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Acceptance and How My Teachings Assist Others Deeply ~

Sometimes we can never know exactly how far our writings and in my case, my channelings, can reach other individuals. I have been guided by Spirit for most of my life to do the work I am creating NOW.  Sometimes I am unsure if I should go on, is it worth it, the challenges that happened along the way, and what is going to be my next step.

The beauty of doing the work I do is not knowing any of these elements.  I have been given a great gift since the beginning of my life on this Earth.  First, I had parents that believed in me even when I was off adventuring on my own in Sedona some 20 years ago after a very painful divorce.  The teachers I received in this process cannot make up for any books or teachings I learned from others.  My gift of gab with the Spirit World saved my life in more times than I can count which I have shared previously.

When the Clarion Light Beings 911 was created nine years ago, I just went forward as I always do when I receive a message from Spirit.  My world has been so much with them than with the earth and I consider them my brothers and sisters first and foremost.  In my pathway of learning I was able to become a Shaman who could heal souls and move them to the other side.  I performed all of these tasks as it was part of my soul’s essence ~ the elements I brought with me from other lifetimes.  It continued deeply with the ascension work but the Clarion Light Beings was always my birthing experience.  I never had children so it was my role to feel as if I was mothering and sharing with others, my Light, my love, and my spirit deeply.

The group continued week after week.  In those days I did a transmission and several individuals would meet together in their locations.  The stories that were shared of the healing of the souls from the Twin Tower Tragedy of 911 was absolutely amazing.  After a couple of years, Archangel Michael suggested that we had the name “and beyond” as many souls were joining the temple with the war efforts, earth changes, and other souls that needed healing.  I invited many to come to the Temple of 911 and found that I was doing much of the work on the Innerplane level in my sleep or altered states.  There was one prerequisite ~ that each soul had to come to myself, John Lennon (who is a Silent Walker-refer to the Clarion Message 3-13-11, http://lifestationearth.com/clb_3-14-11_127.html) and Archangel Michael.  All debris and lower energies needed to be removed from each soul’s energy until they could attend.  A few years ago they opened up a viewing room in which specific souls by invitation were allowed to see what happened in the Temple.

At times, I was not believing that all of this could be true, a Temple that would invite souls to heal deeply, remove their karma as they listened to the messages from the Ascended Light Beings, and they could continue on their pathway in a much easier manner.  Others have said the same to me, “is this a dream or really happening”.  Well, as we all know, there are not an explanations on a metaphysical level, and I came to believe magic can happen no matter where we go in or out of the body.  Others have channeled for me telling this is the largest meditation group in Cosmic history.  Now that is something very hard for me to swallow ~ to know that I helped create this temple and was the bridge on the Earthplane for it to be manifested.  I have been deeply honored in so many ways.

Since the Japanese earthquake and Tsuanami, Archangel Michael came to me to say that we would be working more diligently to help as many souls as possible.  They were making a special dispensation within the Temple to allow the newly arrived souls in the heavens to enter the Temple.  They wanted to make sure that their losses did not hold them to the etheric level of the earth but to continue on their journey as many more would be needing their assistance.  Well, to say the least, I was almost comatose for 48 hours as I was assisting and not being grounded onto the Earth.  We were able to assist the majority of the souls that had perished and they entered the Temple of 911.

During our call last week, the emotions were very high.  Archangel Michael was so intense that it was challenging for me to keep a steady voice as he was releasing through me.  It was also the 9th year anniversary of starting this amazing temple of healing.  I could see the Japanese souls to the right of our seats and totally in awe of how many beings were in the temple during that moment of time.  I returned to the temple the next day during my meditation and I was honored by many souls cheering me.  I do not usually share my personal experiences in this manner but I feel it is very important to convey to my audience how much each of our efforts are being received by all levels of communication.

The magic continued throughout the week.  On Friday I receive a huge donation from an individual from Japan thanking me for help their country and all the souls that had perished during this horrific earth upheaval.  I have been asked not to share his personal story as we have communicated with one another.  He has been listening and reading to my calls since December 2010.   As I read the announcement from my PayPal account I was in tears that this person is sending me a donation when it could be used in various places within the country.  My heart was so filled and gave me a sense of pride of what I am accomplishing.  I know I have a deep soul connection with this person which brought this experience to a personal level for me.  I am deeply connected physically with the country which I was not before this time.  He was honored that I am helping so many but yet the honor is within me ~ connecting to another soul in this manner is creating such a warmth of Oneness for me.

Many people have asked me why we have called it the Temple of 911 and possibly that time in our history is not remembered as much as those of us in the states.  911 does represent a call for help and you can use these numbers together if you feel you need assistance.  Yes, this group started with the souls of 911 that wanted to share with the humans that they loved each of us so deeply for all of the prayers we gave during that time.  When I attended the sweat lodge in which I burnt my leg in the shape of a heart because I was helping to clear these souls, I was in Long Island one month after the tragedy.  I still remember it very deeply and it will always be ingrained upon my heart.

We want to honor all of the souls that need healing, not just the ones that have perished but each of us still on this earth as the Light Workers as we are deeply needed at this time. The special dispensation will be open for all souls to join in the energies almost immediately upon their arrival into the heavens.  We will work diligent to make sure this happens, and John Lennon will be the silent walker to guide them from the lower energies into the higher dimensions to join us.  I have been conferring with Archangel Michael and the Spiritual Hierarchy as we have made a decision on the name of the group.  We will call this weekly meditation “The Clarion Light Beings~Uniting in Oneness”.  The temple will be called Temple of 911 to represent “assistance is being given when asked”.  This is a temple of Oneness of all sentinent beings to heal and grow within each other.

It is an honor to continue this fabulous meditation, share the messages via the recordings and the written transcription.  My heart is so deeply filled in these moments.

Please know that I have been guided by the Cosmic Energies to provide as much information as possible at this time freely to individuals.  I do this with my Heart and Soul.  To charge for either the Cosmic Oneness or the Clarion Light Beings would degrade to me the beauty and clarification of these messages.  I have healed greatly in order to do these channelings and at times, almost left the planet due to the challenges I had to endure.  My life is different know.  I am in acceptance of my work upon this planet and share it freely.  Until we fully get to the fifth dimension, donations are a major part of my being service to others.  I have found that sharing as I have, I have been gifted in unbelievable ways.  Love Donations are most welcome to my Heart,  https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=KDR3YXXKPA7ZL.

Thank you for walking this Pathway of Light with me during this tremendous period of transition.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Divine Language Network

Ascension Coach ~ Vibratory Mastery ~ Cosmic Messenger


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The Karmic Board ~ They Are Here to Assist in Many Ways

Many may not realize how very important the Karmic Board may be to our present life circumstances.  We are in an age in which we are clearing our Karmic Rebirth and sometimes when we meet individuals the interactions can be challenging.  Working with the Karmic Board will assist us in feeling the freedom we desire in our relationships.

What is the Karmic Board?  The Karmic Board consists of a group of Ascended Masters that oversee each soul’s evolution on planetary and soul levels.  The Karmic Board overlight the laws of the galaxy, as they apply to the planet, Earth and meets twice a year to consider petitions from the Brotherhood and unascended beings.  They meet at the Grand Teton Retreat during June 15th through July  14th and then again in  December 15th through January 14th.  They are not only here to assist each of us but we can call upon them any time that we wish to assist in clearing away energies that are stopping us from having our full potential while in body.  They also meet monthly at the Grand Teton Retreat to assist initiates in their pathway but the work done in the 6 day period is of a lesser degree than the twice-a-year conference.  Initiates are invited to attend during December and June during their meditation and sleep states.

The Karmic Board consists of the following Ascended Beings of Light:

The Karmic Board Members:  Lady Portia (Goddess of Justice, spokesperson for the Board), the Goddess of Liberty, Lady Nada (Goddess of Love), Pallas Athena (Goddess of Truth), Elohim Cyclopea, Kwan Yin (Goddess of Mercy), and the Great Divine Director (Manu of the Seventh Root Race).  In addition Lord Adama, of Telos, oversees all souls that are entering Telos after exiting the body.

The petitions that are backed by the largest amount of energy, have the greatest chance of being approved.  Generally, those petitions with the greatest amount of support from both the human kingdom and the ascended realm will be chosen.  Note that Cosmic Law is very strict.  It may not be superseded except under exceptional circumstances.  After consulting with Alpha and Omega, the Karmic Board renders a decision, which is final.

The Karmic Board opens up the Book of Life which is the summary of the experiences of the last embodiment for each individual who passed through the experienced known as death.  The Book of Life shows how the individual used the energy of the last embodiment in a constructive way.  They examine each individual who wants to come back into embodiment and decides whether or not to grant the individual the opportunity to re-embody at a certain place or time.

The members of the Karmic Board are not beings waiting to punish souls.  Their service to God is to assist individuals to be given the greatest opportunity for spiritual progress, to balance out their debts, and to complete their ascension process.  The Karmic Board is a merciful body of helpful intelligences, not to punish the bewildered souls.

They are here to assist us in various ways.  If you find that you are having issues with an individual bothering you psychically, you can put out a request to the Karmic Board to alleviate the interaction.  In addition they are here to help remove any discordant chords that are impeding your progress for your Highest Good.  They will tell you exactly what can occur if the chords are removed.  In some cases it may be previous lifetime connections and you may want to open up the doorway for a better relationship with this person.  Other times it could mean that the relationship would be severed.  They will communicate exactly what the consequences can be when the chords are removed.

You can recite this decree to assist in creating perfect and harmonious relationships:

I came to this Earth to heal my wounds

There are times I am unsure how to do so

I call upon the Karmic Board to assist me

They acknowledge my souls’ worth and growth

And always have my best interests at heart

I go to Lady Portia who is the spokesperson for the group

She shows me how my own Divinity will serve its purpose to the Earth

I then ask for Goddess of Liberty

She assists me to understand the karmic relationship I have with my birth parents

As I transcend all karmic issues that are not for my Highest Good

I call upon Lady Nada, the Goddess of Love

She helps me to focus within my heart center to see we are all sentinent beings of love

This I share with everyone I meet

I ask for Pallas Athena, the Goddess of Truth

She shows me the way to Inner Truth in all my endeavors

Her Light melts away all my fears within me and around me

I embody Truth and allow myself to be totally Humble in all my relationships of self and others

Elohim Cyclopea shows me that with the power of concentration

All will be manifested within my world

There is nothing I cannot achieve as he shows me all can be accomplished at all times

I then ask for Quan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion

To show me my inner compassionate nature in all my relationships to transcend all karmic ties

This assists me in fully actualizing my Inner Self with the love that is embodied within me

The Great Divine Director who is the Manu of the Seventh Root Race walks with me

He assists me in understanding my pathway upon this Earth, called Gaia

He shows me the way of the Cosmic Rays as he is the overlighting energy of Planet Earth

I walk with him on the Pathway of Mastership to do service

Individually each of the members of the Karmic Board assists me in my present incarnation

Together they show me the guideposts so that my Being will be fully realized

I call upon the Karmic Board whenever I need assistance

Within my own pathway and others that are hindering it

I Am that I AM

I Am Honored to work with the Karmic Board in each moment

For the pathway of my soul into ascension

I Am that I Am

In addition you can utilize this decree through listening to an attunement located under Ascension Tools, Attunements, http://lifestationearth.com/attunements_64.html on my site.

As a special dispensation since my trip to the Grand Tetons in September, the Masters have asked me to open up the doorway for others to join in the Retreat on the full moon of each month.  It is imperative that you utilize the visualization on my website, http://lifestationearth.com/teton_recording_75.html or join us during our Full Moon Ceremony which is held monthly.  The Retreat is open during the Full Moon and three days afterwards.

On a personal note I have been working with the Great Divine Director for many years and it has assisted me in ridding energies that were very uncomfortable.  At times, there may be individuals that are very highly psychically attuned and do not understand the ways of honor and walking into someone’s space.  I have experienced this several times and the Karmic Board will aid you completely.  It is also very helpful to understanding if the current relationships one may be involved with assist your highest purpose.  Sometimes we still need to work out the issues on the earth level for the full acceptance of the karmic rebirth process.  In any case they will let you know the outcome if you choose to release certain karmic bonds whether it is good or bad.

This work is also very helpful in understanding what your purpose is upon the Earth and how to best access your Divinity Within the physical vehicle.  If you should have any questions or need assistance, I am available for a private session to do this work more fully with individuals.  It is our time to fully access our full potential and have harmonious relationships in full love consciousness as it is intended by the Higher Realms.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Ascension Coach ~ Vibratory Mastery ~ Cosmic Messenger

Divine Language Network


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Magnificent Changes Create Healing Within

This week was totally amazing with the 11:11 activations and the 9th Wave of Universal Consciousness. We knew it was going to be life changing for every person upon the planet.  The energies of the information this week through Spirit were absolutely amazing.  I believe we were given so many additional tools due to what we were going to be experiencing on a personal and global level.

Changes resulting in global upheaval as Japan was hit with a massive earthquake which caused a huge Tsuanmi to roar through the ocean waters towards Hawaii and then the US western coast.  Lives have been lost and the ones that have survived are left with their trauma that ensued within their present circumstances and then not even speaking about the resulting changes that are happening environmentally.  We all knew that we would be coming to these times of change. We have seen it previously in the last few years with devastation hitting many different areas.

As one who works with souls to assist in their transition, my life in the last 24hours has taken on a new turn of frequency.  Assisting these individuals to move into the Light can be a very challenging job when you are within the body.  I know there are many out there that are doing the same type of work.  Unfortunately, these moments in time are going to be getting worse and we need to be very diligent in our approach in helping others.  Where is your expertise?  Do you know how you best work with helping to heal the Earth?  I think this is an important aspect to think about.  If we all get scattered across the planet trying to help souls, environmental conditions, working with land masses, or personally assisting in the exact location, then is it not that we are still in the Care Taker role?  How do we best define our ability to help others so that the best energies that we have can be utilized to the fullest while we do not deplete ourselves in the process?

This is the thought I present to you, the reader, today.  As always, when I present these writings, they truly are not fully from my physical being and the information is flowing through me.  This morning as the sun is just arising is an element that is coming into my consciousness.  How can we best assist each other through the changes that we are all going through.  We must remember that what happens to others, happens to us.  Each of us are affected by these tragedies even if we are not physically in the location where it happens.  When we work with the souls, we must regenerate our physical bodies; when we bilocate and bring forth healing, we need to re-energize ourselves.  We need to do all of these elements, so that we are able to continue helping the ones in need but also realizing there is great healing in every aspect we are going through.

As we want to help others, we also need to assist ourselves through the transition.  Revitalizing ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually is all part of the process that each of us is going through present. We have chosen to be here, on this Earth, at this time.  It is our time to fully realize our part but also realize it is a human experience in pain, grief, and sadness. We are going to be deeply affected by these enormous changes that are occurring within the Earth.  So I present to you, what are you doing for yourself after you say your prayers, connect with these victims and souls, and help to heal Gaia?

Take time to regenerate yourself.  Know that you are a healer in many ways and taking on the lower energies is not going to help either yourself or the planet. Try to make sure you stay out of the mental level, talking about the situation and how bad it is, but actually allowing yourself to be in the higher energies.  That is what is going to assist us.  Let us band together and share our Light in frequency.  Utilize tools to assist you to stay within those levels so you can fully assist the planet in various ways.  This is going to help each of us to continually being able to do this work.

This week my two calls of the Cosmic Oneness on Sunday evening and the Clarion Light Beings 911 & Beyond will be dedicated to assisting each of us and the planet as a whole.  The Spiritual Hierarchy has asked me to fully expand the calls to create the healing that is needed on a much more global level.  The Cosmic Oneness call will bring forth balancing energies with Lord Sananda and the Cosmic I AM to assist us in this process.  We must remember we are not alone; we are part of the Spiritual Hierarchy.  They have been telling us for eons of time that we help them as much as they help us.  They stand with us during these times.  We are the conduits to assist the Earth and this is what we must remember.  The Clarion Light Beings will be a special entranceway of all the souls who have perished during this time to join in the healing.  Archangel Michael is sharing with me that there is a special area for these souls that will actively participate in the healing on Monday evening.  Usually new souls are put in a special viewing room but I am being told in this moment, that there has been a special dispensation for this traumatic event.  It is like an opening of a doorway for them to fully create the healing that is needed.  I am not totally sure how it is going to transpire but will definitely have more information by Monday evening.  We will also be expanding the healing of Gaia through the Clarion which is always our focus but it is going to be more fine-tuned than previously has been done.

If you would like to join us for either of these calls, they are held at 8 PM EST and can be connected either through telephone conferencing at 218.862.7200, 576094 or via SKYPE – “catdmeler”.  Contact me with a request to be added to either of the calls before the onset of the connections.  Recordings are available within 24 hours via my site at either Cosmic Oneness, http://lifestationearth.com/2011cosmicone_99.html

or Clarion Light Being 911 Audio, http://lifestationearth.com/clb_911_audio_63.html.

I also did a channeled message from the Creative Source of Oneness


In addition there are several Activation Meditations under “Ascension Tools” , http://lifestationearth.com/ascensiontools_70.html which are available to anyone to listen and download.  They are very powerful and some of them are only about 15 minutes which are a quick way to jump start your energies.  I hope you enjoy.

Let’s keep sharing with each other, connecting with our soul family in a physical way, and helping to realize we are here for these connections in a new and deeply meaningful way.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Ascension Coach/Teacher ~ Vibratory Mastery ~ Cosmic Messenger

Divine Language of Light


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Stepping Into the Unknown ~ Acknowledging Our Mastership

Today I was feeling I truly needed to watch “Dances With Wolves” the movie that is so poignant within my heart.  My remembrance of my previous lifetimes in the Native tradition is so powerful for me and I molded my ceremonies upon these energies.  It also helped me to clear and process so many elements that were stuck within my lower body.

As I am watching the movie today, I realized how much the story represents what each of us is going through at this time in our development upon this Earth.  As John Dunbar fully walked into the unknown by first thinking he is committing suicide and then is sent to an outpost in the Prairies meeting upon the Sioux tribe.  He stayed within his power and did not let them take him over.  He became a member of their family and shares his knowledge with them.  It took some time but he eventually found his soul family.

As each of us is here on the Earth at this time, we are bringing into our lives the highest frequencies of all of our lifetimes.  We are becoming multi-dimensional with the fabulous gifts we have shared previously.  We are learning to let go of the emotional baggage and mental thoughts that have kept us in bondage.  Many individuals that are doing the healing are not fully acknowledging their own inner potential.  We have been guided by the Spiritual Hierarchy to share the energies as they have assisted us in the doing the work.  This is the process that has been needed up to this point.

It is now time for each of us fully to embrace our Divinity.  We are the Masters walking upon this Earth.  Yes, we are learning the wisdom from the Ones that walked before us, and it has been a necessary element to allow the vibrations to fully integrate within our Being.  We are now coming upon a time in our development and history to fully align with our own Knowledge and Wisdom.  We need to take what we are learning and then embellish upon it for our on Pathway of Mastery.  We are all on the initiation process, as the Light Workers upon this Earth.  It is not for us to continually say “well, they work through me and I know not what I am doing, I just go with it.”  This has worked in the years past but it is not the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy that is going to help others awaken, it is US.  We fully need to take the leap into the New World of Being and say “Wow, look how far I have come and I am acknowledging my Divine Wisdom within me.”

This can be scary.  I can attest to that fact.  I spent years moving from place to place and not knowing what I was doing asking the Masters for their assistance.  It molded me into the Goddess and teacher I am today as I share these experiences of how to get through these times of not knowing what to do.  It all comes to one word “Trust”.  Trusting ourselves that we have the courage to take on the responsibility of walking the Pathway of Mastery.  Once we jump off that cliff, we will be supported by the Universe so deeply and completely.

There is a story of Master Babaji in which he was teaching a group of his students.  One of the students comes up to him and says, “Master, Master please help me to know what to do.  I want to attain enlightenment.”  Master Babaji replies with, “If you desire enlightenment so fully, I ask of you one thing.”  The student replied, “Yes, yes I will do anything you ask.”  Master Babaji then says, “I ask of you to go over to the edge of the cliff and jump.  You will then be ready to attain enlightenment.”  The man does as he asks and Master Babaji asks a few of his initiates to please go get the man at the bottom of the cliff.  They bring him back and Babaji revives his body and says to him “Now you are ready to walk towards the path to enlightenment.  Congratulations.”

I recall that story so often in times when I have been unsure of what is about to occur.  Each of us is being tested in various ways and we are destined to walk into the Golden Age as the Ascended Masters assisting the masses to awaken.  But we need to take responsibility for receiving the gifts of the higher realms.  Once one acquires this pathway in the steps that need to be taken, the Universe will support you in numerous ways.  More gifts will appear and you will be able to fully create the Light Body while blending the lower energies into the essence of Pure Light.

The challenges along the way can be unbelievable as the physical body is being challenged through this process.  The lower ego needs to be fully integrated and released onto the Higher Ego.  The essence of our Divinity will start flowing through the physical vehicle.  Just as John Dunbar found his soul family and shared his wisdom to the Natives, each of us is accomplishing the same task.  Many of us are moving into different locations and are meeting new people every day.  Some will stay in our lives and others may choose to leave depending on your own pathway of Light.  Many of us are attuning to such a higher state that some cannot be in our space.

As we walk into the New World of Love and continuity of life, the blessings are going to expand.  We will have our times of learning to express ourselves to others and they may be challenging in certain moments, but the true fact is that our Divinity is expanding within us.  We are becoming the Masters Upon this Earth.

As this is occurring many of us are finding our True Loves that will work with us and create highly consciously-related relationships.  The old way of having relationships with our Beloveds are going to be removed as we move into the fifth dimensional frequency.  They will be based upon the soul and heart connection with sensuality.  The sexual act will be completely different within the relationship as the peacefulness of being with such soul in body will create a bond within each other.  These relationships are going to be very present in the New Earth and many of us are meeting these individuals.  In any case we have been working with each other on the higher frequencies to prepare for such a meeting of Heart and Soul.

John Dunbar met his love in his experience, found his soul family and felt so connected to their lifestyle which he then made his lifestyle.  How can one not relate to this story?  We are living it as I speak in these moments.  Just like John, we are unsure where we are going in some moments but we go through the motions as we know there is a Light at the end of this tunnel of duality.  We are coming into completeness first within ourselves by acknowledging the Master within each of us and then sharing it with others.

It is now time for each of us to acknowledge our Higher Essence, not the lower essence and that we chose this pathway.  Utilize the vibrations that are being given to us to accelerate ourselves on the pathway we are walking.  When people do not align with our energies, let them go even when it is painful.  Don’t hold onto the past; we are moving forward quickly and as long as we continue with the gifts we are being given, we shall embrace the New Earth completely within us and around us.

It is also a time for us to acknowledge others on the pathway as we meet together; lower egos can result and cause confliction.  This is truly what Oneness is about and if you find another that does not want to share with you, then that person should not be in your Circle of Light Family.  I have always felt that we need to come together in Oneness and now is the time to do so.  It is a wonderful experience.  Share with others what you have learned and know that another you may teach will take what they have learned and be able to expand upon it for their own pathway.  This is how we all learn with each other.  I am constantly experiencing amazing gifts from others as I share my teaching with them.  We are all part of the Spiritual Hierarchy and now is the time for it all to be grounded upon this Earth.

I want to thank each of you who continually support me, have become my deepest friends as I am meeting my soul family.  I am very unsure of where I am going in each moment, but continually accessing my Divinity along this pathway of life to reach to the New Earth.  I am in gratitude to each of you during this time, and love you all very deeply.



In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Ascension Coach/Teacher ~ Vibratory Mastery ~ Cosmic Messenger

Divine Language Network



Christine holds Mastery Classes each week if you would like to learn how to tap into your wisdom, knowledge, and access your Divinity.  Please check out the upcoming classes by going to her page “Tele-Classes”   at http://lifestationearth.com/tele-seminars_41.html .



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Memories ~ A Special Moment in Time

Today, March 1st is the anniversary of my accident of three years ago.  It was a special shift for me on this Earth as it allowed me to fully bring in my Goddess energies within the following months.  My dearest friend, Master Babaji, assisted me with so many others on that day.  It is just a mere moment in the reflections that I am.

The true memory that I want to share is tomorrow is the anniversary of my mother’s passing six years ago.  Those of you who have lost your parents, children, or loved ones can totally relate to these feelings.  This evening I was sitting here wondering why I was so sad when elements in my life presently are full of so much love and light.  I realized that it was the exact time that I was with her in the hospital the night before she died.  She was always such a great spirit of fun and joy even in her times of being not easy to be with.  Mollie and Christine were the best of friends.  In her later years we truly were not mother and daughter as it felt like we were sisters.  We could laugh, cry, and communicate so deeply with one another even though we were almost 40 years apart.  The time I spent with my parents in the last five years of their life is a memory that will always be with me.

So on the eve of her anniversary the feelings are very poignant and deep within my heart.  Mollie always read all of my teachings even though she may not have understood them.  She was quite an intelligent woman and a beautiful soul.  Both her and my parents left the Earthplane within seven months of one another.  My dearest sister, Cindy, departed eight months before Mollie.  It was a very emotional time for me.

The energies of grief can come in like waves.  It took me a couple of years finding a balance with the loss that I felt.  It was so strong that I attracted a car accident in which I nearly left the planet myself.  Low and behold, when the Angel of Death came to me two weeks before I had no idea that my life could change so quickly.

I have been on this pathway for so many years and during that time I have learned to fully empower myself and embrace the higher frequencies so deeply.  I teach only what I have learned both from studies of Dr. Joshua David Stone and in my own experiences.  I learned that in order for me to fully embrace the beauty that I Am, I needed to experience it in a different way.  This was my pathway.  I found that connecting with the Lady Masters assisted me in fully accelerating the Goddess Within Me so I could fully accept it and share it with others.

My mother assisted me with this element.  She always strived to focus on her femininity within, and I want to thank her for being such a wonderful teacher.  Sometimes we don’t always appreciate what we have until it is gone.

Mollie is not gone…She is with me everyday and she has cried deeply with me in many different areas of my life.  She is so very alive in so many ways.  Being the channel that I am, I had asked her before her passing if we could write a book together.  She replied, “I am not going to leave you alone.”  Well, she was not kidding.  Upon the first 24 hours of her passing, I awoke in the morning and there was my mother standing with Lord Melchizedek, the father of Spirituality of the Universe.  I said, “Mom, what are you doing with Melchizedek?”  She replied, “Oh, we have been having quite a conversation about you all night and he has been telling me many wonderful things.”   [I have been working with Lord Melchizedek for many years and he has been a very strong influence in my teachings.]  I just laughed and realized one thing.  Everything that I showed her, in my writings, and in my journeys, she accelerated her growth.  Her soul was very highly attuned; it just did not come out in the same way that I had done.  She was aspiring to walk through many dimensional levels and I knew she truly was becoming a “Lady Master” in many ways

The moments with my mother continue every day, and I am honored that we can work together in a different manner.  I am writing that book “Our Journey Into The Light” which is actually a story of my sister, mother and father’s pathway of passing over.  Each of the stories are different but very similar.  I helped them to move through the Light Tunnel in various ways and the reader will be able to see how each soul’s pathway is quite different just like our lives are different.

To help me move through this writing of the book, I want to share a small excerpt.  It has laughter, joy, and tears combined into one aspect.  It will be small and I hope to have this in an E-book very soon.

I have been lying in this hospital bed it seems for but an eternity but I know that it has not been.  My daughter, Chrissie, just left my side unwillingly, but I am worried about her driving.  That is my choice as her mother to worry about her.  As I lay here, I keep thinking I know it is coming, He has shown me the way.  I dreamed of God, and not of Jesus or any other religious figure.  I saw him as a beautiful being of Light so very beautiful that I could not look at him and he cloaked himself with a beautiful silk purplish, dark color and just kept saying over and over, “I AM THAT I AM THAT I AM.”  I then saw other people or beings in white robes; I think they are like what Chris explained, “Ascended Masters.”  They are doing something to me but not physically; they are working with my energies just like Chrissie did for me.  Then I awoke and I was still in the bed.

My nurse was very sweet and considerate which I am so happy for.  When Chrissie was here, she got them to get me settled and they gave me morphine for my heart pain.  I could not bear to watch Chrissie watch me deplete, and I asked Jesus to have her not stay with me.  She tried to give me energy through my hands, and I thought it would help me live so I pushed her hands away, little did I know she was helping me move onward.  The physical body is so very difficult – why cannot we have these thoughts when we are in our bodies?  Especially us old ones who do not have a clue about the after-life and that it can be right with us.  There are so many unanswered questions that I now have answers for.

During the next few hours I drift in and out of consciousness.  The morphine was definitely assisting in the process.  I kept seeing this one angel standing by me.  He was so very beautiful and kept holding me in his presence.  I now know that this was Archangel Michael whom Chris spoke about consistently.  Then I saw my mother Lucy, father Pete, my child Cindy and many others just standing around me waiting for the body to be released from the pain.  The nurse was with me, and I asked her to get me some juice but I really knew it was time and I wanted no one to see me leave.  I am very private like that and anyone of my family would tell you this.  Then I saw Christine standing at the end of the bed and she put out her hands to the Light of God and asked I be released from my pain.  Then my husband, Art came by along with my other daughters.  Next to Chris was standing Jane, my granddaughter of Cindy’s who is very connected to Chris.  Behind Chrissie was this beautiful angel of Light who I came to know as the Angel of Death.  Christine works with this angel although she does not know it.  He, at first, looks very emancipated ad then turns into light as the physical body is released.  I was released out of my body and all of my family came with me to the Gateway of Light – The Tunnel of Light as so many call it.  My releasement  from the physical world was now completed on March 2, 2005 at 12:48 AM.  My new journey was about to begin.

I am in awe of the Light all around me.  It is so bright and I feel as if I must close my eyes.  I am guided by many but one special being is guiding me through the massive tunnel of Light.  Now this light is many colors, not just white, and the tunnel turns like a kaleidoscope.  Rainbows of colors intertwining with one another, not one more prominent than the other but muted together.  I was told later that the muted colors were representative of the healing that takes place for each individual and each individual experiences it differently than anyone else.  It seems like an eternity and my dearest daughter, is guiding me towards some very special beings.  We are met by the famous songwriter from the Beatles, John Lennon who seems to know Christine more intimately that I can imagine. My mind is swirling with questions but I cannot speak.  He conveyed to me that I would understand at a later time.  Now at this time, Chris is holding my right hand and she has her arm around me.  She is cloaked in golden light and as we meet John, he too, is full of a golden hue.  She communicates to John that I am her mother who just passed out of her body but he already knew this.  She is asking him to take care of me that she must go back because the call from her father would be arriving very soon.  She is sad but she is so very happy that I am in the right hands of God.  Her sister, Cindy, takes her place and we embrace as Chris turns away.  She does not go alone.  She is never alone.  She has so many assisting her in her pathway of Light.  Master Djwhal Khul is walking with Christine and giving her comfort as we part, but I know in my heart that this is just the beginning of a beautiful relationship with my daughter and I shall know more.

I love you Mom, always and thank you for standing by me in all times good and bad even as you are entering a new world of the Light Divine.  Your heart and mine will always be intertwined.  Many blessings, so many blessings.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Teacher/Coach of Ascension ~ Vibratory Mastery ~ Cosmic Messenger

Divine Language Network