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Eternal Transformation of a New Reality ~ March 2022: Equinox with Full Moon Energies ~

Spiritual Meaning of the Ascension Mastery* Message of the March 20th Equinox with the March 18th Full Moon of Virgo as brought forth by Lord Metatron, Master Djwhal Khul, and Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden.

The March Equinox, arrived on March 20th at 8:33 AM Pacific, 11:33 AM Eastern, within Universal Time of 15:33. It is also referred to the Vernal Equinox marking the beginning of the Spring season in the Northern Hemisphere and the Autumn season in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Full Moon of Virgo in opposition to the Sun of Pisces occurred on the 18th of March at 12:17 AM Pacific, 3:17 AM EDT within Universal Time of  7:17 PM.

[Information on the Full Moon energies, please see below].

Energetically, the Equinox relates to the Cosmic Light Forces to assist Gaia and all of humanity to receive an increased amount of light through stability allowing for the planetary structure to hold more Light in order to create the necessary changes for growth and alignment of the higher dimensional qualities. This occurs slowly through each of the Equinoxes and Solstices along with the Moon  and Sun cycles.

The Great Central Suns of the Solar — Galactic — Universal —Multi-Universal — Cosmic Frequencies of Light bring forth the Rainbow Arcs of Light once again, but in this moment of time for 2022 it allows for the transition of WHAT HAS BEEN to turn into WHAT IS BEING CREATED. [The Rainbow Arcs of Light is a combination of the 330 Rays of God representing  Electro-Magnetic pulses of energy. These pulses are transmitted through the Great Central Suns, into the Solar Level and unto the Core of Gaia.]

All time is relative – so at this Equinox the time elements are converging as one to bring forth the frequency of Light that is represented by the effects of the Cosmic Light Energies. This will assist the planet by holding true to the dynamics of a new reality emerging from within the core of Gaia to meet the transition of the higher light forces to become intertwined to create a sensation of “AHHHH”. This is represented by the Cosmic Level represented by the Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Central Sun, which the presence of Divine Mother Father God with the Cosmic Rays of the Lords of the Hyos Ha Koidesh bring forth the Divine Truth to be revealed within the core of Gaia and humanity.


As we have moved into the Equinox of 2022 in March, it brings with it the immense change of creation to be experienced through the dynamics of the light frequencies assisting the planet. As has been shown in the year of 2022, the planetary system is going through a rebirth experience. It is a time of complete renewal of all systems that have been in place for eons of time.

The issue within humanity is to allow this new wave of frequency to bring forth  assistance to become more to the consciousness of each individual soul upon the planet. What everyone is experiencing is not the same; it depends upon the ability to become more aligned with the soul’s conviction within themselves ~ are they ready to move with the tide of the change or are they going to fight the process.

This is the question that every human must ask themselves as the transition of this Equinox brings with it the power that is ignited within a new form of RENEWAL, one that has never been realized within the dimensional frequency of Gaia.

The Great Central Suns of the Solar – Galactic – Universal – Multi-Universal – Cosmic Frequencies of Light bring forth the Rainbow Arcs of Light once again, but in this moment of time for 2022 it allows for the transition of WHAT HAS BEEN to turn into WHAT IS BEING CREATED.

[Note: the Rainbow Arcs of Light represent pulses of Electro-Magnetic Cosmic Rays of the Lords of Hyos Ha Koidesh with each of the 330 Rays of God to be ignited through each of the Great Central Suns through the Solar Great Central Sun to be put into the Core of Gaia for the Planetary Structure.]

If we can relate to the shifts that are happening upon the Earth, and look at it from a higher perspective, then we can easily accept the New Reality that is occurring.

All time is relative – so at this Equinox the time elements are converging as one to bring forth the frequency of Light that is represented by the effects of the Cosmic Light Energies to assist the planet by holding true to the dynamics of a new reality emerging from within the core of Gaia to meet the transition of the higher light forces to become intertwined to create a sensation of “AHHHH”. This is represented by the Cosmic Level represented by the Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Central Sun, which the presence of Divine Mother Father God and the Lords of the Hyos Ha Koidesh to bring forth the Divine Truth to be revealed within the core of Gaia and humanity.

As the Equinox becomes aligned within Gaia, each soul is reminded of their True Beginnings as that Soul, not the physical incarnation. It is a remembrance of the Divine Truth exhibited through the purest essence of Joy, of what has been and needs to be realized through the dynamics of the evolution of the planet.

This planetary system is now more aligned with the Cosmic Light Forces than it ever has been previously. There is a sense of beauty that is bestowed within each soul and this Equinox is the opening doorway to this inner self to be realized.

The Cosmic Great Central Suns aligns itself not only within the concept of Divine Mother Father God, but the vibrancy of bringing forth the 330 Rays of God in one spectrum of Light. This event allows for the transition of every soul to sit within the presence of their I AM, to hold this frequency of Light, allowing for the transition to occur within the Soul’s Essence unto the Physical Personality.

It is a time of merging both elements of the Spiritual Self with the Personality Self which will allow for the entrance-way of change to occur within each soul’s experience.

This occurrence has already started its transition from the 19th of March, culminating on the 20th of March, and continuing into the 21st of March. This is when the true acceleration will be occurring; what happens afterwards is the balancing act that needs to be integrated not only for each soul, but for the Core of Gaia.

The introduction and movement of these energies will assist each individual if they allow it to happen for themselves.

It is imperative that to accept this Divine Light to be infused within one’s consciousness is to agree for issuance to occur. This will happen automatically for every soul, but when an individual allows for the Conscious Entryway to become the focal point, then that is when the True Transformation will occur.

Being in a State of Faith is very crucial; as one will not see this coming, it must be felt intuitively, in silence, and with the assistance of the Forces of the Great Central Sun emanating the Divinity of the Rays of God (all 330 of them) to assist humanity and the growth of every individual Soul upon this Earth.

It is not a time to prayer; it is a time to Receive. Many will want to command what they will experience, but please know that your I AM Presence, your beginning Essence of the Tear Drop of Light, knows what you must do. Allow yourself to sit within this silence of Light. It will come into you, through you, and expand into the Earth.

The vibrational change can be overwhelming for the body but just allow yourself to sit in silence for at least 10 minutes through this three-day period. Allow the transition of the Light Energies to run through you and ground them into the Earth so that all Beings upon this Earth may experience their Rebirth of the Soul’s Essence to be more compliant and in alignment with the Cosmic Source of Light.

I walk with you on this journey of Rebirth for the Earth and all of humanity.

I Am Lord Metatron, Logos of the Multi-Universal Level and the Keeper of the Metatronic Seals.

FULL MOON OF VIRGO IN OPPOSITION TO THE SUN OF PISCES 18th of March at 12:17 AM Pacific, 3:17 AM EDT within Universal Time of  7:17 PM.

[Please note that the Full Moon energies are strongest three days before, three days during and three days after, continuing into the New Moon Energies which will occur April 1st, 2022.]

Grandmother Moon representing the sign of Virgo is teaching us to take care of our physical walk upon the earth. She always brings forth the Emotional Charges as she represents the Feminine Divine, but it is sometimes challenging to hold that transition of energy that is occurring. Within this cycle it is allowing our Emotional Self to become more intuitive and aware of the emotional energies we are experiencing.

Grandfather Sun represented by the sign of Pisces, allows for a higher connection to Source energies bringing forth a connection into the Masculine or Mental Self to flow with ideas allows for a transition of our Soul’s Essence to become more fluid. This can cause the Mental Self to want to retreat or not acknowledge what is occurring within the subconscious mind, but it should be just the opposite. Allow for the flow of the energies to move the Subconscious Mind to break apart and release the any thoughts that need to to go through an internal healing. Also embrace the thoughts that align with your Spiritual Self; they should be the focal point of this cycle.

As we transition through this Full Moon, it is important to realize our Intuitive Self assisting us to change what no longer serves us, as in any movement forward, it is always about removing the debris to allow the new element(s) to become more important than the releasing itself.

If we allow the connection of the Sun of Pisces to represent our physical walk, then the connection of our Higher Spiritual Self will assist in the transition of the Moon and the Sun to walk together instead of being in opposite corners. The Spiritual Self is asking to blend within the Physical Self Consciousness allowing for the blending of the Higher Mind within the four-body system (physical-etheric-emotional-mental).




As the planetary consciousness stands in the presence of not only the Full Moon Energies of Virgo but within the Equinox, it allows for each of these cycles to come together in unity of Love and Light.

It does not always happen in this manner, to have both the cycles become so intertwined within each other. It truly is representative to the dynamics of this year of 2022 – Fully immersing ourselves within the Creative Source of Oneness – in all ways and all things.

Since the Full Moon occurred two days before the Equinox, I believe that the Moon set the stage to allow for the transference of light energies to be experienced on a physical level. Grandmother Moon within Virgo represents the ability to become Emotionally Centered within the Physical experience. It allows for the transference of the emotions, whether they have been hidden or very open, there becomes a sense of releasement, almost a sigh of relief to fully accept the emotional changes that are occurring.

The Sun of Pisces only helps to accelerate the blessing of the Divine Light through the Spiritual Self. It is a time to fully accept the gifts that the Source energies of the Light is bringing into your awareness. Walking with the Spiritual Self, the Higher Self, or whatever you want to name it, is the key to your personal evolution presently.

We all know that the Earth is going through a tremendous upheaval. We like to call it Transformation as the old is being revealed in order to find a new way of living through accessing Spiritual ideals. I think that every individual upon the planet would agree that changes are coming. We see it in the way people are interacting with one another through the traumatic events.

This goes hand-in-hand with your own challenges, upheavals, or unforeseen events that occur. It is imperative to find the Silver Lining within yourself; to hold the highest ideals to combat the negative programming that is surfacing in your life.

That is exactly what this Full Moon cycle represents – allowing the Emotional Body to heal itself. You may say, how do I create this action within me?

Opening to the possibility that Grandmother Moon is allowing your emotional issues to be revealed within your subconscious should be your first impression.  Unobstruct the blockage of your emotions and allow them to be revealed, through the process of accepting your highest ideals to be created through your Spiritual Self.

This means accessing your Higher Mind, becoming aware of your breath, and how far you allow yourself to travel into the higher state of awareness. Then bring it down through your chakras into your Earth Star, the Souls of your feet – with cords to change those lower aspects you may hold within yourself and become more aligned with the thoughts of your Spiritual Mind.

Take time during this cycle into the Full Moon to fully become the True Essence that your Higher Self is desiring you to embody within you. Let the lower conscious thoughts to be dissipated and removed through the energies that are being recreated.

Along with that process let the Equinox vibrant Cosmic Light Energies to become more intertwined within your full body system.

It is amazing what can happen when you step out of the darkness and allow the Light Formations to assist you. You may feel sleepy, out of it, but eventually you will be able to get through the challenge readying yourself for the New Moon of Aries.

It is my pleasure to walk with each of you.

I Am Master Djwhal Khul, Ray Chohan for the Ray of Love and Wisdom

Listening to the audio recording for the Festival of Lights Ascend Earth Full Moon/Equinox Ceremony that Master Djwhal Khul and Lord Metatron hosted will assist in bringing forth the vibrational emphasis through attunement and activation of these higher frequencies of light. Click Here for the recording to be accessed in our Donation Supported Library.

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THE WESAK ASCENSION FESTIVAL OF LIGHT: About the Spiritual Wesak Festival for Humanity for Ascension Mastery

When Masters Meet in Shamballa

There is a place called Shamballa (Shambhala) in the Himalayas. Deep in the wilderness near western Tibet there is a massive pyramid shape that has a valley at its feet, a serene expanse called the Wesak Valley. Not all that far from the pass that lies far below the peak of the mountain, (Mount Kailash or “Kangrinpoche” in Tibetan), is a lake. Pilgrims seeking out the sacred mountain during the special festival of Wesak first will cleanse themselves in the pristine waters of Lake Manasarowar.

For them it is an extremely sacred event not to be missed or taken lightly. The vast majority of these pilgrims are Buddhist. But this is a Festival of Light that extends far beyond the devout practices of any religious doctrine or practice.

It is a time when the veil between dimensions becomes the thinnest of any time of the year. For seekers of spiritual truth that desire to attain the best and highest good for themselves and the entire human race, there is no other ceremony that compares.

“Below” the viewable Wesak Valley, there is also an Inner Earth, Fifth Dimensional Realm of Shamballa, and this is where once a year the Masters themselves meet to receive these sacred energies as well as upon the upper earth.

Within the teachings of Ascension Mastery (The Wisdom of the Ascended Masters) attending and participating in a Spiritual Festival Ceremony for “Wesak” or “Vesak” is of the highest desire as it provides the best possible opportunity to receive Divine Blessings. So both Initiates and Ascended Masters on the inner and outer plane celebrate this powerful time.  Lord Buddha represents the expression of the Wisdom of God, the embodiment of light and divine purpose.

To participate directly in these sacred blessings and spiritual gifts is a rare opportunity for anyone and it it our goal at Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery to bring that opportunity to your doorstep. With modern internet technology it is now easier than ever, as the pure sacred energies can be transmitted directly to every participant. Walking Terra Christa’s spiritual leaders have been designated by Ascended Master Djwhal Khul as his official spokesbeings upon earth. He foretold of making such a selection in the Alice Bailey material.

What makes our Ascended Master Teachings so unique among the many others to have received this designation by Master Djwhal Khul is that we bring forth present day (current) teachings with the highest degree of accuracy and purity for today’s complicated modern day life so that those who use or works can get the best possible advantage.

Believe us when we tell you that finding the right vibration to actually be able to utilize these teachings properly in your life is no different than for every other endeavor that humanity undertakes. Human pursuits are fraught with many different interpretations and energies regardless of the subject matter. In other words, do you find in the current world that all paths of religion, positions in politics, or even individual governmental or private industry leaders are all the same? Obviously, they are certainly not. Ascension Master teachings are no exception and have many differing interpretations and focus.

What we at Walking Terra Christa are spiritually advanced at understanding is effectively separating what is most useful for us today from what is just lesser trapping of historical importance, (meaning what was important to a soul living in 1888 to understand and advance within the Ascended Master Teachings is not quite the same today). This actually also holds true for souls who practiced Ascension in the more modern day circa the 1980’s and 90’s, as with the incoming new energies of this 21st century, especially due to the changes in higher cosmic rays (The Rays of God), spiritual speaking and in terms of raising consciousnesses quite a lot has shifted given the occurrence of the 2012 gateway.

However, there is also now much more potential for mistakes regarding pursuit of higher understandings. Along with such a profound event as the 2012 was, for spiritual seekers, there also comes with it a great and widespread growth of lesser or misleading interpretations of what exactly 2012 did for humanity and the correct means for how humanity can take full advantage of it spiritually. In our opinion, there are now immeasurably more avenues for becoming “lost” as a soul in this lifetime, tragically simply due to the vast proliferation via the Internet of so called “New Age” materials and sources that one easily comes across today.

In days gone by one had to meet physically with another person to undertake such a lofty practice of learning and study in Ascension Mastery. Today there are literally hundreds of thousands of individuals who portray themselves as being an expert when in fact they may be misguided or not even aware of what they are lacking in understanding.

So our goal is to avoid all that for you by providing proper Wesak energies and understandings.

The purpose of Wesak is:

1. The releasing of certain transmissions of energy to humanity that will stimulate the Spirit of Love, Brotherhood, and Goodwill.

2. The fusion of all men and women of goodwill into a responsive, integrated whole.

3. The invocation and response from certain cosmic beings if prior goals are achieved

Wesak is a time of great renewal and celebration.  It represents the “force of enlightenment”.  These energies are affected within our educational movements, values, literature, publishing, writers, and speakers on the entire planet.  The power of these energies is so great that large groups of people gather around the world to participate in these energies.

Every individual upon the planet is affected by the Wesak energies; it assists initiates of all levels to move to another level of their initiation process so there can be times of great challenges that push each of us into a new aspect of our soul’s essence.  It is a time to connect with others, share your gifts, love, and generosity of spirit.

For those that take part actively in the ceremony, it is the direct receiving of the higher frequencies of light vibrations that brings forth a profound state of being. The energies allow for the possibility for the initiate to gain special dispensation and advancements within their individual Ascension process.

In the words of Dr. Joshua David Stone (now Ascended Master Joshua Stone) who held this Festival to be the most advantageous of all,

No cost is too great to pay in order to be of use to the Spiritual Hierarchy (Ascended Masters) as the time of the full moon in May, the Wesak Festival. No price is too high to gain the spiritual illumination that can be possible at that time, Namasté.”

He was referencing the “cost” both mentally and emotionally of setting aside the desire to be firmly planted in one’s current material/physical lifestyle and almost literally forcing oneself to step into a deeper soul/spiritual connection, especially at the time of WESAK. It is nothing other than fully connecting to your “Christ Consciousness” in a manner that simply cannot be achieved on your own.

As Lord Adama, a living Ascended Master and High Priest of Telos  has stated:

Changes are happening everywhere, and now is the time to fully understand within yourself how to best get through the next phase of your development.  The Wesak energies are so very powerful but this year there is an unprecedented amount of energies due to more individuals awakening upon the planet.  Every person that feels something different about themselves will experience this Wesak within their consciousness.  They may not know what it is they are feeling but it definitely is creating change within their thoughts and feelings.

In this moment I ask of you, “What is it that you are feeling differently within your emotional and mental bodies that are coming to the surface?”  It is a period of great reflection.  As we, as initiates and Ascended Masters, go through a transitionary phase, we must take moments of understanding the process within the conscious mind.  You see, this is not always something that individuals within the human body think about as it is a reflection within their dreams or meditative state.  But that needs to change.  We need to acknowledge within the physical self what the spiritual self is going through in order to transition into the full body system.

If every individual person could do this process on a daily basis, they would find that the integration of their Higher Self into the Physical Self would be a much softer and gentler process.  We are consistently going through initiation processes as a human.  It is designed from our Higher Self to allow the Physical Self to remember the soul contracts and timelines that are important to be integrated through the present lifetime.  If an individual allows the lower self to stay intact, then the higher self cannot orchestrate the energies for the pathway to be opened into an awakening state.  It also depends upon the work that is done in between lifetimes within the Inner Plane Existence and how much an individual will allow themselves to remember the most important elements for their spiritual advancement.  So every time an individual goes through a trauma, a challenge, or a life experience that is challenging, these are considered initiations to prepare the physical self to look more within themselves for a deeper meaning along with understanding the entire process.

So this Wesak Moon will be reflected within each individual person upon the planet.  It is a time for individuals to move into a higher essence of their spiritual awakening whether they are awakened or asleep.  Initiates that have already awakened on the path will help themselves on a deeper level by taking this time to do some self reflection, i.e., what needs to change, how they are feeling, what is their life like, what do they need to be better for themselves, etc.  Each step in the initiation process takes each individual into a deeper part of themselves to become the Reality of God.  It is the plan in Divine Order to allow this essence to be the defining rule of ascension within the Earth.

I share this knowledge as I think it is very important for individuals upon this pathway to understand what they are going through.  You are not different from one another; just accepting yourself in a different manner by the depth of your soul’s capacity to get into the core essence of your Beingness.

Know that you are being prepared at this time for the Wesak energies… the focus for enlightenment and acceleration to be accepted within the planet of GAIA.  She is preparing to receive her full embracement of the Divine Feminine and Masculine essence to prepare for her acceleration.  Every human being is doing the same whether they realize it or not.

Prepare, prepare, prepare by understanding who you are now so that you can move forward with ease and grace.  Ascension is the process of de-accelerating the energies within the physical creation.  Allow this energy to help you through this process by understanding what you are experiencing presently is for the good of your enfoldment within this planet and your Soul speaking to you in a way it never has done before.


If you have never experienced participating in a Wesak Festival with us, it is a time to prepare and set aside the material energies and influences of life as best that you can. Make the day of the ceremony sacred for yourself. Turn of your phones and computers so you are not disturbed and place yourself in the stillness of a contemplative meditative state. Burn incense, candles and play soft music that raises your vibration (that is, no words unless it is sacred chanting or spiritual prayers).

As long as you get time to listen to our 3 hour Festival of transmissions from the Ascended Masters, with the sacred Wesak prayers and invocations, the energies will be felt.

Note: You do not need to attend the event Live when it happens, but of course for those that can, it connects you more powerfully within the collective Oneness, and it also helps the Spiritual Hierarchy to ground and spread the energies upon Gaia even more.

In addition to the Wesak Event Festival Ceremony, Walking Terra Christa also offers a special ASCENSION ASSISTANCE WORKSHOP to help each person individually connect with the Ascended Masters to assist in developing the year long Wesak/Initiate energies more fully within themselves prior to the Festival itself. The Workshop is online accessible in VIDEO from anywhere in the world and includes Integrative Spiritual Communicationsm lectures and interactions directly with the Spiritual Beings and Ascended Masters of the Christ Consciousness (Office of the Christ and others). If you are interested in the Workshop there is a link on the order page for more information.


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The Circle of Mastery: Getting Back to the Soul’s Truth


The Circle of Mastery is a continual evolving movement. As the Initiate stands in the middle of the circle, they represent the Initiation Quotient which is accelerated by the lessons that they experience as their Emotional, Mental, and Etheric Bodies go through a process of deep healing. The Physical Body is the one that holds all aspects of the other three bodies. They are in continual motion within each other.

To fully understand the Integration and Balance Quotient an individual walking the Mastery Pathway must be like a spiritual detective. They must learn what they you are feeling, how the thoughts are connected to the emotions, and how they handle the energies within themselves, either good or bad.

The Etheric Self is like a chamber of light and dark where it houses all remembrances that the Soul has experienced in the many lifetimes it has lived. This is where the word “timeline” comes in as there are many moments in any lifetime that can create a “timeline” which is a remembrance of information that becomes accessible to the soul’s conscious mind.

The Pathway of Mastery is a very intricate and misunderstood walk into the unknown. An individual who steps into this new world has been guided by their Higher Self that it is now time to know all things from their past and learn how to put them into perspective of the present consciousness within their four-body system (physical-etheric-emotional or astral-mental).

Each of these four bodies goes through many levels of healing which will account for the many changes that the individual will experience. The main component of this pathway is to allow the transition into the light from the dark to be accepted within the conscious mind. This means there has to be an overhaul of what the soul has thought to be its reality. All of this will change in many levels.

As the Initiate is expanding its awareness, the subconscious mind becomes very active as it feels as if it is being pushed into a direction that it never has experienced in any lifetime. This is when the Lower Ego can become so active as the Subconscious Mind decides that it is not going to let go of the existence of its consciousness or what it has known to be up to this point in time.

Every individual goes through this process; it cannot be avoided.

As the Lower Mind has been an essential component within the Subconscious thoughts, it will go through a process of fighting the light energies and will cause the Initiate to experience a spiritual death experience. Many initiates will not be able to step into this arena of letting the old die, as there is great fear that occurs during this phase of evolution of the Higher Mind. This is when the Initiate can fall back into their old habits or leave the Mastery Pathway completely as they are not fully ready to accept the challenge of walking as a Master. It does not mean it is over for that specific Initiate, but they need to regroup, take a step back, and relearn from the perspective of their Lower Mind or Lower Ego.

The Masters always hope that they will return to this pathway as it is the journey of the Soul to reach mastery and step into the awareness of an evolving soul of light.

When an Initiate accepts the challenges of the pathway, then they are ready to be diligent while learning to serve their Spiritual Self and not the Physical Self. It is at this stage that the soul becomes more connected to the physical consciousness and has an advantage to truly assist the Initiate to learn how to work through his four-body system (Physical, Etheric, Emotional or Astral, and Mental).

The soul then truly becomes the Initiate and steps into the cycle of the seven Initiations of the Planetary Level. They are no longer just a lightworker or a gifted person, they step into the 2nd Initiation and are ready to do the heavy lifting of allowing the four-body system of the Physical Self to transition into the higher vibration of Light.

The Planetary Initiations represent the Pathway of Ascension and are at the Center of all of the Quotients.

Whatever an Initate does within their pathway will assist them to work through the quotients of Light, Love, Transcendence of the Negative Ego, Christ Consciousness, Self Service and Spiritual Leadership, and Psychological Wisdom. Each of these quotients are directly inter-related as what the Initiate does, thinks, and feels within their life circumstance will be connected to these quotients.

The key to this process is to imagine that you, as the Initiate, are standing within a circle and each of these quotients are part of the circle.  The more that you work to create a higher percentage within each of these quotients, the easier it will be for you to move through the Initiations.

Progression is all centered upon one very important quotient: Integration and Balance.

The more inner work that you do as an Initiate to transform the lower elements within your consciousness, including your Subconscious, to allow your Super Conscious to be the guiding light, the higher the percentage will be within you to create the Integration and Balance Quotient to move into a higher level of acceptability.

Now we all know that this is easier said than done. That is why many Lightworkers may think they have achieved mastery but yet, they are still holding their energies in the 2nd Initiation. The Lower Ego must be relinquished unto the Higher Ego while allowing the Emotional Charges and Mental Thoughts to be accessed through Love, Light, and the Christ Consciousness.

This is when the true acceleration happens for an Initiate of Mastery.

It will make the path go easier, simpler, and with more Love and Light to be experienced within the consciousness of the physical self as the Super Conscious blends with the Subconscious creating the Three Minds to work together instead of separately. This process needs to occur on a 24-hour basis, and it is the main reason why so many individuals are still struggling to move through their initiations.

It is the way of this pathway ~ honoring the Divine Spiritual Self so the Physical Self can step into their Personal Oneness.

It is an important facet of being in Mastery because if you can achieve all of this on this physical plane of Earth, then you are well on your way as a soul to be all that you have been striving to be through the many lifetimes you have experienced. But it does not stop with the 7th Initiation; it continues upward through the Solar Initiations, the Galactic, the Universal, and Multi-Universal.

Walking this pathway physically takes a lot of courage and inner strength, but it can be achieved with diligence, love, and sincere respect for the Inner Self.

This is why we concentrate upon the Integration and Balance Quotient, as it is the guideline for all the quotients. When the Initiate fully accepts more Light to be within their four-body system by addressing the issues that don’t hold that Light, then the Quotient of Integration and Balance will increase. The same holds true for all the other quotients we mentioned.

It is imperative to work upon receiving the Light, the Love, the Christ Consciousness in order to Transcend your Negative or Lower Ego, while learning that giving Service to yourself is the first step to Leadership. Then, and only then can you realize the Psychological Wisdom you have gained through the process, with each lesson, as each step will allow the Initiate to integrate the Balance by becoming aware of the dynamics of the challenges and achievements that they experience through each step of Mastery.

In retrospect just as the Initiations help to work through the Quotients, the same holds true for the Quotients assisting the Initiate within their Initiations.

Learning to truly hold Balance while Integrating the upgraded consciousness and energies as an Initiate will help to become part of One’s full consciousness is the way that will assist the Initiate to become the Master past the seventh Initiation.

Walking Terra Christa is holding their monthly Mastery Audio Class on Saturday, October 19th, 2019 at 10 AM Pacific. We bring forth the dynamics of the Integration and Balance Quotient in learning how to achieve this quality within the four-body system while concentrating on the Light, Love and Christ Consciousness Quotients as the three defining elements of success. CLICK HERE TO ENROLL IN THE CLASS

Lord Melchizedek, Lord Saint Germain, and Master Mahatma Ghandi will be the teachers for this class. Their focus is to help every participant to raise their Integration and Balance Quotient through the journey into the Light, Love, and Christ Consciousness Quotients. The other quotients are important through the process but these three categories are the cornerstone of the Initiations and reaching beyond the 7th Initiation into Mastery. It cannot be done without the Initiate stepping into this process.

LORD MELCHIZEDEK: Sharing how as a Master that it is essential for any soul that wants to transcend the lower elements within the Physical – Etheric – Emotional – Mental Bodies that it is a necessary component to work within the Quotients of Love, Light, and Christ Consciousness. Without these three components then the Initiate will become lost in their own lower psychological self.

LORD SAINT GERMAIN: Explaining how the Rays of God assist in the process of increasing the Quotients to become Integrated and Balanced within the Psychological Self. It actually will assist in changing the composition of reality within each of the Four Bodies (Physical-Etheric-Emotional-Mental) to work with the Three Minds cohesively as the Initiate becomes the full reality of the Eight Rays of God first, and then the higher rays to assist in raising the Light Vibration within the Chakras of the Body. Lord Saint Germain, as the Maha Cohan of the Seven Flames will also speak individually with each live participant in a Q/A.

GUEST SPEAKER: MASTER MAHATMA GHANDI: A special dissertation from this powerful master in how he developed ways to create change through the Mental Body and finding Peace Within. Included will be Chanting by Master Mahatma Ghandi, Mantras, and learning to exude Peace Within. A Meditation Attunement using the Etheric Energies is provided in a journey to the Temple of Peace which is Master Mahatma Ghandi’s Ashram within the 49th Dimension of the Cosmic Level.

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October 20th, 2017 ~ Pondering Thoughts for Today

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Rev. Christine Meleriessee shares her experiences with the reflections of Ascended Mastery Teachings and how to walk as a Master upon the earth as Gaia transitions into the New Earth.

As we are now in the New Moon cycle for October 2017, I thought it was a perfect time to start to share my personal reflections again. I have been wanting to do this for some time but there have been many other tasks that seem to have more priority.

One of my goals presently is to not be so interactive on social networking especially Facebook as I am desiring to be in more control of my Higher Essence and not be so effected by the energies of the outside world. My role is to bring in the highest divinity of light that I can hold to assist others and many times that energy gets interfered with what is happening in the 3rd/4th dimensional arena.

So I am desiring to take advantage of this blog to share what I perceive in the energies, what is happening with the higher realms of light and how to ground those energies into our physical existence.

The New Moon in Libra arrived on October 19, 2017 12:12 PM Pacific, 3:12 PM Eastern, and 17:12 GMT.

The New Moon represents New Beginnings, a time to initiate a new idea, thought, or plan in your life that you have been wanting to achieve. It is a great time to do a prosperity or abundance ceremony to create your intentions to the Universe so they can come back to you.

This moon brings forth the alignment with Uranus ( which can create unexpected events to occur. It is a time of great change and movement forward. So it is imperative to utilize the energies of Libra to give us patience and calmness to create balance in our lives.

In addition the moon is in alignment with Arcturus as this time. It heralds a perfect time to fully connect to the Arcturian Light Councils that are assisting the earth. Arcturians are considered the highest frequency of Christed Extraterrestials that are assisting humanity and the Earth’s transition into the higher realms of light. They assist us in transforming our bodies into the higher light vibrations and give us a sense of commitment and love.

My suggestion is to connect to the Lord and Lady of Arcturus to assist you during this New Moon cycle. They can be of great value during your sleep state to help align your Spiritual Self within the physical creation.

If we look at this exchange of energies through the eye of Spirituality, allowing our Higher Essence of the Higher Mind and Higher Heart to rule our decisions, then it becomes the perfect alliance to allow our Spiritual Self to be in control of our destiny. This cycle can cause impatience as the energy is pushing us to be more than we have been previously.

Allowing the essence of our Higher Self to be fully commanding to the Physical Self will assist each of us, as the individual self much more harmoniously. It is a time to fully act within the Spiritual essence and not within the lower mind.

Libra brings to us the essence of understanding, allowing a sense of balance to occur, and to look at the change that is happening from the higher perspective instead of the lower.

We, as a species, constantly have a tendency to push ahead when we make a decision. At this stage of the game upon Gaia, that is going to cause more issues to arise within our pathway. We must take time to reflect within our higher essence, through our breath, so that the resulting energies will be more in alignment of our Divine Self.

The world is in a state of renewal as Gaia is going through her transformation, each of us are doing the same. So it is important at this time to look at how you are perceiving your life.

How do you go about your day and what is the end result at the end of the day? Are you comfortable in the way you have handled things in your life or does it feel uncertain within yourself.

Take time to fully go within your Heart Essence. Breathe deeply and connect with the higher realms of light. (We at Walking Terra Christa, suggest counting upwards into the 144th dimension representing Wholeness of the Unified Whole Command.) This will help you to get out of the lower self, the mental thoughts, the debilitating emotions into your True Essence of Love.

it is a perfect time to light a white candle, say some prayers for yourself, and command from your I AM Presence that you desire to have the Divine Love that you are to be felt in your physical self. Then state what you are looking to achieve in your life.

The cycle of the New Moon is very potent three days ahead and then, three days afterwards, but it continues for the entire moon cycle especially into the Full Moon energies.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah (Hayden)
Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery


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