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Spiritual Meaning of the March 28th, 2021 Ascension Mastery* Message of the Full Moon with Master Djwhal Khul as brought forth by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden.

This full moon is the first of the ascension festivals with the Ascended Masters known as the Festival of the Christ. It marks the beginning of our inner work as Initiates to walk with the Spiritual Hierarchy with Divine Love.

This moon is being considered a healing process for the Heart Center. It is a time to become more aligned with our Spiritual Self allowing for a deep heart connection to be felt within the four-body system (Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental Selves).

The alignment of the Full Moon of Libra with the Sun of Aires occurs on March 28th, 2021 at 11:48 AM Pacific, 2:48 PM Eastern within Universal Time of 6:48 PM.

The Sun of Aires represents the “Self” whereas the Moon of Aires aligns with “Others”. I like to think of this as the Physical in relation to the Spiritual Selves. Aires can be very domineering, wanting elements to change within the physical realm whereas Libra brings forth the attributes of Balance and “For the Good of the All.”

This cycle allows for these two parts of our Soul to come together in unison bringing forth a deep healing to occur within our Heart Center. It is a time to reflect on what elements need to change in order for a state of equilibrium to occur. Sometimes this means stepping away from a relationship or bringing it together.

If we think of this in terms of our Physical Self vs. the Spiritual Self, it represents the ability to make necessary changes in our physical reality to allow for the entryway of a deeper connection with the Higher Self of our Soul’s Essence.

This is exactly what is occurring during this cycle. It is a time of accepting that changes need to be made in order to find the true meaning of the relationship of our Spiritual Self in relation to our walk upon the earth within our present consciousness. This, is in truth, is a hard line to walk as a human, as we are not used to accepting our higher reality as a Spark of Light as it can feel very intangible. As a species, we are used to walking the pathway of seeing it become a reality before we accept it to be our Truth.

This cycle is asking us to embrace the element of Faith through our Spiritual Self, also known as the Higher Self to guide us in the right direction.

Through this process we must hold within ourselves that we are being guided from our own Source of Light and not within the Mental or Emotional elements that we sometimes can depend upon within the Physical Consciousness.

The way we exist upon the Earth is changing greatly. The Feminine Divine of the Emotional Self is becoming more focused within our reality, so it is important to reflect within the Higher Mind and Heart to guide us in the right direction. This can cause confliction, uncertainty, and walking through doorways that we have not experienced previously. It can actually be a very scary place for our Emotional Self.

As we step into the energies of the Moon of Libra and the Sun of Aires it can create a depth of healing within our Heart Center that may feel comfortable in certain moments, but then the releasing of the old must surface. This brings with it an emotional charge that may feel uncomfortable at first, but the more you allow yourself to move into the energies, it creates a sense of deep love to blend within your heart as you allow your Spiritual Self to guide your Physical Self in the process.

This moon is a true reflection of the FESTIVAL OF THE CHRIST as it represents the elements of LOVE, RESURRECTION, and CONNECTION TO THE HIGHER REALMS OF LIGHT or the Ascended Master State of Consciousness.

The Office of the Christ is overlighted by Lord Maitreya and Lord Kuthumi who hold the essence of the Christ Consciousness within their essence and extend it to humanity during this ascension festival. The forces of restoration are very predominant as we are very connected to the Mind of God (the Will, Masculine Aspect) within the Blue Flame. This is a connective energy to the Heart of God (the Love, Feminine Aspect) within the Pink Flame known as Creative Actualization (making our dreams become a reality).

Every soul on the Earth is affected by these energies so that the essence of LOVE can permeate into the hearts of humanity. It is a time of Restoration, making the necessary changes, in order for the Heart to accept the Will and Love of the God Source Within.

This causes the keynote of RESURRECTION to take place. What no longer is accepted within the Heart Essence through the change, now must leave so that the true healing can occur. This is actually when an Initiate can fully accept their own process of connecting to the Higher State of Consciousness that is represented by the Office of the Christ.

During this time there can be many reflections between your Personality Self and Higher Self which may be in confliction with each other. The main element is to realize, that you as an Initiate, are being guided by the Source Light and adhere to the changes that need to occur which is a true reflection of your HEART ESSENCE.

The balancing energy of the Feminine Moon Essence of Libra is helping every soul to come into a state of movement that will allow them to feel the pure essence of their own Divine Heart Essence as the Masculine Sun Essence of Aires will allow it to be grounded within the Physical Self.

Working through these energies with the Divine Aspects of the Feminine and the Masculine will assist the process of feeling the state of Equilibrium within your Heart Center.



Greetings My Dearest Initiates,

I come to you as Master Djwhal Khul with the presence of Light and Love of the Christ Consciousness to permeate into your Heart giving you the Peace of Restoring your Higher Self and I Am Presence to become One within your Four-Body System.

It is always my pleasure to connect with each of you through this monthly exchange of energies, but this month is especially a moment of the year that I always look forward to experiencing.

As Masters, we also are going through transitions, that will take us into a higher state of consciousness. It is not much different than each of you except that we do not have the pressure of the duality in the body. This, I know, is quite challenging to experience.

In truth what you are doing is beyond any measure that any of us as the masters can share with you. There is no way to understand the ramifications and challenges that you are undergoing presently.

It is within that exchange of light that I as the spokes-being of the Ascension Festivals want to reiterate to each of you that if you allow your Higher Mind, your Higher Heart to expand within your physical consciousness and body, then you will start to realize the power that you hold within yourself, for you and for the transition of this Earth into a higher state of existence.

It is important not to reflect upon the challenges you are experiencing, but to remember what you are achieving and how much effort that took for you to embrace it. Always remember your humble beginnings as it is very reflective of your journey within yourself.

It truly is your JOURNEY OF LIGHT.

What you do with this journey at this moment in time is very important. You must not let anything interfere with you experiencing a depth of healing within your Heart Center. You have all worked very hard to get to this moment in time. Do not let the duality upon the earth affect you even though it feels like it may be pulling you in a different direction. The more you adhere to the energies of the Festival of the Christ, the more you will become more aligned with your true self.

It is when you allow others in your world try to stop you from achieving your dreams into reality that you will fall below the mark and not be able to continue what you have already achieved.

I know there are many lightworkers that are feeling the lower energies, but you must not let that stop you.

Adhering to the dynamics of the Festival of the Christ to become the Love, allowing for Resurrection of the old self, and walking in balance with the Higher Realms of Light, you will feel and impress upon yourself a sense of accomplishment within you.

This is what I choose for each of you during the Festival of the Christ with the Moon of Libra and the Sun of Aires. Be your Divine Self in Balance with the Love fully enhanced within you, never to be removed by anyone or anything.

I give you my Love and Wisdom of the 2nd Ray of the Golden Yellow flame.

In Blessings and Love,

I am Master Djwhal Khul

Walking Terra Christa will be holding Online Celebration Gatherings for each of these festivals.

 The Festival of the Christ will take place on Saturday, March 27th, 2021 at 11:00 AM Pacific (2:00 PM Eastern). Donations Appreciated. Please join us by clicking this link for full details: Festival of Lights-Full Moon Ceremony.  
If you miss the LIVE event, the recording can be listened to via this link.

○ The Wesak Festival will take place on Sunday, April 25th, 2021 at 9:00 AM Pacific (12:00 Noon Eastern). Admission Tickets Required (details pending).

○ The Festival of Humanity (Goodwill or World Service Day) will take place on Saturday, May 22th, 2021 at 11:00 AM Pacific (2:00 PM Eastern). Donations Appreciated. Please join us by clicking this link for full details:  Festival of Lights-Full Moon Ceremony.

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The Climb of Our Contentment

Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden, Teacher and Mentor of learning how to achieve the Ascended Master State of Consciousness, shares a personal reflection on the Art of Contentment.

Learning to understand ourselves and how we are affecting our own lives is a very integral part of our consciousness. What many individuals do not realize is that what we, as a person, think, and feel about ourselves affects the energy around us.

But how do we get to the point of realizing within our own reality that we are affecting change for the betterment of our personal interactions with others?

I am being pushed by Lord Adama and the Spiritual Hierarchy to extend to others what I have learned for myself by stepping into the Ascended Master Pathway. How does it affect me physically, with my loved ones, and others that I am working with or trying to assist?

This is a question I ask myself continually. My goal is to help others to create a different perspective in their lives.

I am not in the outside working world; I live with my devoted husband and partner in a beautiful setting called Mount Shasta. I spend most of my time communicating with the higher realms to bring forth teachings and lessons for our classes. I also connect with my spiritual teachers to help me and my husband to live our lives fully in the reality of learning how to walk as a masters upon a planet that it is living in duality.

I have learned through the teachings of Dr. Joshua David Stone, my mentor, that if I applied the tools of ascended mastery in my life that it would change my perspective, my health, and my well being upon the Earth. This I learned continually and still do to this day. I see it working through me continually.

Lord Adama is urging me to write more material from a perspective of how I have achieved my own status within the spiritual world but living as a human being upon the Earth. Many topics come to my mind during my day, but then as I sit and try to put words unto a page, it becomes muddled.  I find myself thinking that possibly this subject or that subject is not what others may want to hear.

Those of you that have followed me through the years know about my trials, my tribulations, and challenges that I have gone through. I don’t think there is any initiate of ascension mastery that has not had to go through such experiences. It is part of the process of our evolution as a soul to walk where others dared not go, and to keep the movement forward to continue no matter what the circumstances dictate.

Walking through the Initiations of Ascension Mastery is not easy. It cannot be planned ahead of time as it is a moment-by-moment experience of walking through many doorways that will help you as a soul to fully become aligned with your Higher Self, your many higher light bodies, to incorporate the light energies within the physical self.

Your mind goes through a whirlwind of thoughts; some will try and stop you; others will guide you in the right direction. I found that the only course of action is “What do I need to do in this moment for my Highest Good.”

It is all about perception within ourselves. How do we acknowledge how well we are doing if we constantly are battling the confines of our mental accolades to tell us otherwise?

Many individuals do not know who they are internally, as the soul, as the lower self personality will interject within the integration process. It can only be done one step at a time which takes quite a bit of patience.

Emotional charges will arise and our personality self will not want to accept them. But they are being shown to our full consciousness to change them.

This takes great DISCIPLINE and PERSEVERANCE which is truly a learned behavior.

If an individual has the inability to look within themselves, take what they are experiencing, and change it into a positive aspect to be revealed, then failure will result continually. We must push ourselves to go into a new direction and that can change in any moment.

The most important element is to reveal to ourselves that this emotional or mental anguish is only temporary and that our Higher Self is here to assist.

It is important to be brutally honest with ourselves; there is no other way to get through the muck and the mire. And, believe me, when the time comes when we wake up into a new reality, the exhilaration of Contentment will become part of whom we are becoming.

So I ask of you – how do you measure your soul’s worth within your Heart, what you feel about yourself, how you are doing within the initiation process and what it means for you personally.

It is important that you as the Initiate, take time every week, to give yourself a focus of what you are desiring to achieve. Go deep with it, no surface thoughts. What does your Higher Self desire for you as the Personality to integrate within you?

The way it is measured is how you interact with others, what you feel about the state of affairs within the world, and how you are affected emotionally or mentally. This is a good way to understand your way of dealing with outside issues. It will help you to acknowledge the part of you that needs adjusting or reworking within all of your four bodies – physical, etheric, emotional, and mental.

Learning the Art of Contentment becomes a learned behavior just as Diligence or Perseverance becomes part of your consciousness.

I come from a family background in which I was taught that sometimes you just have to do things when you don’t want to do so. My father was very insistent on pushing me as a woman to stand up and face the world. I also believe I came into body with these attributes so when I had to go through moments of deep challenge and despair, I learned to access my spiritual self to pull me out of my despair. Sometimes it was so heavy that I did not know how I would get through the process.

I was being pushed to learn how to do things differently. This came from the Brotherhood of Light who I was so aligned with from the beginning that I knew instinctively at a young age that there was something better for me than experiencing the dysfunction in my family. There was love but there was also pain which pushed me to do better for myself.

There were times that I thought it was too much for me. Situations occurred in my life that I thought was a sign of my discontent, but yet there was always something that pushed me to get out of that space even if it took many moments to feel that way. I learned to love myself which I did not do for a long time. I have struggled with my weight my entire life. The water retention within me was horrendous and still is, but I realized it was about protection. I learned to take care of myself through better eating and exercise which in turn made me feel more aligned with whom I was becoming. I turned to the exercise to change my thoughts, my dark feelings about my body and start to become the affirmations that helped me acknowledge the soul’s truth.

I remember last year during our retreat, we were hiking up to Ascension Rock which is a small hill-type terrain, some areas steeper than others. I have a problem with a tendon in one of my knees, so I always walk with Walking Sticks. We have a small group of students and a couple of the ladies said they were impressed with my ability to keep moving forward. This surprised me as I thought, “Why wouldn’t I do so?” I was not hurting, but had to take my time. I realized how I incorporate diligence in my life continually and was grateful to hear this affirmation being given to me.

Recently, I have been able to get back to my daily exercise routine and for some, they may say, is quite extensive, but I find it helps me tremendously. I am fitting it into my schedule which is very busy and allowing me to feel better as the process of my physical body aligns with whom I am affirming to become within me. It gives me strength and durability to continue the journey.

I know this practice happens because I have spent years exercising, charting my food and routines, taking measurements and not being so hard on myself when the scale does not move. This is diligence in perfect form for me.

So what I am trying to convey is the fact that because you are on the pathway of De-Ascending Your Higher Consciousness within the Physical Self, you will find that everything is not perfect in your body, your mind, or your emotions. It is a process.

Dr. Stone eloquently stated in one of his ascension books that one can ascend and still have challenging issues within the physical body. It is about taking that energy you are bringing into your cellular structure to change the ill effects from previous lifetimes to make the body more light-induced.

This process is very involved, and I have been working on myself for almost 40 years. I am able to hold a very high light quotient within me, because of my past delusions being transcended. You cannot get through planetary ascension without doing so. I have been gifted to receive help from the Brotherhood of Light to help me acknowledge the higher part of my consciousness, allowing my physical body to receive the light formations.

That is why I work out like I do – Grounding is essential as we bring more light energies into the bodily structure. I have been gifted to receive a massive amount of light quotient and move through my initiations through the Solar Level but I will tell you that it will affect you physically. Vibrations of light, being affected by third dimensional conversations and individuals. Constantly needing to go through a cleansing process of special showers, sage, healing energies. That is why I learned to build ascension columns.

It is important that we take care of our four-body system so that the higher Light Bodies can be grounded within us.

This gets me back to my original reason for writing this article and that is HOW CONTENTED ARE YOU FEELING?

I spoke greatly on what I have gone through for my acceleration and why I am doing the work I am concentrating on presently. I think about that every day –

Am I affecting change in others whether individually or globally?

I believe that I am doing so even though sometimes it feels like others do not understand. They want to do it their way, and not the same process as what is being guided by the Brotherhood of Light.

I have moments of feeling Contented on what I have achieved but there is more for me to do in my life. So I will continue the drive, the Perseverance combined with Love to assist my soul’s evolution first and foremost, then assisting humanity whether it is one person or a group of souls.

I look back on what I have achieved, and I am honored to say that I believe I have stepped into what my Higher Self has asked me to do. It never ends; every Master in every dimension is doing the same thing ~ pushing themselves to go further through the initiations of the light and love of the God Source.

Do you know what you want to achieve in this moment for your Soul’s Evolution?

I challenge you to think about it, reflect upon your desire of what is important for you in this moment. And, know, that in another moment it may all change for Your Highest Good.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Heliohah
Walking Terra

Original Material © Copyright 2003-2021 Divine Language Network and by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden and Rev. J. Michael Ara Hayden. All rights reserved. PLEASE POST AND SHARE THIS CONTENT FREELY IN COMPLETE ORIGINAL & UNALTERED FORM INCLUDING ALL IMAGES, LINKS WITH THE COPYRIGHT NOTICE. BLESSINGS AND THANK YOU!

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Standing Tall ~ Festival of Lights Full Moon Ceremony ~ February 2021

Ascension Mastery* Message for the Festival of Lights Full Moon Ceremony held on February 27, 2021 as brought forth by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee, Walking Terra Christa.

The full moon occurred on February 27, 2021 within the Moon of Virgo, and the Sun of Pisces as of 12:17 AM Pacific, 3:16 AM Eastern within Universal Time of 8:17 AM.

This article is a transcription of the messages that were received from Master Djwhal Khul, Master of Ceremonies; Lord Ashtar with the Galactic Federal of Light, Lord Sananda, with the Native Elders (from around the world), Lady No-Eyes, and White Buffalo Woman.

Lord Ashtar with the Galactic Councils of Light bring forth the Re-Initialization of the Ascension Columns of Light around the world with a special blessing from Lord Sananda on the Web of Light. The Whale and Dolphin spiritual community gives forth a divine blessing from their Hearts to Ours.

The Moon in Virgo represents our Physical Self or our Personality Self. It is our grounding. It is how we work through walking upon this Earth. The Pisces of the Sun represents our Spiritual Self, our vision. As the Moon in Virgo represents the personality of making sure we put things in order, the Sun of Pisces represents our Spiritual Self bringing forth the vision that we desire to hold from our Higher Self perspective.

As Virgo and Pisces come together it creates an opportunity for a doorway to open to allow our personality self to access more of our Higher Self’s energies in our physical consciousness. What happens through this process is there can be moments of transcending old elements that do not fit the Higher Self’s purpose. This moon is a very emotional one. It represents the Emotional Self. Grandmother Moon represents the Feminine Divine while Grandfather Sun represents the Masculine Divine. As the two of them come together, the Masculine Self walks with the Feminine Self.

It also brings forth the ability to find harmonious ways to step out of the box.

Master Djwhal Khul’s Keynote for this month is:

“The Moon of Virgo within the Sun of Pisces allows me to become One with the Vision of my Higher Self as I experience the Rebirthing of my Physical Self to become aligned with whom I Am Becoming through my Highest Good.”

The Highest Good comes from the perspective of the Higher Self, Monad, and I Am Presence which makes up our Twelve Light Bodies.

Through the ceremony it is important for you to open up your Emotional Self. Allow it to flow. Allow the elements that you have been dealing with that are painful or restrictive to open up unto the blessing of your Higher Self for your Highest Good.

We gather together in our group Merkabah of the Rainbow Merkabah of Light. We call upon Master Djwhal Khul to guide us into the Golden Etheric City of Wakan-Soieka. We arrive within this beautiful ceremonial city into the stadium where we have visited many times before. There is a beautiful flame in the middle that goes all the way up into the higher levels of acceleration and Cosmic frequencies housing all the 22 Rays of God. We find our seats in the first row of the seating area. It goes all the way around. It is a circular ceremony of Light representing the Rays of God by representing the Elders that walked upon this Earth, the Native Elders. So, it represents the Medicine Wheel of the East, of new beginnings, of the South of emotional balance, of the West of the physical vision, and of the North representing our Spiritual Selves.

We call upon the energies of the flame in the middle that represents the Great Spirit. It also represents the Creative Source of Oneness of the 144th Dimension. We are joined by many Souls of many walks upon many planets of the Solar, the Galactic, the Universal, the Multi-Universal, and the Cosmic level along with the Christed Inner Earth Beings representing Telos and all of the Agarthian Cities, the Crystalline Cities, that represent their essences within the Earth as they hold that 5th dimensional frequency within the Core of Gaia.

We also call upon the Ray Chohans of all the Rays. We call upon the overlighting Masters, Angels, and Light Beings, the Inter-Galactic energies representing the beautiful planetary systems of Andromeda, Sirius B, Pleiadian, Arcturian, and many others that are part of the Galactic Federation of Light.


I, as Master Djwhal Khul, bring forth my blessing unto each of you in these moments. Thank you for joining us within our ceremony.

Mahlariessee has spoken eloquently of this Moon. The only additional comment that I have is to,

“Open yourself up. Allow your heart to be totally open, to be in the moment, and to accept what your Highest Self of your Higher Consciousness gives to you assisting you in your Personality Self to make the necessary changes. This is what we mean by ‘For Your Highest Good’.”

Take a deep breath into that and allow your Higher Self and those Higher Light energies, your Solar Angel to assist you through this process, your own Team of Light that walks with you and assists you in each process of the walk upon the Earth.

Let us begin with energies with Lord Ashtar and the Ashtar Command, the Galactic Forces of Light.


Greetings My Friends. I am Lord Ashtar. It is a pleasure to be with everyone once again to bring forth the dynamics of not only the Ascension Columns that are built around the world, but to bring forth more of those Ascension Light energies to assist each of you, to assist Gaia, and all of humanity.

The purity of this cycle is representative of what is going to be occurring throughout this year. There will be more and more closeness within the Higher Light energies and the physical energies on an individual basis. But it does not come without frustration and turbulence as the darker forces of light are continually trying to interfere with what humanity is creating upon this Earth, of creating a planet that can move into a 5th dimensional frequency of Light as what we feel here in these moments.

If you look at the flame, presently, there is one large Column of Light that represents everything that we do through Lady Mahlariessee as she has volunteered to work with us for many years to assist in the evolution of the planet to move into a higher frequency of Light.

Each of you being here with us in these moments are also Comrades of that Light, because the more that you enhance your own Ascension Columns, whether they are in your homes or private spaces, or in nature, through our essences that we are coming together in unity. It is absolutely necessary.

In just the last couple of weeks, we have an added element that we have brought forth into the Ascension Columns. The Sirian Council of Light is offering their assistance to bring forth a fine attunement of Light energies between EACH of the columns. There is nothing extra that must be said because they are now part of the process of these columns to be more powerful within each other.

This means that each of the columns can communicate with each other. It brings forth a fence-like energy around each of the columns. It is not just one line of filament; it is continuous all the way from the top to the bottom and into the Core of Gaia. This is going to create a grid-like substance of the Web of Light that will assist the Earth to vibrate on a more continuous level, and to allow these energies to move through each of you and around you.

We have added these energies because there has been some extreme interference that has been going on. Some of this is because of timelines opening up from old Sirian lifetimes that some of you may have been a part of. We are here to assist, to transcend those energies to allow every person that may have experienced such a planetary structure to move into that Higher Light frequency and to assist humanity, to assist this Earth.

We are here to assist in any way that we can. So, if you feel uncomfortable about any energies or seeing things that are not quite right, please call upon us through the Unified Whole Galactic Agartha Alliance; and we will assist you and we will be in your space to help you transform the energies at a higher level.

If you are utilizing the tools that Walking Terra Christa has given, please continue to use them, because they are very powerful and can assist, along with the transmission of this ceremony every month.

Let us continue and bring forth the re-uniting of the energies around the globe. If there are any areas that you know of that need assistance just place it in your mind’s eye. Do not go to the area, but just allow your mind’s eye to show a vision.

“We call upon the Unified Whole Command of the 144th Dimension, the 330 Rays of God, and the 352 Levels of Initiations of the Mahatma to assist in re-aligning all of the Ascension Columns that have been created around the world, inside your homes and spaces, along with any that have been intended to be in nature. We ask that this Divine Light energy to be re-initiated as the Divine energies come down through all the dimensions from the 144th into the planetary level of the Earth. We allow these columns now to be connected fully into the Core Essence of Gaia. Allow it to go into the Christed Agartha Cities, as all the cities have created their own Columns of Light with the express instructions through Walking Terra Christa. Each of us are now creating these Columns of Light together to bring forth the expression of the Creative Source of Oneness through all the dimensions, through all the Rays of God, through all the Creative Forces of Mastery, through Divine Mother Father God, through all of the Great Central Suns to come down through the Angels, for the entire Root Race that was created upon this Earth to come back into the Force of Light that it was. It shall be and never be changed again.”

Now actualize all these energies through this Divine Language Network Light Encoding.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

We allow this Light energy to now go down into the Core of Gaia. The new doorway has been opened.

Take a deep breath. My role with each of you is to assist. My role is to carry the Inter-Galactic Forces of Light through our Starships to help and guide humanity. We take this energy everywhere around the world. We take it to the areas that have geographically gone through this upheaval, and any areas of the United States with weather patterns and many areas of many other countries and continents.

We feel this Light frequency and allow the filaments from the Sirian Council of Light to surround the entire circumference of the planet.

This is our Web of Light.

I now extend the energies unto Lord Sananda for the blessing. Namaste’.


I come in Peace, I come in Love, I come in Mercy, I come in all the aspects of the Beauty that each of you are from your Highest level of creation into this physical extension upon the Earth. As you walk with this grace and beauty, please know that we are here to assist in this process.

We call upon the Web of Light that has increased in size every cycle that we come together in these moments. Feel the extension of this Light frequency coming into your own consciousness. Feel the vibration of the Beauty of Unity coming together in Oneness and for the highest good of the planet, the highest good of all that we are together in this Circle of Light. This Web of Light is vibrating and extending our Light energies into a higher level of acceptance that will create the aspects that you are desiring to hold within your Physical Self.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

I ask each of you to open your Heart to allow this level of Light vibration to come within you while you let it expand through your four-body system. It is the blessing that is absolutely necessary to hold in your own consciousness so then you can emit it out of your bodily system unto others just by being in that moment of feeling, of accepting, of loving to go deeper and deeper into your consciousness and into your physicality to change your Three Minds to blend as the One Mind of your superconscious, to allow your heart to expand into all that it is through the blessing of your Three-Fold Flame.

Each of you represent the Divine energy of Mother Father God in your own Heart. You are an extension of their Love.

I, as Lord Sananda, send this unto your heart in this moment. Just breathe into it and feel the exquisite joy, the pleasure of being in a state of serenity and compassion. Allow that to extend to all parts of your existence. Allow yourself to become One within it. This is the goal of true Oneness to first individually feel this Oneness.

Now we all extend our energies unto each other with all of the Masters, the Light Beings, the Angels, and the beautiful extension of the Inner Earth Agarthan Cities, of all those Souls. We come together in Oneness to bring forth a sense of compassion, a sense of moving forward one step at a time, allowing the changes to occur. Anything that you feel is affecting you of a lower frequency will just whittle away if you allow it to be. Allow it to be in a state within your breath, within your heart, into the state of Oneness that we are all bringing forth.

So Mote it Be My Dearest Ones. I walk with you in grace, in love, in beauty.

I am Lord Sananda.


We will now receive a blessing from the Whales and the Dolphins as they represent the Hierarchy of the Sea.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]


We, of the Whales and the Dolphins in group consciousness now bring forth our Divine blessing unto each of you, because you are assisting more deeply through these ceremonies than you can ever know. It is helping us; it is helping the physical habitation of our species. It is helping our Spiritual habitation to connect to the species. We are coming together more in the many avenues of the seas and the oceans around the world centering our Divine energies unto each of you within your hearts.

We, of The Whales, give you this message to be strong with what you experience in your histories. Some is good and some is not so good. So, concentrate mainly on the better aspects of your Etheric Self, the aspects that need to grow and be stronger than they ever have before.

We, of The Dolphins, want you to laugh off the pain. Laugh off what does not feel right and find that part, that centeredness within your Heart, within this Web of Light to assist you with the joy that is you. You may not feel it physically, but spiritually it is you. You have arrived. You have come onto this planet to assist all of us as we want to assist you.

[Blessing from the Whales and Dolpins from their language.]

We give you our blessing.


This is Lord Ashtar once again. Let us come together for another moment. Feel the exquisite connection that each of us has with the species of the seas, with the species of the lands, which is you. With the species of the Spiritual Hierarchy that have walked this Earth before. Now we are all walking it together in beauty and in grace. It is our pleasure of the Ashtar Galactic Forces of Light to assist each of you through the vibrational essence where we all came from.

Namaste’. Be at peace within.


I am Master Djwhal Khul. We now bring forth the Native Elders to ground this energy, to fully ground it and receive Divine messages from these Elders to assist each of you in your planetary functions.


AHO! We are the Elders from around the world of all indigenous races. We come together in this group consciousness to assist and give forth our blessing unto each of you.

We are deeply honored that we can come together in this way. Never before did we ever think that all of the Tribal Nations would come into the Oneness to assist the planet.

‘Standing Tall’ is the most important element that you can hold within your own reality. ‘Standing Tall’ of your convictions, ‘Standing Tall’ of your love, ‘Standing Tall’ of your fears. Because when you allow yourself to ‘Stand Tall’ then you can fully acknowledge what needs to change within yourself. Do not be afraid of yourself. Do not be fearful of the transitions that are happening upon the Earth or the transitions of your loved ones. Life is eternal. It is continually evolving. It is important for each of you to realize this within your own consciousness.

What is your new beginning for this Moon?

What is it that you desire to hold?

Allow the Mental Realm to become the active participant of all of the mental thoughts through the Higher Mind. Become One with your Higher Mind as you step into the Eastern Direction of the Wheel.

It will assist you to transform while you learn to walk differently than you have before. Changes will come; your Higher Mind will assist you to move through those changes. Fly like the Eagle above the difficulty but know that when you reach that difficulty that you are able to ‘Stand Tall’ to be part of that Divine Light.

As we walk around the Medicine Wheel, we enter the South, the South of Emotional Balance, the South of the Inner Child laughing at the situation. This is most important to realize within yourself that the issues that you are holding onto are just mirrors of what is inside you and for you to remove them. Allow the Joy and the Acceptance of your Emotional Body to shine within you. The Coyote is represented in the South Shield and what does the Coyote do? He laughs at you. So, laugh at yourself and continue the journey.

As we move into the West of the Vision of the Bear, go deep into your own consciousness. Look at that Vision. Be prepared to see all aspects of that vision and you shall become it. You shall become the roaring Bear; you shall become the strength and the power that you desire to be.

As you stand in the North of the White Buffalo of Abundance, this is where you truly reap the reward of your walk around the Wheel and become part of that essence. Allow your prayers to be heard, extend them unto each of us, extend them unto Mother Earth, Father Sky, Grandmother Moon, Grandfather Sun, extend it to the Cloud People, the Root Givers. Extend it to the Rock People, extend it to all aspects of the lands. Be One with the Earth but bring to the Earth the pure aspect of your Divinity of Light. That is what this cycle represents.

As we stand in the center and look at the amazing Flame of Light that is here that represents the Fire. The Fire of the Earth and the wind blesses us with change. The Sun beams down upon us to give illumination. Feel this power within you as you look at these Divine Flames that represent the Rays of God.

Spectrums of Light of your strength, your POWER, your LOVE, your ACCEPTANCE, your COMPASSION, your PURITY, and your CONSECRATION of your Divine Self. Of the blessing of feeling the serenity and the peacefulness to re-create through ceremony.

Allow the Seat of your Soul to be in your Thymus. Allow the blessing to shine. Allow yourself to bring forth the Higher Light Bodies, to bring forth the balance of the Masculine and Feminine, to bring forth those essences of MERCY, Compassion, and GRACE, to bring forth your Christ Consciousness to be an awareness that is not something that you think of, but something that you are, something that you become.

Allow the Higher Light Vibrations, the vibrational energies, allow the Divinity of Light to come down and shine upon your Crown chakra.  Allow it to extend into all that you are. Become the multi-dimensional Light. Become the Magenta of the Divine Love and Divine Inner Power. Feel that blessing that you are as you become All That Is, the Divine Mother Father God and what all of the Great Central Suns represent.

We extend this Light energy through our essences of our understanding of what the Spectrums of Light represent by walking in grace and beauty and with the power of all that you desire to be. Let it be! Let it become your reality.

Do not fool around anymore! It is time. This Moon and this Sun is giving you the blessing you have been asking for, the blessing to come into your Heart, the blessing to come into all aspects of your Etheric Self to change those timelines, to change the negativity. The more that you empower yourself to grow beyond what you are in this present circumstance, the more Light is achieved upon the Earth.

These beautiful Ascension Columns, they become stronger and stronger as you become part of that reality. Allow it to be. As we call upon the Great Spirit of Light, the Divine Essence of the Creative Source of Oneness through all the dimensional frequencies to come down upon this ceremony in this moment and give us this Blessing of Light. AHO! Now allow it to become your reality. Stomp your feet, shake your heads, allow this vibration to assist you.

[Chanting and Drumming]

AHO! Allow the beat of the drum to be the drum within your own heart. As you walk with the presence of the drum within your Heart, you become the Heartbeat of the Spirit.

We, of the Elders, are deeply honored to walk with you and grace you with our presence and to also help you throughout this cycle. Call upon us. Do your own ceremony. Walk with grace and beauty, with strength and power to bring forth the blessing of your highest good unto your physical reality.



Greetings My Friends. I am Lady No Eyes.

The message from the Elders is very much what I would want to share with each of you. The time has come to stop complaining. The time has come to stop whining. The time has come to stand with whom you are as a Higher Being of Light. Call upon these energies to assist you to acknowledge the presence of your past memories of walking in balance. If you cannot find those memories, then faith will guide you there. Faith will guide you through the darkness to break down the doors that are holding you back and allowing you to resurface as a Divine Being of Light with the presence of humility and humanity of being able to look into your heart and to see from whence you came and then it will push you to keep going into the next step of your creation.

The world needs you presently. This cycle represents that ability to come into true Oneness to allow every Soul that has the capability to step into that Higher Good that they are, to remind themselves that they are not what their lower self thinks they are.

Are you ready My Friends?

Are you ready Dearest Souls to fully step forward and acknowledge the truth?

That truth will set you free. But in retrospect you will have to break down those doors that you do not want to break down. But you must be strong, you must be diligent, you must be powerful, not from your personality, not from your ego, but from your Higher Ego that brings forth the sense of,

“I am doing this because I desire to be more to myself than I ever have, and I acknowledge this part presently. In the love and the light, I truly honor the Masters and what they are showing me and how they are assisting me and to allow me to grow and grow and grow. I extend it to all of humanity. I extend it to the ones that are arguing, I extend it to the ones that are fighting, I extend it to all the ones that are in isolation because I know. I have been there before.” 

You have been there before. You just do not want to honor that. Because in those moments of loneliness really comes the strength, really comes the stability, really comes the power to not be in that space once again.

I give unto you in this cycle the power of your agility to move forward, to be strong, and to stand within these energies to allow your Higher Self Consciousness to be more prevalent within your lower self personality. Let it change.

It is not easy, I know. But you must Persevere. You must work through these energies and allow the Divine consciousness that is here within this ceremony presently. Looking at all these Masters around you, they have done it before you. Acknowledge this, acknowledge it within your Heart. Acknowledge it within the presence that you are.

I am Lady No Eyes Visionary for this Earth. I extend my love and light unto each of you.


[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]


I am White Buffalo Woman. I bring unto you the blessing of abundance, the whiteness of the buffalo. Place it in your mind’s eye as we bring the buffalo here within this circle.

Think of what the buffalo has gone through. The purity of the buffalo has been acquired only through the trials of the darker buffalo. Bring that pure essence into your own Heart which allows you to extend all that you are and all that you can be into this moment of your re-creation.

I, as White Buffalo Woman, extend unto you the ability to die a death today, to die a spiritual death, to remove the cords, to remove the attachments, to remove all that does not serve your highest purpose in this moment.

[Chanting and Rattling]

Feel the Light, the transference of the rattle bringing the breakage of the old to no longer be part of your reality. It does not matter what it is. Do not think about why or how. You just let it go. Let it go through this Light energy.

I extend this prayer unto you, “Give it to me now. Give it to me in this flame, in this fire. Give it to me in all that you no longer want.”

You know what it is My Friends. You know! Let it come into this space and allow the vibration that we bring forth to assist.

[Drumming and Chanting]

Now let us rejoice, let us rejoice for the life that you are becoming.

[Drumming and Chanting]

Now feel this within yourself. Feel the change that has come over you. I extend unto you the prayers of Light and Love, and the presence of your Heart. Let it flow within you deeply and acknowledge it. Become it as you become One within yourself.

AHO! I am White Buffalo Woman.


Namaste’. It is I, Master Djwhal Khul. Let us take a moment of reflection.

Feel the blessing that you are becoming. Feel the strength but feel the illumination. I extend to you the Golden Yellow Flame that I am representative of. Feel the extension of what I have shared earlier.

“The Moon of Virgo with the Sun of Pisces allows me to become One with the vision of my Higher Self. Feel that vision. I experience the rebirthing of my physical self. I feel the vibrational change coming through my Four Body System to become aligned with whom I am becoming through my Highest Good.”

Now take a moment to reflect through your Higher Mind of, “What is that Highest Good for you?” Extend it unto yourself because it is your right to have this. It is your ability to hold the blessing of your Higher consciousness into your physical self within your heart and to walk with beauty and grace.

I am Master Djwhal Khul Spokesbeing for the Ceremony of the Festival of Lights. Feel and now look at the flame. It is almost like fireworks coming out to all of us in this circle.

We arise together, we raise our hands up in unison and we thank the energies of Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon for assisting us in this walk upon the Earth.

Feel the grounding that is happening to you. Now you connect to the inner Core of Gaia deeper down from this 5th dimensional energy, going downwards and then coming back up as she is giving unto each of us a blessing of her essence. Feel the vibrational change that is occurring within you in this moment.

Say unto the flame within your own essence, “What Is My Highest Good In This Moment?”

Take a breath and become it.

Namaste’. So Mote it Be; Let it Be Done. Let it Be Done Dearest Ones through the Heart of All That Is. We are One.

It is now time for us to leave the ceremony. We walk up the steps to the hillside above. We bid farewell to all these beautiful Souls. Please return at any time you would like throughout the month. Please know that these monthly ceremonies do not have to go away. If you find something that really helps you in this ceremony return to it again to help yourself go through it.

We gather together in our beautiful Rainbow Merkabah energy. We see a Vortex of Light of the 22 Flames. It now takes us out of Wakan-Soieka into the planetary level. Each of you shall now travel within your own Light Vehicle coming back into your physical body. Grounding these energies, take a breath. Acknowledge what has happened to you. If you found some inspiration, write it down afterwards. Work upon it and try to do your own ceremony.

The Full Moon is always active up to the time of the New Moon. Of course, the strength of it is very powerful right now and it has been for the last three days, so you may already be feeling these energies. It is my blessing to walk with each of you.

I am Master Djwhal Khul, Ray Chohan of Love and Wisdom, at your service.

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