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Rev. Christine Mahlariessee shares her Ascension Mastery Message of Master Djwhal Khul* about the Gemini Full Moon which is in opposition to the Sun of Sagittarius occurring on December 7th, 2022 at 8:08 PM Pacific, 11:08 PM Eastern, and Universal time of December 8th, 4:08 AM.

This cycle of the Full Moon of Gemini opposite the Sun of Sagittarius brings forth a Spiritual Rebirth as it represents a time to allow the buried frustrations held within our Etheric Self to become a state of renewal to occur. Since this is the last full moon of 2022 what has not been revealed previously will be illuminated within our Emotional Self.

Gemini represents transformation to occur as the emotional energies within us can be exposed to allow for the transition into wholeness to occur. Since Gemini is an air sign it brings a sense of opening up the closed windows that hold the key to our happiness by accepting that there is more to our true self than we previously realized.

Sagittarius supports the State of Revelations to occur by allowing our true self to become more passionate to ourselves. It is a time of inner knowingness to become the key factor in our consciousness. What was hidden before now is revealed. Careful consideration should be made not to get over zealous with the change we are feeling, but allow it to be integrated and grounded within our reality.

This moon cycle is giving every soul an opportunity to fully allow the truth within themselves to be revealed; and caution must be made to not sugar-coat the truth or hide away from the un-truth that is now trying to surface out of our Subconscious Mind. Instead we must acknowledge what is being shown to us, heal it with love, and do not push ourselves to make the change until we are fully ready to accept the transformation that is about to take place.

It is a time of great abundance within our spiritual self to allow the physical self to heal in ways that have not been possible. The moon of Gemini illuminates both the dark and the light within us, so that the elements within ourselves that have been holding us back come into full awareness. This is the State of Illumination that Gemini is giving to us. We must work with both the Dark and the Light to find the Source of our Soul’s Essence.

As we go through this process, the dark becomes less scary and is filled with the illuminating energy of the Light. This is when we, as the Initiate, can fully accept our illusions and un-truths that have been guiding us in the 3rd dimensional way of life.

The intensity of these energies can be very strong so care needs to be taken to bring forth the act of transformation in an easy and flowing manner. Do not force any issues; just allow them to arise as the changes occur within yourself.

This is when the true act of  Personal Abundance will occur; a deep healing through all four bodies, not just the emotional, but the physical and etheric centers, can shift in a positive manner to assist in the process. The Chakras will also go through a regenerative process as long as you, as the recipient, allows the energies to accept the state of transformation that is occurring. This will allow the Emotional and Mental Selves to work together more cohesively, to allow for true healing to occur.

Allow the dynamics of this cycle to guide you through the insecurities and flaws you may be holding within your Emotional Body, so that all can be revealed and transformed into the Light of your Soul’s Essence.

As always, we suggest creating a personal ceremony calling upon the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, and the Sky nations to help in bringing forth alignment of Nature to become One Essence. It’s important to speak aloud your intentions of what you want to be revealed to you and allow the Illumination of the Full Moon to assist you in the process.


I call upon my I Am Presence to help me acknowledge the elements within me that no longer serve my Highest Good. I allow my Spiritual Self to guide me through the process of my Personal Abundance through the Full Moon of Gemini in opposition to the Sun of Sagittarius. I feel the opening of my Divine Self to be Revealed through this cycle. I AM THAT I AM THAT I AM

Greetings My Dearest Comrades,

I come to you as Master Djwhal Khul to bring forth an understanding of the present energies within the Full Moon of Gemini.

This cycle is representative  of an egg being cracked, hatching a new reality to be experienced. The pockets within your Etheric Self is being opened up to reveal all parts to your consciousness. It is no longer a time to hide away from the particles within your past that do not seem to fit into the greater reality of Unity and Wholeness.

Gemini represents the Dark and the Light; if you think about the Dark being the parts of your subconscious mind that have hidden elements of your etheric past (timelines) – before this incarnation – to be released into the Light that align within your Higher Consciousness, your Light Bodies, your Higher Self, and ultimately your I Am Presence.

It is a State of Revelation to allow the Illuminating Self to be revealed within your physical consciousness.

Now this process may not be an easy one as you may learn about elements within your soul’s history that need to be realized, in order for the true healing to occur. The Moon of Gemini is bringing forth this Illumination to be revealed to every soul upon this earth. It depends upon what you, as the physical being, will do with it.

It is a time of great decision; to allow the change you desire to experience within your life to become your reality. This will bring about a sense of Personal Abundance to be felt as you learn to access your Higher Self, then the Lower Self Personality will dwindle away. But you in the physical form are the only benefactor of this transformation. You must decide if this is what you want – to embrace the higher light essence of your Spiritual Self to be acknowledged. This is the state of Illumination that the Sun of Sagittarius is bringing to the planet. It is in a state of joyfulness to step into the regenerative process that is occurring within you and upon the Earth.

As an Initiate of Mastery, we are always given opportunities to move in the direction of de-scending our light energies into the physical form we have inhabited. It is with this intertwining energy that the process of Illumination is ignited as the physical consciousness goes through the challenges of releasing the old aspects within our Etheric Self. This is an essential component of learning how to move through the steps of Ascension Mastery.

It does not come to every individual unless they are ready to take on the challenge of change to occur. That is why this process of Mastery is so very important as it is not being given because an individual is ready. It is received when the Initiate prepares themselves to go deeper into their subconscious mind and etheric timelines.

The full moon of Gemini is the breaking away of timelines that no longer need to be the main element in your consciousness. Grandmother Moon is asking you to open and release these inconsistencies you may hold within your consciousness to fully see the illuminating light that is your Divine Self.

It is a time to walk with these energies; embrace them and allow the elements you are desiring to be changed, to step into the doorway of the transformative process.

This cycle is presently becoming aligned within Gaia as the Moon receives her fullness on December 7th-8th 2022. This is when the true eruption occurs and is a perfect time to allow your Higher Self to assist you to become more aligned within your physical self as the old elements and timelines can be eradicated through the present energies.

Take time to allow this full moon cycle to take you into the higher part of your consciousness and the lower forms of your personality are released, transmuted and transformed.

I am Master Dhwhal Khul, Ray Chohan for the 2nd Ray of Love and Wisdom.


OUR NEXT EVENT: “Solstice Blessing Ceremony, THE DIVINE CREATION OF THE SOLAR ANGELS,” will be held on December 17th, 2022; 11 am Pacific.

EVENT DESCRIPTION: We will travel etherically to the Golden Etheric City of Havalanchee which resides in the 5th Dimensional Earth located over Mount Shasta. This ceremony occurs in the Temple of the Eternal I Am and is facilitated by Lord Metatron representing the Great Central Suns expressing the ability to balance the present energies through the elements of the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, and the Sky. Lord Sananda will be bringing forth blessings for Peace and Oneness to the Earth, Lady Nada representing Mary Magdalene will be assisting in the balance of the feminine masculine divine energies to become the focal point of the year 2023. Lady Mother Mary will be extending blessings for personal and global healing for the season and the upcoming year. Read the message below:

A special message from Lord Metatron and Lord Sananda:

“The Solstice of December is now upon the planet and as Lord Metatron, I am always excited to extend my energies along with the Great Central Suns to assist each of you and the planet to experience the most divine presence of light. It will bring forth the dynamics of the higher frequencies of light to become more intertwined within the consciousness of the Earth. The increased light energies are also very much a part of not only the Solstice but the dynamics of this year of 2022. It is the year of the Activation of the Solar Angels to be honored and revered. I look forward to helping each of you to acknowledge this Divine Light Energy to become more integral within your physical walk upon the Earth.”

“It is with great pleasure and enjoyment that I, as Lord Sananda, will be once again giving forth blessings for the Earth. Our role together as masters is to give each of you the opportunity to experience the divine qualities of the higher energies with the vibrancy of our words and inflections through Lady Mahlariessee. We hope that you will take time to be with us for this very special moment in time. I am deeply honored to walk with each of you with Lord Metatron the Logos for the Multi-Universal energies along with my beloved Lady Nada and of course, Lady Mother Mary.”

TO JOIN US LIVE ON SATURDAY DECEMBER 17, 2022 at 11:00 AM Pacific please visit our Festival of Lights page and use the same audio conference information. We look forward to this special end of year ceremony with you!

If you are interested in our Holiday Sale which is discounted up to 60% for some of our Seminar Teachings please see the details here. Included are some of our Meditations and high frequency essential oil Aromatherapy Healing Sprays.

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