Ascension Mastery Message, Lord Metatron

Lord Metatron ~ September Equinox 2020 ~ God Realization State of Consciousness

Spiritual Meaning of the Ascension Mastery Message of the September 2020 Equinox with Lord Metatron as brought forth by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden.

The September Equinox occurs on September 22, 2020 at 6:31 AM Pacific, 9:31 AM Eastern with Universal Time of 1:31 PM.

This equinox represents allowing what we have experienced throughout this year to help us see that we are becoming stronger within our Spiritual growth. In other words it is a time to allow the energies of the Great Central Suns (Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal, Cosmic) helps us to transcend and transmute the energies that we may be holding within our four body system (physical, etheric, emotional, mental).

This will help us to embrace our Realized State of God Consciousness from the reality of our I Am Presence instead of focusing upon our Physical Consciousness that can be created from our Subconscious Mind.

We are moving into a energy system that is important for each of us to hold within us through Embracing the energies and allow the Rainbow Arcs of Light (330 Rays of God) to bring forth peace, balance, love, strength and stability.

The Divine Mother God is emitting her qualities of Peace, Love, Surrender and Faith to be sent through each of the Great Central Suns unto the Earth. We have a gift to be able to receive it for ourselves, transcend what does not fit, and transform ourselves in the process.

It is important to embrace the present incoming energies from September 22nd through September 25th and then continuing into the Full Moon which occurs October 1st. Don’t worry about trying to rid yourself of the ills that are bothering you but step into the silence of the Sun essences as this energy becomes more part of your reality. This equinox energetic exchange will actually assist you to make the necessary changes by allowing yourself to be EMBRACED by this Divine Light.

Lord Metatron shares more on the effects of the September Equinox.

Greetings My Dearest Ones,

It is I, Lord Metatron to extend unto each of you blessings of the September Equinox that is occurring around the world. This is a time of harvest of reaping what you have sown no matter where you live on the Earth.

The Equinox of September is always known for bringing forth the grounding elements of what has already occurred throughout the year. The vibrancy of the light is continuing, but for this equinox it is about allowing the divine energies to help you become more of what you are already striving to be.

The earth and its creative process is being rewritten through the challenges that have occurred. People of all walks of life are seeing within themselves the damage that has occurred and much of this is due to the karmic elements that are arising to the surface. Great moments of disaster and pain has resulted but in the wake of those energies, there is also renewal that is occurring.

The only way that humanity can see the regenerative process that is part of the reality and consciousness of GAIA presently is that each soul must stop to realize within themselves what they are receiving so full acceptance can come into the awareness of the consciousness of the God Force within themselves.

This is not a time to purge, or to regret, but it is representative of moments of time to be realized within the physical, emotional, mental, and etheric timelines that they are all coming together in Unity and Love.

Now many will not be able to understand this concept – as they will be thinking outwardly of what they are receiving from a concept of physicality. It must be realized within the initial movement of Space and Time that all things come together to become the Oneness of the All through your Spiritual Self.

What I am trying to say is that this Equinox is about accepting within your own consciousness the reality of what you have experienced this year is to help you become more aligned within your own God Self Realization.

During this Equinox, the Stars, the Planets, the Universe, and all it represents comes into a silent stage of initiating the purest light and love into one’s Being. This will occur throughout the week and then into the full moon energies in the beginning of next month. This means there will be about a 10-day period for a stage of transition to occur.

The vibrancy of the Great Central Suns (Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal, Cosmic) are aligning their essences to allow for the exchange of light to be more of a grounding force than an intensity of light to come into the planet. There will be more of a softness occurring to allow for the Feminine Divine Energies of each of the Great Central Suns to bring forth their alliance of Nurturance, Love, and Recreation to occur.

It is in this time frame to think of the pure essence of God’s Light to spin within your Heart Essence as you learn to become more aligned with the essence of God Realization within you.

It is at this time that individuals can become very emotional but in a beautiful way. The vulnerability that will be expressed is up to each individual soul if they allow themselves to fully embrace this time especially the first three days after the Equinox and then settle into the energies preparing for the Moon of Virgo to fully become what you have received.

It is also during this time that the pure essence of the Solar Angels of your creative process will work through you in a much deeper alliance than has ever occurred.

The important part of this exchange of light is to realize that you must be STILL, RECEIVE, AND ACKNOWLEDGE without the mental faculties trying to tell you to do otherwise.

What will occur if you heed my advice is that the elements you have been dealing with can be healed, transmuted, and transformed into a better sense of yourself within the GOD REALIZATION STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

I walk with you to acknowledge the depth of your True Essence to Be Revealed unto Your Physical Reality.

I Am Lord Metatron, at your service.

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