12:12, Ascension Mastery Tools

Tools of Integration for the Diamond Light Codes of 12:12

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Rev. Christine Mahlariessee shares her knowledge of Ascension Mastery Tools to assist individuals to learn how to balance themselves through the 12:12 Portal of Light.

We are in an extreme time of rapid acceleration and this month of December 2018 is promising to push us even further into our limits within your physical existence. The 12:12 Portal is now open through the Solstice energies and whether we know it or not, we have been preparing the entire year to help us move into a deeper connection with our Spiritual Self.

Every soul is going to be affected differently as it depends upon our own spiritual foundation and what you are holding within our full body system.

It is very important to realize that working through these energies is the key; and not allowing them to work through us.

What I mean by this statement is that the surge of light that is occurring presently through the Great Central Suns of the Solar-Galactic-Universal-Multi Universal-Cosmic from the 10th through the 49th dimensional frequency are putting all elements into alignment. It is important for each of us individual to take responsibility for our own growth. The Masters nor the Christed InterGalactics do not do it for us; we actually have to allow the transference of the light packets of energy to blend within our four-body system which is the physical, etheric, emotional, and mental selves.

The chakra system is getting a complete overhaul of these energies. It is important to work with your chakras, spinning them, and opening up while working with the Rays of God to intertwine within the chakras.

The Blue Flame of Will and Power ignites within the Throat Chakra, the Golden Yellow of Love and Wisdom centers within our Crown Chakra; the Pink Flame of Creative Actualization blends within our Heart Center; the Crystalline Flame of Harmony and Balance through Conflict flows within our Root Chakra; the Ruby Red/Golden Flame of Inner Devotion comes within the Solar Plexus; and the Purple/Violet Flame of Ceremonial Structure flows within the Sacral Chakra.

Each of these flames are essential to utilize in order for your present chakras to be attuned to the higher light energies. It will help your physical body to accept the higher light frequencies and adjust accordingly through your organs, your blood stream, your glandular systems, and all the interworkings of the physical body.

The reason that Ascension Symptoms occur is because the physical body is not able to handle the higher light frequencies. So many individuals go through flu-like symptoms as the body is purging and detoxing those elements that can no longer exist within your system. The Etheric Self is very important through this process as this is your Light Body; it is the part of you that has traveled the many eons of time to get to this point and time and holds all your timelines good and bad.

Learning to breathe into the chakras with each of the Rays of God will truly assist in not only helping you to access your Higher Self Consciousness but it will raise the vibration within the carbon-based body so it can become acclimated to the light encodements that are being received presently.

The Seven Rays of God are essential to bring forth these energies into your present chakra system – it will help elevate them into the Cosmic energies to assist you to hold more light and feel more balanced within your system. You also need to be very patient within this process as it does not happen overnight.

From the seven flames learning to access the higher flames of light through the 22nd Ray will also assist in vibrating the body and attuning it to the light frequencies that are coming into Gaia; please see our article “Accessing Your Four-Body System by Accessing the 22 Rays of God.

The 8th Flame represents the Seat of the Soul which is located within the Thymus Chakra. Many individuals think it is the Soul Star but this is very untrue. The Soul Star and Earth Star are not considered chakras; they are exactly what the definition says, “stars”. They do not change but are accessed through your Etheric Self and have always been part of your light body. When a person leaves the physical body from the earth, the soul star and earth star stay intact as they are part of your evolutionary process as a soul. The Soul Star allows for the accessibility to the Antakararna Bridge to the Monad and the I Am Presence.

When you work with the 8th Flame of Sea Foam Green, which represents a Higher Cleansing Ray “Accessing the Perception and Clarification of What Has Been” meaning it brings forth the dynamics of your Soul’s Essence to be blended within the physical self within the Thymus Chakra. It holds the essence of Clarity to transmute and create the higher frequencies of light to be within the physical self. This is the start of the 4th dimensional chakra grid and is an open doorway to your truth as a soul from the Higher Realms.

Working within each of these energies are essential for an Initiate or Awakened Soul to be able to hold more light within your physical self. It will help to alleviate all kinds of symptoms that you may be experiencing or dealing with.

We have to remember that these energies are being directed through each of the Great Central Suns through the Rainbow of Arcs that we received earlier this year. They represent each of the 330 Rays of God intertwined within each other. So it can feel like we are being twisted and turned around like we are in a vortex of rainbow colors. That is exactly what this energy is doing to us.

The other most important element is to not let your Lower Mental Mind or Physical Mind to tell you that this is just a phase and that you don’t need to do this inner work. It is important to utilize your breath each day with calling upon the ray energies to assist you. Learning that your thoughts can trip you up so you must learn to step into a higher awareness of yourself.

This year of Mastery has been very helpful for all of us. I believe that if you take some time of reflection and see how you were in the beginning of the year within your consciousness that you will be able to understand how much you have changed. This process is ongoing and it is not going to stop as we move into 2019. What we have learned individually now needs to be grounded. This is what the December Solstice will represent to each of us and it will continue through December 31st.

The other important element is if you can take some time to yourself through this phase it would essential help to ground these energies. In addition if you find yourself being guided to experience healing energy sessions, please do so. It is important to feel safe with your healer and get to know them and how they work. What kind of inner work have they done for themselves? This is a very important element to consider.

If you find yourself with flu-like symptoms, utilize herbs and vitamins to help you through the process. We also like to call upon Dr. Lorphan, the Director of the Great White Lodge of Sirius who is an Intergalactic healer to assist us. You can do this in your sleep state, and ask him to work with you at the Light Ray Center in Telos. We also suggest you utilize the Unified Whole Energies of the 144th dimension to help you through that process.

You would get yourself centered, cleansed and prepared. Then call out “I Call upon the Unified Whole – Galactic – Agartha Alliance to assist me.” Then count upwards from 0-10, then 11 For the Galactic Level, then 24 for the Universal Level, then 36 for the Multi-Universal Level, then 49 for the Cosmic Level of Divine Mother Father God. Continue counting upwards by 10’s from 50 (Angelic Realm) through 140, then 141-142-143-144. This is the Sacred Heart Temple of Oneness. At this point, call upon Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos or Lord Saint Germain to assist you in your sleep state. State what you specifically need help with and ask for Dr. Lorphan to help you.

You may notice a difference when you awaken or possibly not. It depends upon your own consciousness. You can make a conscious statement to ask them to help you remember your experience.

Utilizing any of these tools will truly assist in helping to hold more light energy. Your Higher Self is the controlling part of you that will decide what you can hold and what you cannot. If the energy becomes too strong, ask your Higher Self to assist you. You don’t have to be in a state of distress through these energies.

Become your best healer as it is your life and your pathway. Know that what you are experiencing is because you are ready to know more. Just be responsible and prepare yourself for the journey. Write your intentions down, ground them into your Earth Star, and allow the energy to help you and not hinder you. Remember it is essential to ground the energies or else they will get lost in the shuffle.

In my own person pathway I have gone through many accelerations in the 30 years I have been doing ascension mastery. These energies are very strong. I am able to handle it in a more balanced way, but it does not mean I am not affected. I go through periods of dizziness and have to stop what I am doing. I also have a tendency to sleep less during these periods as I am working with the God Force very directly. That is why I am writing today as I was getting the push from Lord Adama and Lord Saint Germain to share some of this knowledge.

Be kind to yourself and write about your experiences. These are times that are most important as you will forget what you went through emotionally and mentally. You want to look about and see this time as a moment of walking through that doorway and seeing the change within you.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Mahlariesse (Heliohah) Hayden

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