Ascension Mastery Message, Festival of Lights, Full Moon


Rev. Christine Mahlariessee shares her Ascension Mastery Message of Master Djwhal Khul* about the Capricorn Full Moon which is in opposition to the Sun of Cancer occurring on July 13th, 2022 at 11:37 AM Pacific, 2:37 PM Eastern within Universal time of 6:37 PM.

This cycle of the full moon is a time of releasing and letting go, but then pushing ourselves into the next step of our challenge. This allows for the process of healing, regeneration, and de-cluttering our Old Self to move into the transformative process

This moon of Capricorn represents movement to occur with a sense of what needs to be changed in our lives. The Doorway is now open to step into a new awareness that is being acknowledged by the Sun of Cancer, our Intuitive Self. It is once again a time to allow the Higher Mind, Higher Self to designate how to transform ourselves by accepting the higher aspect of our Spiritual Self.

Grandmother Moon is assisting in the process of honoring our Spiritual Ideals by becoming aligned within the physical self, learning to recreate our ways of existing upon the earth by acknowledging the changes we have experienced in the last few months to now be our focal point of thinking, feeling and acting in the physical world.

It is important to utilize our higher intuition to guide us through the challenges that may be presented to us in order to step into a New Doorway, one that has been waiting for us to enter.

The shifting of the energies within Gaia are very intense, and each of us, walking upon her lands feel the changes occurring around us. Many of these challenges may not affect us personally, but we experience them just the same. As Initiates, we always want to assist the planet to accept the higher dimensions of Light. We can be the ultimate caretakers and possibly have had to take a step back from that role so we can be more supportive to ourselves which is the highest gift we can give to ourselves.

That is exactly what this moon cycle represents. We have to accept the process of the Wesak Festivals, starting with the Christ Festival in April, then Wesak Festival in May, and culminating with the Humanity/Goodwill Festival in June. We are being asked to take inventory of ourselves, what needs to be changed in order to be of service to this Earth. But we cannot do it unless we take care of the old elements lodged within our Etheric Body from the many lifetimes we have endured. (Note: this process can be advanced and assisted spiritually through the class and meditation of learning to connect properly to the Teton Retreat of the Ascended Masters, which is still open for a few more days).

So what happens through this process, that each of us as Initiates, are being asked to look within our consciousness to become aware of the changes we need to make. The Wesak energies brought forth an in-pouring of light to assist each of us and Gaia. This is truly what Ascension represents: De-Ascending the Light Forms into our four-body system (physical/etheric/emotional/mental) so that we can learn to walk with the Ascended Masters.

The Wesak Festivals can be intense for our full-body systems as physically we have never walked on this earth as we are learning to do. We know how to do so from our I Am Presence but not in full physicality.

As we go through the energies of this cycle, take time with yourself to reflect on what needs to be adjusted in your consciousness, through any of the four bodies (physical/etheric/emotional/mental). Create a sacred space for yourself to connect with the Sun, Moon, Earth and Sky. Release what you no longer need to have in your life, and dance with the incoming energies of walking through the next phase of your healing process, learning to De-Ascend your Highest Consciousness within your full body system.

The full moon of Capricorn is creating that sacred doorway for each of us to look at what is no longer working within our four-body system. This is very much directed into the chakra system and changing those chakras to align with the higher bodies of light that make up our I Am Presence representing the 22 Rays of God. (Note: As a Supermoon, the alignments can be easier to aquire. The 22 Rays are those Cosmic Core Christed Energies that are now available to humanity to restore their original blueprint and regain their Cosmic Core Level Birthright within the chakra structure. Previously there were only 7 Flames that could be accessed, and prior to that after the destructive fall of humanity with the endings of Lemuria and Atlantis, just 3, which is the three-fold flame. The goal of humanity is now to learn how to acquire and use these newer flames to accomplish Ascension in this lifetime as they expand now into the 4th and 5th dimensional chakra grid. Our online course called the 22 Ray Challenge is a perfect way to start gaining an understanding of how to live the Rays).


As I allow the energetics of the Full Moon of Capricorn to push me through My Doorway of Transformation, the Sun of Cancer gives me the ability to access my Intuitive Self. I become more of my what my Higher Self desires through accessing the process of change within me.

I Am that I Am that I Am!


I Am Master Djwhal Khul, Ray Chohan of Love and Wisdom here to share my essence on the energetics of the Full Moon of Capricorn.

What you have acquired through the Wesak Festivals is now being put into place. It has now been a couple of full moons since we all experienced the Wesak Energies, but the dynamic energy of this event is ingrained within every Initiate and Master as what we experienced during Wesak, we now have to practice the lessons in our own pathway.

It must not come from your personality self but designated through your Higher Consciousness. This may seem a challenging task, but the key is how much time do you take for your spiritual self, to bring forth the higher light energies into your present consciousness.

Do you take time to practice deep meditations, to use your Pranic breath, do you allow yourself to become de-stressed from the energies of the world presently?

These are all questions that need to be answered by your personality self. It is important to realize that you must take time to re-align your four-body system (physical, etheric (chakras), emotional, mental selves). They all hold memories of your past of this lifetime, and beyond which can result in challenges occurring in your life.

You are being tested by the Universal Consciousness to hold true of what you have acquired through the Wesak energies to allow the transformation to occur by becoming more of our Intuitive Self.

This moon is pushing every soul to advance but it must be acquired with more ease and grace; commitment to your Divine Self, not so much within your physical incarnation.

The Moon of Capricorn represents the Goat climbing up the mountain, but in this cycle, you as the Goat, must be aligned within your Higher Self which can only be achieved by creating moments of sacredness without the outside influences of the physical world.

It is a cycle to realize that you can be more to yourself than you have been previously, last week, last month, or last year.

This is the Doorway of Your Personal Self to become more aligned with what is being gifted to you through your Higher Self and I Am Presence, also known as your Spiritual Truth. It is important to realize that change is occurring quickly and if you miss the opportunity, then you will not see the depth of awareness to change within you.

During this cycle take time for yourself, to see how much you changed and in what way. Realize the potential you have within yourself to transform the old self into a new way of Beingness.

Namaste’ and Blessings, I Am Master Djwhal Khul

Walking Terra Christa facilitated a public ceremony and meditation for the Festival of Lights on July 9th, 2022; included in this ceremony is Master Djwhal Khul, Lord Ashtar with the Whale and Dolphin energies, Lord Sananda, the Consciousness of the Native Elders, Lady No-Eyes, and a blessing from White Buffalo Woman. Please use the link in our Audio Library to download the recording and bring in the energies of the blessing of this Full Moon for yourself.

22 Ray Challenge ~ Online Course to learn and incorporate the 22 Rays of God. Each of the 22 Rays align within the 8 Chakras to create the 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensional chakra grids to be aligned within the Etheric Self.

(*) As Master Djwhal Khul previously shared when he was working with Madam Blavatsky there would come a time in the future that he would need to speak through another carefully chosen individual who was pure in alignment with the Brotherhood of White Light and Spiritual Hierarchy. This promise to humanity was fulfilled when Rev. Mahlariessee was ordained through Dr. Joshua David Stone in 2003.

If you are in need of a meditation to assist your full body system go through a healing process (which we all are doing within the process of de-ascending the Rays into our chakra grid, in 2020 we created a special 50 minute version that does assist on many levels. Our original article on Spiritual Cleansing for Health and Healing Meditation has the link to order and also has other tips that make the ascension process easier. We have learned in the past 2 years that this meditation is an essential spiritual tool given the many viral strains that keep emerging globally. W now use it almost weekly (and even daily when facing a healing crisis).

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