Ascension Mastery Message, Lord Metatron


Ascension Mastery Message of the Spiritual Meaning of the June 2020 accelerations of the Solstice, New Moon in Cancer, and Solar Eclipse with Lord Metatron as brought forth by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden.

We are now stepping into a new reality with the Solstice, New Moon with a Solar Eclipse. The Ring of Fire is once again is continuing its journey of light unto Gaia and Humanity.

There are many components to this Trinity of Light which represent the Solstice occurring on June 20th, 2:44 PDT, 5:44 PM EDT, 21:44 UTC. This energy is bringing forth the Angelic essence for every soul upon the planet to be energized within us. A few hours later at 11:41 PM PDT, June 21st 2:41 AM EDT, 6:41 AM UTC the New Moon in Cancer with a Solar Eclipse brings the doorway of New Beginnings with the Heart Essence as the focus.

It is a time to speak and live within the Emotional Self, realizing how important it is for us to become One within our own Heart. This alignment is allowing our hearts to step into the Act of Vulnerability and getting in touch with what we need to have occur to create a sense of connectiveness and love in various ways.

Since the Earth is in a state of transition, this alignment is going to help the planet to accept Divine Love. In order to receive love, we always have to let go of the lower forms of energies that have been holding us back to step into Unity of the Self.

This Solstice, New Moon, Solar Eclipse is a blessing with the Ring of Fire from the Great Central Suns as the Spiritual Hierarchy assist the Earth through the transition of Transmutation into Transformation.

It is a Beginning for each of us to step into our own Divine Self so that others can experience it.


Greetings My Dearest Souls,

I come to you as Lord Metatron, Logos of the Multi-Universal Level within the 36th dimension to assist in the process of the Solstice energies for June 2020 but also to bring forth balance within the New Moon and Solar Eclipse that is occurring at the same time.

New beginnings are possible if you allow your Intuitive Self to guide you in the direction of Infinity – what is beyond your physical reaction to the world around you that you cannot see but truly feel.

It is important to realize the importance of what you are experiencing upon the Earth – great transformation is taking place as energies are erupting that have been hidden for eons of the earth’s orbit. Change is occurring all around you and it depends upon how you deal with those fluctuations of movement and what it may mean for you in your own consciousness.

As a human, it is so easy to look at the world and see what others are experiencing in a sense of judgement. That is how the third dimensional mindset works – look at others, and not yourself, as you are just fine the way you are.

Not so, as every soul upon this earth is going through an upheaval of their consciousness whether they are aware of it or not. The earth is moving and every living element upon the planet is moving with it, either in alignment or against it. The only way to get past what you are experiencing is to internalize who you are being as the world is changing whether you like it or not.

The vibrational changes that are coming into the planet are to assist each individual to feel their Emotional Self to be more alive than it has previously. Now this may cause emotions to arise, but the important element is that it is changing.

Each of you are like a flower that has grown from a seed; as your buds open up, it allows the elements of the earth to assist the flower to flourish and show its beauty with all of the colors and the petals pointing towards the sun and closing down into the night.

The Solstice of June is bringing forth a divine dispensation of light frequency to assist the planet to rise above the present difficulties while learning to experience the blessing of the Oneness that is occurring within the Universal Levels.

The beauty of coming into the movement of Oneness represents the act of knowing that you are All Things in All Moments. It takes away the lower self to be in control while the Higher Self becomes the defining factor. As in that consciousness, all elements are felt the same way, with the blessing of becoming At One with all that you have been in and out of the body. You see, there is a movement occurring during this Solstice to assist each soul upon the planet to open up more into their Divine Source of Light.

Now for some this may be quite simple by seeing the beauty of the earth, of the planet, in nature or animals, allowing the gift that is being given to be felt through the heart.

For others more aware there comes a sense of knowingness within the Heart, a flicker of love, like a spark that is being ignited within you that you did not feel before.

This movement is very subtle depending upon your own awareness. If you can allow yourself to fully step into your Emotional Body by being vulnerable and loving to your own physical self, then you will aspire to be more than you have been previously.

What makes this even more special is the Solar Eclipse with the Ring of Fire energies that will ignite the Rays of God – all 330 of them through each of the Great Central Suns from the Cosmic, to the Multi-Universal, into the Universal, meeting  up with the Galactic, and then settling within the Solar Light Energies.

What does this Ring of Fire represent for the Earth?

It means that more of the higher cosmic rays beyond the seventh flame are going to be spinning around the earth and within the core of Gaia. It is a magnificent light show to assist humanity to realize that there is Hope for a better tomorrow as these frequencies from the Great Central Sun are bringing forth a surge to ignite the Feminine Divine more fully within the planet.

The Feminine Divine is a resonation of light frequency that will bring forth a sense of flowing light energy; not being afraid of one’s feelings, like spinning on a cloud within your Angelic Body but yet, being held within the physical system.

The Solar Angels that each of you are within yourself become the predominant factor as that part of your essence is the Feminine Divine – it has nothing to do with your physical sensations as a person, but has everything to do with your Intuitive Self, the light forces you feel, bringing forth a sense of deep love to be ignited allowing the manifestation of your Divine Soul to be felt more deeply than before.

It is important that you acknowledge your Solar Angel as it is part of your higher reality -it is the bridge unto the Higher Self and holds within its consciousness all that you have desired to feel and be upon this earth. But, your mental self, your subconscious mind and programming of the etheric self, tell you otherwise.

It is a time of new beginnings with the New Moon in Cancer – this is a heart centered moon like none other and with the combination of the other energies, you, as the soul, can manifest your Heart’s desire of Love, to be so strong within you that it will seem as if you are flying out of the planetary structure, becoming One with your Higher Light Bodies as they assist you to walk this pathway on the Earth.

The energies of the Solstice will continue through September – it is a time to flow with what you are feeling, open up your angelic wings and fly through the darkness, through the transmutation of the old ways, and become more aligned with your Self.

The vibrational energies of the Solstice occur on June 20th. The defining energies represent the onset of the Solar Angels to give forth a blessing unto each soul inhabited within the planet, like a moment in time to reflect upon the deep love that your soul holds within you.

At the time of the New Moon of Cancer and the Solar Eclipse, the Ring of Fire from the Great Central Suns will ignite the 330 Rays of God to be ignited around the orbit of Gaia’s light body which will be experienced by humanity. These Rays of God represent all the aspects of the divinity of the life force that is necessary to uphold Divine Mother Father God’s essence. The creation of these energies will be felt within the Heart Center.

As the Solar Angels have already been ignited into the Hearts of All Souls, this Ring of Fire will bring forth a surge of light energy that will help to ignite the Love, Will, and Power of the Three-Fold Flame into the Hearts of humanity. This process will last for three days and continue its journey through the months into the September Equinox.

It is a time to allow this fluctuation of light to guide you from the Heart Source, and not the Head of your Mental Mind. Once you allow the Feminine Self to be the defining factor within your consciousness, then your Masculine Self will be able to support the walk upon the Earth.

This will not be easy to acknowledge within you as it is not just about the June Solstice, but it represents a walk, with your Solar Angels, helping you to be more centered in Love, Compassion, and Regeneration of your Physical Selves.

For some this will be very challenging as it will ignite the essence of Divine Love, but they may not be able to accept it. So when elements arise upon this Earth that are difficult to see and hear, do not become angry but allow your own Solar Angel to help you through the process.

You see, all of you are the Solar Angel, you walked as this angel, and then came into physicality. This energy will help you to realize the beauty of your own angelic self helping you to acknowledge that essence once again in physical form.


I am here to help you acknowledge this essence within you to help you with the growth and healing that will be occurring within you. All I ask of you is to surrender into this energy. Don’t fight it as it will push you in ways that will be unpleasant. Go with the flow of the light energies and you will see the greatest manifestations occur within your heart, to heal so deeply that Love will never be questioned within you.

All my blessings to each of you,

I Am Lord Metatron

Multi-Universal Logos of the 36th Dimension


Highest Ascension Frequency Guided Meditation to Assist Humanity and Gaia by Walking Terra Christa

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Blessings in Oneness and Unity for these Sacred Higher Solstice Energies! (Please share this article widely to support Mother Earth and Humanity).
~ Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden and Rev. Michael Ara Hayden

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