Initiating the Solstice Energies of June 21st, 2010

This year the Solstice has been laced with so many types of frequencies that it truly is going to assist each of us to move into the higher realms with periods of intensity and softness at the same time.  It is going to be very essential for each of us to individually do our part as we move forward within our pathways.

Yesterday I drove about one hour away to the Southern New Jersey Shoreline to celebrate the Solstice during Sunrise for myself individually.  This is something that I like to do periodically as I feel it helps to balance and release any emotions or thoughts that are plaguing within my system.  The wind running through my air as I stand in front of the Goddess of the Sea is so representative of healing myself while working with the elements of Father Sky, Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon, and Grandfather sun integrating the water, air, fire, and earth at the same time.  The water was very calm but very cold.  I feel that is a very interesting combination as cold would represent the essence of fear but yet there was patience.  The temperature is so representative of the effects that are happening on our planet.

Everyone is feeling it; even the ones that do not realize what is occurring presently. Each of us is being challenged in many different ways to experience the integration of the Light within our physical vehicles.  Calmness represents to me patience and the coldness represents resistance.  If one does not take the time for themselves, how can we be patient within.  And the direct action of that result would be the action of creating life circumstances that isolate us from truly acknowledging our Oneness and Creative Energies.  These two little actions are so very important because until we fully allow the flame of Unity to be within, then we cannot experience warmth and compassion.

This solstice is very representative of the changing energies.  This is occurring not only on a planetary level but within each of us.  We must take the time to balance ourselves.  We have a full moon coming up this week that is a partial Eclipse.  I am not well versed in astrology but very attuned to the energies; I can feel it arising within.  Which also means we have the power to fully activate our manifestation abilities beyond our normal comprehension.  If we do not tap into our higher minds (from our I AM Presence), then the coldness will result and impatience will be the rule of the day.

I see it as we have only one choice if we want to aspire to wonderful moments in our lives.  ~ Creating Balance Within~

Use your times of quiet, listening to music, sitting in your yard in the early morning, breathing beautiful light frequencies in the midnight skies, meditating and feeling the silence, and the peace within your heart.  Please take these moments and cherish them.  They will be the start of each of us being able to help heal Mother Earth.  If we do not take care of ourselves, we cannot take care of her.  Do whatever you feel is right within your heart to help yourself, and then send it to Gaia’s core of being.  You will thank yourself and she will return the thanks for the gifts we are bestowing upon her.

Last evening on June 21st I conducted a Solstice Ceremony via teleconference for the Clarion Light Beings 911 & Beyond meditation that I do weekly.  The Heart of God (Divine Feminine Aspect) showed us how we need to acquire the Cosmic Energies to help our Earth so that she does not endure any additional illness and dis-ease.  Gaia then shared with us her home within the Core of the Earth.  The Creative Source of Consciousness gave each person that listens to this recording a Divine Dispensation for activation of their desires and manifestation for the next seven days which will take us into Sunday, June 27th, 2010.  Please listen and experience for yourself the depth of this beauty that is being bestowed upon us.

I will also be doing another call on June 27th for the Festival of Humanity and the Full Moon Energies.  Details are available on my website under the same page the audio is posted for the call of the Solstice.  For background information please see info on the Clarion Light Beings of 911 & Beyond.

To listen  Solstice Ceremony – Heart of God & Gaia Integrate Cosmic Energies at the top of the page.  If you are interested in a download, please contact Christine at

Blessings for a wonderful journey this summer.

In Rainbows of Light and Love,

Christine Meleriessee

Various Healing Techniques to Create Oneness

This journey that we are all on, individually and collectively, is sometimes very confusing and mind blowing.  There are so many tools available from different people and perspectives that if an individual is not fully clear with their own intuitive self it can be so very challenging of where to turn.

My experience has been to live in each moment as that is what Spirit teachings us.  I work very closely with “Master Babaji” who has been the longest living Avatar on the Earth and he promotes silence within.  Without silence we cannot really get to the place of our innerself and higher self.  This also can be very challenging in our world of craziness and now that we are fully into the fourth dimensional world of duality and change, well it is even more overwhelming for many of us.

My work in the field of ascension was my savior in grace.  I have always been connected to the world of Spirit even when I did not know that I was doing so.  Working with the Ascended Masters was just an easy pathway for me to take and so very comforting.  It helped me to realize that before I embodied into this life that I chose this pathway and I would become the “Teacher of the Teachers”.  It took me a very long time to embrace this gift that has been given to me. It was not without the hard work that I acquired the ability to feel this completely.  Many years ago while doing my first spiritual group with some friends, there was a woman who channeled a being called “Chico” who happened to be the energy of Gandhi.  He was absolutely wonderful.  He looked at me and said these words, “You are like a Pioneer with a machete, paving the way for others.”  For a long time I could not fathom what he was saying until a few years ago when I realized that my pathway had been strewn with great challenges, changes in lifestyle, almost poverty and then arising out of the debris to find the abundance was right in front of me.  It is a continual journey but I believe my work is paving the way for others.

I would like to share some teachings that helped me to get to this moment in time.  Many individuals, including light workers, are struggling with their fears and not arising to their own potentiality.  Some of channeling energies that say they are masters but in truth, they are being deceived.  This is due to the lower egos still being intact.  You see, we need our egos but only the Higher Egos which comes in with the Higher Mind, Higher Self, and I Am Presence.  It is a pathway to get to the I AM and many may be trying to jump a few steps to get there.  When an individual embraces their Higher Mind and Ego, they are embracing the essence of whom they were in the beginning.  They bring forth the Light and Teachings and are empowered within, but they do not boast upon it.  It is their truth and acceptance of their being.  They are humble and share their humility with all of humanity.  Gandhi is a perfect example along with the Dalai Lama and so many others that have walked this path before us.  We came here to do a job, a job for our Spirit, and it is time for us to receive the gifts being bestowed upon us.

There are several ways in which an individual can arise to the occasion of healing through their inner core.  It is essential in order to embrace their fifth dimensional body.  Lower egos will not survive in a world full of bliss and joy.

The first thing I suggest is to find a shamanic healer who can release negative thought forms, elementals, and attachments from the energy fields.  Included in this work should be deep chakra balancing in which a facilitator would go deep within the chakras to assist in the clearing that needs to occur.  It is amazing to see the past lives that can be released out of the lower chakras.  Utilizing decrees from some of the great masters is essential at this time for each of us; St Germain, Djwhal Kuhl, Alice Bailey, and so many others.  Some of us who have been on this path for quite some time utilized these teachings from the beginning.  I, for one, am getting back to utilizing them again.  Attunement meditations go hand-in-hand with this work and will help an individual to fully accelerate and transmute the lower energies.  Working with St. Germain and the Violet Flame is an amazing journey.  I will share the essence of that energy at a later time.  Learning to spin your chakras will assist in transforming the debris especially doing the process in the morning before you start your day.

In addition an individual should learn about the Rays of God both from Planetary and Cosmic levels as the rays do change depending upon the level of awareness you are working with.  The Rays of God are spectrums of light and many individuals utilizing color therapy are tapping into these spectrums of color in their work.

I also suggest than each individual find their own practice.  I have always looked to others to see how they create elements in their life and embellish upon it.  As one works with these energies, they will find that their intuitive gifts become stronger.  This is because we are supposed to be working with these energies to change our body composition.

Lastly, I need to share with each of you the latest tool I have acquired through Bryan DeFlores. He is an amazing channel of the Ashtar Command and the Ascended Masters (which I feel so at home with), a musician, and artist.  He has put together Accelerator Templates for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.  They are absolutely amazing and depending upon your level of consciousness you will receive the connection to the energies by looking at the templates.  His website is  I believe these templates are the wave of each of us healing so deeply.  Bryan is also doing a series of tele-calls this summer to assist individuals to raise their vibrations.  Just be prepared for an attunement like you never felt before.  As one that is used to living in the higher vibrations, he truly assisted me with integrating my own empowerment very recently and I am eternally grateful to my I AM Presence in assisting me in my core level of healing.

I would like to share that I am available for Chakra Balancing, and deep healing work along with providing attunements in the next several months.  I am co-hosting with a friend, Angeliki Gael Davis to provide a weekly attunement meditation on the energies and activations for each week.  More information will be forthcoming.

I also have a one-time session called “Diamond Heart Therapy” in which an individual has the chakras balanced and aligned, with pure essence diamonds attuned into each chakra and joints of the body.  The client is then able to spin these diamonds on a daily basis which will help them attune themselves to their highest presence.  This was brought forth to me by the Lady Masters in 1999 and I hope you will take advantage of it.  A 20% discount will be offered when mentioning this blog.  More information is listed on my Services page:

I would like to close with the following decree:

I Am One with the Light,

I Am that I Am

I invoke the frequency of My Highest Presence

To share with others

I Am One with All that Is

The Creative Source of the Cosmic Flame

I Am that I Am

May we all heal together to create Heaven on Earth.

Sending Rainbows of Light,

Meleriessee Heliohah

Walking the Path of Mastership

Accepting Changes Within to Create the full activation of our Light Bodies in the 5th Dimensional Frequency

We are in a time of extreme change that is going to catapult us into areas that we dared not tread previously.  The tremendous amount of energies upon the planet presently are allowing us to feel the full potential of the Creation of Oneness.

We have just gone through the Wesak energies as of May 27th but that is only our beginning.  Wesak always changes each of us as we move forward with Lord Buddha, Lord Maitreya, and Sanat Kumara.  They are overlighting our energies and walking along side of us as we share our knowledge and expression of whom we are to others.

How does Wesak change us?  Well, the energies of this full moon are so intense that we never know how deeply we will change.  We find in our daily lives that we look at something completely different than before, or we make a decision that we thought was solid and completely change it for the betterment of our soul.  We never know how much Wesak changes our innermost thoughts and feelings for about three months; when at that time, you can look back and say, “Wow, did I change so completely”.  It is a wonderful experience to know that we are moving in a positive direction.

Until we get to the point with the three-month time frame, we will go through many emotions and reflections within ourselves that possibly are uncomfortable.  We are in a time when it is imperative to full accept our new awareness and frequency of light that is enfolding in each moment.  This is especially true of the moments that are uncomfortable.  The power of connecting to our highest presence is the ability to know ourselves more completely than we have before.  I always think that my summers are going to be full of joyfulness, light, and laughter and since I have been participating in the Wesak energies for the past 11 years, well these are always my most powerful times to heal so deeply.

This year is even more powerful with the activations, attunements, and acceptance of whom we are and how we can best proceed.  It is a time for us to embrace the teachings that come to us even if we only use them for a short while.

Presently I am feeling that the teachings of the great Masters of St Germain, Djwhal Kuhl, Alice Bailey, and so many others are the true essence of what we need to acknowledge.  I believe we need to get back to these books that opened up our hearts in the beginning of our pathways as we prepare to go into the Golden Era.  It is our divinity to do so and it is the power within us to overcome the 3rd and 4th dimensional trials to aspire fully into the 5th dimensional world of Love and Joy.

I would like to include a Native Woman named “No Eyes” that was introduced by Mary Summer Rain in her books from the 80’s.  No Eyes saved my life when I needed to get down into the dirt and gritty of my soul.  Her teachings are amazing and I suggest to those that truly want to get into your core issues, No Eyes is the master to work with, but prepared to be fully pushed in ways that you never thought were possible.

So enjoy the ride whether it is full of fun and laughter or a few tears because it can change in a moment’s notice.  You may get a glimpse of your I Am Presence fully activated and be able to fully accept the truth and knowledge of your inner self.

This is an excerpt from the I AM Discourse IV, St. Germain Series, p. 87:

If something suddenly looms up in  front of you that seems terrifying, say “Hold on just a minute, you are outside of my world,” and then call instantly to your “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Master to dissolve and consume that thing, cause, effect and record, no mater where it comes from.  You will see how quickly you will be absolutely free from any touch of it; and in this firmness you are gaining, you will find the same as the Messenger does, your one Call will do the work.

Blessings in your Journey of Light,


New Moon Activation Creates Manifestation of New Life

This new moon, April 13, 2010, was extremely life changing for me.  I have recently been a contender in the Next Top Spiritual Author competition which has put my technical and marketing skills into a major testing phase.

I have been on the path of healing for 25 years and an ascension coach and teacher for the past ten.  During this time I still had to be in the corporate world to support myself. The Universe afforded me the opportunity to be released from my previous world into fully showing to others who I am and how I can help others.  The business world truly assisted me in the technical skills to be able to do the work more fully and not be afraid to delve into software programs in which I previously had no knowledge in how to utilize them.

This week has given me this opportunity to excel in many areas.  The most important one has been jumping off the cliff and allowing the Universe to guide me to the right position.  I am now in that position.  This competition has given me the confidence to put out videos and share myself onto the world of You Tube.  A scary thing to do previously but no longer.

You see, I have been traveling on the path of healing my inner self in so many ways.  I learned how to completely clear my four body system, give my life onto Spirit and be guided in places where some would not tread both physically and spiritually.  It is a journey that is very close to my heart and soul.

The videos are on You Tube under Heliohah 111 if you choose to check them out.  My book is about my inner journey and the journey I take to help many souls find their way onto the pathway of Light.  I experienced a sweat lodge 30 days after the event of the Twin Tower Tragedy on September 11th, 2001 in which my leg was burnt in the shape of a heart.  I have a very close connection to these souls that perished on that day as I started an online meditation in which we all meet in the Temple of 911 each week.  Many souls have gone there since to heal as the only prerequisite to the journey of the temple is to let go of all negative emotions from Earth.  Many souls who have perished since this time are now visiting the temple and the Light Workers who connect with this energy are also creating much love and light onto this planet.

My book is called, “The Clarion Light Beings of 911 & Beyond – A Journey of the Continuance of Life” and you can check me out at

The Light is allowing this event to occur for me and whatever the next phase of my journey, it is all in Divine Order.

Blessings in Love & Light,