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Understanding and Accessing Your I AM Presence

There is a variety of information about the I AM Presence in which  each individual needs to access this energy for the future of our existence upon Earth.  I do not deny that fact as it is essential for each of us to move with the New Earth.

As one who has been a student of Ascension for the past 15 years, I learned from my mentor, Dr. Joshua David Stone, about many tools, techniques, and schools of thought for the I AM Presence.  He is now ascended on the Inner Plane, and I am getting shoves from him to share my expertise of his knowledge he imparted to so many of us.

The I AM Presence is a collective consciousness of our Monad.  It is not a physical individuality but 11 other soul personalities that work with us.  The soul that is working on their ascension process is usually the one that ascends for the others.

It is like this:  The Creative Source of All That Is created Mother and Father God.  They then did their part to create the universes and planets within each universe.  We were all a collective consciousness at that time and the consciousness of God wanted to share their love so they allowed the birth process.  We were in a pod called a Monad which consisted of 12 of us.  We separated into individualized souls and are very interconnected.  Our I AM Presence is considered to be this Monad.  Then each of us reached out to other Monads which was part of collective consciousness off 144 soul personalities that we connect within this consciousness.  Some of these souls you have met or will meet.  Some come in and out of your life but they do assist you in the process of your spiritual journey.  They may have been a teacher, a student, a supervisor, a father or mother, or in a variety of types of relationships.  You may also never meet all of your other soul personalities.

Out of this combination of souls we have a definition of types of relationships on the earth plane.  They can be classified as Twin Rays, Twin Flames, Twin Souls, Twin Mates, Divine Expression, Soul Mates and Divine Complements.  These souls are all part of our 144 extensions.  The deeper the connection ~ the higher the relationship.  Twin Rays are coming into activation but they are challenging to say the least.  This is the soul you were fully intertwined with at the moment of our re-birth.  Some can even have triple or quadruple rays.  Most of the time these souls are not manifested at the same time on the earth, but in certain cases, we are all being introduced to them.  One soul is usually more highly advanced than the other and there can be a difference in chronological ages.  Twin Flames are becoming very common among the spiritual community. Some think Twin Flames are Twin Rays but they are not.  They are mirror reflections of one another and can have the same life circumstances.  One can have seven twin flames but not all are physically incarnated.  I for, one, was married to a twin flame and it was an intense relationship.  I also know of one another individual who is a twin flame, but we are not in a close relationship with each other.  I do know of my Twin Ray energies which I will not go into detail at this time.  But if you meet your Twin Ray it is a relationship that needs to be nurtured and balanced.  The relationships of Twin Souls are very balanced and can be more like friends than lovers.  These are the higher-evolved types of soul connections.  We have many Soul Mates and Divine Complements that have assisted us in our pathway.  There is more detailed information on these connections but I will go into that association at a later time.

So are our Twin Rays and Twin Flames parts of our Monad?  Yes, on the Twin Rays and possibly, no, on the Twin Flames.  I believe this is a very personal experience.  In any case they are the most intense, loving connection that a soul can encounter and throw you off your feet if you are not balanced.  So how do we stay balanced in this time of Earth changes?  There are many techniques I could share with you but I want to elaborate on the I AM Presence.

As our spiritual journey moves up into the higher frequencies, connection with our I AM is imperative.  This is the space that we need to fully embrace.  This embracement occurs within our Thymus Chakra, which is considered the 8th chakra, or Seat of the Soul.  It is also the place where the Higher Self will integrate once a person is fully ready to receive this activation in the physical vehicle.  In order for each of us to ascend physically into the fifth dimensional frequency, it is imperative for us to integrate our I AM Presence.  This cannot be done until the lower chakras have been cleared from karmic debits, traumas, and experiences of a lower form of energy.  Sometimes it can be done automatically but in truth, utilizing various techniques of energy attunements, meditations, healing from a qualified professional will help release and activate these centers.  Once an individual integrates the higher levels for the transition into the 5th dimension, they will have fully activated 22 chakras which blend with the lower physical chakras to create the Light Body.

This is the process that each individual is feeling within the ascension movement.  The changes of moods, feelings, and physical changes within the body as has been explained by many individuals.  Yes, it is happening automatically, but until one fully acknowledges their I AM, they will be unable to let go of the fears, lower thoughts, and judgments of the self.  At the same time, each of us are going through initiation processes to activate the higher chakras and I AM.  We may be consciously aware of these changes or activating them through spiritual studies.

For me my activation process was during a time when it was not talked about very freely.  For me to do the work I am doing consciously, I endured many challenges.  In the last five years I was told by Spirit that my life would never be my own and I can attest to that statement.  My I AM Presence was activated about six years ago when I was living in a shared house that was full of dark energies and I had to constantly work on raising my vibrations.  It happened one day when I was at the beach for my birthday.  I had started channeling the Heart of God along with the Will of God.  It was at that time my pathway became more enlightened and I was given the distinct honor to be integrated with Mother and Father God in order to channel their energies.  The integration process took two years and I almost left the planet several times.  It is a blessing that I can impart these energies to others.  It is my gift to the world.

Not all need to go the depth that I have done but I do feel each individual that wants to move when the earth changes in the next couple of years need to fully activate the higher chakras.  If you do not, then you will be stuck in the Karmic Wheel of Rebirth, fighting duality on the 4th Dimension as we are doing presently, struggling with finances, and not receiving the love that we all richly deserve.  The Earth is changing drastically and the 4th dimension will be riddled with extreme lower energies.

In future posts I will share about the energies of Lemuria and the Golden Cites that are going to be built around the world for us to experience this light fully within our physical vehicles.  We still have quite away to go but it is a blessing to share with each of you my experiences and hopefully you can avoid some of the pitfalls that can occur.

I bless you with the energies of my I AM Presence,

In the Name of Meleriessee Heliohah

I share with you my Light, My Growth, and My Divine Essence

As in my sharing, I shall Receive

As we come together in the silence of the wind,

As the waves of the Goddess of the Sea embrace our movement

Allowing the Tides to change us within

And Accept Our Divine Heritage Together.

As an ending prayer, you may utilize this to activate your I AM Presence:

I AM the Soul

I AM the Light Divine

I AM Love,

I AM Will

I AM Fixed Design

I AM the Monad

I AM the Light Divine

I AM Love

I AM Will

I AM Fixed Design

Christine is available for Private Sessions and Classes Via Telecommunications at

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Namaste for a wonderful journey embracing your Divine Heritage.


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