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Pinch Me, I Think I May Be Dreaming – Mt. Shasta Journey No. 1, August 25, 2010

Mt. Shasta 8-25-10 8:30 AM PST

Pinch Me, I Think I Am Dreaming

Acceleration of Being an Integrated Being on Earth

No. 1 – Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I have been in Mt. Shasta for 24 hours and already feel a difference within my Beingness.  I left my home in Southern New Jersey at 4 a.m. EST on Tuesday, August 24th, 2010.  I had barely an hour of sleep with trying to get recordings uploaded so I could share with my students before I left.

I was guided by St. Germain and High Priest Adama, from Telos to come to Mt. Shasta in August.  I asked for doorways to occur as I had no clue how this trip was being paid for.  Well, the monies arrived and the doorways opened.

I had amazing connections between two flights of meeting two special ladies that were joining their families in Sacramento.  I felt my energies being shown to others in the mainstream of society by just showing great love everywhere I turned.  I slept on the planes but who sleeps well in the air.  As I left Sacramento, above my head was a Golden Hawk which to me is very representative of my guidance of the Cosmic Great Central Sun.  I was so appreciative of the message and know that my journey is being guided by the Golden Ray of the Cosmic Energies.

The drive from Sacramento to Mt. Shasta is about 200 miles, and it was the longest journey that I have ever taken.  I felt it represented my inner journey as it has taken me almost 30 years to fully activate the levels of consciousness within my cellular memory.  I stopped twice for coffee as it was challenging.  I was already experiencing being in both worlds of the 5th and 4th dimensions.

I arrived at my destination of Alpenrose Cottage.  If you ever come to Mt. Shasta, please check out the beauty of this guesthouse.  I am in a room off a large deck facing the mountain and can see the mountain when I sleep.  It has a private bath with a huge kitchen and living area.

As I walked out on the deck outside my room, there were about 50 hummingbirds flying around a feeder that Betty, the owner of the guesthouse has hanging up filled with sugar water.  I stood there and they were kissing my aura.  I felt the tears of joy running through me as they were connecting to my Spirit.  She explained to me that these were the babies, and they would be migrating very soon.  It was such a blessing to watch.  What a message of joy expressing my journey.

This morning I had some glitches with my physical energies, third eye and solar plexus issues, which can sometimes occur in higher altitudes which I am not accustomed within my environment.  As I drove out of the driveway, a light came on my car.  Thank you, Mercury Retrograde for showing me your energies.  It turned out to be the tire pressure, and I was able to take care of it easily and effortlessly.  I finally arrived at the top of the majestic mountain as far as the road would take me.

I could not hike far.  The headache was making me very off center so I found a quiet place facing the mountain.  Right away the energies became very intense and I felt so welcome.  You see, I have been traveling to this area for 11 years and only once before, was I alone.  I called out the specific names of people who asked to connect with the energies.  I worked with the Native and Telosian energies.  I felt at peace.  I was told by Adama that today was an integration day for me and that I should take care of myself physically.  My body is being prepared for a great journey this week.

Previously when I have come to Mt. Shasta, I always asked for advice.  There is a book coming on these experiences as they have been intense.  This time it is different.  I am living each moment and know I will be in the right place.  The beauty of this gift is amazing.

I have been in a dream, a void of loving energies.  I returned to town and did some food shopping as I know this trip is different.  I bought greens and fruits to balance my energies.  It helped so very much.  I then slept for four hours.  What an amazing sleep.  The weather is very unseasonably hot for Mt. Shasta but the breeze is amazing.  Not the humidity I am used to dealing with in New Jersey.

I then had a call from Anna, who is a friend that owns another place to stay.  Her lodging was not available so we had dinner together.  I felt the connection with her unbelievable.  I always liked Anna.  She is very German and very straight-forward with direct honesty.  She is a therapist and we discussed the need to help individuals raise their thought processes to help the healing.  Now Anna is not in the same space as I am with my work, but there was a connection with each other — a common ground.

This trip is about me connecting to people in a new and alive manner.  The last time I traveled alone, I was hurting physically and needed time to just let the healing occur.  I have come into a new space of my being and Anna noticed it.  She told me how strong my aura was and very illuminating.  It was a beautiful confirmation.

So tomorrow I am off to Panther Meadows which is very calming and inviting.  No intense hiking until Friday.  I do intend to go to the lake in the afternoon to cleanse and purge my presence in preparation for Friday’s journey up the mountain.  I know which space I am going to travel as I have felt the need to do this for a few years but never had the courage.  I am now ready to climb the journey of my entire souls’ life.

In Expressions of Light,

I Am Meleriessee

Mt. Shasta 8-25-10 8:30 AM PST
Hummingbird in Flight
Hummingbird in Flight

4 thoughts on “Pinch Me, I Think I May Be Dreaming – Mt. Shasta Journey No. 1, August 25, 2010”

  1. Dear Christine, I meant to be in touch with you before you left, but the time just breezed right on by with my just getting back last week from vaca. Didn’t find out you were leaving until a few days ago. So glad to find your journal here and will be staying in touch. Enjoy your time. You well deserve it. Be safe sister.
    Love Cookie

  2. Godspeed on your journey. May you receive the blessings of your destiny. In peace and light!

    We are with you in spirit and loving support.

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