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This Memorial Day ~ Healing for All Souls & Changes in the Temple!

Clarion Temple of Oneness - Healing for All Universal Light Beings in Body & Beyond

Archangel Michael Asks
It was over a decade ago that Christine Meleriessee answered the call from Archangel Michael to join Heaven and Earth within the messages of the Clarion Temple of 911. This was a powerful connection desired by the souls of the 911 event to assist and thank humanity for all their prayers of love, compassion and healing expressed for them and their loved ones. The event of that day in 2001 was the first time in humanities history that humans all across the globe began to consciously be joined en mass — together in unity — for a common cause of the heart.

It then came to be called the Clarion Light Beings Temple of 911 & Beyond ~ Unified in Oneness and has grown to change the destiny of millions of souls, both those of whom recently walked upon planet EARTH, and many more from the entire MULTI-UNIVERSE of ALL THAT IS.

The Temple now came to represent all the Beings of Light who are eternally committed to answering the call; the Clarion Call of all who seek spiritual aid as the spiritual numbers of 9-1-1 represent “nine”, the movement of God combined with “One”, the Unity of All That Is in relation to the “one”, the individual who is seeking aid from the Spiritual Realm.  All participants who joined in on the weekly calls, as human representatives, now became the vehicles for in depth healing and accelerations within themselves, enjoying the high frequency attunements and meditations that were also being experienced by All The Light Beings.

More Changes
Now there are even more changes to bring us all into Healing & Wholeness within the Temple.

We have come to a juncture of time for each of us and in the pathway that we are embarking upon.  Changes occur and we need to flow with those elements of the passage of time.  Today is one such day as The Clarion Temple of 911 & Beyond ~ Unified in Oneness is moving into a new frequency of Light.

Since the transference of the Sunday night Cosmic Oneness call just two short weeks ago, Meleriessee personally knew there were going to be more changes.  Lord Sananda along with Divine Mother and Father God announced to Mike Hayden and Mel that they wanted to let go of the Cosmic Oneness call to assist them due to more projects coming up, and they also decided that this energy should be integrated into the Clarion Light Beings 911 & Beyond call.  As Meleriessee states, “It was with a shift in my consciousness that I needed to fully embrace this change but yet, Lord Sananda, explained that we had all been discussing this possible adjustment for a few weeks on the Inner Plane.  I accepted that this needed to be done for many reasons.”

In addition to the releasement of the Cosmic Oneness call, the Cosmic Great Central Sun would now move to overlight the energies within the Clarion Temple of 911 call. (A few months ago Mel and Mike had asked the Unified Whole to fully put the Temple into wholeness of the 144th dimension so this was an added element.)  On that first combined call, Divine Mother and Father God brought forth their energies in a beginning overture.  Meleriessee’s dearest friend and colleague, Fred, who has been the Spokes-Being of the Temple since the beginning still provided an introduction.  But yet, in that moment, she knew that there would be a change.

Those of you who do not know the story of how the Temple of 911 was started, Christine Meleriessee experienced a Sweat Lodge one month after the 911 Tragedy in Long Island, New York.  The energies were quite intense and she was doing heavy shamanic work while in the Lodge.  She recalls, “As I got up for the 3rd round, I fell into the rocks and burned my shin in the shape of a “heart”.  It was on this day I was introduced to Fred, who was a Fire Battalion Chief in New York City.  The story is very long and involved so I refer to our blog on the Clarion Light Beings 911 & Beyond About page,  It will help an individual to understand the depth of this work that Fred and I were destined to create together.”

A Dear Friend Indeed
Fred not only was the Spokes-Being but a true friend in Spirit.  When Meleriessee traveled to Mt. Shasta, he would come through her and speak to the other people she was with.  He loved being in the car and seeing the scenery as he joked about his beautiful but quiet life living in New York City.  He has since been introduced to all her friends and has become a close friend to Mike in the process.  Christine Meleriesse goes on to speak about her multidimensional friend, “We have had many laughs together and watching him grow has been a beautiful joy for me to see.  When he first communicated to us through my channeling, he had no idea what level of dimension he was residing in or what that word even meant.  He would come and tell us where he was with the excitement of a young man moving into a powerful job.  He has communicated how many Beings were now coming to the Temple of 911 and how wonderful it was to see the healing that has resulted from this amazing meditation group.  I consider him a soul of great love and understanding even though we never met in body.”

As in all good things that occur, individuals are healed and must move forward whether they are in or out of body.  Mel had this same occurrence with her Gatekeeper, Robert, about 15 years ago when he said he would no longer be “Robert” but “Solebterium”.  He was still her Gatekeeper and watcher of all who come to her in Spirit, but he had merged with his Higher Self due to the work that he and Mel were doing together.

With regards to Fred’s own acceleration, Mel says, “Again, I now must accept the fact that this amazing meditation group is changing and molding into another higher aspect.  With the integration of the Cosmic frequencies within the group, I knew it was time to accept this adjustment but not without a sadness.  Fred, is now merging with his Higher Self who turns out to be a very important figure in our past history of this Earth.  He is also integrating with some of his other aspects, one which is a Pleidian, along with others we are unsure of.  I choose not to reveal his historical name as yet as we plan to honor Fred in our next Clarion Temple call which will be on June 11, 2012.”

Join In Each Week for Healing
With this merging of Higher Essence Aspects for Fred, he will no longer be introducing the energies for the meditation as he has done so for many years.  Divine Mother and Father God will bring forth the introduction through an attunement and clarification of the energies for the evening.  It is not without sadness that Meleriessee accepts this change, but Fred is graduating and he fully would not have been able to go as far without this amazing Temple of Light.

Mel concludes, “So I am excited and sad at the same time, but he tells us that he will be speaking within the Temple soon along with still being on the Council with Archangel Michael, Divine Mother & Father God, the Unified Whole, along with Mike and myself. The temple has been changing for many months with the guest Light Beings sharing amazing energies and attunements each week.  This is going to help us all grow and invite more people to be part of these amazing energies.  Many souls have healed through this group and I want to thank everyone who has diligently supported this effort along with allowing your Higher Essence to provide healing and joy to many other souls.  It is truly our group together.”

All are invited to join in the now newly renamed Clarion Temple of Oneness ~ Healing for All Universal Light Beings in Body & Beyond on Monday evenings, 5 PM Pacific or 8 PM Eastern, 24:00 GMT.  The call is accessible via phone or Skype.  Please see the website for details on joining the weekly Tele-Calls and also on receiving special channeled messages in the newsletter.  In addition Mel and Mike are in the processing of updating the transcriptions on the original blog site: (

In Loving Expressions of Oneness,
Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden
Vibratory Masters of Ascension – Your Premier Source for 5D Body Healing and Attunement
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Settling of the Solar Eclipse Energies ~ Just the Beginning

Mt. Shasta Sun 1 pm Before Eclipse

Barely a week ago we all went through another magnificent doorway of  the integration of the Divine Feminine Balance within our existence upon Earth.  This one proved to be the most powerful as the Sun and the Moon fully intertwined their energies into the Creation of the One.  Here in Mt. Shasta we were honored to fully experience the eclipse within the essence of the majestic mountain we love so dearly.

This week has been beyond powerful for me and my partner.  The past six months we have been going through a whirlwind of frequencies as our partnership became aligned within one another.  Not only was this intense for us to come together in union but to remove all the old timelines that held us back previously along with accessing the timelines that fully never came to fruition.  We have learned how to live to together cohesively in love and full cooperation.  For me this has been quite a huge challenge as my life previously was living as a single woman (previously married many years ago) doing the work with Spirit and being halfway in the corporate world.  Without the beautiful assistance of many Lady Masters of Quan Yin, Lakshmi, Isis, Pallas Athena, Lady Portia, Lady Nada, and Mother Mary just to name a few I would not be in this amazing state of grace within my life.  I learned that I did not fully integrate the Feminine Divine due to my need to control my world through my mental levels.  I accepted the fact that I could surrender myself unto my partner, Mike, as he would support that part of me that I was releasing.  It took me to a deeper level than I could imagine.  One would think that as an independent woman you would loose yourself but in truth, I found a new meaning within me.

This has accelerated my work beyond what I could ever imagine.  As we partner together in this pathway, his role in my pathway of teaching has brought me to a position of being more grounded than I ever thought I could be and removed the elements that stood in the way of my total integration.  Both of us have surrendered unto each other in the roles of the Divine Masculine and Feminine balance within each of us and together.

This is what this Solar Eclipse of May 20th represented upon the planet as it was to be embodied within Gaia and each of us.  But this is only the beginning of our pathway in 2012.  We have much to do within ourselves and with each other.  The energies have just started to flow and it is up to each of us individually to work through the processes that the Universe is providing to us at this time.  Just to say, “Oh, it was an eclipse and it was beautiful,” is not good enough.  Each of us need to embody these frequencies within our Being so that we can fully understand our part upon the Earth at this time.  Every one of us as a role to play and we are being given an opportunity to fully activate our existence.

We held an amazing call on the day of the Eclipse in which we gathered with individuals to experience these energies on a deeper level.  You may download this recording (unedited) to experience the energetics that were brought forth.  Please check the blog, entitled, “The Union of the One” with a special channeled decree and background information on the ceremony for the day.

We are now moving forward as 2012 promises to be the year of great change for each of us individually and collectively.  On June 4th we will celebrate the Festival of Humanity/Goodwill and also known as World Invocation Day in many areas of the world.  This is the third ascension celebrations and probably the most crucial one.  We have traveled through the the journey of the Festival of the Christ in April as we resurrected our energies in preparation for Wesak.  Then we experienced the most powerful Wesak Celebration in the history of planet Earth on May5th, 2012 in which we as initiates and masters fully accelerated ourselves for the next step of our journey.  The Solar Eclipse only helped us to accelerate even more deeply.  Now is the time for us to fully accept the transformation that we have allowed to enfold within our Being. It is our time to show who we are and some of us may not even know what that may be.  Additionally, we have another powerful earth energy on the June 5th-6th of the Venus Transit when Venus passes directly through the Sun and the Earth.  Then, again, on the 20th of June we come to the Solstice which proves to be an unprecedented event here in Mt. Shasta as the Atlantean Crystal within the mountain will combine with the Lemurian energies already implanted here.  James Tyberonn has brought forth some very powerful information via his site,  We are also creating a special project during this time and will be bringing forth that information this week.

We will be holding another powerful call on Monday, June 4th to celebrate these wonderful events.  There will be another blog this week to detail this connection call with additional channeled information on what the Venus Transit means for each of us.

Energetically these elements are going to be catapulting us into the way of life that we have been working towards for many years.  Each of us has made the decision to be here on Earth at this time and to fully accept the important roles that we have chosen for ourselves at this magnificent time.

I refer to my personal experience again just to relate how deep these elements are working through us as we fully allow them to be accepted in our life’s purpose at this amazing time on Gaia’s land.  Immediately after the Eclipse, my channeling took on a new dimension.  Wesak was very powerful for me and I have participated in these energies for 13 years.  The frequencies have allowed me to go into deeper levels than I could ever imagined because I put out great intentions for it to be a very powerful force in my life.  This year my partner and I did a separate ceremony in the forest of  Northern California not only assisting us but putting forth prayers into the lands.  We are being told that this is bringing the animal kingdoms into alignment with the frequencies also.

Right after the Eclipse we had our Clarion Light Beings 911 & Beyond call which is a weekly meditation.  My channeling went to a new level as now the Cosmic Great Central Sun is overlighting those energies.  Spirit has been pushing me for some time to get deeper with the vibrational chants which is something that is not easy for me to do.  I am not a singer, as I am sure you can tell, but yet my voice gets into the higher notes as I access my I AM Presence through the process.  I laugh and say that if my mother was alive today she would be quite surprised.

We also conducted our monthly Mastery Class of the Journeys of the Chakras through the Rays of God.  We are integrating the the chakra grids up through the 5th dimension by accessing the Rays up through 22.  On Wednesday evening I conducted the most powerful channeling of my life in which I channeled the beings represented by the Great Central Suns from the Solar through the Cosmic.  It changed myself and Mike deeply as the Crown Chakra was more opened than we ever thought possible.  (This class series is available via and is a journey that is magnificent.

I share all these elements as I want everyone to realize that no matter where you are on your pathway, the length of time or the depth of your essence, we are constantly changing.  Many of you know I have walked deeply through this journey and share my essence with each of you.  I have worked very diligently through many processes to get where I am but that is always changing.  Even the Masters that we love and adore are continually working through their elements so that we can come back into that essence of Oneness that we are together.  So I say to you, keep doing what you are trying to achieve, take time for yourself in between, and you will see dramatic results in your life.

I appreciate your love and support in all ways.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Christine Meleriessee

Vibratory Master & Mentor for the New Earth

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Arriving Into Oneness ~ A Personal Journey Within


This was written on Monday evening, November 8th, 2010, after facilitating the Clarion Light Beings 911 & Beyond. It is my personal journey of how I feel I have fully peeled the onion and found my Divine Essence within my Heart.  I want to share this so others can do the same.  It has been a very long journey for me and I share it with my I AM Presence fully and without reservation.  Thank you for your loving support in so many ways.

Until one arrives into Oneness they cannot fully understand what this means.  We talk about it constantly, Creation of Oneness, and the love, joy, acceptance, and purity of life.  I have spoken about it for eons of time and felt it most of the moments I have been living.  It was not until tonight that I can say I express it fully within myself on a physical existence.

As many of you know and understand, I am a Cosmic Messenger of Light.  I have walking this path for almost 30 years preparing myself for what I was not even sure of until this moment in time.  I have prepared myself on a journey of complete trust and acceptance in the Universe while being guided every step of the way.  I was put in situations and places that I would not normally choose to experience but yet always found myself working through the life circumstances.

My channeling is what has given me hope, friendship and acceptance in my life.  Many may not understand the gift of connecting to the other realms of thoughts and energies to be a gift of friendship.  In my case it truly has been and continues to be.  I traveled the path of discovering the New Age books many years ago and was taught by Light Teachers by each book that I picked up and read.  The teacher would come through me and guide me through the process.  I was gifted with a Being called a Gate Keeper and he protected me from other lower energies from entering my space when I would communicate with Spirit.  It was a family affair for awhile but that wore off.

I jumped into a marriage with a man that was my spiritual partner and Twin Flame.  We were so much alike that it broke up the marriage.  I delved into self help with Inner Child Recovery work in the 80’s and each step was deeper upon this journey I call, Oneness.  I started channeling the angels and facilitating groups for others, private sessions, and all the while in a learning curve.  I moved into Native American traditions and attended many sweat lodges to help heal my innermost pain and debris.  I traveled to Sedona for ten days alone which was a big turning point in my life.

I then delved into ascension books by Dr. Joshua David Stone which I was completely enthralled with the material although at first I did not understand much of it.  I kept at it and started a weekly ascension group in which I channeled a Master from the book for people in the group.  I eventually met Dr. Stone in Mount Shasta during his Wesak Festival and was invited to his private seminar for global leaders that he felt would be very important for leadership on this planet.  The intensity of Light coming into me continued and the struggles continued as each year I released more karma, met more people, lost more friends, moved into places that I would not have chosen if I had the choice, and transcended so many issues within myself.  This was all in a span of 20 years.

I started channeling Mother and Father God six years ago and was fully integrated two years later.  The energies were intense and my body had to change.  My food changed, sleep patterns, awake patterns, and just my general composition.  Since that time I spend many hours on the computer working and sharing the messages which can make me feel very ungrounded at various times during the day.  Last year I was gifted to leave my corporate job and have been teaching and sharing with others via the internet and telephone.  I still have been very unsure what my pathway is about.  I had a car accident over two years ago in which in reality I should not have lived.  I was hit four times and the Angel of Death came to visit me two weeks before the event.  I walked away with 2 cracked ribs, bruises, and very sore.  Authorities were quite shocked in my ability to walk away almost unscathed.  I attribute this all to my friends in the Spiritual Hierarchy.  They made sure I was safe as I had done the work the Angel of Death requested of me to do.

I have had a death wish on myself for many years.  This work has not been easy.  Friends come and go and honestly, being in a Cosmic level of consciousness is not easy.  I am in a space presently wherein other energies can affect me greatly.  I am noticing this more often than not.

I conduct weekly calls to assist individuals with the energies and bring forth information.  I have a weekly Master Class in which we honor a Light Being with his/her teachings which allows individuals to feel the energies for themselves.  I also have taught the Rays of God, a Mediumship and Channeling Course, along with a course on accessing the Gods and Goddesses Within.  Sometimes the attendance is low, and I am unsure as to what my next pathway is going to be.  Unemployment will be leaving me very soon, and I need to be the true alchemist to fully create the life I desire for this work.

On Sunday, November 7th, 2010 I facilitated one of my Cosmic Oneness calls in which I channel the Cosmic I AM Presence known as Mother and Father God.  On this day the energy was quite different.  It was almost like the beginning when I started to communicate with them but much stronger.  My hands did not stop moving as my palms were rubbing back and forth.  The vibration running through me was unbelievably beyond my comprehension.  The individuals on the call also noticed that the attunement was very intense.

Today, being November 8th, I awoke to great emotional pain.  I was going through some other emotional issues so I did not attribute what I was feeling to the attunement from the evening before.  I did a meditation in which I traveled to my Soul Temple, and Lady Isis took me to a beautiful waterfall in which I was cleansed and purified very deeply.  I was very moved by this experience and felt much better after it was over.  I was very busy during the day sending out my posts of my classes and editing some of my work.  I was in the zone.

When it was time for me to finish late in the afternoon, I wanted to work out but felt I was unable to do so.  I decided to take a hot bath and it was in the bath I realized something else was occurring.  I could not stop crying and had those death wishes enfold around me.  I wanted to be off the planet, take me away, etc.  So I started asking for help from Master Babaji and Saint Germain.  I felt like I was a child kicking my legs in the water but I could not stop.  The pain was so deep in my heart.  Now I have gone through several hundreds of death and rebirth experiences but this felt different.  It felt like my heart was raw and so very sore like an open wound.  Master Babaji explained to me that I was feeling the Oneness within my physical being.  The onion had finally been peeled down to the core and I could feel my Heart Essence like never before.  This is a status of existence I have been trying to achieve for almost 30 years.

When I thought about this, it made sense as I felt nothing but sore.  I had no thoughts of anything that I knew before.  My emotions were not of something that I was grieving but I was sore like I had just been put out in the sun and was burning.  My old thoughts of myself that were not of the highest aspect were also gone.  I have always thought badly about my body and they were not there.  I was refreshed but not quite reborn.  Like I had walked out into an area that I did not know a soul or where I was.  I was not lost but no one knew me either.

As I got out of the tub, I realized exactly what was happening but could not stop sobbing.  It was so intense.  I felt my mentor, Dr. Joshua David Stone (who is in an ascended master now) come to me and put his hands on my Solar Plexus in the front and back.  He said to me “it is done.”  I was unsure what this meant but knew that I had been reborn in this state of a vehicle called Christine.

I was facilitating my call with the Clarion Light Beings of 911 & Beyond and had to pull myself together.  I was worn out from all of the emotional charge running through me.  This group has to do with the souls of 911 that perished and a temple was created in the Multi-Universal level overlighted by Archangel Michael.  The energies that came through on this night were the start of an amazing journey for me.  It was the Creative Source of Oneness which is a group consciousness and does not represent any specific entity.  It is everything we are all a part of and continue to be.  In order to understand, one must listen to the recording as there was great explanation of the Oneness that we are all a part of.  In order to feel this Oneness in the physical we must be vulnerable, sensitive, and have purity within our Hearts.  I totally understood everything because this is what I experienced on this day.  I have always been a Sensitive in everything I do and others in my family would give me a hard time about it.  I also have the ability to communicate with many levels of dimensions and beings including some humans.  I saw the Oneness that we were all a part of and it was shown to each of us how important it is to embrace the Oneness within and then we will be able to experience it fully with others.

There is nothing like it at all.  We can talk about it, feel love, but IT IS JUST WHAT IT IS.  It is unexplainable and our minds will try to tear it apart.  This is what we are all striving for and must strive for in the fifth dimensional frequency.  Until we fully clear the lower bodies, it cannot be attained.  I know on this day that I have attained this state of Oneness.

I am feeling thoughts of people that sometimes do not give me what I feel I deserve, there is no hurt anymore or judgment.  I feel whole and within that wholeness I love everything.  I expand this love and want to communicate it to others.  This is what we are all striving for and I have had the utmost gift to receive it totally.  I am in awe of this moment and know why I was crying and sobbing.  There is nothing else like it in the entire Universe.  I feel I am fully empowered and can speak my truth like I never have before in compassion and love.  It is an amazing feeling.

When I awoke this morning, my mother came to me (she is in Spirit) and said something very important is going to happen to you today.  Little did I know that I would receive the greatest gift in all of Creation.  I want to share it with others because now I can love without worrying that another person is not loving me back.  I can be to all whom I always wanted to be but was unable to share it.  I look forward to the people of my soul group coming into my life.  I am now ready to receive them in all different forms.  I am safe and secure within my world and allow myself to be totally vulnerable in each moment.


Cosmic Oneness November 7th, 2010 – Listening and Download

Clarion Light Beings 911 & Beyond – November 8th, 2010 – The Voice of the Creative Source – Listening and Download

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Ascension Coach & Teacher ~ Cosmic Messenger of Light

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Cosmic Oneness

Cosmic Great Central Sun

We are in a forward movement towards creating this planet into a new paradigm of Oneness.  As one who has been on this path for over two decades, it is a welcome state of being.  I live in the presence of working with Spirit within my physical body as I find it assists my full potential and create a sense of well being within my life.

I am in a state of Cosmic energies every moment of my life, but it has not been without great pathways that have gotten me to this state of being.  Channeling as always been my best ally and even before I started doing voice channeling in the 80’s, I was always very connected to Spirit.  That connection has saved my life and put me into the consciousness I now incorporate within my physical being.  It is how I have grown and learned how to help others by accessing my spiritual knowledge from my I AM Presence.

Dr. Joshua David Stone gave me the tools that I needed to understand this process, but I was already on the path before I picked up his books.  My immediate impression was that it was difficult to understand and rightly so.  I was thinking from my lower mind and did not even know about the higher mind.  I then started to understand about the initiations of mastership and putting them into practice.  Although at the time, I don’t think I concentrated on what I was experiencing and saying that it was due to the initiation level, I was incorporating.  All of the challenges that I put in front of me helped me to get to where I am presently.

Cosmic consciousness is not something that I ever thought I could achieve.  I always looked at myself as a normal person needing to be in a normal job but yet had a sense that there was so much more that I could achieve.  I just chose a profession that was spiritually based and was unsure how to go about creating it within my life and for others.  As I studied Dr. Stone’s books, attended his Wesak festivals in Mt. Shasta, and facilitated many different types of spiritual groups in my home, it truly helped me to move forward.  Not only were the higher frequencies I was bringing into my body assisting others with knowledge, it catapulted me into an existence within me that I never thought was achievable.  I just went forward in my life and continued with whatever Spirit suggested.

I utilized and still do, personal channeling for myself which probably could be done daily which I happen to let those moments slide by.  The messages that are given to me are very heart-felt and dear to me.  They have always been honest to me and showed me the easier pathway, told me when elements needed to change, helped me with relationship issues, and showed me how to move through the challenges.

About six years ago, I was renting some space in someone’s house that was full of dark energies.  I never let it bother me as I was able to raise the vibrations through frequencies, burning sage, and commanding the golden light.  Those times that were darkest were the turning points in my life.  At this time, I started channeling the Heart of God in my bi-weekly ascension group and privately.  Then it moved into the Will of God.  I never analyze anything and just move through the energies.  On my birthday, which is December 31st, I was in Cape May sitting on a rock by the ocean and received my I AM Presence fully within my being.  It changed my life.

It was shortly after that time that I was able to find a new residence and a full time position in which I could be in my own space.  The job was still in the corporate world but it gave me the funds to be able to afford housing in an independent setting.  The energies started changing for me as did my life greatly.  Previous to this time my sister, Cindy, passed away at the age of 65.  She had been fighting Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for five years in her lungs and it was her time to say goodbye.  This was all part of the transition as she definitely was the Matriarch of the family.  It affected my mother, Mollie, greatly and in March, the following year she also passed away at the ripe old age of 90 years.  Mollie was a powerful source in the family and very much so in my life.  Her transition into the Spirit world was an easy one.  We had spent many hours discussing spirituality and my specific teachings which I know helped her to move forward very quickly.  (We are even more closer this day and she works directly with the Lady Masters which makes me so proud of her.)

It was at this exact time that the energies of the Cosmic Great Central Sun also known as Mother and Father God were introduced into my channelings.  This happened in my ascension group with about five other individuals in the room.  The energies were very powerful, loud, and my body became increasingly cold along with the temperature in the room.  My hands would fly around the room causing my rings to fly off my fingers.  It was very intense for me as my voice was very bellowing and powerful.  Everyone just looked at each other in silence for about five minutes afterward.

This happened a couple of times, and then they started communicating to me personally.  I was told that I was chosen to be a spokesperson for them and asked if I would accept the challenge.  Of course, I said yes.  They told me it would take about 18 months to be fully integrated with their energies as just channeling them was not enough.  They wanted me to be physically integrated so as I could handle the frequencies much better.  They also told me that my life would change drastically but it was necessary for this to occur.  In the meantime, my father passed away in October of the same year as my mom, 2005.  It was very transitional having lost three family members in such a short span of time.  Dad’s passing was easier as I was able to be with him for five days before the actual movement into the Spirit world, and channeled the angels and talked about Mollie.

As a result, I became very ungrounded most days of my life.  I had a job that did not require a lot of interaction with other people so I was put in the right place.  I was alone most of the time which was also a help.  My food changed drastically to the point that I was not eating some days.  I had to remember to drink water and juices to keep my energies up throughout the day.  It took about two years for my body to fully accept the frequencies and it did change my life.  As a result, I gained weight which has always been an issue, because of not eating.  That is finally starting to change for me.

At one point, I was going on a trip to Mt. Shasta with a friend and I decided I would quit my job.  I contacted some temp agencies to see what the job market was like and made the plunge.  Luckily, my parents were not in the physical as I know they would not have understood my leaving a good paying job.  The trip to Mount Shasta changed me in so many ways and when I returned, jobs were scarce although I did find work.  I was doing some private sessions and had the ascension group twice a month which helped out the financial burden.  I felt it was the last journey of not being able to acquire funds necessary in my life.  I never felt that I was falling and in fact, it was just the opposite.  Spirit truly put me in places where healing was needed for both sides involved.

I ended up going back into the corporate world into a position in which I was a proposal coordinator and loved the work.  It went so well but I was no longer doing any groups.  The individuals in the ascension group fell away so I connected in different ways.  The energies of the Cosmic Great Central Sun increased and I found my life changing greatly.  I have been doing a weekly meditation of the Clarion Light Beings of 911 and Beyond which was my outlet on a weekly basis.  At the time, I was doing the channeling transmissions via the computer and sending them out electronically.

I traveled again to Mount Shasta but this time alone.  I was challenged physically so greatly while I was there so it was a very life-changing trip.  My body was being purged of all things that did not support me.  It was six months later that I had my car accident.  I had seen the Angel of Death two weeks before but did not correlate the two in a connection but it truly was one of those times when ‘it could have been’.  Life changed for me in my job.  The accident rattled me so much I could not do the intense hours I had been working previously.  I felt uncomfortable there and spent many lunch hours in a local park just readjusting my energies completely.  In October of the same year I traveled to Florida to a friend’s house on a private beach and found a piece of my soul that had been lost since the year before.  She came out of the water to meet me and was my Lemurian Goddess energies that had been in Telos, beneath Mount Shasta.  That trip was the most life changing event in my spiritual pathway.

The energies with the Cosmic Great Central Sun continued within groups and in private.  They walked with me every step of the way.  My life has changed has I was laid off the corporate job and started promoting classes via tele-conferences.  I have been guided every step of the way to incorporate the energies within me and to assist others.  Whenever I receive a message that I need to be somewhere, well that is where I go.  My spiritual path is the most important aspect of my life.

In the past few months the energies have increased for all of us.  For me, I am becoming more involved in sharing their voice than ever before.  I was asked by the Cosmic Oneness to do a weekly call in which they could speak to others and bring forth the energies.  This scared me but I knew that it was not time.  I needed to stand up to my end of the bargain.

As a result of my pathway, I am quite a loner.  I believe this past year needed to happen in this way to guide me to these moments.  My trips in the past few months have taken me to new depths within myself.  I traveled to Mount Shasta in August, alone again, but this was a celebration.  I hiked into places where I would not go alone previously and was fully empowered.  It was a wonderful trip.  I then traveled with a friend to the Tetons in Wyoming as we were guided to be there several months ago.  Little did I know that it would bring me to a place of my “missing puzzle piece”.   I have been named Messenger of the Teton Retreat by Master Lanto and honestly, it takes some inner power to even write these words.

Even though I have been walking this path for 25 years, at times, it felt like I did not know what to do with it.  I am a healer, a channel, a sensitive, empath, and many other things.  I kept getting confused until I remembered what an entity had told me eons ago, “You are like a pioneer with a machete-paving the way for others.”

I totally understand those words now and know that my pathway that has been strewn with many challenges and wanting to leave this planet for many reasons of the initiatory process; is now filled with such enormous beauty and light.  I am finding my soul brothers and sisters arriving in my consciousness and life.  It feels wondrous as even as a child I felt so very alone within me.

I felt I needed to share this story of the channeling of the Cosmic Oneness.  This was no easy feat for me to integrate these energies and be able to share their light.  It is much easier now as I am attuned to the higher frequencies and I am so very happy that I can share their energies through my being to each of you.

We meet weekly at 7 PM EST, Sunday Evenings, 712.4322.0075, #863611, Skype is accessible- Please RSVP

You may listen to the Cosmic Oneness calls via my site,  Written transmissions will be forthcoming.  You will find the calls from October 10th and 17th on the page.  Please do let me know of your feelings after listening to the recordings at

Oct 18th Recording ~ listen to without download ~

My goal is to be able to travel to others and share this energy in person but baby steps must occur.  I hope you decide to join me for these calls.  I am a channel but most of all, a Teacher of Ascension.  I walk my talk and share with others this journey.  Challenges still enfold within my being but life is so much different now.  Incorporating the cosmic energies has given me hope, peace, and so much love from so many.

I look forward to sharing it with each of you.

In Expressions of Oneness,

I AM Rev Christine Meleriessee

Coach & Teacher of Ascension ~ Cosmic Messenger of Light