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With the 12:12 Gate Portal of Light entering Earth’s field, we join with the Intergalactic Federation of Light in a special meditation journey with Lord Ashtar and Lord Sananda to etherically board one of the fleets large communication lightships to feel the energies of this portal directly. A very magical experience to embrace theDivine Will and the Divine Love of the 12:12 energies. (Divine Light Languagesm encoding and Ascension Mastery Wisdomsm messages transmitted by Rev. Christine Meleriesee Hayden.)


These messages are designed to assist the listener and GAIA deeply. If you are interested in more audio attunement meditation journeys please see our LORD ASHTAR EARTH ASSISTANCE page where you can also find information on joining the live gatherings for free.

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12:12 Activation, ascension, Frequency Updates


frequency_update-qprAfter the activations of the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse last week, we are still processing the changes we are going through.  Some individuals are feeling it differently than others but each of us is being challenged and prodded to be more of our Higher Self and I AM Presence within the physical body.  It is now time for us to continue working through the activations as we are being prepared for the activation of 12-12-12.

On December 3rd there was a planetary alignment of the planets of Mercury, Venus, and Saturn with the Giza Pyramid which means that it is the first activation of December creating an electro-magnetic pathway from the center of the universe to the Great Pyramid – opening a Gate that has been closed for 2,737 years.  It is a very subtle energy but aligns within the planetary system to create the opening of the Christ Consciousness to be fully activated by December 21st, 2012.

This energy will take us a step closer in activating our Higher Self and I AM Presence to be more fully integrated within the physical body.  This can cause more disruptions if we are not ready to receive the higher frequency, but the good part is that it is being engineered through our Higher Self/I AM Presence essence.  Please know that each individual will only receive what is being programmed from their Higher Essence.  This means that we need to delve deeper into our tools, work with the higher realms to receive the assistance that we need in order to feel the balance that it is necessary.  We are being asked to stand amongst the first group of individuals, we call the Torch Bearers, to be a reflection of light to the Ones that will be following in our footsteps.

This is not an easy process and every individual no matter what level of initiation they are working through will be challenged deeply. The individuals that have been on the pathway longer than others are going to be put into a state of complete transformation to assist the planet.  If you are one of these individuals and are being challenged physically, please know it is not a virus of this Earth; Lord Melchizdek called it a Cosmic Virus which means all of our timelines are coming together to be released and it can be very painful within the body.  Then you must clear it within your emotional and mental levels for it to be fully cleared.  We are fully activating our crystalline structures; it has never been done before in mass consciousness so there are no rules of how or what to do for ourselves except to connect with our Higher Essence.  That is the only way that you will feel better through the process.  There is a light at the end of this tunnel, and it represents our Divine Creation within the physical body.



We come to you in the presence of the Unified Whole Command under the direction of Master Thoth, The Great Divine Director, Albert Einstein, and several other important figures in the Earth’s history.  Our numbers are growing into Wholeness from Ascended Beings from many planetary forms of life that are choosing to come into Oneness under the direction of the Command.  It is an exciting time for all of us as we are coming together just as the human race is awakening at this very time.

This week is a very important one to fully be in your Power as the challenges will become greater as the days pass by into December 21st, 2012.  Today, on December 3rd there was the first planetary alignment of the Giza Activation within the planets of Mercury, Venus, and Saturn.  This means that the pyramids around the globe are now in full alignment of electro-magnetic energies to allow the entryway of the Orion Constellation within Planet Earth.  This frequency is the first of the physical activations to occur which is very subtle.  Many individuals would not sense any electro-magnetic charges within themselves except to allow the balance of the Masculine and Feminine divine to be fully incorporated.

With the Lunar Eclipse and the Full Moon on November 28th individuals are being asked to fully step into their power by acknowledging the old parts of themselves that do not fit the present circumstances.  This may seem like it is happening very quickly, but in truth, the planetary alignments are allowing for the transference of the energies to be integrated within each individual as their Higher Self and I AM Presence is directing the energies.  What you are experiencing within yourself individually, is not what every person is presently feeling.  It is different depending upon your pathway of initiation, what your pathway means, where you are on this pathway, and if you are ready to step into leadership roles.  You have been preparing all year for these events to unfold within your lives, and now is not the time to be shy about you are experiencing or where it is taking you in future moments.

Every person upon the planet in these moments is being challenged.  We will tell you that the Ones that are stepping forward are going to be accelerating through a transformative process that is unmatched to anything else that they or anyone else has experienced.  The Lunar Eclipse allowed for the darkness to arise which could be in the physical, emotional, or mental bodies.  Now this is being activated through the Etheric Body as it represents the old timelines in which you may have been extremely ill, possibly did not survive, or your were mentally or emotionally challenged.  It has been a time when you are seeing yourself in a different light, accessing the old remembrances or flashes through dreams or meditations, and then it feels like you are right there again.  But yet, you are within this body you inhabited in this lifetime.  There could be moments of recall but yet you know what to do for yourself.  And if you don’t, then it is imperative to listen to others who may be able to assist you.  Once you walk through the Dark Night of Your Soul in which you feel everything is falling apart, but yet you realize that is not your reality; YOU AWAKEN UNTO YOURSELF.

So now you go back and use some of your old tools; pull out a meditation that helped you a long time ago, speak to a friend who may be going through the same symptoms, and utilize the frequencies of Light to assist you in walking beyond the reality that is encasing you.  It is important to realize that when these elements appear, holes can result in your aura.  Ask for each of us to help you in your dream state if you don’t have a good meditation or a person to assist you.  The power of vibration is the healing way of the world presently.  Just allow yourself to fully meld within the creation of your I AM Presence, feeling this essence to be your essence completely within your body, your heart and your mind.  Then, and only then, can you fully accept your Light Body.

The levels that each individual is experiencing are different.  None are two the same; and as we explained earlier, it depends upon your mastery skills and learning the process of a healthy psychology soul.  These challenges that are happening presently are not about you as the Mind or Emotions.  It is about your Soul and how he/she has held onto the many levels of pain and lower energies.  It is seeping through your aura form the Etheric Body to be fully transformed by the Light of God that You Are.

So continue with your processing through this week.  It is taking you into deeper levels of yourself to fully accept your Divine Essence within the physical creation that You Are.  If you are feeling good and have no qualms about anything in your life, be prepared as it is coming.  Every individual will feel that a part of them is dying, because it is a necessary process.  We are in the phase of acceleration when an individual must realize that they cannot exist in the same manner.  This is a deep movement that will be happening within each individual.  The more people that realize the process now before 12-12-12 and 12-21-12, then the more prepared they will be.

It is a beautiful time and we are all coming into the Creation of Oneness.  If you think about our beginnings together, that is what we want to experience.  It is all the moments in between that we have to take care of to either remove or embrace.  Call upon your Higher Self along with your I AM Presence to assist you.  Work with your own highest essence before you sleep and when you awaken.  You will thank yourself that you have done so.  And by the way, so will we.  The more that arrives now, the more that we can help along the way.

In the Essence of Love and Connection of Light,

We Are the Unified Whole Command of Oneness

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12:12 Activation, 5th dimension

December 21st, 2012 ~ Now is the Time to Ignite Your Inner Spark of Light

We are coming into a time when more individuals upon the planet are awakening into a consciousness that many of them do not understand.  It is available to everyone on the planet to change the parts of themselves that they do not like or accept very readily by allowing a Spark of Light that is their highest consciousness to fully be manifest within their physical being.

Humanity has been preparing for this time of awakening for generations ever since Jeshua walked this Earth imparting the knowledge of the Light of God to humanity.  Of course, we were not ready to do it for ourselves.  We needed to have someone to look up to as we did not believe it came from within us.  He spoke in these words but duality was much too strong so the struggles continued for each of us.

I believe that every person on the planet lived in those times.  Many who are in the metaphysical realm of leading others truly have a strong connection to Jeshua along with many other masters.  We walked the Earth with them in hopes that others would see the Light as we have done.  So we came back time and time again to learn the lessons within the physical body to remember our Truest Essence.  These timelines have not been without struggle, strife, poverty, and lack of true worth.  We have learned time and time again that it is important for us to be our own Spark of Light.

The Harmonic Convergence in 1987 was the beginning of all of this changing on Planet Earth.  We were gifted with higher frequencies coming into GAIA as the Spiritual Hierarchy is now able to become more readily available in the earth’s atmosphere in order to prepare the Ones that would lead others into the same pathway.  At that time, those of us that celebrated this moment had no clue what was happening except pure excitement and joy.  The energies were amazing as people around the planet celebrated it in their own way.  I was with two individuals who are no longer in my life in Cape May, New Jersey which turned out to be the high spot of Extra-Terrestrial activity on the Atlantic Coastline.  We communed with the dolphins in a special way and felt the upsurge of happiness occur on the planet.  There are many people that are no longer with us from that time, but they helped to mold the energies to be what we are going to experience on December 21st.

After the New Millennium, we saw that we were literally walking into a New Age as the massive amount of people opened up their hearts and became the Light Workers of the world.  It was at this time that I delved into the Science of Ascension and met Dr. Joshua David Stone in Mt. Shasta for his Wesak Festivals.  I not only met him; I worked with his organization as a volunteer.  It was a very exciting time.  What made it even more powerful is the work that he brought forth to assist lightworkers to go into the depth of their soul and remember their true beginnings.  I found this work a gift to me from God as I went deeper than I ever thought I could and found parts of myself that had been lost and other parts that needed to be removed.  My first Wesak experience was tear-filled for three days not knowing what or why I was releasing; I just allowed it to happen.

I believe that the Science of Ascension is the most powerful work upon the planet.  I learned fully how to move through timelines of debris and find my true self.  Our soul consciousness needs to be fully balanced along with the psychological self of the physical being that we are.  As we receive more light energies within our physical, then we attune ourselves to our Divine Essence of the Soul or Higher Self and then our I AM Planet.  There are more awakened people on the planet today than we ever thought would be possible.  The changes with the planet and Gaia have continually shifted, but it is not nearly as bad as we thought it was going to be.  Many individuals have chosen to leave the physical existence but many more are staying.

People are now going to have the opportunity to bring more light within their bodies than ever thought possible.  The choice is going to be up to every individual and whether to choose fear or love.  But it goes deeper than that.  The thought processes are just the first element to appear in one’s awareness.  Then each individual must get deeper within themselves.  Yes, the energies are shifting into a fifth dimensional focus but physically, we cannot accept it without the inner work that needs to be done.  There will be a separation as time goes on as Gaia is allowing her ascension process to happen and so are we, as individuals of the human race.

Ascension actually means –de-ascending the frequency within the physical creation with call the human body to feel our full Divine Essence as it was in the beginning.  We are becoming multi-dimensional beings of light within our physical structure but that essence cannot stay with us until all the karma, debris, and elements of our old timelines are fully regenerated into the Light that We Are.  So, it can be a challenge, but the rewards are so much greater.  The body will eventually become the crystalline structure as the changes are made.  We will heal in a moment’s notice; the physical reality will change immensely as the higher light vibrations fully come into the full arena of the creation that We Are.  We are learning to be more positive and this also means to allow that to run through your Mental, Emotional, and Etheric bodies to create the new physical creation of Light That You Are.

We have been preparing through this process since the year 2000 and especially this year of 2012, the Golden Era.  We have been given opportunities for growth through the allowance of the higher vibrations to fully come into existence.  Change is imminent and it will occur within each person.  How they create that change is up to their own free will.  December 21st marks the time of this new beginning upon the planet.  It is in how we decide to fully experience it that will either make us better or worse.

These energies that we are experiencing can be debilitating and create havoc within the physical structure, but the beauty of this is that it is not forever.  If we learn to balance ourselves through the process, then we fully accept our Divinity in a new way of creation.  Knowing that you will have bad moments along with the good is allowing the equilibrium of All That Is to be fully in our awareness through the growth process.

At this time, we are all having the most wonderful opportunities being presented to us to go further and deeper into ourselves.  This means feeling our emotions on a deeper level and allowing the thoughts to flow through us as we expand our energies.  We need to acknowledge the everyone has “free will” and some souls may choose not to stay on the Earthplane.  Others will choose to live in their duality and not accept the higher level of thought and creation within them.  I think this is the hardest to deal with especially with our loved one who we truly want to see that they can have a better perspective within their world and around them.  Surrender is the main process to the evolution of the Self.  The most important aspect is taking care of ourselves.

Once you do this for your own sense of balance and equilibrium, the healing gets to a much deeper level than you ever thought possible.  That is when you find your soul family appearing in your life.  They think and act like you do and you have an immediate connection to them.  It creates a healing within your soul’s essence to be remembered by others and then you can move forward much easier and with the grace of a beautiful swan swimming on the lake.

12:21:12 will be this time when the Spark is fully ignited within the planet and each individual that chooses to accept it within their awareness.  For those of you that are truly walking a pathway of master, we, Mel and Mike, from Walking Terra Christa are hosting a very powerful retreat in Mt. Shasta.  You may attend for the entire seven days or a short session either in the beginning, December 12th, or the end culminating on December 21st.  We start on December 12th for three days to prepare for the energies.  We have one day in the middle as we Bridge the Energies from the Old to the New and then another three-day segment starting on the 19th through the 21st.  We will be working with each of the Ray Chohans (leaders of the Rays) along with the overlighting Beings of the 22 Rays of God.


We also have a special program with Lord Adama called the “Telosian Ambassador Program” which is working directly with the New Earth Cities, being trained for leadership within these cities, and working with Lord Adama and the Telosians.  The one pre-requisite is that you attend one of our retreats and this is designated by Lord Adama himself.  We will hold the 2nd part of the program during the retreat.

We had a retreat in August where we all connected on a soul level and it was amazing.  Continuing this experience is going to be wonderful for the December 21st activations.  We call this event “ACTIVATE 13” as we move into 2013.  Please check out the details on Walking Terra Christa and let us know if you feel a heart connection to be with us.

To assist you through this process, we have been doing a special 10-week seminar with High Priest, Lord Adama, from Telos the City beneath Mt. Shasta, called “The Telosian Way of Being”.  This is also available for download and we just uploaded the transcription on the first Introductory Class held on September 19th.  People are truly feeling a difference with this course.

Whatever you are doing for December 21st, please make it memorable and with people you truly desire to walk into the New Earth with hand-in-hand.  It is a very exciting time to see so many people loving and sharing with each other so deeply.

In Extensions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee


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Sacred Heart Activations ~ December 2010

This month of December is proving to be the ultimate energy activation for 2010.  This year we have been hit with so many vibrational changes upon this Earth, we call Gaia, and December is showing us to be the final connection we all have been waiting for.

We started with the energies of the New Moon.  I shared a New Moon Meditation, which can be viewed at.  There is also an audio download available for your personal use.

Sunday is the 12:12 activation of energies.  We have been preparing for the focus of the Christ Consciousness for eons of time.  The Cosmic Oneness calls have been bringing forth energies to balance the Male and Female aspects within.  December 12th is the opportunity we have been waiting for.  Twelve represents Complex Stability “From the greater council at essence core, through the pulse of connectedness stability pours,” The Mayan Oracle.  The foundation of the self and the foundation of essence in union with the mystical truth of polarity.  This represents the God and Goddess within; it is our time to fully balance the lower aspects of our Emotional and Mental levels so we can be in unison with our I AM presence.  It is time to fully expand within the complexity.  We cannot wait any longer and this activation is giving us a supreme opportunity.  There is NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT.  Join us for the Cosmic Oneness call, Sunday evening, December 12th, 2010, 8 PM EST as we will be blessed with the ability to transform ourselves through this Divine Energy.

December 21st is the third activation to occur this month.  We will be celebrating the Full Moon energies, Lunar Eclipse, and the Winter Solstice.  What a powerful time it is going to be for each of us.  As the clearing started within the 12:12 energies, the activations of 12:21 will be amazing.  Notice how the number is a mirror image.  Again, we have the energies of the balance of Yin and Yang with the 12 again in which it is a time to fully mirror each other in balance.  The Lunar energies will be very emotional so it is important not to let the mental take over but instead, utilize the mirror representation of complete balance within.  The Solstice energies represent the sun standing still which teaches us to full take stock within ourselves in preparation of our desires we need to achieve under the conditions of winter.  In addition the full moon is about releasing which fits in with the other elements discussed for this activation.  I will be doing a call on this date, the 21st of December, 8 PM EDT, which will also include a visitation to the Teton Retreat as the doorway is open during the full moon.  In addition, on the 15th of December, the Karmic Board is available through the next 30 days to travel to the retreat to work out specific pathways of our mastership.  It would probably be a good time to connect with the ascended masters at this time so that the journey onto leadership can pave the way for 2011.

December 25th is going to be a massive surge of energies for the Christ Consciousness.  Each individual upon the planet is going to be infused with the Christ energies that are all apart of us whether they are awakened or not.  For many of us this is what we have been waiting for.  I was fully able to experience the Sacred Heart activation in the past two weeks and the full integration of Oneness in the past six weeks.  It is an amazing experience and you will never be the same.  On December 24th at 8 PM, EDT, I will be doing a call with Lord Sananda and the Christ Consciousness energies to help balance out the energies.  The full activation will take place on Christmas Day and it is not about Jeshua, but about each of us as we will be fully rebirthed into the Christ Consciousness.  The other activations are in preparation for this momentous occasion.  A recording will be available shortly after the call so anyone can listen and download when they are able to do so.

December 31st is a day to fully reflect upon the energies and what has happened to our souls in preparation for 2011.

The phone number for all calls:  712.432.0075, 863611#, Accessible Via Skype

Sacred Heart Activations 2010 Video with a message from Lord Sananda ~



What does this all mean to each of us even the ones that are newly awakened.  For one that has been on this path for over two decades, each individual is receiving an unprecedented opportunity to fully be the Christ Within as it was for Jeshua.  If you have information on the initiations, it has been channeled that Jeshua was only on the 4th initiation at the time of his crucifixion.  That is an amazing feat to be on that level of initiation and achieve what he did.  But as we know, there is much background information on the many lives that Joshua experienced and most of them were very highly spiritual as a major leader upon the planet.  We are aspiring to at least to intend our higher selves to be fully active so our I AM Presence can be integrated.  That requires an initiation of beyond the sixth.  Physically we need to fully integrate the fifth dimensional frequencies within our body to achieve the pathway onto the New Earth and incorporate the 22 chakras that are correlated with the fifth dimensional frequency.  We have the ability to achieve higher frequencies and initiations on a consciousness level but physically, the highest can only be in the 7th dimensional physical existence.  Should one decide to go beyond that level, they would incorporate their full Light Body and exist in pure essence of Light which some people are choosing to do.

My choice has been to fully integrate these energies in the 5th dimensional body and assist others to do the same.  The New Earth will be a beautiful experience but will take the integration of the Christ Consciousness to do so.  All lower energies will be fully removed and released as the four lower bodies of the Physical, Etheric, Emotional, and Mental will merge with the Spiritual Body.

The Sacred Heart Activation is a direct integration that is associated with the Christ Consciousness which means that the Male and Female/Emotional and Mental/God and Goddess within need to be fully balanced and integrated.  I will be uploading a meditation from the Manifestation of the Divine Principle which will help an individual to fully activate the God and Goddess within.  Please look for it under Ascension Tools.

Be prepared for many changes to occur with these new activations and some of it may not be pleasant especially with loved ones, friends, colleagues and the general public.  It is our time to be the Way-Showers and extend our hand onto the Ones that are in deep need of patience, love, joy, and acceptance as we follow each other onto the Promised Land of Great Opportunity.


In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Ascension Teacher/Coach ~ Cosmic Messenger of Light ~ Vibrational Master/Mentor