Ascension Mastery Message, Channeled Transmission

Pleiadian Council of Light: CHRISTMAS STAR of the Christed Light Star Essence ~ Cosmic Master BeNaatria

Spiritual Meaning of the December 2020 Activations through the Jupiter Saturn Conjunction and Asteroid Showers with Cosmic Master BeNaatria of the Pleiadian Council of Light as brought forth by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden.

The presence of Jupiter and Saturn is one of many such planetary incidences that is being manifested within the skies of your world. The alignment of these planets is to reflect in the message of the Christed Inter-Galactic mission that We, of the Galactic Force of Light, are extending unto each of you at this very perilous time on your planet.

Greetings My Friends,

I am known as Cosmic Master BeNaatria, and I speak for the Pleiadian Council of Light. My message is sincere and heart-felt with the current climatic conditions that are occurring within the realm of space and all time.

There are many glorious moments that are happening within the higher realms of light, but one such occurrence is infiltrating your atmosphere of your present Universe that is blessing humanity within the Earth.

All that you are experiencing is being witnessed by all of us within the Alliance, but especially for us of the Pleiadian Council of Light wish to extend unto you the blessings that we bring forth unto your Hearts and then your Minds.

The pure existence of Light that we are desiring to give unto you is representative of the alignment of Love that we as a planetary system wish to help you acknowledge this Light within you.

You are not ALONE; we are here watching over you, assisting you in every way possible to see that the transference of Light Energies you desire to have within your world is within your grasp of the true essence that we are together.

As Jupiter and Saturn show their essence of the New Born Star in your skies, allow yourself to realize that your own Star Essence is Being Reborn within your Hearts. It is a time of great renewal and strength. We feel it is important for us to extend this message unto each of you.

In addition, there is a Ursids Meteor Shower blessing your skies to help the planet of Gaia to receive the increased light energy that is necessary to create a new sense of enlightenment to be created within your world through the 26th of December. This will continue with a Quadrantids Meteor Shower which will continue through January 10th, 2021.

So as you can see, the blessing of the light energies will continue into your New Year. This will bring increased blessing of Love assisting each soul to acknowledge their true essence being aligned from the Higher Realms of Light into the Core of Gaia’s Essence. This increased light frequency can be felt through the Emotional Body, to realize that your Soul is desiring of this Love, but also to ground it into your physical reality.

Change is necessary at this time; the Solstice energies have shown you that the Light of your essence is not a fairytale, but a true story of your journey. This earth is moving through these energies, and others will need to adjust their consciousness to allow for the continued growth of both individual humanness within the consciousness of humanity.

The skies are filled with this immense downpouring of light to come into your consciousness, your reality of the world to transform into the blessing of all that you desire.

We, of the Pleiadian Council, walk with each of you. To bring unto your Hearts and Minds the reality, that your true walk upon this Earth, is but a mere dream that will change in time.

This is your moment for each of you to realize that the potentiality of your exchange of light is way beyond the comprehension of your mental accessibility. Reaching to the stars is within your consciousness to expand so broadly that any possibility of your world shifting is within your midst. All you have to do is reach out and receive it.

As we extend our energies to your world, we totally comprehend your logical reason, but as you are looking to your skies tonight, know that the blessing of this Christed Light Star Essence is bringing to you the hopes and dreams of your pure existence as a soul embodied upon a planet that is going through many levels of transformation, both in the spirit of the souls, and in the consciousness of Gaia holding each of you in her heart of hearts.

We will be with you in our many light ships in your skies blinking our pure existence in a mission of Purity and Adoration sharing our support and love that we give unto you at this time.

This divine energy of the Solstice, the Christed Light Star Essence, and the downpouring of the Ursids Meteor Shower will be bringing forth over 50% of the Light Frequency of our essence unto your true reality of light.

This will continue throughout this month and it will be reflected in the Hope of a new creative light force to assist all of humanity and kingdoms living upon the Earth to be in a reflective state of mind bringing forth the Love so strong, that it allows this planetary system to expand in various ways of existence.

We, of the Pleiadians, have been deemed to be the spokes-being for this message, but it includes each of the planetary systems held within the Christed Light Energies of the Federation of Galactic Forces assisting Earth and all of you to become more aligned with our purpose of Love, Light, and the expansion of the Christed Essence to be brought forth unto lands of the Earth, through the hearts of Man and Woman walking this earth, and unto all of the kingdoms of this Earth to flourish and start to heal in a new expansion of Love.

I, as Cosmic Master BeNaatria, walk with each of you, as our Battalion of Light is co-existing with each of you to bring forth more healing of all souls in the divinity of all that we are within the Christ Consciousness.

I will see you in the realms of All Time and Space as we unite with each other.


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Gathering together monthly at the turn of the new millennium, the early “Pioneers of Terra Christa” (as those individuals were termed by Spirit) did more in Service than has been accomplished for many eons of time. (And still importantly continues with those involved in the active gatherings of the Ascend.Earth project for the monthly Festival of Lights Walking Terra Christa events. The reason being that while these higher frequencies are not yet able to be understood from the human mental mind, continually attending these specific events throughout the year targets the crystalline frequencies to become acquired into the current human carbon based structure so they can be grounded. Individual humans are the one’s who ground the frequencies for Humanity as a whole, as this is how dimensional mass consciousness works, and why so many more individuals are needed for this higher level of service right now including non-English speakers, as it is more about the energies received than about the words being spoken.)

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