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Greetings Fellow Comrades of the Light,

We come to you in the consciousness of the Unified Whole Command as the Beings known as Master Thoth, The Great Divine Director, and Master Einstein from the 144th Dimensional Light Frequency.

We represent all elements of the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light within the higher realms that oversees all of creation but especially planetary life upon Gaia. We are in complete Wholeness and Unity in which all participants of the Great Brotherhood and Sisterhood have stepped into in order to remove all pantheons of existence especially upon the Earth. All have allowed to blend their separate incarnations into the Oneness of their Higher Self and I Am Presence just as we have done.

We want to urge every sentient being to do the same, so we honor each of you within your quest to become the Ascended Beings upon the Earth, to walk in balance and unity, to strive and strengthen all aspects of your soul’s existence into the lifeform you currently inhabit.

This takes great courage to step into a world that is so transformative but yet very healing for your soul to be acknowledged within your physical vehicle. Becoming more Light truly takes great Courage and Tenacity to walk through many doorways of darkness. We understand as we have previously experienced many of the same elements within our incarnations of the past.

The imperative part of our message is to give hope to each of you; to continue your journey soul searching within yourself, allowing your four-body system (Physical-Etheric(Chakras)-Emotional/Astral-Mental) to absorb the light frequencies that your Soul desires you to experience upon the planet, as a human being. It is imperative that you not be self-absorbed in your own problems that you do not see the gift that your Higher Self wants to extend unto you.

This year of 2022 is the Gift from your Heart’s Desire.

This means that your Heart’s Desire represents your Higher Self Heart Essence. It is the entryway of truly acknowledging all that you are from your Soul’s perspective that overlays the understanding from your personality self.

If we look at the dynamics of this year with the triple density of 2-2-2, it allows for the understanding that your dual purpose is to experience the movement of balance and equilibrium in your life allowing for the ability to adapt to all life situations. The blessing of this equation extends to each of you the opportunity to look beyond what your physical eyes have not seen, to realize there is a purpose in what you are experiencing, and to accept that the unseen world within yourself is lending you support. When you add the “0” of 2022 – it amplifies the gift of ONENESS and UNITY.

From our perspective we feel that this year is a grand opportunity for all souls to open up their hearts unto a new way of reality if they allow it to occur. This will take great concentration to fully move through the duality that is occurring within the earth and within each of you.

You must remember that you are a child of the God Source, but yet you will have a tendency to forget. That is what Duality represents. You will be tested to be strong within yourself, especially in times of great challenge.

This is where we come in, representing the entire spectrum of Light Energies of the Creative Source of Oneness. In order to reach that Unity of Light, you must walk through the many areas of duality that will test you, but it does not mean that you are alone. In fact, it is just the opposite.

This year is one of great HOPE for a better tomorrow, but each of you must hold that essence within you, strive for a better way to deal with reality, change your consciousness into the Higher Essence of Love that you are, to truly become a fraction of what you desire to be.

On this day of 1-11-2022 we bring you this message of Hope and Strength.

In numerology “1” represents New Beginnings, having Ambition to strive for a better tomorrow. The double digits of 1-1 or 11 bring forth the Illumination of the Higher Self to be the guiding light in an individual’s consciousness. It is a time of great awareness and love, as they also represent the triple density of 111, allowing for the opportunity to create more light within your lifestream.

Then the year of 2-0-2-2 brings the gift of Hope as we have spoken about previously. as a combined unique energy, you will not have this exact frequency again in your lifetime so it holds the power of great potential for transformation, if you allow your Higher Self to be your guide to more of what you can step into.

On this day allow your consciousness be opened up into your Higher Mind, your Divine Consciousness, to be the guiding light within your awareness. Do not falter away from this creative process as on this Day, this Month, this Year, it is a New Beginning for each soul upon the planet. If every person allows themselves to feel this creative energy within them, then it is the start of a miraculous year of positive change and transformation.

Throughout this month allow yourself to recall how this day felt, let it expand within your consciousness every day, reminding yourself that Change is Inevitable, but the Creative Source of Light is your guide.

The beginning energy of this year, within this month of January, relates to Introspection. Get to know yourself more deeply than you ever have before by being honest of your good and bad traits. Work with us and the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy to assist you to get through the challenges. It is a month of learning how to balance the energies within yourself. The more that you realize that needs to be changed, the more you will accept your True Self Worth.

It is a Heart-Centered month. The energetics that are being extended into the Earth through the Great Central Sun of Helios and Vesta represent their essence of Balance, the Alpha and Omega. The transitions of the Sun coming into the earth is to stand still while the tides of emotional waves come around you. Be aware of what needs to be accepted or released.

This month of January is preparing every soul for the transitions that will be occurring this year. It is the HEART of all HEARTS, meaning that the Creative Light and Love Source is embracing each of you to open yourselves unto the Divinity of ALL THAT IS.

It is a time in which individuals will step into the role of the Initiations of Ascension Mastery. This means that these souls will see that they must delve deeper into their consciousness, their Etheric Bodies of the Chakras, to cleanse and purify, to heal in ways that seem miraculous but also grounding.

The present energies are to help every soul unite with their individual purpose as a soul, not what they can give to the Earth, but what they can give unto Themselves.

It is a time of Great Awakening.

For those that are already on this pathway, then they will be able to go into a deeper existence of themselves. The power of the Great Central Suns is with you, embracing all parts of your existence, to become more aligned with the Source of Light That You Are.

We, of the Unified Whole Command of Master Thoth, The Great Divine Director with Master Einstein embrace each of you through this journey of Light together.

So Mote It Be! In the Light of the God Source, We Are One!

Many Blessings on your Ascension Path in 2022!

Original Material © Copyright 2003-2022 Divine Language Network and by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee* Hayden and Rev. J. Michael Ara Hayden. All rights reserved. Walking Terra Christa is the originator of the teachings of the 22 Rays of God within Ascension Spirituality. (*formerly spelled “Meleriessee”).



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