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Getting to Know Thyself: Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Master Djwhal Khul Festival of Lights November 2022


Rev. Christine Mahlariessee shares her Ascension Mastery Message of Master Djwhal Khul* about the Taurus Full Moon-Lunar Eclipse which is in opposition to the Sun of Scorpio occurring on November  8th, 2022 at 3:02 AM Pacific, 6:02 AM Eastern within Universal time of 11:02 AM.

This cycle of the Full Moon with a Lunar Eclipse is very powerful energetically. It represents the opening of the Emotional Self which started with the Partial Solar Eclipse taking place during the New Moon of Scorpio on October 25th.

This brought forth ramblings of opening ourselves up to a deeper connection of our emotional energies especially in relation to wanting a change in our lives. The Personality Self or known as the Lower Ego has been going through a re-ordering process of healing past elements that no longer fit the present way of living upon the earth. Doorways have been opened up to allow every soul to realize the potential they hold within themselves to clear away debris of the past that that tend to stop us from moving forward. This energetic exchange has been quite intense emotionally.

With the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse we now must be flexible to adapt to the emotional changes that are happening so that any emotional baggage that you desire to release will be supported energetically.

Otherwise, the process that you as a soul may be experiencing can be challenging and very difficult emotionally. This exchange of light of energies is to assist us as humans to grow and become more evolved internally. It is up to each of us individually what that means for you.

As the energy has already come into the planet, we must remind ourselves that any issues we have been dealing with internally or externally are going to be magnified. As an Initiate of Ascension Mastery, it is imperative to be part of the movement of the energies by knowing within ourselves what needs to be rectified within us. When we become aware of our Divine Truth, what no longer fits and needs to be healed, then the intensity of the energies will be more balanced.

The moon of Taurus is grounding the changes within our four-body system (physical-etheric-emotionally-mentally). So if there are fluctuations in any of those bodies that need to be adjusted, then the exchange of light energies occurring within us can be greatly intensified.

The key to experiencing a balanced state of conditioning is to allow the Sun of Scorpio to create an awareness that what we are experiencing is assisting us to become more evolved through the process.

When an individual, just steps back and says “I will receive what the Universe wants to give to me,” and is not aware of the emotional issues that are happening, then the exchange of energies will push a soul into many directions in which they have problems handling.

These alignments of the planets with the Sun and Moon are assisting the Earth to move into the higher directional phase. As souls inhabited upon the planet, we can be pushed into a space in which we have no idea what is happening. That is what the higher light energy represents, but having the intuitive ability through Grandmother Moon of the Feminine of what you are dealing with will essentially help with grounding the change within your full body system, not just the emotional but physically, etherically, and mentally.

This is where the state of Adaptability and Flexibility are highlighted through this cycle.

These changes that each soul is experiencing can be quite intense and if we are not ready to fully accept the challenge of rising into a new level of awareness, then it can feel like we are drowning through the energies of this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse.

We are being pushed to align more fully within our Higher Self Consciousness, our God Source of Light, but the density of the physical body must change through the process.

There can be subtle changes that can occur through this cycle. One can have sleep problems, feeling dizzy at times for no reason, having a tendency to be half asleep or so awake that your mind is racing. Be aware of these changes; work with the energies and not against them, flowing in the direction of your next level of self awareness is the key to manage the process you may be experiencing.

We suggest doing a ceremony for yourself with some Pranic breathing, allowing the emotional charges to be released by calling upon Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun to assist you.

“Become the Change you Desire to Be” while letting go of the old self.


I call upon the energies of the Full Moon of Taurus in opposition to the Sun of Scorpio with the Lunar Eclipse to allow for flexibility and the ability to adapt to the releasement of my emotional baggage so that I can walk in Ease and Grace of my higher consciousness to become more grounded within Me. I Am that I Am that I Am!!

Greetings I Am Master Djwhal Khul, Ray Chohan of Love and Wisdom, giving forth my understanding of what this cycle of the Full Moon of Taurus is presenting to the Earth and each of you.

The energies are super powerful as is being shown by the Blood Red Moon illuminating the Lunar Eclipse occurring at the same time. Illumination is the Key with this cycle as it represents ‘ALL BEING REVEALED WITHIN THE DEPTH OF THE SOUL’S ESSENCE”.

What you do not know about yourself, is being shown to you through the present energies.

It is a time of Revelation when your Higher Self is helping you to acknowledge within yourself the emotional charges that do not align with higher consciousness. So the pushing and pulling of the emotional body will be very dominant within these energies.

To you it may seem that you are having a bad day, a bad moment, and you cannot understand why you feel this way. The imperative part of what is happening is “WHO ARE YOU INTERNALLY, WITHIN YOUR SOUL’S ESSENCE, AND HOW DOES IT RELATE WITHIN YOUR PHYSICAL EXISTENCE?”

The key to evolving is to know your inner most feelings, both good and bad. As if you do not relate to who you are as a soul, as a human, then you are not aligning with your soul’s essence. The soul’s essence is the part of you that is not embodied within you but works as your Spiritual Self, also known as your Higher Self. If there is a disconnect between the Higher Self and the Personality Self, then there will be elements that arise.

These elements can either hinder or assist you in your progress. Only you can truly understand what they area.

This cycle of the moon and Lunar Eclipse are helping every soul to get to know themselves on a much more intimate basis. It is a time when you may feel an emotional charge about something you are working upon; it could be a relationship to someone but most importantly to YOURSELF.

This is a time to get t o know your innermost feelings; not just the ones that are triggered with other people, but your true worth or lack thereof. Allow yourself to get to know who you are internally. Is it positive or are there negative elements that are stopping you from evolving within your work as an Initiate?

The key is getting to know Yourself in all ways.

This cycle is pushing every soul to do just that so that each individual can flourish within themselves. And as already been said, the energies can push you in ways you may not be ready for.

But allow the increased energetic exchanges assist you to become more grounded and accepting of who you are becoming. This process is very important as without your inner knowingness you cannot have the transformation you are searching.

Take time within yourself through this cycle to allow the frequency of energies shift you into a high level of understanding.

I AM Master Djwhal Khul at your service.


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