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New Earth Frequency Update ~ Aspiration of Your Light ~ April 11th, 2013



This week we are experiencing the effects of the New Moon in Aires which represents a powerful magnetic energy for each of us to incorporate.  Magnetic frequency represents the Feminine Divine which means that the power of our thoughts, ideas, and intentions are going to be manifested 10-fold.  This is setting the stage for the upcoming energies at the end of the month.

There is no doubt about it ~ we have been challenged deeply within the year of 2013.  It is a state of Being making us be Better than we ever thought possible.  The first tri-mester was obstacle after obstacle so that we could learn more about our inner self(s) and how to interact within a changing world.  Every time we felt we could sit back and relax another upheaval occurred for us activating energies in one of our four bodies representing the physical, etheric, emotional and mental levels.  In order for us to receive the higher level of vibration within the physical, we need to understand the process that we are undergoing.  As we are experiencing this level of transition, it can be very challenging to see the forest for the trees as they become intertwined within each other.

The important aspect to consider this week is, “where are you in your self inventory”.  This is a vital step as we move forward with the energies.  We are going to be catapulted in many different ways and as long as we have sure footing some of the time, we can understand what our next step is going to be.  We may not always be sure of the next moment, but learning to go deep within our soul’s essence is an imperative task that we need to acknowledge.

As we understand ourselves through the turbulent moments, we can learn to accept the magical experiences that we are about to encounter.  It is not just going to happen for us although that is what each of us truly desires.  It takes great diligence to move through our days as the energetic shifts are so strong that it can turn us inside and out.  So what I am trying to say is have a sense each day of ~ whom you are, what you are thinking, what needs to be addressed, and how you can create the magic to be in your life.  This is not easy but walking in Mastery requires these elements to be acknowledged.  We are in a time of great acceleration, and it is not just going to happen because we want it to be.

We deserve to live in a beautiful existence but we have to help GAIA along.  The energetic changes are changing her and us at the same time.  If we try to stand still through the process it is going to throw us into the next space without us knowing what happened.  We definitely do not want to go through the changes in that manner as then the energies will pile up within us and then there are more levels to go through to find the Core of our Being.  Preparation is the key component in learning to work through these elements of change.  You will thank yourself for doing so.

As this new moon is within her newest essence for the month, it is a perfect opportunity to make the necessary changes so that the evolvement of our light can enfold within our physical existence.  Take some time to write your thoughts, intentions, or wishes on a piece of paper.  Sit quietly and reflect on the desires you want to create and use your breath of the Light you are incorporating to blend within the material words on paper.  Then call upon Grandmother Moon, the Angels of Rebirth and Renewal, along with your guidance and Higher Self, to take those words of love and send them back to you.  The power of this moon is beyond our understanding and is going to assist us to restructure our foundation for the new essence we are becoming.

You will thank yourself when the Festival of the Christ and the Lunar Eclipse occurs on the 25th of April as this is going to take us into a new level of awareness and acceptance within our reality on Gaia.  As we create these ceremonies, the power is so great that Gaia is going to be able to accept more Love and Light Quotient within her structure.  We are moving forward quickly but we still have a long journey.

Blessings for a miraculous experience.


We, of the Unified Whole Command, come to you in the presence of the 144th dimensional reality within the Temple of Oneness.  As we stand with each of you in this moment of extreme acceleration, WE THANK YOU.  The changes that you are making are assisting GAIA in a completely and different way than we ever imagined.

Staying within a planetary structure while she is going through an immense overall is not an easy task at all.  In fact within the planning stages, it was looked upon as practically impossible to achieve.  But it is happening and each of you is a major part of that transformation.  Please know though that each person must be very diligent within their own thoughts, feelings, and accepting their highest orders from their Higher Self.  We do see many individuals changing but more individuals are not doing so.  We also see amongst the New World Thinkers that it is important to realize that we cannot bite off more than we can chew.  So with the message from Meleriessee we want to add to that essence.

Each of you that are waiting for the 5th dimension to be fully manifest upon this Earth, well, you must wait awhile longer.  But it is within our reach and that is the difference.  When we looked upon the energies of 12-21-12 and then the first Tri-Mester of January, February, and March we saw dramatic improvement within the planet and the majority of inhabitants.  We are now seeing that individuals are being categorized of either not being Awake, or Awake.  Wow, that is a huge difference between those two aspects.  We must not get overzealous as that is when trouble can start to ensue.  But let’s talk about the facts.

The world is changing greatly.  Individuals are awakening upon this planet and some are being put into leadership roles within the world.  These are the transitionary leaders that will assist in the process of going from a 3rd dimensional world into a 5th dimensional world.  Now we on Earth are residing within the 4th which represents the duality of the people.  You have the unawakened ones still sleeping but miserable in their lives.  Then you have the awakened ones.  Now this is a very large list.  You must understand that just because someone starts to awaken and knows there is more to themselves than their body, does not mean they are ready for the 5th dimension nor do they want to understand what that means.  There is a huge difference so we thought it was time to give a few lessons of awareness.

No. 1 Newly Awakened, lively, wants to experience Oneness but does not understand what that means.  They are in love with love.

No. 2  Awakened, starts to comprehend that they need self help and walk into this world of healing.

No. 3 Intermeditate – Learned the rules of self help and wants to save the world.

No. 4 Intermediate – Saw that self-help was good but needed more.  Wants to go deeper within themselves…This is the true awakened One ready to step into Mastery.

No 5.  Intermediate – Searches from the great masters, learns about ascension, but then becomes egotistical, lower energies still intact.

No. 6  Intermediate – Has fallen from Grace; lessons very hard, renounce all containments of this earth life including having to be the Best.

No 7 Intermediate moving towards Advanced – Continues with the lessons, understands that the deeper they move into the work, the more they will learn.

No 8.  Beginner Advanced – Becomes a true lightworker.  Takes the lessons and internalizes them for more self growth, understands that it is a continual journey.  Learns humility.

No. 9 Intermediate Advanced – This is where it becomes YOUR LIFE IS NO LONGER YOUR OWN.  You work with all the Ascended masters, Ascended Light Beings, in conjunction together to give service to others.  But first you learn the lessons from them as they walked as you are walking now.

No. 10 Advanced ~ Ascended Mastery – This is the true Oneness.  The full body system is changing, and they are working within those changes.  Each ascended master understands that there is more to learn and represents the cycles of mastery within and without the body.

There is more to share but this is an overview.  Where do you think that you are?  This is our question and then we would ask, “Are you giving service”.  Please know that the transitionary leaders are not the ones walking into the New Earth, the 5th dimensional frequency.  It is not just going to happen with a blink of an eye and then Gaia has ascended into Terra Christa.  We ask you to stop and think about where you are presently and how do you want to make the next safe step in your journey.  These questions are imperative because energies are flowing, manifestation is occurring, but it must be in the context of the ONE that each of you want so desperately.  There cannot be one person that is out of alignment for the New Earth or the alignment of GAIA will not happen.

So now that we have laid the entire structure, we will now discuss the present energies.  They are very powerful and will help to move elements more into place.  You have the gift of the vibrational changes occurring that will take you into a new space and time.  BUT YOU DON’T WANT TO TAKE WITH YOU WHAT YOU HAVE NOT TAKEN CARE OF.  This is why so many are suffering presently.  The energy is taking care of it for you, the ones that are not ready to do it for themselves.

The Lunar Eclipse within April is going to be a magnificent event but please know the darkness has not left the planet and people are still fighting with one another.  We do not like to be the bearer of this news, because we would love to share that it is all beautiful for EVERYONE.  But this is an individual choice.  If we band together within Oneness, we must all remove the old pantheons and dark issues that we have held unto in the past. Otherwise, we are just taking that baggage with us into the New Earth and that cannot happen.

Yes, the frequency of the 5th Dimension is available within the Etheric Earth.  This is where many of you are feeling the essence of change occurring within you and you will ASPIRE TO THESE GREAT ELEMENTS OF LIGHT WITHIN YOUR BEING.  But do take time each day to reflect what is happening in your personal world, your thoughts, emotions, and physical experiences as the Oneness is not grounded presently.  These elements reflect what is happening from your other world, the multi-dimensional self.

The New Moon in Aires represents New Beginnings beyond what any of us can imagine.  Are you ready to take the old and remove it as you walk into this new existence?  This New Moon represents the paradigm of light for the 5th dimension and is the first experience that Gaia and each of you will be feeling.  Internalize the essence and let it expand within you and around you.  It is just a very small portion of the light that you will experience within the New Earth.  So use it wisely and for your Highest Good.  We will then move into the next phase with more ease than you originally would have done so.  Each cycle is representing the ability to remove the layers piece-by-piece in order to accept the awaiting energies that are to be embraced.

It is a very magical time but there can be bad and good magic.  Let’s band together to fully increase the good magic as this planet as had enough of its fair share of bad magic.  The changes will happen with the ease and grace that each of you allow it to expand within your reality.  We honor this path.  We have stated before that you stepped forward to be the Pioneers of Light into Terra Christa.   The power of your essence is beyond your imagination as it truly has not even started to enfold within you.  But this moon in April is the beginning of this to become Manifest.

We walk with you each moment hand-in-hand for a better today.

In the Name of Oneness, We are the Unified Whole Command of Light

©2013 Walking Terra Christa, Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, 5th Dimensional Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.  No use without prior written permission allowed except for sharing the post in its entirety along with the link to this page,


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