Rev. Christine Mahlariessee shares the Spiritual Ascension Mastery Message about the New Moon in Aquarius which occurs on January 21st, 2023 at 12:53 PM Pacific, 3:53 PM Eastern, and Universal time at 8:53 PM.

The Aquarian New Moon will open up the energies to be less constrictive in our lives. It is a time to express ourselves without having the need to explain to others.

Aquarius is represented by the Element Water which can bring changes in our lives to move away from the debris that we previously have been unable to break free through our emotions and mental attitudes. There can be a sense of freedom from the previous attachments to elements in our lives that supported us at that particular time, but now it represents a NEW BEGINNING.

The New Moon is always a time to allow our Intentions to become our Reality, but within the aspect of this moon it is even more powerful.

Imagine that you have been experiencing rough waters around you, holding you down to the preconceived notion that you needed to experience those moments of turmoil as it can be directly related to needing to understand the process that your soul has been experiencing.

For this New Moon lasting into the New Moon of February 2023, Movement is the key to your healing process. The waters are no longer rough and holding you back, but they seem to be softer and more fluid. It’s time to accept that the healing with you will occur by accepting your ability to flow within your life. Feel yourself floating into the next step of your journey with more ease and grace.

The previous cycle of the New Moon allowed you to become more stable within your convictions and now the Aquarian Moon frees up the elements that we no longer need to hold onto, but yet still have the strong foundation that has been created.

Aquarius is represented by the Planet Uranus giving forth the dynamics of stepping into an expanded awareness of your consciousness. It brings forth the accessibility to connect more fully with your Divine Self, to be the most important part of your essence to be experienced.

This moon is that New Beginning; allowing your Spiritual Self to guide your Physical Self and Consciousness into a state of unknowingness that has not been perceived by your Human Self.

Within that essence there can be moments of trusting who you are experiencing from the Higher Level of Consciousness that your Soul is imparting to your physical reality. It can bring forth some uncertainty from the perspective of the Personality Self, but if you flow with the changes you are experiencing, then you will be rewarded through accepting your Divine Consciousness.

Uranus also gives us the gift of becoming more Humanitarian towards ourselves. It must start within ourselves, before we can extend it into the outside world. Allow your thoughts and feelings be guided in a humanitarian role, rather than being harsh and unforgiving. It will then be easier to extend the same courtesy to others no matter what their situation may be.

It is always a powerful time of the New Moon to bring forth your intentions of what you desire to become through the dynamics and understandings of each New Moon cycle. Take time for this moon cycle to create a special ceremony blessing yourself for opening up your consciousness to receive the Divine Blessings guided from your Spiritual Self.

Walking Terra Christa is facilitating their Free Open Connection Circle to Create Prosperity on Saturday, January 21st 2023, 11 AM Pacific.  It is a time to come together and receive the blessings from the Ascended Masters. This is a monthly connection circle; Elohim Masters Hercules and Amazonia will be our guests for this moon bringing forth the 1st Step of Precipitation with the Blue Flame, The Will of God.



We invite you to look over our 2023 Open House program including the CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS class from last week.

As one person put it:
“I thank you very much for this recording of this class!! I have already enjoyed 2 times the exquisite and refined energies being channeled, which have left me in a heightened state of gratitude and inner contemplation, for so much love, for so much light and for the ineffable blessings received. From my heart, a thousand thanks for such a beautiful divine gift!
Blessings!!” (Click here to listen to the Cosmic Oneness Recording)

Original Material © Copyright 2003-2023 Divine Language Network and by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee* Hayden and Rev. J. Michael Ara Hayden. All rights reserved. *formerly spelled “Meleriessee”. PLEASE POST AND SHARE THIS CONTENT FREELY IN COMPLETE ORIGINAL & UNALTERED FORM INCLUDING ALL IMAGES, LINKS WITH THE COPYRIGHT NOTICE. BLESSINGS AND THANK YOU!


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