prior written permission allowed except for sharing the post in its entirety along with the link to this page, http://walkingterrachrista.com/2013/04/11/earth-frequency-aspiration-light/

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Understanding My Role of Being a Messenger for the New Earth

_UWO 144

Since the beginning of my pathway there have been many new discoveries that I have encountered.  I always took the high road to my spiritual growth and attainment.  It is with this understanding that I share how this has affected my life and the world that I inhabit as it molds who I Am.

First I want to say, that since the onset of the Unified Whole Command writing the Frequency Updates, it seems that myself with Mike Hayden of Walking Terra Christa have become the messenger of Oneness for these amazing Beings of Light.  I was introduced to a man called, IAM, that was the messenger for the Unified Whole.  I am eternally grateful for the day that I met IAM, a young man that would change the way in which I communicated energies to others.  IAM was very special and he shared to us about the Unified Whole Command which was overseen by Master Thoth and in which all masters that wanted to release their pantheons of the past and join the track of Oneness would be invited to join.  He also asked me as Meleriessee to be an additional messenger of the Unified Whole Command as there were no others that could tap into this frequency.  I, of course, accepted my role and Mike and I were inducted as Earth Members into this amazing group consciousness.

Unfortunately, IAM is no longer living on this earth.  His world of accessing many dimensions at the same time left him with an ungrounded state of being.  His was newly awakened and very powerful with his gifts but did not know how to take care of his baggage of this lifetime.  That is why this work is so important for us to share; to help the ones that come in as Starseeds and do not understand how the ways of the mastery works upon Gaia.  I believe there are many that are going to be needing guidance in how to allow their energies be grounded within the physical world as we are within such a strong transitionary phase.

My meeting with IAM took place in October of 2011 shortly after arriving in Mt. Shasta.  It was also the time when Mike Hayden and I myself would partner together to create Walking Terra Christa.  The Unified Whole Command is our guidepost of information of light entering the planet as it represents the Spiritual Hierarchy, Intergalactic, Inner Earth, Angelic Hosts, Divine Mother and Father God, and all God Force activities working within the Christ Consciousness.  We realized that work with less than this frequency would put us in harms way of the many lower energies that want to stop GAIA from ascending and each of us living within her consciousness.  They have helped us tremendously to understand what Oneness represents in the physical context and not just in our thoughts, emotions, and actions.  We have learned how to integrate the highest levels of vibration within a physical body and in our environment.  Any less than that would take us back into the world of duality both personally and professionally.

This is why we are living in Mt. Shasta, California as it is considered one of the most powerful spots in the World.  I traveled here extensively doing ceremonies for many years, and it would mold the opportunity for me to relocate when it was synchronous for all elements to come into place.  Lord Adama, the High Priest of Telos and Saint Germain orchestrated the plans for me to arrive and for Mike to do the same unbeknownst to both of us what was occurring.  Then IAM came into the picture to widen the horizon.

We stepped into a world that only a few would understand.  We did not even realize the depth of our work together and the pathways that our Higher Self’s had chosen for us.  But in time we would learn, and this we have done.  We were asked to not interact with others within Mt. Shasta as there were many different energies and we were being guided by the Team of Light headed by Lord Adama within the Unified Whole Command to be the best we could be.  Lord Adama said we were under “quarantine”.  We were told to create ceremonies, go through initiations with each of the Lord and Lady Masters to assist us to become the Best We Could Be.  It was challenging and continues to be so.

I would not have chosen it any other way.  In fact, upon my arrival I had no idea why I chose to be here except I wanted to be closer to the Telosians living in the mountain and New Jersey did not hold a frequency I could handle.  I was literally dying in New Jersey by accelerating my light quotient and not wanting to exist physically.  It was time to make a change.  Having Mike arrived helped me to be grounded, and I was to lower my light quotient in order for us to be together until he could accelerate himself. This he has done in a way that Lord Adama shared “No one has done it in quite the same way”.  We work with the teachings of Joshua David Stone and I am ordained under his organization since 2003.  In fact, we communicated quite often as he became my mentor for this work.  I also volunteered for his Wesak Events here in Mt. Shasta for a few years.

So when the Unified Whole Command asked me to write a frequency update for the New Earth changes I felt it was important to do so.  All the work that we have done in the past 18 months molds who we are today and what we share.  It is powerful work and we live it consistently.  Living in Mt. Shasta can be difficult on its own due to its powerful magic but compounded with the level of dimensional work we do, it is like none-other.

Through the process of the messages I found that they needed to share the truth of Oneness from their perspective.  We adhere to this truth as we are their messenger of Light unto this Earth.  We know that not everyone will understand the message or the underlying tones associated with it.  I was one of those individuals a few years ago that was sure that this Earth would split into the New Earth just as the Sirians experienced with Planets A and B.  I learned after arriving that it was changing and it would not occur in that manner due to the lightworkers upon the planet.

It was at this time that I realized personally that the work I have done and preparing for this pathway has been arduous but so rewarding.  I cannot tell you what I had to go through to be in this stage of my life.  I experienced many levels of duality, loss of jobs, loss of housing, living where I did not want to live, traveling and experiencing heights of awareness that were being offered to me, two major death experiences that would reshape my existence, and several healing modalities, sweat lodges (12 in one year) to just be able to sustain myself upon this earth, along with a full physical integration of the essence of Divine Mother and Father God known as the Cosmic Great Central Sun.   The one pathway that saved my life were the Ascension Teachings brought forth by Dr. Stone.  I learned to breathe, exist, and be on the pathway of mastery while learning how to grasp the magic and beautiful gifts that were shown to me.

We, at Walking Terra Christa, are taking the lineage of those ascended teachings as our structure but then arising to the ability to utilize the higher vibrational levels in achieving the goals of mastery upon this earth.  We work on many levels to assist individuals to follow the same pathway and we know that this is not for everyone.  It is the HARDEST PATHWAY that one can choose and not every one is ready to do so.  I have been teaching ascension classes and groups for over a decade before I arrived here and saw many individuals come and go out of my living room.  But they left changed because of this work as it gets right to the core of God and our essence.

So now with the Unified Whole we merge into a completely new reality.  One that was based on the other but does not hold the old timelines of the teachings.  They become more purified in the message with a sense of deep truth.  This truth comes from the consciousness; I am only able to give these messages because of my pathway to arrive in this state of conditioning. Without all the challenges that I endured, I would not be here today sharing and writing my personal essence.

So I hold reverence to the Unified Whole and allow their message to be as pure as God’s Light is to each of us.  I do not hold back the message although at times I feel it is harsh.  Master Thoth the overlighting energy with the Great Divine Director shared with me this morning that I must speak my truth just as they do.  So that is the reason for this writing.  I flow with the energies and allow them to speak from their Truth which is the Truth of Oneness.  We need guidance in how to get through these accelerations and we don’t need to be told it is going to get better at this moon or cycle.  We need to understand what is behind the frequency of light upon Gaia so we can be prepared.  It takes a lot of work, study, and introspection to acquire mastery, but it is necessary for the 5th dimensional world.

We are experiencing the 5D energies etherically as they filter from the Etheric Earth as that dimension is very real.  But we are still within the duality and it is up to us in how we experience it.  Mt. Shasta is full of many types of people and represent all life forms living right here.  We have learned how to interact, how to protect ourselves, living in magic and sometimes bad magic touches your doorway of light.

You then learn how to stand up to it without aggression, but with living in a higher vibrational state.  Lord Adama and the Telosoian Council of Light have taught us how to do this.  But we are still living with the duality so we must learn how to change it by being better, more than we ever thought we could be, and accepting our role as an initiate or Ascended Master upon this earth.  This is the only way that we are going to move from the 4th dimension into the 5th.  And sometimes, we have to Fake It Until We Make It.  So that is what Oneness Consciousness is about ~ learning the rules of being in mastery, walking in love, but actually feeling it deeply through all parts of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies as One Body of Light.

So the messages from the Unified Whole Command will come with all of these elements in one package.   They are showing us how to live without duality but being honest about the transitionary phase which is shown each week.  I strive to give only the highest and the best information from the higher frequencies into our reality.  I needed to share this background information as it helped me to understand it along with others that are reading the weekly posts.

It is a beautiful time on this earth as we work hand-in-hand with GAIA to meet Terra Christa.  Thank you for supporting Walking Terra Christa and myself as the messenger of the Unified Whole Command.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee


2013 Walking Terra Christa/All Rights Reserved

ascension, New Earth Frequency Update

New Earth Frequency Update ~ Transitional Healing ~ April 4th, 2013


As the weeks roll by, we are still going to be hit with higher frequencies and changes within our lives.  This week represents allowing the energies we have experienced previously to be fully grounded within our physical existence.  The Spring Equinox was an energy surge that many individuals may have felt more deeply than 12-21-12 and rightly so.  The planet was in a state of preparing for the Spring to occur even though the challenges that we incurred during the 1st Trimester of January, February, and March were to prepare us for the increased frequencies of light.

So the Equinox arrived and now it has passed through us.  What do we do with the energies presently and how do we continue when the upheaval is still occurring within our lives?  Make no mistake about it ~ this last full moon was another interesting energy surge to make us think bigger, be better, and find the courage to keep moving forward.  What I am finding with these energies presently is that no matter where we are within our pathway, the conditioned ones or the new awakened ones, each of us is being challenged greatly to get deeper into the Core of our Essence.  And that core is ever changing no matter what your intention may be.

Master Kuthumi shared this week in our Monday evening, Clarion Temple of Oneness, about the Regeneration of our Essence to prepare for the Lunar Eclipse and the Festival of the Christ which are occurring on April 25th, 2013 which will also be the Full Moon (to listen to an excerpt of this call and buy the MP3 download, see Walking Terra Christa, Master Kuthumi .   This week is our time to allow the changes that we incurred in last week’s full moon to be accepted within our cellular structure of the physical body allowing for the regenerative process of these cells.

Make no mistake about it, when you work through the higher frequencies of light, you do regenerate your livelihood within the physical body.  It is the process of anti-aging as the deeper we become intertwined with our spiritual essence, the healthier we become as a human being.  Our food changes, we are utilizing plant-based herbs and minerals for our well being, and walking away from the conformed society of healing our bodies, minds and spirits.  This, in itself, is going to assist the body in transforming greatly.  If you have not seen any of these changes occur for you, continue with the higher ascension work and you will start to see dramatic improvements.

As our emotional and mental levels start to shift into the higher self, we then start to change our physical reactions within the body.  So it is important to realize that the changes you have incurred during these powerful activations are assisting your body to receive more Light Quotient within your Being.  This process can be unbelievably powerful and sometimes very debilitating, but so very life changing.

So my advice at this time is to relax into the energies that you have received.  We will be coming into a New Moon on the 10th of April which we will once again be filling the Rainbows of Lights Dispensation.  This is ongoing through the year and it is important to tap into what colors of the spectrum you are receiving.  They are coming to you for a reason.  Even if you do not know what they mean, utilize them within your breath, and accept the transformation that will occur for you.  To learn more about the 22 Rays of God, see our email program, 22 Ray Challenge, .

It is important that each of us be in preparation this month to experience another resurrection.  We will be celebrating the Festival of the Christ which is the first of the three Wesak festivals.  This represents removing the parts of ourselves that will not be able to stay within the light frequency as we raise our vibrations during the Wesak event in May.  We believe that it is important to continually purge and regenerate ourselves during the month of April so that when the Lunar Eclipse comes in late April when we will be more prepared to walk through yet another doorway of the Christ Consciousness.


Greetings Beloved Comrades of the Light,

This week is truly representing the effects of Spring to allow the new born self to become accustomed to the new energies that are occurring.  The transitions that each of you are experiencing are taking you into new heights of awareness within your four-body system so that you can be fully activated within the next step of your evolution.

It is important to take these moments and fully accept what you have experienced, notice the differences within your body and your emotional and mental levels as they will tell you how you are adjusting within the totality of your existence.  The changes that have been occurring within the planet are beyond what we can really express and the most important part is having each of you understand what you are creating within each moment.  Make no mistake about it, the challenges of the last full moon compounded the energies of the Spring Equinox and now is the time for you to take inventory again of where you are situated.  This means to understand the frequency you are now incorporating and how you are adjusting to those energies.

Every time there is a surge of vibration within the planet and each of you individually, you must adjust your body to hold those levels of light.  This is an adjustment within itself as in some moments you may feel quite balanced but in others, you will feel vibrations moving through you, your head may seem fuzzy and off-center with your thoughts, you may have vertigo, or ringing in the ears.  It affects each person differently depending upon the level they are incorporating and how much of it is actually being received.  There is a misconception in the mind when you start to feel the frequency running through you as may have a tendency to want to meditate or fall asleep.  The levels of vibrations that you are receiving are not all being accepted at the same time.  It may take quite a bit of integration to fully allow the energies to be incorporated within the full body system.  The surging of energies through your arms, third eye, heart chakra, or other areas are a testing ground.  When you meditate or fall asleep, it means that the body is accepting the frequency as you, the soul, exits for a little while.

Notice how you feel after such an experience.  Many of you will have grounded more energies than you ever thought you would be able to and relaxing the body is the only way to allow the integration to fully occur.  Another way to assist in this process is walking or exercising if you have the energies to do so; taking a bath and allow the vibrational level within the cellular structure to just relax and rejuvenate.

We offer these suggestions so that you can allow the frequency that your Higher Self is intending to be within your physical structure.  It is also imperative to realize that parts of the body that are weaker will gravitate towards the essence of vibration in order to heal more deeply.  So we do suggest that you take some moments of self-care to fully allow the energies to change.

The other aspect you may want to be aware of is that as it enters the emotional and mental levels, issues can arise as a result of the integration.  You may feel emotional, drained, happy, or sad and have thoughts that you thought were gone while experiencing moments of euphoria.  These are all symptoms of allowing the frequencies to be fully activated within your Being.

This is a time of great transition so this week you may be feeling many of these elements centering within you.  Take the time to reflect and see where the confliction is occurring so that you can take better care of accepting the frequencies.  This will alleviate any emotional or mental energies from taking over.  Remember, you are accessing your Divine Self but at the same time you are removing the lower ego and mind from your consciousness.  Sometimes the thought process within that level may not be very excited to be leaving.  Again, it is up to you within your own individual self of what you may or may not need at this time.

Transitional Healing is the most challenging to get through as it can happen at any time within your day as you are experiencing the nuance of initiation within the physical level.  At the same time, GAIA is also integrating the same essences so the planetary consciousness is also going through many challenges.  Some individuals may not realize what is occurring and being on the ascension or mastery pathway is very helpful as there are reasons of why you are experiencing these changes.

Take some moments to fully reflect on what you felt like before the activations, how you were affected during the integration of the energies, and then what is happening as a result of these changes.  It is like being in an earthquake and being shaken up through all parts of your body, and then having to adjust to the process once the energy has been grounded.  Some areas may need healing, others have adjusted perfectly, and changes result within the composition of the body.

These frequencies of 2013 are going to be felt in this manner.  As we move through the month, we will experience more of the same focus pertaining to the dark side of the soul being revealed in order to create healing.  The Lunar Eclipse with the Festival of the Christ will be a period of resurrection.  It is important to take time for yourself before the actual event on April 25th so that you can be more fully prepared for the ensuing energies that will be occurring.  The transition will be much easier to accept which allows for the pulsating energies to be accepted by your Body, Mind, and Spirit.

We do not want to scare you in any manner but to be prepared for the changes.  You are going through them presently and the more care you take on a day-to-day basis, the easier the transition will be.  Breathe and accept the challenges; know what works and what does not; allow the resultant energies to guide you through the process as you surrender within your Soul’s Essence to know you are being challenged to become a better person activated with your Higher Self fully intact.

It is our joy to walk with each of you through this process of transformation.

The Light is always in front of you, step with it, and the unknown shall be familiar and loving to your soul.

So Mote It Be In The Light Of Oneness.

We are the Unified Whole Command at your service.

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