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Journey of Adventure ~ Festival of Lights Full Moon-Lunar Eclipse ~ November 2020

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Spiritual Meaning of the November 30th, 2020 Ascension Mastery* Message of the Full Moon with Master Djwhal Khul as brought forth by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden.

The Full Moon cycle of Gemini with the Sun of Sagittarius arrived on Monday, November 30th, 2020 at 1:30 AM Pacific, 4:30 AM Eastern with Universal Time of 9:30 AM. It brings with it the ability to step forward and make the necessary changes that have been brewing within us for the past six months.

This moon of Gemini represents the logical mind while the Sun of Sagittarius allows for the Higher Mind to be the grounding force within our four-body system (physical-etheric-emotional-mental levels). As we learn to work together within the Feminine Essence (Moon-Gemini) and the Masculine Essence (Sun-Sagittarius) this cycle brings forth the alignment that is crucial to our well being of adjustment and change.

It is a moon of adventure, to let out what you have been desiring to create, but have not had the initiative to step forward. As Grandmother Moon in her fullness allows every living being upon the earth to open up to new possibilities. Sometimes these elements can be lodged within us, unable to step out of our comfort zone, but with the Sun and the Moon of this cycle, we are being pushed into re-creating our lives from what we have already been thinking about.

The Lunar Eclipse brings forth changes in relationships, which in this instance deals with our own personality. As we learn to allow the Divine Feminine merge with the Divine Masculine, we create a balance within ourselves and how we experience life through our thoughts, feelings, and action to others. It is time to remove the baggage of what has occurred in the past six months as that energy no longer defines us.

Emotions can be high but need to be put into a balanced state of becoming more aligned with our Divine Self. We cannot allow the energies of either the Gemini Moon or the Sagittarius Sun to keep us in the same state of awareness that we have experienced previously.

It is now time to step into out of our Comfort Zone, and embrace who we have become by the previous cycles of this year as the Higher Mind blends with the Concrete (or Lower) Mind.

Change can always be daunting at first, but yet, in that reality it brings forth a sense of Accomplishment to see that we can embrace the challenge that is given to us while learning to receive the blessing of a New Awareness to grow within us, Becoming the New Foundation.

Master Djwhal Khul’s Keynote and Ascension Message for November 2020:

“I call upon my I AM Presence to open up the entryway of my Feminine and Masculine Selves to interact with one another through the Moon of Gemini and the Sun of Sagittarius in the alignment of the Lunar Eclipse of November 2020”.

Greetings My Dearest Initiates and Souls of Light,

I come to you as Master Djwhal Khul bringing forth Illumination of the present energies within November 2020.

It is at this cycle that it is important to realize your successes from this year and what you have acquired either physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually within yourself. What are your moments in which you felt different from the previous one?

It is important to realize who you have become within your foundation due to the challenges you have experienced. With the Lunar Eclipse and the Moon and Sun alignment the consciousness of the Universal Structure is opening up the heavens for each of you to take a step further into what you already are trying to accomplish.

It is deep within you, elements that have happened to you, but yet, you may not realize the new particles of Light of aligning within you. With the destruction of Duality comes the realization that change has happened to you and how you have or are dealing with it, is most important to acknowledge within yourself.

The planetary structure is going through a complete overhaul of energies. Each of you are thinking and feeling differently which some of that may be aggressions or frustrations of what has happened this year. But you must look at it as the Transition Phase of the Old Earth moving into a sense that it can no longer exist the way that it was. New ideas will come to the surface and they will need to be tested by humanity. Some may agree and others will choose not to like it.

This is all the process of transformation.

Allow the present energies to help you realize how you may have done things before and step into the world of allowing your new essence to help you become more to yourself than you have been able to do previously.

It is a great time of Change – this present cycle will help you to remember what you do not need, become strong within yourself to release it, and embrace the new part of yourself that is desiring to become grounded within it.

It is a journey of adventure in which you may not know how to go about the process of transformation, but you allow yourself to be free and flow with the changes that are occurring. You will eventually understand after you have landed on your feet within your new foundation of light and love.

I as Master Djwhal Khul walk with you in each moment.

So Mote It Be; Let It Be Done!

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*Ascension Mastery is the realized form of manifesting Ascension Frequencies where your vibratory rate actually increases over time due to the in-depth training (not the intellectual pursuit or study) and the acquiring of a higher Spiritual Essence. Everyone on Earth is already part of God’s Light and Love but that does not mean they as individuals (or collectively) are Ascending, or that Ascension is happening to them. Earth is at a cross roads of Spiritual Awakening to step into Ascension, but without each person taking on an individual personal life responsibility to change their lives into practicing actual Ascension energies there can be no real shift in frequency. Ascension as a concept, belief or a mystery to be revealed is akin to a mere informational level desired by the mental intellect and does not create the authentic higher Ascension Octave of Light and Love required for a New Earth to be created. Our mission as an Academy is to bring forth that actual level of higher love and light for you to learn to feel and acquire them. It is a process that will take any initiate/lightworker many years (even decades) to achieve just as it did for the Ascended Masters themselves. A great way to start is by using targeted meditations that go beyond what is typically used. Our SPIRITUAL HEALING meditation or the SEVEN FREE CLASSES to help during these challenging times will assist. (visit to access or order).

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