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Passion of the Self ~ New Moon November 2021

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Spiritual Meaning of the Ascension Mastery* Message of the November 4th New Moon as brought forth by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden.

The New Moon in November occurs on November 4th in the sign of Scorpio. It brings with it a chance to make incremental changes in the way that we perceive our present life circumstances allowing for adjustments to be made, but first it must come from the ability to know oneself internally in order to create the outside result to occur.

The New Moon of Scorpio brings forth the ability to become more resourceful through the ability to be focused with a sense of compassion to ourselves.

It is known to be a moon of Self-Mastery but first we must first be aware of what drives us in our lives to create and become more aligned with our Higher Self.

From a third-dimensional perspective this may mean that an individual is focusing upon what they don’t’ like about themselves to create a shift in their perception of their physical self.

From a fifth-dimensional concept this means to align oneself with their Highest Purpose, through the Spiritual Self. This is something that can seem unattainable if an individual is not aware of their Higher Consciousness and how important it is to become more aligned with the Higher Self than overly concerned with what “is going to happen to me”.

The beauty of Self-Mastery is aligning yourself not with the wishes of your personality self, but to allow the blessing of the Higher Self to work in conjunction with the physical consciousness.

This New Moon of Scorpio is giving us a rare opportunity to look beyond what we are experiencing physically, and allow the incoming energies to assist in the process of learning how to integrate the higher consciousness. In order to achieve this, we as a human must realize the potential we have as a Spiritual Being. We have gifts within the Spiritual Realm that can be acknowledged physically.

Scorpio is giving to us the ability to go deeper into our innermost thoughts and feelings, to realize that it is time to rid ourselves of the drama we hold within our Emotional and Mental Bodies, to create the change we desire. Taking the time to get to know ourselves internally allows for the true transformation to occur. It is a time to delve deeper into our issues and allow them to surface, to heal.

It is always important to become more Passionate with Inner Selves. This is how true healing occurs as when we learn to accept that Love is the answer to our dilemma, then it can shift quickly within us.

This is the beauty of the New Moon of Scorpio as the New Moon always represents “New Beginnings”, but we have to remove the elements and dysfunction that lies within us in order to fully embrace the Rebirth Experience.

Personally, I love the New Moon energies as it is a time for me to truly bring forth my desires to be created within my life. Creating a special ceremony for yourself and calling upon Grandmother Moon to assist will truly bring forth a sense of Passion within the Self.

Learning to access your Higher Self consciousness is the first step into aligning your physical walk upon this earth to become balanced. We can get caught up in so many other variables that sometimes we do not see the total picture that is truly in front of us, if we open ourselves to the doorway of Perception of the Self.

As I write these words from my Higher Self, it is allowing me to reflect on my own challenges. I had about six hours of sleep, which sometimes occurs during the moon cycles. I meditated and realized I was in need to arise. I have been desiring to write more on this blog especially my personal experiences intertwined with spiritual knowledge. I realize in this moment that I am creating this opportunity. I have stepped out of my own dysfunction of desiring to find a way, and it appeared for me.

This process is allowing me to connect more fully into what I need to experience, walk through the doorway of that moment, and see the wisdom that can be gained by just stepping into the process of ALLOWING.

Which brings me to the subject of INTENTIONS with the NEW MOON CYCLE. This moon energy every month helps us as humans to be introspective and bring forth our desired outcome. Utilizing the gift of Intentions and not Prayers are commanding your Higher Self to help you Create the Outcome of your present circumstances. This goes in line with what I shared on creating a Ceremony.

My husband and I were able to create the ability to purchase our own home in June of this year. Without the work that we did in creating our new destiny, we believe it would have never happened. It takes time to do the inner work, but the results can be absolutely amazing.

We are meant to prosper and have beautiful moments in our lives. We just have to remember that it needs to be acquired through our Spiritual Self and all will be in alignment.

Take time during this New Moon (which is active presently three days before, three days after until the Full Moon Cycle November 19th) to bring forth your Intentions, do the diligence of clearing away unwanted issues, and receive the awaiting resulting blessings of Grandmother Moon in Scorpio.

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