2015 ~ A Transformational Summer

The Spiritual Hierarchy has classified this year as “Embracing Harmony to Expand Love”. They chose this title as we were stepping into a new paradigm of light within the planet and it is each individual’s choice in how they are going to allow harmonization to be part of their existence.

I think that each of us would agree that 2015 has truly moved us to shake out the cobwebs in order to see the True Essence that we are becoming. The Old Self is dying in order for the Divine Self of our Higher Essence to become more intertwined within the physical existence.

How do you think about this transition within your personal life?

It is important for us to reflect continually on our past experiences so that we can see how we have changed, what we did to help ourselves through that process, and then address if it was an achievement or a lesson that needed to be learned.

As we stepped through the Summer Solstice we were gifted to have more realizations through our Angelic Essence that is becoming more apparent within our physical world. It is so important that we have the realizations of our gifts as an angelic being and seeing the Veil of Forgetfulness being removed so that the clouds can disperse away from us. This transition of light is a guide to help every individual to fully embrace more of themselves than they did previously.

The important aspect of allowing these energies to become infused within us is to accept more of what we have lost in previous timelines so we can be better at infusing the Light within our Physical Existence. We should never loose these moments of acceleration as they take us deeper into the core of our Heart Essence to allow our Higher Mind to be fully activated. The doorways we walk through are guiding us into the next phase of our journey to be grounded and fully activated.

As Lord Adama shares, it represents our Foundation.

In late July the Lion’s Gate opened up to give us yet another opportunity to see things differently and act upon the parts of ourselves that need to be acknowledged. This has been a very powerful activation as it represented 8-8-8 being that 2-0-1-5 is the sum of “8”. It is a number of great success, completion, the Trinity of Light, manifestation of desires through the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. 8-8-8 is a number that says “the Universe supports you in your endeavors” and is a beginning of allowing your full essence to be embodied within you.

As we have now walked through the Lion’s Gate is a time of great reflection and creation of the New You as we prepare to experience the Super Moon’s of August, September and October.

I would like to share with you some of my reflections of this summer.

As many of you know, Michael and I (my Divine Partner) were preparing for a wedding to occur on August 8th 2015. The challenges we have endured financially to put this small and beautiful event together have been truly immense.

Michael lost a dear friend in late June, which was a surprise when Michael was looking for his address online he fell upon his obituary. Paul was a special soul so it was quite a shock to our system. We worked through the energies in many ways.

What we did do is call upon all the beautiful Beings in the Universe to help us through this time. We believe that being in Mount Shasta has shown us that we have the tenacity to get through any situation. We planned ahead as scheduled, did not allow any doubts to cloud our Higher Essence to move forward.

Three weeks before the wedding I slipped getting out of the shower and pulled some ligaments in my left knee. I could not walk; Michael helped me to a chair in the bedroom, as I felt devastated in so many ways. I sat on this chair and looked at the bed; it seemed to be miles away from me, but we made it together. We got the office chair and I was able to hobble to the bed. I pushed myself up on the bed as he pushed the chair towards me. Believe me it hurt very badly but I kept remembering my I AM Presence and calling upon that part of me to get me through this challenge.

As I was bedridden for almost four days, I had plenty of time to do the healing work. I called upon Dr. Lorphan, who is the Director of the Great White Lodge of Sirius. We communicated three times a day of what I needed to do while he and his Intergalactic Healers worked on me extensively. It was an amazing transition that I made without the use of third-dimensional medical help.

I utilized all the Rays of God to be infused within my knee; as a Medical Intuitive I could see where the problem was and how to assist it with essential oils, massage, intense healing activations, and lots of sleep. Dr. Lorphan and his staff worked on me continuously and performed laser surgery on my tendons and knee. (He previously was working with me the last few months as I had a weakness in a tendon on the side of my leg; luckily, I was exercising with weights and cardio to strengthen my body.) One of our students, Rochelle, who lives in Mount Shasta is also in training to learn more of the healing techniques that I utilized with the Rays of God. She also assisted great with her Reiki skills by using the higher frequencies of light.

I could not have done this without the workouts I had been doing. I was not stiff when I had to pull myself up by my upper body and I strengthened my quads every day in the bed.

I had three weeks to process all of this energy and command it to be part of my physical reality. I was finally accepting my role as a Personal Alchemist.

As the wedding became closer, I was able to walk with just one crutch and hobble around. I was walking but not putting full weight on the leg.

Our students arrived for the wedding; we had many people assisting us in so many ways. Funds arrived every day to pay for the various services we needed; first, the flowers, then the cake, then the caterer and finally our rent. I know it sounds unbelievable that we would trust so deeply that all would be taken care of, but it is something we have learned being in Mount Shasta. Lord Adama, the High Priest of Telos, guides us every step of the way and we would never have been able to achieve all of this without his help.

We know that the Universe was supporting us in so many ways.

So in the days ahead of the wedding, I ate something and had a tooth that was loose. I was scared to death about it breaking so I was only drinking protein shakes and very little food. On the day of the wedding, I was sitting at the hairdresser having my hair done up. I was putting some Clove Oil on the tooth as the pain was strong. I pushed it a bit and felt that it was hanging by a thread.

Luckily, Michael had stopped by after setting up the venue-wedding site and I asked a friend to bring him into the shop. I told him he had to pull it out. Luckily, Angie, my stylist had some vodka so I started swishing it in my mouth and took a few swigs. I just wanted it out. So Mike did as I asked. It was so loose that it easily came out. He told me he loved me and left.

Talk about emotion – the release of having to go through this on my wedding day was immense, but I was so relieved to not have to worry about this tooth hanging in my mouth. Everyone at the salon was amazing and that made me cry even more. We laughed together and they even ordered some food for me next door (a sandwich shop) that I could get some solid food in my mouth.

In those moments I had no regret. I think Mike was more scared than me in that moment, but I have had immense issues with my teeth and this was freeing for me.

We carried on through the festivities. I had to change my shoes, as I could not walk even in a little high heel on the grass. I walked with my niece, Jeanne, down the aisle towards Michael. The knee was still quite unstable but I made it. It was painful but it was the most amazing ceremony in my life to be united with my Divine Love in the presence of the energies of Mount Shasta and our immediate friends.

We continued our journey with a summer retreat so I used the crutches to walk up Glass Mountain (not a steep incline). I was able to get into Medicine Lake and feel the waters around me with all of our participants. I even took the walk at McArthur-Burney Falls which included some steps and a couple of ramps. I actually found the following day that my legs were healed after the exercise.

I felt I had achieved so very much during this huge time of transition. Everyone kept telling me how strong I was and I did not think about it ~ it was just something that I needed to do. I moved forward with the assistance of Michael and my Higher Essence. It was never a question for me not to go on these excursion or to continue with the wedding when the challenges arose.

The end of the Lion’s Gate is now closed. Michael and I are now Divine Souls as One.

We feel the difference in our energies. The power we have together is unmatched by anything else I could ever imagine. We are still having challenges in our finances but the work I have done with the I AM Supply book has helped me immensely to fully embrace my I AM Presence through the energetic essence of Love. We find that we utilize this energy to help us be calm and prepared for the next step.

Some individuals may question as to why when we are doing such powerful work that we are being challenged by the financial pathway. I, too, have often questioned this as I have worked for 30 years giving great service to this Earth through my Divine Essence. The answer to that question lies in the fact that we do all our work in the service of the Creative Source of the 144th dimension. This is something that has not occurred on our planet. So we are constantly blocked by energies that want to stop us from bringing forth this pathway that Dr. Joshua David Stone, Alice Bailey with Master Djwhal Khul, and others before him had started. So it takes great diligence to continue on our pathway by accessing our higher essence through the Rays of God, within the Unified Whole Energies of the 144th dimension, and being in command with what we desire upon this earth through our I AM Presence.

As the Feminine Divine becomes more active within the planet, we as the women will have to take on great responsibility. We are the holders of this essence, we bring forward the Magnetic Force; the men have the Electric Force but it needs to be ignited by our essence. I have learned through this process that it is my role to ignite the energies and Michael’s role to do the handiwork for it to be created. These have been great lessons for us in the past two weeks.

Michael stands in his own power, but with our essences together, he is able to achieve more and he helps me to ground that creation of magnetic energies within my Foundation. It helps me to move forward, to be strong, and continue the journey no matter what the circumstances may be.

So now we take what we have learned and adjust the way we experience our life. Our teachings are being upgraded due this summer as our lives have changed greatly. The old way of doing things must be readjusted to the higher octave of light that we are incorporating.

I share my story as I hope it will help others to understand what they are experiencing in their pathway of Light. It is not easy for any of us and without the challenges I have endured in my distant past, I don’t think I would be this strong.

So take what you incorporated during Lion’s Gate to go deeply within your Heart and allow it to push you to be better, go farther, and embrace your I AM Presence physically in each moment. Breathe deeply the new part of you that has appeared and allow the old to be removed. Don’t hold unto it; it will not serve your purpose any longer.

Most of all, don’t forget what you experienced during the activation. It molds your immediate future. As these energies come into the planet, they will help to ground your Spiritual Foundation if you can acknowledge what you are experiencing.

We have a new saying, “Take a snapshot of the moment that is magical, blissful and brings you peace so you can remember it in your future moments.”

We have more activations appearing in our existence; we still have three fabulous Super Moons in August, September, and October along with a Lunar and Solar Eclipses in September along with the Fall Equinox. This is going to push us towards the 11-11 into another paradigm of Light within each of us.

Spirit is suggesting that this year of 2015 represents 2012 but with greater magnificence and power that is beyond our realization of what can be within each of us. I believe this is true.

We must delve deeper and work harder with our Spiritual Self to become One within our Physical Existence. It is a time of great magnificence when we allow the Magic to be within us.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden

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Updates on the Golden Etheric Cities


We have been working within all of the Golden Etheric Cities since 2011.  In the past year we have been overloaded with classes and sessions that it is sometimes difficult to post the information.  Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos, is our guide for these cities is urging us to continue posting the transcriptions as they become available.

The order of the transcriptions will no longer be by chronological order.  We are presently re-visiting many of the cities but some of the latter ones were not posted on this site.  So you will see the transcripts as they become available to post and in not the usual order of the dates we traveled to the cities.

Presently, there are more vibrational attunements that are provided through Meleriessee within the journeys. We do suggest that you consider ordering some of the meditations for you to listen although there is a vibrational energy that is provided within the text of the material.

We thank you for your loving support of this work as we feel it is very important.  These cities represent the “capital” cities for the New Earth.  They represent the ability to walk through the Rays of God with each of the magnificent beings that are part of the rays and within the cities to help individuals heal deeply.  When the New Earth is fully available, there will be a need for individuals to work within the city(s) to help others in their transition upon the 5th dimensional world.  There will be other smaller cities called “crystalline” that will inhabit the New Earth also but these cities are represented by the Brotherhood of White Light that is overlighting the transition from the Old Earth into the New.

Please let us know about the journeys of these cities and how you feel when reading the material.  We are all changing together to create Terra Christa.

PLEASE NOTE:  In the earlier transcriptions it was stated that recordings were available on our site.  That is no longer available except by ordering the meditations either separately or by joining our Membership Program which has all the recordings in our list for you to enjoy.  You may learn more about the program on our website, Walking Terra Christa, Membership Program.

TRANSCRIPTIONS AVAILABLE ON http://newearthcircleoflight.com.


In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. Michael Ara Hayden

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Changing Extreme Weather Patterns

Every where around the world GAIA is receiving extreme weather conditions.

Lord Ashtar with the Ashtar Command gave a special presentation during our retreat in December on how they want to partner with the lightworkers to help heal our Earth while receiving better weather conditions.

We, at Walking Terra Christa, want to share this visualization and announcement as everyone’s active participation is essential.

To read more and to listen to the audio portion of our tele-call, please go to our website, http://walkingterrachrista.com/gaia/extreme-weather/.

Please share far and wide so that we can work together.  We will be participating in a group tele-call periodically throughout the year so stay tuned to our updates to receive the dates and time.  We hope you will join us.

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New Earth Frequency Update ~ Aspiration of Your Light ~ April 11th, 2013



This week we are experiencing the effects of the New Moon in Aires which represents a powerful magnetic energy for each of us to incorporate.  Magnetic frequency represents the Feminine Divine which means that the power of our thoughts, ideas, and intentions are going to be manifested 10-fold.  This is setting the stage for the upcoming energies at the end of the month.

There is no doubt about it ~ we have been challenged deeply within the year of 2013.  It is a state of Being making us be Better than we ever thought possible.  The first tri-mester was obstacle after obstacle so that we could learn more about our inner self(s) and how to interact within a changing world.  Every time we felt we could sit back and relax another upheaval occurred for us activating energies in one of our four bodies representing the physical, etheric, emotional and mental levels.  In order for us to receive the higher level of vibration within the physical, we need to understand the process that we are undergoing.  As we are experiencing this level of transition, it can be very challenging to see the forest for the trees as they become intertwined within each other.

The important aspect to consider this week is, “where are you in your self inventory”.  This is a vital step as we move forward with the energies.  We are going to be catapulted in many different ways and as long as we have sure footing some of the time, we can understand what our next step is going to be.  We may not always be sure of the next moment, but learning to go deep within our soul’s essence is an imperative task that we need to acknowledge.

As we understand ourselves through the turbulent moments, we can learn to accept the magical experiences that we are about to encounter.  It is not just going to happen for us although that is what each of us truly desires.  It takes great diligence to move through our days as the energetic shifts are so strong that it can turn us inside and out.  So what I am trying to say is have a sense each day of ~ whom you are, what you are thinking, what needs to be addressed, and how you can create the magic to be in your life.  This is not easy but walking in Mastery requires these elements to be acknowledged.  We are in a time of great acceleration, and it is not just going to happen because we want it to be.

We deserve to live in a beautiful existence but we have to help GAIA along.  The energetic changes are changing her and us at the same time.  If we try to stand still through the process it is going to throw us into the next space without us knowing what happened.  We definitely do not want to go through the changes in that manner as then the energies will pile up within us and then there are more levels to go through to find the Core of our Being.  Preparation is the key component in learning to work through these elements of change.  You will thank yourself for doing so.

As this new moon is within her newest essence for the month, it is a perfect opportunity to make the necessary changes so that the evolvement of our light can enfold within our physical existence.  Take some time to write your thoughts, intentions, or wishes on a piece of paper.  Sit quietly and reflect on the desires you want to create and use your breath of the Light you are incorporating to blend within the material words on paper.  Then call upon Grandmother Moon, the Angels of Rebirth and Renewal, along with your guidance and Higher Self, to take those words of love and send them back to you.  The power of this moon is beyond our understanding and is going to assist us to restructure our foundation for the new essence we are becoming.

You will thank yourself when the Festival of the Christ and the Lunar Eclipse occurs on the 25th of April as this is going to take us into a new level of awareness and acceptance within our reality on Gaia.  As we create these ceremonies, the power is so great that Gaia is going to be able to accept more Love and Light Quotient within her structure.  We are moving forward quickly but we still have a long journey.

Blessings for a miraculous experience.


We, of the Unified Whole Command, come to you in the presence of the 144th dimensional reality within the Temple of Oneness.  As we stand with each of you in this moment of extreme acceleration, WE THANK YOU.  The changes that you are making are assisting GAIA in a completely and different way than we ever imagined.

Staying within a planetary structure while she is going through an immense overall is not an easy task at all.  In fact within the planning stages, it was looked upon as practically impossible to achieve.  But it is happening and each of you is a major part of that transformation.  Please know though that each person must be very diligent within their own thoughts, feelings, and accepting their highest orders from their Higher Self.  We do see many individuals changing but more individuals are not doing so.  We also see amongst the New World Thinkers that it is important to realize that we cannot bite off more than we can chew.  So with the message from Meleriessee we want to add to that essence.

Each of you that are waiting for the 5th dimension to be fully manifest upon this Earth, well, you must wait awhile longer.  But it is within our reach and that is the difference.  When we looked upon the energies of 12-21-12 and then the first Tri-Mester of January, February, and March we saw dramatic improvement within the planet and the majority of inhabitants.  We are now seeing that individuals are being categorized of either not being Awake, or Awake.  Wow, that is a huge difference between those two aspects.  We must not get overzealous as that is when trouble can start to ensue.  But let’s talk about the facts.

The world is changing greatly.  Individuals are awakening upon this planet and some are being put into leadership roles within the world.  These are the transitionary leaders that will assist in the process of going from a 3rd dimensional world into a 5th dimensional world.  Now we on Earth are residing within the 4th which represents the duality of the people.  You have the unawakened ones still sleeping but miserable in their lives.  Then you have the awakened ones.  Now this is a very large list.  You must understand that just because someone starts to awaken and knows there is more to themselves than their body, does not mean they are ready for the 5th dimension nor do they want to understand what that means.  There is a huge difference so we thought it was time to give a few lessons of awareness.

No. 1 Newly Awakened, lively, wants to experience Oneness but does not understand what that means.  They are in love with love.

No. 2  Awakened, starts to comprehend that they need self help and walk into this world of healing.

No. 3 Intermeditate – Learned the rules of self help and wants to save the world.

No. 4 Intermediate – Saw that self-help was good but needed more.  Wants to go deeper within themselves…This is the true awakened One ready to step into Mastery.

No 5.  Intermediate – Searches from the great masters, learns about ascension, but then becomes egotistical, lower energies still intact.

No. 6  Intermediate – Has fallen from Grace; lessons very hard, renounce all containments of this earth life including having to be the Best.

No 7 Intermediate moving towards Advanced – Continues with the lessons, understands that the deeper they move into the work, the more they will learn.

No 8.  Beginner Advanced – Becomes a true lightworker.  Takes the lessons and internalizes them for more self growth, understands that it is a continual journey.  Learns humility.

No. 9 Intermediate Advanced – This is where it becomes YOUR LIFE IS NO LONGER YOUR OWN.  You work with all the Ascended masters, Ascended Light Beings, in conjunction together to give service to others.  But first you learn the lessons from them as they walked as you are walking now.

No. 10 Advanced ~ Ascended Mastery – This is the true Oneness.  The full body system is changing, and they are working within those changes.  Each ascended master understands that there is more to learn and represents the cycles of mastery within and without the body.

There is more to share but this is an overview.  Where do you think that you are?  This is our question and then we would ask, “Are you giving service”.  Please know that the transitionary leaders are not the ones walking into the New Earth, the 5th dimensional frequency.  It is not just going to happen with a blink of an eye and then Gaia has ascended into Terra Christa.  We ask you to stop and think about where you are presently and how do you want to make the next safe step in your journey.  These questions are imperative because energies are flowing, manifestation is occurring, but it must be in the context of the ONE that each of you want so desperately.  There cannot be one person that is out of alignment for the New Earth or the alignment of GAIA will not happen.

So now that we have laid the entire structure, we will now discuss the present energies.  They are very powerful and will help to move elements more into place.  You have the gift of the vibrational changes occurring that will take you into a new space and time.  BUT YOU DON’T WANT TO TAKE WITH YOU WHAT YOU HAVE NOT TAKEN CARE OF.  This is why so many are suffering presently.  The energy is taking care of it for you, the ones that are not ready to do it for themselves.

The Lunar Eclipse within April is going to be a magnificent event but please know the darkness has not left the planet and people are still fighting with one another.  We do not like to be the bearer of this news, because we would love to share that it is all beautiful for EVERYONE.  But this is an individual choice.  If we band together within Oneness, we must all remove the old pantheons and dark issues that we have held unto in the past. Otherwise, we are just taking that baggage with us into the New Earth and that cannot happen.

Yes, the frequency of the 5th Dimension is available within the Etheric Earth.  This is where many of you are feeling the essence of change occurring within you and you will ASPIRE TO THESE GREAT ELEMENTS OF LIGHT WITHIN YOUR BEING.  But do take time each day to reflect what is happening in your personal world, your thoughts, emotions, and physical experiences as the Oneness is not grounded presently.  These elements reflect what is happening from your other world, the multi-dimensional self.

The New Moon in Aires represents New Beginnings beyond what any of us can imagine.  Are you ready to take the old and remove it as you walk into this new existence?  This New Moon represents the paradigm of light for the 5th dimension and is the first experience that Gaia and each of you will be feeling.  Internalize the essence and let it expand within you and around you.  It is just a very small portion of the light that you will experience within the New Earth.  So use it wisely and for your Highest Good.  We will then move into the next phase with more ease than you originally would have done so.  Each cycle is representing the ability to remove the layers piece-by-piece in order to accept the awaiting energies that are to be embraced.

It is a very magical time but there can be bad and good magic.  Let’s band together to fully increase the good magic as this planet as had enough of its fair share of bad magic.  The changes will happen with the ease and grace that each of you allow it to expand within your reality.  We honor this path.  We have stated before that you stepped forward to be the Pioneers of Light into Terra Christa.   The power of your essence is beyond your imagination as it truly has not even started to enfold within you.  But this moon in April is the beginning of this to become Manifest.

We walk with you each moment hand-in-hand for a better today.

In the Name of Oneness, We are the Unified Whole Command of Light

©2013 Walking Terra Christa, Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, 5th Dimensional Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.  No use without prior written permission allowed except for sharing the post in its entirety along with the link to this page, http://walkingterrachrista.com/2013/04/11/earth-frequency-aspiration-light/

New Earth Frequency Update ~ March 26th, 2013 ~ Balance Creates Synchronization

New Earth Frequency UpdatePlanetary ~ Shared by Rev. Christine Meleriessee

We have just experienced the most powerful Spring Equinox that has ever occurred within GAIA.  Not only was it intense during the acceleration, but preceding the event could be life changing depending upon your own pathway.

We have spent the last three months preparing for these energies with high activations occurring continually with the moon cycles and other planetary conjunctions.  It prepared us to receive the highest frequency that was possible for each individual.  Every lightworker on the planet was taken to a new level of their consciousness whether they were fully aware of the changes or not.  The Spring Equinox was unique as it made us look within ourselves to see what needed to be changed in order to receive the next level of awareness.  The timelines are being ignited from our Etheric body to help us move along the process as we become mutli-dimensional beings.  This is a challenge within itself as it is affecting us through the four body system so it can become one body of light.

So now we have arrived at a new juncture in our pathways.  It is time to reflect on where we were before, what we experienced during the transition, and allow the transformation to fully take place.  We are being asked by Spirit to remember our humble beginnings and allow those essences to be embodied within us.  The challenges are great so if you are having a difficult time of assimilating what is occurring, you are not alone.  It depends upon the level of healing that an individual is processing within themselves and how honest they can be of their own ability to get into the depths of their soul’s history.  A lightworker that is newly awakened may feel quite overwhelmed with the challenges that they are facing and it takes a strong commitment to fully stay on this pathway.  It is taking us deeper into the depths of our souls and the challenges never stop.  They will continue as long as we strive to be the best we can be.

The Ascended Masters within the Brotherhood of White Light have been conveying these energies to us for a very long time.  They want to assist us in this process, but they cannot totally understand as no species has ever acquired this level of acceleration in a group consciousness.  Each of us individually is on many levels within the initiations, and it is a different experience for everyone depending upon our consciousness, life situation, and the contract we signed up for previous to our incarnation.  Some may feel the need to catch up whereas others may feel they are tired of all they are going through.  I urge you to keep trekking onwards and upwards.

There is great responsibility to step into this pathway, but it is a rewarding job when you communicate with the Higher Beings as they talk with great emotion to the work that you have done.  Our time is coming to be with each of them in Oneness on the New Earth but we have a lot to do in the meantime.  This earth is not ready and will not be for quite some time.  So we have to be challenged in order to shower the way with our Light and Love quotient in order for the One’s that are following us that will be able to accomplish it in an easy and swift manner.  We have to live in-between worlds of Duality and Oneness.  It is part of the plan so that we can remember one day the journey that we took and how successful it was for everyone involved.

This is why this Equinox was so very powerful.  We must hold as much light as we can in order to assist GAIA in her acceleration along with the humans that just might be ready to wake up.  GAIA is readying herself to merge with Terra Christa, her male counterpart, and we are assisting in this transformation.

If we can think of our challenges in this manner of assisting her, then isn’t it all worth it?  Look how much we have changed as a species.  Yes, we still have a long road ahead of us but it is much smoother than it was just 5, 10, or 25 years ago.

So what is our next step in this process of acceleration on Earth?  It represents balancing the opposing energies.  Reflect back one month ago and the challenges that you encountered during the month.  How did you get through them and would you do anything differently? What tools do you use that truly assisted you?  These elements are creating our foundation of our new reality.  We will be going through highs and lows continually through 2013 so we need to reflect each time to help our lower minds accept the higher thought processes that are occurring.

On Wednesday, March 27, 2013 we experience a full moon cycle at 2:27 AM, Pacific, 9:27 AM GMT.  This moon represents opposing forces of Libra within Aires.  Libra represents compromise and Aries represents taking care of the Self.  So now we put into practice what we have learned in the last cycle of acceleration by creating balance and being in the flow.  2013 represents Synchronization, and now we are being tested to allow the light to guide us through the uneasy areas ~ Being in the Flow.

Take time on this day to create the balance you need with GAIA’s energy.  Walk the ground, feel the energies around you, listen to the birds, and feel the wind whistling in the trees.  In order to feel the movement, we need to continually do the walk no matter what we are encountering along the way.

Join us for a powerful call on Wednesday, March 27th at 5 PM Pacific.  Details are listed on our website, http://walkingterrachrista.com/tele-calls/.




We have just gone through a tremendous change in consciousness from the higher realms into the Earthplane levels.  The Spring Equinox was better received than we had hoped.  We believe it had to do with the lack of exposure within the media and not centered upon the doomsday effect as what occurred on December 21st, 2013.

This not only means about the changes but incorporating them within the consciousness of the planet.  Spring is always a very beautiful time of the year as the blooms will start showing from the ground; but that is not the question here.  We want to say that within the planet as a huge consciousness the energies were well received.  In the Southern Hemisphere they are moving into the Fall Equinox which still represents growth and abundance.  So it does not matter where you stand within the world, you are being affected greatly by the changes that are occurring.

Change is inevitable at this time and it depends upon your own ability to know thyself and how deep you are willing to travel to find the beauty of your soul’s history to be awakened into your consciousness.  This truly brings it to a point of reference.  Those that are not as challenged as some are definitely not willing to understand the process of what mastery may mean for them.  They may not even know they are on a mastery pathway but have come into this world with great gifts which they term as having mastery.  Not so, my Dear Ones.

If you as a Lightworker are utilizing powerful gifts into this world but yet do not know who your Higher Self is, not willing to go into the depths of healing to be a better person, or are willing to find balance within your Feminine and Masculine Divine, then you are on the wrong side.  You are tapping into timelines when you were quite gifted in a world that did not perform on the Universal Laws.  Many of the extra-terrestrial communities out of the Galactic Whole have been gifted with these abilities, but they are not working in harmony of the One.

We share this knowledge because many individuals are waiting for their lives to get better.  And that’s what they will do is – wait and wait and wait.  Mastery represents responsibility and gifts are not given to an initiate, they are earned deeply and honestly.

So we ask you?  How did you feel about this equinox?  Did you feel the pressure of wanting to change, awakening with dreams that seemed very unreal, and then feeling it within your physical body?  I am sure most of you experience this; possibly not every day but periodically.  It is because your Etheric body is healing so deeply and wanting to merge within the physical essence.  It cannot do so until the debris is removed of the old karmic ties that need to be acknowledged and healed.  This is true mastery ~ allowing the essence that you were to become who you are now and then knowing that the merge cannot be achieved without the removal of the energies that do not fit presently.

We ask you again ~ How did you feel this Equinox?  If you felt happy, go lucky and ready for spring to blossom or autumn to effect change, then we say to you, you are not ready yet for the change.  We bring this information forward not to judge as everyone has free will.  But those that want to be more, must aspire to the highest mountain that they can climb.  We share these energies as a lesson in awareness.  Learning what you are experiencing, how you can get through them easily and effortlessly, and seeing the progress happening within you is the best advice we can give at this time.

This equinox brought many emotions to the surface along with the thought forms associated within the emotions.  The Masculine and Feminine traits are coming more into balance.  The power of these energies was created upon the Earth to awaken individuals into the aspects that do not fit who they are presently.  So it is a personal experience in what is to be awakened.  The more you learn about your Soul’s Purpose and Essence, the more you can reject or accept into your awareness.  The timelines of the past and future crossed simultaneously to create the present to be balanced within each person that was ready to go deeper into themselves.

Presently, the challenge is to balance these elements that were brought to the Light.  Aspects that were not accepted readily need to put into Wholeness as they do not fit an individual’s Highest Purpose within their pathway.  Remember, this is different for each soul embodied upon the Earth and there are no judgments of an individual’s pathway good or bad.  Our purpose in these updates is to share how a person that chooses the Mastery Pathway can best help themselves to move further to create the Divine Love, Power and Wisdom of the Three-Fold Flame.  It is the choice of each Lightworker to stay within their present circumstances or to go deeper within their initiation levels.  Our goal is to assist everyone in understanding this process and just because you are a Lightworker does not mean you desire to walk in Mastery.  Initiates can stop and stay within a certain level while being very content and happy.  Learning to be an ascended master is a long pathway and only the strong can survive.

So in essence what we are saying is that this equinox represented these changes to occur.  In order to walk into the 5th dimension on a physical basis, you must decide to be on the Mastery Pathway.  You can be attuned in a consciousness level but it does not mean you will be able to create your Body of Light with the Three-Fold Flame activated.  Our desire is to have every One of YOU to step into this role and that is why we bring this message in such a direct manner on this day.  There is no time to waste.  The physical existence of your 5th dimensional self is awaiting you to be acknowledged.

Yes, we are intense because the time has come to get down and dirty within yourself.  Look within and understand what fits and what does not fit for you.  We have the power to do MORE with one another.  We reach out our hands to each of you – but you must acknowledge your Self Worth by sharing your Light and Dark essence with us.  We will help you get there, but you must acknowledge what aligns in Wholeness and what will be rejected within that frequency.

There is more to come.  This Equinox was the first of many accelerations for this year.  The next frequency to be prepared for is the Lunar Eclipse on April 25th which will represent expressing the Light to shine in the darkest areas of the Soul.  We express to you that it will take you deeper into the depths of your essence to learn who you are, what you are to create, how to find the aspects that stop you, and bringing wholeness to your existence upon this Earth.

So it seems we have a lot of work to do with each other.  Each of us in the Unified Whole Command had to go through the same process of admitting what we have done in the past may not serve the Greater Whole.  The equinox was just the beginning, but you are not on this journey alone.  Every human being is going through this same process no matter what level they are existing within their initiation and ascension process.  It is going to get more challenging the more you resist – it will persist.

So that brings us to this week.  We have laid down all the rules and what can happen if you do not do it.  But what about the other side of the coin.  What will occur by accepting to be more of yourself?

Well, accessing your Higher Self and I AM Presence is essential on a daily basis and many moments within that day.  They are going to assist you in feeling their energies physically and you will be able to flow through the day even if it becomes a challenging one to endure.  Laugh at yourself, smile deeply, and know that this is just a testing period.  You are the maker of your destiny with your Higher Self and I AM Presence.  You cannot do it without them.  This is the first element you need to realize and then go deeper by allowing the changes to happen within you.  Learn from your dream state and meditations what you need to do next.  You have these abilities.  We would not be speaking to you if we did not.  It is our time to shine together and we so look forward to see the transformative process within each of you.

We are standing by for your approval for us to work with you.  Ask for the Unified Whole Command and we will greatly assist you in learning how to be in Oneness within yourself first within your dream-state and then with meditations.

Honoring each of you deeply,

We Are the Unified Whole Command of Many Masters of Light

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A Message from Albert Einstein – Father of Relativity* ~ THE THEORY OF ASCENSION AS IT FITS INTO THE PUBLIC ARENA

There are three Phases of Development in reference to an Awakened Soul within the Human Construct.  They are:


The Hall of Ignorance represents mankind; unawakened mankind; those that have no clue that they are beyond just their physicality.  There are fully within the third dimensional world and are considered Unaware people,  they are asleep in reference to their higher consciousness, have a tendency to blame others for their problems, they do not look within, they are egotistical, they are addicted to their things in life:  drugs, alcohol, dysfunction, etc and do not see there is a way to get out as they never look within to their problems.

The Hall of Learning is when an individual starts to realize that there is more to themselves than their physicality, their body, their mind and their emotions.  Many individuals just waking up in the last 20 years represent this level.  It includes those that have many gifts as the Indigos, Star Children, Crystalline, Golden, and Rainbow children.  They can make things happen easily and effortlessly without the physical world’s outer creation.  They have strong psychic gifts.  This level can also pertain to individuals that are in the self-help programs; they learn the skills to change their thoughts, like “The Secret” teachings; but it does not go beyond that until one day they are met by a master or master(s) usually within the physical world, but Spirit can also have this affect on these individuals through their dream states and visions.  This is when they awaken up to themselves and realize they have much more potentiality than they ever realized, but with that realization comes responsibility.

The Hall of Wisdom is when an individual becomes an initiate; they walk unto the pathway of Mastery; learn about teachings of the Masters through the ages, search within books and knowledge for more information.  They learn that there is much more to being aware than psychic abilities; they become very involved in global healing and accelerating that healing as they become more aware themselves.  They are a master in training.

Now there are several sublevels within the Hall of Wisdom.  It includes the initiatory process but each individual has free will to go as far as they choose.  Some will stop and not move forward.  When an individual gets to the 4th initiation, they have stepped unto the process of Mastership.  Now this can include individuals on the self-help level; it depends on what they want to access in their lives and how they want to go about doing it.  Each step of the ladder is an acceleration of the Light of the Christ.  Individuals are becoming the Christ within.

Once an initiate decides they want to continue, then they accelerate themselves to receive more frequencies.  When they reach the 5th initiation, their Higher Self is their guide.  There is no turning back and the initiate is indoctrinated into the Brotherhood of White Light.  But there are requirements and prerequisites to stay within the Brotherhood.  They must follow the rules of selfless service by serving themselves first.  They must go through each of the initiation processes to fully accept their own mastery within.

Now many get to this space and hold themselves there.  It means that they can help individuals but truly do not step further upwards into the ladder.  Everyone has the ability to acquire this level but not all choose to do so.


When an individual starts to realize there must be more to their life than what they are living, they leave the Hall of Ignorance and walk into the Hall of Learning.    This level is massive as it includes many types of individuals such as: Self Help students, Newly Awakened Lightworkers and/or Rainbow, Crystal or Indigo’s, who possess many gifts and share them with others. (They can create teleportation, telekinesis, are mediums, psychics, healers, etc.)  As Newly Awakened Ones, they do not necessarily take responsibility for their actions; they can be very controlling with energies, lower entities can be in this space.  The Universe is at their command and they feel the will to do whatever they want it to do.  They have free will but also may lack compassion or responsibility about what they are doing or creating.  It is on a momentary basis and can fall and crumble just as much as it can be built.  The lower energies are typically guiding them completely.  Some stay in this area for a long time and other individuals see that there is a deeper level to who they are as a being.  (This area of expertise would be considered the lower aspects in each of the Seven Rays of God for those of you studying them.)  These Ones are bringing forth the dynamics of Universal existence, but there are too many other influences that are getting in the way of their full progress.  Not to say that these individuals are not powerful; in fact, they probably are very gifted in many ways but they don’t use it with Universal Laws.  This school of thought I put forth is to help individuals to see that there is a deeper reasoning process with what they possess which helps them to wake up even more through the process.

When the Learning phase has been initiated, and an individual sees that they must go further in their studies, they step into the Hall of Wisdom.  This is where an initiate starts to walk the pathway through their Higher Self and not just their intuitive self of the physical body.

The types of people include self help teachers, gurus, and individuals that follow higher learning.  They have now walked into the pathway of mastery as an initiate.  They teach about responsibility and learn that everything has a purpose in life.  The initiate that is growing through this learns about the Spiritual Hierarchy and the reasons behind why things happen, they apply the teachings to their life and step unto the initiation pathway.  Each step on the pathway will take them deeper unto their mastery within.

Once an initiate has walked into the 5th initiation, they are accessing through their Higher Self.  THIS IS WHERE MANY STAY.  They feel good; they have accomplished a way of being that satisfies them as compared to where they were, so they don’t move further, they think this is the epitome of everything.  Most Lightworkers are in this space.  They do not go further through the process.  This is where the deep work gets deeper.  Some may go further; but if they are not ready to handle what they need to acquire, then they will feel lost. The Higher Self will slip backwards, and they will see-saw through the initiations they had already gained.

When one moves to the 6th initiation, everything is stepped up deeply.  The initiate is now inducted into the Brotherhood of Light on a trial basis.  They come in and out of Shamballa in their dream-state for teachings and wisdom.  This is the hardest initiation as there is more responsibility which is put upon an individual in this level.

Once an individual moves into the 7th initiation, then they are fully inducted into the Brotherhood of Light.  Now you can be at the 7th and not be fully indoctrinated into the Brotherhood.  You must prove your worth to be part of the organization.  Many masters do not make this level and filter back into the 5th and sometimes the 4th level due to the extreme responsibility that is put upon the soul to act within their highest wisdom through the physical existence.

This correlates with the dimensional frequencies.  Second and third dimensional beings are unawake, fourth dimensional awaken but still fight their process including the old demons within and around them, fifth dimensional beings see that love is the only answer but their full I AM presence must be accepted within the bodily structure still.  Some choose to stay at this level as they do not realize the potential to move through the processes.  It must be understood that mastering the first seven Rays of God are a pre-requisite for this level.  Many are not able to go deeper with that work but still access their Higher Self in certain periods of time.  Nothing is guaranteed within the ascension process and this is why so few have done it as yet.

Many will not make the 5th dimensional level even in their consciousness by 12-21-12.  Some may feel it and go back and forth through the process.  Ascension is truly the full activation of the physical merging of the Lower Self with the Higher Self.  It can be done on a consciousness level and yet not be fully actualized within the physical.


I wanted to share this information to the public arena and have chosen Meleriessee, as the messenger to apprise individuals of where they might be in the ascension process, so that it can be seen that work needs to be done in order for more awakened souls to walk physically into the arena of the 5th dimension.  The level of physicality is something needing to be realized; that it is a Learning Process and a Privilege to acquire it.  People cannot simply say that they are arriving in the New Earth just by being positive and showing love in many ways.  This is a major part of it but the true depth of this information is about interacting with others on a personal and professional level.

Many individuals are deepening their skills of awareness and allowing the energies to fully infiltrate within their physical existence but the process goes much deeper than they realize.  The depth of the work needs to be done in order for every individual to fully accept their physicality which allows the lower mind and emotions to no longer exist in that world.  It has a lot to do with the Cellular Memories within the Physical Body and the Etheric Body to co-exist with the Higher Self and I AM Presence.  These memories can be painful and erratic which can cause an individual to not be able to access the “LOVE BUG ENERGY” each moment.  Then, at this point, there comes a creation of division between all the four bodies instead of them merging into the One Light that each of us has the ability to create.

I believe it is time to share this information in depth because individuals need to take a look within their essence and see where they might be holding other parts that they thought had been taken care of previously.  The process of initiations is necessary and cannot be side-stepped to move into the New Earth frequency.  At this moment in time, November 8th, each individual is being prepared for these cycles of rebirth.  It is up to each individual soul whether or not they will walk through the process.  We know that the energies are going to split starting in December and moving forward towards 2013, 2014, and 2015.  The Christ Consciousness will be the consciousness of the New Earth and this earth is going to either reflect or deflect that essence.  It will determine the cause and effect that happens within the planet and how it is going to change.

Individuals that choose to accept their new roles as deemed appropriate from their Higher Self’s will fully have the capability to access so much more than they realize.  Some have gone through these processes and still have a lower self activating within their higher self.  This is a dangerous combination as the warriorship attitude results in the process which then causes great confliction.  There is no confliction on the New Earth frequency so all these elements are going to be weeded out.

I know you want me to share my views on December 21st on the effects upon the planet.  I will tell you that there will not be major destruction of the planet as previously foretold.  There will be areas that will have tremendous upheaval and this goes along with the individuals that are accessing the panic, fear, and uncertainty within their world.  This six-week period is a warning signal for each person to fully step into their own essence as the Earth is now going to be allowing that frequency to permeate within her essence.  It is important to be in places of power energies; vortices in order to connect with the integration of the changes that will be happening.  Many will not be happy as what they think will arise out of them is like a bad virus that has been brewing for eons of time.  The more positive an individual allows themselves to be, the more powerful the energy for them.

I suggest that each person takes this time to fully activate their Higher Self and accept their divinity of Light that they are.  They will be affected because what does not serve the energies will be expelled from the body.  And many people upon this planet hold within them a seed of de-struction and dis-ease within which flows into the Earth.  So we require as many individuals as we can muster up to understand this process; the better Gaia will accept her new Divinity.

This is just the beginning of the frequencies.  It is not going to happen all at once as it will be a process time to integrate the essences for each human being upon the planet.  Now is the time to learn more about your inner self and walk with others that are doing the same.  The Mastership Pathway is available to each and every one who chooses to walk within it.  The challenges are great, and the rewards are greater.  But it goes into the depth of your soul to be able to access the changes and allow it to happen.

We have many new awakened individuals upon the planet who are very gifted and want to share their gifts.  But this pathway must be acquired through great responsibility and diligence within their spirit to allow the changes to come first within and then share with others.  It is a most imperative stage of development.

The Ones that are doing this work now are being considered for leadership roles within the New Earth and within the Golden Cities of Light (in which there are 22 of them).  They are areas that represent the 22 Rays of God and will be considered the High Priests and Priestess Domain upon the New Earth.  There are many other cities of light that are also part of the New Earth energies but the cities I am referring to are the Domain of the New Earth Brotherhood of Light and are considered the High Order of Oneness and all the other cities will be the Light Cities underneath of the Golden Cities.  The 22nd City of Havalannchee will be the highest frequency of light representing the Platinum Ray which is going to be ignited on December 21st over the Mt. Shasta, California, USA area.  This city is aligned with Shamballa and will house all the Spiritual Masters of the New Earth.  The other 21 cities fall under the domain of this Crystalline City of Light.

I feel it is important to share as much information and to as many individuals that it is possible.  The Gateway to the New World on December 21st is just our beginning.  It will be an internalization of mass consciousness that has never occurred previously and we want to share as much information as we can to help everyone through this process.  It is very exciting for each of us within the Unified Whole and the Spiritual Hierarchy that Heaven on Earth is occurring now.  It is imperative to understand that it will not just happen and individuals must be prepared for their own awakening of Light in each moment.

In Reflections of Oneness,

I AM Albert Einstein Extending My Essence Unto Yours

Blessings and Love

*Photographer: Johan Hagemeyer

(American, born Netherlands, 1884-1962)

Title: Albert Einstein

Date: 1931

Medium: Gelatin silver print

Collection: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


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Frequency Update ~ September 23rd through 29th, 2012

Planetary Level:

This week should be a mixture of the new from the New Moon on September 15 and moving into the Full Moon on September 30th, at 12:19 AM GMT.  In between these two phases we experienced the Equinox which truly was a doorway of moving from the old into the new.  This week we should be feeling the effects of the New Moon as we allow the walk to continue within the newer energies.  The Full Moon can be a time of romance, fertilization, and relationships which mean the emotional parts of the self will be very reflective.  It can be a bit combative as the Moon is in Aries representing the ‘self’ and the Sun is in Libra representing the ‘other’.  It is a time of illumination of expressing ourselves and moving out of the normal way of doing things.  This can also mean that we may want to change the old way of doing things, with others and in our lives, into a new existence as we allow these energies to be our guide.

In reference to Solar Flares, there is a slight chance this week.  There was an active region on September 23rd which is being recorded as an expanding cloud but is not being considered a threat to the Earth’s atmosphere.  The Northern lights have been active during and since this Equinox although the wind velocity is very low at this time.  That does not mean it will not speed up in the Artic winds.

Cosmic Level:

The energies that each of you are going to be feeling this week could be a mixture from the old and the new.  Possibly more of the old as you may not know what you need to be doing to walk into your new pathways unless you have been intending for quite some time to fully access these frequencies of light.  As the information above relates to the New Moon, Equinox, and Full Moon, it can create a mixture of energies that may confuse the lower mind to try and understand the entire process.

We suggest to you for this week to be in preparation for the Full Moon energies and totally understand WHO YOU ARE.  This means in all aspects of your Being, not just thinking about it.  How are you doing with conversations with others, interactions, and allowing your true Spirit to be the guiding force within your world?  As each new day brings on a different frequency of Light unto the Earth, each of you are going to be challenged deeply to fully understand the process that you are undergoing.  If you do not know how to do so, just ASK.  It is that simple.  You will see a special moment occur for you if you do so.

Not only is the time period in the last week of September crucial for your emotional balance, it is time for you to understand the mirrors that you are sending out to others; because it will be reflected back into your SELF.  We cannot assist another until we assist ourselves, and this is the week to do so.  Find time, even if it is a moment of self-reflection, to take care of your own insecurities, energies that are not serving your higher purpose, because they will illuminate out to others.  As a direct result, don’t you want to feel the same from others?  Isn’t that why you protect yourself with psychic energies so that you don’t have to interact with the ones that do not align with your truest purpose or thought of the moment?

Let us all take a breather this week and start to fully accept that you are a Divine Being of Light and allow that to reflect in all of your words, thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  As you do this, it will all come into a synchronous moment of creation.  Let us blend the Planetary with the Cosmic and bring it into balance into the ONE that matters, YOU.  As you do so, you will see this week be the most synchronistic moments in your life.  As each full moon becomes closer with 12-21-12, you will see a change in Who You Are.

In Love, Joy, and Exhilaration of Our Light Together,

The Unified Whole Command in the Light of Oneness


Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden