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AA MICHAEL: A GATHERING OF ANGELS – Renewal Blessings for the 11:11:21 Gateway


The 11:11:21 Celebration of Renewal of the Angelic Hosts of Light

A Walking Terra Christa Special Presentation – Join Archangel Michael and the Angels for the Blessings of 11:11

ONLINE VIDEO EVENT: Thursday November 11, 2021 at 11:11AM Pacific

“It is my pleasure as Lord Michael to extend to you my blessings and joy for a special presentation with Walking Terra Christa for the 11:11 Renewal of Light.

I come to you as Lord Michael depicting my ascension process from Archangel Michael working with many principalities of the angelic order including all archangels, overseeing the Angelic Hosts of Light in all of their divinities including the Ophanim, Seraphim, and Cherubim. There are many more sects of the order of the angels in which our main goal is to bring forth the word of God unto humanity to create healing and assistance in various ways.

I also work directly under Lord Metatron as Lord Michael to assist individuals upon the planet to fully come to the realization of their own essence of the angel within them, called the Solar Angel.

I hold the Blue Flame representing the Will and Power of the Divinity of the Father God to be fully embraced as Archangel Michael with Archangel Faith to hold this light very deeply within us extending to all of humanity and creation.

This flame is the focus of the Strength and Courage of the Will that Divine Father represents to all of us. It is within that essence that we are able to achieve the Power to be ignited through the commanding light energy of the Higher Realms of Light. And it is within this essence, that this flame of Deep Blue will assist every living soul upon the Earth to look deeper and clearer within themselves, to find right feeling, thought, and action to be created by the blessing of Truth and Fearlessness to be acquired.

I extend unto you this Flame to help you rise above your current situation in order to see the truth of your own destiny.

You are an Angel that has chosen to arise above physicality to remind your Personality Self of the Human you inhabit that you have the greatest blessing to uphold upon your walk on the Earth.

This is your Solar Angel who desires to help you in ways that is very uncertain in your reality, but the truth will be revealed if you all embrace the Act of Faith to be upheld within your personality self.

Your Solar Angel is very crucial in the development of your ascension process. He/She cannot be ignored as this part of you represents the ability to uphold the integral light energies within your evolution as a soul. The Solar Angel is the bridge to allow your Higher Self Consciousness to become more of an intrinsic part of your ascension process.

This 11:11 celebration in 2021 represents the renewal of the awakening of all Solar Angels. We will come together in Unison to create a new dimensional quality which will help every individual participating to know themselves in a new a different manner than ever before.

For this event on November 11, 2021 I am honored to uphold each soul’s Solar Angel to join in the celebration. It is time for your remembrance, to allow all you have been through the many incarnations to step forward and celebrate the Renewal of your own Angelic Presence to be fully realized. 

I bring forth the hosts of the Angelic Principalities to join me and YOU in a special ceremony of Light. It is time that we reestablish our community of Light together, to bring forth a new sense of acceptability, and allow the blessing of your Angelic Self to help you walk through a new doorway – one that has been closed for quite some time.

I will be joined by all of the Angelic Principalities to celebrate our Divine Essence to become One once again, to assist your pathway of Light upon Gaia, to help you remember your True Self, and bring forth the highest light vibrational essence unto the planet and Gaia at this time.

I Am Lord Michael at your service”.

Walking Terra Christa is holding a Special Online Presentation to Celebrate 11:11:21. This is the TENTH ANNIVERSARY of the 11:11:11 Gateway for Humanity that represented so much more than anyone knew a decade ago!

MEETING DATE/TIME: Thursday (North America), November 11th at 11:11 AM PACIFIC TIME (click here for your local time conversion)

This will be a LIVE VIDEO BROADCAST using ZOOM.
(Zoom also allows for non video participants to use their phone to dial into the conference).


Nov 11, 2021 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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We look forward to sharing these beautiful angelic frequencies of light with you!
Blessings in Oneness,
Reverend’s Mahlariessee and Ara of Walking Terra Christa

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