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WOLF MOON SPIRITUAL MEANING: Master Djwhal Khul ~ Transformation Within the Light Divine, January 2023 Festival of Lights Full Moon of Cancer

Rev. Christine Mahlariessee shares the Spiritual Ascension Mastery Message of Master Djwhal Khul* about the Cancer Full Moon which is in opposition to the Sun of Capricorn occurring on January 6th2023 at 3:08 PM Pacific, 6:08 PM Eastern, and Universal time of January 6th, at 11:08 PM.

Happy New Year!! The energies of 2023 represent the Higher Spiritual connection of our Higher Self to be illuminated. This means it is THE YEAR to renew your choice to do much more within your spiritual essence than your physical life seemed to allow previously.

Esoterically the year is profoundly aligned as 2+0+2+3 adds up to a Seven (7). This is the potential alignment of your highest spiritual self (your Divine Spiritual Self) to become more embodied within you physical life than ever before. Have you been too focused on the pursuit of physical life’s delusions resulting in feeling ragged, worn out, scattered or unfulfilled? If you are an individual who desires to overcome the pitfalls of not paying enough attention to your soul’s needs then this is your year. It is also of Divine Complement that in native terms this first moon of 2023 is the wolf moon, as the wolf is pure of heart and noble in action. She stands strong with her knowing, demonstrating a force of stability and protection within the constant light of love given to her pack. Yet, in non-native terms, her true essence is lost, as the delusion created within the programming of the mental mind about her and her pack was one of fear and cruelty, a harshness that is not the reality. This parallels how this moon can free you from your own delusions to embrace your own spiritual truth. But you must let it do so.

This first full moon is representative of allowing for the Heart Essence to become your focal point. This means that the opening energies bring into the light all of the deep feelings within the Emotional Body that need to be embraced or transmuted. The main element is TO FEEL every emotion that is being illuminated no matter what the resulting energy you feel within yourself, either a high or low vibratory essence.

This Full Moon occurring on January 6th resides in the sign of Cancer in conjunction with the Sun of Capricorn. This brings the attributes of Cancer to the surface, illuminating your feelings while Capricorn is bringing forth the ability to let the emotions flow through the physical body; thereby, having the chance to make the necessary changes in your life that will result in a more balanced state of mind through your Spiritual Self.

The Native term for this moon is represented by the Wolf energy which brings forth an expressive nature of what needs to be revealed. It brings forth a state of Illumination.

This moon is very introspective which can create a deep healing journey, but it is also a pathfinder of the truth to be revealed within the Personality Self. It is a time to heal any elements that you may have hidden within your subconscious so that they can be transformed. The Sun of Capricorn helps to acknowledge what steps may need to be taken to honor your Higher Self’s mission in the physical world.

It is a time of manifesting your desires that have been hidden into the reality of the external world.

The main element of this cycle is to remember not to hold your emotions back; whatever you are feeling allow them to surface even though the process may be painful. It is a time to see that change is possible; probably by diligently and patiently nurturing your Inner Self to grow allowing the past to be healed while preparing yourself for your future to become grounded within your full body system (through the physical-etheric-emotional-mental bodies).

The Higher Self can be nurtured by allowing each of the other bodily systems mentioned above to work cohesively together. It is a time of quiet reflection to allow the stillness of the Higher Self to assist the Physical Self to become One within their truest essence.

This is when your personal-physical life becomes more integrated allowing for the nurturing of your Heart and Soul to feed your life. It is a time when you may have revelations of your soul’s purpose to become an integrated part of your existence. The most important step in this process is allow the lower energies that are arising to be transcended out of your consciousness as they no longer need to exist.

The alignment of these energies will assist in programming your Higher Intuition (of your Higher Mind) to be the defining energy within your life. In other words, aligning with your Highest Divine Self needs to be the integral part of your physical reality.

Take time with yourself in quiet reflection of your emotions; learn to be still and receive the Divine Light of your Highest Self to help you to transcend, transmute and transform the energies within you. This will help you to learn to accept the change that your Higher Self deems appropriate for you to experience in the physical world. It is a time when you can start to manifest your truest potential because of the emotional intensity of the Cancer Moon. Nurture yourself and allow the transformation to occur within your entire existence.

The Sun of Capricorn will then allow you to walk with ease and grace with one foot ahead of the other creating a balance, because you are allowing the Divinity of your Soul’s Essence to guide you into a state of purification.


“As I allow the Full Moon of Cancer to nurture my Inner-Self, my emotions are transcending and healing all aspects of my walk upon the Earth. The Sun of Capricorn guides me to walk with dignity and grace of whom I am aspiring to be in my physical self as my spiritual self is the defining light of my Beingness. I feel the stillness of my soul embracing me.”

Greetings Dearest Comrades of the Light,

I Am Master Djwhal Khul bringing forth my Love and Wisdom to be imparted upon your soul.

The blessing of the present cycle brings forth the ability to allow the Stillness of the Mind to accept the Challenge of Growth upon the walk unto the Earth.

Be still and receive the Divine elements of the Moon of Cancer to bless your Emotional Self to receive the nurturing that it desires to behold within yourself. It is a time of quiet reflection allowing the emotional body to heal itself in ways that  you may be unaware of. It is like a bursting of a dam of water that has been held captive and could not move.

This cycle is now the opening of that dam within yourself that is ready to be free from the confines of your mind. Allow yourself to feel the moments of your emotional self to bask in the Light of your Spiritual Self. As you acquire the ability to sit in silence, and realize that all that has been held deep within your Heart is now being illuminated. Do not be concerned about what it is; just allow the flow of the blessing to embrace you.

As you are able to acknowledge within yourself that the pockets of darkness are arising, then you will start to see the depth of your Rebirth occurring within you.

This full moon of Cancer is the flowing light that your Physical Self is crying out for. Let it all go and as you do so, the balance of the Capricorn Sun will give you courage walking with grace and understanding.

This first cycle of the year of 2023 is giving you the opportunity to grow deeper within yourself as you get to know the depth of Love that you hold is the key to your presence of Light. This means that the energies presently are going to assist you in the future months to become more decisive about the changes you are going through. You will start to acknowledge how far you have come allowing the vibrancy of Light to assist you in your present process of Love.

This is the Stabilization of Love that is required for you to acknowledge the changes you are going through, let the past to be erased, as you become more of your Divine Self to help you walk through life. It is a time of great manifestation on a personal level, and will help you walk through many doorways of 2023.

Let the present energies create the foundation that you have been searching for as the necessary changes will result in your transformation of the Light Divine.

I Am Master Djwhal Khul, Ray Chohan for Love and Wisdom


Walking Terra Christa begins its own renewed spiritual journey this year. It is the start of our second decade as a Spiritual Ascension Academy of New Earth Mastery. While we have been here decades longer through the teachings of Rev. Mahlariessee via her Divine Language Network and, it is Walking Terra Christa that now defines us. In name, it literally is in honor of the teachings humanity will require to learn exactly how to walk upon this beloved planet in a drastically new way such that they can create a New Earth. Many thousands of hopeful individuals have been reading about the messages of a potential New Earth since the late 1990’s in the Telos books. Yet, even as the text in those messages stated that the degree of change within humanity would need to be an increase of becoming 2/3 more elevated in terms of higher human consciousness, what was most commonly taken away from the books is that we can co-create a New Earth.

Our Mission, which is in direct alignment to those higher levels of consciousness, and under the direct supervision of the individuals who communicated those books to humanity, is all about assisting you to grow spiritually in leaps and bounds within who you are as a spiritual self. We use the term “Terra Christa” which is Latin for Christed Earth as part of our own growth in making it more clear to you regarding exactly what it is we do.

There are many false teachings from non-christed sources that claim to be beneficial, some even falsely include themselves in the ranks of Ascended Masters. (“Christed” is a term that existed outside of and apart from how it later became associated with just one man 2000 years ago through the very successful programming upon the masses by non-christed men. The vision held by that “one” man was and is very much about raising consciousness, yet he too belonged to a larger community, where there were many individuals who held “the Christ” within themselves. His goal was to make more people aware that they can go beyond the confines of their programming, regardless of their culture or creed.) In quite recent years, many New Age communities have been pulled in the direction of aligning so much with their physical life illusions at the expense of their spiritual selves that they actually helped recreate more of the Old Earth energies to be more grounded than otherwise would have occurred, thus acting in a manner that offset the evolvement of the creation of a grounded foundation of a New Earth. And this has happened many times before in our collective human history, including the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis. Which means, as incarnated spiritual beings, humans are kind of predisposed to repeat the mistakes of the past, primarily because, to many people, the phycial tangible 3d life seems much more exciting and attractive to the ego than going through the many spiritual challenges of creating a 5d level of consciousness.

So our goal is to assist you to not fall into those patterns again. And, for you, it takes a great deal of effort to apply what we share. We teach the methods that are proven within higher consciousness to change your emotional and mental self to become “Christed”, meaning of a higher vibration of consciousness, which is what the Telos books and so many other writings from that time alluded to but could not articulate exactly how to acquire. To make these very unique Spiritual Ascension Teachings more accessible to you, we are relaunching our “OPEN HOUSE” reduced membership program, which has not been available for quite a few years.

We are an “Academy”, which means that we teach classes. While these “teachings” may be very different than anything “normal” in the earth’s current education system, they do require a person to be very interested in stepping into a willingness to learn what they do not know. But not “learn” through their normal programming of mental stimulation. Instead we are the most trusted source of the actual vibrations you need to become acclimated into so that you can begin to learn how to raise your level of consciousness energetically. Most of what you find that is out there just articulates the idea of raising consciousness. We are very different. This is why all our classes are taught directly by a member of the Ascended Masters and the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth within the Unified Whole of Oneness. That makes it both pure and accurate. If you are interested in receiving an email from us later this week regarding our OPEN HOUSE for 2023, please use our new signup form linked here.

Blessings on your Higher Spiritual journey through 2023!!

Original Material © Copyright 2003-2023 Divine Language Network and by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee* Hayden and Rev. J. Michael Ara Hayden. All rights reserved. *formerly spelled “Meleriessee”. PLEASE POST AND SHARE THIS CONTENT FREELY IN COMPLETE ORIGINAL & UNALTERED FORM INCLUDING ALL IMAGES, LINKS WITH THE COPYRIGHT NOTICE. BLESSINGS AND THANK YOU!


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