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Revelation of Love ~ Full Moon Message October 2022 Festival of Lights Master Djwhal Khul


Rev. Christine Mahlariessee shares her Ascension Mastery Message of Master Djwhal Khul* about the Aries Full Moon which is in opposition to the Sun of Libra occurring on October 9th, 2022 at 1:54 PM Pacific, 4:54 PM Eastern within Universal time of 8:54 PM.

This moon represents New Beginnings regarding our personal life learning to strike a balance between the way we nurture ourselves vs assisting others in our present relationships. It brings forth a state of Revelation to occur as the moon energies start to surface within our consciousness.

What we have not done before can now become a priority in our lives as the aspect of Venus is helping to open up our hearts to become more aligned with Divine Love.

As the moon represents the Feminine Essence within Aries, it allows for elements that have been constricted within yourself is now open to the blessing of acceptance of whom we are internally with the feminine within us. It is a time to find the ability to love more deeply, allowing for the ability to create that love to become the manifesting factor of our lives.

The Sun of Libra is a balancing energy so the Masculine Essence within us is going to come into a higher state of equilibrium. It will bring forth the foundation of the Divine Love to become the manifesting energy in our lives.

As a result, changes can occur through this process which are for the betterment of our ability to walk through the challenges in our lives.

The moon of Aries brings forth the stability to create the balance within our hearts, to allow the divinity of Love to not be overwhelming while creating a stance of emotional maturity to develop. It is a time to be truly patient with ourselves as we go through this process.

The Emotional Body is being opened up in a new and completely different way. Usually we can tend to be overwhelmed with our emotions during the full moon, but this cycle is teaching us to stop and feel the love within our Heart allowing it to be our guiding light into positive change.

This will result in a deeper commitment and responsibility to ourselves, allowing for the ability to honor and respect internally for how far we have traveled into the present state of becoming more aligned with our Spiritual Self or I Am Presence.

Take time to create a ceremony for yourself. Honor what you have endured and gone through the last several months. This will help to create a sense of balance to occur within each of your four bodies (physical, etheric emotional, mental), not just the Emotional and Mental levels that are represented by each full moon.



I AM that I AM!

I am Master Djwhal Khul, Ray Chohan for the Golden Yellow Flame.

As the planet will be experiencing the openness of the Divinity of Love, it will interact within your Soul to look at your life differently than you have previously done. This is because you are now at a place within your consciousness to accept your lessons you have experienced to see that you are holding within you a deeper part of your soul’s history to be revealed.

The present moon energies with the sun are bringing forth an alignment to be experienced within each soul upon the earth. Whether every human being accepts this as a gift remains to be seen, but the opportunity to start to Honor Yourself from the Soul’s  perspective instead of the personality is going to be a major factor in how you will relate to the present energies.

The alignment that is occurring within this cycle is a grand opportunity to fully look at what you have gone through, realize the lessons that have occurred, so that you as the Personality Self can fully allow the Higher Spiritual Self to become more intertwined within your consciousness and life.

This cycle represents balance and stability in which it is blessed with an understanding that you may not have seen previously. This is due to the fact that the lessons are stepping stones into a higher realization that what you experienced was an important part of the blessing.

The Revelation of this moment is to look back, see what you had to experience, realize the potential you have within yourself, and allow your Emotional Self to become more in tune with the aspects of respect, patience, and trust which are all a major part of moving through your Initiations.

Take time during this cycle to see how you have changed; the growth that has happened, and revel in the blessing of Receiving. Isn’t it time for you to accept the growth that has happened?

Enjoy these moments; hold it to your Heart; and Allow the Expansion to be experienced.

I walk with you each step of the way,

I Am Master Djwhal Khul

Namaste’ and Blessings to each of you.

JOIN IN A PUBLIC CEREMONY TO ACTIVATE THE HIGHER FREQUENCIES OF THIS FULL MOON ~ SATURDAY OCTOBER 8, 2022 at 11:00 AM PT USA (click here for details). Walking Terra Christa is facilitating a public ceremony and meditation for the Festival of Lights; included in this ceremony is Master Djwhal Khul, Lord Ashtar with the Whale and Dolphin energies, Lord Sananda, the Consciousness of the Native Elders, Lady No-Eyes, and a blessing from White Buffalo Woman. Please use the link in our Audio Library to download the recording (posted within 24 hours) and bring in the energies of the blessing of this Full Moon for yourself.

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(*) As Master Djwhal Khul previously shared when he was working with Madam Blavatsky there would come a time in the future that he would need to speak through another carefully chosen individual who was pure in alignment with the Brotherhood of White Light and Spiritual Hierarchy. This promise to humanity was fulfilled when Rev. Mahlariessee was ordained through Dr. Joshua David Stone in 2003.

If you are in need of a meditation to assist your full body system go through a healing process (which we all are doing within the process of de-ascending the Rays into our chakra grid, in 2020 we created a special 50 minute version that does assist on many levels. Our original article on Spiritual Cleansing for Health and Healing Meditation has the link to order and also has other tips that make the ascension process easier. We have learned in the past 2 years that this meditation is an essential spiritual tool given the many viral strains that keep emerging globally. W now use it almost weekly (and even daily when facing a healing crisis).

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