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Big Winds Moon of Spiritual Rebirth Master Djwhal Khul March 2023 Festival of Lights


Rev. Christine Mahlariessee shares the Spiritual Ascension Mastery Meaning and Message of Master Djwhal Khul about the Virgo Full Moon which is in opposition to the Sun of Pisces occurring on March 7th, 2023 at 4:40 AM Pacific, 7:40 AM Eastern, and Universal time of  12:40 PM.

We live in a time when few of us take moments of reflection upon our spiritual self as a part of life. Now is a perfect moment to do so with the quality of higher spiritual light that this Full Moon reflects to us as a soul. It can become your touchstone for regaining your center.

Inspiration of the Divine Self is the key to this moon’s cycle as it allows for the accessibility of your Higher Consciousness to bring the physical consciousness into a new state of awareness. Going into the depth of the sub-conscious mind allows for the creation of a change in attitude in the way that is aligned with the higher self and not the personality self. This means that whatever you have tried to achieve previously is now more illuminated for you to transform it into a sense of purity for your soul.

This moon is about Inspiration and how we may achieve success in our endeavors personally, professionally, and internally with clarity. It is now time to hold onto the ideals we perceive within ourselves and make them a concrete plan of action as the doorway to the unanswered questions that may have stopped you previously is now filled with the Light of your Divine Truth.

Open up yourself to see what needs to be changed within you, walk within that truth, slowly and effortlessly as you allow the transit of this cycle to help you honor your Divine Self. Allow the personality self to receive the blessings of Purity of your Divine Instinct as you give service to the transition of allowing these elements to change within you.

The Sun of Pisces allows for a state of empathy to be experienced as we go through the transition of making important changes within ourselves. It is a moon to allow the Purity of your Instinctual Self to guide you to become one with your Higher Self Consciousness as you become more grounded with the transformation of your Personality Self accepting the blessing of your Higher Self.

In Native traditions of The Rainbow Tribe (Bear Tribe Medicine Society) tells us that this is “the Big Winds Moon” which is to allow the Spirit of the Wind to push us into a new directional phase that helps us discover our own natural medicine power and the depth of our intuitive abilities. It will allow for the elements of deep sensitivity, our yearning for our highest spirituality, learning about our hesitation to express our true feelings, and our need for grounding all these elements within us for our walk upon the earth.

The animal associated with this moon is the Cougar, who brings forth the elements of Agility, Protection, Adaptability, Learning Patience and Discretion with the Gift of Wealth and Prosperity to be experienced. It’s important to include these characteristics within ourselves to be experienced during this moon cycle. Doing so will allow for a deeper understanding of ourselves from the perspective of our Higher Consciousness or our Spirit of Pure Existence.

This cycle takes us on a deeper journey of our inner self to be acknowledged within the human consciousness. What has been hidden or not honored previously is now given the opportunity to experience the higher expression of our Soul’s essence to be acknowledged within us as our limitations of our lower self are transcended allowing our personality self to go through a Spiritual Rebirth.

Take time to walk upon the ground and feel the Spirit of the Wind blow away all of the inconsistencies and feelings of regret from your Emotional Self. As you do so, walk in balance upon the Earth feeling the blessing of your Spiritual Rebirth to become fully intertwined within your four body system through the Physical, Etheric (Chakra System), Emotional, and Mental Selves.


I allow the gift of Inspiration from my Divine Self to illuminate the areas of my consciousness that need healing and transformation. I call upon the Full Moon of Virgo to guide me through this process as the Sun of Pisces gives me the blessing to know my Higher Truth through Inspiration and Divine Love.

I Am that I Am

Greetings My Dearest Beloveds,

I am Master Djwhal Khul, Ray Chohan for the Flame of Love and Wisdom, desiring to impart some words of wisdom for this cycle of the Full Moon in Virgo.

The most pertinent expression that I can impart to you at this time is to open up the doorway of your subconsciousness to allow for the Light of God’s Truth to shine within you. This moon will take you on a journey of your Inner Self, allowing you to be exposed to the various elements within yourself that need deep healing.

It is a time of transcending the components within your Concrete Mind that seem to be knock at your door many times stopping you from truly acknowledging your truth self. The deeper that you allow yourself to travel within the elements that you want to change, the more advantageous it will be for your walk upon the Earth.

In the pure essence of Virgo and Pisces, it brings forth a sense of Inspiration to allow the aspects within yourself to go through a deep healing process. The Winds of Change are happening as I speak to you, allowing your full consciousness to be illuminated within your Divine Self. The Sun of Pisces is the Illuminating Light allowing you to reach heights within your Higher Mind to be the key to your journey. This process is one that can be very uplifting or you can make it difficult on yourself by not heeding the impressions that you receive within your consciousness.

It is a cycle where all elements are being pushed into a higher level of consciousness, but in order to fully feel the effects of this transition, you must allow yourself to move in the next directional phase of your Higher Self.

Doing so will allow you to become more in-tune with the dynamics of your higher consciousness bringing forth the ability to embrace the agility to accept that patience is your guide. This, in turn, will bring forth new opportunities of growth with gifts of wealth and prosperity to be embraced within your walk.

When you let go of the limitations you have previously held within yourself, it is quite amazing how an individual’s experience is opened up with being blessed in many ways.

This cycle of the full moon and sun brings forth the lessons you can understand, walk in balance, and move through the transition to receive your highest gift. In other words, it brings forth a blessing of being Spiritually Rebirthed as you learn to accept the higher consciousness of your Divine Soul to be the determining factor in your physical world.

Challenges can happen but when you learn to acknowledge them for what they mean to you, then you can become transformed into a higher way of learning by creating wisdom of your Divine Self to be acknowledged within you.

Be strong, patient, and always connect to your Higher Self helping you to achieve all that I speak about. It is yours for the asking.

I Am Master Djwhal Khul at your service.

Listen to the Spiritual Ascension Ceremony for this Full Moon to assist you in acknowledging and embracing this moon cycle. Recording is immediately available for free* in the Meeting Resources section of the link.

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