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The Illuminating Essence of this Full Moon ~ June 2014

The Festival of Humanity has arrived on June 13th at 5:11 GMT (12:11 AM Eastern and June 12th, 9:11 PM Pacific) within the Sun of Gemini opposing the Moon within Sagittarius.

This moon represents our Lower Mind of thinking logically battling the Higher Mind of our intuition and wisdom.

This is the last of the ascension festivals which represents the ability to ground the higher levels of awareness and consciousness that we have received during the Wesak moon just one month ago.  The time that has passed since Wesak has given us an opportunity to take those lessons we learned and understand what we have gone through in the process of our mastery pathway which may be a challenge to face within our present awareness.  These energies will take us out of the reality we have been living under into a whole new perspective as we actively allow our Higher Self to be our ruling guide in each moment that we think, feel, and act upon this Earth.

The Ray of Love of Wisdom within the color of Golden Yellow was activated through GAIA’s Merkabah Vehicle of Light during Wesak.  It is now time for each of us to fully integrate not only this ray of pure love from our highest perspective but to be fully grounded with it along with the Blue Flame of Will and Power and the Ruby Red and Gold Flame of Inner Devotion.  Life is changing on this earth; the integration of these powerful rays fully grounded will assist not only the entire planet but each individual to change their life path in a new and constructive manner.

With this integration of the Festival of Goodwill there will be a reconstruction in the following areas:

  • The Power of Will
  • The Will to Love
  • The Will to Action
  • The Will to Cooperate
  • The Will to Know and To Think Correctly and Creatively
  • The Will to Persist will become a human characteristic,
  • The Will to Organize


Our lessons will be centered upon each of the elements so that the choices we make will be reflected in every course of action we take.  We are now at the stage to reconstruct our lives on the basic principles of the Divine Will being manifested within our world.

This Wesak brought forth great changes in each of us.  Some of them are manifested in our outside world or within ourselves.  It does not matter which way it becomes obvious to each individual; the most important matter is allowing them to grow within us, change us to become the master we desire to be, and create our world accordingly.  This is truly about giving service to this Earth.

The aspects of this full moon only enhance the energetic exchange of this festival of light.  It represents our ability to communicate more clearly with a different sense of attitude within us.  It can create a sense of adventure in the actions that you take.  Gemini shows us conflict within our logic and Sagittarius brings us the illumination that we desire.

It truly helps us to bring forth the illumination of the Higher Mind to blend within the Lower Mind of the Physical Self so that there is more of a flow of ideas within our consciousness instead of the battling between the higher and lower energies within the self.

It is important to take time during this full moon to activate your Higher Self within your physical existence by breathing in the Rays of God or Spectrums of Light.  Connect with your Higher Essence to see what you may need to accept within your physical body so that these elements can be put into place within your pathway of light.

Walking Terra Christa facilitated a Full Moon/Festival of Humanity Meditation Gathering Event with Lords Sanat Kumara and Kuthumi, as well as the Native Elders, in the Crystalline City of Havalanchee located in the Etheric Earth over Mt. Shasta, California. Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos spoke at the end to invite everyone who participates in the event to ask to come to Telos in their dream state to have a celebration there.  Mel and Mike, the hosts for this magnificent ceremony, hope that individuals will choose to join them in celebrating and grounding these energies into Mother Earth by listening to the recording of the event.  (Click here to listen). To register for future free open gathering events, please check the Walking Terra Christa website for registration details.

Utilizing the Wesak Decree will assist in grounding the energies we are incorporating presently:


Inducting the Golden Yellow Flame of Love and Wisdom


The time is now upon us,

Of Celebrating Wesak in 2014,

Representing the Flame of Love and Wisdom,

To be fully integrated into GAIA.

This flame of the Golden Yellow,

Now joins with the flame of Ruby Red,

Representing Inner Devotion,

And the Ray of Will and Power,

Igniting the Deep Blue Essence of Light.

GAIA is now receiving these flames,

In her fully consciousness of the Merkabah Vehicle of Light She Is.

We, as the initiates of this Earth,

Have traveled far and wide,

Through time and space,

To be in the here and now,

As we receive these amazing flames of Light,

Within our Beingness.

As Love and Wisdom,

Represents Mental Illumination,

Of Allowing Universal Love,

To Be My Guide in all that I experience,

I breathe deeply within my Crown Chakra,

To Ignite the expansiveness,

That I AM..

I allow the Will and Power,

Of the Blue Flame to be fully ignited within my Throat Chakra,

I learn to speak my truth,

As I embody the strength and courage,

Of all my timelines to be fully accessed.


I feel the serenity and peace,

Of the Ray of Inner Devotion,

Within the flame of Ruby Red and Gold,

As it blends within my Solar Plexus,

I feel my Inner Power within me,

As I devote my pathway,

To understanding my Higher Self’s Journey Within Me.

I fully embrace all of these essences,

To be part of my physical existence,

As this is the way it is to be,

For 2014.

I extend my gratitude to the Source of Oneness,

Of the Brotherhood of White Light,

And especially Lord Buddha,

Our Planetary Logos.

He is assisting the entire essence of the Earth,

To accelerate our bodies,

So that they may meet with,

Our Higher Self, Monad, and I AM Presence.

The journey of ascension,

Can be very intense,

But so rewarding.

I breathe deeply,

As I feel the changes occurring within me,

I chant the sounds of,

“HAM” with “HE”,

For Will and Power within my Throat;

“AAA – OOO – MMM”,

For Inner Devotion within my Solar Plexus;

And the sound of “I” with “AUM”,

For Love and Wisdom.

All of these Spectrums of Light,

Now spin within me,

I ground them fully through my Earth Star,

As I send them into GAIA’s Merkabah Vehicle of Light;

As I receive the gift of these rays of light,

From the Elders Around the Throne of Grace,

I send them unto GAIA’s Core of Light.

The spinning of our Merkabah’s,

Are now in Unison,

As we Become One Beam of Acceleration Together.

I connect fully with all the Ascended Beings in Shamballa,

For Wesak 2014,

As we Become One,

With Lord Buddha as our guide,

Allowing All that I AM,

To be fully within all parts of my Being.

I feel it spinning within me,

I feel the connection of All Sentinent Beings,

As we Represent the One of the All.

I embrace all that I experience,

In this moment of Wesak 2014,

As my acceleration,

Is now grounded fully within me,

As I walk into a new doorway of Light.

I AM One with All that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. Michael Aranathanara.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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2013, ascension, Frequency Updates



We have arrived into 2013 activated with the frequencies of Light through our Divine Self.  Some of us may not know what to do with these energies, some are fighting the higher levels, some have no idea that change has happened, and others are arriving with a sigh of relief.  It all depends on who we have become and how much work that we have done to get into this new space of being.  Whatever you may be experiencing, please know that this year will be powerful and life changing for everyone.

This past week has promised to help us make the necessary adjustments to reach new levels of understanding within ourselves and the world that is around us.  Many individuals may be feeling confused about what they are feeling or thinking as the old paradigm has been removed.  What happens to us when there is a state of consciousness that is created upon the Earth that has never been received before?  We are in a state of readjustment and there are no rules of what we are supposed to be doing, feeling, or accepting into our world, because it has never been done before.

This year is like none other and the upcoming years will be the same.  We are a changed race of Beings in which our pathways are not boring but yet filled with moments of surprise encounters from others and within ourselves.  Everything we know is going to be challenged and it is up to us to decide how we are going to face our new reality.  We are reborn within the same physical vehicle we have been using since the day of our creation.  The steps that we take now will mold us into our new reality.

So how do we create this new reality?  By being present within ourselves, understanding who we are and not what we thought we were, and accepting that change is inevitable for every one of us on this planet.  Our higher selves are awaiting our arrival into the physical body; many of us have achieved this integration and more have not done so.  It is up to us that have integrated the higher frequencies to keep the balance by being more serene, calm, and non-judgmental especially towards ourselves.  The third dimensional reality is gone, and now it is up to each individual to aspire to more within themselves, create this balance, and the world around us will change.

We will be experiencing a New Moon on January 11th which is always a time to create new ways within our lives.  This moon is in the sign of Capricorn 7:44 PM UTC which represents practicality.  Be strong in whatever changes you want to make as the energy is fluctuating so much that we do not want to get pulled in one direction or the other.  Since the beginning of January we have had to balance our energies from the 12:21 cycle of the Christ Consciousness being activated within GAIA.  The transition that many individuals are going through presently can be very challenging due to the fact that we may still want to find the most solid pathway in each moment.  That will never be the case any longer so we must be very strong in activating our energies through our Christed Self, which is our Higher Mind and the Heart.  Find time for silence each day to reflect who you are becoming as these new vibrations are going to continue at an accelerated rate especially for the next three months.

Be strong in creating a balanced foundation within yourself.  Know who you are and this can change in a moment’s reflection.  The best part of what we are experiencing this year will be to be in a synchronous flow of light.  So if you are pulled in a certain direction and it does not feel as if it is flowing, then shift your energies into a more centered space by taking some deep breaths of “AAHH” which brings you into the center of the Great Central Sun.  It also helps to ground your energies into your Earth Star that may feel as if they are floating out of your body.

The most important thought we can convey is to deeply feel what is right for you in each moment.  These moments can change quickly and remember to fully accept that you are a Divine Being of Light being activated within the physical creation that is You.



It is our Divine Pleasure to be with each of you in this moment.  We would like to go further into what Meleriessee has shared in the Planetary focus presently.

Don’t let anything stop you from becoming more than you are.  This is the beauty of the Christed Consciousness being fully activated within the Earth at this time.  Each of you is being affected deeply by your consciousness and it is up to you to fully accept Who You Are Becoming.  We know that this has not been an easy transition and especially for the Ones that feel something brewing within them but they just cannot accept the fact that they are changing.  This is where each of you as Light Workers need to step into your full power by allowing your essence to become what you desire it to be.

We have shared that the frequencies have shifted the Earth into a new paradigm of Light.  Many believe that they have reached a 5th dimensional consciousness and that Earth has now arrived.  That is the illusion of some individuals to think that nothing else needs to be done in preparation.  We disagree and only want you to realize that there is still more work that needs to be done.  You can have the higher consciousness but the reality of it is that it has not been integrated into GAIA.  She is moving towards this event but it has not actually occurred.  What has occurred is a revolution of Light.  People are looking within themselves to actually understand what is happening to them on a soul and physical level.  They are not sure what the outcome will be and they will never know that outcome.

We have arrived into a 4th dimensional Earth.  The consciousness of many individuals is varied and it is not up to us to say who has the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th or even 10th level of awareness.  The soul evolves in a way as to accept the higher levels of reality through the Soul Star and allowing the transference of this Light into the physical creation.  What actually is occurring at this time is that each individual’s consciousness is being filtered into the physical body.  This is going to take some time for it to evolve into the 5th dimensional earth.  We are getting there and the more work that each individual does to create it for themselves, will make the process easier for others, GAIA, and humanity.  But there will be divisions that occur unless we can bridge the gaps between the consciousnesses of humanity.  It is not going to happen just by thinking it is so.  What will be occurring is that each individual has a responsibility to allow the full activation of the New Earth to occur.  This also means that every person will feel the effects within their physical body as many call “ascension symptoms.”  It is the process of the ascension descending into the physical vehicle to create the light forms to be activated within each individual.  You are the conduits for the allowance of these elements to occur and you will be the Ones that will feel it the most.

Let’s face it ~ we know that many of you have been going through these processes already as it is part of the Initiation of Mastery to walk as the Master and fully accept this role through the physical existence.  Many have chosen to leave this planet as that was not their path to hold the light.  There are several souls that worked very hard to this end but decided they would not endure the integration any longer.  We thank them deeply for doing so as it has made it possible for each of you to fully accept your own Mastery upon the Earth and work in unison with others to stand in the presence of GAIA’s own acceleration.

At this time, this process is continuing on much deeper levels than it was ever anticipated as the amount of Light Workers that are willing to fully participate within this program of Ascension for GAIA and not just for themselves.  The ones that are going into deeper levels of their Soul’s development will find that their light will be strong conduits for others to follow.  The Ones that do not understand that will find that they need to heal their soul’s psychological path as there will be a lack of understanding of how this process works.  It is appropriately guided that leaders are not born for this role but must be nurtured and trained on very deep levels of existence.  The individuals that understand our words will ring Truth within them; the others who are not ready will not understand at this time, but hopefully will follow suit.

We were given a beautiful opportunity at the time of 12:21 to fully blend our energies with our Higher Self and I AM Presence.  Many of us in Spirit have done so; many in body are also doing so in preparation to these phases as it cannot be accomplished in body without great challenge.  It is with this that we share our deepest gratitude that you are doing so.  All of you listening or reading this material are in preparation, but please know that the road is not paved with pure bliss in each moment.  Bliss happens when it happens to you from the deepest core of your Soul’s Essence.  There are timelines that need to be acknowledged and released through this process of the Self forgiving the Self.

The energies this week are preparing you on deeper levels than you could ever imagine to help you through this period of transition.  We share the background information to help you understand what you may be going through within this process.  Oneness does not occur within each individual person without the doorway of letting go of the old and allowing the new to be born within.  Each of you in body must realize that this is not easy, and this week it is going to take you into new levels of awareness.

The structure of your foundation needs to be very strong.  This means that the basis of information that comes through you into your physical creation has to be on a level in which all consciousness can accept your advancement into the higher realms.  If you do not have a strong foundation to stand upon, then the body will not be able to handle the frequency.  Your Etheric structure is being challenged and turned inside out to allow your physical vehicle to accept the new paradigm of consciousness that is coming into your Being.

Please be assured that this new wave of energy is being engineered by everyone’s Higher Self and I AM Presence and the amount of frequency that comes through to you is being activated through these elements.  It is important to have a dialogue with your Higher Self whether or not you can hear them talking bacl to you; they will hear you.  Be strong in your meditations and within your silence, because this is where the true elements are going to help you in the transition.

This new moon is allowing each of you to go further into your Divinity.  But as we shared previously, you must be prepared to allow it to happen.  It is going to happen anyway, but it will be guided by You in how the integration occurs.  Many will not accept it readily so the ones that can, please do so.  You will be holding the higher light within the balance to be fully activated into GAIA.

So if you are looking for changes to occur during this new moon, you have the structure to hold the changes while being in the same position, you will find a most synchronous event about to enfold.  The energies of Light from the Heavens are supporting you greatly through this process.  You angelic self is about to be more activated within you to assist in the process but GROUNDING is most essential in order to hold it.

The power of this week is being considered the next phase of the Christed Self.  It will allow each individual to go into deeper levels than they previously encountered.  The Elohim Councils of Light are standing by to assist everyone through this process as they understand what it is like to be within the body while accessing their higher knowledge, wisdom, love, and completeness.  For some individuals this intensity will be too great so it is important to fully reflect on the foundation you have created.

The choice is yours in how you handle this energy ~ Assisting or De-Assisting.  Allowing the flow of life to run through you, around you, and BE YOU.

We walk with you in each moment as our Days of Light are becoming increasingly brighter.

We are the Unified Whole at your Service.

So Mote It Be, In the Light That We Are As One!


©2012 Walking Terra Christa, Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, Vibrational Ascension Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.  No use without prior written permission allowed except for sharing the link

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2013 ~ The Year of Synchronization


As we reflect back on the year of 2012, we have come to a new place of awakening.  2013 will represent to each of us individually how we can be better as we assist the planet in the transition of darkness into light.

We have all chosen to be here in this juncture of time no matter where each individual soul may be experiencing their reality.  We must all admit that this year of 2012 has been the most challenging on a personal and global basis as we are being assisted in learning about our Divine roots as our Souls are being more active within our physical essence than we ever thought could be.

The activations of this year and in particular, December 2012, were very life changing for every soul upon the planet.  These changes are directed by our free will and the deeper we allowed ourselves to go within, the more acceptance that we have felt.  The upcoming year is a new level upon 2012 as it will be up to us, individually, in how we want to accept our pathways of Light into our physical existence and the world around us.

We, at Walking Terra Christa, held a most powerful retreat of seven days from December 12th through the 21st.  We learned that we came together to heal our wounds from the past in order to be in the present as we walk together into the higher level of existence upon this planet.  We healed previous timelines to help us acknowledge our Higher Self as the commander of our ship.  Elements arose that we needed to address, and we did it in love and compassion for the journey that we were on together.  It was not easy as we were confronted with challenges in each moment.  We stood with courage to hold the Light and some walked away not understanding the process that each of us had gone under.  This happens while being in Mt. Shasta as we are continually being pushed to get deeper into the essence of our souls.  That is the beauty of this journey as it is a gift that we receive to help us to become better at our jobs, being a Light Worker.

The essence of the Christ Consciousness becoming fully integrated within us is a personal journey.  It is up to us to allow the highest optimal experience; and if we do not allow the process to continue through our physical body, then it will become a struggle as we move into 2013.  From January to the Spring Equinox we are going to be asked to hold as much light as possible to assist Gaia in her transition.  The forces of the lower energies are doing the same on their end so our battle is not finished yet but we are much further along the way than we could have ever hoped.  It is going to be up to us to work through our judgments, fears, and lower thought forms that keep us stuck in the lower dimensions.  Many are still in this space and we as, the Leaders and Torch Bearers of the New Earth, need to be very diligent in our spiritual practice on a daily basis.

This means that not only is the human race changing, we as the leaders, must go deeper into our core essence to remove all the old timelines that have stopped us previously.  These thought forms that come to us are not from our Higher Self and have been engineered to keep us in bondage.  It is up to us to fully accept that we are higher beings of Light and share this Light with others through our vibration.  All of this must be done with our frequency that we have inhabited within us during the powerful activations in December.  Otherwise, they may get lost in the process.  It is a very powerful time to realize our dreams through thoughts, visions, and expressions that may seem unusual.  We must write them down immediately because the energies we have experienced are not grounded into Gaia yet so we have to help in the process.  Each of us may forget as we are still experiencing duality around us; the planet has not ascended but is in the transition of doing so.  It is a wondrous journey of Light.

2013 represents Synchronization and in order for this to occur we must fully allow the old timelines, thoughts, and remembrances of the past to be fully removed.  Otherwise, this synchronization cannot happen and there will still be discordant elements that we have to deal with.  This has to do with not only ourselves, but the environment, the planet, and everything around us to allow Heaven on Earth to occur.

Take time during this period to reflect on your past and how you have changed.  Then go a little bit deeper to see the rebirth occurring in your experiences of your Mind, Body, and Spirit as you become One Body of Light.  The power of this exercise is going to help every living cell and molecule around you as you illuminate it outwardly.  BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO BE and you will see the direct result as we become One Within Ourselves to allow Oneness to occur on the planet.

We are all healing deeply and we still have an incredible journey with each other in order to achieve the Unity Consciousness that we all deserve.  It is not going to happen automatically just by wishing it to be.  We all still have incredible challenges to conquer so that we can fully accept our New Divinity.  This is a new role for each of us and just saying you are Love and Light does not make it so.  It must be 24 hours a day and every day.  This is when true miracles will happen to each of us individually and as a beautiful planet of Light.

We have been given wonderful opportunities to be here and assist in the ascension of Gaia.  Changes will happen but they are at a much lesser degree than ever thought realized by Man and by Spirit.  Our pathways are completely open to receive and give more to each other than we ever could imagine.  The Beauty of Life and Joy is within our reach.  Take the time to dig deeper into your essence of Light and allow it to illuminate to the world.

Wishing everyone a magnificent 2013 ~ as we synchronize all that we have received to be more than we ever realized could be.

Love and Blessings,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden


2012, Frequency Updates


frequency_update-qprThis is the week we have all been waiting for and in preparation to fully accept our Christed Self to be ignited.  The challenges leading up to this point have been beyond unbelievable for each individual person, and they are still continuing.

The energies of the 12-12-12 were absolutely amazing which represented the gateway of acceleration to help us walk through new doorways that have never before been created.  The important part of these doorways is to allow the energies to enfold within us.  At times, it may have created painful experiences to be acknowledged as the past timelines were being removed and transcended.  To make this more intense we experienced a New Moon on the 13th of December which allowed us to continue the walk into our new existence.

This week we experience the best of the best on the 21st of December when it was prophesied that it would be the end of the world as the Mayan Calendar ended.  Not so, as most of you know by now.  In fact, it is the beginning of a whole new world for each of us if we allow our consciousness to fully accept the fact that we are becoming Awakened Beings.  This is the day that the Christed Consciousness will be infused within each of us.  It is up to our own individual self in how we are going to accept this frequency within our lives.  It is not an easy process, because what we don’t take care of will be taken care of through our Higher Self.  There are many individuals that are still very much unawakened and will not be able to handle the incoming energies.  It may result in chaos as we experienced with the tragedies in Connecticut and China a few days ago.  We must be vigilant within ourselves to be the best we can be by allowing our Higher Self and I AM Presence to be fully integrated within our physical self.

So please know that if you have been challenged physically, emotionally, or mentally, you are not alone.  In fact you have more company than you ever thought could be.  It is a beautiful time to fully feel the inner reflection that we are and walk again amongst many masters within Oneness.

Please join us on the 21st of December at 3 p.m. Pacific for a special meditation and channeled message on these energies we will be experiencing.  Details are available on Walking Terra Christa, via




What a beautiful week it is and will be so very powerful for everyone on this planet.  We come to you as the Unified Whole Command and we are happy to announce that the Brotherhood of White Light along with the Spiritual Hierarchy are now speaking from the Unified Whole of the 144th dimension.  It is at this time we come to you in Oneness.  The command itself is being guided by Master Thoth, The Great Divine Director, Albert Einstein, Lord Adama representing the Inner Earth Beings, Mikos representing the Christed Intergalactics of the Inner Earth City within Portho Logos, the Ashtar Command, the Angelic Hosts represented by Archangel Michael and Faith, the Lady Masters guided by the Divine Mother and the Ascended Masters Guided by the Divine Father with all Councils of Light fully activating in this presence of Light from this moment forward.  We are One.

Join us and come into the Oneness this week.  We are all transitioning into more aspects with the creation of the Unified Whole and what a beautiful moment in time.  We send you this frequency of Light to fully increase your potentiality on the Earth.  Gaia needs you and so do we.

The preparations for this week have been long coming.  Each of you has been working very diligently in the Innerplane levels to come to the creation that you are presently.  You have been preparing your bodies for this acceleration for some time and now is the time to fully receive.  During this phase there have been many moments of tears, fits of frustration, and dysfunction happening within your Being.  It is now time for you to realize that YOU are the Divine Being you have been searching for and you do not need to search any longer.

We did not say this was an easy transition but through each moment  allow yourself to feel the beauty that is YOU.  It will enfold within you if you allow it to be so.  Each individual will accept it differently and some may only feel it in a moment’s notice and then step back into their old awareness.  This week is a trial for the true Christed Being that You Are to be fully accepted into your physical existence.  The true essence will occur on the 21st.  Let’s take a step backwards to see how you are doing.

Since the 12-12-12 energies, how have you been feeling from moment to moment.  We don’t want you to look at the entire six days and say, “Well, I feel pretty good”.  No, that is not our request.  We would like you to go deep within yourself and take a look back on each span of time, possibly in one hour increments of how you are accessing the energies through your Being.  This is going to help you go further into your Inner Core of Acceptance.  Look at yourself step-by-step and see how you have improved upon your energies.

Now this means that you need to look at your emotions, your mental thoughts, your reaction to others, your judgment of yourself, and the interaction as each of these have been combined within you.  Are you allowing yourself to work through the processes of the Seven Rays of God.  This means it is time to fully realize how you work with your WILL & POWER, LOVE & WISDOM, CREATIVE COMPASSION, HARMONY & BALANCE, ACCESSING YOUR WISDOM THROUGH YOUR THIRD EYE, DEVOTION TO THE SELF, and CREATING A STRUCTURE OF MAGIC WITHIN YOUR LIFE.

The aspects of these first seven rays are so very important to allow the full totality of your energies to be intertwined within each of the Rays of God.  We believe that by accessing them you will find your essence to be fully activated in several ways.  You will be able to remove the timelines and feel the new frequencies that are coming to you.  You will accept the lifetimes that you lost which are very important to your pathway presently.

To assist you to go deeper utilize the colors of each of these rays on a Cosmic Level and not the planetary existence:








Utilize the colors within your body; they are associated with specific chakras but we do not feel we need to get too technical.  Use your breath to fully access the colors within your physical essence and everything will flow into place without you thinking about it or accessing it in a particular fashion.

We share this knowledge because we believe many are struggling trying to put everything into perspective of what they are feeling or thinking, and there is no way that you will be able to fully accept the Christed Self to come into your creation if you don’t relax through the process.  This is extremely important to accept as much light frequency as you can without overloading the physical essence.  We cannot have everyone going off balance as there is going to be energies of others that will be doing so.

We also ask of you not to worry how deep you can go but allow your Higher Self to guide you through the process.  He/She is your guide through activating the Higher Essence of your Soul’s Creation and not the Physical Mind.  Surrender to the fact that you are going deeper than you ever have before and you will accept more happening within you.  It is the power of your creation that will help you to acknowledge more of what is occurring.  This will allow you to go into deeper levels.

We know that there are many levels of spiritual connection and not everyone is going to be on the same level.  That is a major part of the process of allowing your own essence to enfold within you that is most comfortable and not let the overloaded energies to create havoc within your existence.  Each individual person must be gentle within themselves to allow this process to be the level that they can handle.

This frequency of the Christed Golden Flame will be integrated on the 21st of December during the sunrise.  It will continue for a three day period through the 23rd at sunset.  During this time individuals may find themselves visualizing and creating in a new way.  You will feel the euphoric feeling of love and completeness.  Make sure you keep pen and paper handy so that you can jot down your feelings, thoughts, or creations as they will come quickly and may leave as quickly.  The more essence that you can hold onto, the more you can create.  But it must be grounded completely within each individual.

You are the Torch Bearers and need to realize that you have a responsibility to hold this Light within you.  Your thoughts must be pure, your light must shine, and you must rise above the others around you that do not fully align with your Light Quotient.  You will know if they do not.  Take a moment with a breath and step into an elevator to go to your next consciousness level that you have received in a meditation.  Then take that energy and ground it back within you through your Earth Star.  This will help you to accept others that may not be resonating within you.

We share this knowledge because there will be ones that will be affected by your Light quotient even though they are bringing in their own light quotient.  And your light quotient can affect them adversely to the core and bring up those timelines when you did not get along.  You must fully access this energy to help you through the process.

It is a powerful time and there has never been a mass consciousness like this before.  You must first take care of yourself in order to help others.  All your masks of care taking, and covering for others must be removed.  For some that will become stronger has they do not want to change.  They think they do, but then it becomes insurmountable for them.  You come along and will be hit with their lower light quotient and it shall bring you down.  This is not easy at all within the physical body.  Many of you will feel these energies, and it is up to you to embrace your highest Light Quotient in the process.  Eventually the others that do not align will want more of what you have, but you must not let them interfere within your auric field.  They must do it themselves.

This is exactly what is happening on the planet right now from the unawakened to the newly awakened to the Ones that have been walking this path into the Ones that are Highly Seasoned.  The Highly Seasoned Ones must take heed of these words as it can bring you down into your physical third dimensional reality which will make you feel very uneasy and not balanced.  What happens through this process is that once you rise, you can fall but then the acceleration again can become difficult as you take on others energies.  It is because each of you are so loving and want to help, but the most important aspect during this period is to fully accept your own totality and what you are receiving.  That is how you can help on a deeper level.

So take this time on these days to allow this energy to flow within you, accelerate your physicality, and see your new reality as the old one will no longer exist.  As the Christ Consciousness comes within you of the Golden Flame, feel it moving into your Heart Center and become the Buddha, the Christ ~ the One who infuses the Light and shares it with others without words or details.  It JUST IS..

We walk with each of you during this time of Creation.  We are just as excited to see the awakening in each of you to go to a deeper level of your Core.  We extend ourselves into your Light in all ways.

We, of the Unified Whole Command, fully express Oneness in all moments of Creation.

So Mote It Be, In the Light of the Christ That We Are Together.


©2012 Walking Terra Christa, Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, Vibrational Ascension Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.

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FREQUENCY UPDATE ~ DECEMBER 10TH through 16th, 2012

frequency_update-qprThis week will be the start of some very powerful energies.  We have been preparing all year through the accelerations and activations.  Some of us have been holding onto many light frequencies so that it can expand at this time.  The Harmonic Convergence in 1987 was the start of initiating more light within the planet and now we, as the Lightworkers, are being asked to expand it into Gaia and to others starting on December 12, 2012.

This will be our first gateway into the New World which means that we are being prepared to walk through new doorways of Light that have never existed upon this planet before.  Within the past few weeks many individuals have been hit with what Lord Melchizedek terms, “The Cosmic Virus”.  All our timelines are coming together which allows for the releasement of the ones in which we were affected adversely by extreme conditions in our past lives.  Our Etheric Body is healing on the deepest level possible so we can feel as if we are dying, but yet we know we are walking through new doorways of Light.  It is what the Shamans call “The Death Cycle of Rebirth”.  In order to allow the higher vibrations to be integrated within us we must remove the parts that hold the lower frequencies.  Through this process we can also experience the “Death Wish” to be fully removed from our human consciousness which is part of our subconscious programming when we entered the body.

The depth of this healing goes way beyond our time limit in this writing.  We are learning to walk as Masters upon this Earth in preparation for the New Earth Hierarchy but it comes with great sacrifice, challenges, and growth.  So if you find yourself in this position of deep healing know that it is for a greater purpose to fully allow the frequencies of Light to be integrated within Gaia and human consciousness.  We are being supported by the Universe, the Brotherhood of White Light, and all of the Ascended Beings of the Christ Consciousness to fully walk through these gateways.  The cleansing we are experiencing will continue until we fully come to a point within ourselves that we can honor and cherish ourselves as the Christed Beings We Are.

On December 13th we experience the New Moon in Sagittarius at 1:41 US Pacific, 21:41 GMT which is being categorized as the “ABUNDANCE” New Moon occurring one day after the 12:12 Doorway of Initiation.  The cycle of this moon will represent the ability to create and flow within our relationships and life circumstances helping to purify and change what it is that does not serve our highest purpose.

It is important during this time on December 12th to fully reflect within yourself what it is that you may need to change to move into the Christed Being you have been guided to be.  This process does not happen all at once and may take us many moments to get through the integration of the Light That We Are.  Be kind to yourself and accept the challenges as an opportunity of growth.  It is important to fully reflect at this time; join with other like-minded individuals to allow our reflections to shine within each other as our Soul Brothers and Sisters arrive into our lives.




We are deeply honored to share with you the beautiful essences that are occurring within Gaia and in the heavens as we come together as One Family of Light.  We come to you as the Unified Whole Command with The Great Divine Director, Master Thoth, Albert Einstein, and the Brotherhood of White Light.

This week is going to be a beautiful start of the Creation of Oneness within each individual and upon the planet.  Each of you have gone through many moments of not being able to ignite the essence of your I AM Presence within your physical creation due to the timelines of the previous incarnations arising within your Being through all levels of the four body system.  You are preparing yourself to fully activate your Merkabah Vehicle of Light in such a way as to allow the expression of your beginning essence to shine through the physical structure.  This is a huge challenge, and we want to stand with you at this time to applaud you for staying strong within yourself to go through the deeper levels.

Many of you may still be going through some rough moments of not fully knowing what is occurring within you.  We say to you, “Applaud these moments as they are the reflection of your true self.”  You are learning to fully accept your increased light body within your physical existence as the Higher Mind is now being activating through the present timeline.  If you are still being challenged, please go deeper into yourself and allow your True Essence to assist you in the process.  It is going to take you into the depth of your existence beyond what you could ever imagine would be.

Your dreams are showing these remembrances deeply and some of them may be unsettling.  The most important part of this process is to allow yourself to purge what you wake up with.  If you are feeling unsettled about any elements that are coming from your dream state, you must affirm to yourself that you are the commander of your ship and step into your tools to remove the remembrance that is just arising through your physical existence.  Utilize clearing energies of bathing with Epsom Salt, vinegar and baking soda along with some essential oils.  Emerge your head under water and feel the releasement come out of you.  You can also mix all the ingredients with warm water and let it drip from your head to your toes in the shower.  Affirm to your Higher Essence, your I AM Presence, and each of us to assist you with the process.  This will take the debris that is arising out of your Etheric Body to the Physical Level so you can fully wash it away.  It is a very powerful way to remove elements out of your physical existence through the four-body system.

If you have not realized the fact that your four-body system is becoming the FULL BODY SYSTEM, then now is the time to do so.  Depending on your level of acceleration and what you are going through will determine how deep you will go to allow this integration to occur.  Your crystalline structure is emerging and the other elements must be removed entirely.

We share these tools with you at this time to help you get through the process of walking into the 12-12-12 Doorway of Initiation.  You are being prepared on many levels to fully accept your pathway within the full integration of your highest essence.  For some it may be on the Higher Self level and for others it may be both the Higher Self and the I AM Presence.  Which ever is the case for you, you are accessing all these energies in your higher consciousness and not just the meditative state.  You are being prepared to fully accept the Crystalline Structure and the Full Body System to be your guide in the future days.  Those that are further along the path will allow these elements to occur within them at this time; and others, are working through the process.

This week you are being assisted in preparation for the phases of 12-21-12.  It will be the first step into the full actualization of the Christ Consciousness upon this Earth and every individual is being prepared to be the Torch Bearer of this light.  In order to hold this light the other elements of the lower self must be removed.  This is a great challenge and we know that allowing your I AM Presence to be your guide in this process will truly assist not only you personally, but the whole of the planet along with others you interact with.

As you walk through this Doorway of Initiation, take a few moments and allow the old to be seen by the physical existence.  Then utilize elements of creating change to fully process what needs to be taken care of through the assistance of your Higher Self.  Feel the exhilaration of these moments and accept the conditions that go along with it.  If you are one that feels you can just sit in the energies and it will do its handy work for you, then you will be challenged later, but it will be much larger for you to handle than doing it at this time.  The 12-12-12 energies represent the frequency of Light that is the Christ Within you so whatever your inner reflection wants to receive, it will come to you.  It is much larger than anyone realizes and it will move through the processes of the holes and inner debris to bring in the higher consciousness through the bodily structure.  What happens during this process is that at first you feel exhilaration but then it moves into the deepness of the cellular level.  It will act upon those parts of yourself that do not reflect the vibrational frequency that is being ignited and will ignite on its own volition at a later time.  This could cause great havoc within the mental and emotional bodies if an individual does not allow the process to fully be accepted within their Being.

The greatest part of this phase is that it is now time to fully feel the Oneness within your individual Self and allow this essence to shine through you.  But preparation must be made in order to reap the highest benefits of this creation upon Gaia and within each of you.

The energies of the New Moon on the 13th will just allow the frequency to continue for each of you.  Again, if there are lower elements of debris plaguing within your Being, then this New Moon could be very disruptive to your balance; but in retrospect, allowing the Christed Being that you are to be fully accepted by all parts of your existence, then it will result in the highest gifts of alchemy available to any individual or the planet.

The choice is yours ~ as you are a Light Worker and a bearer of the Christed Energies.  You have chosen to be here; you have been working deeply to acquire these elements, and now you can share with others who you truly are.  Allow the Doorway of Initiation to be your guide into the next step of your Creation.  Embrace your Angelic Self, your Galactic Self, and your Human Self as one Multi-Dimensional Being of Light.  This is a rare opportunity within the Creative Source of any planetary existence and we are so happy that we can walk with you through this process.  We are feeling it as you are and going through each individual step on deeper levels as you are assisting the entire Cosmic Universes to fully come into balance of Oneness.

It is our Divine Pleasure to be with you, walk with you, and experience all That You Are within the Physical Existence upon Gaia.

We are the Unified Whole Command in the Creation of Oneness at your service.

Join us on December 12th at 5 PM Pacific for a very special call to connect with the energies in Mt. Shasta, our retreat participants, and others around the world ~ Conference # 530.881.1400, code 148525#.

©2012 Walking Terra Christa, Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, Vibrational Ascension Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.

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frequency_update-qprAfter the activations of the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse last week, we are still processing the changes we are going through.  Some individuals are feeling it differently than others but each of us is being challenged and prodded to be more of our Higher Self and I AM Presence within the physical body.  It is now time for us to continue working through the activations as we are being prepared for the activation of 12-12-12.

On December 3rd there was a planetary alignment of the planets of Mercury, Venus, and Saturn with the Giza Pyramid which means that it is the first activation of December creating an electro-magnetic pathway from the center of the universe to the Great Pyramid – opening a Gate that has been closed for 2,737 years.  It is a very subtle energy but aligns within the planetary system to create the opening of the Christ Consciousness to be fully activated by December 21st, 2012.

This energy will take us a step closer in activating our Higher Self and I AM Presence to be more fully integrated within the physical body.  This can cause more disruptions if we are not ready to receive the higher frequency, but the good part is that it is being engineered through our Higher Self/I AM Presence essence.  Please know that each individual will only receive what is being programmed from their Higher Essence.  This means that we need to delve deeper into our tools, work with the higher realms to receive the assistance that we need in order to feel the balance that it is necessary.  We are being asked to stand amongst the first group of individuals, we call the Torch Bearers, to be a reflection of light to the Ones that will be following in our footsteps.

This is not an easy process and every individual no matter what level of initiation they are working through will be challenged deeply. The individuals that have been on the pathway longer than others are going to be put into a state of complete transformation to assist the planet.  If you are one of these individuals and are being challenged physically, please know it is not a virus of this Earth; Lord Melchizdek called it a Cosmic Virus which means all of our timelines are coming together to be released and it can be very painful within the body.  Then you must clear it within your emotional and mental levels for it to be fully cleared.  We are fully activating our crystalline structures; it has never been done before in mass consciousness so there are no rules of how or what to do for ourselves except to connect with our Higher Essence.  That is the only way that you will feel better through the process.  There is a light at the end of this tunnel, and it represents our Divine Creation within the physical body.



We come to you in the presence of the Unified Whole Command under the direction of Master Thoth, The Great Divine Director, Albert Einstein, and several other important figures in the Earth’s history.  Our numbers are growing into Wholeness from Ascended Beings from many planetary forms of life that are choosing to come into Oneness under the direction of the Command.  It is an exciting time for all of us as we are coming together just as the human race is awakening at this very time.

This week is a very important one to fully be in your Power as the challenges will become greater as the days pass by into December 21st, 2012.  Today, on December 3rd there was the first planetary alignment of the Giza Activation within the planets of Mercury, Venus, and Saturn.  This means that the pyramids around the globe are now in full alignment of electro-magnetic energies to allow the entryway of the Orion Constellation within Planet Earth.  This frequency is the first of the physical activations to occur which is very subtle.  Many individuals would not sense any electro-magnetic charges within themselves except to allow the balance of the Masculine and Feminine divine to be fully incorporated.

With the Lunar Eclipse and the Full Moon on November 28th individuals are being asked to fully step into their power by acknowledging the old parts of themselves that do not fit the present circumstances.  This may seem like it is happening very quickly, but in truth, the planetary alignments are allowing for the transference of the energies to be integrated within each individual as their Higher Self and I AM Presence is directing the energies.  What you are experiencing within yourself individually, is not what every person is presently feeling.  It is different depending upon your pathway of initiation, what your pathway means, where you are on this pathway, and if you are ready to step into leadership roles.  You have been preparing all year for these events to unfold within your lives, and now is not the time to be shy about you are experiencing or where it is taking you in future moments.

Every person upon the planet in these moments is being challenged.  We will tell you that the Ones that are stepping forward are going to be accelerating through a transformative process that is unmatched to anything else that they or anyone else has experienced.  The Lunar Eclipse allowed for the darkness to arise which could be in the physical, emotional, or mental bodies.  Now this is being activated through the Etheric Body as it represents the old timelines in which you may have been extremely ill, possibly did not survive, or your were mentally or emotionally challenged.  It has been a time when you are seeing yourself in a different light, accessing the old remembrances or flashes through dreams or meditations, and then it feels like you are right there again.  But yet, you are within this body you inhabited in this lifetime.  There could be moments of recall but yet you know what to do for yourself.  And if you don’t, then it is imperative to listen to others who may be able to assist you.  Once you walk through the Dark Night of Your Soul in which you feel everything is falling apart, but yet you realize that is not your reality; YOU AWAKEN UNTO YOURSELF.

So now you go back and use some of your old tools; pull out a meditation that helped you a long time ago, speak to a friend who may be going through the same symptoms, and utilize the frequencies of Light to assist you in walking beyond the reality that is encasing you.  It is important to realize that when these elements appear, holes can result in your aura.  Ask for each of us to help you in your dream state if you don’t have a good meditation or a person to assist you.  The power of vibration is the healing way of the world presently.  Just allow yourself to fully meld within the creation of your I AM Presence, feeling this essence to be your essence completely within your body, your heart and your mind.  Then, and only then, can you fully accept your Light Body.

The levels that each individual is experiencing are different.  None are two the same; and as we explained earlier, it depends upon your mastery skills and learning the process of a healthy psychology soul.  These challenges that are happening presently are not about you as the Mind or Emotions.  It is about your Soul and how he/she has held onto the many levels of pain and lower energies.  It is seeping through your aura form the Etheric Body to be fully transformed by the Light of God that You Are.

So continue with your processing through this week.  It is taking you into deeper levels of yourself to fully accept your Divine Essence within the physical creation that You Are.  If you are feeling good and have no qualms about anything in your life, be prepared as it is coming.  Every individual will feel that a part of them is dying, because it is a necessary process.  We are in the phase of acceleration when an individual must realize that they cannot exist in the same manner.  This is a deep movement that will be happening within each individual.  The more people that realize the process now before 12-12-12 and 12-21-12, then the more prepared they will be.

It is a beautiful time and we are all coming into the Creation of Oneness.  If you think about our beginnings together, that is what we want to experience.  It is all the moments in between that we have to take care of to either remove or embrace.  Call upon your Higher Self along with your I AM Presence to assist you.  Work with your own highest essence before you sleep and when you awaken.  You will thank yourself that you have done so.  And by the way, so will we.  The more that arrives now, the more that we can help along the way.

In the Essence of Love and Connection of Light,

We Are the Unified Whole Command of Oneness

©2012 Walking Terra Christa, Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, Vibrational Ascension Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.

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We are in for another intense week as there are several factors in place.  November 28that 6:45 AM Pacific the Moon will be in its fullness in the sign of Gemini with the sun sign of Sagittarius.  We will be experiencing a Lunar Eclipse at this time in which we are coming to a cross-roads between the Higher Mind and Lower Mind.  It will be a very powerful time for each of us to fully decide which road we are taking as whatever we decide will determine our next experiences of the activations in December.  We are being assisted by taking a look at the old relationships and parts of ourselves that do not fit into the higher realm of integration.  This full moon is totally going to assist each person on the planet to tune into what does not befit their new reality if they are ready to hold the frequency within the Illumination that They Are.  The best part of the frequencies this week is that Mercury has now gone direct which will ease up the communication issues you might have encountered with others or with technology.

Meleriessee shared last week about how she felt that receiving lower physical vibrations have truly assisted her in going through a deeper healing process.  This is continuing and the levels become deeper and deeper.  If you have awakened and stepped onto a pathway of pure illumination within your Being, then you are going to be challenged with elements that do not fit your higher vibration.  This full moon is going to assist us with this process by moving us along and finding the balance between the lower and higher minds.  We don’t have time to waste and we must take each opportunity to move into the depths of our Higher Self’s and I AM Presence.  Sometimes we don’t know what that process is going to be but that is the beauty of it all.  Not knowing is truly in Mastership as there is no past nor future to deal with; it is being in the NOW.

So take this opportunity to fully get deep within yourself; talk to your Higher Self and I AM Presence.  You can do so by intending to be fully with them.  They are for this opportunity to move into a higher frequency within your physical body but you must do the work in order for it to Be.  We are in the process of removing old timelines and finding the ones that we thought we lost.  There cannot be any fear in that occurring as it is a beautiful moment to fully find yourself activated within the body you have chosen at this time of your life.

This process can get easier if you fully accept these changes now; otherwise, it will become very challenging and sometimes as if you cannot surmount the mountain in front of you.  Realizing your true potential will allow you to have the Freedom and Grace of God that you are.

Join us on Wednesday evening November 28th at 5 PM Pacific as we host a Full Moon Ceremony to help individuals walk through this process with Ease and Grace.  Details are available on Walking Terra




This is the week of acceleration you have been waiting for.

We come to you from the Unified Whole Command of the Great Divine Director, Master Thoth, Albert Einstein and more…

We fully anticipate that this week will be one that is entirely focused on your personal pathway to help you change the areas that you have been searching for and remove the dogma and debris that you have been holding onto.  You see, it is not your fault that it has been this way.  It has been the way of the world in human form and as we see it presently, it is now going to be washed as you choose it to be.

The point being is – are you ready to choose it to be gone from your consciousness, from your experiences, and from your life circumstances?

The dark night of the soul is going to immerse within each of you one more time during this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse of November 28th, 2012.  You have been pulling away pieces of it for a very long time but in truth, not enough.  You are still feeling remnants of your past timelines that are creeping in for you to look at.  This is all a good thing.

You are at a very opportune time of creation upon this planet to fully step into your full power; this power needs to be unleashed but not with the old elements that have been stuck in your Etheric Body to resurface at a later time.  This is what happened to Atlantis and Lemuria.  Old elements arose at the most inopportune time of creation to threaten the very existence of life on earth so we had to go back to its pure beginnings once again.

You have now arrived at the point of your arrival when you have the ability to fully allow the old elements from your timelines to be completely removed so that you may be fully activated into the best and the brightest that you can be.  You have already been working through these processes throughout your life and especially in 2012.  This Full Moon in November will be your last chance to fully allow the parts of yourself that do not serve you to be removed, as you are regenerated into the Being of Light that you are.

Please know during this process that you will also think you are removing elements you need.  That is the lower mind and the lower ego talking.  You think you may need these parts of yourself, but in truth, your Higher Self knows exactly what you need.  They are ready to tell you but you must be very active in your role with your Higher Self.  Allow yourself to fully feel the accessibility of Light to come into your Being and be that Light infused man or woman that you are.  Your contracts are now open and fully activated to purse your dreams and vision but you must act accordingly and without hesitation.

The energies of the 11:11 and 11:22 in November have prepared you for this time of creation.  Each of you has a depth within your Being to fully access new and developed abilities within your consciousness.  It does not matter where you are on your pathway of Awakening or level of Mastery, this next occurrence of this week is going to take you into a deeper level of yourself.  All you have to do is be open and receiving for it to occur.

You know the drill ~ the full moon is about releasing the old; but in this aspect it is all parts of the old; not just a portion of who you are in this moment, in this lifetime, but your Soul’s Essence.  You will be experiencing a deeper part of yourself than you ever realized you had and once you do, then the awakening will be easier for you to handle in the physical world.  The activations occurring in December are going to be huge for each soul to incorporate so it is up to you, as the physical creation, that you are to fully embody this essence within the confines of your Heart and Soul by allowing the essences that are coming to you to BE YOU.

We can make a few suggestions.  Number one would be SURRENDER.  Yes, allow your physical body to surrender to the process and let the healing begin.  Many of you are already doing this.  The challenges within the physical body currently are due to the influctuations of the crystalline structure entering the physical frequency.   This can result in physical conditions that may seem they are of the past which there are some fragments still being held within your system.  The other aspects of this are that whatever your intentions have been previously, they are held within your belief system.  You will relive them along with feeling new conditions appearing in your fields.

The crystalline body cannot hold onto any dis-ease anywhere within the system so the resultant factor can be dis-ease manifested as a viral condition.  The other element that comes into play is being in public places where the energies are lower than what you are intending them to be.  So if you are living in a sacred space, with the higher frequencies with the use of crystals, light formations, and protective measures and walk into a restaurant or place of business is lower than what you are used to then elements can seep into the parts of your field that are moving into the higher crystalline structures.  These are all compounded into what you are experiencing presently.

Number 2, you must be very cognizant to the Mental and Emotional bodies.  It is important not to let any issues that arise to move into the physical structure as it will be activated in a very physical way.  The power of your energies presently is not to be denied.  Your thoughts and emotions must take precedence to everything you are experiencing and this will be the RULE of your days ahead.

Number 3, enjoy the resultant energies.  You will get through the process by asking for our help in your sleep-state, and know that you are not alone.  This is a new step for all of us.  The wave of consciousness presently is changing at a percentage that has never before occurred on this planet or any planet.  So take time for yourself this week to allow these elements to be removed and let the body heal in the way that it should; not on your time frame in the physical world, but on the time of the multi-dimensional self.

Thank you for allowing yourself to grow deeper through this process and walk as Leaders into the New Earth.  Your work is deeply needed for many.

We are the Unified Whole Command walking with you hand ‘n hand for Oneness.

©2012 Walking Terra Christa ~  All Rights Reserved.  This information may be shared with the link to this page,

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Frequency Update ~ Week of November 21st, 2012

Due to the lateness of this update this week, we are changing our venue for the Frequency Update.  We apologize for not providing it in a timely manner but due to energies shifting, bodies healing, and allowing the new frequency to be fully in place, Meleriessee has been unable to put out the information.  On this update we will talk about the 11thGateway and what it means for each of us along with a special message from the Unified Whole Command on the subject.

On November 22nd, 2012 we are entering into another portal of Light to take us into deeper levels of ourselves.  This month has more activations that are readying each of us to go into the depths of our soul to be more fully ready within the physical realm to hold onto the Light Frequencies that are going to occur within the planet.  It will depend upon your physical creation within your spiritual essence in what occurs for you individually, but in truth, what this means is that the deeper your awareness the more in-depth frequency you will receive.  So what happens when your body is hit with lower vibrational energies?  You experience it through your four-body system until it can become One Body of light.  And usually, you need to experience it in all four bodies.  The order that this happens depends upon which ones are the strongest and the weakest.  The stronger body of the Physical, Etheric, Emotional and Mental levels will deal with it first.  It usually happens in this way.  Then the one on the end of the chain will be hit the hardest.  If you have been doing this work for many years, then you probably have strengthened all of these bodies which mean that it is now time to fully accept the physical body as One Body of Light.

Through these activations of this month many individuals will be challenged very physically within their structures.  It is a time when the timelines are coming together to create the total existence of your reality and the physical essence will house all the other bodies, it needs to shift and change into that new reality, and fully accept the Light Body as One Body of Light.

All of the bodies are coming into One Unified Field of Reality to fully accept the next wave of frequency which happens to be the last wave of the 11:11 cycles.  This Gateway of 11;11 occurring on November 22nd is going to be a massive change within each person upon the planet.  So whatever you are experiencing presently, step into it further.  Utilize the higher vibrations to assist the bodily functions and know that when you are feeling physically ill, not to use the word “sick”.  It will make you feel worse.  We are being challenged presently through the physical essence and when that happens all your timelines are coming together to be fully released.

So, we are being challenged to be better, to be more whole, to accept our highest divinity within us.  The body is going to ache, it is going to hurt in places you thought you had healed, but it all must be released.  We know, because this happened to Meleriessee in the past week as she walked into a public place that had some lower viral energies and her body was challenged.  What she realized through the process that this attack actually was a gift because the parts that were weak physically are now becoming stronger with the work she is doing on the higher vibrational levels.  She has not had to feel this type of energy for several years as she thought she had moved beyond getting “sick”.

Per Dr. Lorphan, the InterGalactic Healer of the Great White Lodge of Sirius, “You must not allow yourself to go down the pathway of feeling badly of what you have attracted.  You are a strong being of light and the parts of your cellular memory within the body that needed to rise above with the rest of you are now being released.  Utilize your skills of high vibratory communication through visualization of the Rays of God to assist you in raising the physical essence to meet your spiritual enlightenment.  The challenge is great but the rewards are even greater because the upcoming activations will take you into more depth than you could ever image.  Utilize only natural remedies as anything else will cause more holes to occur within your cellular structure.  Be strong through this process and you will see a different being appear within you.” 

Thank you, Dr. Lorphan

If you are not being challenged physically, then your structure is very strong and you probably are releasing through your emotional and/or mental levels.  Utilize the same philosophy of the Rays of God, spectrums of light, and higher vibrational energies to assist the removal of the old elements.

This is our preparatory stage of development as we are about to walk through another entryway of Light that is beyond anything that we can imagine.  The more we can do through this process within ourselves, the more we can hold it on December 21st.   This doorway represents our mastery in its highest frequency so what does not fit your pathway of Mastery needs to be removed no matter how deep the challenge must be.

Step into your New Reality; be True to Yourself so the doorway can now be opened for others to see your True Reflection.



We come to you in the consciousness of the Great Divine Director, Master Toth, and Albert Einstein.  We thank you for listening at this time to your own hearts and Divine Creation that is accelerating within your Being of Light.

We know that some of the challenges each of you are facing seem insurmountable but in truth, they are just a small hill to climb in the process of mounting the highest aspect of your Divinity.  The process is great but the rewards are even greater as each of us comes together in our full aspects aligned into One Being of Light.

The cellular structure is being broken apart like a huge volcanoe.  As this occurs, an individual needs to know what is needed and what needs to be forgotten.  The Solar Eclipse of this month has created these elements to break apart into a new reality and sometimes an individual feels as if they are re-living some of the old aspects.  This is no longer true.  The parts that need to be removed will be done through accessing the highest parts of your divinity by allowing the lower parts to be removed.

So in Meleriessee’s case, she is removing old aspects in many timelines in which she did not survive.  It is part of the cellular structure and in order for her to move into the next phase of her existence, it must be done.  It comes into play with the mental mind of surrender from these timelines.  As she has worked with the higher energies, she has allowed the healing to occur.  It does not mean that she is not physically feeling it because parts of those timelines need to be fully accepted by her newest divinity of light that she has integrated within her.  We use Meleriessee as an example to help others to understand that it does not matter what level of consciousness you are incorporating, these elements will be happening to everyone on the planet.

We all know that everything happens for a reason so take a look at what you are experiencing.  Go beyond the feeling of the pain, whatever it may be, and accept the transition that is occurring.  Every lightworker at this time that is intending to go further into the development of their Light Body is feeling at a loss and not sure what to do.  The transition needs to happen in order for the New Reality to be fully accepted.  Without the acceptance then we cannot step into the doorway without the old elements in place.  That is when catastrophe can result within the structure of the individual.  The energies are becoming increasingly more powerful and you as a Being of Light have asked to be one of the Light Workers to work with this light into the earth and others.  You are the first wave of beings that are being challenged into deeper levels of your consciousness within your physical existence.

If you are going into these depths, congratulations.  You are among the first and will show others how it is being done.  You are one step in front and allowing this frequency to be fully embodied within you.

Those that are not feeling it as much need to go at a slower pace.  We understand that this process is anything but easy.  It is very difficult and can be so challenging.  Each individual must feel it as they should and allow these frequencies to flow into a new existence of your reality.

So this is the preparation stage.  The 11:11 Doorway of Mastery will allow each individual to step into a higher level of their initiation phase.  As we have explained, the process to get to this point will determine where you are going as an Initiate.  Some may have just left the Hall of Ignorance, some may be just walking into their awareness, and then there are those that are further along.  There will be increased light frequencies within each individual and upon the planet.  This is one activation when the Love and Light vibration will be increased deeply so it is time to fully accept your Divinity in a new way of Existence.

When we share what you will be experiencing, please know that this is a personal experience.  What we want for everyone is to feel their essence in complete Oneness of their beginning, angelic self, galactic self, Mutli-dimensional self, and human self.  It is all coming into this creation.  That is why the challenges are great as all these elements are coming into play.  It is a very powerful time to allow the totality of your Beingness to be fully accepted into your physical reality.

So take time on this day to fully accept all these parts of yourself to come into your creation. Those of you that are being challenged will be feeling elements different throughout the course of the day.  It is a time to fully accept all parts of yourself to come into your True Essence.  You deserve it and it is time to do so.

So when you connect see yourself going through the Gateway as the frequency is spinning around you, brining all parts of yourself together, as you feel your True Essence expanding within your physical body.  See the Mental, Emotional, Etheric and the Physical Bodies all becoming One Body of Light as it was in the Beginning.

We walk with you through these immense changes and deeply honor you for being on the planet at this time of Awakening for all of us.

We are the Unified Whole in Oneness Reaching Our Essence Unto Yours



We are holding a ceremonial call Thursday, November 22nd.  All are welcome to join us as we connect with the energies of the 11th Gateway of Mastery; November 22nd at 11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST / 1900 hrs PM UTC, CONFERENCE PHONE: 530.881-1400, CODE: 148525#.

Utilizing our 11:11 Activation Meditation will assist greatly in achieving optimal results for this energy.

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Decree ~ 11th Gateway of Mastery

The decree is being shared to help individuals to actualize the 11:11 Gateway on November 22nd, 2012.

Blessings and Love for an amazing experience that will hold the energies for December 21st, 2012

I awake on November 22nd, 2012,

To allow the revelation of My Light,

To be Fully Actualized Within me.

I have traveled far and wide,

To places distant and within my reach,

To find the parts of me that have been lost.

The 11th Gateway represents all that I AM,

My travels,

My experiences,

My paths with many.

I embrace who I AM,

And experience all that I ever thought I could be,

In this moment of arrival,

As I walk through the Gateway of 11:11.

All that I lost,

Are truly elements that I was,

All that I embrace,

Now become

All that I AM.

The pathway of awakening,

Is taking me to a deeper level of essence;

I see healing in all that I AM,

And Ever Will Be.

I rejoice with others,

I sing gleefully,

I dance with all essences of the Divine.

The 11th Gateway is now opening,

For me to fully accept,

The parts of me,

That I have found.

I deeply embrace the TRUE Me,

The essences of times gone by,

As the remembrance of My Divine Being,

Is now flowing through Me.

I walk with Beauty,

I exhibit the Grace,

Of Swans swimming ever so lightly,

As I now Am the Divine Being

I have been trying to Become.

I feel the changes,

I allow them to flow through me,

I express my joy,

As now I walk with great dignity;

I have endured,

I have learned,

I have expressed,

I have shared.

Now I am honored with the Light of the Master I AM,

I flow with the colors of the rainbow,

I embrace the Divine,

I share,

My Love,

My Wisdom,

My Grace,

My Joy,

My Purity,

My Knowledge,

As the Peace of God,

Is fully manifest

Within the Divine Being I have Become.

I AM that I AM that I AM

Written  by Rev. Christine Melereissee

12:12 Activation, 5th dimension

December 21st, 2012 ~ Now is the Time to Ignite Your Inner Spark of Light

We are coming into a time when more individuals upon the planet are awakening into a consciousness that many of them do not understand.  It is available to everyone on the planet to change the parts of themselves that they do not like or accept very readily by allowing a Spark of Light that is their highest consciousness to fully be manifest within their physical being.

Humanity has been preparing for this time of awakening for generations ever since Jeshua walked this Earth imparting the knowledge of the Light of God to humanity.  Of course, we were not ready to do it for ourselves.  We needed to have someone to look up to as we did not believe it came from within us.  He spoke in these words but duality was much too strong so the struggles continued for each of us.

I believe that every person on the planet lived in those times.  Many who are in the metaphysical realm of leading others truly have a strong connection to Jeshua along with many other masters.  We walked the Earth with them in hopes that others would see the Light as we have done.  So we came back time and time again to learn the lessons within the physical body to remember our Truest Essence.  These timelines have not been without struggle, strife, poverty, and lack of true worth.  We have learned time and time again that it is important for us to be our own Spark of Light.

The Harmonic Convergence in 1987 was the beginning of all of this changing on Planet Earth.  We were gifted with higher frequencies coming into GAIA as the Spiritual Hierarchy is now able to become more readily available in the earth’s atmosphere in order to prepare the Ones that would lead others into the same pathway.  At that time, those of us that celebrated this moment had no clue what was happening except pure excitement and joy.  The energies were amazing as people around the planet celebrated it in their own way.  I was with two individuals who are no longer in my life in Cape May, New Jersey which turned out to be the high spot of Extra-Terrestrial activity on the Atlantic Coastline.  We communed with the dolphins in a special way and felt the upsurge of happiness occur on the planet.  There are many people that are no longer with us from that time, but they helped to mold the energies to be what we are going to experience on December 21st.

After the New Millennium, we saw that we were literally walking into a New Age as the massive amount of people opened up their hearts and became the Light Workers of the world.  It was at this time that I delved into the Science of Ascension and met Dr. Joshua David Stone in Mt. Shasta for his Wesak Festivals.  I not only met him; I worked with his organization as a volunteer.  It was a very exciting time.  What made it even more powerful is the work that he brought forth to assist lightworkers to go into the depth of their soul and remember their true beginnings.  I found this work a gift to me from God as I went deeper than I ever thought I could and found parts of myself that had been lost and other parts that needed to be removed.  My first Wesak experience was tear-filled for three days not knowing what or why I was releasing; I just allowed it to happen.

I believe that the Science of Ascension is the most powerful work upon the planet.  I learned fully how to move through timelines of debris and find my true self.  Our soul consciousness needs to be fully balanced along with the psychological self of the physical being that we are.  As we receive more light energies within our physical, then we attune ourselves to our Divine Essence of the Soul or Higher Self and then our I AM Planet.  There are more awakened people on the planet today than we ever thought would be possible.  The changes with the planet and Gaia have continually shifted, but it is not nearly as bad as we thought it was going to be.  Many individuals have chosen to leave the physical existence but many more are staying.

People are now going to have the opportunity to bring more light within their bodies than ever thought possible.  The choice is going to be up to every individual and whether to choose fear or love.  But it goes deeper than that.  The thought processes are just the first element to appear in one’s awareness.  Then each individual must get deeper within themselves.  Yes, the energies are shifting into a fifth dimensional focus but physically, we cannot accept it without the inner work that needs to be done.  There will be a separation as time goes on as Gaia is allowing her ascension process to happen and so are we, as individuals of the human race.

Ascension actually means –de-ascending the frequency within the physical creation with call the human body to feel our full Divine Essence as it was in the beginning.  We are becoming multi-dimensional beings of light within our physical structure but that essence cannot stay with us until all the karma, debris, and elements of our old timelines are fully regenerated into the Light that We Are.  So, it can be a challenge, but the rewards are so much greater.  The body will eventually become the crystalline structure as the changes are made.  We will heal in a moment’s notice; the physical reality will change immensely as the higher light vibrations fully come into the full arena of the creation that We Are.  We are learning to be more positive and this also means to allow that to run through your Mental, Emotional, and Etheric bodies to create the new physical creation of Light That You Are.

We have been preparing through this process since the year 2000 and especially this year of 2012, the Golden Era.  We have been given opportunities for growth through the allowance of the higher vibrations to fully come into existence.  Change is imminent and it will occur within each person.  How they create that change is up to their own free will.  December 21st marks the time of this new beginning upon the planet.  It is in how we decide to fully experience it that will either make us better or worse.

These energies that we are experiencing can be debilitating and create havoc within the physical structure, but the beauty of this is that it is not forever.  If we learn to balance ourselves through the process, then we fully accept our Divinity in a new way of creation.  Knowing that you will have bad moments along with the good is allowing the equilibrium of All That Is to be fully in our awareness through the growth process.

At this time, we are all having the most wonderful opportunities being presented to us to go further and deeper into ourselves.  This means feeling our emotions on a deeper level and allowing the thoughts to flow through us as we expand our energies.  We need to acknowledge the everyone has “free will” and some souls may choose not to stay on the Earthplane.  Others will choose to live in their duality and not accept the higher level of thought and creation within them.  I think this is the hardest to deal with especially with our loved one who we truly want to see that they can have a better perspective within their world and around them.  Surrender is the main process to the evolution of the Self.  The most important aspect is taking care of ourselves.

Once you do this for your own sense of balance and equilibrium, the healing gets to a much deeper level than you ever thought possible.  That is when you find your soul family appearing in your life.  They think and act like you do and you have an immediate connection to them.  It creates a healing within your soul’s essence to be remembered by others and then you can move forward much easier and with the grace of a beautiful swan swimming on the lake.

12:21:12 will be this time when the Spark is fully ignited within the planet and each individual that chooses to accept it within their awareness.  For those of you that are truly walking a pathway of master, we, Mel and Mike, from Walking Terra Christa are hosting a very powerful retreat in Mt. Shasta.  You may attend for the entire seven days or a short session either in the beginning, December 12th, or the end culminating on December 21st.  We start on December 12th for three days to prepare for the energies.  We have one day in the middle as we Bridge the Energies from the Old to the New and then another three-day segment starting on the 19th through the 21st.  We will be working with each of the Ray Chohans (leaders of the Rays) along with the overlighting Beings of the 22 Rays of God.


We also have a special program with Lord Adama called the “Telosian Ambassador Program” which is working directly with the New Earth Cities, being trained for leadership within these cities, and working with Lord Adama and the Telosians.  The one pre-requisite is that you attend one of our retreats and this is designated by Lord Adama himself.  We will hold the 2nd part of the program during the retreat.

We had a retreat in August where we all connected on a soul level and it was amazing.  Continuing this experience is going to be wonderful for the December 21st activations.  We call this event “ACTIVATE 13” as we move into 2013.  Please check out the details on Walking Terra Christa and let us know if you feel a heart connection to be with us.

To assist you through this process, we have been doing a special 10-week seminar with High Priest, Lord Adama, from Telos the City beneath Mt. Shasta, called “The Telosian Way of Being”.  This is also available for download and we just uploaded the transcription on the first Introductory Class held on September 19th.  People are truly feeling a difference with this course.

Whatever you are doing for December 21st, please make it memorable and with people you truly desire to walk into the New Earth with hand-in-hand.  It is a very exciting time to see so many people loving and sharing with each other so deeply.

In Extensions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee


5th dimension, ascension, Awareness, Enlightenment, New Earth

A Message from Albert Einstein – Father of Relativity* ~ THE THEORY OF ASCENSION AS IT FITS INTO THE PUBLIC ARENA

There are three Phases of Development in reference to an Awakened Soul within the Human Construct.  They are:


The Hall of Ignorance represents mankind; unawakened mankind; those that have no clue that they are beyond just their physicality.  There are fully within the third dimensional world and are considered Unaware people,  they are asleep in reference to their higher consciousness, have a tendency to blame others for their problems, they do not look within, they are egotistical, they are addicted to their things in life:  drugs, alcohol, dysfunction, etc and do not see there is a way to get out as they never look within to their problems.

The Hall of Learning is when an individual starts to realize that there is more to themselves than their physicality, their body, their mind and their emotions.  Many individuals just waking up in the last 20 years represent this level.  It includes those that have many gifts as the Indigos, Star Children, Crystalline, Golden, and Rainbow children.  They can make things happen easily and effortlessly without the physical world’s outer creation.  They have strong psychic gifts.  This level can also pertain to individuals that are in the self-help programs; they learn the skills to change their thoughts, like “The Secret” teachings; but it does not go beyond that until one day they are met by a master or master(s) usually within the physical world, but Spirit can also have this affect on these individuals through their dream states and visions.  This is when they awaken up to themselves and realize they have much more potentiality than they ever realized, but with that realization comes responsibility.

The Hall of Wisdom is when an individual becomes an initiate; they walk unto the pathway of Mastery; learn about teachings of the Masters through the ages, search within books and knowledge for more information.  They learn that there is much more to being aware than psychic abilities; they become very involved in global healing and accelerating that healing as they become more aware themselves.  They are a master in training.

Now there are several sublevels within the Hall of Wisdom.  It includes the initiatory process but each individual has free will to go as far as they choose.  Some will stop and not move forward.  When an individual gets to the 4th initiation, they have stepped unto the process of Mastership.  Now this can include individuals on the self-help level; it depends on what they want to access in their lives and how they want to go about doing it.  Each step of the ladder is an acceleration of the Light of the Christ.  Individuals are becoming the Christ within.

Once an initiate decides they want to continue, then they accelerate themselves to receive more frequencies.  When they reach the 5th initiation, their Higher Self is their guide.  There is no turning back and the initiate is indoctrinated into the Brotherhood of White Light.  But there are requirements and prerequisites to stay within the Brotherhood.  They must follow the rules of selfless service by serving themselves first.  They must go through each of the initiation processes to fully accept their own mastery within.

Now many get to this space and hold themselves there.  It means that they can help individuals but truly do not step further upwards into the ladder.  Everyone has the ability to acquire this level but not all choose to do so.


When an individual starts to realize there must be more to their life than what they are living, they leave the Hall of Ignorance and walk into the Hall of Learning.    This level is massive as it includes many types of individuals such as: Self Help students, Newly Awakened Lightworkers and/or Rainbow, Crystal or Indigo’s, who possess many gifts and share them with others. (They can create teleportation, telekinesis, are mediums, psychics, healers, etc.)  As Newly Awakened Ones, they do not necessarily take responsibility for their actions; they can be very controlling with energies, lower entities can be in this space.  The Universe is at their command and they feel the will to do whatever they want it to do.  They have free will but also may lack compassion or responsibility about what they are doing or creating.  It is on a momentary basis and can fall and crumble just as much as it can be built.  The lower energies are typically guiding them completely.  Some stay in this area for a long time and other individuals see that there is a deeper level to who they are as a being.  (This area of expertise would be considered the lower aspects in each of the Seven Rays of God for those of you studying them.)  These Ones are bringing forth the dynamics of Universal existence, but there are too many other influences that are getting in the way of their full progress.  Not to say that these individuals are not powerful; in fact, they probably are very gifted in many ways but they don’t use it with Universal Laws.  This school of thought I put forth is to help individuals to see that there is a deeper reasoning process with what they possess which helps them to wake up even more through the process.

When the Learning phase has been initiated, and an individual sees that they must go further in their studies, they step into the Hall of Wisdom.  This is where an initiate starts to walk the pathway through their Higher Self and not just their intuitive self of the physical body.

The types of people include self help teachers, gurus, and individuals that follow higher learning.  They have now walked into the pathway of mastery as an initiate.  They teach about responsibility and learn that everything has a purpose in life.  The initiate that is growing through this learns about the Spiritual Hierarchy and the reasons behind why things happen, they apply the teachings to their life and step unto the initiation pathway.  Each step on the pathway will take them deeper unto their mastery within.

Once an initiate has walked into the 5th initiation, they are accessing through their Higher Self.  THIS IS WHERE MANY STAY.  They feel good; they have accomplished a way of being that satisfies them as compared to where they were, so they don’t move further, they think this is the epitome of everything.  Most Lightworkers are in this space.  They do not go further through the process.  This is where the deep work gets deeper.  Some may go further; but if they are not ready to handle what they need to acquire, then they will feel lost. The Higher Self will slip backwards, and they will see-saw through the initiations they had already gained.

When one moves to the 6th initiation, everything is stepped up deeply.  The initiate is now inducted into the Brotherhood of Light on a trial basis.  They come in and out of Shamballa in their dream-state for teachings and wisdom.  This is the hardest initiation as there is more responsibility which is put upon an individual in this level.

Once an individual moves into the 7th initiation, then they are fully inducted into the Brotherhood of Light.  Now you can be at the 7th and not be fully indoctrinated into the Brotherhood.  You must prove your worth to be part of the organization.  Many masters do not make this level and filter back into the 5th and sometimes the 4th level due to the extreme responsibility that is put upon the soul to act within their highest wisdom through the physical existence.

This correlates with the dimensional frequencies.  Second and third dimensional beings are unawake, fourth dimensional awaken but still fight their process including the old demons within and around them, fifth dimensional beings see that love is the only answer but their full I AM presence must be accepted within the bodily structure still.  Some choose to stay at this level as they do not realize the potential to move through the processes.  It must be understood that mastering the first seven Rays of God are a pre-requisite for this level.  Many are not able to go deeper with that work but still access their Higher Self in certain periods of time.  Nothing is guaranteed within the ascension process and this is why so few have done it as yet.

Many will not make the 5th dimensional level even in their consciousness by 12-21-12.  Some may feel it and go back and forth through the process.  Ascension is truly the full activation of the physical merging of the Lower Self with the Higher Self.  It can be done on a consciousness level and yet not be fully actualized within the physical.


I wanted to share this information to the public arena and have chosen Meleriessee, as the messenger to apprise individuals of where they might be in the ascension process, so that it can be seen that work needs to be done in order for more awakened souls to walk physically into the arena of the 5th dimension.  The level of physicality is something needing to be realized; that it is a Learning Process and a Privilege to acquire it.  People cannot simply say that they are arriving in the New Earth just by being positive and showing love in many ways.  This is a major part of it but the true depth of this information is about interacting with others on a personal and professional level.

Many individuals are deepening their skills of awareness and allowing the energies to fully infiltrate within their physical existence but the process goes much deeper than they realize.  The depth of the work needs to be done in order for every individual to fully accept their physicality which allows the lower mind and emotions to no longer exist in that world.  It has a lot to do with the Cellular Memories within the Physical Body and the Etheric Body to co-exist with the Higher Self and I AM Presence.  These memories can be painful and erratic which can cause an individual to not be able to access the “LOVE BUG ENERGY” each moment.  Then, at this point, there comes a creation of division between all the four bodies instead of them merging into the One Light that each of us has the ability to create.

I believe it is time to share this information in depth because individuals need to take a look within their essence and see where they might be holding other parts that they thought had been taken care of previously.  The process of initiations is necessary and cannot be side-stepped to move into the New Earth frequency.  At this moment in time, November 8th, each individual is being prepared for these cycles of rebirth.  It is up to each individual soul whether or not they will walk through the process.  We know that the energies are going to split starting in December and moving forward towards 2013, 2014, and 2015.  The Christ Consciousness will be the consciousness of the New Earth and this earth is going to either reflect or deflect that essence.  It will determine the cause and effect that happens within the planet and how it is going to change.

Individuals that choose to accept their new roles as deemed appropriate from their Higher Self’s will fully have the capability to access so much more than they realize.  Some have gone through these processes and still have a lower self activating within their higher self.  This is a dangerous combination as the warriorship attitude results in the process which then causes great confliction.  There is no confliction on the New Earth frequency so all these elements are going to be weeded out.

I know you want me to share my views on December 21st on the effects upon the planet.  I will tell you that there will not be major destruction of the planet as previously foretold.  There will be areas that will have tremendous upheaval and this goes along with the individuals that are accessing the panic, fear, and uncertainty within their world.  This six-week period is a warning signal for each person to fully step into their own essence as the Earth is now going to be allowing that frequency to permeate within her essence.  It is important to be in places of power energies; vortices in order to connect with the integration of the changes that will be happening.  Many will not be happy as what they think will arise out of them is like a bad virus that has been brewing for eons of time.  The more positive an individual allows themselves to be, the more powerful the energy for them.

I suggest that each person takes this time to fully activate their Higher Self and accept their divinity of Light that they are.  They will be affected because what does not serve the energies will be expelled from the body.  And many people upon this planet hold within them a seed of de-struction and dis-ease within which flows into the Earth.  So we require as many individuals as we can muster up to understand this process; the better Gaia will accept her new Divinity.

This is just the beginning of the frequencies.  It is not going to happen all at once as it will be a process time to integrate the essences for each human being upon the planet.  Now is the time to learn more about your inner self and walk with others that are doing the same.  The Mastership Pathway is available to each and every one who chooses to walk within it.  The challenges are great, and the rewards are greater.  But it goes into the depth of your soul to be able to access the changes and allow it to happen.

We have many new awakened individuals upon the planet who are very gifted and want to share their gifts.  But this pathway must be acquired through great responsibility and diligence within their spirit to allow the changes to come first within and then share with others.  It is a most imperative stage of development.

The Ones that are doing this work now are being considered for leadership roles within the New Earth and within the Golden Cities of Light (in which there are 22 of them).  They are areas that represent the 22 Rays of God and will be considered the High Priests and Priestess Domain upon the New Earth.  There are many other cities of light that are also part of the New Earth energies but the cities I am referring to are the Domain of the New Earth Brotherhood of Light and are considered the High Order of Oneness and all the other cities will be the Light Cities underneath of the Golden Cities.  The 22nd City of Havalannchee will be the highest frequency of light representing the Platinum Ray which is going to be ignited on December 21st over the Mt. Shasta, California, USA area.  This city is aligned with Shamballa and will house all the Spiritual Masters of the New Earth.  The other 21 cities fall under the domain of this Crystalline City of Light.

I feel it is important to share as much information and to as many individuals that it is possible.  The Gateway to the New World on December 21st is just our beginning.  It will be an internalization of mass consciousness that has never occurred previously and we want to share as much information as we can to help everyone through this process.  It is very exciting for each of us within the Unified Whole and the Spiritual Hierarchy that Heaven on Earth is occurring now.  It is imperative to understand that it will not just happen and individuals must be prepared for their own awakening of Light in each moment.

In Reflections of Oneness,

I AM Albert Einstein Extending My Essence Unto Yours

Blessings and Love

*Photographer: Johan Hagemeyer

(American, born Netherlands, 1884-1962)

Title: Albert Einstein

Date: 1931

Medium: Gelatin silver print

Collection: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


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FREQUENCY UPDATE ~ November 12th through 18th, 2012

The Frequency Updates are brought to you to assist in balancing your four-body system with the energies that are occurring presently.  Walking within the Mastership Pathway can be challenging and it is important to work through your Soul’s Psychological Balance.  They are shared in a very easy and explicit way from the perspective of an Ascended Master and what he/she faces Walking Into the New Earth.


We have just passed through the gateway of 11:11 which represents “AWAKENING” for every living being upon this planet.  So this week is the beginning of an upsurge of energies to prepare us for the final entrance of the Christ Consciousness on December 21st.

First of all, I would like to report that last week I shared that Mercury Retrograde lasted through December 14th; the information I was guided to share about this date is incorrect.  It means that energy can be with us within a lesser degree until that date but it actually stops its backward cycle and turns direct on November 26th.  On November 13, 2012 we experience the New Moon energies with a Solar Eclipse at 22:09 GMT/UC.  This New Moon being in Scorpio represents working on our self-mastery skills along with learning how to be passionate, resourceful, focused, probing, deep, and perceptive in our personal lives.  This is going to take us to a deeper level once again to acknowledge the parts of ourselves that have been put into the background and allow these elements to shine through the window of our soul as it also allows for the elements we have not wanted to deal with to fully arise out of our reality as it truly does not serve the newer essence of Light that each of us is becoming.  In other words, this week can really have a balancing effect on us if we allow the truth and wisdom to shine together in one essence.

Just as the planets are being very active presently, the solar flares can change quickly.  At present, it seems as if we are not being affected by the Solar Flares but expect energetic changes with the Solar Eclipse on the 13th of November.


It is our pleasure to converse with each of you in this way especially at such a very important time of existence upon GAIA.  We come to you in the consciousness of the Unified Whole Command with Master Thoth, The Great Divine Director, along with Albert Einstein who is helping to bring forth the existence of these energies within the Earth Plane.

We have a very exciting week that is upon us; when we say “we” it is in the collective consciousness in respect to the presence of the ALL.  As we are bringing forth the message, there is so much more activity that goes on behind the scenes ‘so to speak’.  Since the doorway of the 11:11 was activated on November 11th, the increased energy frequency upon the planet is being accepted by more individuals than we had previously hoped. We know that many souls are awakening but sometimes the word “awakening” can have some inner meanings that are not received in a generalized way.  We want to thank each of you that participated in any way on allowing these energies to be fully within their Being on the 11th as you truly assisted in allowing the Ones that have no idea what is happening to fully see within them on a deeper level than before.

So let us get on with the message at hand.  This first doorway in November is an active participation of each individual soul to feel these energies first-hand.  Now there are still going to be more that do not understand what is occurring, but it is important for each of you to accept the light frequency within you and expand it around you.  It is not yours to hold onto in anyway, but you are the conduits of the frequency just as we are sending the message to you in this moment.  It is a chain reaction that is occurring which requires great insight into yourself.  This is exactly what occurs within this Gateway as the preparations are going into a deeper level than they were previously and we are happy to be of great assistance.

You have not had much time to reflect on these changes that are happening within your cellular and physical construction.  We want you to realize that preparations have been made through your Higher Self to receive the highest and most balanced optimum frequency that will not overload your system.  So, at times this week, it may seem as if the frequencies are at a very intense rate; that is, when you communicate with your Higher Self to fully accept the level that is appropriate for your body.  Now your Higher Self has been trained to extend the frequencies to you in a most appropriate manner and as any new student must understand, they may not want to receive the highest performance.  It is like being an athlete and you are training for a big event.  Some days you just don’t want to do the work because it seems too intense and your body may not be able to handle it.  But then when you start slowly, then you realize that your body is fully accepting the challenge of your training.  Each of you is in training as this is exactly what you are experiencing.  Some days will be better than others.

On November 13th the Solar Eclipse occurs within the New Moon cycle which will represent the balance that is necessary.  You will find that these energies can assist you on a much deeper level as the emotions that you feel will be surfacing out of your emotional body.  Be kind to yourself when this occurs as it can be quite intense.  But what will happen through the process is that you will feel the compassion and focus that is necessary within your life.  The Feminine and Masculine Divine energies are coming together to allow the co-existence of both of these elements within your four-body system.  You must remember that you are going into depths that you never experienced before and within those levels are parts of yourself, old timelines, which have been lodged deeply within.  This Solar Eclipse is going to go within a deeper level of your shadow side in order to allow the lighter parts of your essence to shine. Together, they are just enclosed within each other as an individual cannot predict how the energy is going to effect themselves either positively or adversely.  This event is going to help change those parts within yourself on a much deeper level.  The result will be the truth of your existence blending with the wisdom to allow it to fully create your intended focus engineered by your Higher Self and I AM Presence.

So you may ask, “How do I assist myself through this process?”  Learning to how to balance each of the masculine aspects along with the feminine will be the key to your evolution of the Self.  Sometimes an individual truly does not understand how to go about assisting themselves if there is no knowledge of where to start.  Take a look back within this 24 hour process and allow the timelines and events to enfold within you.  Were you having any reactions to anything that you were doing, seeing, observing and then acting upon it?  Sometimes we do not see the forest for the trees.  This week will give you the knowledge, expertise, and diligence to go on a much deeper level than you ever experienced before.   It will not be something that you have to search for; it will appear to you in a dream, a thought, a feeling, or within your meditation.  Notice how you previously have reacted to others.  Then see the difference of your actions.  This is the WEEK FOR THAT CHANGE.

The planets are aligning in such a way to assist with this process.  It is important to go deep within yourself especially if you are unsure of what you are supposed to be working with.  These are the ones that are fully being egotistical about their own pathway.  The lower mind blocks the higher mind from being accessed so work with it as best as you can.  Ask this week for the energies to show you these facets that are deep seated within your existence.  You will thank yourself for it immensely.

After the Solar Eclipse, this energy will continue but being within New Moon cycle will allow you to continue within the balancing act.  It will assist you in remembering to walk a straight line and not go to one side or the other.  This will throw you completely off of what you need to do.  Once you do slip, get back up, and do it again.  It will become easier to fully acquire this essence within you.

 It is our pleasure to be with you during this amazing time of change.

We honor you deeply for your pathway and walk with you hand in hand

Master Thoth, The Great Divine Director and Albert Einstein

Representing the Unified Whole Command

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Frequency Update ~ November 5th through 12th, 2012

Planetary Level ~

This week brings us Mercury Retrograde on Tuesday and lasts through November 26th but it is supported with some very supportive and nurturing influences.  It is a time to look at our communication and how it fits into our present awareness; what needs to be addressed, removed, or accepted are the key points to this cycle.  We, at Walking Terra Christa, also feel that an individual should arise above some of these planetary influences as we are moving into a higher vibrational existence upon the Earth.  It will definitely make us more sensitive but in a very positive fashion by allowing us to see the parts that do not define our TRUE SELVES.  The other aspects involve being very nurturing and loving which means taking care of YOU.  Take time out to weed the old that happened from the Full Moon cycle to fully embrace the essence you have desired to achieve.

Presently there are no solar flares that are active.  There is a dark hole that has been detected within the Sun which is expected to hit the Earth by November 6th.  This causes the effect of Auroras within the Polar sky.

There are storm systems brewing on the Eastcoast once again.  It is imperative to try and hold the light frequencies as much as possible so others will feel it.  We must try and help individuals realize that fear or worry is not the answer and can make the storm systems create more havoc.

Cosmic Level ~


We have come to a new week that we feel is going to please each of you greatly.  Remember the challenges of last week and allowing the energies that you no longer needed to be removed from your four body system?  Well, this week it is more of the same. 

The process from this day of November 5th through the upcoming week is going to support the releasements and occurrences in your life to change.  Sometimes it can be an uphill battle of the frequencies changing within your physical reality but yet you still seem to push further beyond the confines of your reality.  Due to the influx of the energies presently, each individual will be able to assert themselves into a new way of Being by allowing themselves to fully accept the Divine Presence within their frequencies.

It is likened to being on a raft in very rough waters.  The raft moves across a huge rock and you are stuck there until you can find out the best way to get around the rock.  But that is the problem.  Getting around it does not make it go away; you may think so but it is not true.  You must learn to dissipate the energies of the rock so it is not sticking out of the water.  It is the same thing as seeing the Light Come On and then you are not in the darkness anymore.

You have traveled far and wide to arrive at your destination presently.  There should not be any blockages this week as long as you continue the same process from last week.  The energies are shifting into a softer and warmer essence to fully embrace you for the changes that you need to make.  This does not mean that there will not be challenges.  They are an extension of elements that you have been working with as you are giving additional time to experience the new part of your experience.

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Lord Sa Na Kumara ~ The Flame Holder of the Purple-Gold-Ruby Ray of the Holy Kumaras

On November 1st, 2012 we held our sixth class of the Holy Kumaras and the Venusian Rays of God in which we were introduced to Lord Sa Na Kumara, the Flame Holder of the Peace of God.  The colors represented within this flame are Purple, Gold and Ruby.  [If you would like to learn more about this amazing workshop in which you can download the MP3 file for the class participation and a have private sessions via Christine Meleriessee on each of the flame holders of the Venusian Rays of God, please see Venus Meets Gaia for Terra Christa.]

Decree:  Being in the Flow Allows Me to Feel the Peacefulness of My Divine Being

As I fully am walking in the shoes of a Kamura,

Learning their ways of being,

Through the Venusian Rays of God;

I am now being introduced to the Flame Holder,

Sa Na Kumara;

Who Represents the Purple – God – Ruby Flame,

The Peace of God.

The journey that I have taken,

Has shown me the depths of my Soul;

By accessing the parts of my Essence,

Into my Physical Reality.

I stand with Lord Sa Na Kumara,

Feeling his Essence;

Flowing with the Purple, Gold and Ruby Hues,

Intertwining within my Being.

This has been a very intense journey,

With the Venusian Rays of God;

I have seen my garden;

Flowed with the waters of the Sea;

Traveled my mountain of challenges;

And Walked through the deepness of the Forest;

To find my inner peace.

Sa Na Kumara shares with me some elements from his Essence,

All of these moments have made you who you are;

You are a blessing of Light,

You express the Divine through your physical creation;

You are Love;

You are Will;

You are Purity;

You have found your Wisdom;

You now have accessed the Science of your Soul;

Through the Masculine and Feminine Divine.

Now I share with you the Peace of God.

It is important for you to remember,

All these parts of yourself,

In order to be whole;

They serve a wonderful purpose,

Of allowing your Divine Being to fully accept;

The totality of your Essence,

Within the Physical Existence.

Previously in other timelines,

You could have one of these,

And feel lost;

As you did not fully accept the full totality of All that You Are,

That is no longer true;

You have arrived in the Temple of the Peace of God.

I now feel the colors swirling around me,

The Purple, the Gold, and the Ruby;

The essence of these hues,

Blend within my entire physical structure.

I start to feel the serenity within,

The peace I thought was gone,

Is now renewed;

My Mental body is now fully within the Masculine Divine,

With my Emotional body within the Feminine Divine,

I am accessing all these aspects,

And putting them into the wholeness that I AM.

I see that the entire spectrum of the Rays,

Is now starting to flow within me;

I look above and see a beautiful rainbow,

As it is flowing through my essence,

While allowing me to be whole.

The colors come shooting down upon me;

The White of the Purity;

The Blue of the Will;

The Pink of the Love;

The Yellow of the Wisdom;

The Green of the Science;

And now the Purple – Gold ~ Ruby,

Of the Peace of God.

Without the others,

I cannot have peace;

I feel great tolerance within me,

I can accomplish all that I desire;

My soul is now completely devoted,

To the expression that I AM.

I Am now the Rainbow of Colors,

They are within me and around me;

The wind brushes by my face,

I smile with the purest thought,

Of the Divine Being I have Become,

And always will be.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I know infuse the Ray of the Peace of God

Fully within me.

Aspects to Integrate:

  • When an initiate has a deep strength focusing on their spiritual ideals, they are able to:
    • inner Truth
    • Tolerance,
    • Serenity,
    • Balance and Common Sense
  • Great Sacrifice of the Self
  • Devotion
  • Strong Intuition
  • Being in the flow of life as it is being directed from the Source of Light

Lord Sa Na Kumara shared with us his essence of truly what it means to bring Peace within our physical existence.  We sometimes think of peace as an aspect of all individuals coming together in harmony for the cooperation of everyone, but truly the integration of peacefulness is created through all of our challenges in past timelines and this life time.  Until we really learn the difference between struggle and the blessing in our lives, we cannot accept the Peace of God within.  It is a very powerful energy once an individual realizes the potential he/she acquires within themselves.

Lord Sa Na Kumara’s Shares His Story


I am Lord Sa Na Kumara and am very happy to meet your acquaintance.  The other flame holders of the Kumaras have been sharing the work that they are doing with this seminar series, and it is my Divine Pleasure to share with you the Peace of God.

I hope you can feel my exuberance as it is flowing throughout my Being.  I am deeply honored to work with each of you as we are building the bridge between the world of Gaia and Venus to be one with each other.  It is an extension of our deepest love that goes through the ages of time.

The reason I am so excited about sharing my essence to you, as the students of the Venisian Rays, is because there is an opening of a huge doorway into the reality that Venus and Earth will be One Unified Being of Light.  We have been awaiting this time since the ages of Lemuria and Atlantis and feel that the connection you are creating with each of us will take us into higher dimensional frequencies than you realize.  I know that this teaching workshop would not have occurred without each of your students being very diligent about the work with each of us.

Working in the essence of the Peace of God is near and dear to my Heart.  I believe that we will be coming together in the physical to assist each other in the process of the New Earth which totally tells me that the time is being presented for each of us to understand one another.  I know my introduction to this course is quite different from the rest but it is imperative that each individual person understands the magnitude of our relationship with one another.  Each of you are being presented with a chance to fully accept your divine right as a teacher, advisor, and coach of the essences of the Rays of God as shown to us in the Venusian Way of Existence.  It will be an imperative stage of development upon the New Earth because in the seventh dimensional body we fully need to accept the totality of the Rays of God and not the separate considerations that can result within your world of existence. This process means that you will eventually be able to consider the 7th dimensional body as an extension of the rays you are working with presently.  I believe that you and others will understand this process as I work with you individually.  I also need to share that we have been working with one another within the 7th dimensional frequency to assist in this process on the Innerplane levels.

I believe it is always important to speak from the Heart and share with you the realization of our connections with one another.  The depth of what you are creating within this seminar series will affect everyone from this point forward and illuminate their essence in a much clearer manner than perceived originally.  It is with the depth of knowledge that I bring forward that is important and possibly not just the knowledge itself.  I will share with everyone how they can go into a deeper meaning within their own essence to see their essence is truly the extension of God’s ability to create joyful and peaceful moments.

My background is long and very involved.  I have spent many lifetimes in many different circles around Venus, on the Earth, and within other planets.  I did not spend much time on the angelic pathway as I felt I needed to make more of a difference. I was a bit of a rubble rouser and always wanted to speak my truth even when it got me into trouble.  And trouble is what I found.  But that was part of the pathway of learning how to exhibit the truth through God’s light.

So in the short of it, I have lived many lifetimes where I was learning the lessons of God very deeply.  Sometimes, it was not easy at all and other times, it was quite fun.  I loved the times when I was a Monk and I worked with the Tibetans.  I was very close with Djwhal Khul.  He taught me so much about what I did not understand in life.  I have walked with many masters, but it was a requirement for me to do so.  I had no idea I would land this wonderful position as the Flame Holder for the Peace of God as I felt I did not know how to acquire peacefulness within my Being.  I saw it as something that needed to be earned, and believe me some of the lifetimes I experienced, there was no peaceful end in sight.  One of these was a homeless person; in fact, there were more than one lifetime that I experienced those moments.  But actually that is where I learned to be very humble and to acquire the ability to find God within my Heart.

I also walked with Moses and some of the great teachers of your history.  They molded me into who I am presently.  There are just too many to count so I won’t try to give you too much of those lifetimes.  In truth what I want to share with you is that the truth of the matter is that it has to come from within.  Sometimes we have to go through trials of fire to understand truly that we are God and that he is not the almighty being directing good or bad into our lives.  It has to be our truth from within.

My role as a flame holder has been in existence for so many years that I cannot count.  Sanat Kumara and I are very much connected, and his work of the Kumaras has been my lifeline.  In truth we work very much hand-in-hand and have done so since his posts within Lemuria.  I assisted him during that time but from Venus and not within Lemuria although I visited there quite often.

So, in essence, what I bring to each of you is to allow the light to shine so brightly within your being that what you have acquired through many timelines has allowed you to fully be in this position and I say to each of you, you are being tested because you are ready.  You would not be here with each of us at this time so I extend my essence unto you so that you may be ready to shine it deeply within yourself.  What you will find is an awareness of your Light that has always been there but you have been unable to access it fully.  I will assist you with the revelations of the Self.

I so look forward to working with everyone in the group and individually.  I believe we all have something to learn from one another.

In deep honor,

I Am Sa Na Kumara

Flame Holder of the Purple –Gold – Ruby Flame of the Peace of God

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Frequency Update ~ October 29th through November 4th, 2012

Planetary Level ~

On October 29th at 3:52 pm EDT the full moon occurs in Taurus.  This is a time to fully create the balance and structure that is needed for the next level of energies that will be arising on the Earth.  It affects us from the peace-loving energy of Taurus as we are in the energies of Scorpio which can be emotional and highly electrifying.  It can be a very passionate and exciting time but it also will teach us to be more careful in our dealings.  This is also preparing us for the upcoming energies within the month of November with a Solar Eclipse on November 13th-14th and a Lunar Eclipse on the next full moon of November 28th  visible in the southern hemisphere.

Weather conditions this week are causing disruption around the globe especially in the U.S. East Coast where the hurricane, Sandy, hit the coastline in New Jersey and New York on the 29th.  This not only causes physical disruptions but energy patterns with the winds and rain continually for many hours.  There have also been disruptions in the earth with an earthquake in Canada which caused some havoc in Hawaii but it was not as bad as anticipated.  In reference to Solar Flares there was a huge CME on October 28th but its target was hurled into space.

Cosmic Level ~

This week it is very imperative for individuals to find their own inner balance.  As has been discussed about the Full Moon energies, there are conflicting energies that are going to be hurled right at everyone’s core essence.  So it is essentially important to take full advantage of this full moon to completely release old elements that are cropping up in your awareness whether it be with relationships of a personal nature, family members, friends, or your neighbors.  It does not matter who it is going to be as it will appear within your awareness this week.

This is not a bad element to have happen as it is only preparing you for more acceleration that is deeply needed for the transitions in December.  We know we have discussed previously about the December 12th and 21st activations, but we will not know more until the time grows closer due to how people are interacting within their personal agendas.

This is something that is essentially important to realize as we personally cannot move through the changes until the agenda’s of one’s self but be fully open to the public so to speak.  In reference to the word “public” we mean that it is necessary to be fully open in all avenues of your existence and this means in all your dealings with others.  The old facades need to be broken down so that you can find the TRUE YOU.

This is also representative of the weather patterns this week.  Each time there is a huge current of frequency that can cause destruction upon this Earth, it is representative of the energies that are housed within that geographic area.  The lesser the degree of frequency, the more balanced the outcome will be, and the more intense of the situation and how people react to it, the more destruction that will result.  Remember these patterns within the weather are being activated in more ways than one and it is up to each individual to fully accept their Divine Responsibility within their divinity to integrate the challenges with the best of their knowledge.

So that brings us back to the present discussion of the SELF.  What is happening in your life and how are you handling it?  Are you taking care of the issues by taking care of elements within your Being.  Remember you are the creation of your reality, and these energies are mirrors for each of you.

This week is an opportune time to fully acknowledge the parts of your Being that need to be recognized.  Are you taking time to accept your gifts and what you are doing within the world?  This is where the energy needs to start.  Then you can look at what needs to be removed.  There are many more elements that you are going to attract in your life when you realize the potential that you have within yourself, but you must start with the best parts of what you know works for you.  Sometimes, individuals learn to release what does not serve them, but they really do not accept their true potential.  In learning the structure of what works within your circumstance, then you can weed out the parts that are not in full alignment with the basis of the matter.  Once you learn to do this with everything you are encountering within your life, you will see a huge change in your reality.

We have given you Steps 1, of accepting what you know, 2, letting go of the elements that do not fit into alignment with the first step, and now, 3, moving into a new aspect of your-self.  First, when you acquire the first two elements, there is a clearing and a focus than can happen.  You may feel renewed and rejuvenated.  Allow that feeling to flow within you.  Then, it is time to take some steps into a new way of doing or creating.  You may feel an inspiration within you that it is time to fully accept your new power.  And, you will sense a Beingness within you to fully accept your life is going to change.

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