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Spiritual Meaning of the March 28th, 2021 Ascension Mastery* Message of the Full Moon with Master Djwhal Khul as brought forth by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden.

This full moon is the first of the ascension festivals with the Ascended Masters known as the Festival of the Christ. It marks the beginning of our inner work as Initiates to walk with the Spiritual Hierarchy with Divine Love.

This moon is being considered a healing process for the Heart Center. It is a time to become more aligned with our Spiritual Self allowing for a deep heart connection to be felt within the four-body system (Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental Selves).

The alignment of the Full Moon of Libra with the Sun of Aires occurs on March 28th, 2021 at 11:48 AM Pacific, 2:48 PM Eastern within Universal Time of 6:48 PM.

The Sun of Aires represents the “Self” whereas the Moon of Aires aligns with “Others”. I like to think of this as the Physical in relation to the Spiritual Selves. Aires can be very domineering, wanting elements to change within the physical realm whereas Libra brings forth the attributes of Balance and “For the Good of the All.”

This cycle allows for these two parts of our Soul to come together in unison bringing forth a deep healing to occur within our Heart Center. It is a time to reflect on what elements need to change in order for a state of equilibrium to occur. Sometimes this means stepping away from a relationship or bringing it together.

If we think of this in terms of our Physical Self vs. the Spiritual Self, it represents the ability to make necessary changes in our physical reality to allow for the entryway of a deeper connection with the Higher Self of our Soul’s Essence.

This is exactly what is occurring during this cycle. It is a time of accepting that changes need to be made in order to find the true meaning of the relationship of our Spiritual Self in relation to our walk upon the earth within our present consciousness. This, is in truth, is a hard line to walk as a human, as we are not used to accepting our higher reality as a Spark of Light as it can feel very intangible. As a species, we are used to walking the pathway of seeing it become a reality before we accept it to be our Truth.

This cycle is asking us to embrace the element of Faith through our Spiritual Self, also known as the Higher Self to guide us in the right direction.

Through this process we must hold within ourselves that we are being guided from our own Source of Light and not within the Mental or Emotional elements that we sometimes can depend upon within the Physical Consciousness.

The way we exist upon the Earth is changing greatly. The Feminine Divine of the Emotional Self is becoming more focused within our reality, so it is important to reflect within the Higher Mind and Heart to guide us in the right direction. This can cause confliction, uncertainty, and walking through doorways that we have not experienced previously. It can actually be a very scary place for our Emotional Self.

As we step into the energies of the Moon of Libra and the Sun of Aires it can create a depth of healing within our Heart Center that may feel comfortable in certain moments, but then the releasing of the old must surface. This brings with it an emotional charge that may feel uncomfortable at first, but the more you allow yourself to move into the energies, it creates a sense of deep love to blend within your heart as you allow your Spiritual Self to guide your Physical Self in the process.

This moon is a true reflection of the FESTIVAL OF THE CHRIST as it represents the elements of LOVE, RESURRECTION, and CONNECTION TO THE HIGHER REALMS OF LIGHT or the Ascended Master State of Consciousness.

The Office of the Christ is overlighted by Lord Maitreya and Lord Kuthumi who hold the essence of the Christ Consciousness within their essence and extend it to humanity during this ascension festival. The forces of restoration are very predominant as we are very connected to the Mind of God (the Will, Masculine Aspect) within the Blue Flame. This is a connective energy to the Heart of God (the Love, Feminine Aspect) within the Pink Flame known as Creative Actualization (making our dreams become a reality).

Every soul on the Earth is affected by these energies so that the essence of LOVE can permeate into the hearts of humanity. It is a time of Restoration, making the necessary changes, in order for the Heart to accept the Will and Love of the God Source Within.

This causes the keynote of RESURRECTION to take place. What no longer is accepted within the Heart Essence through the change, now must leave so that the true healing can occur. This is actually when an Initiate can fully accept their own process of connecting to the Higher State of Consciousness that is represented by the Office of the Christ.

During this time there can be many reflections between your Personality Self and Higher Self which may be in confliction with each other. The main element is to realize, that you as an Initiate, are being guided by the Source Light and adhere to the changes that need to occur which is a true reflection of your HEART ESSENCE.

The balancing energy of the Feminine Moon Essence of Libra is helping every soul to come into a state of movement that will allow them to feel the pure essence of their own Divine Heart Essence as the Masculine Sun Essence of Aires will allow it to be grounded within the Physical Self.

Working through these energies with the Divine Aspects of the Feminine and the Masculine will assist the process of feeling the state of Equilibrium within your Heart Center.



Greetings My Dearest Initiates,

I come to you as Master Djwhal Khul with the presence of Light and Love of the Christ Consciousness to permeate into your Heart giving you the Peace of Restoring your Higher Self and I Am Presence to become One within your Four-Body System.

It is always my pleasure to connect with each of you through this monthly exchange of energies, but this month is especially a moment of the year that I always look forward to experiencing.

As Masters, we also are going through transitions, that will take us into a higher state of consciousness. It is not much different than each of you except that we do not have the pressure of the duality in the body. This, I know, is quite challenging to experience.

In truth what you are doing is beyond any measure that any of us as the masters can share with you. There is no way to understand the ramifications and challenges that you are undergoing presently.

It is within that exchange of light that I as the spokes-being of the Ascension Festivals want to reiterate to each of you that if you allow your Higher Mind, your Higher Heart to expand within your physical consciousness and body, then you will start to realize the power that you hold within yourself, for you and for the transition of this Earth into a higher state of existence.

It is important not to reflect upon the challenges you are experiencing, but to remember what you are achieving and how much effort that took for you to embrace it. Always remember your humble beginnings as it is very reflective of your journey within yourself.

It truly is your JOURNEY OF LIGHT.

What you do with this journey at this moment in time is very important. You must not let anything interfere with you experiencing a depth of healing within your Heart Center. You have all worked very hard to get to this moment in time. Do not let the duality upon the earth affect you even though it feels like it may be pulling you in a different direction. The more you adhere to the energies of the Festival of the Christ, the more you will become more aligned with your true self.

It is when you allow others in your world try to stop you from achieving your dreams into reality that you will fall below the mark and not be able to continue what you have already achieved.

I know there are many lightworkers that are feeling the lower energies, but you must not let that stop you.

Adhering to the dynamics of the Festival of the Christ to become the Love, allowing for Resurrection of the old self, and walking in balance with the Higher Realms of Light, you will feel and impress upon yourself a sense of accomplishment within you.

This is what I choose for each of you during the Festival of the Christ with the Moon of Libra and the Sun of Aires. Be your Divine Self in Balance with the Love fully enhanced within you, never to be removed by anyone or anything.

I give you my Love and Wisdom of the 2nd Ray of the Golden Yellow flame.

In Blessings and Love,

I am Master Djwhal Khul

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