Lord Metatron, Solstice

COSMIC ACQUISITION OF 2020 ~ December Solstice Energies ~ Lord Metatron

Spiritual Meaning of the December 21st, 2020 Ascension Mastery* Message of the December Solstice with Lord Metatron as brought forth by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden.

Jupiter and Saturn are appearing within the Grand Conjunction visibly coming closer together than they have for over eight centuries bringing forth what is being called the Early Christmas Star.

The Solstice itself is a very power time in which we come to a space of light and dark merging together. It brings forth the allowance of every soul to realize within themselves that it is a time of great renewal allowing the dark within us to be filled with Light and traversing all elements within ourselves that have brought forth a holding pattern in our lives.

This event assists each soul to accept a higher part of themselves into the reality of their Spiritual Self. It does not matter where you live in the world, it a time shaping reality check to release what no longer fits within our consciousness and to accept that there are steps that need to be taken to walk into the Great Reality of our Divine Self.

The energies of December are quite powerful, and it is no mistake that at this last month of 2020 that we should be blessed with the Divinity of Love to be shown to us through the planetary systems of the Cosmos for su to embrace within our higher spiritual essence.

The New Moon (Sagittarius) that occurred on December 14th brought with it a Solar Eclipse. That eclipse frequency brings us the ability to forgive, release, to let go, and fully cleanse ourselves. Eclipses always bring forth their energies within a six-month period so it sets the stage for the upcoming energies in 2021.

In addition the Sagittarian energies allows for the freeing of old concepts to be realized, allowing for true growth of our spiritual ideals to be the focus within our lives. It is a time for nurturing ourselves and stepping forward with our spiritual optimism to be the guiding energies.

The Solstice on December 21st at 2:02 AM Pacific, 5:02 AM Eastern with Universal Time of 10:02 AM supports the beginning energies of the New Moon. As we allow ourselves to see from the perspective of our Spiritual Higher Self, then we can walk with beauty and focus unto the next phase of our journey.

Lord Metatron shares his expertise on the Solstice in December for 2020:

Greetings, My Friends,

It is my pleasure to extend unto each of you a warm welcome from the 36th Dimensional Level bringing forth the accessibility of Light that can be acknowledged within each of you.

The December Solstice of 2020 is going to be a very magnetic blessing unto the Earth and each of you arising to a new part of your creation by allowing your Spiritual Essence to be the controlling energy within your world.

We of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light are preparing ourselves to allow each of the human bodies to accept the process of these cosmic energies that will be enhanced on this day. This will prepare each of you to walk into 2021 with more focus and understanding of your planetary existence as an individual that has aspired to access your Higher Self and I Am Presence essence.

The light fractions that will be put into place will allow all of humanity to prepare the elements within themselves to be acquired and accepted. It is a Solstice of magnetic/electric energies which is housed within the Feminine/Masculine Divine.

If you allow yourself to step into a moment of the unknown, without any perception of what you are creating, but allow your Higher Self to do the work, then you will experience the greatness of this day which will set a spiritual illumination to occur within the upcoming year.

We all know that the dark and the light are converging for a moment in time. This is to allow all timelines to come into balance; to bring forth a sense of spiritual acquisition to occur within each of your lives through your higher consciousness.

We like to call this the COSMIC ACQUISITION OF 2020 as it represents all that you have gone through this year into the allowance of the Cosmic Forces of Light to assist you to step into a new sense of balance. Know this alignment that is occurring cannot be perceived within your conscious mind. You must allow your Higher Mind and Higher Heart to assist you to walk into a new space of reality.

This can take some getting used to for any human being as you are programmed to know what you are experiencing, to create the intentions for it to happen, and feel safe with the inner journey.

This event is bringing forth all the higher attunements that we have extended unto the Earth, “The Rainbow Arcs of Light”, “The Solar Angels To be Acknowledged”, and the “Ring of Fire from the Great Central Suns.” Each of these activation’s are blended together to allow for the transference of the Divine Masculine and Feminine essences to be acknowledged.

When the Divine Masculine and Feminine work together in unison, it creates a bond, an extension of the higher light bodies through the I Am Presence, to connect unto the human form to be acknowledged, accepted while creating a strong manifestation of Divine Light.

This Solstice brings all these energies into one Creative Alignment that will assist each of you to step into a new self-awareness within you. But, again, you must Surrender your Thoughts, your Emotions, and your Drama that you have been carrying in your four-body system (physical-etheric-emotional-mental). It is imperative for each of you to become part of a greater whole of yourself ~ your 12 Bodies of Light which is the accessibility of your I Am Presence and Spiritual Self.

Beforehand, cleansing is imperative through the body, the soul, the mind, and the emotions. Just allow yourself to be a receiver of the Divine Light energies and your Higher Self will do the rest.

On the day of the Solstice, take time in meditation at the precise moment, calling upon the Unified Whole Energies to make sure you step into wholeness, and allow your Highest Essence of your Higher Self and Light Bodies assist you to walk through the doorway of the integration of the Dark and Light within you.

Just be present and allow the energies to assist you. You may chant, pray to the elements, and as each of us of the Spiritual Hierarchy, of the Unified Whole Command, to assist you in this process.

This is all in preparation for the Cosmic Activation of Jupiter and Saturn.

Jupiter is the planet that represents the ability to flourish and manifest One’s Desires through careful formulation.

Saturn brings forth the Masculine energies of what is right and what is wrong. Its focus is associated with karma and what those lessons mean for us in the present timeline.

As the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn will interconnect, it brings with it the balance of knowing the lessons, acting upon the desired result so that the true balance can occur within your lives.

As these planets become so close on December 21st, it allows for what you have experience within the Solstice to become your True Reality. It is a blessing of allowing the Christed Self to become part of your full consciousness and not just a wish or a hope.

In summary of what I have given to you, it is important to realize the truths you hold within yourself, are they dark or light, and are you willing to see a new perspective of yourself through the Solstice Energies.  The vibrancy of the Star of the Cosmos will occur before sunset. This is when your true reality is created within your world.

Hold strong with what you experience and allow yourself to become your own best student and teaching within you.

All my blessings,

I am Lord Metatron at your service.

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Ascension Mastery Message, Lord Metatron

Lord Metatron ~ September Equinox 2020 ~ God Realization State of Consciousness

Spiritual Meaning of the Ascension Mastery Message of the September 2020 Equinox with Lord Metatron as brought forth by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden.

The September Equinox occurs on September 22, 2020 at 6:31 AM Pacific, 9:31 AM Eastern with Universal Time of 1:31 PM.

This equinox represents allowing what we have experienced throughout this year to help us see that we are becoming stronger within our Spiritual growth. In other words it is a time to allow the energies of the Great Central Suns (Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal, Cosmic) helps us to transcend and transmute the energies that we may be holding within our four body system (physical, etheric, emotional, mental).

This will help us to embrace our Realized State of God Consciousness from the reality of our I Am Presence instead of focusing upon our Physical Consciousness that can be created from our Subconscious Mind.

We are moving into a energy system that is important for each of us to hold within us through Embracing the energies and allow the Rainbow Arcs of Light (330 Rays of God) to bring forth peace, balance, love, strength and stability.

The Divine Mother God is emitting her qualities of Peace, Love, Surrender and Faith to be sent through each of the Great Central Suns unto the Earth. We have a gift to be able to receive it for ourselves, transcend what does not fit, and transform ourselves in the process.

It is important to embrace the present incoming energies from September 22nd through September 25th and then continuing into the Full Moon which occurs October 1st. Don’t worry about trying to rid yourself of the ills that are bothering you but step into the silence of the Sun essences as this energy becomes more part of your reality. This equinox energetic exchange will actually assist you to make the necessary changes by allowing yourself to be EMBRACED by this Divine Light.

Lord Metatron shares more on the effects of the September Equinox.

Greetings My Dearest Ones,

It is I, Lord Metatron to extend unto each of you blessings of the September Equinox that is occurring around the world. This is a time of harvest of reaping what you have sown no matter where you live on the Earth.

The Equinox of September is always known for bringing forth the grounding elements of what has already occurred throughout the year. The vibrancy of the light is continuing, but for this equinox it is about allowing the divine energies to help you become more of what you are already striving to be.

The earth and its creative process is being rewritten through the challenges that have occurred. People of all walks of life are seeing within themselves the damage that has occurred and much of this is due to the karmic elements that are arising to the surface. Great moments of disaster and pain has resulted but in the wake of those energies, there is also renewal that is occurring.

The only way that humanity can see the regenerative process that is part of the reality and consciousness of GAIA presently is that each soul must stop to realize within themselves what they are receiving so full acceptance can come into the awareness of the consciousness of the God Force within themselves.

This is not a time to purge, or to regret, but it is representative of moments of time to be realized within the physical, emotional, mental, and etheric timelines that they are all coming together in Unity and Love.

Now many will not be able to understand this concept – as they will be thinking outwardly of what they are receiving from a concept of physicality. It must be realized within the initial movement of Space and Time that all things come together to become the Oneness of the All through your Spiritual Self.

What I am trying to say is that this Equinox is about accepting within your own consciousness the reality of what you have experienced this year is to help you become more aligned within your own God Self Realization.

During this Equinox, the Stars, the Planets, the Universe, and all it represents comes into a silent stage of initiating the purest light and love into one’s Being. This will occur throughout the week and then into the full moon energies in the beginning of next month. This means there will be about a 10-day period for a stage of transition to occur.

The vibrancy of the Great Central Suns (Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal, Cosmic) are aligning their essences to allow for the exchange of light to be more of a grounding force than an intensity of light to come into the planet. There will be more of a softness occurring to allow for the Feminine Divine Energies of each of the Great Central Suns to bring forth their alliance of Nurturance, Love, and Recreation to occur.

It is in this time frame to think of the pure essence of God’s Light to spin within your Heart Essence as you learn to become more aligned with the essence of God Realization within you.

It is at this time that individuals can become very emotional but in a beautiful way. The vulnerability that will be expressed is up to each individual soul if they allow themselves to fully embrace this time especially the first three days after the Equinox and then settle into the energies preparing for the Moon of Virgo to fully become what you have received.

It is also during this time that the pure essence of the Solar Angels of your creative process will work through you in a much deeper alliance than has ever occurred.

The important part of this exchange of light is to realize that you must be STILL, RECEIVE, AND ACKNOWLEDGE without the mental faculties trying to tell you to do otherwise.

What will occur if you heed my advice is that the elements you have been dealing with can be healed, transmuted, and transformed into a better sense of yourself within the GOD REALIZATION STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

I walk with you to acknowledge the depth of your True Essence to Be Revealed unto Your Physical Reality.

I Am Lord Metatron, at your service.

Walking Terra Christa held a special ceremony with Lord Metatron for the September 2020 Equinox.  ~ Click the link to listen and download.

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Ascension Mastery Message, Lord Metatron


Ascension Mastery Message of the Spiritual Meaning of the June 2020 accelerations of the Solstice, New Moon in Cancer, and Solar Eclipse with Lord Metatron as brought forth by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden.

We are now stepping into a new reality with the Solstice, New Moon with a Solar Eclipse. The Ring of Fire is once again is continuing its journey of light unto Gaia and Humanity.

There are many components to this Trinity of Light which represent the Solstice occurring on June 20th, 2:44 PDT, 5:44 PM EDT, 21:44 UTC. This energy is bringing forth the Angelic essence for every soul upon the planet to be energized within us. A few hours later at 11:41 PM PDT, June 21st 2:41 AM EDT, 6:41 AM UTC the New Moon in Cancer with a Solar Eclipse brings the doorway of New Beginnings with the Heart Essence as the focus.

It is a time to speak and live within the Emotional Self, realizing how important it is for us to become One within our own Heart. This alignment is allowing our hearts to step into the Act of Vulnerability and getting in touch with what we need to have occur to create a sense of connectiveness and love in various ways.

Since the Earth is in a state of transition, this alignment is going to help the planet to accept Divine Love. In order to receive love, we always have to let go of the lower forms of energies that have been holding us back to step into Unity of the Self.

This Solstice, New Moon, Solar Eclipse is a blessing with the Ring of Fire from the Great Central Suns as the Spiritual Hierarchy assist the Earth through the transition of Transmutation into Transformation.

It is a Beginning for each of us to step into our own Divine Self so that others can experience it.


Greetings My Dearest Souls,

I come to you as Lord Metatron, Logos of the Multi-Universal Level within the 36th dimension to assist in the process of the Solstice energies for June 2020 but also to bring forth balance within the New Moon and Solar Eclipse that is occurring at the same time.

New beginnings are possible if you allow your Intuitive Self to guide you in the direction of Infinity – what is beyond your physical reaction to the world around you that you cannot see but truly feel.

It is important to realize the importance of what you are experiencing upon the Earth – great transformation is taking place as energies are erupting that have been hidden for eons of the earth’s orbit. Change is occurring all around you and it depends upon how you deal with those fluctuations of movement and what it may mean for you in your own consciousness.

As a human, it is so easy to look at the world and see what others are experiencing in a sense of judgement. That is how the third dimensional mindset works – look at others, and not yourself, as you are just fine the way you are.

Not so, as every soul upon this earth is going through an upheaval of their consciousness whether they are aware of it or not. The earth is moving and every living element upon the planet is moving with it, either in alignment or against it. The only way to get past what you are experiencing is to internalize who you are being as the world is changing whether you like it or not.

The vibrational changes that are coming into the planet are to assist each individual to feel their Emotional Self to be more alive than it has previously. Now this may cause emotions to arise, but the important element is that it is changing.

Each of you are like a flower that has grown from a seed; as your buds open up, it allows the elements of the earth to assist the flower to flourish and show its beauty with all of the colors and the petals pointing towards the sun and closing down into the night.

The Solstice of June is bringing forth a divine dispensation of light frequency to assist the planet to rise above the present difficulties while learning to experience the blessing of the Oneness that is occurring within the Universal Levels.

The beauty of coming into the movement of Oneness represents the act of knowing that you are All Things in All Moments. It takes away the lower self to be in control while the Higher Self becomes the defining factor. As in that consciousness, all elements are felt the same way, with the blessing of becoming At One with all that you have been in and out of the body. You see, there is a movement occurring during this Solstice to assist each soul upon the planet to open up more into their Divine Source of Light.

Now for some this may be quite simple by seeing the beauty of the earth, of the planet, in nature or animals, allowing the gift that is being given to be felt through the heart.

For others more aware there comes a sense of knowingness within the Heart, a flicker of love, like a spark that is being ignited within you that you did not feel before.

This movement is very subtle depending upon your own awareness. If you can allow yourself to fully step into your Emotional Body by being vulnerable and loving to your own physical self, then you will aspire to be more than you have been previously.

What makes this even more special is the Solar Eclipse with the Ring of Fire energies that will ignite the Rays of God – all 330 of them through each of the Great Central Suns from the Cosmic, to the Multi-Universal, into the Universal, meeting  up with the Galactic, and then settling within the Solar Light Energies.

What does this Ring of Fire represent for the Earth?

It means that more of the higher cosmic rays beyond the seventh flame are going to be spinning around the earth and within the core of Gaia. It is a magnificent light show to assist humanity to realize that there is Hope for a better tomorrow as these frequencies from the Great Central Sun are bringing forth a surge to ignite the Feminine Divine more fully within the planet.

The Feminine Divine is a resonation of light frequency that will bring forth a sense of flowing light energy; not being afraid of one’s feelings, like spinning on a cloud within your Angelic Body but yet, being held within the physical system.

The Solar Angels that each of you are within yourself become the predominant factor as that part of your essence is the Feminine Divine – it has nothing to do with your physical sensations as a person, but has everything to do with your Intuitive Self, the light forces you feel, bringing forth a sense of deep love to be ignited allowing the manifestation of your Divine Soul to be felt more deeply than before.

It is important that you acknowledge your Solar Angel as it is part of your higher reality -it is the bridge unto the Higher Self and holds within its consciousness all that you have desired to feel and be upon this earth. But, your mental self, your subconscious mind and programming of the etheric self, tell you otherwise.

It is a time of new beginnings with the New Moon in Cancer – this is a heart centered moon like none other and with the combination of the other energies, you, as the soul, can manifest your Heart’s desire of Love, to be so strong within you that it will seem as if you are flying out of the planetary structure, becoming One with your Higher Light Bodies as they assist you to walk this pathway on the Earth.

The energies of the Solstice will continue through September – it is a time to flow with what you are feeling, open up your angelic wings and fly through the darkness, through the transmutation of the old ways, and become more aligned with your Self.

The vibrational energies of the Solstice occur on June 20th. The defining energies represent the onset of the Solar Angels to give forth a blessing unto each soul inhabited within the planet, like a moment in time to reflect upon the deep love that your soul holds within you.

At the time of the New Moon of Cancer and the Solar Eclipse, the Ring of Fire from the Great Central Suns will ignite the 330 Rays of God to be ignited around the orbit of Gaia’s light body which will be experienced by humanity. These Rays of God represent all the aspects of the divinity of the life force that is necessary to uphold Divine Mother Father God’s essence. The creation of these energies will be felt within the Heart Center.

As the Solar Angels have already been ignited into the Hearts of All Souls, this Ring of Fire will bring forth a surge of light energy that will help to ignite the Love, Will, and Power of the Three-Fold Flame into the Hearts of humanity. This process will last for three days and continue its journey through the months into the September Equinox.

It is a time to allow this fluctuation of light to guide you from the Heart Source, and not the Head of your Mental Mind. Once you allow the Feminine Self to be the defining factor within your consciousness, then your Masculine Self will be able to support the walk upon the Earth.

This will not be easy to acknowledge within you as it is not just about the June Solstice, but it represents a walk, with your Solar Angels, helping you to be more centered in Love, Compassion, and Regeneration of your Physical Selves.

For some this will be very challenging as it will ignite the essence of Divine Love, but they may not be able to accept it. So when elements arise upon this Earth that are difficult to see and hear, do not become angry but allow your own Solar Angel to help you through the process.

You see, all of you are the Solar Angel, you walked as this angel, and then came into physicality. This energy will help you to realize the beauty of your own angelic self helping you to acknowledge that essence once again in physical form.


I am here to help you acknowledge this essence within you to help you with the growth and healing that will be occurring within you. All I ask of you is to surrender into this energy. Don’t fight it as it will push you in ways that will be unpleasant. Go with the flow of the light energies and you will see the greatest manifestations occur within your heart, to heal so deeply that Love will never be questioned within you.

All my blessings to each of you,

I Am Lord Metatron

Multi-Universal Logos of the 36th Dimension


Highest Ascension Frequency Guided Meditation to Assist Humanity and Gaia by Walking Terra Christa


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Blessings in Oneness and Unity for these Sacred Higher Solstice Energies! (Please share this article widely to support Mother Earth and Humanity).
~ Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden and Rev. Michael Ara Hayden

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*formerly spelled Meleriessee

Ascension Mastery Message, Lord Metatron



Ascension Mastery Message for the Solstice of June in 2018 with Lord Metatron. Channeled Transmission by Rev. Christine Meleriessee of Walking Terra Christa.

The Solstice occurs on June 21st, 2018 at 10:07 GMT, 3:07 AM Pacific, 6:07 AM Eastern. Lord Metatron shares his words of wisdom on what we can expect to experience with the solstice energies.

Greetings with Deep Love,

I am Lord Metatron bringing forth a divine message of what the June 21st Solstice within this year brings to Gaia and each of all her inhabitants.

The energies presently coming into the planet before the Solstice are representing great changes to occur which you may have seen in your own life. The effects of the Rainbow Arcs of Light is continuing with each shift of the Sun and the Moon reflecting into Gaia’s planetary functions.

Energetically this energy has brought forth great power to be realized in the form of allowing the extension of the light frequencies to be exposed in a new and different manner. There is an opening of the light rays through each of the Great Central Suns that is allowing every soul upon this earth to come into a new extension of their higher presence. It may come in the form of changing their diet, the way they are living, or Initiates realizing there is more they need to do about the healing of their emotional and mental bodies.

In any case there is a true opening of allowing each soul to feel a small percentage of what can be within their lives if they allow themselves to fully become present and ready to receive the integration of the Alpha and Omega of Helios and Vesta, our Solar Logos.

As we move into the June Solstice, it represents more of the same but specifically the effect of what Helios and Vesta represent, who are the Solar Logos. They bring to humanity the ability to step into their world of the Alpha Omega, the Masculine and Feminine God concept of Divine Father and Mother God.

Helios and Vesta are the Solar Great Central Sun and the effects of what is happening within the Earth through the Solar Flares is a direct result of their essence being expressed on a physical basis.

Electro-Magnetic charges are being sent into the grounding force of Gaia to assist in the acceleration of the planetary functions. This means that every soul must align within themselves a higher part of their existence.

This is exactly what has been occurring since the March Equinox. The Ascension Festivals occurred and brought forth a divine dispensation of more light to be infused within Gaia but also each of you. The process of the depth of your changes is a direct result of these energies coming into alignment.

This Solstice occurring in June for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres brings about the same effects. It does not matter where you are residing within the world all of the energetic charges are being felt by every soul upon this earth.

As we move into the Solstice energies, there is going to be a power surge that occurs within each of you. It may be very subtle at first with the increased light frequency bringing forth more of a burning away of dross and debris in a more tangible form than it was before.

This has already been initiated within the planet’s outer field and will increase substantially at the rising of the Sun on the 21st and will continue for a three-day period in which the increased light infractions will become more grounded within Gaia’s Crystalline Core on the setting of the Sun on the 24th of June.


These light frequencies are going to bring forth more of a balance of the Masculine and Feminine essence to occur within each soul upon the earth. It allows for what has not been in alignment to come into balance. It will be reflected not only through humanity but each kingdom that is walking the earth.

Many will say that this is the 5th dimension arriving but in truth, this is only the beginning stage to occur as we have been sharing for quite some time. In order for the planet to transition into the 5th dimensional energies there must be moments such as this to align the planetary function of what was upon this Earth into what could be arriving to assist in the process of creating the New Earth.

This Solstice is substantial in the fact that it allows for the Alpha and Omega to be part of the grand plan. The light infractions that will be sent through this process can be very powerful depending on how well you are ready to allow the change to happen. The most important element is to balance your four-body system and allow the higher light essence to assist your body in becoming more crystalline. This process can be very challenging and sometimes debilitating.


This is essential in order for the Spiritual Body to become more integrated within your system on a physical basis.

During this three-day period it is a time of great reflection, openness to the Divine Mind is going to be the main element of reflection, and allowing the Truth to be revealed and illuminated through Helios and Vesta. There is no hiding away of issues, or thoughts; they become very apparent and within that process they can be healed.


The beauty of this Solstice is that what has been hidden can now be declared as the forces of this light is being brought into alignment of All That Is. There are no hidden agendas as they will emerge out of the darkness that has been lost within you.

This also goes true for Planetary and Global awareness. Hidden agendas will be revealed and possibly not in a very positive manner. It is important not to get lost in the worldly affairs of others. Your role is to fully accept that what you thought was lost can now be found. The treasure is being revealed for every soul to see within themselves what is their Truth as it is Illuminated within their consciousness.

During this process manifestation can occur in many ways as long as you are in alignment with the Illumination and the Truth as Helios and Vesta are imparting it to the Earth. The vibrancy of these accelerations will truly assist in your healing of all elements within the four-body system.

It is a time of great revelation of hope and faith that life is changing little by little.


In order to sustain this light energy, it is important to see the particles of your darkness that need to be released into the Solar Great Central Sun.

The effect of these energies will continue throughout the months into the Equinox of September. There will be many moments of clearing and recharging your full body system. Allow yourself to walk as the Great Initiate you are, know when it feels uncomfortable, and allow yourself to step into the world of healing bringing forth the acceleration of your light to be the focal point in your consciousness.

I suggest connecting to Helios and Vesta with the Sun’s energies especially at sunrise, not only on the 21st but within the three day cycle. Allow their Divine Truth to assist you to see your own reality from the standpoint of a multi-dimensional being that you desire to be. It cannot just be in your thinking process as that is the Masculine self, but command it to be by Initiating the transference of Light within the Feminine self.

This is allowing your Truth to be revealed within all aspects of your Being.

Enjoy these energies especially at the onset; they will be very powerful and will assist you in the process of allowing your Divine Self to become manifest within your world. The more individuals that achieve this individually, the more we will have a planet that is truly representative of the Light and Love it deserves.

I walk with each of you,

I Am Lord Metatron, at your service.

Walking Terra Christa is holding a global festival for the Solstice Light Event on Saturday, June 23rd to celebrate the Solstice of June at 10 AM Pacific via your telephone or computer. (Please note that this is an audio conference only.) To join this event, please click unto the link: June Solstice 2018.

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Angelic Boost for the Four Initiations ~ Teaching Series

I, come forward as Lord Metatron at this time to assist any individual that would like assistance with their initiations of Mastery. I bring to you the availability of the Golden Solar Angels of Light and all angelic presences during this phase of teaching.

It has always been my desire to come forward at a time that would be beneficial to the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Order of Melchizedek, and Initiates on the earth-plane that would be able to accelerate and yet balance their energies through the first Four Levels of the Initiations.

As we have just experienced a beautiful teaching with one another within the Embody Your Solar Angel I want to continue this work of the Metatronic Seals but directing it in the manner of the angelic essence. We are all angels together. Each of you has come to Earth in that angelic form to assist Gaia and humanity in the transition towards Oneness. Within that process comes the journey of the Self that must be addressed within each soul. It can be long and arduous, but each of you that are ready at this time, can go through the process in a gentler way of acceptance.

This course series will entail working with your Solar Angel through the Initiations. We will, again, connect with your angelic self so that she/he can be your guide through those four levels that are the most important for a strong foundation. It will entail a step-by-step process to assist each of you to understand more about yourself while going through the acceleration phases.

It does not matter where you are presently sitting within the initiation as sometimes as an initiate, we have to go back to the lower levels to clear some elements that were not ready to appear until we get to the higher phases.

My role is not to teach you about each initiation but to attune you to the energetic exchange that represents each initiation while helping you to access your Solar Angel in the process. We will work through the Metatronic Seals in a different way than I have taught previously. I take on my essence as the Archangel and the Lord to guide each of you through Rev. Meleriessee through the process.

Each level of the initiations along with specific Metatronic Seals to assist in the process of full activation will be accessed in the succession of the classes:

Class No. 1 – Initiation 1 – Inspiration – Representing the Etheric Body
Class No. 2 – Initiation 2 – Illumination – Representing the Emotional Body
Class No. 3 – Initiation 3 – Intuition – Representing the Mental Body
Class No. 4 – Initiation 4 – Liberation from Wheel of Rebirth ~ Embodying the Higher Self

Each of the specific Metatronic Seals that will be initiated and activated. Activation depends upon where each individual can hold the energies within their body, where they stand within their Planetary Ascension.

· Initiation 1 ~ Remembrance of the Angelic Presence and Grounding Process which will entail accessing Etheric Body so that the Physical Body can hold the energies,
· Initiation 2 ~ Female Essence which will include accessing the feminine aspects within each individual so that there is more of a flow of those energies within;
· Initiation 3 ~ Male Essence – initiating the energies to help the Mental Body to understand the process of power and structure of the initiate;
· Initiation 4 ~ Integration of Masculine & Feminine Divine; Accessing the Higher Self – both of these seals work together as when the Higher Self is fully actualized at this stage, then the Masculine and Feminine work cohesively together.

This series of classes will help each initiate to go through the challenging periods with more ease and grace as it will connect them to their Solar Angel through the process. Many individuals do not realize that they are angelic so the process of the initiations can be very challenging and almost life threatening to them

I believe working with the Metatronic Seals and the Solar Angel will assist each initiate to walk through the necessary doorways and find the solutions they are searching for within their pathway.

This program will entail quite a bit of attunement elements so that they can be initiated within a person, then activated, and finally the actualization will occur when they have walked completely through the full Initiation Process. In previous timelines this work could take many lifetimes to achieve these results.

Each of the attunements can be utilized many times as elements will arise that that attunement will assist to allow the individual to find a stage of actualization within their four-body system.

In addition the energies that are being activated within the planet at this time are going to assist in fully accepting these energies within each individual. It is not a quick fix but it is accessing an assistant within your life to help you walk through the challenging moments of each initiation phase (which includes seven (7) sublevels of each initiation).

I hope you will join me with Walking Terra Christa in bringing this amazing class to each of you.

I am Lord Metatron
In service to all Initiates and Angels of this Earth

WTC is Hosting a Four-Part Series with Lord Metatron to assist individuals within the first FOUR INITIATIONS of Mastery. We have the unique opportunity with the use of the SOLAR ANGELS assistance to receive guidance and specific frequencies to make our progress through the early crucial stages of the Mastery Initiations be realized with more ease and grace.

This is a FOUR CLASS COURSE SERIES. Each class will be 90 to 120 minutes in duration. The planned schedule is as follows:
Session 1 – Thursday, July 2, 2015 at 4:30 PM PDT.
Session 2 – Thursday, July 9, 2015 at 4:30 PM PDT.
Session 3 – Thursday, July 16, 2015 at 4:30 PM PDT.
Session 4 – Thursday, July 23, 2015 at 4:30 PM PDT.

Classes are via live teleconferencing. Immediate playback is available via the teleconference system. Audio MP3 files will be available within 24 hours to all who enroll.

If you are interested in joining this teaching series, please click here to Walking Terra Christa’s blog. Scroll down to the bottom to see the payment fee schedule.

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