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Frequency Update ~ Planning in Action


This month is going to set a huge opening of many events to change upon the world.  Many are writing about it and I share it from the information that as been provided through our teachings from the Ascended Masters.

Wesak in May truly set the stage as the enfoldment of the Three-fold flame of the Will, Love and Power was actualized within the essence of Gaia.  We then experienced an amazing Solstice in which a doorway opened for every human on earth to blend their three minds of the Consciousness, Sub-consciousness, into the Super-consciousness of our Higher Self.  This is a pretty tall acceleration which will continue through eons of time.

So now we are in adjustment phases of allowing all of these energies to blend into our physical existence.   In addition the veil between the worlds of Spirit and Matter are now closer than they ever have been before.  This means that the availability of connecting with the Light Beings is so close within our consciousness.  It also means that the gap of the opposing forces is getting smaller but not without trying to create challenges for each of us.

The New Moon occurs on July 8th, 07:14 GMT, 12:14 AM PDT, 3:14 AM EDT which is in Cancer.  It is a time of inner reflection of truly understanding what is occurring for your pathway by tapping into the old timelines, igniting the ones you felt you want to remember, and allowing the unity of the Self to be blended within you, The One that is Transforming.  Take time for a special ceremony while setting your intentions towards the upcoming full moon on the 22nd.

It is also a time of Mercury Retrograde but we don’t want to center upon those energies as it is a third dimensional reality.  As we are learning to vibrate our physical beings into the fifth dimensional level, we take this time period as a lesson and removing the old aspects that no longer fit our purpose in any form.   Staying stuck on what Mercury Retrograde can do to us physically, emotionally, or mentally must be a gift from the Universe.  So keep intending to raise your vibration through your voice, utilizing the Rays of God, and affirming your Higher Self is your deciding guide in all moments; then, you shall glide through this period with Ease and Grace.



We are the Unified Whole Command of the Great Divine Director, Master Thoth, and Master Einstein at your service.  It is a pleasure to connect with each of you again.

Our message today is one of great concern.  There are going to be tremendous changes and upheavals around the world so it is imperative that each of you understand the process that you are going through to create a balanced Body, Mind, and Spirit.

We don’t want to share what is going to occur because that may change.  Our role is to assist each of you in the process that you are undergoing.  With the upsurge of energies that have occurred on a spiritual and vibrational level it is important that each individual understands their own role at the present time.  Sometimes this may be difficult to comprehend due to the acceleration and change that each of you is undergoing presently.  You see, you are not any different than GAIA.  Everyone is changing all at the same time including each of us within the Hierarchy and the Unified Whole.  More and more light beings are realizing their role in the earth’s changes and are putting themselves into the Unity of the One.

This is exactly what is happening within the Earth and we call upon each of you for assistance.  The more diligence you make to create the unified Being of Light you want to be, the more it is going to assist GAIA.  Areas of the world that will be greatly affected will be the ones that need this light more than others.   This is not to mean that you have to sit and send out energies to certain areas continually.  We are talking about the pathway that each of you are walking upon right now.

What is your focus in your spiritual life?  Do you think about this continually or is it a plan that you have within your foundation?  We like to think of it has “planning in action”.  This means that on a 30-day basis to make an overview of what you would like to accomplish within your own four-body system, what elements need to be healed, and how would you like to acquire these elements within your life?  It is just a simple plan in which you reflect at the beginning of each month of what you have experienced and what you would like to create.  Then within that monthly period you will see elements arise that either assist you or de-assist. This is when you take the ones you do not want and purge them into Wholeness.  The ones that you desire, you thank them for coming to you, and celebrate yourself.

We suggest this tool to help you understand what is happening within your existence through your physical, etheric, emotional, and mental bodies.  The changes are going to happen to you as you raise your vibration; it is all part of the Divine Planning.  You stepped into a world that you assist you with these elements.

We share this because it is going to help you stay grounded and focused when other changes are taking place around the Earth.  These are very challenging times but the more grounding that is created within each of you, the more we can assist.  The energies that you will be exhibiting will help others around the world to receive the Light and Love of God within their hearts.

We all know that the Mind of the Self is now becoming the Super-Conscious.  As this occurs, the old elements will arise.  If you have not worked on them previously, then you will have to do so.  If it is something you already have healed, then it is just a remembrance.  Breathe into it and now that your Higher Self is the deciding factor of it all coming into balance.  You will know the difference.

This is exactly what is occurring within Gaia.  Everyone is experiencing it at the same moment in time.  Each of you, being the Lightworkers, are the grounding force for GAIA so it is your responsibility to stand within your power each moment.  We all know this may be a challenge because the elements will bring up what you have not cleared so it could be a rough ride for some of you.  Learning to hold within the space of your Higher Self will be the deciding factor in how this all occurs for each of you.

We are at the beginning of this phase.  Weather patterns are going haywire due to elements of control.  But it is not your job to complain about it.  It is your job to accept the challenge and change your energies by chanting, meditating, breathing your I AM presence deeply into your essence.  The media is very strong and will want to bring more fear into the design of these changes.  We ask each of you to hold your ground, know who you are, and expand that essence.

This is the pathway of mastery and it is the most challenging times no matter where you may be on that journey.  Each initiate is being asked to step into their Love, Will, and Power to create a joyful and miraculous journey for all individuals on this planet.  Do not let another to set you astray as the powers of this energy are determined.  With all of our assistance, each of us, we can become the Oneness that each of us desires.  But great challenges will ensue.  Take what you have learned and apply with the Light and Love of God.

We stand with you always within the Unified Whole Command.

May the Light always be our Guide in Unity of Light.

Great Divine Director, Master Thoth, and Master Einstein at your service

©2013 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery,, Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, 5th Dimensional Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.

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Appreciation of Times Gone By – July 16th, 2016

Lucinda Thum Olin Mount, April 2004

Today is the 12th anniversary of my sister, Cindy’s, passing – July 16th, 2004. I found this old post as it is a reminder of who she truly was and I want to honor her on this day.

I have been thinking of her quite a bit and I feel her speaking to me many times over. I know she is kicking butt in the Inner Plane – healing and changing while helping others.

She always accepted my gifts especially in the very beginning when others thought I was a “bit off” in the 80’s. I even worked with her bodily changes to help her adjust to the transition she was going through. We did many healing sessions together, along with the beginning channeling, talking to our spirit guides as she always wanted to know more. When a tree fell in the middle of their house, we realized there were lost spirits in the tree and they became active. It was an intense time healing and growing together. I so appreciate how she accepted me for who I was. It helped me to be who I am today.

Love you Cin –

Today is the anniversary of my sister’s passing, July 16th, 2004 in which there was a huge hole left within the family unit.  Cindy was the eldest of five of us and was considered the “matriarch of the family”.  At least that is what I used to tease her about.  My parents were still alive at 90 years of age when she left the Earth.  She suffered for five long years with Non-Hodgkins Lumphoma, and this is a tribute to her life and what it means to me in this Golden Year of 2012.

 Ode’ to Cindy

My sister, Cindy, was my sister but also a surrogate mother,

Sometimes the mothering role was not accepted by me very well,

She was several years older than I,

At times she still felt I could not stand on my own two feet no matter how old I had become,

She watched over me and nurtured me the best that she could,

She came into this world in the year of 1938, July 26th;

So it is at this time I celebrate her life upon this Earth.

Cindy and I were not close sisters but she was one of my best supporters,

She loved me as she could,

Sometimes she misunderstood who I was and to become in this world,

She feared the way my life was going many times,

But she always opened up her doorway when I was at my lowest ebb,

I lived with her when the world was not supporting me,

As I was sharing my work as a spiritual teacher she listened,

But had great fear of my future.

We shared times of talking about reincarnation,

When an oak tree fell on their house during a very bad storm,

We cleansed the house of many spirits,

We walked through Philadelphia with other family members remember our roots of times gone by,

She was my closest ally when talking about the spirit world,

But yet wanted it for herself but had so much fear,

So she said to me one day,

“I would love to do what you do, but I don’t want to go through what you have endured,”

I helped to heal her body of the dis-ease and pain she endured,

She thanked me every day for helping her do so.

We also did not like each other many times,

I lived in her house right before she left this planet,

I saw the Angel of Death when I arrived,

He said she would stay for awhile,

Then when it was time for me to leave, he returned.

During this time she traveled to visit  Florida twice,

What a beautiful gift to see the ocean once again,

She became weak but was so very strong;

She shared her heart when she could, but not with words,

She was an action type of being,

She helped many and nurtured her family,

She assisted her mother and father continually,

She left four children and several grandchildren that remember her dearly.

Her parents bid her farewell on the 16th of July,

Mollie and Art were very saddened to watch their first born leave their arms,

But knew that they would see her very soon again.

Cindy’s soul will always be within each of us,

She was strong-willed, loving, and very adamant about her beliefs.

I helped her go to the Light as she was very scared,

But her last words to me were “Chris, I am going HOME.”

We miss you Cindy, I admire you for all your worth,

Even though at times you truly did not understand,

We walk together today hand-in-hand,

Being the souls we were always meant to be,

The dysfunction and pain is now all gone,

Only our love shining above and below.

We remember you Cindy, not only on this day but every birthday of July 26th!

You are in Heaven,

But walk with me on the Earth,

Shining Your Star So Very Brightly,

For an Eternity of Light.

I miss you Cindy, and so appreciate all you ever did for me.

Blessings and Love to you Always for Eternity.  Say hi to Mom and Dad for me

Your SiSTAR, Christine

Christine Meleriessee

Ascension Master & Mentor

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Assisting Others in Their Acceleration Has Put Me into a New Paradigm of Frequency

Today is October 2nd and there is so much happening for me in Mt. Shasta that it is hard to place it all to those I feel would benefit from this experience.

When I arrived in Shasta just two months ago, I had no idea that promoting a 5-step program to help individuals attune themselves into the higher frequencies would catapult me into a new space of Beingness.  As many know,Mount Shasta has been my home for eons of time ~ ten years to be exact.  I have traveled here extensively doing ceremonies on the mountain and allowing the magic to enfold within me.  It is part of my Beingness and my life as it enfolds each day.

Masters show up in the most extreme places only to acknowledge your essence and the walk that you are doing.  It is the beauty of my world so extensively because I intend it to be more fully each day.  The power of these expressions is beyond the comprehension of what I bring forth in my daily life.  Some see me as a very normal person just doing their spiritual walk, but the ones that know me deeply, understand that this is a choice I have made to walk in the magic of life each moment.

Since my arrival, I have had three sets of individuals come to Mount Shasta to do the walk that I have incorporated.  First, with Joy and Heather, who truly were the test runners of the program which was an amazing experience.  Then, a friend from the East, Mike, arrived about 2 weeks ago.  I never intended to do the full program with him as I felt it would be more of a flow with us.  We are personal friends and I was unsure how far I should go with bringing for messages and the program to him.  To both of our surprise, it was so much more than we ever realized.

The acceleration for me during this time is something that I cannot even express adequately.  I have been on this pathway for almost 30 years and traveled here for over 10 of those years.  My life changed in Shasta with Dr. Stone’s Wesak events.  The process at this point is to fully embellish my Lemurian Essence as the Goddess that I was.  Many years ago Lord Adama had asked me to work with them for the New Earth energies as an Ambassador of Light.  I did not know how this was going to come about.  My New Earth Consciousness calls were developed in the Spring of 2011 and this was the start of my journey towards this integration.

I have learned to Be in the Moment as my funds are coming only from my teachings presently.  It has been a challenge with many tears and fearful moments.  Lord Adama and Merlin have been very instrumental in assisting me to clear these elements for myself.  This is still an ongoing process and I am still very unsure in each moment how it is going to enfold but I have faith and trust.  With Mike’s visit we attended a sweatlodge at Stewart Mineral Springs with Walking Eagle whom I had met  five years ago. This ceremony for me was beyond the Veil of Remembrance.  Tears just flowed through me without me knowing what it was all about.  I connected with a beautiful Japanese woman whom we happened to meet on Panther Meadows two days later and a special young student from Japan also connected with me.  Mike has been instrumental in allowing me to be myself, fully and without reservation.  This is something that has not been easy for me in the past.  I also assisted him in the raising of vibrations within his Being through the ceremonies and attunements. It has been a very balancing connection with both of us.

The height of our working together was going back to Mineral Springs for the mineral baths. Isis came to me after the sweatlodge and Mike pointed this out.  Her essence has been intertwining with me so very deeply and has fully changed my viewpoint of my body and expression.  For the mineral baths, you soak, go into the sauna, and then jump into the creek.  All of this is being done with a sheet wrapped around you and swimming nude in the healing waters. Isis told me that it was essential part of my initiation so I did as I was told.  I cannot tell you what this has done for me.  The fluidness and beauty within me is flowing so effervescently and can no longer be hidden from myself and anyone else who chooses to connect with me.  At first, I could not wait to get out of the waters, but then towards the last round (5 of them), I felt the water spinning around me and feeling very magical and beautiful to everything I touched. Even the process of walking up on the rocks to exit the pool of water became easier with each time.   For me, this is huge…I have always struggled with my weight and body issues…I work out, but have a heavy lower body and being without clothing in front of others is not something I dreamed about. Isis was so right…it just allowed me to enfold my Being in a completely different way.

Mike is now working on his own internalizations and so am I, in separate locations.  In the meantime, another individual, Julie, from my calls arrived yesterday to do my program.  The work continues and so does my acceleration.  Today we went to Hedgerow Falls to do a cleansing under a stream of a waterfall which is absolutely amazing.  Last evening and this morning, issues of my own inner securities were arising again.  Going into the falls fully released those elements for me to receive the higher essences.

Isis is with me more than ever.  I know that knowledge’s are coming forth to prepare me for a new pathway which I am unsure what that truly is going to be.  I arrived in Mount Shasta with the hopes of meeting my True Love or the Essence of the God who is my counterpart.  It has been my desire for several years and my intentions have been towards these realizations.  What I had not realized is that the frequency of the Isis history is deeply embedded within me and it is now time for it to enfold out of my being.  It is my Lemurian heritage and I am here to fully access those elements.  Each of these individuals arriving in my homeland is also here to remember their Lemurian essence.  They are helping me to do so in various ways.

I do not know how this is going to enfold within me and I chose to write this at this time, as it helps me to understand that I must surrender all that I have experienced with everyone.  All is in Divine Timing and I cannot figure it out.  That is not my purpose to do so.  What my role in each of these person’s lives is to realize that they came here to heal but to help me also to remember as they are remembering.  We are coming together in the highest vibrational space to fully actualize our Divinity not only to ourselves but to each other.  That has not been revealed as yet, but what has been shown to me is that there are possibilities.  I am striving to be in my highest purpose in each moment and whoever chooses not walk with me is truly expressed in Divine Timing.  Right now I am fully expressing my light onto others and the world in each moment.  Some may choose not to accept it and others will choose to embrace it.

Isis says to me in this moment “In the reflection of which you are, you shall shine out to others.  Those that accept it are your closest confidantes and those that do not, will find their own Divine Complements of Light.  Keep aspiring to more, as this is where you will see the activation of your efforts and the frequency that you are mirroring out to you will be returned with Great Love of Your Heart and Your Essence.”

I thank everyone who has arrived here in Mount Shasta as it has helped me to realize my higher potential within my life.  I know the ones that I will be working and sharing with; I just do not know how it will enfold.  That is the blessing of the magic of Shasta.  Each moment enfolding into the next ~ Sharing, Being, and Accepting all that We Are Onto One Another.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Christine Meleriessee

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Living A Dream By Learning to Live in the Moment

Shasta's Majestic Beauty

For many years I have been trying to acquire this stance within my spirituality but sometimes elements just got in the way. Then I fell back and had to crawl up again.  Today I realized more fully than before that I am finally learning this lesson.

During my journey to Mt. Shasta and after I have arrived, I have been hit with the panic of possibly not being able to support myself financially fully in this work I have created for the last 20 plus years.  If I was still in New Jersey, I definitely would be back in the corporate world temping as that is the way it always happened.  My panic took over and I was besieged with fear of not being able to pay the bills.

I won’t say that the fear has not been with me, as it has deeply.  The difference is that I am learning to accelerate my body into that 5th dimensional state of being and beyond.  It is not just about the lower mind, it is the four lower bodies.  Until you reach this state of being you cannot understand how to get out of your own way.  In the last couple of weeks since I had the encounter with Merlin in Castle Lake did I really belief that I could let it go and flow with it.  This is not an easy task in the world we live in.

I am living in a mountain town with beautiful energies and a place that many would only dream of being.  I have created this dream, and I am not going to sabotagge myself in any manner.  I have spent too many long years of clearing and expressing my Divinity to acquire this beautiful life.  At times, I thought it was supposed to be on another level and not on Earth, but yes, I am activating it now.

Funds are coming towards me for my sessions and people coming out of nowhere assisting me.  Individuals that I had no idea were listening to my words and recordings, transcriptions, and material that I put out everywhere on the web.  I am amazed every day where the donations are coming from and I am so honored in many ways.  I still have bills that need to be paid but the most important ones are getting addressed as they become due.  It is not over abundance yet but I do aspire for that to occur.  I am getting what I need when I need it.  That is the beauty of all of this.

Blessings Number One

Last evening my phone went completely bonkers and I could not even turn it off.  A trip was necessary to Redding, California to visit the Verizon store.  I did not realize that since the phone was acting up it drained the battery so one of the reps told me she could not help me.  Hmmm..well, I had a charger in the car so I went outside and spent 15 minutes charging the phone again.  I found out later that she should have assisted me anyway but that was not my issue.  When I came back, I was promptly helped by a service technician and it seems, the phone went defunct…Another one needed to be shipped but today being Friday and a Holiday weekend, it would not be till Tuesday before it arrived.  I told the gentlemen of my situation and no other phone was available for me so he waived the Saturday delivery charge and alas, I am receiving a phone tomorrow by Fed Ex.  Thank heavens for the warranty.  I thanked Lord Adama because I knew he fully intervened his energies into allowing this to occur or possibly it was my higher self.  Who knows!!

Blessings Number Two

My camera had died right after my friend, Judy, left.  I also had a warranty for Best Buy and today I checked it out.  It was still available and they are sending it out for repair.  If it is not repairable, then it will be replaced.  I intend to receive a new camera!!

The reason I am sharing all of this is that I did not panic especially with the phone situation.  It was a dire need but I was helped immediately by the Universe.  The best part of it was that it did not cost me a thing…!

Being in this remote area has had its challenges with electronics.  I am even having challenges at times with my computer acting out and I know it is a direct result of my change in frequencies.  I am being worked on by Lord Adama and the Telosians continually.  This I know.  I have acquired an intense sinus headache in the last 48 hours.  Adama came to me and said that I was expanding my Light Body which was affecting my inner frequencies.  Living here in Mt. Shasta is quite different than visiting due to the fact that you don’t leave.  If I could, I would be leaving all electronics behind.  All is turned off when I sleep and not near me at all so I am not being affected.  Possibly I am affecting them…!!

I am ready for all of this.  I am enjoying the fact that I created this dream and that in each moment there will be challenges.  Allowing myself to stay out of the lower frequencies will help me to acquire exactly what I desire to manifest.  I have seen it happen so clearly.

Blessings Number Three

As I was driving back to Mt. Shasta through the Shasta Forest, I was listening to John Lennon’s song, “Love”.

Love is real, real is love,
Love is feeling, feeling love,
Love is wanting to be loved.
Love is touch, touch is love,
Love is reaching, reaching love,
Love is asking to be loved.
Love is you,
You and me,
Love is knowing,
We can be.
Love is free, free is love,
Love is living, living love,
Love is needing to be loved.

As I was listening, the view of Mt. Shasta came up around the bend.  I felt the energies of all of the Beings that are working with me.  I felt our Oneness with each other as I listened to the words “Love is free, free is love.”   I cannot explain what it is like to feel their loving embrace and whispers of love within my ears.  Their love was so very strong and in these moments, I am eternally grateful that I have created this dream.

A friend wrote to me this evening and asked me if I felt lonely.  “No,” I replied.  I was more alone in NJ with people around me but not being in the right space.  I have found home again within my Heart.  There are too many beings around me to feel lonely.  I Am Loved.

I plan to keep this dream alive every moment as I live within these moments even when they become challenging.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee

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Meleriessee’s Magical Pathway to Acceleration ~ Step 3 ~ Connecting to the Magical Essence within the Mountain & Within Each of Us

We had decided that on this day I would work with Heathr and Jocilyn private as Judy had a special hike she wanted to travel.  We had done this together previously and she was anxious to go further than we had made it.  That was fine with me.

The mountain is strewn with lots of snow patches as the snow hit hard in March and the road was not fully open until middle of July.  It was interesting to walk along a path not far from the parking lot and see the patches of snow.  Judy’s pathway was much more challenging in that realm than myself and my two companions.

We walked together for a short while and found a wonderful area with several rocks in which we could sit and talk with one another.  My goal each day was to make sure their intention was very clear.  I asked how each of them was feeling after our cleansing and earth connection the previous day.  Both of them felt wonderful and were ready to start the next phase of their journey.

As I started to command the 22 Rays of God, I had no idea of what I was about to bring forth.  It is so typical of my work presently and is exciting for me to realize that I am bringing in different aspects than my physical mind thinks she is doing.  I love it to know I am tapping into a whole new aspect of myself.  I found that I was actually giving them a chakra balancing like I would in a healing session but without the avenue of energy work directly upon each of them.  Mahatma Gandhi had given everyone their own Golden Machete and it was another surprise of what happened next.  I came to the realization that each person can use the golden machete for their own personal healing within the chakras.  This is exactly what we did.  I talked to each of them separately as we were sitting in a semi-circle together.  I asked them what their chakra felt like and did it represent the color with a luminosity.  If it did not, I had them use their own machete to pull out the debris and actualize the positive energies.  We then intuited the Cosmic Ray associated with each of those chakras.  We traveled from the Root area moving up the chakra column until we connected with the Crown.  We then intuited the 8th Chakra of the Thymus to be fully active and I assisted in helping them to ground their higher selves fully within their body.  Both of the ladies had no problem in doing this.  Heathr was much more adept and I knew her higher self was already within the physical; Josilyn was a little bit behind but she truly felt the difference.

I then connected with Lord Melchizedek to help each of the ladies on their initiation levels.  It is important for this program to understand where you might be in the initiation phase because it is an acceleration pathway.  The goal is to have individuals intuiting their I AM Presence fully within the body.  Lord Melchizedek and myself shared with each of them where they are, what areas needed to be worked on, and how they can best get through the process.  They were then ready to move onto their own space and connect with the magic of Shasta and all her glory.

We separated for about an hour.  I traveled up the path and then towards the right behind a group of boulders.  There was a special clearing which was wonderful and I felt it was my space.  I carried some of my sage and laid it on the ground offering my prayers of gratitude.  The air was crisp and it was a bit cloudy at times but the sun was shining brightly.  I also took time during this program to work on my internal issues.  I really felt it was my financial abundance now that the unemployment had finished and to be fully responsible on this pathway to create the funds for my life.  Previously, I always fell back into the corporate world and I know for a fact that if I was still in New Jersey, I would be temping right now.  The fear would have taken over and the pressure from family to get back on track like the rest of the 3D world.  I am so grateful for my last position that I was able to do this work freely for two years.  In fact the last trip with Judy is when I had just been laid off and I was elated.  Talk about creating your own reality ~ I have lived it pretty fully in the last couple of years and reached out to others through the Internet to create the abundance through the calls and client work I have done.

So I had much to be so grateful for ~ the guidance of Lord Adama and Saint Germain from last year truly helped me to arrive where I am today.  Yes, it is a bit scary being here inMt.Shasta, not knowing very many people, but I know I am fully protected.  So as I sat on this beautiful rock sharing my Light onto the mountain, I heard “We are so happy you are here.”  I say to myself, “they are happy?  Wow”.  That is all I can say to myself.  I felt the freedom that I have been trying to acquire for many years of my life and know that I am not truly alone, they all walk with me in each moment, and know more than I do.

Heathr & Jocilyn

I knew it was time to return so I packed up, gave my gratitude to the space, and trekked back down the mountain to our original spot waiting for the girls to join me.  First Heathr arrived and then Jocilyn.  They were both beaming greatly and had wonderful experiences.  There is just something about fully connecting with All There Is here as it is returned to you ten-fold.  We talked about their experiences and then Lord Melchizedek gave them attunement for the priesthood of remembrance as we were all together in Lemuria. That is really what all of this is about.



The next step of the journey would be to receive the attunement from Lord Metatron the next day and they would be part of the Trinity of Lord Melchizdek, Lord Metatron, and the Mahatma (which is the 352 levels of the God Force).

We walked back down to the parking lot together sharing and feeling the blissfulness within.  When we reached our car, we saw Judy coming over the horizon.  What synchronization as we all arrived together.  Judy had some amazing stories talking about hiking across the snow with her challenges and helping the land masses where she walked.  It was quite an adventure for each of us.

We dropped the girls off at their campsite in Panther Meadows and Judy and I decided to go to the lake once again.  We quickly got something to eat and enjoyed the beautiful energies of Siskiyou Lake which was like heaven after the hiking that had been done for three hours.  It was an amazing day and what a beautiful way to end Step 3, Connecting to the Magical Essence Within the Mountain and Within Each of us.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee


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The Magical Machete Tour ~ Days 3 and 4 ~ July 28th & 29th, 2011

Hills of Iowa

Due to lack of extra time and the fact that I did not put out yesterday’s update, I am combining Days 2 and 3.  I think it might help individuals to truly understand what this journey means to me personally and the work I am doing for the planet.

After the challenging day I experienced through Ohio on Day 2, I was apprised of the fact that when I stayed in Somerset, PA it was only 15 miles from the crash site of the plane that went down during 911.  Those of you that know my affiliation with the 911 event and the Temple will understand why I was so affected by the energies.  When I stayed in the motel the first night, it was full of souls.  I had to do extra cleansing for the room and then my travels through Ohio were very dark and enveloped with great pain.  I realized later that I was being affected by these souls and the work I must have been doing during the night hours.  It continued throughout the day.

Personally, I was challenged with some financial issues that I thought would be flowing but the Universe decided otherwise.  I called on many of you to assist me with prayers to receive the financial backing I was supposed to receive on Friday.  I want to thank each of you for helping me that energy.  It assisted me tremendously and I felt all of your hearts connecting with mine.

My travels on Thursday were through Indiana and then the outskirts of Chicago which is an area I was anxious about going through.  The skies were dark, rainy, and I was feeling great pressure about the finances.  To compound the issue of not sure what I would receive later in the week, my bank card became missing.  I still have not found it and several friends feel it is in my car.  For the life of me it has not appeared.  I knew this was the last struggle I would endure on my financial path as I was feeling it intensely but yet at the same time, I was full of trust and patience that all would be directed in Divine Order.  That helped me get through the day.

I then took a wrong turn from a detour I missed and ended up in Gary, Indiana which truly is not a great place to be.  I had to pull up my GPS on my phone which took me exactly the same way I came and was completely turned around.  It took me an hour out of my way.  To say the least it was a very challenging day.  I did feel Master Kuthumi very strongly as I was traveling around the Chicago area.  He is the overlighting Chohan for the New Earth City above Chicago.  I know this area is in deep need of healing so I was feeling his companionship during my travels.

On the financial end I have a niece who works at my and her sister, Jeanne, was able to get the monies from my account and wired them to me this morning.  What a relief that was and then I received the other funds this morning which I was unsure would happen so fast.  With the change in my address I expected it to be delayed longer than Friday and I know it was each of you putting out your prayers along with a special request from Lord Adama and the Team of Light.  Thank you so much.  I also need to thank my family members that rallied round to assist me during this time which includes great love, support, and cooperation of our Spirits Together.  I could not have made it without them.

Today was a new day, July 29th.  I felt free and full of hope of my new pathway.  The struggles I endured in the past few days were just a releasement of my old life and now it is gone.  I learned how to rise above it, contact people that might be able to help move things along, and allowed the Universe to carry it for me.  The rest of my monies will be coming to me tomorrow evening through another wire transfer and when I arrive at my new location, I can receive a new bank card if it is needed. I have this feeling that the card is going to show up when I start my new life in California.

Embracing Energies in Iowa

Today I drove through the end of Illinois from Princeton into Iowa and am now in Lincoln, Nebraska. What an amazing day it has been.  I loved driving into Iowa.  The highway was expansive with land masses on both sides with rolling hills.  Everything was so very green and the skies just came down and met the Earth.  I really felt Heaven and Earth blending with one another.  I also felt that Iowa was so representative of the New Earth.  I expanded the energies outwardly for a 500-mile radius.  It was a wonderful day and I was able to travel 424 miles down the highway.  Construction was very limited and I was feeling the freedom of my Spirit as the Angels spoke to me through the clouds.  I also felt the Extra-Terrestrial energies intensely.  No, I am not alone at all.. I also had a remembrance of a past life or many lives in this area.  I felt the pioneer days..hmmm..very interesting and native lives…The power of these energies was so strong within me today as I shared the Crystalline Machete with the lands.

There are so much synchronicity of this trip.  I had a childhood friend that moved to Lincoln, Nebraska while we were in high school.  I actually felt her mother’s soul today.  I have not been in touch with her for many years but there was remembrance tonight.

Those of you that are curious ~ Isis, my kitty-kat is doing pretty well.  I give her the Stress Release from Bach Flower Remedy in the morning which takes a little while to settle in but she sleeps most of the time in the back seat.  She stays in the carrier in the motel room and she sleeps next to me as she is used to doing so.  She seems to be adjusting.  I think both of us will be kissing the ground in Mount Shasta when we arrive.

I totally understand why no one was able to travel with me.  A few wanted to do so but it did not work out.  This journey is my intended pathway from the East to the West leaving behind all that no longer serves me and allows me to be in my full essence deeply and completely in a way I never imagined.  Besides that, no passenger would fit unless they were strapped on the roof.  This car is packed to the gills literally.

Tomorrow I am off through Nebraska which will be amazingly beautiful.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Christine Meleriessee

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The Pioneer of Light Takes the Magical Machete On Tour

“You are like a Pioneer with a Machete Paving the Way for Others” are words that were spoken to me some 25 years ago by a very special entity named, “Chico”.  I was just starting on my own journey of awakening.  I had started to do automatic writing and voice channeling and it was suggested by a family member that we start a group called “Good Vibrations”.  There was a special woman who attended that channeled Chico and little did I know that this would be a motto of my entire spiritual journey.  Good Vibrations came and went quickly as most of the people were friends at that time and family members.  Elements changed for me to move into different directions but it was a huge beginning which set the stage for my pathway of Light.

As I progressed on my journey, Chico was a very important Being in my life.  I realized that Chico was really Mahatma Gandhi, and our relationship still continues to this day more deeply than I could ever imagine.  He helped to mold me into the teacher, coach, and messenger of Light that I have become.  It is with great honor that he continues to walk with me along with many other masters.  They truly are my soul family and I have depended upon them for courage, strength, love, acceptance, and serenity.

All of that is changing now as I fully take this pathway physically across the country from New Jersey to California.  I realize that being a pioneer and helping so many by sharing my own experiences is beyond anything that I could hope for.  I have spent many years sharing my stories, facilitating many different types of groups, delved into Native American teachings which literally saved my life, worked with the angelic communities, and walked physically into the pathway of Ascension.  I look back and it is a mere reflection of all that I truly have aspired to be.  As I taught, I also learned and sometimes I made mistakes which were the biggest lessons of all.  But those mistakes helped me to step up within myself to change the aspects that were not serving my highest purpose.  It was years and years of extreme healing on multi-faceted levels as I did whatever Spirit asked of me.

I moved into places that some would never have done so.  It taught me how to stand up to the darkness and raising my vibrations.  I had many relationships that I thought would last a lifetime and they were changed as people went their own ways.  I aspired to great heights of frequency within my body to fully accept my own Divinity to find My Missing Puzzle Piece.  It came in bits and pieces and I was never certain which way to turn but I always had the best teachers in the Universe.

I traveled to Sedona and Mt. Shasta continuously.  These trips helped to vibrate my energies so I could come back into density and continue the work. Mt. Shasta has always been a special place in my heart not only because of the majestic quality of the mountain but the connection with the Inner Earth Beings and meeting Lord Adama physically for one brief moment in 2001.  Ten years later I am fully working with these magnificent beings and have been asked to arrive in Mt. Shasta for intense training purposes.

Last year when I traveled to Mt. Shasta I knew it was a test for me to see if I could interact with the land and the Beings of Light on a continual basis.  Lord Adama communicated to me then that they felt it was time for me to pick up my roots.  I thought about it through the entire year as my life in New Jersey had become very secluded due to the energies and the changes that had resulted within my own Being.  There were times I felt myself literally disappearing and I knew I could do so if I concentrated hard enough on it.

Since the New Earth Consciousness calls on Wednesday evenings the effect of the work has taken on a new dimension with the individuals participating.  I realized that it was not just about everyone connecting to the energies of Telos and the Golden Cities, but I was bringing forth information that even I, physically, had no idea how I was doing so.  I surprise myself every week with the visualizations of Telos and the Cities in all of their glory.  Everyone on the call has become an integral part of my life as we are now connecting on a soul level.  It is a miraculous event to see it enfold.

Two months ago Lord Adama told me it was time for me to make plans to come to Mt. Shasta.  I contacted my friend, Anna, who owns a small cottage on her land and asked if it was available for rent on a short-term basis.  (I do believe that I will be there longer that the three months Adama first told me.)  She jumped at the chance as I have stayed there previously and developed a friendship.  I then knew that the doorways were opening up for me to travel to Shasta, the Home of my Heart.  The synchronicity continued with each passing element.  The pathway became wider and wider and there was no other course to take.  It was all enfolding in front of me.

Everyone on the calls has been so very loving, kind, and a deep sense of community and family that I could ever ask for.  I have to say thank you for the donations that I have  received from their Heart to Mine…When Master Babaji asked me four months ago to let go of the money issue and let it flow, I had no idea how everything would enfold.  It has given me such peace of mind.

Recently I realized that this journey to Mount Shasta is not about getting to the destination but the pathway along the way.  I will be sharing my Light Frequency into areas that are unchartered for me physical by taking my ability to change darkness into Light, into the land masses, with the people I encounter, and experiencing the beauty and magical qualities of this Earth.  I have always been a pioneer although at times I did not like to think of myself as such.  I realized that individuals such as me truly have opened up the energies for others to receive their Divine Purpose in whatever way it occurs for them.  I have done this with coaching, teaching, and sharing messages of Light.  Now I will do it by BEING and expressing through my frequencies that I have worked so hard to incorporate.

This journey to Mount Shasta is so much more than arriving in the magical mountain.  It is about being in the moment; and sharing my Light onto others. I will be guided in each moment of where to stop, do a small ceremony, or just connect with certain areas.   I also believe that this journey is our journey together.  Each of us are stepping out into the unknown to share our Light with others.  If my story gives you any hope of what you can achieve, then I am doing what I came here to you.  Walking in faith and trust for many years has allowed me to fully create the magic to enfold within my life.  There are stories and stories that I can tell you of how this has happened to me by just accepting that there is more to life that you realize; and that there is always a higher purpose in everything we do in each moment.  Allowing it to BE is all part of the moment.  Allow the magic to be created within you and around you and you might just be very surprised in what you experience.

I hope you will join me on this magnificent journey of Light, “The Magical Machete Tour”.  I will be blogging on and also Twitter, sharing photos, stories, and magical moments.  I will be departing New Jersey on the early morning hours of July 26th, 2011.  When will I arrive in Mount Shasta?  Not quite sure but I definitely know that this trip is magical, beautiful and will be shared by everyone.  Also, if anyone could say a little prayer from my cat, Isis as she is traveling with me, and I hope our journey is pleasant together.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Christine Meleriessee

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Reflections of the Self

We are in an extreme time of change within our beings and the world around us is shifting into new frequencies every time we take a breath.  We are being rattled in many different ways and our perspective can change from being balanced onto imbalance in a quick flick of the switch.  Ours is a pathway that has been like no other although we try to relate it to previous journeys of many masters that we love and adore.

There is nothing that we can do except stay within the moment of reflection that we are.  There may be some that will not be able to handle what you have become or aspire to be.  It is part of the ever changing qualities within each individual.  As each of us reflects into the present circumstances, where do we turn for guidance?  Are we to look towards the Ascended Masters and the Gods who walked before us?  Are we one of those Gods or Goddesses and we just forgot our purpose?  Are we here to remember, reflect, and release all that did not serve us previously?  There are so many questions and just as many answers.  It can be very confusing and frustrating for each of us as we go through this process.  And what about the ones that are going through their own challenges and may not understand as you are trying to find the “new you”?  There are so many dilemmas that each of us is facing ~ the ability to fully access our Divine Pathway fully and irrevocably without question.

How do we get past the emotional frustration and the mental anguish that causes us to fall down into the abyss of the old?  This is a constant battle but the battle is being won by every one of us in many different ways.  How do we keep the friends that seemed so dear to us in one moment and in the next, they do not understand what happened to the special connection?  How do we make them understand that it is a process of forgiveness for the self and for others?

As we learn to empower ourselves, sometimes others can feel as if they are the ones that are being hit the hardest.  The strain of friendships on the ascension pathway is one that is very challenging.  It depends on the courage within that relationship to stand the test of time and understand within each other that we are all growing deeply.  Within this growth there can be great moments of hurt, pain, and complete lack of understanding of what each person may be going through.  But do we think of the other person when the pain is so great?  How do we move from those lower bodies into the higher frequency of the Soul’s Essence to fully accept the challenges we come across?

I present these questions today as I just went through a tremendous change within my own empowerment in which I feel I allowed my old self to rear its ugly head.  I thought that I had fully moved through those elements into my higher consciousness.  I have learned a very big lesson and that is, we are continually working through our human conditions and sometimes individuals come into our life to remind us of these elements that need to be fully removed and rejuvenated.  I empowered myself by speaking my truth and in actuality, it came back to hit me in the face.  I felt I had made the right choices but possibly projected them in the wrong way.  My delivery was not what it should have been.  I believe everything is in Divine Order but the debris that is left can be challenging to deal with on a personal level.

I awoke this morning to great guilt that I had caused pain in this individual when I needed to speak my truth in a compassionate way.  It was not received as such and in turn, I received much more than I had bargained for.  This movement of my Goddess-Self fully allowed me to move into a higher consciousness personally as it has been a direct result of my teachings immediately afterward.  Being a strong caretaker in my earlier existence these feelings came flooding back to me along with being a “sensitive” and feeling energies of not the highest quality.

I previously had done much light work to clear the energies between us and felt that it had worked until I was feeling more arising into my field of awareness.  This morning I awoke with great guilt of what I had created but yet, it was necessary for the growth of not only me but our relationship.  I called upon the energies of Saint Germain and Lord Sananda to assist me.  I traveled to my Soul Temple and they assisted me with issues I am dealing with.  I was immediately taken into a huge waterfall of Violet Flame to purify the last elements of this challenge that were still affecting me.  I stood there for quite some time as the transmuting flame poured through my whole being.  I then was taken into a vault with the Golden Flame of the Christ Consciousness to continue to purge and renew my physical body.  For some reason the physical was still holding onto the elements within me.  Lastly, they took me into another vault for the Cosmic energies of the Platinum Ray.  I took deep breaths and full embodied within me the essence of my I Am Presence from the Light of God.  I came back into my awareness and felt fully rejuvenated and centered once again.

The next step for me was to totally thank this person for the interaction that we have had.  I thought it had been purged and renewed but not until this morning.  I was still allowing myself to be put down because of my own inability to fully access my God Self within.  This relationship has been beautiful and completely through me into a new awareness of myself.  I thank you for being a catalyzer of my world and hope you can feel the same one day soon.

Our relationships are so powerful in our inner healing and outer reflection.  As we move into the higher consciousness, we will no longer have to deal with our lower bodies.  It is the process in between that can be very challenging but so very rewarding.  As many who know me, I love deeply and share from my heart only the truth within me.  I am not perfect or else I would not be here.  I am striving to be the consciousness physically that I have embodied through the work that I do.

It is our time to fully change how we react and not react.  Reaction is the worst element that can happen in our lives, and I reacted to this situation in a way I am not happy about.  But, it has taught me a deep lesson as I have healed even more deeply through the process.  The energies that I am bringing forth are becoming stronger because of my challenges.  I strive each moment to only access the highest level of frequency and speak it clearly in each moment.  We are changing and others will not agree with us.  This I have learned very deeply.  Sometimes individuals are here to remind us of who we are and how we should be, some are here to heal through the process and continue the journey together.  Whatever the situation entails, we are all walking into a new threshold of time and all we can do is embrace the challenges as they arise.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

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Ascension Coach/Teacher ~ Vibratory Mastery ~ Cosmic Messenger

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Magnificent Changes Create Healing Within

This week was totally amazing with the 11:11 activations and the 9th Wave of Universal Consciousness. We knew it was going to be life changing for every person upon the planet.  The energies of the information this week through Spirit were absolutely amazing.  I believe we were given so many additional tools due to what we were going to be experiencing on a personal and global level.

Changes resulting in global upheaval as Japan was hit with a massive earthquake which caused a huge Tsuanmi to roar through the ocean waters towards Hawaii and then the US western coast.  Lives have been lost and the ones that have survived are left with their trauma that ensued within their present circumstances and then not even speaking about the resulting changes that are happening environmentally.  We all knew that we would be coming to these times of change. We have seen it previously in the last few years with devastation hitting many different areas.

As one who works with souls to assist in their transition, my life in the last 24hours has taken on a new turn of frequency.  Assisting these individuals to move into the Light can be a very challenging job when you are within the body.  I know there are many out there that are doing the same type of work.  Unfortunately, these moments in time are going to be getting worse and we need to be very diligent in our approach in helping others.  Where is your expertise?  Do you know how you best work with helping to heal the Earth?  I think this is an important aspect to think about.  If we all get scattered across the planet trying to help souls, environmental conditions, working with land masses, or personally assisting in the exact location, then is it not that we are still in the Care Taker role?  How do we best define our ability to help others so that the best energies that we have can be utilized to the fullest while we do not deplete ourselves in the process?

This is the thought I present to you, the reader, today.  As always, when I present these writings, they truly are not fully from my physical being and the information is flowing through me.  This morning as the sun is just arising is an element that is coming into my consciousness.  How can we best assist each other through the changes that we are all going through.  We must remember that what happens to others, happens to us.  Each of us are affected by these tragedies even if we are not physically in the location where it happens.  When we work with the souls, we must regenerate our physical bodies; when we bilocate and bring forth healing, we need to re-energize ourselves.  We need to do all of these elements, so that we are able to continue helping the ones in need but also realizing there is great healing in every aspect we are going through.

As we want to help others, we also need to assist ourselves through the transition.  Revitalizing ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually is all part of the process that each of us is going through present. We have chosen to be here, on this Earth, at this time.  It is our time to fully realize our part but also realize it is a human experience in pain, grief, and sadness. We are going to be deeply affected by these enormous changes that are occurring within the Earth.  So I present to you, what are you doing for yourself after you say your prayers, connect with these victims and souls, and help to heal Gaia?

Take time to regenerate yourself.  Know that you are a healer in many ways and taking on the lower energies is not going to help either yourself or the planet. Try to make sure you stay out of the mental level, talking about the situation and how bad it is, but actually allowing yourself to be in the higher energies.  That is what is going to assist us.  Let us band together and share our Light in frequency.  Utilize tools to assist you to stay within those levels so you can fully assist the planet in various ways.  This is going to help each of us to continually being able to do this work.

This week my two calls of the Cosmic Oneness on Sunday evening and the Clarion Light Beings 911 & Beyond will be dedicated to assisting each of us and the planet as a whole.  The Spiritual Hierarchy has asked me to fully expand the calls to create the healing that is needed on a much more global level.  The Cosmic Oneness call will bring forth balancing energies with Lord Sananda and the Cosmic I AM to assist us in this process.  We must remember we are not alone; we are part of the Spiritual Hierarchy.  They have been telling us for eons of time that we help them as much as they help us.  They stand with us during these times.  We are the conduits to assist the Earth and this is what we must remember.  The Clarion Light Beings will be a special entranceway of all the souls who have perished during this time to join in the healing.  Archangel Michael is sharing with me that there is a special area for these souls that will actively participate in the healing on Monday evening.  Usually new souls are put in a special viewing room but I am being told in this moment, that there has been a special dispensation for this traumatic event.  It is like an opening of a doorway for them to fully create the healing that is needed.  I am not totally sure how it is going to transpire but will definitely have more information by Monday evening.  We will also be expanding the healing of Gaia through the Clarion which is always our focus but it is going to be more fine-tuned than previously has been done.

If you would like to join us for either of these calls, they are held at 8 PM EST and can be connected either through telephone conferencing at 218.862.7200, 576094 or via SKYPE – “catdmeler”.  Contact me with a request to be added to either of the calls before the onset of the connections.  Recordings are available within 24 hours via my site at either Cosmic Oneness,

or Clarion Light Being 911 Audio,

I also did a channeled message from the Creative Source of Oneness


In addition there are several Activation Meditations under “Ascension Tools” , which are available to anyone to listen and download.  They are very powerful and some of them are only about 15 minutes which are a quick way to jump start your energies.  I hope you enjoy.

Let’s keep sharing with each other, connecting with our soul family in a physical way, and helping to realize we are here for these connections in a new and deeply meaningful way.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Ascension Coach/Teacher ~ Vibratory Mastery ~ Cosmic Messenger

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Heart N’ Soul Linking

The pathway of Oneness needs to be acknowledged first and foremost, by accessing One’s Soul.  The aspect of our Being that was the originally Divine Plan to be fully activated within the physical body.  But how does One learn to access their Soul, which is their Higher Self within the physical.

We came into the body with the essence of our Spirit. This is the part of us that accessed the physical and gave it the functions necessary to move through the world.  Without our Spirit the Physical vehicle could not move or perform any functions.  It is so true when we become in deep meditation.  One can access the higher realms and be within the body but possibly, cannot move the body.  Our Spirit within is then accessed through the alpha and omega states and allows the body to fully relax.  Meditation is not only a mind enhancement movement but a healing space for the physical body.

So how do we go about accessing our Soul’s Purpose and feeling the love of our Higher Self.  Some on the path of Mastership do this quite easily without thinking about it.  What about an individual that truly has no idea about the pathway of mastership or what initiations mean?  Each of us has a Divine right within to fully accept that our Higher Self or Soul wants to fully work with us in each given moment.  This does not always happen easily as some may think.

The Higher Self does not inhabit the body until the body is ready to accept the integration.  Within this process an individual goes through what is called initiations to be prepared for this cycle of rebirth.  The Higher Self or Soul has all the knowledge and capacity to integrate every aspect of the Divinity that is a God-given right from the beginning of our creation.  As a Teacher of Ascension, I give tools to help individuals to access this state of being but this writing is different.  I am coming from a different perspective.  I want to share the Heart of the Soul and express to others how they can access this capability to be fully realized within their Higher Selves or Souls on a continual basis.

I derive some of this information from the book, “Soul Love” by Sanaya Roman but will embellish upon the techniques by actually assisting an individual in accessing their own Soul Love first and then, can connect with their teachers, guides, friends, and soul relationships on a daily basis.  This will also help one to access present relationships that have gone astray.  Sometimes we get so lost in the muddle of the relationship with someone, that we forget that we are truly heart connected.  Not all relationships are this way and those that are not, will fall away as we move into the fifth dimensional frequency.

As the Earth changes and the higher dimensions are actualized, then the heart and soul relationships will be the ones that will last.  Some of us have so much karma with each other that those issues get in the way.  When we remove the debris of the karma, we either see that the relationship is meant to continue or to go our separate ways.  We must remember that each of us is here for a purpose of love and the continuance of connectedness, and sometimes certain individuals are here to assist us for a short time.  Sometimes it can be very sad but other times very freeing; the ones that are a continuance for us will be accelerated as we move into the higher states of reality.  They are the type of relationships that we truly want to acknowledge within our lives and walk with us both in the good and bad times.  Coming together with our soul family is the ultimate goal in this state of living.  It is a beautiful moment to express yourself to another with complete love and understanding, even when the moments can be difficult for both of you.

It is important for us to connect with our Heart Centeredness within.  Without doing so, we cannot expect others to understand us or accept us.  We must have unconditional love for ourselves.  Sanaya Roman describes in detail how to connect with our souls, and I am going to use those thoughts to assist an individual with this connection.  She talks about linking with the Temple of the Enlightened Ones; I call it my Soul Temple.  I have been utilizing this technique for the last year and it works very well in raising your vibration into the Cosmic level which, in turn, will bring forth the Oneness Within.

Many individuals have asked me how did I receive my spiritual name and could I help them.  I received my name many years ago through a different process, but I believe this is an excellent way of accessing one’s name.  When you do so, you may find that you receive more than one name and some people may even have last names that are similar.  This is due to the star or planets we may have originated from before Earth or from our Monads.  My entire name is “Meleriessee Heliohah Alpha Centaurs”.  As you can see the last part is definitely inter galactic.  You may find the same thing happening for you.  I have known of people that have Elohim as their last name or in the realm of a principality of the angels, “Seraphim”.  Going with the flow and knowing what one is receiving is the first step in this process.

There are several reasons to travel to the Temple of the Enlightened Ones.  Some are:

  1. Connect with your Soul in your Temple
  2. Connect with your Soul in your Temple to receive your “Soul Name or Star Name”
  3. Connect with your Teachers, Guides, Ascended Masters who are working with you
  4. Connect with other souls that are in your family, otherwise called, “Soul Linking”
  5. Connect with a True Love, Twin Ray, Twin Flame, or Twin Soul on the Soul Level, and it will filter down into the physical
  6. Connect with a soul relationship that needs healing
  7. Helping yourself through an emotional or mental downside; this connection will totally bring the higher consciousness within your body and help you deal with any vibrational lows you are feeling.

On February 10th and 17th I will be facilitating a workshop to assist individuals to soul link with their families called “Traveling to the Temple of the Enlightened Ones, Learn How to Travel to your Soul Temple”.  The first evening will be an introduction to yourself, your Soul’s Essence, and receiving your Star Name.  The second meeting will be to meet your Soul Family and connect with Your Beloved, or True Love, who is awaiting your arrival.  The cost is $44 and details can be found on my site, Event Calendar.  I hope you will decide to join me as this should be a fun class with each other.

I wish you expanded consciousness of your Heart Centeredness in each moment.

Expressions of Love and Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah





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The Rebirth of Our Soul’s Essence ~ New Moon ~ Solar Eclipse ~ Jan 4, 2011

Male & Female Divine Complements

The New Moon occurs on Tuesday AM which is tomorrow morning.  I just finished my Clarion Light Beings 911 call and was inspired by these energies we are all experiencing.

It is a wonderful time.  We are finally being blessed for all of our hard labors upon eons of years struggling, being in lack, having relationship issues, and not loving ourselves completely enough to fully embody the love, the light, and the beauty of our soul’s essence.  All of that is changing now finally.  We are being blessed by the Universe in unbelievable ways, but that is not the only reason.

Many of us have been on a healing path for eons of time.  We have been killed,  burned, put at the stakes, just for being in our Truth in many past lives.  But we kept coming back for more because our soul’s knew that eventually the world would get us.  We would be able to share with others our deepening love for one another as long as we kept trying.  And you cannot fault us, those awakened ones for opening up the pathway for others.

I, for one, have been one of these individuals.  I cannot tell you how many times I have been on this Earth trying to get it right.  Re-meeting souls for a connection that was a desperate attempt within my Being.  This time, I was determined to get it right and I had great assistance from the God Force.  Being one that was gifted at a young age knew that there was something more to this world than what I was seeing.  It took me many years but there was always a sense within myself that said, “I know there is love and it is coming to me.”  What I did not realize is that it was within me and all I had to do was find it.  I have found it, and it is a wondrous feeling.

I am a Teacher of Ascension and share with others my journey.  Some of it is challenging and a lot of it is magical, amazing, and beautiful.  The places I have traveled upon a wing and prayer are amazing.  I have been gifted by Light Beings coming to me and thanking me for being here but yet at times, I wanted to leave so desperately.  I have had two close calls with death and I truly wanted to leave the planet.  It was not until the last time after my car accident that I was rattled emotionally that I fully needed to accept the fact that I was not going anywhere.  I took care of it with ceremony of the Goddess Energies and I was gifted with my own Inner Goddess to come to me from the Goddess of the Sea in Florida some two years ago.

That was just the beginning.  I still had intense work that needed to be done.  I needed to find my inner courage and stand up for myself in love and continuation of joy within my heart.   One that was hurting so deeply it was more than a big challenge.  All the inner work I had been doing for 20 plus years paid off.  I was gifted in so many ways to be able to share my teachings, my walk of this life, and how I had accomplished the most magnificent feat in the Universe ~ LOVING MYSELF COMPLETELY.

I am finding people acknowledging this love in so many ways and I am honored to be able to say “Yes, I am happy to be on Earth and I am here to give Service.  God, please show me the way.”  Well, they have, Divine Mother and Father God who saved me from having to return once again to Earth.  I feel the completeness within me but it is not one that says to me I must leave.  It is the one that says, “I must stay.”

It is with this that I share a Decree I have written for the New Moon and the Solar Eclipse.  It is an amazing time.  We have been gifted with so many activations to finally be in full love consciousness and what a beautiful moment that is to experience.  December gave us the attunements to fully release the old issues from our male and female aspects to fully accept the Divinity Within.  Now we are embarking upon our Rebirth with a New Moon and Solar Eclipse.  It is such an exciting time that I want to help as many individuals to feel this as deeply as I do in these moments.

What does this mean?  It means our full soul’s essence can be integrated within the physical with all the mental and emotional capabilities that our soul embodies.  We are now able to remember what it is that we are here to do on this Earth.  It is our time for our gifts to shine and keep growing.  It is also our time to walk with our Beloveds as we both have been working on ourselves on other higher frequencies for this moment in time.  The Solar Eclipse represents the movement of the male and the female coming together as the Sun passes into the Moon.  Grandfather Sun will reunite with Grandmother Moon and we will be doing the same within each of us.  As this happens, then we can fully Love ourselves deeply in order to receive the reflection of our Light and Love outwardly into the world.  It is our time to attract our Loved Ones that have been waiting for us and these unions are like non other that we have ever experienced before.  It is pure Love Consciousness in bliss, joy, acceptance, and the purity of our hearts.

With that being said, I have written this Decree in celebration of this beautiful occasion.

New Moon & Solar Eclipse ~ January 4, 2011

Let us all take a  moment of Reflection

The New Moon of January 4th stands in her own rite

Grandmother, you are being blessed by Grandfather Sun

As the Solar Eclipse brings forth

The Goddess and God Within

I look at you from my window

I see the beauty of each aspect

Coming into full view

I then take the time to see my own inner self

I am ready to fully remember

My Goddess Self of the emotional transition within

I then reflect upon

My God Self and how he truly as been my logical answer

In this moment, no longer is this so

My Goddess and My God are Now One

We are in the moment of our Rebirth

I feel my Soul’s Essence Screaming in Delight

I Am Now Free of all insecurities

I Am Now Joy, Bliss, Serenity

I enjoy each of these elements separately but

Together they reflect within me the Oneness that I AM

I AM Joy

I AM Bliss

I AM Serenity

I outstretch my arms in pure delight

I Am Free, I Am Embraced, I Am Love

As I Embody the Love that I AM

I Receive the Love that is You

We are One together

Let us share with each other

Our Hearts of Balance

Our Minds of Clarity

In the Union that We Are

I Am in complete Harmony, Unity, and Fully Aware

Of All I Am in this Moment

Or Ever Hope To Be

In Expressions of Oneness,
Rev Christine Meleriessee Heliohah
Divine Language Network
Ascension Coach & Teacher ~ Vibratory Master & Mentor ~ Cosmic Messenger
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The Sacred Heart Is Now Within Us

Rainbow Bridge & Light Formations

It is December 26th and I want to share some thoughts on this Holiday Season.  This last month of 2010 truly has been land-marked for the most amazingly, beautiful elements for our higher frequencies to become fully balanced.  2010 alone has been fully of light frequencies and activations but now with this Holiday just passing, we have been given the opportunity to fully balance the energies within our physical vehicle.

This month I have been pushed and prodded by the Spiritual Hierarchy to put out as much information as I could muster in my physical vehicle.  I will say that I am much more grounded at the end of 2010 than I was earlier in this year which is a very good feeling.  I still have my moments of being elsewhere and in two or three places at the same time, but I have learned to focus more fully within myself.

We started with the energies of the New Moon, moving into 12:12, then the Full Moon which entailed the Lunar Eclipse and the Winter Solstice.  On Christmas Eve I held a call in which Lord Sananda shared an attunement to help ground the energies ~ Sacred Heart Activation.  Christmas Day was the big event for each one of us; the re-birth of our Christ Consciousness within our physical vehicles.   Every person is going to feel this differently depending upon the level of initiation one is currently residing and moving towards, and how much one is willing to surrender.  My integration is going to be different than others and the same goes for each of you.  We are not all exactly on the same pathway or wavelength.  That would be too boring, wouldn’t it.  Then, how could we assist each other?

I will relate my personal experience and possibly, it may help you to understand what you have been going through.  I have been on the ascension path of over 15 years and been teaching the tools and techniques for about 10 years.  I believe it is the most powerful work on the planet to help one fully find their innerself and soul’s purpose, “the missing puzzle piece”.  In the past year I was gifted for my corporate job to end and be able to do this work more fully personally and professionally through the avenues of technology.  Through each month of 2010 I was asked by the Hierarchy to do certain tasks within my life.  My gift of connection to the other realms is what helped me get to the space I inhabit now.  It happened that way in the beginning and it continues so I never say ‘no’.  I put together Rays of God classes, special coaching programs, a manifestation class, mediumship and channeling class which all were very successful; I was learning as I was going through the motions.  My mentor, Dr. Joshua David Stone told me many years ago “fake it, till you make it” and this is so very true.

In July Saint Germain asked me to travel to Mount Shasta alone on a mastership journey.  I did so without reservation  but asked for financial backing.  It came, and it was the most amazing trip of my life as each of the masters walked with me through the forests, the mountain paths, and into the beautiful waterfalls of the Telosian waters.  I returned home with the sense that now it was finally time to admit that I was a master on this pathway and to share those words with others.  I have known this for some time but it is challenging for me to share those words to others.

In September my friend, Judy, and myself travel to the Grand Tetons for another amazing journey.  That was about joining the masters in the Teton Retreat physically walking in my mastership pathway so I could share with others.  The beings of the Spiritual Hierarchy have always been my confidantes more than anyone else in my life.  I have always been part of the other realms more than this Earth which in itself is a challenging feeling.

I returned to southern NJ with a sense that others needed to know more of what I knew.  I share monthly an excursion to the Tetons so that others can also work side-by-side with the great ascended beings.  The excursion for December has a separate meditation to travel to the retreat which is now open fully through January 14th, 2010.  It is a yearly event in which initiates can go through their meditation or sleep times.  Here is a link to the visualization:  Teton Retreat Excursion.  If you are interested in download, the link is on my site, under Special Visualization.

I did ceremonies for the 10:10:10 in Cape May and for the 11:11 in Long Beach Island, NJ.  Each of these events brought us closer to this auspicious time of beauty, love, and grace.  The December activations were just a correlation of all of the activations in this year except intensifying with each full moon.  The Lunar Eclipse on December 21st was considered to be the highest activation available upon this planet for eons of time.

With each activation and attunement, I have been becomingly closer to my true work.  Personally, it is a challenge for me as my life is very different than many.  This year has brought me to the acceptance of my Divine Integration as a Goddess of Love and Light through being a messenger of the Cosmic Energies through Divine Mother and Divine Father God.  I cannot tell you what a gift this has been for me not only in assisting others but for me personally.  It is quite ironic because as a child I told my mother I did not want to go to church.  I knew there was more than Jesus, although he always has been a major guide in my life.  I was brought up in an Episcopal church and was very uncomfortable being there.  My mother, being the woman that she was, said “okay, it is your choice”.  I think though she thought I did not believe in God which she later found out was quite the opposite.  Her lineage was from the Quaker roots, and I always remember her favorite words of “Silence is Golden” among other thought processes.  They have rung so very true in my heart especially in the current times.

I have chosen this pathway, to be a Messenger of the Light in a way that most may not understand.  I was attuned with the Cosmic Energies five years ago and it affected me physically as I have shared previously.  This Holiday Season for me was a huge ending in my old life.  I sat with my niece and nephew whom I grew up with as our age difference is close and knew that it was going to end this year.  I know what my mother felt like when she said her last Christmas was her last on this Earth.  I am not leaving the Earth but am moving with the Earth in a different lifestyle than I ever thought possible.  I felt this so deeply on Christmas Day.

Lord Sananda was with me very deeply through all of these moments and I know he was with each of you.  I had many tears of the endings but they must be as I have desired a life of bliss, joy, and acceptance.  I feel the shifting and changing of my current life with bittersweet feelings.  I am also excited about the changes that are about to occur within me and sharing with many that are accepting of these beautiful moments of transition.

Each of us is walking across a “Rainbow Bridge”.  The only difference is that the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ is not from the Earth into the Heavens but into a new dimensional frequency.  We first, must intuit ourselves so we can help the Earth move into Terra Christa – the Star of the fifth dimension.  Those that choose to not walk the Rainbow Bridge, will stay with this Earth to do the work they have chosen to bring forth, to help the many unawakened souls find solace in the changes that are about to come to fruition.  I am here, as a Way-Shower, as many of you are, to help humanity open up their hearts into the bliss, love, joy, and connectedness of our soul family reuniting.

The Sacred Heart is within each of us individually.  It is how we choose it to be within us and sharing it with others that makes the difference.  It is about surrendering to each of our lower energies, lower egos, and intuit our higher minds and hearts to be one in all of creation upon this land we walk, share, and love.

What is it that you want to do in 2011?  The Sacred Heart integration is our guidepost in sharing ourselves with the world but first it must be non-judgmental and in harmony with the love within each of us.  None of us is any different.  Each of us wants the same thing in our lives of love, joy, sharing, and expressing.  Each of us is a teacher and a student.  I am continually learning from others and the fact that I have grown into this space of continuum does not negate the fact, that I also am learning greatly in each moment.  I am in a space of sharing my soul’s essence onto your soul’s essence.  I am looking for love just as you are looking for love.  When each of us fully allows our vulnerability to be our guidepost, then that is when we shall unite with each other.  That is when the ego will drop, the love will be shared, we will be able to express ourselves sensually and sexually in a healthy manner with our beloveds.  All karma will be released and we will be rejuvenated to be to each other what we are supposed to be:  Souls Upon the Pathway of Love and Light.

As December 31st will be a day to fully embrace the Christ Within us, I fully will be doing so.  Each year on New Year’s Eve, weather permitting, I do a Sunrise Ceremony for myself.  This year will not be any different as it is also my birthday which helps me set up the energies for the year.  I would love to include your name if you would like to come into my circle.  Please send me a note requesting your name and location so I can call your name, or if you are near the southern NJ area, join me.  Usually I am alone, but this year, I want to invite others to join me.

This is what I look forward to in 2011 besides helping others, traveling, and do the work that I have been trained in by the Spiritual Hierarchy.  I share with you at this time as it helps me to understand what I experienced on December 25th, not only spiritually, but physically.  It is an honor to know you and love each of you differently, but the same.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Vibratory Master & Mentor ~ Teacher of Ascension ~ Cosmic Messenger of Light

Divine Langugage Network

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One Day You Become Awake, So What Do You Do Now?

Many individuals have been asleep for quite awhile.  We are finding in this day of heightened awareness, that people are asleep consciously, and then they view the world in a complete different manner.  Then there are those that have been on the path for some time, but still are feeling quite unsure about how they are feeling.  And we must also count the ones that have been the forerunners of this pathway, who are still probably feeling the changes within.

We call this Ascension.  Ascension is the process of waking up.  In other words we are remembering that we are more than the physical body, are learning how to access and integrate our higher selves, and allowing the full integration of our I AM Presence.  What does this all mean?  We are fully activating our Light Bodies within the physical realm.  Some may consider this process of fulling ascending and leaving the physical realm. I, for one, do not believe in that pathway unless it is a personal choice instead of the death process.  In that case, yes, it is being done.  For the rest of us, what does this all entail for us physically?

In other words we are fully accessing the Christ Consciousness within us.  Not all will go onto this path as it will be each individual’s choosing to do so.  I have been asked by some of my clients and students to possibly explain how to get through this process.

My circumstance is one that started a very long time ago.  When I started, there were no schools of healing to attend and if there were, they were very far in between.  We did not have the internet and had to rely on books, magazines, and connecting with people in our general location.  In my case I went to the School of Spiritual Awakening, not embodied on the planet but within the Innerplane levels of the Spiritual Hierarchy.  When I started the ascension process, there were very few books to read about it except texts like, “Keys of Enoch,” “Urantia,” “Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East”, the works of Alice Bailey, and Madame Blavatsky, along with the I AM Discourses of Saint Germain, just to name a few.  I was very lucky to have found Dr. Joshua David Stone’s books on the Ascension process.  So many more have come forward since.

Since the New Millennium the information is falling off the shelf and there are many modalities that are being acknowledged through different mediums.  More individuals are coming aware into their Mastership pathway to teach others, as those students will teach others, and the chain will continue.  It is part of the quest of this planet to help as many individuals as possible to get through the challenges.  We are being overloaded with planetary activations that are assisting each of us to rise to the heights of our Divinity, but again how do we handle the challenges that are happening to each of us individually.

2010 has been the year of complete transformation.  I have seen many people becoming more aware than ever before and it is a wondrous event.  What happens to each of us as we are going through these processes?  Number one, our physical bodies have been used to living in density.  So when the light increases within the body, the body is going to react adversely.  Earth is presently living in a fourth dimensional level which means our bodies are either in the third dimension or the fourth dimensional frequency.  When the body moves from the third to the fourth, we integrate Chakras 8 through 15.  This creates great change within our emotional and mental levels along with the etheric and physical bodies.  This means that the frequency within us will shift from about 10% light quotient and go upwards into beyond the 50% ratio.  As this happens, one can find emotions and thoughts being unstable, physical reactions to food, the environment, and the way we previously lived will change drastically.  Our sleep patterns will change as will our relationships.  Depending upon what is occurring planetary this will shift us also.

This is the process of ascension within the physical body.  Previously the human body could not take more than the seventh initiation but that has changed with the energy activations and the grids being placed within the Earth by higher frequencies, Christed Extra-Terrestials, and Light Workers assisting in the process.  It is now time for each of us to fully activate these energies within us.

We have all heard about the symptoms:  aching in the body, tired, awake, eating a lot, not eating, feeling not present within the body, crying, angry, and the list goes on and on.  The main element I want to stress is that we need to embrace each moment; even when the moments do not feel so pleasant.  We we try to fight the symptoms, then it will take longer to get through them.  Each of us is clearing in our sleep states and it is helpful to ask for Ascended Masters or Angels to assist us in this process.  They are here for the asking and have walked this path but not to the extent that we are doing presently.  If we are to help others to awaken, we must take these moments and fully accept our Divinity.  We cannot skip any steps just because it feels uncomfortable.  Event the ones that are not awakened are being affected greatly by the work that we are doing and I see that as a very positive process.

I suggest the following:

  • Make a list of elements that help you to embrace each moment.  How do you nurture yourself and you alone?  A major part of this process is to embrace the Oneness within You and find your special essence.
  • If you can take the time to be alone when any of these elements occur, take advantage of the moment.  If you have to wait until later, use some deep color breathing, or carry a small crystal or gemstone with you.
  • Journal every day and it does not have to make sense but it will assist you in getting off the ‘mental merry-go-round’.  The mental body can continually go non-stop if you let it.
  • Utilize deep breathing with specific colors, opening up your chakras every day.
  • Learn about the Rays of God and utilize these rays into each of your chakras.  Some only use the Cosmic Rays at this time, but I believe if there is debris in the lower chakras, the planetary rays need to be utilized first.  Overload can happen very easily.
  • Make sure you get some kind of exercise daily.  It is essential to ground yourself especially if you are feeling tingling inside (light quotient rising), or very spacey.
  • Do what feels natural.  If sleep is needed and time allows for it to happen, DO IT.
  • Balancing out your Male and Female Energies so your I AM Presence can be fully activated.  This will also help in the process of manifestation.  Without the balance within, we cannot manifest what we desire.
  • Having energy work done, chakra clearing, massage, and just being nurtured by a professional can be a great assistance.
  • Talk to others about what you are experiencing.  Put your intentions out there to find like-minded people.  You may go through periods in which you seem to be more alone than other times and this is also part of the process.  Flowing through each movement is a natural order of ascension.

Each of us are being activated to integrate the 22 chakras within our physical being.  When this occurs fully, we will have actualized our Light Body and the full integration of our I AM Presence will occur.  It is also very important to be honorable to yourself through this process.  The lower four bodies of the Physical, Etheric, Emotional, and Mental need to be fully cleared so that the Light Body Activation can take place.  This means that one needs to right 51% of their karma.  The clearing we are going through is letting go of the Karmic Wheel of Rebirth.  So it makes sense when we are feeling like we are on a roller coaster.  It is part of the process and our lives will never be the same.

If you would like to call on specific Ascended Masters, they can assist you.  Many of them have ashrams on the Innerplane and just calling upon them, will get you there.  Do this before you go to sleep, and when you awake in the morning, you may just feel quite differently.  Sometimes you will need to process what is happening and your mornings may not always be happy, but doing some releasing exercises will definitely assist in the process.

Some of my favorites:

  • Djwhal Khul – Master Psychologist – he is an amazing being and is ready, willing and able to assist.  His work comes from the Ray of Love and Wisdom.
  • Lady Quan Yin – Bodhisattva of Compassion – one of my favorites for centering your heart center with complete love.
  • Lady Lakshmi – She will help to create fluidness and movement.  She has a beautiful energy that is so flowing with her amazing arms.
  • Lord Sananda – He is the higher self of Jesus and will guide you to the Sacred Heart Within.
  • Blessed Mother – She gives each of us compassion and love; she works very closely with many women and mothers.
  • Master Kuthumi – Represents World Teachers and is here to assist in the leadership of the Golden Cities in the fifth dimension.  Very powerful and loving being to connect with.
  • Saint Germain – Represents the Violet Flame and the I AM Discourses.  Many are channeling Saint Germain’s energies and utilize the violet flame for transmutation but always remember to accept new energies after the releasements of the issues.

There are many more that I could provide but in another blog I will be writing about the Spiritual Hierarchy which will entail many ascended beings and the energies they represent.

I would like to share a decree I wrote for one of my Mastery Classes on the Christ Consciousness.  I will also be uploading an attunement concerning this decree in a few days on my website under Attunements.

Integrating Christ Consciousness

I Am a Fully Christed Being within my physical vehicle,

Happiness is the key to my life circumstance,

I AM the Mastery of My Destiny

My inner attitude reflects my outer reflection

I AM Healthy and Well in all areas of My Being

I See Good in Others

I AM that I AM

I look at my mistakes in life to be lessons on the greater path of Awareness,

I unconditionally love myself and those I encounter each moment,

I embrace Love within me and see love around me,

I AM in Love Consciousness

All of my teachings and lessons are perfect examples of where my consciousness lives,

I change all aspects of myself that seem to be in lower forms and,

Accept the higher forms of great Mastery,

I AM empowered in each moment and

My personal Power is reflected within my pathway

I only experience Love

I live in the Moment

I transcend all duality

I create the consciousness of Oneness with Me NOW

I AM that I AM

I AM a Christed Being of Light

Lastly, but not least, HAVE FUN….this is an amazing time of transformation and continually raising your vibration through the breath within the heart will align you with your soul’s essence and purpose.  Acknowledge the joyful times and they will become longer and longer.  This time we are living in is so powerful that these activations can be very quick.  The energy is becoming much less dense than ever before and pretty soon, we are all going to be embracing ourselves in the full lightness that we have been striving for, eons and eons of time.  And when you are feeling down, remember the happy times and ask, ask, ask for the Spiritual Hierarchy for assistance.  They cannot join in unless they are invited to the party.

If anyone ever has any questions or needs any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at  I do teach Mastery classes each Wednesday evening via teleconference in which we highlight an ascended being along with the teachings they represent.  Please check out my website page, under Tele-Conferences and Calls .

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Ascension Coach & Teacher ~ Cosmic Messenger of Light

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A Special Blessing of Thanks-Giving 2010

Sunset at Skyline Drive, Virginia

I would like to take this opportunity to send blessings and light to each individual that has read my blogs, been on my calls, shares with me on Face Book and Spiritual Networks, and have become my closest friends.  We are in an amazing time of transformation upon this planet and as we do so, sometimes we get lost within ourselves as we are fully healing within our core beings.

I Am no different than each of you but I am honored of whom I have become and still becoming.  There are so many I want to bless with words but there are no words with what I feel.  The meditation calls of the Cosmic Oneness and the Clarion Light Beings have truly assisted me greatly in bringing forth the energetics to others but more to myself.  Without each of you, I would not be here sharing in this moment.  We are all a blessing to each other in each moment and it is true that “What we do for ourselves, We do for Others.”.

I felt the need to share as Spirit was guiding me very deeply in the last few days.  My situation for the holidays is probably very different than yours, but possibly not. My parents and eldest sister passed in 2005-06 and it created great changes within the family unit.  It was also at that time that my pathway accelerated in unbelievable ways.  I am sure that this had much to do with both my parents, Mollie and Art moving into the Innerplane frequencies. They have transpired to go to heights that I never thought possible.  Ours was a challenging family as most are and I spent some 20 years releasing the emotional pain but in turn, both my parents, did the same before they left the planet.  I must include my sister, Cindy, who left seven months before my mother as she went into her own recovery and helped to heal the family unit.

What ensued for me was now to move forward.  I am more at home being in the Heavens or “Innerplane” with the Ascended Masters and Light Beings.  I just found out recently the reason for those feelings which helped me tremendously.  I am now learning to ground those energies within me and within the Earth.   I was given the distinct pleasure of working with Divine Mother and Father God in a way that I never thought possible.  The integration of their energies within me catapulted me in enormous ways on the Earth plane.  I endured a car accident, was rattled emotionally, and have traveled extensively even when funds were not as available as I would wish them to be. I have lived on the edge of my spirituality, had faith in each moment that I would be taken care of and was given so much more than I could ever have thought possible.  I am about to take the Cosmic Oneness out on the road into areas that are ready to receive this magnificent energy.  I have been pushed and prodded by Spirit in many ways.  I nearly left the planet but am still here.

I am now fully empowered within my Goddess energies.  I love it.  I love myself deeply and everyone else even deeper.  This integration has helped me with this.  I want to share with so many as this is the most beautiful experience that anyone can receive, to love so deeply and feel it in return.  The essence of our Cosmic heritage is now within our grasp.

Again, this Thanksgiving Holiday I will be greeting troops from Ft. Dix as they arrive at a local restaurant for a surprise dinner in which they are told they are going to a training exercise.  I intend to send as much love to each individual soldier and person I encounter.  I am excited because this is what Thanksgiving is about for me ~ sharing with others my Light as it has been integrated within me.  The Thanksgiving dinner is wonderful and I will be sharing with one of my sisters.

Life is different for me now.  I have become more grounded than I was and am sharing with many individuals in different venues.  I feel my soul family coming together which excites me greatly.  The pain served its purpose so it could be removed and now the love and joy is embraced within me.

With that, I would like to share a blessing that I wrote expressing my thoughts for this land we call, Earth.  It is also in video form and I will share the link with you.

Thanks-Giving Blessings – Video

If anyone is interested in reading the latest Clarion Light Beings in which Lord Sananda gave us a blessings, it is available on my website.

Written Transcription

Audio Listening

A Special Blessing for Thanks – Giving

I envision myself in a special place

The Beach

The Mountains

And somewhere in between

The Water on the Beach makes me feel so serene

The Goddess of the Sea always talks to me

She flows inward towards the land

And then outward to the depth of the Ocean

The waves ripple ever so slightly in high and low peeks

The Sea Gulls swoop in and out catching their meal for the day.

The inhabitants of the Goddess of the Sea all intertwine with one another

What beauty and balance they exhibit

The Mountains give me strength, purity, and protection

The highest peaks are a direct result of what I can achieve

The land itself is rich within its environment

The plants and the flowers exhibit the beauty the mountain expresses

The animals that walk the floor of the mountain in its high and low areas

All represent a part of nature and exhibit God in their pathway

I give thanks to what the Ocean shows me and how I can change in each moment

I give thanks to the Mountains as they teach me how to be strong with great adversity

As I stand between the Ocean and the Mountain

I see myself as Human but yet I am all of these elements

I am embodied with the Light just as the Ocean, the mountain, the animals, the birds, and the fish all represent

We are One Together

Sharing our individuality and expressions of our existence

Each of these elements of the Earth mean so much to my presence upon this Land we call Home

They help me in times of my deepest sorrow and lift me up to my highest expression of Love

Mother Earth, Thank You for being here with me

Father Sky, Thank You for your illumination of Light

Grandmother Moon, Thank You for your inner wisdom

Grandfather Sun, Thank You for lighting up my days.

I Am One with Each of You

In this Moment and In All Ways

I thank you for sharing with me your individuality and expression of love

I give to you my blessing on this day

I am a Light Worker, a Way-Shower, A Healer, An Expression of God

I am a conduit for this Light to be upon your Home

I give to you this day, this Light, that I intuit

As we become One Together Once Again

I Am Honored to call you Family

I AM One With All That Is

We Are That We Are

May we always walk this pathway together

To shine the Light of God Within Us and Through Us

Take My Hand ~ As I take Yours



Happy Thanksgiving to Each of You and may you be blessed in enormous ways.


In Love and Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Ascension Coach & Teacher ~ Cosmic Messenger of Light

Divine Language Network

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Arriving Into Oneness ~ A Personal Journey Within


This was written on Monday evening, November 8th, 2010, after facilitating the Clarion Light Beings 911 & Beyond. It is my personal journey of how I feel I have fully peeled the onion and found my Divine Essence within my Heart.  I want to share this so others can do the same.  It has been a very long journey for me and I share it with my I AM Presence fully and without reservation.  Thank you for your loving support in so many ways.

Until one arrives into Oneness they cannot fully understand what this means.  We talk about it constantly, Creation of Oneness, and the love, joy, acceptance, and purity of life.  I have spoken about it for eons of time and felt it most of the moments I have been living.  It was not until tonight that I can say I express it fully within myself on a physical existence.

As many of you know and understand, I am a Cosmic Messenger of Light.  I have walking this path for almost 30 years preparing myself for what I was not even sure of until this moment in time.  I have prepared myself on a journey of complete trust and acceptance in the Universe while being guided every step of the way.  I was put in situations and places that I would not normally choose to experience but yet always found myself working through the life circumstances.

My channeling is what has given me hope, friendship and acceptance in my life.  Many may not understand the gift of connecting to the other realms of thoughts and energies to be a gift of friendship.  In my case it truly has been and continues to be.  I traveled the path of discovering the New Age books many years ago and was taught by Light Teachers by each book that I picked up and read.  The teacher would come through me and guide me through the process.  I was gifted with a Being called a Gate Keeper and he protected me from other lower energies from entering my space when I would communicate with Spirit.  It was a family affair for awhile but that wore off.

I jumped into a marriage with a man that was my spiritual partner and Twin Flame.  We were so much alike that it broke up the marriage.  I delved into self help with Inner Child Recovery work in the 80’s and each step was deeper upon this journey I call, Oneness.  I started channeling the angels and facilitating groups for others, private sessions, and all the while in a learning curve.  I moved into Native American traditions and attended many sweat lodges to help heal my innermost pain and debris.  I traveled to Sedona for ten days alone which was a big turning point in my life.

I then delved into ascension books by Dr. Joshua David Stone which I was completely enthralled with the material although at first I did not understand much of it.  I kept at it and started a weekly ascension group in which I channeled a Master from the book for people in the group.  I eventually met Dr. Stone in Mount Shasta during his Wesak Festival and was invited to his private seminar for global leaders that he felt would be very important for leadership on this planet.  The intensity of Light coming into me continued and the struggles continued as each year I released more karma, met more people, lost more friends, moved into places that I would not have chosen if I had the choice, and transcended so many issues within myself.  This was all in a span of 20 years.

I started channeling Mother and Father God six years ago and was fully integrated two years later.  The energies were intense and my body had to change.  My food changed, sleep patterns, awake patterns, and just my general composition.  Since that time I spend many hours on the computer working and sharing the messages which can make me feel very ungrounded at various times during the day.  Last year I was gifted to leave my corporate job and have been teaching and sharing with others via the internet and telephone.  I still have been very unsure what my pathway is about.  I had a car accident over two years ago in which in reality I should not have lived.  I was hit four times and the Angel of Death came to visit me two weeks before the event.  I walked away with 2 cracked ribs, bruises, and very sore.  Authorities were quite shocked in my ability to walk away almost unscathed.  I attribute this all to my friends in the Spiritual Hierarchy.  They made sure I was safe as I had done the work the Angel of Death requested of me to do.

I have had a death wish on myself for many years.  This work has not been easy.  Friends come and go and honestly, being in a Cosmic level of consciousness is not easy.  I am in a space presently wherein other energies can affect me greatly.  I am noticing this more often than not.

I conduct weekly calls to assist individuals with the energies and bring forth information.  I have a weekly Master Class in which we honor a Light Being with his/her teachings which allows individuals to feel the energies for themselves.  I also have taught the Rays of God, a Mediumship and Channeling Course, along with a course on accessing the Gods and Goddesses Within.  Sometimes the attendance is low, and I am unsure as to what my next pathway is going to be.  Unemployment will be leaving me very soon, and I need to be the true alchemist to fully create the life I desire for this work.

On Sunday, November 7th, 2010 I facilitated one of my Cosmic Oneness calls in which I channel the Cosmic I AM Presence known as Mother and Father God.  On this day the energy was quite different.  It was almost like the beginning when I started to communicate with them but much stronger.  My hands did not stop moving as my palms were rubbing back and forth.  The vibration running through me was unbelievably beyond my comprehension.  The individuals on the call also noticed that the attunement was very intense.

Today, being November 8th, I awoke to great emotional pain.  I was going through some other emotional issues so I did not attribute what I was feeling to the attunement from the evening before.  I did a meditation in which I traveled to my Soul Temple, and Lady Isis took me to a beautiful waterfall in which I was cleansed and purified very deeply.  I was very moved by this experience and felt much better after it was over.  I was very busy during the day sending out my posts of my classes and editing some of my work.  I was in the zone.

When it was time for me to finish late in the afternoon, I wanted to work out but felt I was unable to do so.  I decided to take a hot bath and it was in the bath I realized something else was occurring.  I could not stop crying and had those death wishes enfold around me.  I wanted to be off the planet, take me away, etc.  So I started asking for help from Master Babaji and Saint Germain.  I felt like I was a child kicking my legs in the water but I could not stop.  The pain was so deep in my heart.  Now I have gone through several hundreds of death and rebirth experiences but this felt different.  It felt like my heart was raw and so very sore like an open wound.  Master Babaji explained to me that I was feeling the Oneness within my physical being.  The onion had finally been peeled down to the core and I could feel my Heart Essence like never before.  This is a status of existence I have been trying to achieve for almost 30 years.

When I thought about this, it made sense as I felt nothing but sore.  I had no thoughts of anything that I knew before.  My emotions were not of something that I was grieving but I was sore like I had just been put out in the sun and was burning.  My old thoughts of myself that were not of the highest aspect were also gone.  I have always thought badly about my body and they were not there.  I was refreshed but not quite reborn.  Like I had walked out into an area that I did not know a soul or where I was.  I was not lost but no one knew me either.

As I got out of the tub, I realized exactly what was happening but could not stop sobbing.  It was so intense.  I felt my mentor, Dr. Joshua David Stone (who is in an ascended master now) come to me and put his hands on my Solar Plexus in the front and back.  He said to me “it is done.”  I was unsure what this meant but knew that I had been reborn in this state of a vehicle called Christine.

I was facilitating my call with the Clarion Light Beings of 911 & Beyond and had to pull myself together.  I was worn out from all of the emotional charge running through me.  This group has to do with the souls of 911 that perished and a temple was created in the Multi-Universal level overlighted by Archangel Michael.  The energies that came through on this night were the start of an amazing journey for me.  It was the Creative Source of Oneness which is a group consciousness and does not represent any specific entity.  It is everything we are all a part of and continue to be.  In order to understand, one must listen to the recording as there was great explanation of the Oneness that we are all a part of.  In order to feel this Oneness in the physical we must be vulnerable, sensitive, and have purity within our Hearts.  I totally understood everything because this is what I experienced on this day.  I have always been a Sensitive in everything I do and others in my family would give me a hard time about it.  I also have the ability to communicate with many levels of dimensions and beings including some humans.  I saw the Oneness that we were all a part of and it was shown to each of us how important it is to embrace the Oneness within and then we will be able to experience it fully with others.

There is nothing like it at all.  We can talk about it, feel love, but IT IS JUST WHAT IT IS.  It is unexplainable and our minds will try to tear it apart.  This is what we are all striving for and must strive for in the fifth dimensional frequency.  Until we fully clear the lower bodies, it cannot be attained.  I know on this day that I have attained this state of Oneness.

I am feeling thoughts of people that sometimes do not give me what I feel I deserve, there is no hurt anymore or judgment.  I feel whole and within that wholeness I love everything.  I expand this love and want to communicate it to others.  This is what we are all striving for and I have had the utmost gift to receive it totally.  I am in awe of this moment and know why I was crying and sobbing.  There is nothing else like it in the entire Universe.  I feel I am fully empowered and can speak my truth like I never have before in compassion and love.  It is an amazing feeling.

When I awoke this morning, my mother came to me (she is in Spirit) and said something very important is going to happen to you today.  Little did I know that I would receive the greatest gift in all of Creation.  I want to share it with others because now I can love without worrying that another person is not loving me back.  I can be to all whom I always wanted to be but was unable to share it.  I look forward to the people of my soul group coming into my life.  I am now ready to receive them in all different forms.  I am safe and secure within my world and allow myself to be totally vulnerable in each moment.


Cosmic Oneness November 7th, 2010 – Listening and Download

Clarion Light Beings 911 & Beyond – November 8th, 2010 – The Voice of the Creative Source – Listening and Download

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Ascension Coach & Teacher ~ Cosmic Messenger of Light