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Big Winds Moon of Spiritual Rebirth Master Djwhal Khul March 2023 Festival of Lights


Rev. Christine Mahlariessee shares the Spiritual Ascension Mastery Meaning and Message of Master Djwhal Khul about the Virgo Full Moon which is in opposition to the Sun of Pisces occurring on March 7th, 2023 at 4:40 AM Pacific, 7:40 AM Eastern, and Universal time of  12:40 PM.

We live in a time when few of us take moments of reflection upon our spiritual self as a part of life. Now is a perfect moment to do so with the quality of higher spiritual light that this Full Moon reflects to us as a soul. It can become your touchstone for regaining your center.

Inspiration of the Divine Self is the key to this moon’s cycle as it allows for the accessibility of your Higher Consciousness to bring the physical consciousness into a new state of awareness. Going into the depth of the sub-conscious mind allows for the creation of a change in attitude in the way that is aligned with the higher self and not the personality self. This means that whatever you have tried to achieve previously is now more illuminated for you to transform it into a sense of purity for your soul.

This moon is about Inspiration and how we may achieve success in our endeavors personally, professionally, and internally with clarity. It is now time to hold onto the ideals we perceive within ourselves and make them a concrete plan of action as the doorway to the unanswered questions that may have stopped you previously is now filled with the Light of your Divine Truth.

Open up yourself to see what needs to be changed within you, walk within that truth, slowly and effortlessly as you allow the transit of this cycle to help you honor your Divine Self. Allow the personality self to receive the blessings of Purity of your Divine Instinct as you give service to the transition of allowing these elements to change within you.

The Sun of Pisces allows for a state of empathy to be experienced as we go through the transition of making important changes within ourselves. It is a moon to allow the Purity of your Instinctual Self to guide you to become one with your Higher Self Consciousness as you become more grounded with the transformation of your Personality Self accepting the blessing of your Higher Self.

In Native traditions of The Rainbow Tribe (Bear Tribe Medicine Society) tells us that this is “the Big Winds Moon” which is to allow the Spirit of the Wind to push us into a new directional phase that helps us discover our own natural medicine power and the depth of our intuitive abilities. It will allow for the elements of deep sensitivity, our yearning for our highest spirituality, learning about our hesitation to express our true feelings, and our need for grounding all these elements within us for our walk upon the earth.

The animal associated with this moon is the Cougar, who brings forth the elements of Agility, Protection, Adaptability, Learning Patience and Discretion with the Gift of Wealth and Prosperity to be experienced. It’s important to include these characteristics within ourselves to be experienced during this moon cycle. Doing so will allow for a deeper understanding of ourselves from the perspective of our Higher Consciousness or our Spirit of Pure Existence.

This cycle takes us on a deeper journey of our inner self to be acknowledged within the human consciousness. What has been hidden or not honored previously is now given the opportunity to experience the higher expression of our Soul’s essence to be acknowledged within us as our limitations of our lower self are transcended allowing our personality self to go through a Spiritual Rebirth.

Take time to walk upon the ground and feel the Spirit of the Wind blow away all of the inconsistencies and feelings of regret from your Emotional Self. As you do so, walk in balance upon the Earth feeling the blessing of your Spiritual Rebirth to become fully intertwined within your four body system through the Physical, Etheric (Chakra System), Emotional, and Mental Selves.


I allow the gift of Inspiration from my Divine Self to illuminate the areas of my consciousness that need healing and transformation. I call upon the Full Moon of Virgo to guide me through this process as the Sun of Pisces gives me the blessing to know my Higher Truth through Inspiration and Divine Love.

I Am that I Am

Greetings My Dearest Beloveds,

I am Master Djwhal Khul, Ray Chohan for the Flame of Love and Wisdom, desiring to impart some words of wisdom for this cycle of the Full Moon in Virgo.

The most pertinent expression that I can impart to you at this time is to open up the doorway of your subconsciousness to allow for the Light of God’s Truth to shine within you. This moon will take you on a journey of your Inner Self, allowing you to be exposed to the various elements within yourself that need deep healing.

It is a time of transcending the components within your Concrete Mind that seem to be knock at your door many times stopping you from truly acknowledging your truth self. The deeper that you allow yourself to travel within the elements that you want to change, the more advantageous it will be for your walk upon the Earth.

In the pure essence of Virgo and Pisces, it brings forth a sense of Inspiration to allow the aspects within yourself to go through a deep healing process. The Winds of Change are happening as I speak to you, allowing your full consciousness to be illuminated within your Divine Self. The Sun of Pisces is the Illuminating Light allowing you to reach heights within your Higher Mind to be the key to your journey. This process is one that can be very uplifting or you can make it difficult on yourself by not heeding the impressions that you receive within your consciousness.

It is a cycle where all elements are being pushed into a higher level of consciousness, but in order to fully feel the effects of this transition, you must allow yourself to move in the next directional phase of your Higher Self.

Doing so will allow you to become more in-tune with the dynamics of your higher consciousness bringing forth the ability to embrace the agility to accept that patience is your guide. This, in turn, will bring forth new opportunities of growth with gifts of wealth and prosperity to be embraced within your walk.

When you let go of the limitations you have previously held within yourself, it is quite amazing how an individual’s experience is opened up with being blessed in many ways.

This cycle of the full moon and sun brings forth the lessons you can understand, walk in balance, and move through the transition to receive your highest gift. In other words, it brings forth a blessing of being Spiritually Rebirthed as you learn to accept the higher consciousness of your Divine Soul to be the determining factor in your physical world.

Challenges can happen but when you learn to acknowledge them for what they mean to you, then you can become transformed into a higher way of learning by creating wisdom of your Divine Self to be acknowledged within you.

Be strong, patient, and always connect to your Higher Self helping you to achieve all that I speak about. It is yours for the asking.

I Am Master Djwhal Khul at your service.

Listen to the Spiritual Ascension Ceremony for this Full Moon to assist you in acknowledging and embracing this moon cycle. Recording is immediately available for free* in the Meeting Resources section of the link.

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ascension, Ascension Mastery Message, Festival of Lights, Master Djwhal Khul



Spiritual Meaning of the Ascension Mastery* Message of the October 20th Full Moon with Master Djwhal Khul as brought forth by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden.

The Full Moon of Aries in opposition to the Sun of Libra will occur on October 20th, 2021 at 7:57 AM Pacific, 10:57 AM Eastern within Universal time of 2:57 PM.

This moon cycle brings the honorability of helping to change our reality into the visionary aspect of our Higher Consciousness.

The Moon of Aries allows for the flow of the Feminine Divine to govern the intuition of the Higher Mind to be strong. This opens up the doorway of executing the ability to perceive new revelations in our life to being new things and allow changes to occur physically and not just in our hopes and dreams.

The Sun of Libra representing the Masculine Self will assist to maintain balance as the movement into accessing the elements of the higher consciousness are created. It’s important to self-reflect by looking in the mirror as the changes are occurring and see the defining result. Learn to honor yourself in the process, remember the moment(s) that you feel you are achieving success of your spiritual self and allow them to become your True Reality.

It is a moon of fine-tuning our desires to become our true reality – grounding those elements we are wanting to create. Now is the time!

This moon is about transcending our old self into transformation – removing the outer skin that no longer serves us. This allows for the RE-CREATIVE PROCESS TO OCCUR without fear. It is a moon of courage through the Feminine Self to ground into the physical self with the Masculine.

It is important to utilize the dynamics of the Libra Sun to help stay balanced as the aspects of the planetary systems can create lower elements to arise such as frustration and anguish as the transformation is occurring. The important focus should be the goal of what you desire and not the lower emotion that may be arising out of your system whether it be Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, or Etherically (cleansing the Chakra System).

Take time to create a ceremony by removing the unwanted elements in your life to be transcended, and celebrate your New Awakened Self to be part of your TRUE REALITY.



Greetings My Dear Ones,

It is I, Master Djwhal Khul, imparting Divine Love and Knowledge of this moon cycle in October 2021.

All of the cycles of this year have taken each of you into a deeper part of yourself. It is the movement of change to occur within your four-body system (physical, etheric, emotional, mental) to allow for the divine light and love to be expressed within your Heart Center.

This moon of Aries brings to the Earth movement to allow each soul to open themselves up to a deeper level of acceptance. And when they are unable to do so, then the lower elements will become more prevalent within one’s consciousness.

So it is important to realize the depth of healing that each individual is experiencing. You have a gift to fully accept the Divine Love energies to come into your consciousness, to allow it to open up on Heart Center so that you can realize the depth of your own Divinity as a Soul, not just as a human being. Within that movement there can be great elements that will appear out of your consciousness bringing forth a reflection of your inner self that you may not have felt previously.

It is a time to see the truth of your existence, allowing your Personality Ego to accept the Higher Ego. In that reflection this moon of Aries is opening up everyone’s intuitive self into a deeper level of reflection. It is allowing for doors to opens within your consciousness to say unto yourself that it is time, to create the New You.

I like to see this cycle as very Transforming but also lightening up your load so to speak if you allow it to happen. It is time to let go of the old dysfunctional ways of thinking about yourself. Those dreams you have within your consciousness are becoming closer if you fully embrace the Divinity of Love and Light from your Higher Self and I Am Presence.

The Earth is coming into a time that needs this love and each of you are the Light Torch to bring it to Gaia, but you cannot just think it. You must become One within it, hold it within all of your four bodies – physically, etherically, emotional, and mentally. Allow each of these systems that make up your experiences upon the earth to go through a deep healing process.

Now is the Time for You to expand within yourself but you must walk in balance. Energies can arise that feel uncomfortable; you may even know about them but keep putting them aside. Don’t allow yourself to do this anymore.

You can achieve those dreams of love within you. Allow this cycle to help you see the depth of your True Reality from your Divine Self.

I honor and walk with you in each moment,

Master Djwhal Khul, Ray Chohan for Love and Wisdom

DESIRE MORE? Setting aside some time to participate in a Ceremonial Journey to connect with these energies will really assist in bringing them into your individual reality. Our  of this October Full Moon  Ceremony is a perfect way to do just that. View our library here (free donation supported audio) to listen now to the latest Festival of Lights Full Moon recording. We suggest listening more than once the Full Moon through next week.

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*Ascension Mastery is the realized form of manifesting Ascension Frequencies where your vibratory rate actually increases over time due to the in-depth training (not the intellectual pursuit or study) and the acquiring of a higher Spiritual Essence. Everyone on Earth is already part of God’s Light and Love but that does not mean they as individuals (or collectively) are Ascending, or that Ascension is happening to them. Earth is at a cross roads of Spiritual Awakening to step into Ascension, but without each person taking on an individual personal life responsibility to change their lives into practicing actual Ascension energies there can be no real shift in frequency. Ascension as a concept, belief or a mystery to be revealed is akin to a mere informational level desired by the mental intellect and does not create the authentic higher Ascension Octave of Light and Love required for a New Earth to be created. Our mission as an Academy is to bring forth that actual level of higher love and light for you to learn to feel and acquire them. It is a process that will take any initiate/lightworker many years (even decades) to achieve just as it did for the Ascended Masters themselves. You may order our very powerful SPIRITUAL HEALING meditation as a great way to start using targeted meditations that go beyond what is typically used.  We also have the previously released SEVEN FREE CLASSES to help during these challenging times to assist in your Ascension Spirituality (visit to access).

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Ascension Mastery Message


Ascension Mastery Message of the Spiritual Meaning of Halloween brought forth by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden.

As we experience the energies of Halloween, it brings forth a doorway for each soul to come into a state of allowing the Divine Self to become more involved through the process. October 31st is the opening of higher energies to become more evolving within our consciousness.

We, upon the Earth, live in the duality of the 3rd and 4th dimensions on the physical plane. As we learn to access the higher levels of consciousness through the various stages of learning to accept a higher light quotient within our physical bodies, we can experience the higher dimensions within our physical consciousness.

This is the process that we like to call Ascension ~ learning to access the higher realms of light within our present reality.

Halloween is a time in which the doorway to the other worlds can become very real. It is not just about celebrating the Ones that have departed this earth, or the time when trick-or-treating becomes a fun experience.

It is an actual energetic flow in which the worlds all come together as One.

This also allows each of us to become stronger, utilizing our spiritual protection, while commanding the Divine Light and Love that we are to be our mantra.  As always, Halloween can also bring forth the feeling that it represents darkness, but yet for centuries many countries call this “All Saint’s Day”. It is a time in which we connect to the higher realms of light in order to combat the darkness that is occurring within the 4th dimensional level which represents Duality.

We have to face it that we are in a dual-based society presently with opposing thoughts and arguments constantly occurring within the planet. This also represents our dark timelines that need to be healed and put into the Light, to create Oneness within each of us personally.

This means that we have the ability to allow our consciousness through the experience of the breath to take us into a higher state of reality. As we go through this meditative process we allow the Lower Self (of the Lower Ego and the Concrete Mind) to break apart by accessing our Higher Light Bodies.

Many individuals may think that you need to have special gifts in order to experience the higher energies or communing with the higher realms of light. In using the correct guidance or spiritual tools, each soul upon the Earth has the opportunity to move out of their duality by reaching into the Higher Self or I Am Presence.

Walking Terra Christa has put together a special meditation: “Becoming One With Your Soul’s Essence” to celebrate the doorway of October 31st.

Our goal is to help individuals to bring forth the higher realms of light into the physical consciousness allowing it to be a true reality. We hope you will listen, post your comments and likes, and most importantly and share with others. This meditation can be done at any time during the year, but we thought it would be especially helpful at this time.

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Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden with Master Djwhal Khul give a synopsis of the current moon energies within the context of ascension mastery.

As we enter another period of full moon activity, we are also experiencing a Lunar Eclipse. All of this occurs on February 10, 2017, 4:32 PM Pacific, 7:32 PM Eastern, and 12:32 GMT February 11, 2017.

As the moon is in Leo, it represents the creative process of the Feminine Divine, while the Sun in Aquarius brings forth the act of dependence and mental pursuits of the Masculine Divine. These energies can be at a crossroads.

Which way will we turn is the question we need to ask ourselves.

With the Eclipse energies it brings into it a whole new dynamics to the situation. Usually eclipses represent relationships, either the severing or the healing within both parties. The dynamics that this eclipse is bringing to us is the ability to step into the power of healing by letting go of the elements that no longer serve our purpose. It does not mean that anything has to end but it needs to be changed.

If we look at this arrangement within the heavens in the context of the Masculine vs the Feminine Divine, we can see that it is time that the Yang essence needs to let go of some of the confines that it has placed upon us as an individual to allow the Yin to show her worth through the arts, through a creative process and allow this energetic exchange to become one within balance. The Masculine Self gives to each of us a foundation but it has to be shifted into allowing the Heart Essence to be part of the process.

It is a very magical time in which the parts we have been striving to change can be assisted by the planetary changes that are occurring.

We have to refer to the past month in which the New Moon went into Aquarius and how that has affected each of us to think differently so that change can be a reality. We now take that energy as our foundation of the Masculine Self and allow the moon essence of Leo to show its creative process within heart-based ideals within our lives.

In addition the planetary alignment for the past month fully went into a balanced state. What we may not realize is that was an initiation for us to step into this process of accepting our Divine Self as the ruler within our consciousness. It is a matter of the Mental and Emotional Bodies to co-exist as the Masculine and Feminine Divine.

As each of us is a responsible partner in the healing of the Earth, then it seems only fitting that we should allow this exchange of energy to help us acknowledge elements within ourselves that need to be adjusted in order for the both parties to come to a harmonious conclusion.

When we learn to heal inner self, then the outer self will act accordingly.

There are many other aspects that are represented within this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse that come from a scientific basis through the Art of Astrology. For more information on this understanding, please check out Astrology King, Lunar Eclipse February 10, 2017-Practical Magic in which he gives a very powerful understanding of what is occurring presently.

From a spiritual viewpoint, this moon and eclipse is an open doorway to allow the old demons to be removed so that we, as individuals, can truly find our highest spiritual self to assist us in making those changes. If we use the energies of the Moon of Leo with passion and heart centeredness to illicit the power to ignite the changes, then the Sun of Aquarius will help us to make it more grounded.

The new essence that we are trying to integrate is within our grasp with these elements coming into place. The Lunar Eclipse allows for the union of the Masculine (Aquarius) with the Feminine (Leo) to step into a new world that will support the unity that all of us are desiring to achieve.

As this happens for every soul upon the earth, then GAIA feels the effect of the transformative energies so that all of humanity can be affected in the same way.

The most important element through this process is not to let the Lower Ego become inflamed, but yet allowing the Higher Ego (Spiritual Self) to be the ruling energy. I believe that if every person realized the power that they have during this cycle they would see the true potential that they are.

It is now being revealed for all of us to see.

The Keynote from Master Djwhal Khul:


Greetings My Dearest Beloveds,

I Am Master Djwhal Khul ready to assist in understanding the true depth of light that is occurring presently.

The most important element you must understand that every soul upon this planet is going through this transition. What needs to be realized is that the elements that have been in place in the past few months created a surge of light to help you understand within your own consciousness what this cycle may mean for you.

As I always try to help initiates to grasp the idea that their own well-being is the first component to heal this earth. Many may think that is being in a manner of selfishness, but let’s understand this process so that you can fully grasp what is occurring presently in your world.

This moon and lunar eclipse brings to light all of the darkness that you have been feeling. It is a climatic time of arrival for each of you. As you learn more about your true inner self (the emotional body), you realize that the potential you have for healing is to remove those aspects from its existence. We know this is easier said than done, but doing it is absolutely essential.

The gateway of opportunity in this moon cycle is to help each soul to realize what is it within them they do not like, address how to remove those elements, and allow their true heart essence of the Higher Self to assist them to make the necessary adjustment within their full body system. But if you as an individual, continually fall back upon the masculine self to render change, then that will backfire on you. The power of this alignment of the moon and eclipse is to bring all things into Light.

As you allow yourself to go through this process, you are then emitting the balance of the Yin and Yang right within your system. There is no separation, only unity to be felt within you and around you. Others will feel it from you. Gaia will accept the transition in a much easier level than anyone could have imagined.

This movement then takes us into bringing all things into balance. First, it occurs by accepting the Love that you are from your Divine Self, then it allows your physical self to walk through the Open Gateway of Transformation. Then, others will also feel it and it will filter through all of the Earth, through humanity and back to you once again.

This is the power of being Selfless to others after the initial stage of understanding your own self.

The power of this pathway is a grand opportunity for every soul to step into the world of knowing thyself, then accepting that their Feminine Heart Essence has the gift of giving it to the Masculine Strength so that they can walk together. It is the first stage of stepping into Oneness and it must be achieved in unison. Otherwise, there is separation of the Heart and the Mind which means you will continue to experience life the same way you always have.

As each initiate starts to understand this process, the energetic exchange will ripple through the dimensional frequencies so that others will also start to open their heart and minds up to a new way of understanding within their physical self. It will continue the journey into the ones that are trying to be in control; it will affect your governments and the way that you see the world around you.

You just have to let it happen but first allowing the Light That You Are to be fully integrated within you. As the Lightworker, the Starseed, the Awakened One, it is your responsibility to take care of yourself first and then the rest will follow. Your Higher Self knows exactly what you need to do to create these elements to come to fruition. You just must trust explicitly within the process by releasing the control of your physical self.

I do suggest creating a ceremony at this time. The full moon cycle continues into the New Moon but the first three days are very crucial. Set up a sacred space, light a candle that represents your Divine Self and the Source of Light; utilize your protection protocols, call upon your Higher Self through your breath, and all of the Seven Rays of God to assist you to come into balance: Blue of Will and Power, Golden Yellow of Love and Wisdom, Pink of Creative and Active Intelligence, Crystalline of Harmony and Balance, Green/Gold/White of Science of God representing Inner Truth, Ruby Red/Gold of Inner Devotion, and Violet/Purple of Ceremonial Magic-Creating Your Foundation.

Feel your Heart; express your woes. Allow them to be released into the fire of transmutation so you can fully allow your Heart and your Mind of your Higher Self to be One.

It is my pleasure to walk with you and guide you each moment into the New Earth.

I Am Master Djwhal Khul at your service.

Integrative Channel: Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden

Walking Terra Christa is facilitating a Full Moon Ceremony with Master Djwhal Khul, Festival of Lights on Saturday, February 11th, 2017, 10 AM Pacific. To participate in this Free Call (Donations Appreciated), please use this link:  Festival of Lights-Full Moon Ceremony.

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How to Transcend Energy Ascension Clinic with Master Babaji

As we continue our series, Ascension Clinic, we now work with Master Babaji for Creative Visualization.

This class is not like any other visualization that you have experienced.  We take the basics of Creative Visualization, add a flair of the Rays of God with the Elohim Masters to move from the Personality phase into the Soul, then the Higher Self, to access the Divine Self.

Master Babaji will guide us through a series of exercises that will help to access the Third Eye Chakra in a new a different way.  He will bring forth energetic pulses through the Third Eye to help each person to activate their Divine Self into the Physical Self so that each individual can feel a difference within their physical body.  This is being done to help the Creation of the desire outcome to become reality within the physical existence.

Join us Friday, October 16th at 1 PM Pacific, 4 PM Eastern LIVE ~ or sign up to receive the MP3 to study on your own time.  Click the link below to sign up and join this magnificent journey of light.


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How to Transcend Energy Ascension Clinic with Master Babaji

New Earth Frequency Update

New Earth Frequency Update ~ Embracing the Rebirth of the Self


We are right within a very powerful conjunction of the planets and the moon phases so this week is going to take each of us into a new and powerful cycle of our lives.  Wesak is upon us which is always a very accelerating time but then we are gifted with a Lunar Eclipse with the Full Moon on May 25th at 9:25 AM Pacific US, 4:25 PM GMT.

The energies this week represent the balance between the lower mind and higher mind which is in alignment with Wesak.  This year’s theme of the Wesak energies is “The Three Fold Flame of GAIA” as she will be balancing her mental and feminine aspects of Will, Love, and Power.  This will mirror unto each of us to go deeper into our own soul’s essence to allow the energies to enfold within us.  It is time to fully command the Higher Essence of our Divine Self to become manifest into our physical realities.

We have been preparing for this energy since the beginning of this year as it represents Synchronization.  This is not an easy process as we have to get very real with our feelings and thoughts so that they are transmuted into the pure essence that We Are.  Many of us don’t understand what that can feel like as it has never occurred upon this Earth previously in such mass consciousness.  Every individual person is feeling something different about themselves in order for them to awaken to their Truest Self.  The individuals that do not do so will go deeper into their duality of the dark and light within as the Light cannot shine brightly without the essence of integrating into all parts of the Self.  The fourth dimension represents that duality and this is exactly what we have been experiencing in our lives and in our world.  It takes great courage and understanding to continue deeper into the self realization of Divine Light enfolding within the physical structure.

We will learn through the ensuring energies around us that we are thinking and acting differently.  We want to feel the serenity and joy we deserve with a greater capacity to accept an abundant life in all areas of our life.

This is exactly what we can accomplish at this time.  The power of Gemini versus Sagittarius will challenge us in the realms of being in the moment against wanting to forge ahead.  If we take these two energies and combine them in the same essence, then we can do both.  Action needs to preceded by meditative thoughts and not necessarily stepping ahead before all the elements have been put into place.  If we understand these energies from this perspective, then we are working through our Higher Mind being integrated into the Lower Mind.  No parts of the self will be lost as there will be a blending effect that occurs.  So take the time to acknowledge your Higher Self blending within the Lower Self and you will understand what it means to acknowledge your own Three-Fold Flame of Will, Love, and Power.

As the Wesak energies have been preparing us for these steps, our Higher Self comes into our full Beingness.  As trainees on the Mastery Pathway, we go through many levels of initiations that help us walk through new doorways of reality.  Wesak is the most powerful spiritual ceremony of the year as we follow Lord Buddha in his footsteps of accelerating our teachings of being an Ascended Master or Being upon the Earth.  We celebrate Lord Buddha’s ascension but that mirrors right back to us as we proclaim within ourselves the next step of our spiritual evolution within the physical existence.

So we will change through the process; even if you are not fully aware of your pathway of light upon this Earth.  This process is becoming stronger each month throughout each year.  We will move into the 5th dimensional physical reality but it takes hard work and diligence to not fall back into our old habits.  This is a perfect time to look at your traits and see what fits your reality now versus to what was for you before.  The power of this week cannot be put into words.  It can only be acknowledged through each person’s reality and what they are going to experience.  But believe me, whatever you intend the God Force will hear you because it is our destiny to walk as enlightened beings into the New Earth of Terra Christa.

GAIA will assist us and in turn, we will assist her in this process.  We are living in a spiritual revolution where individuals are finally turning to their highest essence for answers.  This is the power of our Light into our physical reality.  So take some time and understand what you are going through.  Then call upon your guidance, Higher Self, and I AM Presence to guide you in the right direction.



It is a beautiful week, and we are happy to convey this message to each of you.  The birth of a New You is about to begin, and we want to offer a celebratory message for you.

2013 has been the most crucial and challenging year upon the history of this planet.  There have been moments of great darkness and despair as well as experiencing the highest level of vibrational exchanges available upon the planet.  That is the beauty of this time as we all need to reflect deeply on our humble beginnings to find our humble expressions of a soul that has traveled many lifetimes through timelines that would only be reflected in a science fiction movie.  You have experienced many facets of your lives in a way that has been ordained from the essence of only the I AM Presence can give.  There is no reason or understanding of what you have endured but only that it is part of the journey.

Reflection has been a word that we have used consistently throughout this year and that is not going to change.  It is an important factor to remember when we are acknowledging our true self to become manifest.  We must compare what we are feeling to what we felt in the past.  It helps each of us to be molded into the present moment so that there are no repeats of the energy or situations in the future moments.  Each of us is molding our present from the experiences of our past to embrace our future.

We speak in these tones of the “we” at this time because this is not a lesson, but truly, a Circle of Oneness.  What each of you experience, we endure.  Wesak represents the time of community when like-minded souls come together to celebrate their challenges and accomplishments to prepare for more of the same.  As a master-in-training, you must realize that is what you are experiencing.  Life cannot be created within Oneness without first looking back and realizing what the previous moments have meant to a great master.  It is part of the training to understand the process of hurting, healing, and embracing the pathway.

This Wesak is especially important due to the year of 2013 but also with the powerful eclipses that the planet has experienced.  The Lunar Eclipse of this month will be a culmination of the energies just as Wesak represents each of us coming together in celebration.  It is a time of complete integration of the Masculine and Feminine Divine.  We know that we have shared about these energies before but it goes to a much deeper level as we experience each new vibrational change in the planetary structure.

It is now time to reflect into whom we have become and what we are going to do with the changes that have resulted from the situations that we have encountered.  If we understand the fact that in order to move forward, we need to understand what we are experiencing presently, then it becomes a flowing movement.  There is no need to worry or be concerned with what is occurring.  We learn to move forward from each moment to the next.  It is the Ebb and Flow of Life.

When this comes from the perspective of the Mastery, there is no question in what you are experiencing.  It is all part of the process of living within these energies of fluidness.  It is beauty and reflection at its best creation.

We are all being borne once again in the ebb and flow.  As Lord Buddha releases his old aspects from the previous year, he moves to a new position within his power.  Each of you is doing the same, and We, of the ascended beings of Light, are also participating.  Wesak is not just about the physical form.  We, within the Unified Whole, have just walked into Oneness by removing our old Pantheons of our pasts.  We utilize the knowledge of those past creations, but we do not center upon them.  We are honored to walk with each of you at this time.

It is our Creation Upon this Earth together, and it is our Divine Pleasure to walk with each of you.  Be strong in your convictions and intentions; the power of the energy presently will allow you to grow deeper and create your lives to be in complete harmony with joy and compassion as your guideposts.  Experience this event as your re-birthing process into your new world of creation.  We re-create each Wesak and now is the time for you to join us in the manifestation of a New World with Love, Joy, Responsibility, and deep conviction for the Light that You and We Are.

Blessings and Joy for a beautiful Wesak experience.

We are One with each of you in this moment and all moments forward.

The Unified Whole Command representing the Oneness Consciousness of the All.

Walking Terra Christa is holding a special Wesak Ceremony in Mt. Shasta; individuals may request that their name and location be put on our altar for the celebration.  Please email us at MelandMike @ Walking Terra to be added to the group consciousness.  We are also providing an MP3 file for the recorded meditations both morning and afternoon; details are available on our event, (individuals in our Membership Program will have access to these recordings).

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