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New Moon Activation Creates Manifestation of New Life

This new moon, April 13, 2010, was extremely life changing for me.  I have recently been a contender in the Next Top Spiritual Author competition which has put my technical and marketing skills into a major testing phase.

I have been on the path of healing for 25 years and an ascension coach and teacher for the past ten.  During this time I still had to be in the corporate world to support myself. The Universe afforded me the opportunity to be released from my previous world into fully showing to others who I am and how I can help others.  The business world truly assisted me in the technical skills to be able to do the work more fully and not be afraid to delve into software programs in which I previously had no knowledge in how to utilize them.

This week has given me this opportunity to excel in many areas.  The most important one has been jumping off the cliff and allowing the Universe to guide me to the right position.  I am now in that position.  This competition has given me the confidence to put out videos and share myself onto the world of You Tube.  A scary thing to do previously but no longer.

You see, I have been traveling on the path of healing my inner self in so many ways.  I learned how to completely clear my four body system, give my life onto Spirit and be guided in places where some would not tread both physically and spiritually.  It is a journey that is very close to my heart and soul.

The videos are on You Tube under Heliohah 111 if you choose to check them out.  My book is about my inner journey and the journey I take to help many souls find their way onto the pathway of Light.  I experienced a sweat lodge 30 days after the event of the Twin Tower Tragedy on September 11th, 2001 in which my leg was burnt in the shape of a heart.  I have a very close connection to these souls that perished on that day as I started an online meditation in which we all meet in the Temple of 911 each week.  Many souls have gone there since to heal as the only prerequisite to the journey of the temple is to let go of all negative emotions from Earth.  Many souls who have perished since this time are now visiting the temple and the Light Workers who connect with this energy are also creating much love and light onto this planet.

My book is called, “The Clarion Light Beings of 911 & Beyond – A Journey of the Continuance of Life” and you can check me out at

The Light is allowing this event to occur for me and whatever the next phase of my journey, it is all in Divine Order.

Blessings in Love & Light,



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