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The Climb of Our Contentment

Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden, Teacher and Mentor of learning how to achieve the Ascended Master State of Consciousness, shares a personal reflection on the Art of Contentment.

Learning to understand ourselves and how we are affecting our own lives is a very integral part of our consciousness. What many individuals do not realize is that what we, as a person, think, and feel about ourselves affects the energy around us.

But how do we get to the point of realizing within our own reality that we are affecting change for the betterment of our personal interactions with others?

I am being pushed by Lord Adama and the Spiritual Hierarchy to extend to others what I have learned for myself by stepping into the Ascended Master Pathway. How does it affect me physically, with my loved ones, and others that I am working with or trying to assist?

This is a question I ask myself continually. My goal is to help others to create a different perspective in their lives.

I am not in the outside working world; I live with my devoted husband and partner in a beautiful setting called Mount Shasta. I spend most of my time communicating with the higher realms to bring forth teachings and lessons for our classes. I also connect with my spiritual teachers to help me and my husband to live our lives fully in the reality of learning how to walk as a masters upon a planet that it is living in duality.

I have learned through the teachings of Dr. Joshua David Stone, my mentor, that if I applied the tools of ascended mastery in my life that it would change my perspective, my health, and my well being upon the Earth. This I learned continually and still do to this day. I see it working through me continually.

Lord Adama is urging me to write more material from a perspective of how I have achieved my own status within the spiritual world but living as a human being upon the Earth. Many topics come to my mind during my day, but then as I sit and try to put words unto a page, it becomes muddled.  I find myself thinking that possibly this subject or that subject is not what others may want to hear.

Those of you that have followed me through the years know about my trials, my tribulations, and challenges that I have gone through. I don’t think there is any initiate of ascension mastery that has not had to go through such experiences. It is part of the process of our evolution as a soul to walk where others dared not go, and to keep the movement forward to continue no matter what the circumstances dictate.

Walking through the Initiations of Ascension Mastery is not easy. It cannot be planned ahead of time as it is a moment-by-moment experience of walking through many doorways that will help you as a soul to fully become aligned with your Higher Self, your many higher light bodies, to incorporate the light energies within the physical self.

Your mind goes through a whirlwind of thoughts; some will try and stop you; others will guide you in the right direction. I found that the only course of action is “What do I need to do in this moment for my Highest Good.”

It is all about perception within ourselves. How do we acknowledge how well we are doing if we constantly are battling the confines of our mental accolades to tell us otherwise?

Many individuals do not know who they are internally, as the soul, as the lower self personality will interject within the integration process. It can only be done one step at a time which takes quite a bit of patience.

Emotional charges will arise and our personality self will not want to accept them. But they are being shown to our full consciousness to change them.

This takes great DISCIPLINE and PERSEVERANCE which is truly a learned behavior.

If an individual has the inability to look within themselves, take what they are experiencing, and change it into a positive aspect to be revealed, then failure will result continually. We must push ourselves to go into a new direction and that can change in any moment.

The most important element is to reveal to ourselves that this emotional or mental anguish is only temporary and that our Higher Self is here to assist.

It is important to be brutally honest with ourselves; there is no other way to get through the muck and the mire. And, believe me, when the time comes when we wake up into a new reality, the exhilaration of Contentment will become part of whom we are becoming.

So I ask of you – how do you measure your soul’s worth within your Heart, what you feel about yourself, how you are doing within the initiation process and what it means for you personally.

It is important that you as the Initiate, take time every week, to give yourself a focus of what you are desiring to achieve. Go deep with it, no surface thoughts. What does your Higher Self desire for you as the Personality to integrate within you?

The way it is measured is how you interact with others, what you feel about the state of affairs within the world, and how you are affected emotionally or mentally. This is a good way to understand your way of dealing with outside issues. It will help you to acknowledge the part of you that needs adjusting or reworking within all of your four bodies – physical, etheric, emotional, and mental.

Learning the Art of Contentment becomes a learned behavior just as Diligence or Perseverance becomes part of your consciousness.

I come from a family background in which I was taught that sometimes you just have to do things when you don’t want to do so. My father was very insistent on pushing me as a woman to stand up and face the world. I also believe I came into body with these attributes so when I had to go through moments of deep challenge and despair, I learned to access my spiritual self to pull me out of my despair. Sometimes it was so heavy that I did not know how I would get through the process.

I was being pushed to learn how to do things differently. This came from the Brotherhood of Light who I was so aligned with from the beginning that I knew instinctively at a young age that there was something better for me than experiencing the dysfunction in my family. There was love but there was also pain which pushed me to do better for myself.

There were times that I thought it was too much for me. Situations occurred in my life that I thought was a sign of my discontent, but yet there was always something that pushed me to get out of that space even if it took many moments to feel that way. I learned to love myself which I did not do for a long time. I have struggled with my weight my entire life. The water retention within me was horrendous and still is, but I realized it was about protection. I learned to take care of myself through better eating and exercise which in turn made me feel more aligned with whom I was becoming. I turned to the exercise to change my thoughts, my dark feelings about my body and start to become the affirmations that helped me acknowledge the soul’s truth.

I remember last year during our retreat, we were hiking up to Ascension Rock which is a small hill-type terrain, some areas steeper than others. I have a problem with a tendon in one of my knees, so I always walk with Walking Sticks. We have a small group of students and a couple of the ladies said they were impressed with my ability to keep moving forward. This surprised me as I thought, “Why wouldn’t I do so?” I was not hurting, but had to take my time. I realized how I incorporate diligence in my life continually and was grateful to hear this affirmation being given to me.

Recently, I have been able to get back to my daily exercise routine and for some, they may say, is quite extensive, but I find it helps me tremendously. I am fitting it into my schedule which is very busy and allowing me to feel better as the process of my physical body aligns with whom I am affirming to become within me. It gives me strength and durability to continue the journey.

I know this practice happens because I have spent years exercising, charting my food and routines, taking measurements and not being so hard on myself when the scale does not move. This is diligence in perfect form for me.

So what I am trying to convey is the fact that because you are on the pathway of De-Ascending Your Higher Consciousness within the Physical Self, you will find that everything is not perfect in your body, your mind, or your emotions. It is a process.

Dr. Stone eloquently stated in one of his ascension books that one can ascend and still have challenging issues within the physical body. It is about taking that energy you are bringing into your cellular structure to change the ill effects from previous lifetimes to make the body more light-induced.

This process is very involved, and I have been working on myself for almost 40 years. I am able to hold a very high light quotient within me, because of my past delusions being transcended. You cannot get through planetary ascension without doing so. I have been gifted to receive help from the Brotherhood of Light to help me acknowledge the higher part of my consciousness, allowing my physical body to receive the light formations.

That is why I work out like I do – Grounding is essential as we bring more light energies into the bodily structure. I have been gifted to receive a massive amount of light quotient and move through my initiations through the Solar Level but I will tell you that it will affect you physically. Vibrations of light, being affected by third dimensional conversations and individuals. Constantly needing to go through a cleansing process of special showers, sage, healing energies. That is why I learned to build ascension columns.

It is important that we take care of our four-body system so that the higher Light Bodies can be grounded within us.

This gets me back to my original reason for writing this article and that is HOW CONTENTED ARE YOU FEELING?

I spoke greatly on what I have gone through for my acceleration and why I am doing the work I am concentrating on presently. I think about that every day –

Am I affecting change in others whether individually or globally?

I believe that I am doing so even though sometimes it feels like others do not understand. They want to do it their way, and not the same process as what is being guided by the Brotherhood of Light.

I have moments of feeling Contented on what I have achieved but there is more for me to do in my life. So I will continue the drive, the Perseverance combined with Love to assist my soul’s evolution first and foremost, then assisting humanity whether it is one person or a group of souls.

I look back on what I have achieved, and I am honored to say that I believe I have stepped into what my Higher Self has asked me to do. It never ends; every Master in every dimension is doing the same thing ~ pushing themselves to go further through the initiations of the light and love of the God Source.

Do you know what you want to achieve in this moment for your Soul’s Evolution?

I challenge you to think about it, reflect upon your desire of what is important for you in this moment. And, know, that in another moment it may all change for Your Highest Good.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Heliohah
Walking Terra

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