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AA MICHAEL: A GATHERING OF ANGELS – Renewal Blessings for the 11:11:21 Gateway


The 11:11:21 Celebration of Renewal of the Angelic Hosts of Light

A Walking Terra Christa Special Presentation – Join Archangel Michael and the Angels for the Blessings of 11:11

ONLINE VIDEO EVENT: Thursday November 11, 2021 at 11:11AM Pacific

“It is my pleasure as Lord Michael to extend to you my blessings and joy for a special presentation with Walking Terra Christa for the 11:11 Renewal of Light.

I come to you as Lord Michael depicting my ascension process from Archangel Michael working with many principalities of the angelic order including all archangels, overseeing the Angelic Hosts of Light in all of their divinities including the Ophanim, Seraphim, and Cherubim. There are many more sects of the order of the angels in which our main goal is to bring forth the word of God unto humanity to create healing and assistance in various ways.

I also work directly under Lord Metatron as Lord Michael to assist individuals upon the planet to fully come to the realization of their own essence of the angel within them, called the Solar Angel.

I hold the Blue Flame representing the Will and Power of the Divinity of the Father God to be fully embraced as Archangel Michael with Archangel Faith to hold this light very deeply within us extending to all of humanity and creation.

This flame is the focus of the Strength and Courage of the Will that Divine Father represents to all of us. It is within that essence that we are able to achieve the Power to be ignited through the commanding light energy of the Higher Realms of Light. And it is within this essence, that this flame of Deep Blue will assist every living soul upon the Earth to look deeper and clearer within themselves, to find right feeling, thought, and action to be created by the blessing of Truth and Fearlessness to be acquired.

I extend unto you this Flame to help you rise above your current situation in order to see the truth of your own destiny.

You are an Angel that has chosen to arise above physicality to remind your Personality Self of the Human you inhabit that you have the greatest blessing to uphold upon your walk on the Earth.

This is your Solar Angel who desires to help you in ways that is very uncertain in your reality, but the truth will be revealed if you all embrace the Act of Faith to be upheld within your personality self.

Your Solar Angel is very crucial in the development of your ascension process. He/She cannot be ignored as this part of you represents the ability to uphold the integral light energies within your evolution as a soul. The Solar Angel is the bridge to allow your Higher Self Consciousness to become more of an intrinsic part of your ascension process.

This 11:11 celebration in 2021 represents the renewal of the awakening of all Solar Angels. We will come together in Unison to create a new dimensional quality which will help every individual participating to know themselves in a new a different manner than ever before.

For this event on November 11, 2021 I am honored to uphold each soul’s Solar Angel to join in the celebration. It is time for your remembrance, to allow all you have been through the many incarnations to step forward and celebrate the Renewal of your own Angelic Presence to be fully realized. 

I bring forth the hosts of the Angelic Principalities to join me and YOU in a special ceremony of Light. It is time that we reestablish our community of Light together, to bring forth a new sense of acceptability, and allow the blessing of your Angelic Self to help you walk through a new doorway – one that has been closed for quite some time.

I will be joined by all of the Angelic Principalities to celebrate our Divine Essence to become One once again, to assist your pathway of Light upon Gaia, to help you remember your True Self, and bring forth the highest light vibrational essence unto the planet and Gaia at this time.

I Am Lord Michael at your service”.

Walking Terra Christa is holding a Special Online Presentation to Celebrate 11:11:21. This is the TENTH ANNIVERSARY of the 11:11:11 Gateway for Humanity that represented so much more than anyone knew a decade ago!

MEETING DATE/TIME: Thursday (North America), November 11th at 11:11 AM PACIFIC TIME (click here for your local time conversion)

This will be a LIVE VIDEO BROADCAST using ZOOM.
(Zoom also allows for non video participants to use their phone to dial into the conference).


Nov 11, 2021 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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We look forward to sharing these beautiful angelic frequencies of light with you!
Blessings in Oneness,
Reverend’s Mahlariessee and Ara of Walking Terra Christa

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Faith is the Structure to Create the Will to DO, Archangels Michael & Faith of the Blue Flame

Archangels Michael & Faith: Archangel Michael, as most of us know him well, is the Archangel of Faith and Protection.  He is the Director of the Angelic Kingdom and representative of the First Ray.  He works with assisting souls to find the right balance whether in or out of body helping anyone in distress who desires his help.  Archangel Faith embodies the God quality of faith, which resides within every human heart.  Faith in God should be the constant state of One’s Being, every second of eternity.  Faith is the substance of all things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen.  Together they share how important it is the embody Faith first and the Will to Do will follow.

We love to be honored by the frequency of the Blue Ray as our work is not only inherent within the Rays but to assist souls in and out of body to bring these essences to all of humanity.  Some may think that this ray of the Will and Power is something out of the scope of understanding within the common man or woman.  Possibly that is because there is a lack of understanding within the will of their own essence being able to tap into the Higher Mind.  That is a misconception.

We, as Archangel Michael & Faith, come to each of you in this moment to assist you in the process of your own divinity of understanding the depthness of the Will for your own lightwork and pathway whether it is personal or professional.  Our role is not any different for either.  Our main goal is to assist you to understand the Power of your own force within the Will of your creation.

Let us say as a rule that I as Archangel Michael assists anyone that truly needs help in receiving their own courage and ability to find their Will.  I work with many Beings of Light to help them understand their own thought process is the one that truly makes their destiny.  Within that aspect I share the ability to have courage.  This is not an outside circumstance but truly an inner truth; but then as I as Archangel Faith bring to each individual the same experience by accessing their knowledge of the faith within their experience.  If a person cannot have faith in their endeavor then there is no accessibility of courage.  They go hand-in-hand.

Many say that angels protect and guide humanity which is very true.  When it comes down to the pathway of Mastery, then that is when we divide the work we have been doing separately and become the union of Will and Power.  We bring to each of you to acknowledge your own essence of your Will to Do.  It is about learning what is truly going on within your world to ‘walk your talk’ and share with others the experience.  When you are hit with a moment of despair, how do you work through it?  Do you call upon one of us or do you call upon your-self?

This is a very important aspect to ponder because walking in mastery means that you must find the pathway that works best for you while at the same time of initiating your worth of knowledge.  We are here to assist with these elements.

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911, Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael Shares a Very Powerful Message About September 11, 2012

On September 10th, 2012 we hosted our weekly call for the Clarion Temple of Oneness in which we were celebrated “HEARTS WITHIN HEARTS FOR ONENESS ~ COMMEMORATING GLOBAL AWARENESS”.  Archangel Michael had a very special message for the energies of 9-1-1.

This is Archangel Michael.  Thank you everyone, thank you everyone for this beautiful expression.  I want to share with you an expression of creation.  As we stand here together, Angels upon Angels, frequencies of light that we have been into all those creations, as we bring them from formlessness into the form of the human structure in this moment in time upon this Earth in 2012.

I ask each of you to take a moment and embrace yourself for being upon this pathway in this moment in time.  No matter where you are in that pathway; no matter what you think about, what you need to be doing or are doing, in this moment there is nothing that matters but our expression together.  I stand with you, angels upon angels, humans upon humans, masters upon masters, teachers upon teachers, healers upon healers, and all the expressions of the light that we Are, I ask of you during this day of September 11th, the 11th anniversary, you connect with this energy.  Stay away from the media, do not listen to what others are saying about the problems are that happened, we know that they happened.  Don’t read it, don’t listen to it, because there is an infiltration that can happen on this day.  And this is why that this evening is so very important.

Yes, it has been very personal because these people, these souls have a personal indebtedness to each of you for just being here and acknowledging them, but the healing that has happened, many of you have assisted you in this healing in your sleep state and your altered states.  You come to the Temple and you work with others.  We know that some of you know this.  That is the beautiful thing of this Temple.

So I ask you on this day of September 11th, 2012


It is essentially important because there is a timeline, there is a frequency that is trying to infiltrate in this moments for 24 hours.  It is very important that your elevation stay high that your vibration continually be in this space, because they will try if they can.  So you will pull out all the stops, all that you know, because your Higher Self has the ability to do it; and don’t say to yourself “What am I supposed to do”.  Because we are right there with you, we are walking with you; Angels, Masters, and Beings of Light allowing you to be the guideposts that are necessary.

This is a very important aspect that is occurring in these moments.  So I am grateful to be able to extend my hand this evening 24 hours ahead of time or 12 hours ahead of time; and those of you in other time frames, you are in the middle of it right now.  So embrace yourself with the frequency of the Light that you are, fully.  I embrace each of you as Archangel Michael.  I allow my essence to flow; I allow my wings to protect you and guide you, but you also must show me your wings because I know you have them.  It is just a matter of them and bringing peacefulness into each of us – allowing it to flow in the beauty that we are.


We Are the Angels of Light;

Do you see us?

We are you!

We are One!

In addition, I wanted to share a special prayer that was shared to each of us from the Souls of 911 that have come to the Clarion Temple of Oneness since its inception 11 years ago.  This is their group consciousness of the One:


We, of the souls that perished during 911, bring forth this message unto each of you.

We could not have done it without you.  We could not have survived as we have on this soul level on this level without you.  The Hearts of you shine within each of us, The Hearts of the many.

And We understand.  We are not in silence.  We are not asleep.  We are awakened souls, because there are many unawakened souls.

Our Hearts are within your Hearts.  We, of this consciousness, want to say thank you, thank you to the many of always remembering us, as we walk with the many upon this Earth that pray for us, but yet we reverberate those prayers into each of them because we have learned through this process that we have a commitment to this Earth and this commitment will not fail as this is our strength of knowing more than we did before.

We are One

We are One Being of Light

We are One, We are One

We are One Being of Light


In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee


2012, Archangel Michael, ascension, Golden Era

Standing Within Your Power ~ Accessing Your Full Angelic Being – Archangel Michael, March 7th, 2012

This is a special message I received today from Archangel Michael as we have been getting prepared for our Full Moon Ceremony tonight and tomorrow our class on 5D Body High Vibration Protection Protocols.  As has been stated in the calls for the last several months, we are walking with each of the Ascended Beings unto the New Earth.  Michael brings forth a very powerful message..



It is with great pleasure that I fully acknowledge each of you from the beginning of your creation as we all were together.  Earth is now at a crossroads of allowing the old timelines to be removed of the walk each of you have created while being in humanity as you expressed it through your physicality.

You are still very much physically but starting to acknowledge the parts of yourself that have been lost and removed from your consciousness.  That was the Divine plan so that you could fully remember unto yourself when it was time.  Well, the time is at hand and each of you is fully accessing these elements.

At the time of Creation, we all were in angelic form together fully acknowledging our powerful gifts.  We were separated into the principalities and guided in certain pathways to share these amazing feats that could be accomplished.  We were then given opportunities to take these gifts into other forms, Earth being the human form but within that the gifts would only be remembered up to a certain age.  If the cultivation was not nurtured within the child, after a certain age, the gifts would be tucked away until the Higher Self could access them.  They would come through dream states, in visions, and living in imaginary worlds until they would be fully ready to be acknowledged with the essence that they held for humanity.

During this time, many of you decided to return again and again to remember who you were so you could access these gifts, but the effects of the earth energies did not always support these elements.  Some could and others were not ready as the abilities that each of you accessed were so powerful that in human form it took on the role of the fears.  So in truth you created pathways to get through these blockages from the Light, created doorways of darkness as that was also part of your personal plan.  These are what we commonly refer to as “Timelines,” pockets of creation through lifetimes that are stopping the full potential to be manifest within the creation of the Now.

In this moment of time, this year of 2012, all of these timelines are being ignited for each of you to either release or embrace.  We are still in the age of duality of the 4th dimensional reality of Earth but are quickly moving to the new paradigm of the Golden Age.  As this process continues, the timelines will be acknowledged by your lower self to be accessed through your Higher Self.  It is a frequency of continuation that is being guided by each of your I AM Presence’s.  In order for you to remember you must remove the old elements that are stopping you from fully accessing your Divine Potential.

This is the “Crossroads of Creation”.  As each of your lifetimes held karmic relationships with others, both good and bad, those frequencies are being ignited by the Light and the Dark.  Many beings of the lower frequencies are still existing as they never allowed themselves to fully feel their light within so each are combating with the Light for existence.  If you can try to understand the levels of creation within each Soul’s existence, then you can grasp the knowledge that once we were all the same.  Now through the different timelines we are coming back to the Source of Oneness but in that journey it can be riddled with great challenges of darkness.

It is a time of the mastership role to be acknowledged by each of you.  This is your acceptance as being a Light Worker of learning to combat the darkness with the Light.  This is also true of each of you individually through all the timelines that exist for you in your soul’s remembrance.  As you bring more Light onto yourself, the old timelines need to be removed so as not to fall into the old roles of warriorship and power by death.  The ones that are now in the warriorship roles will take the responsibility of removing these pesty beings of non-light.  As you let go of the old timelines, you move fully into the Oneness that You Are, and become a Torch Bearer of the Golden Flame.

It is each individual’s choice of where they want to go with these elements, but in truth it is your time to fully take hold of your Mastery upon this Earth.  I stand here as Archangel Michael and shall always protect each and every one of you as many of you have stood with me before.  It is now time for each of you to find your own strength and power of being the Torch Bearer of the Golden Flame.  I walk with you; not in front of you and not behind you.  I will guide you through this pathway but we are all experiencing new levels of awareness that fully need to be acknowledged.

The only way that you can fully allow your physical self to understand your role is to fully accept your Destiny Within.  This cannot come from your physical ego and must be acknowledged within your Soul’s Higher Ego, Higher Mind, and Higher Heart.  This will bring the acceptance that each of you is looking for as it will not come from your physical essence.  It is now time to stand within your power of your Angelic Self with all the magic and joy each of you have embodied previously.

The difference at this time is that you now are walking the Earth fully embodied with this knowledge and wisdom while understanding the process you are going under for complete Divine Completion.  The duality that is occurring upon the Earth is great but not as great as the Light that each of you embodies.  Thinking love is helpful but you must fully accept it in all parts of your existence.  Allow yourself to fully embody the Angelic Being You Are while accessing all the positive timelines in which you created these elements to occur upon this Earth as a fully Divine Being of Oneness.

I cannot stress to you enough of the importance of the Unified Whole Command that Meleriessee and Michael are sharing with each of you.  They have been asked to speak of these frequencies as Now It Is Time.  We are all part of the Unified Whole but fully must remove the old paradigms that kept us from creating Oneness Within Ourselves and in our world.

I stand with you; watching you as you express your Divine right as Sovereign Beings of the Light to share unto this world.  I have been awaiting this day as many of you have stood with me previously and now we walk together.  I am no greater than you as I AM YOU.

All my love in Divine Essence,

I AM Archangel Michael


Join us for a special Full Moon Ceremony on Wednesday, March 7th or our class on Spiritual Protocol, Thursday, March 8th

Details:  http://lifestationearth.com/page_156.html


Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden

Vibratory Masters & Mentors for the New Earth, Terra Christa


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