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When You Let Go of the Struggle, Magic Happens ~ The Story of How Christine Came to Understand Her Pathway of Weight Reduction

I have been guided by Spirit to fully share my story of the weight struggle in a very shortened version.  I have recently dropped 45 pounds in the last six months without even realizing that it was happening.  It is a magical moment in history for me and when you read the entire background I share, maybe you can understand the dynamics of this event in my life.

There has never been a time in my life that I was not concerned with how much I weighed.  At the age of seven, I was pathetically skinny and sick with tonsillitis so my parents opted to have my tonsils removed.  What transpired from the time forward is a struggle that many people deal with internally and externally.  I am sharing in hopes that others can understand their own weight issues and give themselves some patience and love.

After the surgery, my weight escalated through my pre-teen years.  As most of us have experienced, the family situation was dysfunctional but very loving.  I took on the role of being a care-taker as I was the 4th child with sisters who had children.  I never learned to nurture myself in the way I should have and I hold no blame to anyone for these years.  I spent time in Inner Child work so I could understand the process.

So I put a protective wall around my skin to help me cope with elements that I could not deal with.  It does not matter what these are in this timeline, but then, it was a challenge.  I grew up on a lake and was very active in both the winter and summer months.  I put extreme weight on my limbs especially my hips and thighs.  Through the years I exercised continually and was on the yo-yo syndrome of dieting.  Without the exercise I believe that my weight would have escalated even more.  It was my savior for a very long time, and I enjoyed it immensely.

About 20 years ago I was married to a man who was a health professional, and I learned that certain foods were taboo for me.  I also had some physical problems including a low Thyroid condition.  There were times I was without the medication and the weight would shift unbelievably.  I learned to do strength training and aerobics which helped me survive.  I literally had problems removing the higher numbers on the scale but I could reduce my inches in a matter of weeks.  It was a struggle.  I have always had an hour-glass type of figure so my waist was much smaller than my hips.

I went through self-help tapes and books which helped me to visualize myself at a lower weight while I was exercising and meditating.  I listened to audio tapes for hours on end.  I also went completely off of dairy in the late 80’s and the health food diet escalated from there.  I removed many products off of my list including all white flours and sugars.  I learned how to cook very alternatively which truly assisted my state of living.

I realized that the Thyroid medicine was not helping me and on the advice of a herbalist, I was able to remove myself from the medication.  I was told that it would be extreme and great diligence would be needed.  I learned how to brew up fresh herbs for a tea and expanded my range of vitamins and minerals in my diet.  It was extreme and if I had not been unemployed at the time, well, I don’t think I would have been able to achieve what I did.  I kept up with the regimen for several years as my energies needed the extra nutrients.  Eventually, my thyroid tests started showing as normal and I knew I had changed my life completely.

In the meantime my weight escalated even though I was watching everything I was eating.  I would go through periods of extreme frustration and go off the diet by eating healthy snacks that still were not quite diet material.  I really hate that word diet as aren’t we all on a diet?  Our food is our diet.  I was told that once by a science teacher when I was about 11 years of age and it is so true.

I then started having issues with edema with my menstrual cycles which added insult to injury.  Now I was not only holding onto the weight but the water retention was relentless.  I started purging my issues deeply trying to grasp why the weight was staying on the body.  I would exercise heavily and when on the floor, I would be in tears as I realized I was releasing the pain that was being held in the legs through the cellular level.  I remember issues of my past and they were leaving me little by little.  I continued this process for many years.  I would exercise heavily and drop massive amounts of inches but only a few pounds.  I looked great but it has always been a big challenge.

I fully connected with Spirit with each step of the way as that is my life.  They kept telling me that the water issue was helping me to ground myself to this Earth.  I could understand the process but it was challenging to fully accept that I chose this body type in order to do this work and stay on the Earth.  In March of 2008 I had a bad car accident in which I was saved to still live on this Earth.  That was another challenge but yet I knew there was more to my existence than Just Existing and Sharing the Messages.

In 2011 Lord Adama who is the High Priest of Telos told me that I would be moving toMt.Shastain the summer months but he would let me know when it was time.  In the meantime I met a man who I became friends with and he fully helped me to ground on this earth.  I knew that I needed male companionship to stay on this Earth but did not have any idea how it would happen.  He and I parted for a short time, and I prepared to move toMt.Shasta.

In July I packed my car with a cat and traveled 3,000 miles to the other side of the country.  This was not an easy task and right beforehand, I created an infection in one of my veins on my right leg.  I knew it was a huge problem so I delved into my herbal remedies and vitamins to help me get through this process.  The leg was inflamed and of course, it was my driving leg.  The trip was not easy with this problem now activated within my life.  I arrived in early August no worse for the wear but the leg still a major issue.  I fully took care of myself and started my new life.  I had some friends visit and my hiking was minimal because of the leg issue.  I learned to deal with it.

It was not until Merlin came to me and told me to go toCastleLake.  I was to swim to a certain point where there was a vortex in which I would receive healing for the leg.  I did so and he was exactly right.  The leg greatly improved and I was able to start to hike and exercise.  I did my usual task of taking my measurements so I could chart my progress.  My friend, Mike, decided to visit in late September.  I was able to hike but still had extreme problems due to the weight issue.  Nothing would stop me from being on this majestical mountain.

Well, Mike left and then he came back as we decided that we needed to partner our work together.  I continued my exercise but never knew how much I weighed as I did not have a scale.  We also did mineral baths periodically which help tremendously in reducing the extra inches especially in my legs.  By the end of the year I had a reduction of 18 inches in total.  I noticed that my clothes were fitting differently.  In fact a pair of jeans I wore was extremely loose but I paid no attention to any of this.

Mike and I have developed a full relationship of love and partnership which I know was the resulting factor.  Spirit had told me that I would loose the weight inMt.Shastaand that when it left, it would go quickly.  They were not kidding.

We went to the baths two weeks ago and I got up the courage to stand on the scale.  This was something I truly did not want to do.  Okay, the weight had escalated to a point that I thought I would never be able to loose it all.  I stepped up and moved the scale to the point I thought I was at.  Low and behold it was too heavy.  I started moving it downwards and it went 10, 20, 30, 40, and 41, 42, 43, 44 and 45 pounds less.  I choose not to share how much this was as it is still extremely high but I am at a point that now, I can deal with moving the rest of it.  I was so excited to see this happen that I got on the scale and off again very quickly.  It was correct…whew…I felt this sigh of relief.  I went into the bath and cried my heart out.

So without even worrying how much I was letting go of in the weight department, it was leaving me.  I have found a new life here in Shasta and I am now able to feel happy to be on this Earth fully grounded.  I am with a man that adores me no matter how much I weighed, but so happy to see me reduce the weight.  I always hated myself for the way I looked.  I hated to have pictures taken of me even though I consider myself a very attractive woman.  All pictures were at the waist and above which is a normal weight for me…

I worked hard to get to this point and I removed years and years of pain that I put onto my body.  I protected myself from pain but yet fully created more pain for myself.  I created this body so I could stay on this Earth and do this work.  Mike reminds me of this every day.  I am so excited to have this occur for me that I needed to share with each of you.  I am putting myself in a vulnerable position but it is time to acknowledge what I have accomplished.

I now feel I am at a weight in which I can remove the rest of it with ease and grace.  My diet is organic, no wheat or white flours or sugars.  I do not starve myself and am probably eating more now than I ever did.  Sometimes I felt I was not eating enough but living alone, I did not cook regularly.  I did power shakes and am now off of all non dairy milk except for Coconut as my body will not tolerate Soy, Rice or Almond.  Quite a big change for me.

My advice to those of you who are struggling with your weight is to look within first.  You cannot loose it and keep it off without taking care of the baggage of why you held onto it.  I worked psychologically for many years through this process and am so glad that I did.  I am now fully content with who I am, who I have become, and am deeply loved not only by myself but by an amazing man who shows me every day.  Without his love of me I doubt if I would be writing these words but we create our own reality and I CREATED HIM IN MY LIFE.  Now how beautiful is that…it is amazing to share with you my beautiful essence inside and out.

Stay tuned for the next round of finding my perfect “ME”.











Love and Blessings,

Christine Meleriessee

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Learning Love & Acceptance Creates Assistance for Another

Wings of an Angel

Today is Easter Sunday and in the last 24 hours I have been very emotional.  The past week I have gone through tremendous shifts with this Resurrection of the Festival of the Christ.  I received a lesson today in learning that we are being called to consistently go where we are needed and also receiving the love and acceptance we are looking for in each of these moments.

I started a new group that is aligned with my teachings with Lord Adama for the New Earth Consciousness~ Circle of Light.  People are sharing in such beautiful ways.  My family situation changed drastically with my parents and sister removed from the equation and I walk alone during most of the holidays.  I do not regret these changes but at times, if feels like life on Earth can be very lonely for people like me who choose to walk with Spirit at all times.  Most of my soul family is appearing in different areas of the world so I try to take care of my physical well being by connecting to nature.

I awoke this morning and the weather was testy to say the least so I thought my idea of driving to the beach in southern New Jersey was out of the question.  Low and behold, the sun appeared around 9 a.m.and I thought, “Let’s do it”.  I decided to travel the shortest distance as my visit would be just an hour or so.  I went to Long Beach Island and was unsure which part of the island I wanted to connect with the Goddess of the Sea as it is over 10 miles long.

I also was feeling the energies of Sathya Sai Baba all morning as he had made his transition on this day ~ another amazing energy surge, it being Easter Sunday.  On the way down to the beach, which is about an hour, I was conversing with Spirit and my mother, Mollie, appeared which is not unusual.  The evening before, my parents were so prevalent that my cat,Isis, was staring where their pictures are on a shelf in the living room, crying her little heart out for what seemed an eternity.  I finally had to put her in the bedroom as I was busy gathering some email information together and could not sit and hold her like she wanted.  I guess we were both feeling the energies of their love coming into our space.

So as I was driving, Mollie comes through and low and behold I see Sai Baba in her energy.  Okay, Mom, what are you doing with Sai Baba?  She said, “Oh, I love his hair.”  Well, I am not surprised of her remark as Mollie could be very quick witted when she wanted to be; she fully ascended herself upon her transition.  It is not the first time she has appeared to me with some very great masters.  He came through and said, “There is someone waiting for you at the beach.”  I am thinking, okay, I thought I was coming down here to relax and rejuvenate my emotions.  I am also saying to myself, “Hmmm, must be some masters stopping by.”  I said, “Thank you, Sai Baba, for being here with me today.  I am honored.”

As I was driving down the causeway of the island, I am asking where should I go?  I knew it was a different space than where I usually perform my ceremonies.  As I drove about one mile south, I saw this huge beam of light over a restaurant.  I knew that I was being guided in a different way.  Usually I use my intuition to guide me but this time, it was being shown to me from another source.  I found a parking spot on the street near an empty house, took my blanket, and walked up to the beach.  It is a short distance but this area was not built up by a wooden ramp which they have been doing on the island to safe-keep the land erosion.  The beach was very short and I was up on a hill.  An embankment took you down to the water’s edge.  I decided to stay on the embankment.

I found a spot to the left of where I entered.  I did not bring my usual items like my drum, crystals, etc.  I decided today was about me just hanging out by the Goddess of the Sea.  It was beautiful today ~ about 60◦ but very windy.  I said my usual prayers of connection, took some pictures, and meditated calling out the 22 Rays of God.  I was at peace.  The sky was amazing and right over the water was a beautiful cloud formation in the shape of an angel’s wings.  It was huge.

I looked up and there was a family of a father, daughter, and a son.  The son was trying to get into the frigid cold waters with a kick board and was having a difficult time because of the water being so cold.  I thought it was a bit crazy so I went back to connecting with the Sea, the Sky, the Earth, and all her elements.  It was very peaceful for me.

I had my eyes closed and I heard screaming.  To my left several hundred yards away were the father and the sister, yelling at the son to return back.  He was on a mission if I might say.  He was kicking way beyond the waves which were about seven or eight breakers.  I would say it was almost one quarter of a mile.  He is now moving beyond the waves.  The panic through the family members was unbelievable.  All I could think of was what Saint Germain said last week about being calm.  I realized that this child was in deep trouble and here I was observing it all.

I immediately called upon all the angels and beings to fully assist.  I then realized that I was here for a reason and not what I thought it was.  I took a deep breath and allowed my Light Body to move through the air to the young man.  I felt my energy guiding him to turn around and just embraced him completely.  He said to me, “Who are you?”  I replied, “I am an angel here to help you.”  I physically then looked through my eyes and saw that he was moving back towards the shore but had been thrown by the waves and immersed underneath.  I then felt myself move in front of him and say “Take my hand.”  He said very emphatically, “You are that lady up on the beach.  You are wearing a pink sweatshirt.”  I said, “Yes, I am and I am here to help you get back to shore.  Can you breathe?”  He could barely do so and with that I said, “Get on my back and I will carry you.”

This all happened so quickly.  I kept opening my eyes.  He was very close to a jetty and I told him to move towards his left.  I felt myself pushing him in that direction.  I never felt the waves against me or the water around me ~ I was in the pure essence of the Light like I never felt before.  It was an amazing feeling.   I opened my eyes again and saw that he was standing up and walking towards the beach.  The rescue team had been called and they arrived on the beach just as the young man was walking out of the water.

I fully came back into my body, did some deep breathing, as I was shaking deeply realizing what had just happened.  I have been told before that I have helped others but usually this was in my sleep or meditative state.  I was emotional but this time I realized I was in the Right Time Zone.  I allowed myself to be guided in the right moment, and I know that I helped this young man on this day.  This was his resurrection and I was here to assist.

After some time, I was guided to walk down the beach awhile and become grounded once again.  I then walked up onto the street which was a couple of blocks away from where I had parked.  On one of the side streets were the response team, ambulance, and the family.  I believe I was side tracked so there would not be any interaction with this young man.  It truly had to happen on another level for him and his family.

I got into my car and turned it on ~ the clock said 1:33 pm.  As I was leaving the street, I stopped to notice the name “44th Street”.   Resurrection represents the number 44 ~ definitely very guided and the signs were appearing in the physical realm.  As I drove back down the highway through thePine Barrens, listening to my Native music, the magnitude of what just occurred was flowing through me.  I looked up into the sky and there was a gorgeous cloud in the shape of a Heart.  We just never know where we are going to be guided ~ the work continues in each moment once you make a decision that this is your pathway.  I am honored that Sai Baba was there with me along with Lord Sananda and the God Force.  The pictures I took showed many of them in the clouds.  And a big thank you to Mollie ~ thanks Mom for being such a big part of my world.

I am honored in this moment to be in a position to help so many people, souls, and I am open to receiving my assignments in any given moment.  The beauty of this journey today was the fact that consciously I was unaware of what was to occur, but my Soul’s Essence fully guided me to the right moment in time.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Lady Christine Meleriessee

Vibratory Master of Ascension

Divine Language Network

New Earth Consciousness ~ Circle of Light:

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The Three Festivals of the Ascension Pathway

Today, being April 17th, 2011, is the first celebration of the Three Festivals of the Ascension Pathway.  The fall on the full moon of Aires, Taurus, and Gemini which directly affect every person upon the planet and not just those that are wakened upon their mastership journey.

The Festival of the Christ is being celebrated in these moments of the full moon of Aires.  It is a three-day celebration and some believe it includes three days before and after which means each of us has been feeling the effects of this energy for the past few days.  The Festival of the Christ represents three aspects being:  LOVE ~ RESURRECTION ~ CONTACT.  This means that we are being infused with the Christ Consciousness within more fully during this time and allows each of us to resurrect our beings to the next state of existence.  We are being introduced more fully into the world of ascended mastership and have a direct contact with Lord Maitreya and the Spiritual Hierarchy.  It is our time to fully release the old aspects that may be holding us back into our full Divinity.  We are already being pushed and prodded in various ways so this is just an extra boost, so to say.

To me it means that we are even closer to the aspect of Oneness Within than we ever have been before.  It is an amazing time and this is a beautiful moment for each of us.  To share these moments that I have been feeling, I have put together a video meditation, “The Festival of the Christ.  In addition our Cosmic Oneness call on April 17th will include a small ceremony with Lord Maitreya for the Festival of the Christ.  You can access the call through telephone, 218.862.7200, 576094# or Skype, “catdmeler”  (please send a contact request that you are interested in attending the conference).

The Festival of Wesak is the most important of the three major Ascended Master festivals. It is the time of the year at the Taurus Moon when humanity receives the highest level of transmission of Light frequency.  The Wesak Festival is the festival of the Buddha, commemorating the anniversary of his birth, his attainment of Buddha-hood, and his ascension.  Buddha is the perfect expression of the Wisdom Aspect of GOD.  He is the embodiment of Light and Divine Purpose and is also now our Planetary Logos.   If you have never experienced these energies on a physical basis, then this is your chance this year.  Groups around the world gather in celebration of the Wesak Festival.

Wesak is a time of great renewal and celebration.  At Wesak the quality of energy that is very prevalent is the “Force of Enlightenment”.  This force of enlightenment energy emanates from the heart of GOD.  It is related to Divine understanding, and the Love-Wisdom Aspect of GOD.  This force on a planetary level initiates the new world education.

This effects the education movements, values, literature, publishing, television, radio, newspaper, magazines, writers, teachers, channels, and speakers on the entire planet.  This force of enlightenment so prevalent at Wesak is why the coming together of large groups at this time can be such an awesome experience.  Wesak is the pinnacle each year where the greatest window for mass enlightenment can occur on a planetary level.

A small group of us are gathering in Cape May, New Jersey to celebrate Wesak on May 13th through the 15th. The theme of  Wesak this year is “Remembrance of Our Divinity~Actualizing Oneness in All”.   The actual Wesak meditation and ceremony will take place on the 14th, Saturday morning, on the beach.  I have facilitated these festivals for the last seven years and previous to that date, I attended Dr. Stone’s Wesak Festival in Mount Shasta, California.  It is a tremendous time and the activations are very powerful.  The true feelings occur a couple of months later when one realizes how the energy has pushed them into a new paradigm of enlightenment within the physical vehicle.  If anyone has an interest in joining us, please contact me.  We are in the process of formulating plans presently,

The Festival of Humanity also called the Festival of Goodwill is one month after the Wesak Festival, June 17th, in which all initiates have been infused with the next phase of their development.  This occurs for all initiates of all levels on the Innerplane and on planetary worlds.  Of course, we are concerned with the Earth energies and how this new integration is going to affect our journeys as teachers, healers, writers, theologians, visionaries, counselors, etc, etc.

This festival truly affects humanity in a way quite different than the first two celebrations.  We are now ready to “walk our talk” and move out into humanity with the tools we have learned in our personal growth.  The force prevalent at this festival is the force of reconstruction.  This is the force of the first ray (Blue) associated with the Throat Chakra on the Cosmic level or Will Aspect of Divinity that is directly connected with Shamballa.  This force is mainly effective between nations of the Earth.  The three forces of restoration, enlightenment, and reconstruction express the Light, Love and Knowledge of God.

These three festivals are very powerful when one fully intends to connect with the energies.  Each of us is preparing for these festivals on an unconscious level but the power of activating one’s higher consciousness within the body is fully accepting the Divinity Within.  It will help to access the fifth dimensional energies within the physical vehicle.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Vibratory Mastery in the Pathway of Ascension

Divine Language Network

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Reflections of the Self

We are in an extreme time of change within our beings and the world around us is shifting into new frequencies every time we take a breath.  We are being rattled in many different ways and our perspective can change from being balanced onto imbalance in a quick flick of the switch.  Ours is a pathway that has been like no other although we try to relate it to previous journeys of many masters that we love and adore.

There is nothing that we can do except stay within the moment of reflection that we are.  There may be some that will not be able to handle what you have become or aspire to be.  It is part of the ever changing qualities within each individual.  As each of us reflects into the present circumstances, where do we turn for guidance?  Are we to look towards the Ascended Masters and the Gods who walked before us?  Are we one of those Gods or Goddesses and we just forgot our purpose?  Are we here to remember, reflect, and release all that did not serve us previously?  There are so many questions and just as many answers.  It can be very confusing and frustrating for each of us as we go through this process.  And what about the ones that are going through their own challenges and may not understand as you are trying to find the “new you”?  There are so many dilemmas that each of us is facing ~ the ability to fully access our Divine Pathway fully and irrevocably without question.

How do we get past the emotional frustration and the mental anguish that causes us to fall down into the abyss of the old?  This is a constant battle but the battle is being won by every one of us in many different ways.  How do we keep the friends that seemed so dear to us in one moment and in the next, they do not understand what happened to the special connection?  How do we make them understand that it is a process of forgiveness for the self and for others?

As we learn to empower ourselves, sometimes others can feel as if they are the ones that are being hit the hardest.  The strain of friendships on the ascension pathway is one that is very challenging.  It depends on the courage within that relationship to stand the test of time and understand within each other that we are all growing deeply.  Within this growth there can be great moments of hurt, pain, and complete lack of understanding of what each person may be going through.  But do we think of the other person when the pain is so great?  How do we move from those lower bodies into the higher frequency of the Soul’s Essence to fully accept the challenges we come across?

I present these questions today as I just went through a tremendous change within my own empowerment in which I feel I allowed my old self to rear its ugly head.  I thought that I had fully moved through those elements into my higher consciousness.  I have learned a very big lesson and that is, we are continually working through our human conditions and sometimes individuals come into our life to remind us of these elements that need to be fully removed and rejuvenated.  I empowered myself by speaking my truth and in actuality, it came back to hit me in the face.  I felt I had made the right choices but possibly projected them in the wrong way.  My delivery was not what it should have been.  I believe everything is in Divine Order but the debris that is left can be challenging to deal with on a personal level.

I awoke this morning to great guilt that I had caused pain in this individual when I needed to speak my truth in a compassionate way.  It was not received as such and in turn, I received much more than I had bargained for.  This movement of my Goddess-Self fully allowed me to move into a higher consciousness personally as it has been a direct result of my teachings immediately afterward.  Being a strong caretaker in my earlier existence these feelings came flooding back to me along with being a “sensitive” and feeling energies of not the highest quality.

I previously had done much light work to clear the energies between us and felt that it had worked until I was feeling more arising into my field of awareness.  This morning I awoke with great guilt of what I had created but yet, it was necessary for the growth of not only me but our relationship.  I called upon the energies of Saint Germain and Lord Sananda to assist me.  I traveled to my Soul Temple and they assisted me with issues I am dealing with.  I was immediately taken into a huge waterfall of Violet Flame to purify the last elements of this challenge that were still affecting me.  I stood there for quite some time as the transmuting flame poured through my whole being.  I then was taken into a vault with the Golden Flame of the Christ Consciousness to continue to purge and renew my physical body.  For some reason the physical was still holding onto the elements within me.  Lastly, they took me into another vault for the Cosmic energies of the Platinum Ray.  I took deep breaths and full embodied within me the essence of my I Am Presence from the Light of God.  I came back into my awareness and felt fully rejuvenated and centered once again.

The next step for me was to totally thank this person for the interaction that we have had.  I thought it had been purged and renewed but not until this morning.  I was still allowing myself to be put down because of my own inability to fully access my God Self within.  This relationship has been beautiful and completely through me into a new awareness of myself.  I thank you for being a catalyzer of my world and hope you can feel the same one day soon.

Our relationships are so powerful in our inner healing and outer reflection.  As we move into the higher consciousness, we will no longer have to deal with our lower bodies.  It is the process in between that can be very challenging but so very rewarding.  As many who know me, I love deeply and share from my heart only the truth within me.  I am not perfect or else I would not be here.  I am striving to be the consciousness physically that I have embodied through the work that I do.

It is our time to fully change how we react and not react.  Reaction is the worst element that can happen in our lives, and I reacted to this situation in a way I am not happy about.  But, it has taught me a deep lesson as I have healed even more deeply through the process.  The energies that I am bringing forth are becoming stronger because of my challenges.  I strive each moment to only access the highest level of frequency and speak it clearly in each moment.  We are changing and others will not agree with us.  This I have learned very deeply.  Sometimes individuals are here to remind us of who we are and how we should be, some are here to heal through the process and continue the journey together.  Whatever the situation entails, we are all walking into a new threshold of time and all we can do is embrace the challenges as they arise.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Divine Language Network

Ascension Coach/Teacher ~ Vibratory Mastery ~ Cosmic Messenger

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It’s the Journey, Not the Destination that Matters


Sometimes when you have a specific destination in mind, you sometimes forget to enjoy the journey.  Each of us is on a pathway and in some moments we may forget to be aware of the steps we are taking to reach a certain destination.  But that destination changes in each moment, and it is important to reflect on your surroundings both inside of yourself and around you.

This past weekend myself and two friends had this experience.  We had a certain destination in mind as we ventured out to travel to Ringing Rocks, in Pennsylvania to do an earth ceremony.  It had been many years since I had been there and my memory was dim and not focused.  The directions we had seemed to be clear cut but if any of you know Bucks County, Pennsylvania, well then you can understand what we went through.

As we were in the car traveling, I asked one of my companions if they would like to help me recite the 22 Rays of God.  I am trying to remember all the aspects and the colors from memory.  Kathy, who was in the front, obliged.  All of our energies on this day were not synchronous to say the least.  I felt it and so did everyone else.  Robin, who had traveled from Virginia for the weekend, was in the back seat singing as she usually does to every little tune in her head.  She definitely has those beautiful angelic energies within her and an amazing voice.  After reciting the Rays of God, I decided we needed to incorporate them so we went through the list again breathing on each ray as we intuited them into our physical body.  The energies between us shifted but still not quite right.

As we arrived towards Ringing Rocks,our destination showed on the map, we were riding mountain roads up and down, in and out.  We could not find the right road and I made a left turn that took us higher into the country of beautiful homes, rolling hills, and beautiful landscapes.  The scenery was amazingly beautiful.  We were commenting on the magnificence of what we were seeing.  I could feel Saint Germain saying “Just embrace what you are experiencing” as he gave us a message the evening before.  I could envision us just circling around and Ringing Rocks was in the middle representing the core of our issues and our desires.  We stopped to ask one gentlemen and he guided us about 10 miles down the road.  Some of the bridges were out so it was very confusing.

We passed a hamburger hangout and stopped to ask directions from a telephone repairman.  He did not have much information except to suggest to us to drive north onto “River Road” which we did for about 10 miles.  The river was right next to us and the day was so beautiful.  We ended up onto another side road that mentioned a lookout so I decided that was better than nothing.  What transpired for us was a moment in time and how we never know what to expect.

We found a park in which we were looking for a rest room.  The energy was so dead; the trees and the land were not happy and I realized another moment in time of why I am doing these ceremonies.  I concentrated on sending Light to the land around us as I was waiting for Kathy and Robin to return to the car.  Both ladies returned to the car and everyone was very fragmented except I felt so calm.  The energy in the car was not great, but I seemed to be holding it together from a higher perspective.  I realized that the challenges I had just been through personally accelerated me to be able to portray this energy to the others.  Both ladies were going through their own personal problems.  Robin knows when she comes to visit that it is not just a fun trip as we love each other dearly.

As Robin got in the back seat, Kathy and I heard panic from her voice.  It seemed that she was missing her Inhaler for her Asthma.  She seemed to be wheezing in her panicked state so I guided her through the issue.  I asked her to breathe into the panic and fear.  She knew what the issue entailed, and had this condition her whole life.  At first, she was not happy to do so but with my encouraging voice, I prompted her to process it as we had no other choice.  The ‘inhaler’ was not in the car anywhere.  Thank you, Spirit.  She worked through the issue and came out the other side.  We only processed  for about 10 minutes me in the front seat and her in the back.  She had an inner child releasement.  Every time she felt like she needed the ‘inhaler’, I helped her get into her Solar Plexus and fully embrace the energies.  It was the most glorious moment in not only her life, but I was amazed watching it enfold in front of me.  I realized that all the messages from the Cosmic Oneness has been that we are now able to release elements by the flick of a switch and no memories have to be part of it any longer.  That to me is amazing as when I went through these trials, it took forever and a day to clear the debris.

We all knew that Spirit had conveniently taken the ‘inhaler’ as one of Robin’s prayers at the beach the evening before was to release her condition of Asthma.  Matters were taken into her own hands and was a great event for each of us as ‘when we ask, we receive’.

We drove out of the park area knowing that a major occurrence had happened.  We then stopped back at the hamburger shop and took care of our nurturing needs by having an ice cream cone.  We allowed our Inner Children to enjoy the moment.

I was determined that we would find a place to do a ceremony.  I knew, at that point, that Ringing Rocks was not our destination but the core of our essence was more important.  We drove back down the mountain onto the Jersey side in Lambertville.  We tried to go into one park at Washington’s Crossing and found out it was closing in 20 minutes.  Okay, not the place for us as we were laughing hysterically.

We finally found a beautiful spot by the edge of the Delaware River which was also a park.  We carried the gear of drums, rattles, and crystals down by the water’s edge to do a ceremony.  Each of us fully allowed the energies to come through us as we danced as Goddesses with beautiful blankets as shawls drumming and singing.  I asked each of the ladies, including myself, to fully pull out the debris from the deep of our core..yes, we were screaming in delight.  Kathy had a more challenging time of doing so, but finally saw the energies surge out of her Being.  Her eyes lightened up and she felt the exhilaration of freedom.  Laughing and singing we all had a wonderful time as we looked at the river flowing allowing our cares and worries to be carried away from our Being.

We finally cleared all of the energies; each of us felt a peacefulness within.  I was the teacher but also the recipient of the energies on this day.  The circle of our focus was truly within ourselves.  We were guided to be out in nature on this day not to just help heal the land, but most of all, each of us deeply within.  It was an amazing day of connection and awareness for each of us, but most of all, a huge lesson in being aware of each moment of what we need within our Pathway of Light.

In Loving Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Divine Language Network

Ascension Coach ~ Vibratory Mastery ~ Cosmic Messenger

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The Karmic Board ~ They Are Here to Assist in Many Ways

Many may not realize how very important the Karmic Board may be to our present life circumstances.  We are in an age in which we are clearing our Karmic Rebirth and sometimes when we meet individuals the interactions can be challenging.  Working with the Karmic Board will assist us in feeling the freedom we desire in our relationships.

What is the Karmic Board?  The Karmic Board consists of a group of Ascended Masters that oversee each soul’s evolution on planetary and soul levels.  The Karmic Board overlight the laws of the galaxy, as they apply to the planet, Earth and meets twice a year to consider petitions from the Brotherhood and unascended beings.  They meet at the Grand Teton Retreat during June 15th through July  14th and then again in  December 15th through January 14th.  They are not only here to assist each of us but we can call upon them any time that we wish to assist in clearing away energies that are stopping us from having our full potential while in body.  They also meet monthly at the Grand Teton Retreat to assist initiates in their pathway but the work done in the 6 day period is of a lesser degree than the twice-a-year conference.  Initiates are invited to attend during December and June during their meditation and sleep states.

The Karmic Board consists of the following Ascended Beings of Light:

The Karmic Board Members:  Lady Portia (Goddess of Justice, spokesperson for the Board), the Goddess of Liberty, Lady Nada (Goddess of Love), Pallas Athena (Goddess of Truth), Elohim Cyclopea, Kwan Yin (Goddess of Mercy), and the Great Divine Director (Manu of the Seventh Root Race).  In addition Lord Adama, of Telos, oversees all souls that are entering Telos after exiting the body.

The petitions that are backed by the largest amount of energy, have the greatest chance of being approved.  Generally, those petitions with the greatest amount of support from both the human kingdom and the ascended realm will be chosen.  Note that Cosmic Law is very strict.  It may not be superseded except under exceptional circumstances.  After consulting with Alpha and Omega, the Karmic Board renders a decision, which is final.

The Karmic Board opens up the Book of Life which is the summary of the experiences of the last embodiment for each individual who passed through the experienced known as death.  The Book of Life shows how the individual used the energy of the last embodiment in a constructive way.  They examine each individual who wants to come back into embodiment and decides whether or not to grant the individual the opportunity to re-embody at a certain place or time.

The members of the Karmic Board are not beings waiting to punish souls.  Their service to God is to assist individuals to be given the greatest opportunity for spiritual progress, to balance out their debts, and to complete their ascension process.  The Karmic Board is a merciful body of helpful intelligences, not to punish the bewildered souls.

They are here to assist us in various ways.  If you find that you are having issues with an individual bothering you psychically, you can put out a request to the Karmic Board to alleviate the interaction.  In addition they are here to help remove any discordant chords that are impeding your progress for your Highest Good.  They will tell you exactly what can occur if the chords are removed.  In some cases it may be previous lifetime connections and you may want to open up the doorway for a better relationship with this person.  Other times it could mean that the relationship would be severed.  They will communicate exactly what the consequences can be when the chords are removed.

You can recite this decree to assist in creating perfect and harmonious relationships:

I came to this Earth to heal my wounds

There are times I am unsure how to do so

I call upon the Karmic Board to assist me

They acknowledge my souls’ worth and growth

And always have my best interests at heart

I go to Lady Portia who is the spokesperson for the group

She shows me how my own Divinity will serve its purpose to the Earth

I then ask for Goddess of Liberty

She assists me to understand the karmic relationship I have with my birth parents

As I transcend all karmic issues that are not for my Highest Good

I call upon Lady Nada, the Goddess of Love

She helps me to focus within my heart center to see we are all sentinent beings of love

This I share with everyone I meet

I ask for Pallas Athena, the Goddess of Truth

She shows me the way to Inner Truth in all my endeavors

Her Light melts away all my fears within me and around me

I embody Truth and allow myself to be totally Humble in all my relationships of self and others

Elohim Cyclopea shows me that with the power of concentration

All will be manifested within my world

There is nothing I cannot achieve as he shows me all can be accomplished at all times

I then ask for Quan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion

To show me my inner compassionate nature in all my relationships to transcend all karmic ties

This assists me in fully actualizing my Inner Self with the love that is embodied within me

The Great Divine Director who is the Manu of the Seventh Root Race walks with me

He assists me in understanding my pathway upon this Earth, called Gaia

He shows me the way of the Cosmic Rays as he is the overlighting energy of Planet Earth

I walk with him on the Pathway of Mastership to do service

Individually each of the members of the Karmic Board assists me in my present incarnation

Together they show me the guideposts so that my Being will be fully realized

I call upon the Karmic Board whenever I need assistance

Within my own pathway and others that are hindering it

I Am that I AM

I Am Honored to work with the Karmic Board in each moment

For the pathway of my soul into ascension

I Am that I Am

In addition you can utilize this decree through listening to an attunement located under Ascension Tools, Attunements, on my site.

As a special dispensation since my trip to the Grand Tetons in September, the Masters have asked me to open up the doorway for others to join in the Retreat on the full moon of each month.  It is imperative that you utilize the visualization on my website, or join us during our Full Moon Ceremony which is held monthly.  The Retreat is open during the Full Moon and three days afterwards.

On a personal note I have been working with the Great Divine Director for many years and it has assisted me in ridding energies that were very uncomfortable.  At times, there may be individuals that are very highly psychically attuned and do not understand the ways of honor and walking into someone’s space.  I have experienced this several times and the Karmic Board will aid you completely.  It is also very helpful to understanding if the current relationships one may be involved with assist your highest purpose.  Sometimes we still need to work out the issues on the earth level for the full acceptance of the karmic rebirth process.  In any case they will let you know the outcome if you choose to release certain karmic bonds whether it is good or bad.

This work is also very helpful in understanding what your purpose is upon the Earth and how to best access your Divinity Within the physical vehicle.  If you should have any questions or need assistance, I am available for a private session to do this work more fully with individuals.  It is our time to fully access our full potential and have harmonious relationships in full love consciousness as it is intended by the Higher Realms.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Ascension Coach ~ Vibratory Mastery ~ Cosmic Messenger

Divine Language Network

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Arriving Into Oneness ~ A Personal Journey Within


This was written on Monday evening, November 8th, 2010, after facilitating the Clarion Light Beings 911 & Beyond. It is my personal journey of how I feel I have fully peeled the onion and found my Divine Essence within my Heart.  I want to share this so others can do the same.  It has been a very long journey for me and I share it with my I AM Presence fully and without reservation.  Thank you for your loving support in so many ways.

Until one arrives into Oneness they cannot fully understand what this means.  We talk about it constantly, Creation of Oneness, and the love, joy, acceptance, and purity of life.  I have spoken about it for eons of time and felt it most of the moments I have been living.  It was not until tonight that I can say I express it fully within myself on a physical existence.

As many of you know and understand, I am a Cosmic Messenger of Light.  I have walking this path for almost 30 years preparing myself for what I was not even sure of until this moment in time.  I have prepared myself on a journey of complete trust and acceptance in the Universe while being guided every step of the way.  I was put in situations and places that I would not normally choose to experience but yet always found myself working through the life circumstances.

My channeling is what has given me hope, friendship and acceptance in my life.  Many may not understand the gift of connecting to the other realms of thoughts and energies to be a gift of friendship.  In my case it truly has been and continues to be.  I traveled the path of discovering the New Age books many years ago and was taught by Light Teachers by each book that I picked up and read.  The teacher would come through me and guide me through the process.  I was gifted with a Being called a Gate Keeper and he protected me from other lower energies from entering my space when I would communicate with Spirit.  It was a family affair for awhile but that wore off.

I jumped into a marriage with a man that was my spiritual partner and Twin Flame.  We were so much alike that it broke up the marriage.  I delved into self help with Inner Child Recovery work in the 80’s and each step was deeper upon this journey I call, Oneness.  I started channeling the angels and facilitating groups for others, private sessions, and all the while in a learning curve.  I moved into Native American traditions and attended many sweat lodges to help heal my innermost pain and debris.  I traveled to Sedona for ten days alone which was a big turning point in my life.

I then delved into ascension books by Dr. Joshua David Stone which I was completely enthralled with the material although at first I did not understand much of it.  I kept at it and started a weekly ascension group in which I channeled a Master from the book for people in the group.  I eventually met Dr. Stone in Mount Shasta during his Wesak Festival and was invited to his private seminar for global leaders that he felt would be very important for leadership on this planet.  The intensity of Light coming into me continued and the struggles continued as each year I released more karma, met more people, lost more friends, moved into places that I would not have chosen if I had the choice, and transcended so many issues within myself.  This was all in a span of 20 years.

I started channeling Mother and Father God six years ago and was fully integrated two years later.  The energies were intense and my body had to change.  My food changed, sleep patterns, awake patterns, and just my general composition.  Since that time I spend many hours on the computer working and sharing the messages which can make me feel very ungrounded at various times during the day.  Last year I was gifted to leave my corporate job and have been teaching and sharing with others via the internet and telephone.  I still have been very unsure what my pathway is about.  I had a car accident over two years ago in which in reality I should not have lived.  I was hit four times and the Angel of Death came to visit me two weeks before the event.  I walked away with 2 cracked ribs, bruises, and very sore.  Authorities were quite shocked in my ability to walk away almost unscathed.  I attribute this all to my friends in the Spiritual Hierarchy.  They made sure I was safe as I had done the work the Angel of Death requested of me to do.

I have had a death wish on myself for many years.  This work has not been easy.  Friends come and go and honestly, being in a Cosmic level of consciousness is not easy.  I am in a space presently wherein other energies can affect me greatly.  I am noticing this more often than not.

I conduct weekly calls to assist individuals with the energies and bring forth information.  I have a weekly Master Class in which we honor a Light Being with his/her teachings which allows individuals to feel the energies for themselves.  I also have taught the Rays of God, a Mediumship and Channeling Course, along with a course on accessing the Gods and Goddesses Within.  Sometimes the attendance is low, and I am unsure as to what my next pathway is going to be.  Unemployment will be leaving me very soon, and I need to be the true alchemist to fully create the life I desire for this work.

On Sunday, November 7th, 2010 I facilitated one of my Cosmic Oneness calls in which I channel the Cosmic I AM Presence known as Mother and Father God.  On this day the energy was quite different.  It was almost like the beginning when I started to communicate with them but much stronger.  My hands did not stop moving as my palms were rubbing back and forth.  The vibration running through me was unbelievably beyond my comprehension.  The individuals on the call also noticed that the attunement was very intense.

Today, being November 8th, I awoke to great emotional pain.  I was going through some other emotional issues so I did not attribute what I was feeling to the attunement from the evening before.  I did a meditation in which I traveled to my Soul Temple, and Lady Isis took me to a beautiful waterfall in which I was cleansed and purified very deeply.  I was very moved by this experience and felt much better after it was over.  I was very busy during the day sending out my posts of my classes and editing some of my work.  I was in the zone.

When it was time for me to finish late in the afternoon, I wanted to work out but felt I was unable to do so.  I decided to take a hot bath and it was in the bath I realized something else was occurring.  I could not stop crying and had those death wishes enfold around me.  I wanted to be off the planet, take me away, etc.  So I started asking for help from Master Babaji and Saint Germain.  I felt like I was a child kicking my legs in the water but I could not stop.  The pain was so deep in my heart.  Now I have gone through several hundreds of death and rebirth experiences but this felt different.  It felt like my heart was raw and so very sore like an open wound.  Master Babaji explained to me that I was feeling the Oneness within my physical being.  The onion had finally been peeled down to the core and I could feel my Heart Essence like never before.  This is a status of existence I have been trying to achieve for almost 30 years.

When I thought about this, it made sense as I felt nothing but sore.  I had no thoughts of anything that I knew before.  My emotions were not of something that I was grieving but I was sore like I had just been put out in the sun and was burning.  My old thoughts of myself that were not of the highest aspect were also gone.  I have always thought badly about my body and they were not there.  I was refreshed but not quite reborn.  Like I had walked out into an area that I did not know a soul or where I was.  I was not lost but no one knew me either.

As I got out of the tub, I realized exactly what was happening but could not stop sobbing.  It was so intense.  I felt my mentor, Dr. Joshua David Stone (who is in an ascended master now) come to me and put his hands on my Solar Plexus in the front and back.  He said to me “it is done.”  I was unsure what this meant but knew that I had been reborn in this state of a vehicle called Christine.

I was facilitating my call with the Clarion Light Beings of 911 & Beyond and had to pull myself together.  I was worn out from all of the emotional charge running through me.  This group has to do with the souls of 911 that perished and a temple was created in the Multi-Universal level overlighted by Archangel Michael.  The energies that came through on this night were the start of an amazing journey for me.  It was the Creative Source of Oneness which is a group consciousness and does not represent any specific entity.  It is everything we are all a part of and continue to be.  In order to understand, one must listen to the recording as there was great explanation of the Oneness that we are all a part of.  In order to feel this Oneness in the physical we must be vulnerable, sensitive, and have purity within our Hearts.  I totally understood everything because this is what I experienced on this day.  I have always been a Sensitive in everything I do and others in my family would give me a hard time about it.  I also have the ability to communicate with many levels of dimensions and beings including some humans.  I saw the Oneness that we were all a part of and it was shown to each of us how important it is to embrace the Oneness within and then we will be able to experience it fully with others.

There is nothing like it at all.  We can talk about it, feel love, but IT IS JUST WHAT IT IS.  It is unexplainable and our minds will try to tear it apart.  This is what we are all striving for and must strive for in the fifth dimensional frequency.  Until we fully clear the lower bodies, it cannot be attained.  I know on this day that I have attained this state of Oneness.

I am feeling thoughts of people that sometimes do not give me what I feel I deserve, there is no hurt anymore or judgment.  I feel whole and within that wholeness I love everything.  I expand this love and want to communicate it to others.  This is what we are all striving for and I have had the utmost gift to receive it totally.  I am in awe of this moment and know why I was crying and sobbing.  There is nothing else like it in the entire Universe.  I feel I am fully empowered and can speak my truth like I never have before in compassion and love.  It is an amazing feeling.

When I awoke this morning, my mother came to me (she is in Spirit) and said something very important is going to happen to you today.  Little did I know that I would receive the greatest gift in all of Creation.  I want to share it with others because now I can love without worrying that another person is not loving me back.  I can be to all whom I always wanted to be but was unable to share it.  I look forward to the people of my soul group coming into my life.  I am now ready to receive them in all different forms.  I am safe and secure within my world and allow myself to be totally vulnerable in each moment.


Cosmic Oneness November 7th, 2010 – Listening and Download

Clarion Light Beings 911 & Beyond – November 8th, 2010 – The Voice of the Creative Source – Listening and Download

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Ascension Coach & Teacher ~ Cosmic Messenger of Light

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Living in Bliss – Time to Get Back to our Roots of Lemuria

Eons and eons ago we all lived on Lemuria in beautiful peaceful and extreme power. As men and women we were honored by each other as we honored ourselves. Internally we were very powerful, self-centered, loving, and expressed it to others. Life was in balance.

And, then it all came tumbling down and we have been trying to get it back together ever since. So many lifetimes and years that each of us has been struggling to find our three-fold flame of the male, female, and divine complement (or God Essence) within us. There are many individuals that just seem to have the Midas Touch and everything they do turns to gold or riches. Then there are many of us who struggle at every twist and turn in our lives.

Which one are you or possibly in between both categories? For myself, my spirituality was always the most important aspect in my life. I have gotten down and dirty within myself to pull up the debris, thoughts, feelings, and sometimes trauma to help me become unstuck. I know I came into this life to be on a spiritual path. I knew it in my teens but did not know how to get to it. My soul path has been one of being on this Earth for eons of time trying to do it over and over again. You would think I would learn…but alas, I am still here but now I am not just surviving, I am prospering. So how did I get to this point in my life?

I realized that when I had a car accident two years ago that God was still not ready to have me even though I communicated with the Angel of Death two weeks before the accident. I did not know I was going to have an accident but knew that there was something within me I needed to change. So when this Angel of Death came to me, I said, “Okay, what is it you need? I thought it was a relative leaving the planet as I had experienced this greatly in the previous three years. But, no, he said I needed to change something within me.” In this moment I do not remember what it was but knew that it was very important. So I worked on myself with my spiritual tools of breathing, ray work, calling upon specific Masters, accelerating my light quotient and then I felt fine. Until that Sunday afternoon that I turned the corner of my house and was hit four times by two cars. Authorities were in shock. I walked away with a cracked rib, banged up knee and shoulder but literally walked out of the hospital.

Now that was not the end of it. I spent every night for six months crying myself to sleep. I was unsure why except both of my parents had passed three years before and I did have a death wish for many years. This was not the first time I came close to leaving the planet, but Spirit would not let me. Then it all hit me. I took a week on a private, secluded house in Florida which is owned by a friend and fully allowed my Goddess energies to come within me. I integrated a new part of me that had been lost for eons of time. I worked with Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Isis, Lakshmi and all of the Lady Masters. I felt the presence of my being change completely in this week. It still took some time though after I returned to fully ground the energies. I still was unhappy to be on this Earth. I felt so close to the Innerplane Masters that I wanted to fully be there. “No,” they said. “ You need to be on Earth; it is not time.”

In the past year I was laid off my corporate job and was afforded the ability to fully work full time in my healing profession which I had been doing for over two decades. I started teaching via teleconferences and doing all of my sessions via telephone where previously they were in person. I found a whole new group of people that truly were interested in what I had to say. I became empowered within myself along with doing more internalization of my own inner feelings. The Ascended Masters are my best friends; I feel more at home with them than with third or fourth dimensional beings. I have transmuted so much of my old life that sometimes I felt it was easier to be in another space. In the past few months I have had the wonderful experience of communicating with the fifth dimensional energies in the form of individuals and feeling that essence within me. I have fully integrated more love consciousness within than I ever thought possible. I am preparing to assist others to do the same which brings me to this workshop I have put together.

The Manifestation of the Divine Principle was an idea that came to me a few weeks ago since all of a sudden my manifestation abilities were skyrocketing beyond belief. I wanted to assist both men and women in their search for their Divine Complement. Each of us have been both so we have both characteristics within us. We need to empower ourselves both through the God and Goddess within.

I have always been a person that can create miracles when needed and at the last minute. Presently I am creating every day and in unbelievable gifts, like traveling to Mt. Shasta next week. Individuals are coming onto my calls and receiving assistance. It is slow at first but I know it is going to be huge. I am also working with a small group of people to manifest a 5th dimensional healing center in the 4th dimension to help people accelerate their bodies to become fully integrated in the 5th dimension which is not an easy task.

This workshop is a direct result of my own experience of integrating my male and female essence along with the God Presence within. When I say integrated, I mean physically. This is not a consciousness, it fully inhabits your body and you become one with Mother and Father God. It is a beautiful and powerful essence to behold and I am in awe that I am able to do this work and still be grounded. It is essential to ground this energy and also your I Am Presence fully to accelerate your physical being and allow the lower energies of the physical, emotional and mental to be integrated within your Higher Self and I AM.

I want to assist others to do the same as it is our given right to flourish and be ONE with the All That Is. This is our time to fully accept our heritage and our gifts that will assist Gaia and all of her inhabitants.

So how do we do this? First of all we start to understand if we are working through our male or female energies. Those that are heart-centered usually are very emotional which is the female aspect and those that are very logical and mentally oriented, work through the male aspect. What we truly want to be is balanced in between, and allow both parties to have a union within.

This workshop is in the process presently but I do foresee it occurring several times. It lasts for five weeks. If you would like to experience the first week which was an Introductory Class with a meditation and channeling, you will not be disappointed. The recording unfortunately is in two parts as we blew out the phone circuits during the channeling portion as the Divine Mother was giving us a message. Listed below is my Tele-Seminar page which houses the two links with a download for your personal use.…

This link is for listening only:
Part 1

Part 2 – End of channeling

In addition, I have put together a video presentation which is listed on my page giving some background information on the story of the Gods and Goddesses of this Earth and the enfolding that occurred for us to be in this state of awareness.

Please let me know what you think of the recordings and/or video and I wish each of us a prosperous and amazing journey.

In love and light,
Rev Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

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Conscious Convergence – What Does it Mean and How Do We Integrate These Energies

Today has probably been the most intense day I have felt for a long time.  In fact this week has been like being in a barrel rolling from place to place just allowing myself to feel whatever is in the moment.  I want to share some thoughts on the Unity and the Conscious Convergence.  As one who experienced the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, it is a pleasure to see so many awakened beings on the planet at this time and growing each moment.

I have been in a zone today with energies, participated in Bryan DeFlores’s call on Earth Ascension Team and fully activated many levels of frequencies in the past few days. So I will take it a step further and offer the energies that want to speak presently.  I hope you enjoy.


We come to you from the Ashtar Command and the frequency of Light that is transpiring onto the planet.  It is a wondrous occasion that is happening presently and we wanted to share some thoughts with you.

Since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 the energies have continually transpired to a point of fully allowing humans to be awakened in each moment of their creation.  The upsurge of the energies since that time has been amazing and we are so very happy to assist in the process.  This weekend is not just about individuals gathering in groups but it is about souls coming together to assist each other in the process of their divinity.  As this process continues, there will be great reflection in each of you.

Each human being is being infused with the greatest light integration within their brainwaves to assist themselves in their own divinity.  As this is occurring, many humans are feeling energies like never before and will reach out to others in Unity.  It is time for the Oneness of this Earth and for other humans to feel this Oneness upon the planet.  This time of the Unity Convergence is about feeling this Oneness and is a prerequisite for the time of creation when the Earth will move into a star within the 5th dimensional frequency.  It is a period of complete love and acceptance and letting go of old habits that no longer serve one another.

Those of you who are in complete balance with the energies are going to be thrown off your feet even more and the ones that do not have balance, well, chaos will result.  It is a time to fully reflect where you are, where you are going, and move with the tide of movement.  The ones that are really true to themselves and others are going to be catapulted into another stage of their awareness.  Chakras are being realigned; DNA is being more fully activated; and living in another space of love is part of the process.

Prepare yourself during these two days of the 17th and 18th as the influx of energies are going to be very strong.  You are all sitting on a wave and the wave is bringing you into the beach to land upon the new world.  This is your testing ground.  What are you feeling in this moment and how are you creating your new world?  These are the elements that will come to your mind in the next couple of weeks.  Swirling energies everywhere and not sure what is fully happening to you.  Relationships are going to be feeling this effect very deeply.  Stand on your ground of the newness that you are so you can fully express yourself in the new transition that is occurring for you.

Some of you are being activated on levels that you could never imagine.  Your manifestations are being propelled into the newness so it is important to have everything in place.  Accept nothing less of the highest for yourself as this is the first step in moving into the New World, the Golden Age.  Allow the energies to fully be embraced by your being and you shall see a shift in your world.  Whatever is occurring presently, move with it.  Feeling different today?  Embrace it – it is your new self being awakened.

Many will try to dislodge what they are feeling.  These are the ones that truly need your assistance and compassion.  Give them your love, even when they do not want to accept it.  It is your chance to really show to others what love means by expressing it every moment you are able to do so.  This will be the new wave of being.  You are feeling an increase in energies beyond your comprehension.

Take time to share with others, to be in nature, to walk in the woods or on the beach and to create with all of this Earth to become One together.  This will help balance out the energies that are occurring.  Many are gathering and showing their love for one another.  Express yourself in the highest sense and you shall receive exactly what you have been striving towards on this Earth.

We are so pleased to walk amongst each of you as it will come soon when our creation will be your creation as we help each other along the pathway of Oneness of Creation. Expression of our Light together will shine within the Universe and the Cosmic energies.  Allow this expression to shine amongst you and stay with you in the moments to come.

It has been our pleasure to connect with you in this manner, in this beautiful time of creation.

We Are the Ashtar Command at your service.

Note:  These energies are intense today and will become increasingly more so.  I will be holding a call on Sunday evening, July 17th, at 7 pm EST so that we may balance these energies and allow them to be grounded.  Included will be some Native energies along with discussion of personal experiences and a grounding meditation with channeling.  If you are interested in joining in, please contact me via meleriessee@lifestationearth.

Call In:  218-862-7200, Code 576094

Rev Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Divine Language Network

Ascension Coach ~ Synergistic Teacher ~ Shamanic Healer

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Understanding and Accessing Your I AM Presence

There is a variety of information about the I AM Presence in which  each individual needs to access this energy for the future of our existence upon Earth.  I do not deny that fact as it is essential for each of us to move with the New Earth.

As one who has been a student of Ascension for the past 15 years, I learned from my mentor, Dr. Joshua David Stone, about many tools, techniques, and schools of thought for the I AM Presence.  He is now ascended on the Inner Plane, and I am getting shoves from him to share my expertise of his knowledge he imparted to so many of us.

The I AM Presence is a collective consciousness of our Monad.  It is not a physical individuality but 11 other soul personalities that work with us.  The soul that is working on their ascension process is usually the one that ascends for the others.

It is like this:  The Creative Source of All That Is created Mother and Father God.  They then did their part to create the universes and planets within each universe.  We were all a collective consciousness at that time and the consciousness of God wanted to share their love so they allowed the birth process.  We were in a pod called a Monad which consisted of 12 of us.  We separated into individualized souls and are very interconnected.  Our I AM Presence is considered to be this Monad.  Then each of us reached out to other Monads which was part of collective consciousness off 144 soul personalities that we connect within this consciousness.  Some of these souls you have met or will meet.  Some come in and out of your life but they do assist you in the process of your spiritual journey.  They may have been a teacher, a student, a supervisor, a father or mother, or in a variety of types of relationships.  You may also never meet all of your other soul personalities.

Out of this combination of souls we have a definition of types of relationships on the earth plane.  They can be classified as Twin Rays, Twin Flames, Twin Souls, Twin Mates, Divine Expression, Soul Mates and Divine Complements.  These souls are all part of our 144 extensions.  The deeper the connection ~ the higher the relationship.  Twin Rays are coming into activation but they are challenging to say the least.  This is the soul you were fully intertwined with at the moment of our re-birth.  Some can even have triple or quadruple rays.  Most of the time these souls are not manifested at the same time on the earth, but in certain cases, we are all being introduced to them.  One soul is usually more highly advanced than the other and there can be a difference in chronological ages.  Twin Flames are becoming very common among the spiritual community. Some think Twin Flames are Twin Rays but they are not.  They are mirror reflections of one another and can have the same life circumstances.  One can have seven twin flames but not all are physically incarnated.  I for, one, was married to a twin flame and it was an intense relationship.  I also know of one another individual who is a twin flame, but we are not in a close relationship with each other.  I do know of my Twin Ray energies which I will not go into detail at this time.  But if you meet your Twin Ray it is a relationship that needs to be nurtured and balanced.  The relationships of Twin Souls are very balanced and can be more like friends than lovers.  These are the higher-evolved types of soul connections.  We have many Soul Mates and Divine Complements that have assisted us in our pathway.  There is more detailed information on these connections but I will go into that association at a later time.

So are our Twin Rays and Twin Flames parts of our Monad?  Yes, on the Twin Rays and possibly, no, on the Twin Flames.  I believe this is a very personal experience.  In any case they are the most intense, loving connection that a soul can encounter and throw you off your feet if you are not balanced.  So how do we stay balanced in this time of Earth changes?  There are many techniques I could share with you but I want to elaborate on the I AM Presence.

As our spiritual journey moves up into the higher frequencies, connection with our I AM is imperative.  This is the space that we need to fully embrace.  This embracement occurs within our Thymus Chakra, which is considered the 8th chakra, or Seat of the Soul.  It is also the place where the Higher Self will integrate once a person is fully ready to receive this activation in the physical vehicle.  In order for each of us to ascend physically into the fifth dimensional frequency, it is imperative for us to integrate our I AM Presence.  This cannot be done until the lower chakras have been cleared from karmic debits, traumas, and experiences of a lower form of energy.  Sometimes it can be done automatically but in truth, utilizing various techniques of energy attunements, meditations, healing from a qualified professional will help release and activate these centers.  Once an individual integrates the higher levels for the transition into the 5th dimension, they will have fully activated 22 chakras which blend with the lower physical chakras to create the Light Body.

This is the process that each individual is feeling within the ascension movement.  The changes of moods, feelings, and physical changes within the body as has been explained by many individuals.  Yes, it is happening automatically, but until one fully acknowledges their I AM, they will be unable to let go of the fears, lower thoughts, and judgments of the self.  At the same time, each of us are going through initiation processes to activate the higher chakras and I AM.  We may be consciously aware of these changes or activating them through spiritual studies.

For me my activation process was during a time when it was not talked about very freely.  For me to do the work I am doing consciously, I endured many challenges.  In the last five years I was told by Spirit that my life would never be my own and I can attest to that statement.  My I AM Presence was activated about six years ago when I was living in a shared house that was full of dark energies and I had to constantly work on raising my vibrations.  It happened one day when I was at the beach for my birthday.  I had started channeling the Heart of God along with the Will of God.  It was at that time my pathway became more enlightened and I was given the distinct honor to be integrated with Mother and Father God in order to channel their energies.  The integration process took two years and I almost left the planet several times.  It is a blessing that I can impart these energies to others.  It is my gift to the world.

Not all need to go the depth that I have done but I do feel each individual that wants to move when the earth changes in the next couple of years need to fully activate the higher chakras.  If you do not, then you will be stuck in the Karmic Wheel of Rebirth, fighting duality on the 4th Dimension as we are doing presently, struggling with finances, and not receiving the love that we all richly deserve.  The Earth is changing drastically and the 4th dimension will be riddled with extreme lower energies.

In future posts I will share about the energies of Lemuria and the Golden Cites that are going to be built around the world for us to experience this light fully within our physical vehicles.  We still have quite away to go but it is a blessing to share with each of you my experiences and hopefully you can avoid some of the pitfalls that can occur.

I bless you with the energies of my I AM Presence,

In the Name of Meleriessee Heliohah

I share with you my Light, My Growth, and My Divine Essence

As in my sharing, I shall Receive

As we come together in the silence of the wind,

As the waves of the Goddess of the Sea embrace our movement

Allowing the Tides to change us within

And Accept Our Divine Heritage Together.

As an ending prayer, you may utilize this to activate your I AM Presence:

I AM the Soul

I AM the Light Divine

I AM Love,

I AM Will

I AM Fixed Design

I AM the Monad

I AM the Light Divine

I AM Love

I AM Will

I AM Fixed Design

Christine is available for Private Sessions and Classes Via Telecommunications at

Are you interested in jump starting your activation into the physical vehicle?  Christine is starting a new program:  Meleriessee’s Energetic Boot Camp.  This is not for the weak willed as instructions will be given to accelerate your path by connecting to Light Beings, Ascended Masters, and Native American techniques to fully accept the death of your old psychological self.  Up to the challenge?  Please contact Meleriessee at or

Namaste for a wonderful journey embracing your Divine Heritage.

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Initiating the Solstice Energies of June 21st, 2010

This year the Solstice has been laced with so many types of frequencies that it truly is going to assist each of us to move into the higher realms with periods of intensity and softness at the same time.  It is going to be very essential for each of us to individually do our part as we move forward within our pathways.

Yesterday I drove about one hour away to the Southern New Jersey Shoreline to celebrate the Solstice during Sunrise for myself individually.  This is something that I like to do periodically as I feel it helps to balance and release any emotions or thoughts that are plaguing within my system.  The wind running through my air as I stand in front of the Goddess of the Sea is so representative of healing myself while working with the elements of Father Sky, Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon, and Grandfather sun integrating the water, air, fire, and earth at the same time.  The water was very calm but very cold.  I feel that is a very interesting combination as cold would represent the essence of fear but yet there was patience.  The temperature is so representative of the effects that are happening on our planet.

Everyone is feeling it; even the ones that do not realize what is occurring presently. Each of us is being challenged in many different ways to experience the integration of the Light within our physical vehicles.  Calmness represents to me patience and the coldness represents resistance.  If one does not take the time for themselves, how can we be patient within.  And the direct action of that result would be the action of creating life circumstances that isolate us from truly acknowledging our Oneness and Creative Energies.  These two little actions are so very important because until we fully allow the flame of Unity to be within, then we cannot experience warmth and compassion.

This solstice is very representative of the changing energies.  This is occurring not only on a planetary level but within each of us.  We must take the time to balance ourselves.  We have a full moon coming up this week that is a partial Eclipse.  I am not well versed in astrology but very attuned to the energies; I can feel it arising within.  Which also means we have the power to fully activate our manifestation abilities beyond our normal comprehension.  If we do not tap into our higher minds (from our I AM Presence), then the coldness will result and impatience will be the rule of the day.

I see it as we have only one choice if we want to aspire to wonderful moments in our lives.  ~ Creating Balance Within~

Use your times of quiet, listening to music, sitting in your yard in the early morning, breathing beautiful light frequencies in the midnight skies, meditating and feeling the silence, and the peace within your heart.  Please take these moments and cherish them.  They will be the start of each of us being able to help heal Mother Earth.  If we do not take care of ourselves, we cannot take care of her.  Do whatever you feel is right within your heart to help yourself, and then send it to Gaia’s core of being.  You will thank yourself and she will return the thanks for the gifts we are bestowing upon her.

Last evening on June 21st I conducted a Solstice Ceremony via teleconference for the Clarion Light Beings 911 & Beyond meditation that I do weekly.  The Heart of God (Divine Feminine Aspect) showed us how we need to acquire the Cosmic Energies to help our Earth so that she does not endure any additional illness and dis-ease.  Gaia then shared with us her home within the Core of the Earth.  The Creative Source of Consciousness gave each person that listens to this recording a Divine Dispensation for activation of their desires and manifestation for the next seven days which will take us into Sunday, June 27th, 2010.  Please listen and experience for yourself the depth of this beauty that is being bestowed upon us.

I will also be doing another call on June 27th for the Festival of Humanity and the Full Moon Energies.  Details are available on my website under the same page the audio is posted for the call of the Solstice.  For background information please see info on the Clarion Light Beings of 911 & Beyond.

To listen  Solstice Ceremony – Heart of God & Gaia Integrate Cosmic Energies at the top of the page.  If you are interested in a download, please contact Christine at

Blessings for a wonderful journey this summer.

In Rainbows of Light and Love,

Christine Meleriessee


Various Healing Techniques to Create Oneness

This journey that we are all on, individually and collectively, is sometimes very confusing and mind blowing.  There are so many tools available from different people and perspectives that if an individual is not fully clear with their own intuitive self it can be so very challenging of where to turn.

My experience has been to live in each moment as that is what Spirit teachings us.  I work very closely with “Master Babaji” who has been the longest living Avatar on the Earth and he promotes silence within.  Without silence we cannot really get to the place of our innerself and higher self.  This also can be very challenging in our world of craziness and now that we are fully into the fourth dimensional world of duality and change, well it is even more overwhelming for many of us.

My work in the field of ascension was my savior in grace.  I have always been connected to the world of Spirit even when I did not know that I was doing so.  Working with the Ascended Masters was just an easy pathway for me to take and so very comforting.  It helped me to realize that before I embodied into this life that I chose this pathway and I would become the “Teacher of the Teachers”.  It took me a very long time to embrace this gift that has been given to me. It was not without the hard work that I acquired the ability to feel this completely.  Many years ago while doing my first spiritual group with some friends, there was a woman who channeled a being called “Chico” who happened to be the energy of Gandhi.  He was absolutely wonderful.  He looked at me and said these words, “You are like a Pioneer with a machete, paving the way for others.”  For a long time I could not fathom what he was saying until a few years ago when I realized that my pathway had been strewn with great challenges, changes in lifestyle, almost poverty and then arising out of the debris to find the abundance was right in front of me.  It is a continual journey but I believe my work is paving the way for others.

I would like to share some teachings that helped me to get to this moment in time.  Many individuals, including light workers, are struggling with their fears and not arising to their own potentiality.  Some of channeling energies that say they are masters but in truth, they are being deceived.  This is due to the lower egos still being intact.  You see, we need our egos but only the Higher Egos which comes in with the Higher Mind, Higher Self, and I Am Presence.  It is a pathway to get to the I AM and many may be trying to jump a few steps to get there.  When an individual embraces their Higher Mind and Ego, they are embracing the essence of whom they were in the beginning.  They bring forth the Light and Teachings and are empowered within, but they do not boast upon it.  It is their truth and acceptance of their being.  They are humble and share their humility with all of humanity.  Gandhi is a perfect example along with the Dalai Lama and so many others that have walked this path before us.  We came here to do a job, a job for our Spirit, and it is time for us to receive the gifts being bestowed upon us.

There are several ways in which an individual can arise to the occasion of healing through their inner core.  It is essential in order to embrace their fifth dimensional body.  Lower egos will not survive in a world full of bliss and joy.

The first thing I suggest is to find a shamanic healer who can release negative thought forms, elementals, and attachments from the energy fields.  Included in this work should be deep chakra balancing in which a facilitator would go deep within the chakras to assist in the clearing that needs to occur.  It is amazing to see the past lives that can be released out of the lower chakras.  Utilizing decrees from some of the great masters is essential at this time for each of us; St Germain, Djwhal Kuhl, Alice Bailey, and so many others.  Some of us who have been on this path for quite some time utilized these teachings from the beginning.  I, for one, am getting back to utilizing them again.  Attunement meditations go hand-in-hand with this work and will help an individual to fully accelerate and transmute the lower energies.  Working with St. Germain and the Violet Flame is an amazing journey.  I will share the essence of that energy at a later time.  Learning to spin your chakras will assist in transforming the debris especially doing the process in the morning before you start your day.

In addition an individual should learn about the Rays of God both from Planetary and Cosmic levels as the rays do change depending upon the level of awareness you are working with.  The Rays of God are spectrums of light and many individuals utilizing color therapy are tapping into these spectrums of color in their work.

I also suggest than each individual find their own practice.  I have always looked to others to see how they create elements in their life and embellish upon it.  As one works with these energies, they will find that their intuitive gifts become stronger.  This is because we are supposed to be working with these energies to change our body composition.

Lastly, I need to share with each of you the latest tool I have acquired through Bryan DeFlores. He is an amazing channel of the Ashtar Command and the Ascended Masters (which I feel so at home with), a musician, and artist.  He has put together Accelerator Templates for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.  They are absolutely amazing and depending upon your level of consciousness you will receive the connection to the energies by looking at the templates.  His website is  I believe these templates are the wave of each of us healing so deeply.  Bryan is also doing a series of tele-calls this summer to assist individuals to raise their vibrations.  Just be prepared for an attunement like you never felt before.  As one that is used to living in the higher vibrations, he truly assisted me with integrating my own empowerment very recently and I am eternally grateful to my I AM Presence in assisting me in my core level of healing.

I would like to share that I am available for Chakra Balancing, and deep healing work along with providing attunements in the next several months.  I am co-hosting with a friend, Angeliki Gael Davis to provide a weekly attunement meditation on the energies and activations for each week.  More information will be forthcoming.

I also have a one-time session called “Diamond Heart Therapy” in which an individual has the chakras balanced and aligned, with pure essence diamonds attuned into each chakra and joints of the body.  The client is then able to spin these diamonds on a daily basis which will help them attune themselves to their highest presence.  This was brought forth to me by the Lady Masters in 1999 and I hope you will take advantage of it.  A 20% discount will be offered when mentioning this blog.  More information is listed on my Services page:

I would like to close with the following decree:

I Am One with the Light,

I Am that I Am

I invoke the frequency of My Highest Presence

To share with others

I Am One with All that Is

The Creative Source of the Cosmic Flame

I Am that I Am

May we all heal together to create Heaven on Earth.

Sending Rainbows of Light,

Meleriessee Heliohah