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Living in Bliss – Time to Get Back to our Roots of Lemuria

Eons and eons ago we all lived on Lemuria in beautiful peaceful and extreme power. As men and women we were honored by each other as we honored ourselves. Internally we were very powerful, self-centered, loving, and expressed it to others. Life was in balance.

And, then it all came tumbling down and we have been trying to get it back together ever since. So many lifetimes and years that each of us has been struggling to find our three-fold flame of the male, female, and divine complement (or God Essence) within us. There are many individuals that just seem to have the Midas Touch and everything they do turns to gold or riches. Then there are many of us who struggle at every twist and turn in our lives.

Which one are you or possibly in between both categories? For myself, my spirituality was always the most important aspect in my life. I have gotten down and dirty within myself to pull up the debris, thoughts, feelings, and sometimes trauma to help me become unstuck. I know I came into this life to be on a spiritual path. I knew it in my teens but did not know how to get to it. My soul path has been one of being on this Earth for eons of time trying to do it over and over again. You would think I would learn…but alas, I am still here but now I am not just surviving, I am prospering. So how did I get to this point in my life?

I realized that when I had a car accident two years ago that God was still not ready to have me even though I communicated with the Angel of Death two weeks before the accident. I did not know I was going to have an accident but knew that there was something within me I needed to change. So when this Angel of Death came to me, I said, “Okay, what is it you need? I thought it was a relative leaving the planet as I had experienced this greatly in the previous three years. But, no, he said I needed to change something within me.” In this moment I do not remember what it was but knew that it was very important. So I worked on myself with my spiritual tools of breathing, ray work, calling upon specific Masters, accelerating my light quotient and then I felt fine. Until that Sunday afternoon that I turned the corner of my house and was hit four times by two cars. Authorities were in shock. I walked away with a cracked rib, banged up knee and shoulder but literally walked out of the hospital.

Now that was not the end of it. I spent every night for six months crying myself to sleep. I was unsure why except both of my parents had passed three years before and I did have a death wish for many years. This was not the first time I came close to leaving the planet, but Spirit would not let me. Then it all hit me. I took a week on a private, secluded house in Florida which is owned by a friend and fully allowed my Goddess energies to come within me. I integrated a new part of me that had been lost for eons of time. I worked with Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Isis, Lakshmi and all of the Lady Masters. I felt the presence of my being change completely in this week. It still took some time though after I returned to fully ground the energies. I still was unhappy to be on this Earth. I felt so close to the Innerplane Masters that I wanted to fully be there. “No,” they said. “ You need to be on Earth; it is not time.”

In the past year I was laid off my corporate job and was afforded the ability to fully work full time in my healing profession which I had been doing for over two decades. I started teaching via teleconferences and doing all of my sessions via telephone where previously they were in person. I found a whole new group of people that truly were interested in what I had to say. I became empowered within myself along with doing more internalization of my own inner feelings. The Ascended Masters are my best friends; I feel more at home with them than with third or fourth dimensional beings. I have transmuted so much of my old life that sometimes I felt it was easier to be in another space. In the past few months I have had the wonderful experience of communicating with the fifth dimensional energies in the form of individuals and feeling that essence within me. I have fully integrated more love consciousness within than I ever thought possible. I am preparing to assist others to do the same which brings me to this workshop I have put together.

The Manifestation of the Divine Principle was an idea that came to me a few weeks ago since all of a sudden my manifestation abilities were skyrocketing beyond belief. I wanted to assist both men and women in their search for their Divine Complement. Each of us have been both so we have both characteristics within us. We need to empower ourselves both through the God and Goddess within.

I have always been a person that can create miracles when needed and at the last minute. Presently I am creating every day and in unbelievable gifts, like traveling to Mt. Shasta next week. Individuals are coming onto my calls and receiving assistance. It is slow at first but I know it is going to be huge. I am also working with a small group of people to manifest a 5th dimensional healing center in the 4th dimension to help people accelerate their bodies to become fully integrated in the 5th dimension which is not an easy task.

This workshop is a direct result of my own experience of integrating my male and female essence along with the God Presence within. When I say integrated, I mean physically. This is not a consciousness, it fully inhabits your body and you become one with Mother and Father God. It is a beautiful and powerful essence to behold and I am in awe that I am able to do this work and still be grounded. It is essential to ground this energy and also your I Am Presence fully to accelerate your physical being and allow the lower energies of the physical, emotional and mental to be integrated within your Higher Self and I AM.

I want to assist others to do the same as it is our given right to flourish and be ONE with the All That Is. This is our time to fully accept our heritage and our gifts that will assist Gaia and all of her inhabitants.

So how do we do this? First of all we start to understand if we are working through our male or female energies. Those that are heart-centered usually are very emotional which is the female aspect and those that are very logical and mentally oriented, work through the male aspect. What we truly want to be is balanced in between, and allow both parties to have a union within.

This workshop is in the process presently but I do foresee it occurring several times. It lasts for five weeks. If you would like to experience the first week which was an Introductory Class with a meditation and channeling, you will not be disappointed. The recording unfortunately is in two parts as we blew out the phone circuits during the channeling portion as the Divine Mother was giving us a message. Listed below is my Tele-Seminar page which houses the two links with a download for your personal use.…

This link is for listening only:
Part 1

Part 2 – End of channeling

In addition, I have put together a video presentation which is listed on my page giving some background information on the story of the Gods and Goddesses of this Earth and the enfolding that occurred for us to be in this state of awareness.

Please let me know what you think of the recordings and/or video and I wish each of us a prosperous and amazing journey.

In love and light,
Rev Christine Meleriessee Heliohah