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The Week of Healing Within and Without ~ January 9, 2011

Healing 2011

It is January 9th, 2011 and this week surely is intertwined with the Light and the Dark energies.  This week is the 19th anniversary of the 11:11 activations which opened in 1992.  Solara, who is the Guru of the 11:11 Activity has been a constant resource of the Heaven and Earth changes,  It is an amazing week which is a continual event from the New Moon activations of last week.

In 2010 we found that the activations were more spread apart between the full moon and various planetary alignments.  My feeling is that each week there will be something new happening that will assist us in various ways.    As such  the Full  Moon falls  on January 19th.  I am doing a call on Tuesday evening if you would like to join us.  Information is available via my site,

Then we were hit with reminders of the darkness still ensuing upon our planet.  Yesterday, on January 8th, in Arizona a gunman killed six people died and 12 were wounded.  This brings up so much anger, hurt, and wanting for a better tomorrow.   As Light Workers, we are going to be tested in so many ways to fully accept the fact that these events are going to be occurring as we get closer to the Earth shifting into higher frequencies.  The Dark will get darker and the Light will get lighter.  The division has already occurred on our planet and we are here to experience it, but most of all to assist in any way that we can.

How do we help?  First of all, taking care of ourselves and fully activating our higher presence within the physical is going to affect a lot of individuals around us. We have already seen this occur.  But now we need to go a step further.  We fully need to continue our tools to accelerate our physical beings into a higher state of consciousness, but we need to assist the ones around us.  Every time I channel the same message comes through, “Do the work, not by saying, or showing but just by Being.”  We need to be out in the trenches and walk through the lands of the unawakened ones to share our Light.  Every time I drive, I take my mind’s eye and send the Light all around me into the trees, other cars, the buildings, and the people.  As we change our physical composition, others are going to be affected.  And those of you that are out there in the business world, well you have more of a challenge.  I know; I have been there.  It is not easy integrating the energies yourself and being in a world that does not understand.  But I take the best advice from my dearest teacher, Master Babaji, “Silence”.  My mother always preached the Silence was Golden but that was when we were usually bothering her, so I thought.  So what if I take this statement of Silence is Golden and realize that it truly is representative of the Golden Flame, the Christ Consciousness.

Try this exercise:  breathe deeply into your heart and fully ask for the Golden Flame of the Christ Within to fully be activated within you.  You may already have integrated these energies but sometimes we just need a little recharging.  See your body as a flame of a candle with the base at your Earth Star and then slowly igniting all the way your entire being encasing all of your chakras, your four body system of the Physical, Etheric, Emotional and Mental levels and traveling to the top of your Soul Star above your Crown.  Breathe into this deeply for several moments and feel the warmth, the love, the joy, and the experience of your connection to the Source.

Now you are ready to share with others in silence.  You have integrated the Golden Flame and now put it into practice.  Or sit in a quiet state to fully activate it to areas you feel may be needed in a different location.  When you are finished, bring yourself back into the center of your own being and full recharge yourself.  You may also want to utilize sage, incense, or clearing spray to assist in any debris you may have picked up.

My believe system is one that in order for us to help, it cannot be done on a physical level.  Oh, we can try but then we are tapping into our lower bodies and not the higher essence that we are all acknowledging in these great times of change.  The power of utilizing these energies is beyond our wildest dreams.  I have seen it happen.

The meditation  calls  that  I   provide on  Sunday  and Monday evenings are  about  these energies.    Both of  these  calls are at            8 p.m. EST, 712.432.0075, #863611 and accessible via Skype.  The Cosmic Oneness is the Great Divine Mother and Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun sharing with us an attunement to help us be able to do this work more fully.  We have recently introduced the Christ Consciousness energies through Lord Sananda which I feel is helping us to integrate the Cosmic vibrations as they can be very strong.  This call is more about us and our individual selves but “as we do for ourselves we do for others.”

The Clarion Light Beings of 911 & Beyond is my Heart and Soul.  This call used to be just a written transmission but I started do the calls this past summer.  I have been attuned to this energy for almost nine years and it was guided by Archangel Michael.  This is where we assist souls to come to the Temple of 911 for Healing but also send it to Gaia.  It is also about our healing but the Earth’s healing and all her inhabitants.  We get together for this call on Monday evenings and the Temple is growing as more souls are healing their karmic debits which is a prerequisite for this call.  Written transcriptions are available via my site during the week.

Many others around the globe are doing the same kind of work.  I suggest that you get involved whether it is with me or other groups, or start your own with a small circle of friends.  It is our time to fully assist the planet.

We cannot help but feel the grieving process as these souls are healing through their traumatic event.  We all remember The Twin Tower Tragedies and how painful that was for every one of us.  My heart goes out to the ones that are truly healing as I know what it is like to loose your loved ones.  Unfortunately, this may be a common occurrence this year as many of these souls have contracted beforehand that this would be their time.  I think it is important to realize that there is a greater plan in all of our creation and that, as humans, we do not always remember this fact.

My intuitive advice is for everyone to use their intuition of where they should be or doing in any given moment.  Utilize your meditations to be very cognitive that you are part of the larger plan upon this Earth, and allow the Veil of Forgetfulness to be fully removed so that you can fully Remember Your Divine Truth.  Your pathway will open up and all of us will be able to assist together the healing that needs to be done upon this planet.

In Expressions of Oneness,






I AM Christine Meleriessee

Ascension Coach & Teacher ~ Vibratory Master & Mentor ~Cosmic Messenger


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Healing Myself, Healing Others

On July 16th six years ago my sister, Cindy, left this earth plane with an extremely tired and diseased body from Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in her lungs.  Cindy was 14 years older than myself and had a tendency to be what she thought was a 2nd mother to me.  We definitely had our good and bad times.

Yesterday being her anniversary I had been getting the pull to visit her grave site which I barely do since I did not feel as close to her as my parents.  Her daughter, Jane, was away for the week so I felt it my duty to do so in her honor.  For two days I had been weepy about my own personal feelings with events happening in my life.  I did not attribute her passing as part of my emotional feelings.  Little did I know what Spirit had in store for me.

In the morning before I left for the cemetery, Cindy came to me and said these words, “I need your help.  I am not doing well.”  I looked at her energy and it seemed gray, like she had dropped her frequency several notches.  I immediately called on assistance of Lord Michael and his legion of light to clear any debris that she had endured.  She told me that she had been assisting someone close to the family and had fallen prey to lower energies.  I immediately started to see a change within her as Michael assisted with the clearing and rejuvenation energies.

I stopped and bought Gerber Daisies for her as daisies were her favorite.  They were a light pink color and six blooms in the bunch which to me represented family connection (the number 6).  It was a very hot day and I arrived right at 12 Noon.  I was unsure about finding her site as the cemetery is very large and winds around the property with lakes in the middle of it.  Usually it can be flooded and very unkept but on this day, it was amazing.  The fountain in the middle of the lake was even running which I have not seen for many years.  My grandparents are also laid to rest in the same spot.

As I got out of my car, I saw that my grandfather’s site had a flag and emblem in the ground.  The county had honored my grandfather, Albert Burling, with a memorial flag from the Veteran’s Society.  I do not remember if he was in the service but Pete was very prominent in the county of Camden as a lawyer, senator, and in the supreme court in NJ.  That started the energy of feeling there was something special occurring.  He passed away 50 years ago.  I was feeling all of my family in Spirit and then more.  I went over to Cindy’s site and laid the flowers around her grave marking.  Her first husband, Jim is also there next to her so I mentioned his name also.

Usually I am very leery of cemeteries as being one who is very open to many dimensions, many times these souls like to hang around me.  It can take quite a bit of work to make sure the souls are going into the Doorway of Light.  I had fully protected myself before entering this space and felt different somehow.  I said some prayers to Cindy and asked that she move through the consciousness of the Innerplane or dimensional levels to higher space.  I immediately saw that her energies had changed drastically in the last couple of hours and felt pleased.

As I was standing there, I was crying and feeling the loss of the eldest sister who was the Matriarch of the family.  Since her passing along with my parents shortly thereafter, the family unit has split apart.  I attribute this to my own healing and the separation that has needed to happen.  But on this day I felt more united to family members than I have in several years.  I looked up and around and saw all these souls just looking.  I always carry many energies with me of the Brotherhood of White Light and many were there, but this was different.  These were the lost souls living in this cemetery and they were not bothering me, just standing, waiting.  I knew something was transpiring so I tuned inwards and asked that a Doorway of Light be opened up onto the property for the next 48 hours.  With this statement I saw this massive amount of energy be fully activated upon the land and it went far and wide.  I started singing the voices of the angels:

“We are the angels of the Light, we are here to assist, please come with us to your home and we will help you.  Holy God of Hosts that we are.  We are one, come now.”  It continued for some time and my voice became very high-pitched so I knew that the highest beings were assisting.  It only lasted for but a minute or so.  I stood there and saw all of these souls fully going through the doorway.  Streams of them, ready to be where they were intended to be in the beginning of their journey out of the body.  I looked around and there is not a human being except me, the Light, the souls, my family and the land.  I took a sigh of relief as I felt a huge cloud had been lifted off of me.

I walked back towards my car which was only a few steps.  As I did so, a huge earth mover truck came by and the gentlemen inside smiled and gave me a nod of acceptance.  When interactions like this occur, I always take notice as I felt he was sent to me either via an angel, a Light Being, or ascended master acknowledging my Life.  There definitely was something very different with him and we somewhat smiled as he passed.  I walked down towards the pond with the fountain and felt such peace everywhere.  I returned to my car and realized that I needed to do more.

I had just received a book on Decrees in which I picked this specific one to read aloud:

“Resurrection Flame”

Beloved might victorious I AM Presence, beloved Ascended Masters Mary and Jesus, thy Resurrection Flame in and through us surge and sweep in, sweep in,

They full resurrection

All of thy perfection

Thy perfect health maintain

And in us ever reign.

Thy perfect comfort give

And make us fully live.

Give us they perfect ease,

And hold eternal peace.

I AM the resurrecting  this body into perfection

I added:

You are the resurrection onto perfection into the Heavens.

As I looked up, I saw three geese flying overhead.  Geese represents teamwork, communication, and fellowship  and three birds flying together always mean “In Spirit”.  I also felt it could have been Cindy and both of my parents, Mollie and Art acknowledging me.

I said, “thank you, thank you,” with tears flowing down my face.

All of a sudden I felt my overhanging deep energies fully gone.  I drove out of the cemetery with peace within my heart.  I looked everywhere and say the white light filtering through all of the grave sites and felt pleased.  I realized that I had been preparing for two days to go on this journey of Light.  I felt I had been working on the Innerplane in other dimensional frequencies so this work could be performed.

Cindy said to me, “I was not allowed to convey to you the real purpose of your visit.  Thank you.”  You just never know how Spirit is going to put you in a place where you are most needed.  On this day I was reminded of a comment in one of my Ascension group channelings:

“Christine, from this point forward, your life is no longer your own, in a physical sense.  Be prepared to move when necessary and do the work for the Greater Good.”

I am honored that I am able to do this work and share with each of you, my journeys of helping to Create Heaven on Earth.


Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Ordained Teacher of Ascension

Divine Language Network

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Temple of 911 – Where Souls Meet to Heal Mother Earth

I am urged to tell my story of how I was able to organize special souls of the Light to come together in the Heavenly Realm.  As without understanding the background of this event, one may not realize the importance of the Temple of 911.

The Temple of 911 represents all the souls that perished on the ill fated day in New York City when the Twin Towers were abolished in seconds and the devastation that resulted on many levels. I live two hours from New York and the energies I experienced were more on a physical level as I felt the souls continually that needed assistance.  I did what I could at the time with healing circles and constantly working on the Inner Plane energies.

I had been trying to get to a specific sweat lodge in Long Island for several months and an opportunity presented itself to travel to NY in October, one month just past September 11th.  I was not even thinking about how close Long Island was to the Twin Tower site.  A few friends gathered with me as we did a semi-fast that morning and spent a few hours traveling. We had to find places to stop as our bladders were releasing the water so it was quite interesting.  It was a trip that was challenging as what we were about to experience together.

When we arrived at the place where the Sweat Lodge was being held, we realized that we were early. We finally found out that we were part of the building ceremony of the energies. It was an intense day. One of my friends became very ill because she had not eaten and then the time of getting into the lodge was longer than we anticipated. The fire was extremely hot and I felt the anger. The lodge itself was not the same as I had felt when participating in other lodges but we were all intent to get started.

This lodge was held by the Rainbow Warriors of Sun Bear Tribe so women were required to wear a skirt into the lodge to represent their femininity.  Lodges are held in four rounds for each direction with the rocks put into the pit in the middle and covered with water and herbs.  The facilitator will guide the group into prayers, song, and sometimes just speaking outwardly your prayers or releasements of the moment.

As I was sitting in the Western direction of the lodge, my back was facing New York City. I found myself being in a shamanic state of coming in and going out with waves of intense light. When aware, I saw in front of me one of the rocks burning in the shape of a heart. I thought to myself how very interesting. After each round, the facilitator asked if we wanted a breath of fresh air. I usually sit in the lodge during this time and contemplate on what I am experiencing.

At the third round, I completely went out of my body.  I felt swirling lights and colors circling around me as I experienced souls just flying around. I realized that I was helping to release these souls into the Light. So many were completely lost.  As I was in this state, I was unaware how deep I had really gone except my body was taking a great toll.  When I came out of higher consciousness at the end of the third round I knew I needed to get out of the lodge as I was starting to really go into a state that the physical body could not handle.

At this time, I slowly moved to get onto my feet and my skirt became wrapped up within my legs. I found myself being propelled into the fire towards the rocks. My left calf laid very calmly on top of the rock with the heart within it, and I had to bring myself back not to fall fully into the pit. Now I have done many sweat lodges and never had this type of occurrence. There was a flurry as I was struggling to get out of the lodge. I fell back and individuals came to my assistance as I crawled out of the lodge.

I sat outside as people started working with me. It was a third degree burn but you could clearly see the implantation of the heart on my leg. There was one such Reiki Master that chose not to go into the last round to assist me.  I was crying so deeply.  It was not because of my pain of my leg, but the pain of all of the souls that were just hanging out in the astral realm.  I felt so close to them at that moment as I had experienced only a minuscule portion of their pain on that ill-fated day.

We sat with the other participants afterward to share our food together as this is custom with most Sweat Lodge Ceremonies. Everyone was totally amazed about what had happened, and we were sharing many stories. The pain was extremely bad but not as deep as the pain in my heart.

We drove back to New Jersey and my friend was very sick. I had cautioned her not to go back in the lodge at the last round but she was insistent.  Her body took a huge toll within her solar plexus. We both experienced great hardship on this day.

Upon my return, I was under the care of a doctor for a couple of months.  The burn was extremely bad and I had to nurture it completely as it became very infected.  It finally healed very well with the help of taking herbs and healing energy being infused daily.

Six months after this event in March 2002, I received an actual voice coming over my computer speakers saying “We are all ready. Let’s engage.” This type of occurrence for me is not uncommon as I was living on a horse farm in the middle of farmland. It was an amazing place to be especially for communication of the other dimensional frequencies. I immediately sat at my computer and received this message.

“Dearest Christine, This is Archangel Michael and we need to employ your help.  Since your experience with the 911 energies in October last year many souls are rallying round together.  They would like to employ their assistance to give back to the Earth the healing they received from so many humans for prayers towards themselves and their families.  We would like you to start a group online in which individuals will be able to connect with each of them.  We are calling this the Temple of 911 and will fully assist you in this endeavor.  This temple is located on the Innerplane within the Universal Level.  There is one prerequisite: no soul on any level can enter the temple until they have left their baggage at the door.  I will work with them to help clear and process any lower thought forms.  This is an organization that is going to help the Earth as the Angels of the Heavens meet the Angels of the Earth.  You will call this group, The Clarion Light Beings of 911.”

There was a soul named, Fred, who became the spokesperson for the group. He was a Fire Chief Battalion who perished during the tragedy.  He has an amazing soul. He is very down-to-earth and your typical New Yorker.  He speaks in the beginning of the meditation and at the end. I do know who he is, but for his family, he has asked me to keep his last name private.

So I sat there stunned but I never take any advice I receive from Spirit lightly. I set up a Yahoo group and asked individuals to join. We met each Wednesday in the beginning and then it was changed to Mondays. People would write back about their experiences of meeting these souls. Many of these souls were healed even deeper as most of the people joining in were excellent healers and energy workers.

I then was guided to call the group, “The Clarion Light Beings of 911 & Beyond” as so many other souls were perishing from the war effort, changes on the earth, etc.  I then extended to individuals asking their loved ones to come into the Temple. Originally, the temple would be open for several hours; we then extended it to 24 hours and then seven days a week.  Many individuals on my email list are from around the world and I felt it was important along with Archangel Michael that we needed to keep it open for anyone to come in.  I closed the Yahoo Group and send out the transmission directly from my email list as it was easier to do so. My leg has healed through some intense healing sessions and the heart has moved deeply into the layers of the skin.  You can no longer see that a heart was there but it is deep within me.

This has been an amazing journey for me. Many other light workers have told me that this is the largest group in the Universe and that the Ascended Masters wait in line to speak each week.  We gather at 8 pm EST with a prayer and intending to go to the Temple of 911.  Fred speaks first and introduces the Teacher of the Week.  He or she will guide us into a meditation with an explanation first of what is happening individually and collectively.  We are infused with the energies and then we send it into the Earth. It depends on who is speaking and how it is done.  Fred finishes the session with some thoughts.

For many years I did this session in the privacy of my home through channeling through the computer and emailing it to individuals on my list.  This summer I am getting the push from Spirit to offer it on a LIVE call. It is recorded and then put up on my website.  At various times, I may transcribe the information as some individuals prefer the written form.

If you would like to join us on Monday evenings, 8 PM EST, please call 218-862-7200  Code 576094.  This is a FREE call, but donations are always appreciated.…

This is a high energy session and I never know or plan who is speaking in the group.  It is all prepared in the moment and with God’s Plan to assist us.

For more information and to read some of the transmissions, please go to

I hope you will join us and if not, please do check out the recordings.  They are pretty powerful and you will not be disappointed.

I am presently writing a book about the Clarion and the journey I took to be able to create such an amazing group.  I am honored that I have been guided to do this work and the Clarion is so close to my heart.

Blessings to each of you,

Rev Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

To listen to the current transmission recorded on July 5th, 2010

Lady Isis Integrates the 8th Ray and Chakra of  Cleansing while Master Kuthumi assists in activation of the Thymus with the Heart and Throat

Clarion Light Beings 911 – Audio Segment

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New Moon Activation Creates Manifestation of New Life

This new moon, April 13, 2010, was extremely life changing for me.  I have recently been a contender in the Next Top Spiritual Author competition which has put my technical and marketing skills into a major testing phase.

I have been on the path of healing for 25 years and an ascension coach and teacher for the past ten.  During this time I still had to be in the corporate world to support myself. The Universe afforded me the opportunity to be released from my previous world into fully showing to others who I am and how I can help others.  The business world truly assisted me in the technical skills to be able to do the work more fully and not be afraid to delve into software programs in which I previously had no knowledge in how to utilize them.

This week has given me this opportunity to excel in many areas.  The most important one has been jumping off the cliff and allowing the Universe to guide me to the right position.  I am now in that position.  This competition has given me the confidence to put out videos and share myself onto the world of You Tube.  A scary thing to do previously but no longer.

You see, I have been traveling on the path of healing my inner self in so many ways.  I learned how to completely clear my four body system, give my life onto Spirit and be guided in places where some would not tread both physically and spiritually.  It is a journey that is very close to my heart and soul.

The videos are on You Tube under Heliohah 111 if you choose to check them out.  My book is about my inner journey and the journey I take to help many souls find their way onto the pathway of Light.  I experienced a sweat lodge 30 days after the event of the Twin Tower Tragedy on September 11th, 2001 in which my leg was burnt in the shape of a heart.  I have a very close connection to these souls that perished on that day as I started an online meditation in which we all meet in the Temple of 911 each week.  Many souls have gone there since to heal as the only prerequisite to the journey of the temple is to let go of all negative emotions from Earth.  Many souls who have perished since this time are now visiting the temple and the Light Workers who connect with this energy are also creating much love and light onto this planet.

My book is called, “The Clarion Light Beings of 911 & Beyond – A Journey of the Continuance of Life” and you can check me out at

The Light is allowing this event to occur for me and whatever the next phase of my journey, it is all in Divine Order.

Blessings in Love & Light,