8:8, Lion's Gateway, Sirians


When there is a major event of energetic changes, I am usually apprised of the energies immediately through Spirit or my inner senses.  This was not the case for the 8:8 Lion’s Gate Frequencies.  I was surprised that my physical reality was not aware of the magnificence of this day upon this year in 2012; but alas, I bring to you in these moments my inner guidance as it came to me this morning.

I awoke with a sense of feeling different; like I needed to adjust something within me.  I had the impression that I needed to start my day earlier than usual.  My partner was still asleep so I opted to get going on the energies.  I opened my computer and read some information on the energies of this day but was not totally moved by these occurrences until I decided to go into our new medicine wheel in our backyard.

As I sat calling upon all the directions, animals, beings of light and fully commanding the higher forces to be within me, I experienced a vision of Isis and Osiris asking to join me.  They both are very prevalent in my pathway with my partner, Mike, and I whole heartedly agreed to allow them into my space.  I felt Isis in her feminine power urging me to do the same.  As I was flowing with these energies, I realized that the tasks that we have put upon us in the last couple of weeks were overflowing within my physical essence.  I started to feel more relaxed and allowing the essence of my own Divine Feminine to fully integrate through me.  It was a beautiful moment and then arrived the esoteric energies of a beautiful Lion in all her glory.

In a moment I opened my eyes, and there stood my own cat named “Isis” starring at me with her beautiful stature and realized that the Lion had fully come within Isis to share a physical moment.  I felt the essence of the Lion fully within the medicine wheel and allowed it to balance within me through all of the directions representing the Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual bodies within.  We then shared a deep connection.

“Today is a very important day in which the balance of the energies fully comes into each human being of what is not aligned within them.  I represent the Lion but also bring forth a message through you to share with others.  We represent the Sirian Council of Light whom you know very well and want to communicate some elements through you for this day.  Allow yourself to understand the process that you are going under personally and each person is doing the same.  Share how you adjust yourself by looking at the dark side and accepting the shift of consciousness that needs to be acquired.  This is truly what this Gateway represents.  We want to share more so please come to us at a very opportune time so that we can connect fully in our presences together.”

At this time, I sat and wrote lists of tasks that need to be accomplished within the next week.  I felt more focused and not overwhelmed by what needed to be done but very centered with everything.  I gave my thanks and left the wheel with Isis, my cat running off to play with the elementals of the land.

Now is the opportune time to share the energies of the Sirian Council of Light that they want to impart through me.  The Sirians have become very physical in our world in Mt. Shasta as of last December.  They shared with us light packet frequencies dancing upon the waters one day at Siskiyou Lake which reflected in the sun and then fully came through our Being.  We were at a time that additional protection was needed for us in a Galactic sense and they walked into this role.  It is my deep pleasure to share with you the knowledges they want to impart on this day.


It is our Divine Pleasure to speak through Meleriessee unto each of you.  We ask of you to take a moment of reflection; breathe deeply and allow your essence to be totally open to our transmission of light.  This will be a deep reflection within you to allow the frequencies to change your composition of awareness.

On this day of August 8th in this year of 2012 there is a new Gateway that is opening up into the frequencies of Divine Completeness.  The Earth has been in separation for many years of existence, so much more than all of us can count together.  We, of the Sirians, understand this transition.  That is why we acknowledge you from the Star System of Sirius B as we communicate to you from the 7th dimensional frequency of Light.  Sirius A is still on the lower frequencies as what your planet is experiencing at this time.  (Please note, we understand that many assume we exist within the 6th dimensional level but that is changing for us also just as you are moving from the 4th into the 5th dimensional realities.)  That is why this opportune time is aligning each of us together.  Just as your Earth has the heritage of the Egyptian culture, we also have the same alignment.  It is another reason why we are so desire to extend our hand of service to each of you.  We understand the process that each of you is undergoing at this time.  We are in full comprehension of the desire for more while not understand how to fully acquire the pathway to do so.

Lion’s Gateway is a portal of Light that is being ignited to allow each individual upon your planet to move from a lower density vibration into the next octave of energy to help align cosmic souls to fully complete a cycle of rebirth.  This portal is open every year, but today is an opportune time due to the light frequencies upon the Universal Structure and Galaxy at this time.  Each of the planets has been aligning themselves to be the gatekeepers for Earth in order to allow the ascension process to continue.  It is a vibrancy of light to change every organism and light frequency within and on the planet to assist in this doorway.

What does this mean for you individually?  Well, whatever you have been dealing with in an imbalanced state can be put into full alignment by being the portal of Light yourself.  It is about the stillness of the moment when you look into the dark sky and see the luminescent star shining down upon you.  You are One with the star in that moment and nothing else matters.  This doorway will illuminate your Being in a way that you have not experienced in any manner, shape or form.  The alignment of the planets and stars are at your disposal in this moment from the dawn through the sunset and beyond.  There is not one specific timeframe that is being centered upon but just the stillness of the day.  It is yours to allow your reflection of your essence to be fully within your Being.  This, in turn, will assist the planet for others to feel it for themselves.

You, as the Lightworkers, Torchbearers, and guides of the Light upon Earth have a grave job to fill.  You do this every day but today it is not with the telephone, nor the computer, it is in personal connection.  It must start first with nature allowing the Lion to show you the way unto the higher realms.  The ability to fully actualize the 10th dimensional reality of the Great Central Sun is being aligned at this time.  Allowing yourself to be the guidepost for the Earth you shall receive this light.  All elements will be in perfect alignment; you do not have to do anything to make it happen but just Being One with the Earth.  It will take silence, a moment of reflection, and the luminescent light shining down upon you.  You will then be a beacon of light for others to feel.

This is a new creation of alignment that is being felt on this day.  It does not matter where you connect, when you do so, but please make it important in your life in this day.  The connection that you will have will be with all star systems that have walked before you, extending out their hand to help you to accept your Divine Blueprint as a Star Being, an Angel, and Light Frequency unto this Earth.

We, of the Sirians, extend our hands to you along with many others; the Lord of the Great Bear Star System who is our father in heaven houses many stars and planets that help to awaken others unto themselves.  We walk with everyone but our task at hand presently is to be the messenger.  Our message is keep striving for the unknown, for the glory, and the light within you.  You are not alone; we are with you together in this quest for light of Gaia.

It is also no mistake that all of this is occurring at this time.  Leo is the leader with a wonderful heart to share with others.  The Harmonic Convergence has always occurred August 16th through 18th for the last 25 years.  Allow the Gateway of the Lion to be your guide as you now step more fully into your power, allowing your gifts to be shared to others, but most of all yourself.  The frequency of Light that is being imbued at this time could not have happened without the Harmonic Convergence of many years ago which each of us in the Star Nations have helped to create to the Earth.  Each of you, on Earth, allowed it to be fully imbued within your Beings.  You walked with great pride each year to allow these frequencies to change your thoughts, feelings, and physical composition.

Walk with the Lion through the Gateway of what you have created, accomplished, and now the real work begins as each of us will be fully aligned with your new-born self upon this Earth.  It is our time of fully communication; we are your Star Brothers and Sisters and are proud to say “This reunion of our souls will create the New Earth”.  We are now physical beings working in unison towards the ONE.

As an added extra note to Meleriessee: we thank her for being the channel that she has been and is.  This information was kept from her until the time was right for her to understand the totality of the information and the pathway.  This is our beginning with her and her partner in their physical world.  Thank you, Mel and Mike, for being our guide to your Hearts of the many.

The Sirian Council of Light

I want to take a moment and give my deep gratitude for the Sirians walking into our world in the past year.  Without them we would never had been able to achieve what we have and they gave us extra tools for protective measures from others that did not want us to create this beautiful pathway.  Their words of love and gratitude for Mike and me have brought tears to my eyes.  I thank you deeply for being in our world and look forward to our physical existence with each other.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Christine Meleriessee

Vibrational Master & Mentor of Ascension




  1. This is truly amazing!! I heard about 2 days ago the words “10th dimension.” Around that time, I went to the park to run and saw this beautiful lion spirit sitting calmly to the left of my path and watching me. Today a friend of mine happened across this blog and forwarded it to me. It all makes perfect sense now!! Thank you for the gift. 🙂

  2. Beloved Mel, So beautiful…both this post and the Meditation…thank you so much as always! Loved how Isis kitty Lioness was a part of this one! If OK, Id Love to join to call during the retreat on the 19th to connect in with you and everyone there if possible. Ill contact you about at as directed on WYC. Blessings getting everything done and ready at this time for the retreat, 25th Anniversary of the HC and more. What an amazing time for you two, everyone in your groups and those of us who are a part of this in our own ways. Im always a part of what you are doing on every level with love, support and desire even if unable to contribute as would like. Hope to be with you again soon but always connected heart-to-heart. In gratitude and Namaste, Suzanne

  3. I just started my journey to discover myself…i realize i have missed so much and havnt been there for myself to know myself.. Thanx Madam Mel. & Mr. Mike this content is helping me grow…Thank you all…I look to grow in divine knowledge…/.

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