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The Esoteric Understanding of the Full Moon of the Hunter – October 29th, 2012

On Monday, October 29th, 2012 we will experience the next full moon phase which in some readings represents the “Hunter” due to its illuminating light at night.  It is the first full moon after the Harvest and the legend was that the light was so bright it was a time for a hunter in native times to walk through the woods and forest to hunt their prey for food.  I am in no why aligning my energies with the modern hunter, but showing the history of the times from the past eras when a man needed to gather food for their families which was in balance.

What I want to share is how we can take this meaning of the “hunter” to represent what each of us is going through presently in the awakening upon the Earth.  We are being honored to have a beautiful moon upon us to help guide us more fully into the night which can represent our darkness.  If we can think of ourselves as the “hunter” who has been searching for their pathway of illumination, then search no more.  This full moon is going to represent the essences of the higher frequencies of Light to shine within each of us to allow the Light to fully reflect in our lives.  It is time ~ to fully understand where we are while allowing the Light of this moon to fully illuminate our full essence in the Now.

This moon is also stated to be very powerful as it is in the sign of Taurus.  It is a time when we most know what we want, our true desires, so that we can move forward as that is another aspect of the energies presently.  Understanding the focus of what we desire and where we are presently will fully allow the doorways to open unto our new reality.

The energies presently are going to be coming very swiftly and we can tumble without even knowing what has occurred.  It is the perfect opportunity to allow the frequency of Light to fully shine through us from our I AM Presence through the physical reality that is US.  We do not have time to waste anymore and those that are newly awakened are going to be needing reassurance that what they are feeling is tried and true in their lives.

I will share some personal thoughts on how I am being challenged.  I think it helps an individual to realize the potential that lies within them if they hear another’s story from their book.  Let’s face it ~ we are in this together.  Some of us have been doing it longer than others and that will always be the case.  It is the same for the Ascended Masters as we now are becoming the same with them.  We learn from each other’s experiences to mold into our own existence.  Some of it will help and sometimes it won’t.  But it may help to hear from a seasoned lightworker what this frequency is all about.

Time is changing quickly.  You may have noticed that the hours in your day goes by like a flash, especially if you are doing something that you enjoy.  I barely have time to do the personal work like I used to involve myself in for my own pathway upon this Earth.  I am finding that the Masters who I work with and love dearly are showing me new ways to create the projects with joy and ease.  I ask of you how much time do you spend for yourself?  This is something that I was lacking for a couple of months due to the increased energies in Mt. Shasta and in my life.  Projects just seemed like they were not getting done but yet the long hours seemed to be the only way I could achieve the results I desired.

Until, the Telosian Way of Being Seminar [details available on Walking Terra] that we are presenting with Lord Adama, I am learning with my partner, Mike, that even if we have so many deadlines with projects, putting up recordings, sending out newsletters, and sharing as much knowledge as possible, that none of this will matter without our personal pathway.  I learned that I needed to do the exercise I desired and not just think about it, but in a very balanced manner.  And, if I don’t do a routine three or five times a week, well I am doing it.  Balance is the name of the game and without it, everything is going to get lost.  When you do this work professionally and within your home environment, these tools are especially important.  As always, we always teach what we need the most; and the Ascended Masters remind me of these tools every day to assist my personal well-being upon this planet.

The is the reason I sat down in this moment to write about this Full Moon.  If you know what you need to do, then slot it into your time management.  It works well but only with fluidness.  Writing down what you need to do and if you don’t do nit, well, it can be done tomorrow.  Having a structure to assist your mental mind and then flowing through it is the best policy that I have created.  Some of it is in my thoughts when I awake in the morning.  And it has helped me tremendously to feel good about what I am doing, what I am not, and knowing that it is all flowing within my life.

It is essential at this point in time as the indication of this full moon is illuminating our essence to allow us to see what our true structure is doing for us.  If it is not creating the flow that you need, then change it now.  Take the time to remove the old elements to prepare for the new creation that you will be experiencing.  This month of November is jam-packed full of frequency updates with the Eclipses both Solar and Lunar.  We are being prepared in our sleep-state for the most powerful time in our evolution up to this point for December.

So this full moon is going to move us places that we never thought we could be.  Put it all into perspective and ready yourself for the ride that you have been asking for.  For those that are new to these frequencies, do what works for you, not your best friend.  Their energies are probably quite different so create the NEW YOU by intending to be the real YOU.

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In Expressions of Oneness,

Christine Meleriessee