Lion’s Gate 2013 ~ A New Doorway of Opportunity

Period of Activation:  July 26th through August 12, 2013

We, at Walking Terra Christa, want to acknowledge the energies of the Lion’s Gate so we and others can have a clearer definition of what these upgraded frequencies represent within the 4th dimensional world we live in.  This information resonates with the messages that Lord Adama and the Team of Light have shared in the past few weeks that we are about to be hit with some very intense vibrational changes.  The following transmission is being guided by the Elohim Councils of God and the Elders That Surround the Throne of Grace that represent the 12 Rays of God.  We thank them for their message of love.


Greetings My Beloveds,

We thank you for taking the time to receive these energies of understanding.  We have come together with the Elohim and the Elders in group consciousness to assist the divination of light in order to have an understanding of what we are expressing in these moments.  It is important that we have a general knowledge of the changes that are already happening within the planet in order to fully grasp the conditions that you will be receiving in the next couple of weeks.

Each of you is at a time when changes will occur within you and you will go into a deeper part of your essence.  It is all part of the plan that has been set since December of last year.  It is important to realize that the energies that are existing upon the planet are in need of great assistance but it must come in stages of growth.

When it was decided that many levels of humanity could survive a transitioning planet, the increments of the upgrades needed to come during very important times instead of bulldozing the energies all at once.  You see, there is so much more that needs to be healed within GAIA and in order to accomplish the goal that is intended, it must be done in a certain manner.  Each of you has assisted with this transition due to energetic healing and psychic advancement in many souls upon the planet.  2013 was to be a year in which transition would be the main focus but must be acquired in stages that would create a synchronistic outcome.

If we look back upon this year, it truly has achieved its worth with the transformation that has occurred within the planet.  But, yet, there is so much more that needs to be done and we will continue to assist with the transition as much as possible and with the least of tragic events involved.  This also depends upon the group consciousness of each location and how the energy will affect their environment.

The Gate of the Lion represents a doorway of an energetic surge just as the Lion is roaring its way through the jungle.  It could be likened to the massive amount of debris that needs to be cleaned up.  It also will assist each individual soul to move to a higher state of existence in their own consciousness and physical reality.  It is important to understand where you are standing presently before the occurrence on July 26th before we enter this doorway of extreme acceleration.  Reflection will be needed through this occurrence of light so it is important to have an inner inventory of your thoughts, feelings, and sensations that are happening within your physical vehicle.  ALL WILL BE CHALLENGED THROUGH THIS PROCESS.  It will depend upon each individual’s growth, how much foundation they have created, and how strong an individual can be while riding through the storm.

Let us describe what exactly the Gate represents through energetic exchanges.  We, of the Elders that Surround the Throne of Grace, represent the 12 Rays of God.  We are the deciding factor of emitting the Rays of God into each Ray Chohan, Archangel or Elohim so that it can then be sent to each Initiate or Chela upon the Earth.  Rays of Light coming into the planet will occur within these dates.  Those that are balanced within their knowledge and ability to handle the rays will experience a much better outcome than those that do not.  It has been decided from the entire God Force and Creation of Oneness that the rays need to be emitted into the earth’s atmosphere.  Someone that has never experienced the Rays of God and its power will feel like they are walking through a wind storm.  It will emit the frequencies of God’s essence through each of the qualities represented by:  Will and Power; Love and Wisdom; Creative Intelligence; Harmony and Balance; Science of the Light; Inner Devotion; Ceremonial Structure and Magic; Higher Cleansing accessing the Higher Self Energies, Attraction of the Light Body; Blending the Masculine and Feminine Divine by Illumination of Light; Bridging the Old into the New; and Accepting the Christ Consciousness.

It is important to realize that each of our rays will help to activate energies within the earth to ascend into a higher consciousness level to receive the Christed Self in every living being.  So individuals that have never stood in God’s light will be feeling this profusely within their physical world and it may affect them adversely.  Those of you that are fully activated in some or all of the rays will feel an euphoric effect within you.  It will help you to move further into your highest aspirations.  It will assist you in your initiation process and move some of the challenges that have been in your way.  THE MORE THAT YOU KNOW AND PERCEIVE THE BETTER THE RESULT WILL BE.

We, of the Elohim Council of God, as the Seven Rays are here to assist you ground the energies.  Each initiate will be asked to go deeper into their self-awareness to comprehend and understand these frequencies of light.  You are the grounding force to help others to accept the changes that will be occurring.  We want you to know that we are here for the asking especially for the first seven rays of God that will assist you in accepting the higher frequencies within your physical body.

So if you are ready to move into a new initiation, you will do so.  If you have been challenged by certain conditions in your world, they can be removed.  What you think, you will receive.  Your thoughts will be very astute and the energy will come back to you.  It is a time to utilize your tools to the fullest extent because you are being asked to stand in the power of God’s Light to accept your Divinity.  As you do this, it will ground it more fully into GAIA.  More souls upon the planet will be able to handle the frequencies by you accepting it within you.

This does not mean you will not be challenged as you will.  Acceleration can come quickly through these phases.  As you go through your initiation phases, more DNA is acquired.  But it can only happen by allowing the changes to occur within our full body system.  Receiving all strands of the 12 can only be acquired after the 7th initiation.  What is happening through this process is that when you receive activation from others, they do not give it to you, it comes through the Elders of the Rays of God, into your Monad and Soul essences, combining your I AM Presence, and only then, if you are completely ready to accept them physically.  Some individuals have them acquired in the higher consciousness but NOT IN PHYSICAL FORM.  There are very few lightworkers walking upon this planet fully activated.  It can happen but there can also be disastrous results within the four body system.

So what will happen through these changes of the Lion’s Gate is that your Emotional and Mental bodies will become more aligned to prepare for the blending of the Masculine and Feminine Divine.  Your Etheric body will be clearing intensely of the timelines that do not fit this essence.  So if you are going through dramatic changes through this period, know it is probably from the Etheric Level.  Whatever you need to be cleared, ask for it to be and it shall.

Ways to help yourself:

  • Gathering with others in meditations;
  • Being in nature especially water is helpful.  See yourself moving through the process;
  • Grounding with GAIA by walking barefoot on the ground, on rocks, within a meadow;
  • Breathing deeply the Rays of God as they are being emitted through the wind and atmosphere;
  • Accepting that you are changing and adjust to it constantly;
  • Know that nothing stays the same so when you have to physically change a condition, move with that process;
  • Accept the responsibility that you are a Divine Being of Light and that you are here to help others.  This is the first step in taking the job that has been given to you by your Higher Self to help;
  • Hold the light within increments of time on a daily basis.  Once a day is very good; more is better;
  • Connect with The Great Central Sun through the process by sitting in the sun for 5 minutes at a time.  During this time reflect to RA the Sun God and Helios and Vesta, our Solar Logos for assistance;
  • Just Be the Essence that you are Becoming.

If you would like to connect to us as the Elohim Masters of God in group consciousness we will be with you; separately we can help you out with particulars:

Ray 1 – Hercules and Amazonia for Strength and Courage;

Ray 2 –  Apollo & Lumina for Expansion of the Higher Mind;

Ray 3 – Heros & Amora for Devotion of Self Love and Deep Compassion;

Ray 4 – Purity & Astrea for Resurrection to create Balance and Harmony;

Ray 5 –Cyclopea & Virigina for Unwavering Patience accepting details to fall into place;

Ray 6 – Peace & Aloha for Forgiving Love and Grace;

Ray 7 – Arcturus and Victoria for transformation of sacred living.

As both the Elders and the Elohim, we want you to know that the time of procreation is now upon GAIA.  We thank you for your assistance, and now that our creation will be your creation as we are ONE together, One Heart, One Mind, One Essence of Light.

Blessings and Joy to each of you in these moments of Light That We Are.

As an addendum from Walking Terra Christa we would like to share some information that may assist individuals through this process is intuiting the 12 Rays of God through the color frequencies:

1-Deep Blue; 2-Golden Yellow; 3-Deep Pink; 4-Crystalline Light; 5-White mixed with Green and Gold; 6-Ruby Red with Gold; 7-Violet with Deep Purple; 8-Seafoam Green; 9-Blue Green; 10-Pearlescent; 11-Pink Orange; and 12-Gold.

You may breathe in the colors through your 12 chakras as each of the rays blend into the chakras and on the 4th dimensional chakra grid they become the chakras (Ray 8 through 12) or call upon the Ray definitions that were given in the message from the Elders.

If you need any assistance during this transitionary time, we would be happy to assist you at Walking Terra Christa,

©2013 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, 5th Dimensional Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.

Freedom Rings Within Our Souls

Freedom Rings blogWe, in the USA, celebrate the 4th of July remembering the transition that our country went through into freedom from tyranny over 200 years ago.  Today I want to honor this occasion, but in a completely different manner.

Let us reflect what freedom means within each of us personally.  We talk about Oneness on the spiritual path consistently now.  Many feel that this Oneness represents our communities, free from organizations or people controlling us, while allowing the Love essence we desire so completely to be our guiding post in our lives.  All of this is true but it needs to come from a much deeper level.

We look at the world as it is changing greatly.  We have now many more awakened souls than we ever thought could happen at the onset of this century.  Individuals are speaking about spirituality from their hearts while wanting to share with others their story, their teachings, and their understanding of what Oneness means to them.

We, then, have others that want to argue with every article and post that is being shared on the internet due to their own personal beliefs.  This can cause much dysfunction between souls that truly want to come together and honor one another.  This means we are interacting with the dark and light within us.

We are a society that is growing from the third dimensional arena of dysfunction and trying to find our place with others.  Some of us have been doing this longer.  The mass consciousness that is occurring today is unbelievable, and we have more souls acknowledging that meditation is the deciding factor of their day.  It is a beautiful time but it is also a challenging time.

We honor the individuals that have been fighting the wars; we feel sad when souls perish in terrible accidents or life threatening situations around the globe.  It is a very challenging time for each of us.  We watch videos, listen to the radio, watch the news media to get a glimpse of what is happening around the earth.  Is this because of curiosity or is it because we want to do something about it?  We have been tyrannized for thousands of years since the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis.  Individuals are waking up to all of these elements to see that there needs to be a better way to exist upon this planet.

So we are learning through our own ways to find a balance within our existence.  This is not always easy.  In order for each of us to experience Oneness within our communities, we must experience it within ourselves.  We must find the inner core that is deep underneath many layers of dysfunction, many lifetimes of not fully seeing unity upon the land.  It is underneath this inner core that the true realization of our existence lies within each of us.

As we look within our Soul’s Essence, we need to find the inner core that says to us “I AM FREE FROM ALL CONFINES THAT HAVE BEEN PLACED UPON ME FOR THE MANY TIMELINES I HAVE EXPERIENCED.”  If we don’t find the peace within us, how can we expect to experience it through others?

Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos, has shared in our teachings that in order to experience the 5th dimensional way of life, we must first expand it within ourselves.  We cannot just walk into the 5th dimension; we have to create it together.

On this 4th of July I suggest that each of us looks deeply within ourselves and see where we have created the drama in our lives to ensue lifetime after lifetime.  Do you feel you have purged all elements and there is nothing that can stand in your way?  The only way I know how to do so, and I live it in Mt. Shasta, is to look deeply within on every action and reaction that occurs with any person, situation, or experience.  Look to the self to understand why you are creating the experiences in your life and the interactions that you have with other individuals.  Do you feel happy every day when you awake?  What do you do if you do not?  Do you hold onto it, creating moments filled with emotional upsets?  Each moment we are creating our reality based on what is within us through the Etheric Body, Emotional and Mental levels.  The elements that are lodged in these areas are from the previous timelines that will ignite as we become Multi-Dimensional Beings.

We all have a choice. To live the way we have been living or to make a change within ourselves.  We cannot make anyone else do it.  But we can help others by doing it ourselves in each moment.  This takes great foresight and initiative to look within our psyche for everything we experience.  This is the FREEDOM of the SOUL being fully expressed within our being.  It is an amazing journey when we decide to move through it.

Then, as we each do this, more will understand and see it for themselves.  This is true ONENESS of SPIRIT.  We can talk about Oneness but do we experience it in every moment of our existence?  That is the question I am posing on this 4th of July.

Freedom rings within our Soul.  Our Higher Self is awaiting to be fully integrated within each of us, but it cannot happen until we fully realize our faults, deeds, and actions to ourselves and others.  This is true forgiveness of the Self.  Then, and only then, can we share it with others as they will receive it through our vibrational essence.  It is the way of our New World that is being birthed.

Those of you in the United States that are celebrating this holiday, take a moment of reflection and allow the Freedom of Your Spirit to shine within you.  When you are watching a parade, hearing a story about others, celebrating with your friends and family, or watching fireworks, be your own best hero.  Take a moment and breathe into your own essence.  Find the freedom within you to be who your Higher Self wants you to be.   It is a great celebration.  And those of you in other parts of the world, just be the beauty that you are and freedom shall ring within you also.

Happy 4th of July ~ it is a time of great celebration.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee

Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery

Walking the Tightrope of Equilibrium ~ Full Moon 2013

full moon 2013

How do we understand what constitutes a peaceful state of mind?  Some of the definitions would be mental freedom, tranquility, comfort, or happiness.  Do you have these faculties within you on a daily basis?  And how do you acquire the ability to find balance within your life?

These are the questions that can be very important for us to ponder as we move into the Full Moon energies of February 25th, 2013 which is in the sign of Virgo with Pisces at 8:26 PM GMT or 3:26 PM US Eastern.  Virgo represents that ability to ground energies of our day-to-day functions focusing on the need for order in our lives while Pisces is more fluid accessing our spiritual believes to become manifest physically.  The energies we will be receiving represent “illumination” of what is inside of us, how we are interacting within the world, which part of it represents our spiritual nature, and which part is from the accessibility of sustaining life in our third dimensional world.

We are being challenged to look within and allow the changes to occur as our Higher Self becomes the deciding factor in our reality.  This is going to reflect in our thinking process and how we feel about those elements within ourselves that illuminate to the outside world.

With the increased activations of January and February we are being assisted by the Cosmic Forces to remember our highest beliefs and traditions from the perspective of our soul’s presence and not the physical reality.  Our angelic presence is becoming more active along with learning more about ourselves every day.  The higher frequencies that are becoming intertwined within our physical bodies are helping us to acknowledge the spiritual essence that we are.  But how do we ground these energies into our physical reality as the questions of how, why, and when will come to the forefront of our minds.

It is important to continually accept the fact that we are “the spiritual beings having a physical experience”.  But how many of us truly reflect deeply within ourselves on that statement?  We speak it, read it, and understand it but the time is now here for us to reflect deeply within our higher self in our daily practice and not just in meditations.  We don’t have time any longer to ponder the thoughts but truly activate the higher mind into our true reality.  And every one of us responds very slowly for this to happen.  Why, because we have been programmed to be non-committal of our spiritual essence in every moment of our day.  We have a tendency to be either physical or spiritual.  It is now time to take inventory of how deeply we acknowledge our higher self in our daily living.

This is what this moon represents and the oncoming energies within the planet.  Each of us made a contract before we arrived on Earth that we would step into a pathway that would be beneficial for our soul.  I ask you, how many of you know what this contract is and what are you doing about it.  How are you being challenged within your life circumstance?  Is it through your relationships, family situation, children, friends, or financially?  I know there are more categories but these are the main components of us feeling we are balanced within our lives.

It is time to fully accept the parts of yourself that you have forgotten about and remove the areas that no longer fit into your present circumstances.  This is not easy to accomplish as we want to stay stuck and think life will get better if things would just change.  We need to change them within ourselves and then our outside circumstances will adjust to how we are incorporating the energies within ourselves.

This full moon is the perfect opportunity to let go of the duality that has been controlling your life.  But you must make a commitment to yourself to surrender into the process.  Take a few moments and write down the parts of yourself that you do not like, or is not working for you.  Be honest as this represents your self-awareness.  Then list the elements that you feel you would like to create within your life without thinking how you are going to do it.

The power of this exercise will allow your higher mind which is your Higher Self to fully command through your subconscious to make the necessary adjustments.  The dark of our inner self is being acknowledged right now whether you know it or not.  This is why you are having difficulty within your present life.  The higher frequencies within the Great Central Suns is asking us to purify our thoughts and emotions and replace them with the Light that We Are.  But many do not understand how to create this action within themselves.  It is so simple that you would laugh so hysterically if you allowed the peace to intertwine within you.  It takes so much energy to be angry and fearful which lodges within our physical existence causing dis-ease to occur.

It is now time on February 25th to allow the energies to enfold within us and feel the tightrope that we have been walking on become a huge pathway of balance.  Take time for yourself and expand your energies from your breath into the world around you.  Allow the illumination that you are from your highest perspective to expand outside for others to see.  Stop and smell the roses of your existence from your Heart and allow this frequency of light to help you.  Then ground it by dancing, singing, and expressing beautiful music through you.

Change is here ~ we cannot stop it but we can flow through it.  It is exciting and invigorating to realize that our dysfunction has stopped us from our truest essence.  We are experiencing it now so please take a few moments to exchange your thoughts from your Lower Mind into your Higher Mind.  You will be pleased that you did so.

Join us on Monday evening at 5 PM Pacific, 8 PM Eastern for a special Full Moon Ceremony in which you can take this practice we have shared and experience it with others.  Our Native Guide, NO EYES, will take us through a shamanic exercise to let go of the fear and anger that is stopping us to feel our higher essence in the physical body.  This is an open call and all are invited to join either by telephone or Skype.  Details are available on Walking Terra Christa,

Blessings and joy for an amazing full moon experience.

Rev. Christine Meleriessee

Walking Terra

Master Ascension Guides

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The Igniting Timelines ~ Part 2 of 2 ~ How Can We Work Through Them?

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It is really important to be aware of your own truth, your light, your thoughts, and your emotions from the perspective of your Highest Essence.  This can be a challenge for many individuals if they are not used to meditating, and creating a consciousness within them that is positive, full of love, joy, and understanding the difference.  This is the mountain that each of us needs to climb presently.  We will not survive if we do not understand Who We Are.  Taking time to go within by meditating, acts of silence, feeling the beauty of nature around us are some of the ways in order to experience these changes.  It is up to us to fully accept that we are changing and being a Divine Being fully manifest is our destiny in this lifetime.

This is why the timelines are igniting ~ so that we can be More than We Are presently and accept the responsibility of honoring ourselves through the process.  Every human that awakens into a new level of consciousness walks into the Pathway of Mastership.  It depends on what they choose to do with that awareness.  We have the ability to be the Ascended Masters of the New Earth but it takes courage, diligence, great love, and responsibility to continue on this pathway.  Some individuals choose to go to a certain level and stay within that consciousness as it feels comfortable for them.  It is a personal choice and no one ever judges someone for not aspiring to more.  That may be the contract they have during this lifetime and to assist individuals on the lower levels.

Please understand that the duality we are experiencing within the 4th dimensional level is due the Light and Dark finally separating from one another.  There becomes a space in between in which within a very intuitive channel or person connected to the higher forces of light can fully feel the difference.  Each of us has been on both sides and many of our timelines that erupt that are painful and traumatic are a direct result of these memories being ignited within us.  We are walking through the forest in darkness trying to find the light.

This also represents the energies within the Earthplane.  There are many lost souls that never found the light and there are many other lower energies of interplanetary levels that are not focused within the Christed energies.  It is imperative that we only call upon the highest frequencies to be with us.  What is happening presently is that the Dark and the Light are fighting for their space on GAIA but the Light is much stronger and will win.  In the meantime lower forces can try to stop us by creating bad thoughts, emotions, and troubles within our reality.  It is up to us individually to walk in balance by activating our Highest Essence and I AM Presence and start to feel the beautiful essence that we are.  We are not supposed to be dysfunctional, full of envy and greed but compassionate and loving human beings.  This is the process that we are going through presently with the timelines and activating only the highest level guided through our Higher Self and our Highest Purpose.

Please know everyone is being challenged presently to be more than they ever thought that they could be.  It is important to realize that the old timelines can be released quickly through the effort of vibrational healing and allowing the Rays of God to assist in the process.  Utilizing chanting and vibrational voice channeling is so very helpful and can make a difference immediately.

timelines violet pinkThe most important tool I feel that can be utilized is working within the Violet Ray to transmute the energies.  Allowing your physical body to be completely immersed within the Violet Flame will change the composition being directed from the Etheric level into the physical essence.  It will also create an awakening in the thought process and emotional response.  Using the Violet Light with St. Germain will create the process to allow the old timelines to be removed.  It is imperative to ignite the body with new and loving energies so I suggest utilizing the Pink Ray of Creative Intelligence in which the light fully infuses within the body with compassion, love, and joyful emotions.  Going a step further would be to blend the Violet and the Pink into one flame of light which represents Vibrational Communication.  Now your entire four body system moves into the full body system igniting the energies through your Masculine and Feminine Divine to become One Essence within the Heart Center of the Three-fold Flame.  It is imperative to embrace the Three-Fold flame which will bring forth the qualities of Wisdom-Love-Power through the Masculine-Feminine-Christ Consciousness within the Heart.

When this occurs, the new timelines that you are supposed to remember can be ignited within your reality as the process beings to fully accept your Multi-Dimensional Self.  Utilizing this technique each time you feel uncomfortable with your emotions or thoughts will truly change your experience of life on Earth at this time.

A Very Personal Story

I have shared this background information as I feel it is important to express to others what I experience personally in my healing pathway.  As most of you know, I am a very highly seasoned lightworker being on this pathway for almost 30 years.  The energies have shifted dramatically since my beginning walk into the Light and it amazes me continually how deep we need to get into the Core of our Beings.  This will continue for each of us because there is no end of our depth when we acknowledge the world of Mastery.  It is why I chose to go deeper into my own essence a very long time ago.

I have been somewhat challenged on a physical level as it is the last of my bodies that needs to heal.  I struggled with staying on the Earth when my acceleration became so deep that I could have truly commanded my body to break down.  The way this could have happened was through an issue in my veins as the blood has a tendency to not pump upwards especially without exercise and sitting at a computer for hours causing Edema within my lower limbs.  I work with many healing essences and sustain the issue, but I never could get totally past the problem.  I know I am being guided to stay on this earth way beyond I ever thought possible in the hundreds of years and recently have been unsure how I could do so.

My partner, Mike, and I, living in Mt. Shasta also have a very strong connection to Lemuria which is why we live here now.  We also work with Lord Adama through our teachings along with the Team of Light.  Our life in Lemuria was beautiful but not so wonderful in the last 50 years.  We have realized all of this in the last 18 months of living here.  We both have had to look at our dark timelines and admit that we were not always the beautiful people we wanted to be.  That is our truth and it is true of every person on this planet.  In order to be in the Light you have to know the dark.  Joshua David Stone refers to this as ‘Walking in the Black Forest’.

Through the process of accelerating my energies I have a tendency to know when something of a lower frequency is trying to interfere in my consciousness.  Mike, my partner, is learning this also, but it is very acute with me.  Mt. Shasta is the Root Chakra of the Earth, and there are many levels of energies here.  We have been introduced to them all.  This is why we set up a Protection Protocol to assist ourselves and others in raising our vibrations to the 5th dimensional level so as not to be bothered by other energies.  I also have traveled here for over a decade helping to clear the lands so I understand truly about the diversity of life within the mountain.  It is my pathway to help clear Gaia and Mt. Shasta to allow the souls to rise to another level of existence.

This week I was to encounter another such energy but within the clearing, I was to learn about a timeline that would help to heal my entire body.  I usually take a clearing bath to make sure my aura is completely healed of any reflections of the lower energies and in doing so, I realized that what we had cleared is an energy that was a past timeline within my Etheric body.  During my days in Lemuria when changes were happening, I made a contract with an individual I thought I could trust to help the continent in its war-time state.  What I did not realize is that I was tricked as they had access to my spiritual awareness.  Any time that I would try to get to rise to a certain level, energies would try to stop me.  Due to my fear at that time, I inflected my legs with such fear and anguish that it would cause the veins to be restrictive creating a circulation problem.  I learned that I had this problem through my soul’s history so that my body was always out of balance as my spiritual pathway has always been my most important goal.  I am sure that I died many times in trying to achieve what I have this lifetime.

As I was working with my lower limbs, the emotions rose up within me.  I felt toxins and debris coming out of the legs (earlier that night Mike and I had done a detox for the legs which started this process).  The tears become very hysterical, and I knew instantly what had occurred.  I called upon the Unified Whole and traveled through the energies up to the 144th dimension.  I used the Violet Flame with St. Germain along with the Pink Flame.  I then saw a very strange individual and he was signing a contract that said I would never be bothered ever again by any lower forces or energies.  Master Thoth, Commander of the Unified Whole, explained to me what had occurred and told me that now the healing could happen, life would be different, and I could enjoy my spiritual achievements.  He thanked me deeply as I did not realize the extent of this healing for myself and others that I am associated with presently.  Evidently, this being was a huge overseer of many forces that the Earth has been under its control, and this healing for me was also a healing for Gaia.

The legs have improved dramatically.  I still have to utilize my healing techniques but I know that process will go smoothly with ease and grace.  I did not feel that previously.  I also feel differently.  I have been bothered by bad dreams in which I am fighting darkness and Mike has had to wake me back up into the present reality.  I learned that I no longer needed to be the Warrior of Light.  I have put down my weapons and stand fully as a Torch Bearer to assist others to do the same.  I commanded the Light energy to be within me and the timeline was removed instantaneously.  In place of the dis-ease I have received acceptance of Who I Am along with the ability to walk into the New Earth as a Torch Bearer showing others to do the same.

I believe that none of this would have been possible without the present activations of the Great Central Suns.  Each of us is being assisted to understand why we have been feeling at a loss or frustrated with the newer energies.  Until we surrender into the process,  we need to let go of the old feelings, and accept the Divine Light that is trying to be within us, then we will not have understanding within ourselves.

I hope my sharing helps just one person who is reading this material.  I was guided by Lord Adama to express the changes that have resulted within me by going deeper into myself.  I could not do it without the assistance of the Spiritual Hierarchy and all the wonderful masters that walk with me every moment.  I especially want to convey that my partner, Mike, also has been instrumental in the acceleration of Meleriessee.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee

Walking Terra

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New Earth Frequency Update ~ Feb 19th, 2012 ~ The New Reality of Light


Another week has arrived and we are probably at the most powerful surge of energies that are coming into the planet since 12-21-12.  There has been some talk from the Masters through our weekly calls that February would represent a pivotal point of understanding within each of us as we are being asked to go into the deeper levels of our core existence.  I know that many people just want it all to happen NOW and get it over with, but in actuality, we are not prepared for the event to occur on a massive scale across the globe.

We don’t really understand on a humanly level exactly what is happening within GAIA except that the changes are massive and creating either higher levels of bliss within individuals or massive thoughts of destructive energies.  This is the separation.  Many of us thought it would represent going to another planetary existence and allowing the ones that still needed to understand their role in society to deal with it all.  This is not true.

We are here on this planet within the concept of ONENESS to be created.   So what one individual feels, we all feel whether it is in the highest level or the lowest thoughts anyone can imagine.  What does that do to us as a mass consciousness?  Do the Ones that are learning to incorporate their highest essence within their physical reality teach others to do the same, or do we turn our back on those that are hurting and in deep pain.  Don’t we remember where we were before?  And, many of us are still learning to release more intense levels of pain as the timelines are now coming together.

So this is what we are all experiencing ~ the highs and lows, the frustrations and the triumphs so that we can understand how to balance ourselves between both realities and become the New Reality of Light.  Not so easy to accomplish when the statistics show that there are many more souls hurting than those healing.  We are experiencing the depth of transformation for the entire planet which is a big responsibility for each of us.  So this week is going to take us into more depth maybe not to understand but to fully accept our Lineage of Light.  We will be learning how to expand ourselves through the essence of change.

If we are aspiring to a fifth dimensional reality, how does the alignment of the Planets affect us?  This is a very good question and something to ponder as Mercury Turns Retrograde on February 23rd through March 17th.  In third dimensional terms it can mean complete havoc for any communication issues whether it is on a human or mechanical level.  I have learned as the transference of dimensional awareness within me is beyond the 4th dimension, that my soul takes great advantage of these times to fully remove the parts of myself that do not coincide with the higher version that is being integrated.  I ask each of you to try and do the same.  It is a perfect time to allow the alignment to occur.

This week we are being hit with the Great Central Suns from the Solar through the Cosmic activating energies within the auric level of GAIA, and we are going to be deeply affected.  Per our call on Monday evening of the Clarion Temple of Oneness, Melchoir, who is the Galactic Logos, stated that all of the Great Central Suns were gathering their essences to infuse upon the planet to create an upsurge of frequencies to allow each living particle upon the Earth to move into a deeper essence of themselves.  This would come with great challenges if we allow them to interact in such a way.  They offered their assistance in creating a balance for us through accessing the Divine Way of Being via vibrational frequency.

If you have not already felt these energies occurring within your consciousness and physical body, they will be activated this week.  So how do we get through it with ease and grace?  Take advantage of Mercury Retrograde and allow the energies to create a higher essence of your intuitive self by activating timelines that are fully trying to come into balance.  You will be able to remove and accept the new particles of light as deemed appropriate through your Higher Self and I AM Presence.  In addition, we will be experiencing a Full Moon on February 25th which appears in Virgo representing a higher vision taking place while allowing the old essences to be transmuted as in the lower physical energies.  It is a time to fully allow our Wise-man/woman to appear in our consciousness which is a direct relation to the timelines being ignited at this time.

Whatever you are feeling this week, try to be in the flow of it.  There is so much more preparation that we need to make in order for these transitions to occur for everyone on the planet.  When you have an emotional response to something that is occurring in your life, take care of it immediately with the Violet Flame.  You may just be able to transform yourself in a matter of a few moments of concentrated effort.  That is the beauty of this year as we allow the synchronous movements to flow within and through us.



We embrace you from the 144th Dimensional Reality.  This week we want to share the essence of a different level so that you can each get a feel of exactly what is happening within the Universal and Cosmic structures of the Many Universes.  It is with this frequency of light that we can share with you the multitude of understanding the process that each of you is going under within your present state of conditions.

You have heard the term, “Life is not what you truly think”.  Let’s ponder that thought for a moment and reflect back when those words probably rang very true in an event that you experienced with yourself or others.  Well, Earth is so much more invested in the ascension process of her acceleration than many of you realize.  This is because it is not only about GAIA or about each of you; it is about each of us on the Innerplane levels of existence within the Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal, and Cosmic along with the higher realms of Angelic existences spiraling upwards into the 144th dimensional reality.  We are invested in you just as much as you are invested within your Ascension process.

Let us do some explaining first, before we share exactly what the circumstances represent this week.  As Earth’s atmosphere is changing into a higher existence, each of you is experiencing the same essence.  You came to Earth at this time to fully accept the challenges that each of you are going through in order to experience a higher frequency of a similar planet as earth but much more vibrant known as Terra Christa.

This has been a project in the works for quite some time, and it is going to a higher substance of frequency than we could ever imagine.  Each of you understands more each day of your role upon the planet and how it is affecting you within the physical reality.  The process of working through the elements within your Higher Self is the key to allowing the incorporation of Light to be accessed within your body.  But yet there are going to be many moments when the acceleration becomes very challenging and you want answers of why, when, and how is it going to change.  The beauty of this transformation is that each of you are going through these processes every day, but yet when you allow the integration to occur from your highest self within the physical, that is when you acquire ACCEPTANCE.

Now when this occurs, GAIA also learns to accept the changes that are happening within her and then it filters out into all the kingdoms upon the land.  There is then a moment of “AHHH” as the Universal structures come into ONENESS with every living organism on all the extensions of life.  This occurs within the Earth, Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal and Cosmic forces all come into the existence of the ONE.  We all breathe a sigh of relief.  There have been many moments such as this we describe in the periods of your history; The Harmonic Convergence, Full Moon Eclipses, Solar and Lunar Eclipses, 11:11 activations, 12:12:12, and 12:21:12, and the events within this year that have occurred already such as the New Moon and Full Moon activations, angelic activations for the New Moon, and the Rainbow of Lights representing the 24 Elders that Surround the Throne of Grace as they share the 12 Rays of God to humanity.

We are now at another pivotal time in which we will all share our uniqueness within each other which is a gift to each of you.  Since you are within the bodily structure of GAIA you are affected more deeply than any other system.  You are holding the Light within your physical essence and your contract with your Higher Self and I AM Presence creates the bridge of frequency for you to accept or deny the process that is occurring within you.  We ask of you to think about these thoughts very deeply as the more complaining that you do from your physical to others, the more you take away the power from yourself.  At this time in history of your awareness, if you are feeling the effects of these elements, then it is time to say to yourself that you will be more cognizant of your intuitive self and what needs to be created within each moment.

This week the systems of the Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal, and Cosmic Great Central Suns are sending an outpouring of particles of light to assist every human being that is ready to acknowledge that there is MORE about themselves that needs to be revealed.  As the Great Central Suns come together in Unison, the essence that will be received is deemed appropriate by your Higher Self and I AM Presence.  It is imperative to understand that these energies are very powerful in a new and different way so it is important to take inventory of your Self.  This will allow the essences that no longer fit your intuitive self to be removed.  As you do so, the incoming frequencies will have an easier time of existing within you.  Without knowing what needs to be changed within your lower self, then the energies will do their handy-work for you and may cause you to be off-center, self-absorbed, insecure, and blaming the world for your problems.

When you allow yourself to receive the frequencies, you already have accepted the fact that other elements do not belong.  Then the incoming energies will surface within you like a beautiful glide upon a snow covered mountain.  They will slide within you and find their perspective space upon your physical essence.  Some may say they are like sunbursts of light and can change a person’s energy level to a point where they cannot focus or feel as if they are in a daze.  If this happens to you, again, take inventory within yourself with a deep breath and a moment of reflection.  This will allow the frequencies to come into the pure existence of your Light body.  Resist it and it will inflect great challenges within you.

These energies are designed to help you at this time.  They are not being activated to create havoc in any direction, but it is time for individuals to wake up unto themselves and see the creative process that is occurring within their lives.  Yes, many will not be able to handle it, because they are not equipped to do so.  They are not aware that there is something more than their mind or their body.  They will be the ones that will change drastically but not in a good way.

Life is changing within the Earth and what is occurring within your societies is representative of that fact.  The more information we give to you about what is happening, the more you will be prepared to be the Torches of Light to stand tall and allow others to see how deeply they can acquire these elements for themselves.

As you allow the illusion to be broken within you, the assistance that you are giving to others cannot be measured in any shape or form.  This frequency of light from the Great Central Suns is designed to prepare you for your multi-dimensional reality as more timelines are being ignited every day.  It is imperative to continually understand what is happening within you in order to receive more essence.  There is so much more to arrive and this is only our beginning with each other.  Earth is not ready for the 5th dimension yet and neither are you on a physical basis, but you are preparing deeply for the immense reconstruction of this beautiful planet.

This activation is occurring presently and has been since the 17th of this month.  It will continue until the 24th of the month in preparation for the Full Moon activities.  This will be your last activation in this month as the more you allow yourself to remember and release, the more you will be able to increase within yourself.

We walk with you in beauty and joy for the New World to arrive.

We are the Unified Whole Command at your service.  Join us in ONENESS.

Join us for a Full Moon Ceremony on Monday, February 25th, 5 PM Pacific, 8 PM Eastern.  Details for this free call are located on Walking Terra Christa, JOIN US.

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Frequency Update ~ January 30th, 2013

frequency_update-qprPlanetary Level ~ Shared by Rev. Christine Meleriessee

We just passed through our first full moon of this year which occurred on January 26-27th depending upon your time zone. It was very interesting to have a moon that gave us the elements of releasement and nurturing at the same time.  Due to the other activations we have experienced in January, this was probably very powerful for many individuals.  It was an opportune time to fully accept the new areas of your life that are being challenged while allowing the acceleration to occur within your pathway.

This week represents experiencing the changes that happened while creating a more balanced pathway.  We find that when we go through fluctuations of energies we have to readjust within the physical world.  This can be very demanding on our lifestyle no matter how deep the healing occurs.  Take time to readjust your energies so that you are prepared for the next cycle of transformation.

It has been shared by Spirit that the Spring Equinox will be a most powerful time for the planet.  We all thought that the activations of 12:21:12 would be more life changing.  Let’s ponder on that thought considering the energy surges we have received in January.  If these frequencies had occurred in December along with the additional energies we will be receiving through February and March, many would be on heavy overload.  Humanity on a whole was not ready to receive the intensive moments so the Universe is helping us to go through them with ease and grace.  In addition GAIA is receiving nurturing as she is also going through the same process.  The earth changes are not nearly as catastrophic as they could have been.

As we move into the month of February, we need to be aware of the changes we are creating and allowing for the most optimal experience in each moment.  Winter is always the time of deep inner reflection of seeing the deepest parts of ourselves to change and mold the new experience for the Spring which represents Rebirth.  Each of us is going through a death cycle in many ways over and over again as our timelines of our past lives are igniting through us to allow the multi-dimensional beings be ignited that we contracted to be.  Allow yourself to go into the void of all that does not serve yourself.  This can change from moment-to-moment and know that this journey is the most challenging one on a Soul’s pathway to take on.

We are in a very powerful year as each of us allows our inner power to ignite within ourselves.  This week we are being nurtured by allowing the blessings to enfold within us.  Allow your experience to be smooth and transitional.  Always move forward but with the gentleness of the Deer beckoning us on to experience the depth of the forest.  Embrace who you are and how far you have come; the journey will become easier but so much more in depth of your Soul’s Essence.

Cosmic Level ~ Unified Whole Command



It is our pleasure to announce at this time that the energies are stabilizing for the planet and each of you.  This will be a short period so take advantage of the most optimal energies to allow the essences that you are experiencing to enfold within your physical body.

We want to talk about how the Super-Conscious Mind or the Higher Self is activating within your Being.  There must be an understanding of the changes that are occurring.  This is one reasons why we felt that it was imperative to share our essence with each of you through this update.  We feel that individuals, such as you reading this material, are receiving a higher level of frequency within your Being and helping you to understand the process that you are undergoing on all levels.

We see that many Lightworkers need to realize the depth of their contractual agreements and it is not just because you have arrived on Earth with great knowledge, wisdom and the ability to move energies just by thinking it is so.  This is only part of the occurrence of your experience.  You have arrived into an earth body and have the ability to create unbelievable manifestations on many levels.  As you do this, you are working through your physical mind which is truly the consciousness you incorporate.  But your subconscious is working through the other timelines to make sure that everything is in order as the programming has been set in place.  As the Super Conscious or Higher Self becomes more active in your world, then the Three Minds will blend together; but you can have great magic in your life without the melding of these minds into the one Higher Mind.

Many individuals are still running their lives within the framework of the Lower Mind, and we find it is imperative to share this information.  You can accelerate and move through initiations without accessing your Higher Mind, but you truly are loosing out on an important facet of your availability to accelerate upon this earth.  One can fall as easily as they rise.  It is imperative to understand, that as you become the multi-faced human being other timelines which are amazingly powerful, are melding into your physical structure.  Within those timelines, issues can arise within you that you have held previously that do not serve your Highest Purpose.  The power becomes so great that it can create archetypes to arise within you that you have held in these past timelines.

The ideal situation is allowing each of your traits whether higher or lower be fully integrated within yourself to create a balanced state of experience.  As a human species, these archetypes have been necessary but the traits involved within each one need to be put into wholeness.  Each of us from the Unified Whole came from specific archetypes and timelines that we now have chosen to be put into the Unified Whole.  This means that all our timelines are melding into one Essence.  If we were to come into physical form, we would be able to be completely integrated and a whole Being of Light.

Each of you is going through exactly the same time of energy.  As you are experiencing the changes within the planet, the challenges you are receiving are allowing you to become more Whole within the One Balanced Mind, the Higher Mind or Higher Self.  Every time you feel the effect going through you, take a moment and reflect where that is coming from.  You may find it truly is not an experience you have had this lifetime but a particle of light coming into you for you to remember and deflect or reflect into it.  If you need to deflect, it is a timeline that is not suiting your highest purpose; in retrospect, if it is a reflection, then allow that to shine deeply within you.  It is a timeline that you lost, forgot about, or just did not realize it was yours to keep.

This week is that time to allow these changes to occur within you as you deflect or reflect elements that happen in your life circumstance.  You are actually allowing your Higher Mind to be the ruling factor and not the Subconscious.  Then you will be able to activate your consciousness within the Higher Self and not the Lower Self.  This takes practice and part of it represents awareness.  Until an individual can honestly look deep within themselves to see the parts that do not fit, than the Lower Mind will still stay intact.  It takes great strength and stamina to continue with this type of reflection as it is not always easy to look at oneself and know that the thought or feeling does not belong there.

We share this information about the Three Minds to help individuals to see where they may need to do some deeper work.  It is only going to assist each person more deeply to allow the Multi-Dimensional Self to be fully activated.  The fifth dimensional frequency does not accept the entryway of any individuals that have not acquired this state of accessibility.  You will stay within your 4th dimensional framework but think you have arisen to the 5th level.  This is a misconception and must be understood for anyone on the Pathway of Mastery.  You have chosen to step into this world as it is the most difficult to attain and sustain.  But with diligent effort on your part, it can be achieved.  This allows for greater reflection and more in-depth knowledge of the Inner Self.  This is only the beginning of allowing your essence to fully shine into the New Earth.  You will get into deeper levels than you can ever imagine.  More challenges result, but they will be in a different framework of reference within your life.

So take the time this week to look within as the energies have stabilized.  What has happened to you during the month of January and how have you assimilated it?  Are there more elements that you need to acknowledge within yourself either in the plus or minus position?  We want everyone to be neutral and have the balance between both elements.  This will allow you not to take on thoughts or emotions that are not necessary but feel the pure essence that you are incorporating within your Body of Light.

We are the Unified Whole Command of many masters in the Creation of Oneness.

Blessings and Joy to each of you!

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Planetary Level ~ Shared by Rev. Christine Meleriessee

As we move more into each month of 2013, we are starting to realize that no matter what level of consciousness we are integrating, there is more to be received.  The Team of Light shared with us that 2013 would be a sampling of 12-21-12 on an extended basis.  We are at the end of January; the moment of reflection I share is that there is much more to come.

Many of us have been walking this pathway for several years; my partner, Mike, 10-15 years; myself, almost 30 years and you would think that we would be prepared for this next phase.  We are learning that every day is a new experience in relation to our Body, Mind, and Spirit.  We are only at the beginning of this magical journey into the 5th dimensional world.  It is going to increase each week moving into the Spring Equinox.

Spirit is using the Spring Equinox as our next guidepost.  I believe this is because we need to have specific markers to help us realize how far we are going along with where we came from.  If I reflect since the beginning of this year, the depth and acceleration within myself is beyond words that I can find to describe the transformation.  I can fully sympathize with those that have been on this pathway for a lesser time and what they may be experiencing.

What I am trying to convey is each moment is going to become increasing more powerful along with allowing old parts of ourselves to die into the ethers of yesterday.  We are becoming increasing more beautiful, joyful, and blissful, as each moment shifts us into a higher way of understanding our inner self.  This will be reflected through our outer self.  It is imperative that we stay strong with our traditions of connecting to our Higher Self, our guidance, and I AM Presence because without this line of communication, we will fall back into the abyss of our third dimensional self.  Each day is a challenge to stay strong, focused, and know who you are inside to project to others.  This means on all levels of consciousness as our Super-Conscious is now becoming our entryway into the New Way of Living.

This is what this week is about ~ realizing who you are and continuing the pathway of light into more of yourself.  The energies are very powerful and in a special channeling from The Elders That Surround the Throne of Grace who represent the 12 Rays of God, they are emitting Rainbow of Lights to the Earth with each of the frequencies of the Spectrum of the Rays to the planet and within each of us.  If you are feeling off-centered, tired, and changing every day, please know you are being hit with this frequency of light.  To read more about this activation, see our current newsletter, Illumination”, January 23rd issue,

On January 26th-27th, 2013 we will be experiencing a Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius which will assist us to reflect the deepest parts we desire and the ones we want to remove by allowing us to clear the old timelines that may be getting in the way presently.  This is just another way of the Universe assisting us to become who we want to be by bringing forth the planetary changes in a very nurturing way.  Take the time to do a ceremony for yourself during this time to reflect the TRUE YOU that you are becoming.  You will be grateful that you did so.  (We held a powerful call on January 23rd to celebrate the Full Moon Energies and you are invited to download the MP3 file located at, donations are appreciated.

The energies presently will represent fluidness and continual movement with the activations that we received during this month of January especially with the 1st Angelic Activation on the 11th.  This is just a small sampling that we are going to be receiving through this year.  Take time to understand your emotions and your thoughts so you can change the parts of yourself that do not align with your Highest Purpose.  Take a moment to think back when this month began and how differently you feel.  There is more to come and holding your ground will be the most important aspect for you to receive on a continual basis.

Cosmic Level ~ Universal Whole Command


Greetings My Fellow Comrades in the Light,

We are at a very exciting time as the month of January comes to a close very soon.  Let us reflect in what the energies have brought to each of you during this time.

First, the adjustment from the 12:21:12 represented your energetic exchanges within our physical body.  Your Etheric Body is very active as many old timelines are appearing for you so that you can put them into wholeness for releasement or accepting them for a new way of Being.  The experiences of the New Moon and Angelic Activation have also sent the frequencies into a new way of existence.  Allowing the entranceway of your angelic essence within the physical body can be a very challenging transition.  So the first part of this activation is now available within each of you.  The planet is now being infused with the Rainbow of Lights through the 24 Elders from the Throne of Grace which is a blessing for the entire planet.  Spectrums of lights are coming into the hemisphere on a moment-by-moment basis to help individuals to balance their energies and also awaken them into a new state of human experience.

This is quite a lot to integrate within one month but with the full moon activity on January 26th-27th it is going to assist in allowing the energies to blend within your four body system on a more gradual basis.  Usually this moon means that the purging needs to be very intense in order for the transition to occur within a person, but this moon is taking those energies in a very nurturing way to help individuals to move into another state of creation.  It is important during this time to fully accept the changes that are manifesting within your consciousness.  All the other activations are leading up to this time so that the changes can be moved through you with Ease and Grace.

The Universe is assisting in this process of embracement so take the time to fully understand within yourself the old thoughts being removed and allow the new ones to be integrated.  Sometimes this process can be very difficult as the transformation that occurs can override the entire experience.  That is the unique essence of Leo and Aquarius coming together as the internalization and external essences are becoming intertwined to become the completed experience.  So, in effect, this planetary change is going to assist you for the next state of your development.

This will bring forth a pathway of relaxing within yourself so take the time to fully nurture the thoughts and emotions that are transitioning within your four body system as you accept the fact that you are becoming more and more multidimensional within yourself.  These changes are helping to release the timelines that are getting in the way presently.  This may pertain to people or events that you have held onto because you did not know how to do it in any other way.  You may feel spiraling of lights blending within you; this is a direct result of the 12 Rays of God becoming more active within GAIA as she is creating her new chakras.  It is a most opportune time to take advantage of the changes happening on a planetary basis to assist you on an individually.

This process will continue after the full moon until the end of January.  At that time, the energies will shift once again so it is imperative that you take full advantage of this transition to completely connect soul connections that you have been working with to remove elements held in your Etheric Body.  In fact, most of the work you are doing is through the Etheric level which is only going to assist your physical body to receive more frequency and accept your Body of Light.

Those individuals that are not aware of these energies may be affected adversely through the transition of the Full Moon as their elements are going to arise within themselves.  As this happens, the nurturing cannot take place if they are not in a state of accepting a feminine-based frequency to assist them in the process.  They will reject it and find within themselves that more trouble will occur within their lives.  We must remember that you are in the year of duality on a physical basis and allowing the Light and the Dark to merge within themselves will be the focus of reality on Earth.  You will find that the Light frequencies within you will be able to nurture the darkness that is loosing its ground.  As this happens, it will dissipate within any part of the four-body system to allow more Light to emerge.

This is the beauty of the current transition.  The more individuals that realize there are pockets of debris within their Etheric body to be changed and molded into a new existence, the more others will do the same.  As these energies are incorporating within each of your systems, they will flow through you and around you affecting others, your environment, and GAIA.  Without the allowance of the embracement of Love, there cannot be Unity which truly represents the current energies.  But it must be felt within the SELF before it is projected outwards into anyone else.

So the process looks like this:  the current moon cycle will enable the frequency of the Old to mix with the New to make the necessary adjustments.  You, as the initiate, fully accept this transition and move into it further by allowing the activation to push you into a new awareness of Love.  Then when you expand that essence through you, it is released into your auric field into the ethers of the Earth and all its inhabitants.  Then, you are helping others to feel the same as you are but within their own circumstances.  This is how the Unity of the Planet will be achieved by allowing your God Essence Self to be fully manifested through these stages of acceleration.

We are very excited in how the activations are playing out within GAIA’s energies and within each of you.  There are still changes to be experienced as the layers go deeper within the Core of your Being.  Congratulations for stepping forward and creating the New World within You and Around You.

In Expressions of Oneness,

We are the Unified Whole Command of the Great Divine Director, Master Thoth, Einstein, and the Brotherhood of White Light at your service!

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