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Inner Child Enlightenment ~ Ascension Mastery Program of Rediscovery




We are starting this program for the 2nd time as the participants truly felt a difference in their lives.  This is an important part of the work within the beginning initiations and will help a student to accelerate their pathway deeply.

As we step into the pathway of mastery, it is essential that we take care of the emotions that sabotage us in accepting our full power, love, and wisdom.  Each of us has an Inner Child and the goal is to have that child be fully integrated into the adult that we are presently.  It is essential to connect with our Inner Child to find the pathway of rediscovering our true self; the one that can be hiding due to insecurities that occurred within our present lifetime.  Once we allow him or her to walk with us, then we become fully balanced, creative, imaginative, and find the flow of life to occur for us in all we encounter.

This program is designed to help individuals on the pathway of Soul Psychology to understand themselves on a deeper level.  It is an important phase in the overall process of acknowledging our Higher Presence.  We must take care of the issues either emotionally or mentally that may be impeding our progress.  Accessing the issues from your childhood will assist you in removing insecurities, anger, frustrations, communication issues, and other elements that are lodged within our lower minds and hearts.



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This series is conducted for about a 4 month duration through eight (8) Group Classes with Master Djwal Kuhl (see schedule below) that occur about every two weeks.  Prior to attending class, everyone will engage in a  Student Group Study Session to prepare for class. Attendees meet without the instructors to exchange their experiences for the next weeks teaching. The Group Class is a very interactive format where the attending participants engage personally with Djwhal Khul. 

We cover all stages of childhood and into adulthood to allow the Inner Child to act as the key to unlocking those specific elements that we, as the adults, must understand better to begin to heal any trauma or pain that may still be associated within our four body system:

·        Infancy – Birth to 1 year

·        Toddler – Age 1 to 3 years

·        Young Child – Age 3 to 6

·        Grade School – Age 6 to 12

·        Teenager Self – Age 12 to 17

·        Young Adult – Age 17 to 21

We discuss the Archetypes in relation to the Child as represented by the following:

Destroyer – Fool – Innocent – Magician – Martyr – Patriarch – Ruler – Servant – Seducer – Seeker – Warrior – Wise One.

We learn how these powerful roles affect us either in a positive way or adversely for each of the age groups with visualization and exercises to change how your Inner Child interacts with you. This assists each individual to make the necessary changes in their present life by activating the Higher Essence to understand the process.

Through the visualization we work with each individual’s Higher Self to allow the healing to occur and incorporating the Rays of God to assist in the process.

 This is a consecutive series. It is important for each participant to join us on each class even if your understanding is that your inner child does not have an issue with the age group we are discussing. Ongoing consecutive participation is essential in accessing the positive qualities during any time frame.  This sets up a structured base for the inner child to move into the next level of healing and acknowledge the positive qualities that you have acquired into your adulthood.


For more details and to register for this class, please see Walking Terra Christa/Teachings.  Also listen to the introductory class shown on our website with the link above.

Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery

Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. Michael Aranathana

Blue Flame Will & Power, Earth Healing, Meleriessee

Halloween ~ A Third Dimensional Reality

halloween-fbHalloween has always been a favorite holiday amongst many individuals.  My parents loved Halloween and made it a party for the kids to drink Cider and Bobbing for Apples.  I have enjoyed it as a child and an adult, but that day has been long gone.

The children today either go to parties or are escorted by their parents into specific neighborhoods.  Times have changed drastically but it seems like people still get into this holiday.

It is a chance to dress up and be someone else.  Adult Halloween Parties are very active still in this day of age, but what does it truly mean.

First of all, children dress up to act either a favorite hero, what they want to be in life, or what they see on TV.  Adults on the other hand bring out their dark side and have the desire to scare others or hide behind their masks.  It is at this time that the element of the hidden Archetypes comes out from the closet.  All you have to do is look around at the costumes, Pirates, Warriors, or Hero figures that they want to try to be.  It is a night when everyone comes together as someone else.  What happens when the masks come off?

We come back to our original state of being.  The archetypes become hidden within the subconscious once again and the roles are put on to show others not the true self but the one that is loved and adored by others.  This truly is a sad state of affairs when you think about it.

As we are evolving from the 3rd dimensional reality to construct the 5th dimension within our lives, our environment, and how we interact with others, the masks come off.  We find ourselves going through challenges to find “who we truly are” so that others can love us from that perspective of our soul.  The concept of Halloween and dressing up to be somebody that we may have been in another timeline now becomes a true reality.

Think about it ~ who have you dressed up as in the past?  I bet it is an aspect of yourself that you truly desired to be and then play acted with others for a short amount of time.  But what happens to the feelings that may erupt.  Then what do you do with them?  To you keep them hiding from others, or do you allow them to be part of your personality?

I was pondering these thoughts earlier today as this holiday in America is probably the most lucrative business besides Christmas or Valentine’s Day.  Everyone wants to be someone else.   Then there are the darkies that come out of the closet on this holiday.  It is a known fact that the forces of darkness, i.e., lost souls, dead people in cemeteries, and your favorite celebrity that has not found the light, can be very prevalent during the wee hours of darkness on October 31st, 2013.  It is shown in every advertisement on TV, the internet, and within the movies.  It is the business of scaring people.

But yet, what about those of us that are now walking as awakened beings, the ones that look into the depth of their soul to heal their darkness to find the Light that they are.  Do we continue to hide behind the masks of Halloween or do we accept the fact that we are the LIGHT and must portray that essence within us whether it is on the last day in October or every other day of the year.

Let’s face it – there is not a Halloween in the 5th dimension.  We are striving towards Oneness to create the New Earth and there is no room for elements of darkness to invade our privacy.  So how do we go about existing on this day when it is a time when the dark forces are ready to play with every soul upon the planet.  And, they will, believe me.

If you acknowledge your psychic abilities, this is a time when the dark force is ready to do battle with you.  They don’t like the fact that we are bringing more light frequencies into the planet as then the ratio of the dark vs. the light is now being overtaken by the essence of higher frequencies which we call the Light.  It is imperative to truly be resilient during this time.  Of course, the Light is much stronger than the dark and some would say, “Well, I am protected.”

This all may be true and what you believe, you are.  But we as a species and planet are moving away from interactions of a lower nature as we accelerate GAIA’s frequency into the higher realms.  We have to remember that we are living in the fourth dimension physically no matter what your consciousness may be.  That level represents duality of dark and light fighting within each other.  During the Fall Equinox we hit a new high with the Light being infused upon this planet.  We are now working within the confines of the Blue Flame of Will and Power which brings the qualities of courage, strength, protection, being truthful and having deep faith.

So on Halloween this year take a moment to reflect on the Blue Flame.  Take time to meditate on the Light of the Blue Flame being infused within the planet, within yourself, and those around you. Call upon the energies of Archangel Michael and Faith who overlight this ray in their work along with the Elohim Hercules and Amazonia.  With their assistance we will find that the dark energies will not have credence over Planet Earth any longer.

In expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee

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