Experiencing Dolphin and Whale Energies to Assist in Gaia’s Healing   1 comment

On June 26, 2010, the day Hands Across the Sands occurred, I was given advice from Spirit to travel to Cape May, NJ to assist in the healing of our planet.  As one who has been on this path for over two decades, I am very used to knowing that when such a request is made, it is for my highest good on my pathway of Mastership.

I would like to give a background of whom I am before I share this story.  I have been a communicator of the God Force for over 25 years and I allowed this pathway to open me up to new avenues in my life.  Many of these times were very challenging, but I always knew that I would excel by going through the process.  I work directly with the Ascended Masters and the Higher Beings to help others remember their divinity.  In the past five years I was given the opportunity to fully integrate the energies of the Heart of God and Will of God.  This was no easy task.  It took two years for the entire process to be complete and within that time I nearly lost my life through not eating, not being grounded, going through a bad car accident with barely any physical problems, and continually accelerating my energies within the physical.  I work with many levels of dimensions, and it truly has changed my life.  For a long time I wanted to leave the planet as the sadness was so great for me.  This was especially true when my sister, Cindy, and my parents all left the planet within 15 months of each other.  I found myself more alone than I ever felt due to the changes in the dynamics of the family.  Being a gifted communicator, I have continually assisted my family members in learning about the spiritual hierarchy and all of our places within that space.  I am writing a book about their journeys into the Light.  Along with channeling the Cosmic Great Central Sun, I also have connected with the Creative Source of All That Is.  This work helps me work with other individuals so that I can assist them in getting to their core issues.  So being integrated with Mother and Father God seemed like a natural occurrence to me.

As I was working with a client/friend on Friday evening, the Cosmic Great Central Sun came in to give a message and these were their words, “If you can find it to travel to Cape May tomorrow and go on the Dolphin and Whale Cruise to help send the Cosmic energies into the ocean, we would greatly appreciate it.  The energies of the Hands Across the Sand are very important, but they need to reach the core of the ocean.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.”  How could I dare say no to such a request.

I found myself traveling along the Garden State Parkway at 12 noon when the Hands Across the Sand was taking place.  This highway is perpendicular to the ocean so I felt that I was a part of these individuals on the beaches.  I chanted, “I AM That I AM” for about 10 minutes as I was passing the various towns down the coast towards Cape May.  The energies were amazing.

I arrived at the boat dock and had instantaneous connections with the people who own the cruise.  Now I have taken this cruise numerous of times during the years but never had felt such synchronicity happening before.

In my early days of channeling I would connect with the dolphins and whales.  In fact one trip with my brother and husband, at the time, I was gifted to connect with a dolphin body as he took me to their kingdom below the sea.  It had been a long time that I did any such journey with them and I was totally excited.

As the boat moved through the inlet out to the sea, I felt the energies mounting.  I had wonderful experiences with other passengers on board.  It definitely felt like comrades meeting again although they were unaware of what my goal was on the boat.  I had spoken to the narrator that I was there to communicate with the species of the dolphins and whales which she accepted but not sure if she believed.  As a communicator of the Cosmic energies, I move from the Planetary, through, Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal levels to get to the Cosmic where Mother and Father God reside along with the Creative Source of Oneness.  This is something that can be challenging to do while staying grounded but I have learned how to access these dimensions pretty easily in the past year.  I felt the Cosmic Forces coming through me in waves of the Platinum Ray and Crystalline energies as it was coming through my Soul Star (above the crown) and filtering into my Earth Star (below the feet) and then moving into the oceans.  I was asking for complete clearing of all debris within the ocean and a doorway for all wildlife, dolphins, and whales to move to where they needed to be for safety.

My first impression was great sadness.  The Goddess of the Sea spoke to me in her waves and she said, “we really need everyone’s help.”  I felt the pain the ocean was enduring and all of her inhabitants.  I then communicated with some dolphins as they were dancing around the boat.

I spoke this mantra:

I call upon the dolphin community,

I Am that I Am,

I Am Meleriessee Heliohah,

I call to the Dolphin Community to receive the Cosmic Crystalline Energies of the Source.

I felt my solar plexus spinning uncontrollably.

Four dolphins came right into my eyesight, two babies on each side.  Ironically I had dreamed a week before about being in the ocean and two babies hugging me on each side of my shoulders.  The essence was amazing as tears were flowing down my face.  Their words to me were “We are in trouble.  We are loosing our families and it is getting worse.  Please help us.  Today with the energies was just the beginning; we truly need everyone’s assistance.  Thank you for being here.  Please help us.”

My heart was burning with such emotion as I felt their pain and how we humans have done this to the most magnificent creatures on this planet.  They are our connection to Lemuria, to the star systems, and I for one, know I was a dolphin at one time.  They have such joy in the hearts for all of us; I was so pleased that I took this challenge on this day.

I was still continually breathing in the Cosmic Energies into the Atlantic.  The day was beautiful; a little warm in the sun but a wonderful breeze across the ocean.  As we moved farther out, the energies seemed more peaceful but the ocean was murky.  The narrator said it was because of the greenery and plants for the whales but I felt it was more than that.  I connected with the Whale energy and what a magnificent moment for me.  Their massive energy, of being the Record Keepers, of this Earth, holding all that great knowledge for the rest of us.  I could feel them underneath the sea.

This was the dialogue that occurred:

Whale:  We have felt your energies during the night.  Thank you for coming.

Christine:  Are you angry?

Whale:  Yes, we are, but isn’t everyone?  Today has been beautiful with the energies of the people, but it needs to continue.  There is a hierarchy of Whales much like the God Force.  We have guardians, dolphins, and warriors all helping each other.  We are moving North.   People in the northern areas of the country will see us as there will be an influx of the mammals until the conditions can improve, if they will.

With that there was a flurry in the ocean as there had been a sighting of a whale blowing through his nozzle in a short distance. There were two other boats that were also following the sightings.  I missed that one and then in another 15 minutes it happened again.  But then as I stood up, I was on the top deck, by the railing, this huge Fin Back Whale (2nd largest in the world) showed himself to us.  He came up to the surface and I felt his energies go deeply within mine.  He then went down and I thought that was the end; he came up again floating on top of the Sea.  Everyone was screaming and yelling, the energy was amazing, and I felt I had just been given a gift that I will never forget.

Everyone calmed down as now it was time to return back to the dock. We were 10 miles into the ocean so it would take some time.  I thought it was very interesting that the whale decided to show himself at the precise moment before we had to leave.  I sat down and connected once again.

(Please note – this is note the actual whale as I was unable to get a clear picture of him/her.)

Christine:  I thank you for showing yourself to us.  I feel so blessed to be in your presence, to feel your essence, your strength, and love.  It has been an honor.

Whale:  Destruction is coming.  Prepare in your hearts as we are doing.  The time is now to love completely.  Many will never know love and then die.  Experience love and the expansion of life will be your guide.  We work with all of you.  We thank you for coming.  The waters are being helped for a 3,000 mile radius beyond North, South and Eastern waters for your efforts today.  It will go to every mammal, fish, and wildlife.  We are honored you came this way.  We felt your God Essence and would like to work with you.  I am Bebanjia, Keeper of the Whale Community.

I put down my notebook and heard Spirit say, “Please no more energies.  You need to rest.”  I was so ungrounded and tired.  I felt myself spinning as my Solar Plexus was churning.  I rested my head on the bench in front of me but did not sleep.  I cried deeply and felt so much emotion deep inside of me.  It took quite a bit of time to come back and realized that the cruise lasted almost four hours, which should only be three.  I found a place to eat and grounded my energies so I could drive 90 minutes back to my home.

I have decided to connect with the dolphins and whales more often and will be sharing their thoughts to us.  I also intend to travel on this boat a couple more times this summer and continue with the energies.  This experience as changed me very deeply.   As always, when Spirit gives me something to do that is out of the ordinary, I move to a new level.  This week has been amazing for me by allowing these energies of these beautiful beings be within me.  I felt the ONENESS with each of them and wanted to share my story with you.

Blessings in Light and Love,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Christine is available for private sessions and conducts telecommunication classes on the Ascended Masters, Light Beings,and  spiritual tools for integrating the fifth dimensional body.  In addition she hosts a weekly call for an online meditation group called, “The Clarion Light Beings of 911 and Beyond.”

Please check her out on  her personal website at http://www.lifestationearth.com or on Spiritual Networks http:/www.spiritualnetworks.com/Meleriessee/


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