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11-11-22 The Cosmic Energetic Portal of Angelic Light: Lord Metatron


Rev. Christine Mahlariessee shares the Ascension Mastery Higher Spiritual Message of Lord Archangel Metatron* on the 11:11:22 COSMIC PORTAL OF LIGHT which is occurring presently.
(See below for information on the LIVE EVENT WITH LORD METATRON).

“This has been a very auspicious year for transformation to occur. The power of the energies has taken people from living in fear to taking control of their lives through the basis of spirituality. There definitely has been an uprise of celestial energies able to intertwine themselves into humanity.

“Each soul upon the Earth has gone through many levels of acceleration no matter how small it may be. We like to call this spiritual progress. One may not know that it is happening, but looking back through the previous months would give each person the ability to see that growth has occurred. Now sometimes this growth is not of the magnificence that an individual would choose to experience. But, it definitely has created souls to transition from their previous reality into a more defined acceptability of whom they are becoming.

“All of this has been in preparation for this Portal of Light. Without the stability that has occurred or the moments of realization of what has been, what is occurring now, and what can be perceived by renewal of the soul’s essence, then this exchange of light for 11-11-22 would not hold the magnificence that it truly will.

“When we speak of all souls, yes, we mean every human being upon the earth is going through some kind of upheaval whether it be an acute situation or something that’s been hiding from view.

“Let’s think about this for a moment. Individuals may have gone through tremendous upheaval from the previous year(s) due to the virus coming unto the earth; lockdowns occurred, and people needed to adjust. But a lot of this occurrence represents individuals to delve deeper into their spiritual selves.

“Now at this year of 2022 individuals may have thought that it was all over; life would return as it was, but something different has happened. Every soul has changed through this process of renewal. So 2022 has been a journey of self renewal. Adjustments needed to happen in order for the next level of acceleration to occur. Again, it may be subtle for many people, but others, it will be life changing if they allow it to be.

“Having the science of these numbers is just the beginning. People are always looking for answers in science, but yet it is so much more than that element.

“Vibrational changes will be felt through this day starting at midnight and continuing for 24 hours in your timezone. These means there is a surge of high velocity electro-magnetic currents to enter the earth’s atmosphere to help souls awaken to their own potential within their walk upon the planet.

“You may say, but what about the souls that are not awakened energetically?

“This divine energy does not separate who will receive it but as a consciousness of the earth, all will experience it.

“Of course, those that are awakened, will feel it more intensely. In fact, they must be aware of the changes within themselves and how they have shifted in the last few months of this year. It will assist in the process of allowing the light forms of the Angelic Hosts to become more tune into the consciousness of humanity.

“This occurrence is more like a meeting of the Higher Minds or Spiritual Essences. It brings forth a blessing of Divine Love to be felt and allows for the intertwining of angelic energies to become one within each individual soul.

“Some may feel as if they are being guided by the blessing of the Angelic Essences; In truth what is happening is that the blending of the Solar Angels within the Human Consciousness is coming into moments of acceptance.

“If an individual understands that they are Angelic known as a Solar Angel before the embodiment of human form, then they can accept what is happening to them. The presence of every soul’s Solar Angel is blessing their walk upon the earth, creating a bond that needs to occur, and assisting the soul to accept this reality.

“In turn, what is occurring globally that the Earth is accepting this essence of Angelic Hosts to become more aligned within the electro-magnetic energies of GAIA. Surging of light energies becoming more intertwined and accepted by all light forms on the Earth.

“In truth the actual force of light is helping GAIA to accept these frequencies of love; thereby, helping humans to accept their own definitive ways of reality. The vibrational level within GAIA is going to shift to allow for the utmost success of the Masculine (electro) Feminine (magnetic) charges to be experienced within the planet.

“For individuals such as Initiates and Lightworkers this energy will become more powerful to help them acknowledge their higher light force within them but also to ground it through their physical bodies. For others it will be more subtle but believe me, all souls will go through a process of transformation which is essential for the earth and humanity.

“The best advice I can give is to reiterate to all who want to meditate and connect during the 24 hour period is to become more aligned with your Solar Angel. This part of your essence is the guiding force that will help create the transformation that each soul is going through.

“The force of this portal is being directed through my Essence, Lord Metatron of the 36th dimensional level overlighted with the Angelic Principalities, most specifically the Ophanim, Cherubim, Seraphim, Thrones and the Elders that Surround the Throne of Grace, with the Elohim Council of Light, and Councils of the God Force. The inclusion of the Portal will be accessible through the 330 Rays of God being directed through the Office of the Christ and Lord Maitreya. Vibratory energies will be increased during the 24 hours to assist in reaching the carbon-based physical bodies to receive the light infractions; thereby, changing elements to a more crystalline structure.

“This process will be magical, and instrumental in allowing more Divine Blessings to be centered within and around the Earth. It is a time of great revelations to be experienced by all who live upon the planet creating a positive transformation of Divine Love to be part of humanity’s reality.”

~ I AM Lord Metatron

The activation of the 11:11:22 PORTAL OF COSMIC LIGHT! We held a SPECIAL LIVE EVENT CEREMONY with the high frequencies, words, wisdom and blessings of LORD METATRON along with the Angelic Hosts, the Solar Angels, and many Spiritual Beings of Light to help everyone benefit spiritually from this very powerful gateway of energies!

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